and maybe write a little

sibling rivalry love triangle do's and don'ts

do: aww, he and your sister are so in love! and your sister is the best person in the world, so you should let her have him, and maybe pine a little, and write him some letters, and maybe have him name his kid after your consolation husband (????). but really, they’re happier together. 

don’t: ask a bear to kill him and turn her into a crow

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So with what happened in The Defenders what do you think Karen's storyline in The Punisher maybe? Any ideas what you think may happen now? I understand if you rather not answer this now. :)

We have an inkling of what Frank and Karen’s dynamic will be in The Punisher, and I think the general consensus is that there will be a good emotional through line there, but strictly platonic. Which makes sense because neither are in a position for anything like that, especially Karen, who will most likely be mourning over Matt’s death. Remember those BTS pictures of Frank and Karen on the park bench? Was it just me, or did she look like ugh? I guess now we know why. 

Even though IMDB states she’ll be in all 13 episodes, we’re pretty sure we’ll only see her in about 3-4 episodes, and her role will largely be tied to her role at the Bulletin. Get information for him, have a little mini-adventure together, maybe be asked to write something that would paint Frank in a more positive light than a murderous one, and more importantly, be something of an emotional buoy for Frank, and maybe vice versa. One of the things I really liked about their dynamic in Daredevil S2 was their ability to be honest with each other, and more so from Frank telling Karen to cut the shit. He might even play a role in helping her re-assess her conflicting feelings on Matt as the Daredevil vigilante, contributing to a change in her attitude. Not that it matters so much, narrative-wise, because she believes Matt is gone, but in the event that Matt is “reborn” (hehe), I could see that whatever moments she has in The Punisher series will play a part in Season 3….that the same impulses that drive Frank to do what he does is similar to Matt doing what he NEEDS to do because those impulses are a part of who they are. Trying to reason or stop Frank or Matt from delving into those dark waters is suppressive because it is largely tied to how they self-identify in relation to their world. So, I could see a bit of this playing into everything else she’ll be doing in TP as a way to usher in a different dynamic between her and Matt in S3. 

Hope that made sense, lol. :)

@babsxxxx: Okay soo a harry hook x reader idea for you: the reader grew up in the isle but is helping mal with saving Ben. She knew Harry from when she was growing up but hasn’t seen him in ages but he is mad at her for leaving him behind…. so yeah put your own spin on it and make is as angsty and fluffy as you can!

OK, so I may have gone a smidge overboard with this one, but I really like it. So, enjoy!

Word Count: 4336

There was a knock at your door.

You looked up, frowning for a moment, before taking this as an excuse to put off doing the homework for Fairy Godmother’s class. Getting up from your desk, you wandered over to your door to open it.


Sure enough, there she was.

“Y/N, we need to talk,” Mal said, pushing through into your dorm room.

You were still a little thrown from her sudden appearance. “I thought you’d gone back to the Isle? And your hair…you went back to purple?”

Mal waved a hand to cut you off. “We don’t have time for questions right now. I need your help.”

That definitely caught your attention. “What? Why? What’s wrong?”

“Ben’s been kidnapped,” Mal stated, her voice low. You’d never heard her sound so emotional, so sincere.

You blinked. “That’s horrible…but why do you need me? Shouldn’t we go to Fairy Godmother or Ben’s parents or–”

“Uma and her crew took him,” Mal revealed.

Oh. Everything clicked into place.


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Everyone Express Themselfs In Some Different Ways Around Here… Some People Draws Pictures Or Write A Little Story… Maybe You Play Marbles With Your Friends Or Go Camping… Well Me Personally I Am A Tiny Baby – Thats How Seymour Like To Do It

So obviously a lot of the fandom puts Allura into filling in the blue paladin position because she’s the friendliest lion and because of what happened in the previous version of Voltron. I understand that. 

And then there’s Keith as the black paladin, because Shiro had asked him to, and him having been able to fly the lion that one time because he’d basically begged Black to in order to save her current paladin. I understand that.

And then Lance becoming the new red paladin because that’s the only lion who still needs as Allura takes over his. I understand that.

But what if the lions had another idea?

So what if they discuss things and decide that they would try to fit these new roles, and Langst happens where Lance is left feeling angry that he’s always just a substitute for Keith’s position, and upset that he was easily going to be replaced by Allura. 

But then they try to each step into their newly assigned lions and neither Keith or Lance are let in, and Allura feels a really grudging acceptance coming from Blue. 

Because although the lions will definitely need to choose new paladins in order to make sure they can still become voltron who said they had to choose the paladins that the humans decided? 

So at first Lance feels the aggravation coming off of Red and believes that she’s really mad at being forced to deal with Lance, but then he notices that Red’s attention is focused on Keith. She isn’t acting aggravated at him

And then he turns to see Keith unable to open Black at all, who is also acting a little annoyed. So Lance decides to call him over and when he reaches red he mentions that he just doesn’t get why Black isn’t responding to him. Like she did before right?

And so they meet back up with Allura outside Blue and they find out that Blue is acting really pouty although she seems to be trying to warm up to Allura. They discuss it and figure that if Keith can’t get into Black then Allura might have to. So they try again and Red and Blue are very happy to be back with their paladins. Blue is purring up a storm in a way that almost seems victorious.

But Black doesn’t respond to Allura either which doesn’t make sense to them. The only time a lion will refuse Altean royalty is when a better paladin is in their midst. 

So Lance starts heading towards Black and while Blue starts grumbling as he heads towards where Allura is standing, Black turns to look his way. Once he gets close enough Black actually opens up for him and just the three of them are absolutely bewildered. 

The two others can’t accept the idea of Lance who comes off as a class clown in their eyes to be the leader, but as Lance is allowed in as the new head they have no choice than to accept. 

And then Blue and Black are grumbling at each other while Lance takes his new position because as it turns out they were actually fighting over him.

And that’s how Lance becomes the new leader and gets more validation from two parts of voltron than his team mates have ever given him.

I just got all into this because we all assume that they’ll all get assigned into their new roles by deciding themselves. But just as how Blue first chose lance without Allura telling her to first I feel that while she was right when designating the other paladins to their lions last time, it was because the lions would have picked them anyways. Now though with the first one chosen as the black paladin being gone, the lions will choose for themselves who is best suited as the leader, as it isn’t as obvious this time.


omgcpwomenfest femlash/wlw day

Georgia Martin/Suzanne Bittle based on @des-zimbits Gay Hockey Moms AU

Domestic Victuuri absolutely kills me.

I just can’t stop thinking about different scenarios, like…

…Yuuri waking up to the sight of Viktor resting his cheek on his chest, his pale hair and eyelashes sparkling in the early morning light. He smiles softly, tracing one of Viktor’s pretty cheekbones lightly with the tip of his finger, so he won’t wake him up.

…Viktor and Yuuri helping each other cook, accompanied by the quiet sounds of vegetables being chopped and soup bubbling away on the stove. A gentle touch as Yuuri hands Viktor the measuring spoons, their fingers brushing shyly and their cheeks flushing at the glancing eye contact.

…Yuuri insisting that he’s fine, even after a long, hard day of training at the rink, but Viktor can tell how exhausted he is. He offers to do the dishes so Yuuri can take a nap, and Yuuri is so grateful for the rest. When he wakes up, Viktor tends to the cuts and bruises on his feet, planting a sweet kiss on the curve of his ankle. Yuuri then does the same for Viktor.

…Viktor getting an awful chest cold, and Yuuri nursing him back to health with medicine and tender touches. Viktor is just happy to lay his heavy head on Yuuri’s lap while Yuuri’s cool fingers sift through his hair. As he falls asleep, he isn’t positive, but he thinks he hears Yuuri singing to him softly, the cadence and lilt of Japanese caressing his ears.

…Viktor coming home to find Yuuri in the throes of an anxiety spell. He panics a little, but Yuuri just reaches for him desperately, so Viktor holds him close, whispering words of encouragement and love until Yuuri is able to calm down. They watch movies and snuggle for the rest of the day to help Yuuri feel better.

…Playing with Makkachin in a park, and getting ice cream at a street vendor. Viktor declares that kissing Yuuri tastes even sweeter when he’s eating ice cream, and it makes Yuuri blush a very pretty pink.

…Yuuri retreating to the couch the night of their first real fight. He tries to fall asleep, but can’t. Barely an hour after he leaves, Viktor kneels in front of the couch, timidly asking if Yuuri is okay. Yuuri wordlessly lifts the blanket in invitation, and they cling to each other, sniffling and whispering sad apologies. They vow to communicate better to avoid future fights.

…Viktor and Yuuri having a date night in a tiny, charming St. Petersburg cafe, hidden away from paparazzi, just enjoying being near each other. Yuuri makes Viktor laugh so hard that he nearly chokes on his wine, and worriedly pats him on the back while he recovers.

…The bedroom being filled with the sounds of labored panting, breathy, pleading moans, and wet, slick thrusting. Viktor’s lips on Yuuri’s damp neck, kissing him gently. Yuuri curling his fingers into the back of Viktor’s hair, clinging for dear life as they both helplessly shudder through orgasm. An impossibly soft, whispered “I love you”, and an even softer answer.

…Viktor watching Yuuri sleep afterward. His beautiful throat and shoulders are smudged with hickies, his strong brow is relaxed, and his long, dark eyelashes fan out on his smooth cheeks, still rosy from afterglow. A warm, content flutter of love rises in Viktor’s chest, because how in the world did he get so lucky?

…do you ever think about stuff like that?

Because I do.

That silly idea that you were thinking of writing? Write it. 

That embarrassing self-insert that you made? Write a story where they make out with someone you’d like. 

That oc who’s just a little too overpowered, maybe? Keep writing them. You’ll just have to make ridiculously powerful villains.

In a short amount of time you could die, and the universe will not care if you wrote about that self-insert, or typed up that silly story, or indulged in that oc. So why not do it? Fuck it.

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What our your feelings on All Might and Deku? Both as Mentor and Student, Father Figure and Son Figure, and just as a character relation in general. I personally find it one of the most touching mentorships in the show, and I guess that's the point as they are center stage. (Just give us all of the hugs Hiro. Let Izuku hug skeleton dad)

All Might and Izuku’s relationship

Oh no Anon, what have you done, sending me an ask about one of my favorite subject in BNHA? Do you like to read my overthought endless answers that much? I’ve taken quite the time to write, so I’m late for this one and all the others in my inbox. Sorry; I hope this sorta long appreciation post will take you some time to read and make the waiting more tolerable. All Might and Izuku’s relationship is one of the best written and touching I’ve ever had the chance to read, and let me tell you exactly why I think that. 

Izuku spent most of his life admiring All Might and identifying to him. There’s no such a thing he ignores about his heroic achievements. Even though he was quirkless, he looked up to him, so much he considered applying for UA, the high school where All Might went. What Izuku wants to do is ‘save people with a fearless smile’, just like All Might. His room is filled with All Might’s goodies, and kinda like us, Izuku spends time on the internet rambling about his idol and making theories about his eventual quirk. All Might has been present as an image in Izuku’s mind practically his whole life. However, like the rest of the population, he knows close to nothing about All Might’s previous life as Toshinori Yagi. All Might, because of the secret he’s carrying of One for All, is just known as All Might. In fact, his personal identity as Toshinori Yagi was almost lost when he became the Symbol of Peace. Only Gran Torino and his best friend Naomasa Tsukauchi know about his previous identity and are still kinda close to him. Well, only Tsukauchi is, and all the odds are they barely see each other at all outside of their work. All Might doesn’t have any family because of his status; those two are what are more close to a family to him. Despite being the strongest hero, All Might is alone. He’s carrying this burden by himself and hasn’t allowed anyone close to him, probably because he doesn’t have time to do so, because he does’t want to endanger anyone he might cherish, and because he knows about his fate more than anyone and didn’t want to establish any relationship that may have caused a lot of pain. Nana Shimura had an husband and a child; her husband was killed, and she separated herself from her kid because it was too much of a danger for them. After those tragedies, Nana was killed herself, and all the pain it must have caused All Might probably dissuaded him to get close to anyone. He raged against All for One, almost killed him and was barely killed himself. His health deteriorated, and Nighteye, his sidekick at the time, tried to persuade him to retire so he could prevent his foretold death. All Might refused and took his functions back, because what could he do other than that? Being the Symbol of Peace is all that there is about him, if he can’t be this strong pillar anymore, he can’t find any purpose and will be left with nothing but regrets. He left Nighteye and continued his duties, being more and more bitter about his health and how little he could do now. And then, he met this weird kid who stuck himself on his leg just so he could talk to him, and poured his heart out in front of him. And the first thing he did was rejecting him and telling him to give up. What were the odds for this kid to jump in shortly after in a situation where All Might himself was hesitating over? What were the odds for All Might to find his inspiration back because of this quirkless kid who made him remember who he was and why he was doing all of that? We often see how All Might changed Izuku’s life, but just consider how meeting Izuku has changed All Might’s life as well.

When they met, Izuku and All Might were both alone. Izuku as a quirkless kid rejected and denied by others, and All Might as the Symbol of Peace who couldn’t allow himself to be close to anyone. Sure, he was looking for a successor, but I’m not convinced someone else than Izuku could have inspired All Might so much, and give him another purpose in his life. Izuku keeps surpassing All Might’s expectations, and each time, All Might grows more and more fond of this boy who seemed so weak at first but is, in fact, more heroic than anyone. He’s genuinely impressed by Izuku, and keep discovering new sides to him. Their relationship clearly evolves through the manga and is becoming more and more personal and loving. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a beautiful relationship deprived from any struggle for authority and power. Izuku and All Might immediately bonded: after the Sludge incident All Might rushed to Izuku to apologize for making light of him, and finally tell him what’s gonna turn their lives upside down ’You can be a hero’. After that, Izuku spent ten months training under All Might’s supervision, and so they gradually became accustomed to each other. Izuku never lost his admiration for All Might, but because they’ve been hanging around and getting used to each other, they built up strong foundations for their relationship. The best way to get close to someone is spend time frequently with them. So even though it was presented to us through an ellipse, Izuku and All Might actually spent a lot of time together and were already pretty accustomed to each other since the beginning. I like that Hori made it that way so the rest of the story is used to unfold their relationship and how it grows up to be even more strong because the bases were already built since chapter two.

Even through that ellipse, we were shown some characteristics of All Might, like how careful, supportive and kind he is, and how much of a dork he can be. All Might is someone who is very gentle, and that’s probably what I like the most about him. He’s the strongest hero, so he could be intimidating if he wanted, but surprisingly, despite all the power and authority is in charge with, All Might is still very gentle and benevolent. He keeps praising Izuku, encouraging him and being amazed in front of him. And as things go on, All Might truly becomes a doting parent. Once Izuku was admitted to UA, he went to look at how things were going hidden behind a wall and thinking how cool Izuku was. In Ultra Archive, on Izuku’s presentation page, it’s All Might who’s doing the little commentary on him. And it’s just so cute, you can tell how fond he is of Izuku.

All Might truly cares about Izuku’s upbringing, and is doing his best to understand and answer what he needs. Because of that, All Might can make mistakes and fail as a proper teacher because he’s too preoccupied by Izuku’s well being and isn’t being fair and objective. All Might isn’t handling Izuku’s education perfectly, and he doesn’t have any issue admitting it and trying to improve, particularly about Izuku’s relationship with Bakugou. When I see All Might behaving like that, I truly wish he could be a model not only as a hero but as a parent as well. Like Inko Midoriya, All Might truly values Izuku and respects his decisions, while not agreeing on everything and taking time to talk with him about different issues they’re concerned with, because his opinions and thoughts are also important. They share and come to decisions together; if you take Todoroki and Endeavor’s relationship to compare, you’ll understand how important it is that Izuku and All Might are on equal grounds. After that, their relationship progressed steadily, and I’m not gonna comment all the times All Might was amazed by Izuku and his progression.

What I liked from the beginning is how there’s mutual affection and care in their relationship. Izuku also tries, in his own way, to protect All Might. At USJ, he knew All Might was actually injured and couldn’t keep up the fight. So even though it was dangerous and painful for him, he jumped in and protected his mentor. When All Might is known to be safe and sound, Izuku is sincerely relieved. 

It already didn’t matter that All Might wasn’t strong and perfect all the time; Izuku protected him and looked up to him anyway. It truly made me notice how much Izuku already valued All Might as an actual person and not just as his idol, and how it was opening up the path to a more family-oriented relationship. All those times where Izuku thought of All Might, wanted to talk to him about his improvements and share stories with were also a casual and daily way to build up their upcoming relationship as a Familial bond. 

What truly changed their relationship to what is it now was their reunion after the Kamino incident. All Might and Izuku met up, and All Might scolded Izuku for putting himself in danger once again. But then, he let him know he was relieved that Izuku was alright, and took him in his arms to comfort him. It’s such an intense, moving and heartbreaking scene to witness. As it was the end of All Might, it also truly was the rebirth of Toshinori Yagi pledging to take care of Izuku, to devote himself to him. His role now isn’t to take care of society anymore, to be a Symbol of Peace and a pillar. This All Might is no more. His role now is to take care of Izuku and nurture him, so of course their relationship just took a new turning point. This scene was so powerful, and probably made all of us cry from the pure distress, fear and love in there, it was overwhelming. So much emotions were colliding and making both of them cry as well. They were relieved they were alright and at the same time, they couldn’t help what was lost forever and fear the consequences awaiting for them.

After that, Toshinori meeting Inko Midoriya was such an heavy and intense scene where the two people who care the most about Izuku confronted about his future. It was amazing. It made Toshinori considered Izuku in a new light too. When Izuku brought the letter Kouta wrote to apologize and offer his thanks to him, Toshinori truly realized that Izuku had already become his own person who could find reward in what he had done by himself. This realization came with so much pride and admiration for Izuku I was myself astonished of how much Toshinori loves Izuku. He adores Izuku, and it’s so important for him to continue guiding him and being present in his life he actually did a dogeza in front of Inko Midoriya and offered his life as a counterpart. His pledge was so powerful Inko felt on her knees, because Toshinori was groveling on the ground and begging her so he could continue to nurture Izuku. This boy is so precious to him he offered his very own person. Not as a hero protecting society, but as a guardian, as a parent cherishing his child.  

After that, it kinda desolates Toshinori to be ’the one being protected’ now, but the man has done so much until now, he really deserves his rest. As this new father figure, it’s gonna be hard on Toshinori to just watch Izuku from afar and can’t do anything to help directly. But now that their relationship took this path, there are gonna be plenty of things for them to do as well. At first, Toshinori really need to open up to Izuku more because there are still a lot of things they need to talk about, and too often Izuku was left in the dark about some issues that disturbed him. The very existence of Mirio and the possibility there was for him to inherit One for All took aback Izuku; and this kind of situation already happened too often and it’s not a good thing. Once he learned that, Izuku was so preoccupied he did poorly in class, and in the end rushed after Toshinori to confront him about it. 

So there’s still plenty of room for their relationship to develop, particularly about Nana Shimura, Toshinori’s past, and his and Izuku’s future as well. It’s still pretty unclear what Toshinori’s fate will be from now on. Nighteye foresight told him he was to die a gruesome death, but all the moments Toshinori pledged he was planning to go on living, in front of All for One and Inko Midoriya, even after losing his powers, we can’t tell for sure what’s gonna happen. 

Toshinori was planning to die, to let go of his life and wasn’t afraid to do so once his duty was done. But then he met Izuku, and all of his plans changed suddenly. He couldn’t allow himself to die anymore because Izuku was here. And I’m not gonna pretend I have the precise words to tell exactly how beautiful this is. He’s not ready to die for Izuku; he’s ready to twist his fate and live for Izuku.

Izuku really became the reason for Toshinori to find a new purpose in life, and to actually hold on to his life. Their relationship is wonderful because it’s flawed and improving for that reason, and is overflowing of mutual affection and admiration. So I truly love their relationship. Toshinori is also my favorite grown up character of all times, because he still grows and improves, still meets people and changes path, still is an awkward and loving doting parent who wants nothing but the best for Izuku. He also shows that adulthood isn’t the end of the road, that making your dreams come true doesn’t mean you live happily ever after and your life’s interest kinda over. It’s important to convey it in a shonen such as BNHA; it makes you identify with older characters as well as you grow up, and proves that even if youthfulness is represented and idealized everywhere as ‘the most fun and important part of your life’, it’s not the only time you’ll be developing yourself, meet important people in your life and chose new paths and purposes for yourself. As you grow older, there’s still plenty of room for you to improve, change and take on new challenges. It doesn’t make you bitter about adulthood. How could you be bitter when you see such a dorky adult as Toshinori? Izuku surely truly isn’t, as their relationship can witness, and really, it’s no wonder why.

Murder Tips Master Post

I don’t condone murdering. This is purely for reference while writing fictional stories. If anyone is concerned, these have been on blogs written by chemistry majors, forensic criminologists, and forensic chemists. Information is accurate, but please don’t test them out. ((If you do test them out please tell me how it goes))

Prevention of Suspicion
-Wear shoes that are bigger than your normal size.
-Make your stride longer and trod heavier.
-If you’re a male, wear perfume. If you’re a female, wear cologne.
-You could also wear heels if you’re a male.
-Heavy makeup/contour
-Kill someone that you don’t know. Having relations with the victim makes you more of a suspect.
Prevention of Evidence
-Gloves will absorb oil from your fingers and start leaving fingerprints after about 15 minutes. Keep a supply of latex gloves on hand.
-Paint your fingertips with clear nail polish.

Disposal of Evidence
-After wiping for fingerprints, take the victim’s hands and wipe them around. Place them on cups and other everyday items. No fingerprints will look suspicious.
-Wrap your knives in plastic before using them. This will allow for no evidence on the knife.

Killing/Torture Techniques
-Instead of injecting poison through a syringe, fill the syringe with air and inject in between the toes. It will mimic a heart attack and look exactly like a heart attack so no one will suspect.
-If you kill a man on an unregistered boat in international waters and then dump the body overboard they can’t trace it back to any one legal system and you can’t be prosecuted.
-Bleach and urine mixed together make a fume that is toxic upon inhalation.
-Plastic knives can be sharpened, stabbed into the body and then twisted to shatter the knife. This is effective in causing immense amounts of pain.
-When killing by stabbing, make sure you remove the knife. It will allow the victim to bleed to death.
-Three crushed cherry pits in their food or drink will be equivalent to a lethal dose of arsenic for two adult men.
- Stab below the neck near the spinal bone, it will break the bone and permanently paralyze them while minimizing blood loss.
-Piano wire works well with slitting throats and then you can just place it back inside your piano!!

Disposal of Body
-Satellites look for holes 6-10 feet wide, so bury the body vertically.
-Bury body 6-10 feet under a dead dog. Police dogs will find the dog and the police will take it as a false alarm.
-Mixing body fluids with bleach and letting them soak will rid the blood and whatnot of the death smell.
-Dispose of body in a septic tank. The acidic properties and equipment will take care of the body for you.
-If you have the means to dispose of the body over, time, one could cut the body up into small pieces (head, feet, hands, limbs at the joints, separate the ribs and hips, etc) and from there the body could be disposed across the land, miles apart. Fresh graves would be another alternative.
-Grind the pieces into fish chum, mix them with actual fish chum, and let the fishies take care of it! As an added bonus, you might catch something!
- Literally just bury the body in a cemetery. Preferably a fresh grave but y’know whatever’s available!

(I will update this /somewhat/ regularly)


- Why don’t you take this form more often Amatus?                                             - Dorian.                                                                                                               - You’re halla fine.

Dorianmance Week : Centaur!Au

Yoongi as Your Boyfriend

Lets just start with this:

Yoongi doesn’t take relationships lightly

So if he asks you out, that means he thinks you’re special

He thinks that one day you will get married


He knows that you will

Even with you being so special to him, sometimes he will get caught up in work

He doesn’t mean to, just sometimes he gets caught up in producing a song

Or ideas for lyrics are just going strong that day

Next thing you know, an extra four hours has passed.

He always feels really guilty and would call you right away

“I know it’s late, I’m sorry sweetheart…”

“No, it’s not okay. I’ll take you out somewhere nice tomorrow, okay?”

Sometimes you just wish you spent a little more personal *wink wonk* time together, and you have expressed that to him

So if he isn’t there when you crave him most

He’ll be sure to make up for it later ;)

(Stop me)

You’re never really mad about it though

Sometimes just a little disappointed but you know he didn’t mean to lose track of time.

What does make you upset, on the other hand, is when he forgets to take care of himself while getting caught up in work.

Often times you will text or call him in the afternoon and ask him what he’s eaten.

“What do you mean coffee doesn’t count as food Y/N?”

So if you aren’t too busy you’ll grab some food and raid his studio.

Sometime you’ll have to shut off his monitor for a second just to get him away from his computer.

He would getting a little annoyed that you interrupted but that would fade quickly when he saw the worried expression on your face.

He’s honestly so soft and protective of you though.

Like one time you had a bruise on your arm and the first thing he said was,

“Who the hell did that to you?”

He was ready to fiGHT

Though he did feel a little embarrassed after you told him that the perpetrator was a door.

One time he saw one comment of hate against you and for the rest of the day he was clinging on to you and making sure you weren’t upset about it.

“Are you sure you aren’t upset? They were hurtful comments. WHaT dO YOu MEan YoU’Re UsEd To iT?!”

As much as he wants to be strong and protect you all the time, sometimes he needs you to be there for him.

Sometimes work and deadlines gets too stressful

Or his own problems are weighing him down

At times like these, he just wants to put his head in your lap or against your chest so you can just run your fingers through his hair and he can rant about his day, or just fall asleep and forget about his stresses.

Sometimes he gets home really late, and you’ll be in bed asleep already.

But he usually wakes you up by accident, and judging by his tired grumbles, he exhausted and stressed.

He lay down next to you and wrap himself around you.

He would kiss the top of your head as a silent apology for waking you, too tired to really say anything.

Even though he doesn’t have much time for it often, he loves just taking naps, or just having lazy days in bed with you.

Blankets everywhere

Limbs entangled with yours as he just dozes off.

Refusing to let your free

Which becomes a problem when you have to go use the restroom.

This is how he prefers to spend his days off with you.

Sometimes you two will go out for dates.

Usually to a small coffee shop just to relax and get a hot drink.

He doesn’t do it often, but he does like to spoil you from time to time.

Mostly around holidays, and especially on your birthday.

Taking you out to flashy restaurants and giving gifts that you would rather not think about the price without your paycheck crying.

You always ask him how he affords all these things and he just shrugs his shoulders and acts like it’s no big deal.

He yells at you whenever you get him a gift or treat him somewhere and you apologize when it’s not as fancy as what he does for you.

“I don’t want you to think your gifts mean any less to me because they don’t have a big price tag”

“I love everything you give to me baby, stop being so harsh on yourself!”

The genuine way he says everything makes your know he’s being serious.

But he really enjoys staying in bed with you all day the most.

So you’ll wake up with his arms around you on his day off, and you’ll ask if he just wants to stay like this or go out and get coffee.

“I’m not feeling coffee right now baby.”

“But I don’t really want to stay like this…”

You’ll ask him what he wants to do then, but he only murmurs something about having a “few things in mind” before he’s kissing and sucking on your neck.

Yoongi likes to take his time with you, taking in everything he can about you.

Leaving trails of kisses all over you while one article of clothing after another is being removed.

It’s almost torturous but it’s so pleasurable at the sametime.

Slow and sensual is his go-to.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to get rough either.

Scratch, bite, leave his mark all over you.

Fuck you so hard you’re sore after.

He loves to tease you by calling you “Kitten” or “Baby Girl”

He gets pleasure off of making you feel good.

As soon as you’re done, he’s gone.

Good luck waking him up in the next 2-4 hours

Man, this boy can go 0-100 and back real quick.

Overall, Yoongi loves you so much.

(Even though sometimes he sucks at expressing it)

You’re gonna be stuck with him for a while.

Not that Its a bad thing.

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A Killer First Chapter

Anonymous asked:

Do you have any advise on how to open a story? I have all my characters and my plot and my conflict and everything but I don’t know how to start. How to keep a reader hooked and interested enough to keep going.

This is a little ironic, because I’m about to rewrite my opening three chapters for The Warlord’s Contact from scratch for about the tenth time. But practice does make perfect, and boy have I learned a lot through this process.

Sometimes you look at a story and you just know how it needs to open. It’s the most obvious choice in the world, and it’s clear why no other option would work.

Unfortunately, that’s not often the case. Usually, the beginning to your book will take preplanning and rewriting and replanning and bit more rewriting, and all the while you’ll never quite be sure you chose the best spot to open to, or the right characters to introduce, or the proper setting. 

Here are a few specific methods of thought for tackling your first chapter…

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Look…Pidge is only a child, and yet she has already been through so much. therefore, it’s reasonable to think she would be having some problems, right?

Think about it… she would be living with the knowledge that she killed someone. It’s different, fighting in a lion versus being there in person and seeing them up close. What if the reason she yelled wasn’t because of rover falling, but because she didn’t want to let Haxus fall to his death. She was right there. she was the one who tripped him. She looked right at him and didn’t move as he hung in the air for those seconds.

Imagine Pidge having nightmares afterwards. Waking up and jolting upright, reaching out her arm to try and catch someone not there. Anytime she sees one of the paladins jump off something she freezes for a second, heart squeezing in her chest while she is brought back to that fight.

Just….she’s only fourteen and has witnessed so much death already, at her own hands within voltron. You can’t tell me she gets any enjoyment from it, yeah, she puts on a strong face for the others after a hard-fought battle but as soon as she is behind closed doors? She collapses into tears, sobs shaking her body as she is forced to relive what they’ve done, what she’s done. Staring at her hands, thinking about how she used to use them to build, to create things. But now she can only see the blood staining them in her mind, only seeing the loss and destruction she has caused.

supercorp - a ribbon at a time

many thanks to @rtarara and @poppyssupergirl for first reads and encouragement <3

“Why do you want this job?” the interviewer asks her, and Kara stares at him in disbelief. His hair is slicked back, and whatever product he’s using to do it is too oily for his skin. It’s left a trail of acne along his hairline. Why does he think she wants this job? It pays slightly more than her last job, and so far no one here has tried to pinch her ass - although the day is young.

She’s pretty sure saying that isn’t what will get her hired, but she doesn’t know what else to say. ‘I want to change the world, one package delivery at a time?’ She remembers being thirteen and full of noble ideals - she remembers seeing Kal on the news, saving lives in his stupid skintight suit, and being so excited to follow in his footsteps. She remembers grief slowly transitioning into determination - remembers privately thanking Rao for the gift of her new powers, remembers thinking that in payment for the loss of her world, he’d made sure she would never be helpless again.

Kal is dead. Eliza is dead. Jeremiah is dead. Alex is hopefully alive somewhere, but she doesn’t have any use for the foster sister who got her orphaned before she finished high school. Kara is twenty one years old, and the idea of pretending, even for a single moment, that she still has ideals leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. The world doesn’t deserve any idealism from her.

“Well, I’ve worked at UPS for two years,” she says finally, since the interviewer is looking a little uncomfortable with her continued silence. “A private courier seems like a logical next step. You guys have better uniforms, I hate wearing brown.” Actually, she’s worked at UPS for six months, but she’d applied for the job with a fake letter of reference claiming she was trying to transfer from another UPS over in Washington, and nobody had double-checked.

She gets the job, she finds out a few days later, but she’s pretty sure her amazing interview skills have nothing to do with it. They give it to her because her last manager wrote her a reference letter in which he described her as, “ridiculously strong - you can send her to deliver cement bricks and she’ll just hoist them onto her shoulder and go,” and because when they asked if she was willing to use her own car for deliveries she said yes.

Joke’s on them. Kara does own - and currently live in - a car, but it’s not what she’s planning on using for deliveries.

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Okay I don’t ever write for this blog

After a mission, everyone but Lance is in a room, and they’re all relaxing and winding down while eyeing Keith like “ahh better leave him alone, he looks super angsty right now”
And Lance waltzes in and sees Keith and gets a look in his eye that usually spells TROUBLE. He heads over the red paladin and they’re all like “Hoe don’t do it-”

Then he just sprawls across the couch with his head in Keith’s lap, smiling up at him like the nerd he is.
And every else is like “whelp RIP Lance, he’s dead”

But Keith’s lips twitch into a little smile and he starts playing with Lance’s hair while Lance talks about how awesome the mission went and how the thing Keith did with his sword was “surprisingly cool”.

And Keith is laughing and rolling his eyes at things Lance says while everyone else is just shook and confused.

“May I?” Lady Lunafreya asked. She held out her hand.

“Are you… offering to heal me?” Prompto asked, hesitant. Everyone was watching him. He shifted nervously and brushed a lock of hair out of his face. “I’m really grateful but, uh. No thanks? I’m not hurt. But—but I appreciate the offer!” The last thing he wanted was for the Oracle—for Noctis’ friend, the person who had pushed him to meet Noct in the first place—to think him ungrateful.

But Lunafreya didn’t seem to hear. Her arm didn’t waver. “Please.”

Everyone was still watching. Noctis, with his head cocked to the side. Ignis, quietly observing. Gladio, arms crossed, making sure nobody got too close to the Oracle or the King. Prompto didn’t want to be the odd one out.

Lunafreya’s hand looked warm and inviting. So he took it.

Within seconds, Prompto was doubled over, something acidic and awful falling from his lips.

The sensation of throwing up had always been unpleasant.

This was awful.

Despite all that, Lunafreya clutched his hand. Her grip was surprisingly tight, even as Prompto bent over, his free hand on his knee in a last ditch effort to stay upright.

He heaved and heaved and heaved. All he saw was black.

And through it all, Lunafreya held on.

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Bull’s heartbeat is in his throat, clamoring its way up to his mouth to sit on his tongue. They’re just talking, but there’s something about the way Dorian tips his head back to look at him, all smiling eyes and teeth, focused like he’s the only man in the room.

Dorian stops swirling his water into a monsoon and lightly touches Bull’s forearm on the table while he laughs, giving credit where it’s due. Bull’s toes curl in boots hidden under the table, holding the tension he can’t show in his fist. He doesn’t want to fuck this up. Wherever they are now, it’s fragile. They’ve slept together twice, now, and tonight is looking promising. Ordinarily it would be the sex he was looking forward to, but tonight, it’s the company.

Dorian’s looking down into his glass, lashes nearly resting against his cheeks. “I hope I’m not keeping you from any other plans,” he says airily, eyes flicking up.

“My schedule usually clears out around mealtimes,” Bull returns smoothly. “You’re my only plans tonight.”

Dorian smiles too wide at first, then tames it into a smirk. “So this is less than chance? You actually had me penciled in?”

“You seem surprised.” Bull leans back in his chair and it creaks, not so much in protest as resignation. Taking advantage of his new position, he drapes an arm around the back of Dorian’s chair. It’s bold, yes, and could easily be misinterpreted, but Dorian doesn’t seem to mind. “I did say I’d see you at dinner, didn’t I?”

Gray eyes roll, but he’s still smiling. “See me, yes. We see everyone at dinner.”

“Dorian, you have a decent head on your shoulders, so I know you do this shit on purpose.”

“Was that a compliment or an accusation?”

“Yeah,” Bull laughs, lifting his fork with his free hand. Despite the twisting in his gut, he still has to eat to keep his strength up, and the menu tonight really isn’t too bad. Weeks ago, he would have labeled this stomach-wrenching feeling as sensible fear. Now, however, he realizes it isn’t self-preservation, but the same sort of nervous intimidation he used to feel as a young man addressing his superiors. He’s not sure what to make of that.

Dorian’s back is gradually sinking against his arm, the muscles relaxing like a wave. His mouth is open like he’s about to say something, but before he can say it, his hand knocks his glass over and spills its contents across the table.

He curses under his breath and Bull can see the tips of his ears reddening, but before Bull can even reach for a napkin, the situation is under control. Dorian has his hand cupped around the sprawling liquid, a barrier extended to the edges to contain it. The edges move closer together until the liquid is scooped into a bubble, picked up and dumped back into his glass.

“Useful,” Bull chirps, ignoring the sweat gathering in his palms and the fork still hovering by his mouth. “You, uh, want another?”

Dorian lifts the glass to his lips, raising his brows curiously. “Another what? My glass is still full.”

And the Iron Bull can’t help but laugh at that, the anxiety leaving him with each heave of his chest. Dorian’s resting against his arm again, seemingly unbothered by the jostling and laughter right in his ear, smiling to himself as if Bull can’t see it.