and maybe some groceries

Real advice

So a lot of you on here are teens and might be getting ready to be out on your own. Here are some things I learned the hard way or that are just good to know.

  • Never smoke or quit if you are currently. The cost of addictive smoking is more than half your groceries a month AND the bodily cost will surprise you.
  • Drink water. Yeah okay I know this one sucks but water is much much cheaper than soda, trust me. Your skin will thank you.
  • Send thank you cards. Don’t have any? Get the cheap ones and send those. It doesn’t matter how nice they are, the fact that you sent a thank you card matters. Send it for gifts, people calling you to check on you, those adults who helped you move, and even people who interview you.
  • Withhold 1. Okay so speaking of jobs, on your forms (US) where you are trying to figure out your tax withholding, put one. Yourself. It’s an easy way to make sure you don’t owe $2,000 in April and you still get a pretty decent check. 
  • No pets. If you don’t have a pet now, don’t get one. It’s super hard to get an apartment that will let you have a pet when you are first starting out. Wait until you are a bit older and can afford to rent more than a one bedroom apartment. 
  • Insurance. You’re young, so why do you need life insurance? Because that’s the best time to get it. Yeah, it’s a dumb expense to pay right now, but if you get it early, you can afford it. The longer you wait, the more expensive it is. Car insurance is going to be high for a few years, but it will drop around 22 and 25 years old. Health insurance usually comes through your job and please don’t ignore it. Renter’s insurance is usually pretty cheap and it covers you if there is a fire or natural disaster and you have to go back home to mom.
  • Off brand. This goes for food, clothing, makeup, and cleaning supplies and just about anything else you can think of. For food, Aldi’s is your best friend. I can go fill up a cart of just food and it will cost maybe $70. the same amount of food at Walmart is easily over $150. You can of course be picky, but try to get the majority of your food off brand. Hygiene products too. Goodwill is great for clothes, but plan a trip. Save like 60 bucks and drive near a big city where the rich people live. Go to the goodwill there. You can basically get an all new wardrobe for pennies on the dollar. Makeup is tricky. It can be really really expensive but you don’t really have to buy all of it name brand. Pick whats most important to you. I prefer eye shadows and lipsticks name brand and I deal with everything else from the drugstore. With he right techniques, you can make it look expensive. As for cleaning, I always use dollar tree stuff minus my laundry detergent because of allergies. Bleach, stain spray, and vinegar are gonna be your best friends,.
  • Car. Okay so yeah, that brand new car is nice and sure, maybe you can afford it. For now. Disaster will strike. Something will come up and bam, you’re stuck choosing if you want to walk everywhere or eat. Try getting a slightly used car, such as one of the ones they let people test drive a lot or a car that has previously been leased. Just as nice and much MUCH cheaper. And I have gotten THREE cars with no down payment so don’t let them tell you you can’t. But it is nice to put it down,even $100. 
  • Negotiate. Don’t be afraid to haggle with people. Yeah it’s intimidating but it’s 10 minutes of your life versus hundreds of dollars a year. What can you negotiate? Almost anything. Car payment. Rent. Insurance. Hospital bills. Even due dates for the bills you can’t negotiate on. Also, if something comes up where you have to skip a payment on something, call them. Give them like $25 and explain your situation. Ask if your payment date can be moved with the $25 as a goodwill promise to pay the rest later. It works. They would rather move your date than send you to collections. 
  • Collectors. Okay so this one is tricky. If you have fallen behind and owe a collector, don’t fret. I do too, even as I write this. Owing a collector means that the original service has been paid (health bills, credit card ect) and you are now paying the people who paid your bill. (I know it’s confusing) however, they will usually want the entirety of what they paid for you in 6 months. Meaning if they just paid a bill for you that was $3,000, they are gonna ask for $500 a month. That’s rent. That’s crazy. Tell them outright what you can afford and don’t lie about it either. If you can afford $100, tell them that. If you can afford $50, tell them that. If you can’t afford to pay them anything when they call you, let them know when you can. If you can’t afford it when you told them you could, don’t answer your phone to a number you don’t know. I know that sounds horrible but if you are renting an apartment, renting a car, and literally own nothing, they can’t do much to you. Just pay when you can and try to maybe pick up some extra shifts at work to make a payment. I have been dodging collectors for about three years. I owe I think three right now. I pay ONE of them a month, but it’s a large payment to keep them quiet for a while. I do not suggest this for you, I am just letting you know what I do.
  • Credit Cards. Okay, the big one. Many adults will tell you to never ever get a credit card and that’s just not feasible in this world. However, it can be addicting to be able to go to Walmart when you are negative in your bank account and get that $10 movie. I mean, it’s just 10 bucks right? WRONG. It will build up fast and soon the one credit card you have will be maxed. So you have to get another for emergencies. And another. And so on. So here’s my advice; Get a credit card through the same bank as your checking and tell them to put a limit on it and not let it raise. Then lock that sucker away and forget you have it until a real emergency comes up like a flat tire, short on money for groceries, or that collector that hasn’t been paid in 4 months. You can make it on one credit card if you are strict with your money, which I am sure you don’t have a lot of.
  • Budget. Speaking of money, write out a budget for yourself. Don’t know how? Here’s the easiest way. Most people get paid bi-weekly so here’s how to do it. Make two columns, Check 1 and Check 2. If you have a full time job you know about how much your checks are going to be so put the amount at the top of each column. Now that hard part - figure out what is due when. Is something due June 1st? Take it out of check 2 (end of May). Is something due May 14? Take it out of check 1 (beginning of May). That main thought process behind your budget is that you want to have the money for a bill set aside before it’s due. Paying a bill a few days early is a great way to make a good financial reputation for yourself and for some things even build credit. Now if you get paid bi-weekly, you will sometimes have a month where you get 3 checks. DON’T BLOW IT. Put it right back into your budget as Check 1 and keep the flow going. If you prepay bills, like your car or your rent or your credit card, and stay a month a head of those big ones, you may need that wiggle room later. If your car, for instance, is paid ahead 1 month, you can use the car money you would normally pay that month for maybe some extra groceries or some small emergency without using your credit card and you won’t even fall behind! You’ll just be back to owing every month instead of being ahead. It’s like a savings account without the temptation to blow the money. 
  • Simplicity. Enjoy simple things. A gym is expensive, go for a walk instead. Cable is expensive, pay for internet. Phones are expensive, get on a family plan (there is no shame in staying on your parent’s plan, just pay your share). Food is expensive, enjoy leftovers. Movies are expensive, go early and resist any snacks. Shopping is expensive, go to the mall and spend all day trying on cute clothes and taking selfes in the dressing room (makes you feel like a million bucks sometimes!). Time is expensive because you don’t have a lot of it so If you want to stay in bed all day on your day off, do it. If you want to binge on your day off, do it. If you want to just play board games with friends on a Saturday night with a few beers, do it. Simple fun is way better for your pocket and your anxiety.
  • Mental Health  - speaking of anxiety, make sure you take care of your brain. Go outside, even if it means sitting on your steps. Wake up early, even for just an hour. Don’t burn yourself out at work or school because you will suffer the consequences. Make a schedule. If you have trouble with timekeeping, ask for help. If you feel you do have a real mental disorder, see if your employer has what’s called and EAP program (employee assistance program). They usually help you find a mental health provider and give you a few visits for free. This will help you narrow down what exactly you have and after you’re free visits are up you can see who is in your health insurance network that can provide you the mental care you need. if you are prescribed drugs, always get generic. If there is no generic, ask for an alternative. I will not lie to you, mental health is the hardest thing to treat. It took me 8 years and a lot of money to figure out the right medication cocktail for me and my bipolar/ schizophrenia (yes I have both). Turns out I only need two pills, and if I were to refill both of them right now, I wouldn’t even pay $10 thanks to my health insurance (which sucks but at least it’s there) and because I got generics. Also, talk therapy can be pricey but sometimes only a few sessions can change your life. I have literally only been to talk therapy 11 times in my life and that was to deal with PTSD, bipolar, schizophrenia, and suicidal tendencies. 11 sessions. That’s 11 hours. And yeah, I paid over $400 out of pocket for those collectively. But if I hadn’t I would probably be dead right now so it was worth it.
  • Connections. Calling your friends is awesome because sometimes, it’s free therapy. And okay, maybe you’re 19 and you still have a horrible relationship with your parents. It’s okay. I am 25 and I still have problems with my parents. My whole family actually. Social media is a kind of safety net for me because that’s where I can be myself. Find where you can be yourself, it will help you stay sane.
  • Clean. Sometimes when I feel crappy, I take a shower. I clean the living room. I do the dishes. I vacuum. I mop. I open the windows. I get the trash out of the house. Change into some clean clothes. Organize my desk. Clean out your closet and put all your unwanted clothes in bags to donate. Just a small amount of cleaning can make you feel like you accomplished something. 
  • Hobbies. This one is a little hard too. It depends on your personality, your budget, and how much free time you have. Drawing , singing, and writing are free. Exercising can be free if you run or walk in the park. But most hobbies do actually cost money. Video games, playing an instrument, painting, sewing, cooking/baking, making things - those all cost money. Some of them lots of money. But you have to have a hobby outside of social network, sleeping, and working. It’s another thing to keep you sane and it’s just a good idea.
  • Toxic people. Do not be afraid to cut people out of your life that do nothing but make you feel bad about yourself or insult your life. This could mean breaking up with your partner, unfriending a person from your social circle, cutting out a whole circle of people, or even not talking to a relative(s). It’s not easy for some people but if they do not build you up, they will only tear you down. 
  • Drink at home. Okay so this one might sound like a no brainer, but I’ll explain it anyway. Packs of beer and hard liquor bottles are cheaper than a pint and a shots at the bar. Bottles of wine are cheaper than a glass at a restaurant. It’s never okay to drive drunk or even after one bottle of beer. NEVER. Staying at home is cheaper all around and you can drink in your pajamas while watching Finding Nemo on loop. Or invite some friends over and create a drinking game out of a show, a game you already have, or just talk and drink. 
  • Sleep. This one is so important. You need a good bed and a quiet, dark place to sleep. If you are scared of the dark, get a night light. Can’t sleep in silence? Get a fan. I have both of these and they help. You’re brain will feel tired if you ‘slept’ for 12 hours but only got 1 hour of REM. REM can really only happen every night if you are in a calm and dim environment. Quality of sleep will effect your eating habits, your emotional state, your mental stability, and your ability to make rational decisions among other things. 

So these are obviously just a few things, but I feel they are important to share. Please feel free to add any and reblog it for those about to enter adulthood. 

Three Is Good Company [m]

Genre : Smut / Threesome 

Summary : In a series of perfectly placed moments you witnessed something you probably weren’t supposed to see.

First of all, you didn’t mean to see it. It just happened. Literally. You were at the wrong place at the wrong time…maybe right place but still, you weren’t supposed to see it. But then why was his door open!?

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can i just honestly say that i love that yuri on ice is a fandom where every AU setting can be punctuated by A/B/O dynamics. i feel like it used to be more its own thing? (or more likely i was just out of the loop because…me) but now it’s just like prime backdrop material for any and everything. @alykapediaaaout here with her hot regency A/B/O, i’m crackin open this adorable coffee shop au by @softboyyuuri that is also A/B/O, we got sex work A/B/O in this fandom and probably a mafia A/B/O out there at this point, along with countless other flavors, i’m sure. can’t forget @forochel‘s blisteringly hot canon au slice of life kegels fic, either. 

and i mean this all to say, speaking as someone who only really started to appreciate A/B/O in this fandom, it feels like a gift to me, personally, so thank you yoi fandom i am here for this

The police told me there was nothing down there. I know they’re lying.

(This story is very very long, be warned.)

I never wanted to be a mother. A child happened to me, I didn’t ask for it.

After you’ve had a child, you never get peace and quiet. I don’t mean that in a resentful way, just a fact. There’s the crying phase, the screaming phase, the yelling phase, the “NO!” phase, et cetera. And you never get time. You don’t have time for hobbies and distractions. Raising a child is two full-time jobs.

It’s not that I didn’t try to do everything I could for him. It’s not that I didn’t try and be a good parent. I did, I gave it everything I had. But deep down, I think he could tell that I didn’t want him. Kids know.

I had a part time job. I didn’t get paid very well, but it was enough. It was just office work, nothing exciting. My sister would look after him when I wasn’t around. I didn’t really have the money for daycare.

I knew that things weren’t working out like they should have. And I did what any self-respecting human being would do - I bought a book. I’d always heard that you should read to your child every night, and that doing so would make them smart and well-adjusted. Well, I had nothing to lose.

I’m not really an Amazon person, so I paid a visit to my local bookstore - a dark, slightly grubby independent place that shuns all but the most obsessive of bookworms. Standing in the narrow, dimly-lit aisles, surrounded by towering bookshelves jammed with volumes at every angle, I wondered, briefly - what do people normally buy for their kids?

The Very Hungry Caterpillar?

He was a bit old for that. Besides, I think that’s one of those books that parents buy because they think it’s kitschy, not because their kids will actually enjoy it.

Amongst the slightly destroyed second-hand Roald Dahl books and Dr. Seuss anthologies, I found a book that stuck out. It was old, and bound in what looked like real leather, but it was in surprisingly good shape. It wasn’t too long, but it proclaimed its suitability for for children aged 4-6 (he was five). It was called ‘The Trap Door’. No author, no other details. I picked it up and skimmed through the first few pages, and it seemed an ideal fit. It was written in an irregular rhyming meter, and it was festooned with colourful, scratchy illustrations that depicted a boy strikingly similar to my son. The picture was already forming in my head - we’d read it, we’d bond, and we’d smooth over the cracks.

I know it was just a book, but for the first time in my life, I realized I was excited to spend time with my son.

That night, after I’d tucked him into bed, I sat down on his shark duvet (he liked sharks), and I sprang the book upon him.

Once, long ago and far away

There lived a boy of five or so

With a rounded face and hair like hay

And a mind that yearned to learn and grow

The boy lived in a mud-flecked land

Of rolling hills and sheep and styles,

And brooks and trees and miles and miles

Of hinterlands and ranch hands

Long ago there was a war,

Of petty kings and border-lords

The earth did drink the blood of those

Who died for honor or a rose

The boy was happy as could be,

In the cottage on the hill

His mother his only company,

Who loved that boy with all her will

It’s challenging material for a five-year old. But it was educational, it was stimulating. I had only a faint idea of what the war of the roses was actually about, but I did a good job of pretending that I did.

We said our i-love-yous and I closed the door. Things were going to be okay.

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BTS When They Buy You Pads


“Heavy - light - or regular flow?” He asks rather loudly, you hush at him through the phone
“Not so loud, get the regular”
“But the heavy ones come with extra support” he says reading it out of the label knowing fully well how embarrassed you get.
“Jin” you whine, the last thing you want is an article on what pads you use.
He laughs lightly “alright alright, I’ll be there in 5 - eh maybe 10 I want to pick up some groceries for dinner tonight.”

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"Why can’t you just get them” he groaned over the phone. He begins to pinch the bridge of his nose as you explain to him why you cant go outside “Alright - fine” he grumbles hanging up an heading to the convientt store near his studio.
“Uh - Do you sell those things women use for their period?” he asks the cashier before he waste time looking for them. The guy nods twards the direction of the
“What is this?” he scrunches his noise as he sees the large selection of products. “Definelty not getting this” he says staring at the tampons “Only thing going inside her is me” he jokes to himself.
He finally settles on a box of pads and pays the cashier.

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“Can you please buy a box of pads” You whine into your cellphones.
”Is it that time already?” You answer with another whine
“Sure, i’ll get them on my way home” he answers “anything else?”
“Salty or sweet?”
“Spicy and sweet”
“Got it, coming right up with a side of cuddling”

Originally posted by jjeonguk


“Um - Where do you even buy those things?” he asks
“Literally any decent size convient store”
“Alright, don’t hang up” he walks into a store “where are they?”
“Ask the cashier”
“Noooo” he whines walking around the store he stops in front of a familiar package. “Found them!” He smiles but he looks up at the top shelves and sees the same package with more pads “wait no - those have more”
He stretches out to grab the highest ones when some packages fall under him.
“What was that?” You ask
“Um nothing, I’ll be there soon”

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“Did you forget to buy them?” He says half worried and half amused.
“Yes - it came too early this month”
“So no sex?”
“Wha- stop thing about nasty thing and think about the pads!” You remind him
“Oh right!”
He can feel himself slightly blushing as the items are getting scanned.
The male cashier looks up sympathetically, “your girlfriend makes you do this too?”
He nods and lets out a light laugh
“Good call on the sweet, man” the cashier says scanning the various types of snacks.
“Is it normal in relationship?”
“Oh very” the guys laughs

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He stands in the aisle, carefully contemplating which one to pick. He just got off the phone with you and thought to dial again. "Which one is it?”
“The pad, tae - they one with the wings”
“They can fly?” he jokes around, humming the Outro: Wings while searching. “Um…” his mind goes blank as he starts seeing Tampons and cups, “why do girls like to torture themselves?”
“What are you talking about?”
“I mean unless you like that up there…”
“Tae! Stop looking at the tampons!”
“There’s so many”
“I’m literally stuck in the bathroom until you get here”

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“You’re not serious?” he says
“I’m deadly serious”
“Can’t you hold it while you’re out?” He jokes already grabbing his jacket, “Aigo, I was in the middle of a good match”
“Forget it, i’ll call another friend” you sigh about to hang up
“I’m already heading there, babe” he admits “do you have enough pills?”
“I think so”
“The worst” Jungkook goes directly to the aisle and gets the exact pack without asking you. He’s seen it enough at the apartment to recognize it.
“Run a hot bath for us” He says checking the item out.
“You barely move a finger when you have cramps. I’ll scrub you, no charge” he jokes taking the bag.

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Just Ask - Part 2

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: Wow, I’m literally overwhelmed with the amount of positive response I got for the fist chapter, thank you guys so much for commenting/liking/reblogging!

Thank you @nathalieruaudel for letting me use you as the best friend, I love you

Part 1

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anonymous asked:

Am I still an INTJ if I only plan world dominion for 4 hours a day? I've had to cut back so that I have time to learn my 9th language, and recruit more minions. I've also gotta make sure that the alligators for my castle moat get situated too, so there's another thing to deal with. I'm just about finished with my death ray, but I'm worried I might lose my INTJ status in the meantime.

I respect your decision to cut back, but you might want to make up for it in other areas to maintain your INTJ status. I invite you to consider the following options:

-quoting Nietzsche during your next argument. Or just without context in general.

-charging your robot heart so that you’ll be more effective learning your ninth language. Most INTJs are on their 13th, so you’ll have some catching up to do.

-if you’re up to braving the unwashed masses of peasants that one commonly finds outdoors, I suggest you go to the grocery store for some snacks. Maybe tea as black as the INTJ soul. 

Write A Symphony

Pace back and forth neurotically
Launch yourself into the upper atmosphere
Fall down some stairs

The sun’s rising
The sky’s red, purple, and gold
Footsteps pitter and patter outside my door
My phone’s alarm has been going off for the past fifteen minutes
I fall back asleep and drift aimlessly

God dammit
I need to find something to believe in
Maybe start a cult
Maybe pick up some groceries on my way home from work
Pick up a bad habit or two
Sing a song to the trees

I should learn what it would take to become a doctor
To become a ghost
To become a soft violin weeping through the night
I should learn what it would take to write the next great American novel
Write the same word over and over and hire someone to mop up my drool

The ground’s shaking
My legs are weak
Figurative language is getting ready to fly south for the winter
Graveyards are humming in unison across the country
My shadow’s running in circle like a stupid child

Falling (Part 4)

Pairing: Pete Dunne x Reader x Trent Seven

Summary: Trent confessed something to you. Will you be able to give him what he needs?

A/N: I still don’t know where I’m going with this but hey, here were are. Who would have thought? Read the other parts here: Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

You can find my other writings here: Masterlist

Trent swallowed hard and tried to breathe evenly before he brought up the courage to look you in the eye. You felt his nervousness electrifying the room and you couldn’t help but feel nervous yourself.

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“Can I  uh -ask for some advice?” He couldn’t help but shuffle slightly on his feet, eyes flickering from the person he was addressing to the flowers he was currently standing in front of. “I’m trying to stay in the habit of replacing the flowers at home for my wife and while I’m trying my best I can be a bit rubbish. I picked some lilacs last week… any suggestion what I should get next or just… get something random?”

Grocery Shopping with Harry would include...

Warning(s): Absolutely none

Request: I really need some domestic Agent Galahad in my life so could you do some h/cs for me? maybe doing chores and grocery shopping with his s/o? I need all the fluff!

A/N: I actually had some similar requests about domestic Harry and in all honesty, that’s what I’m here for. I hope you liked them!

  • him going through the wine section and choosing the fanciest of wines because apparently ‘Not every food is to be paired with the same wine, Y/N. Bluh, bluh, bluh’
  • or at least that’s what you hear
  • you buying an entire bottle of chocolate milk instead, just because
  • Harry loving to pop by the deli section but you insisting that it’s too fancy and gross for you
  • so you go straight to the snacks, loading your kart with all sorts of junk food you’re craving
  • claiming it’s for long-term stock (they’ll be finished by the end of the week)
  • you disappearing inside the aisles all the time and him having to search for you like you’re a toddler
  • him holding your hand to make sure you won’t escape again because of that but finding it adorable really
  • always sneaking away from him to visit the florist section and surprise him with new plants for his butterflies (after giving the lady there a headache from all the questions)
  • buying every single little thing you come across in the store that you think he might like and surprising him at home later
  • him smiling to himself then because wow, you have a good memory and you always take such good care him
  • buying every type of tea there is and shrugging when Harry asks you about it, mustering your best imitation of a British accent
  • 'We have to be proper English people, Harry.“
Friends – Part 7

previous part // next part // all parts

A/N: I’ve never been nagged at before to post a new part of a story, it was surprisingly motivating – shows me that you’re eager for more. ALSO this part won’t be as long as the other ones have been because I need to keep the next part’s events all in one.

Summary: A knock on your door may seem like the most uninteresting thing that can happen in a passing day, but it actually isn’t. Especially not when the knock belongs to a boy who brings you on exciting adventures and opens your eyes to things you had never appreciated before 

Word Count: 1,2k

(cr. onqs)


“Breakfast in 15!” You were woken by a voice outside the door. Your eyes fluttered open and you were about to turn around before you remembered how you fell asleep. There was still an arm around your waist, difference from last night being that it was draped more lazily and placed slightly under your shirt. You felt a warmth against your neck, indicating that it was where Seongwu’s face lied. Carefully, you slung your legs out from the covers and onto the floor and climbed out of bed. You heard shifts behind you and turned to see Seongwu stretching and rubbing his face.

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Notes on Prosperity Magick

Hey, all. I wanted to write up a quick Prosperity Magick 101 post. 

I’m not going to claim to be an expert. Instead, I’m a witch who has had success with prosperity spells, and I’ve studied them quite a bit. I’m quite in tune with earth energy, which is what prosperity is rooted in, so prosperity spells just really vibe with me. 

So, here are some important lessons I’ve learned about prosperity magick that I wanted to share with you today. 

1. Prosperity Magick Responds Best to Specific Needs

When casting a prosperity spell, be sure that you have a specific need or goal in mind. I also recommend ensuring that it is a sincere one. I’ve never had luck amplifying my income with a prosperity spell when I didn’t need to do so. However, during times that I sincerely needed more money, the energy came quickly and the spells were potent. 

For example, a few years back, I was working two jobs and going to school full-time, barely making ends meet. But, I wanted to study abroad. So, I prepared a money-drawing charm and focused my magick on being able to study abroad. The next time I went to the grocery store, I felt the overwhelming urge to buy a scratch off lottery ticket. It was a feeling I couldn’t sway, so I bought one for $1… and won $1000.

When I was making $35,000 per year and had no financial needs, I tried to make another money draw charm even though I didn’t need anything. Even as I was making it, I could tell that the energy just wasn’t there.

2. Prosperity Is More Than Just Money

Sometimes, it’s tempting to make a prosperity spell that’s just “bring me more money.” 

Prosperity is multifaceted, and when you cast a spell seeking prosperity, you need to be open to whatever forms your prosperity may take in response. 

Let’s say you use a prosperity spell to ensure that you have enough money to cover rent. Keep your eyes open for more than just a sudden influx of cash. Maybe some groceries you always buy go on sale, or you get a decent coupon. Perhaps the weather is clear, and you can walk more and drive less, saving gas money. Situations such as this would give you an opportunity to save money. You may need to help the spell along by identifying these savings and using that money to meet your needs. 

3. Prosperity Spells Don’t Have to be Complex 

Prosperity spells can be incredibly simple. Have access to mint, basil, or sage plants? Just clip a leaf and place it in your wallet or wherever you keep your money. Trust that the plants power will draw money to you. 

One of my favorite prosperity spells is to take a few mint leaves and a few basil leaves, and stitch them up in a flat pouch (green or white cloth with green stitching, preferably). Charge the basil with an intention of banishing poverty, stress, and new debts. Charge the mint with attracting prosperity, comfort, and wealth. Place it in your wallet or wherever you keep your money. Boom. That’s a prosperity spell. 

4. Accept that there may be Some Give and Take

Prosperity doesn’t always look the way we expect it. Shortly after I won the $1000 prize on a scratch off, I was able to buy my plane ticket, but needed more money to ensure that I could eat while abroad. So, I cast another prosperity spell.

Surely enough, I got a job offer at a chain restaurant. It paid a dollar more per hour than the job I had at the independent, locally owned restaurant I already worked at. 

I had to make a trade off. I could have a job I loved that paid less, or a job I didn’t enjoy that paid more. Since it was only in the short term, I chose the job that paid more. If you’re looking at a long run situation, consider if the toll on your mental health and happiness is worth it. 

Breaking the Rules (Hamliza Soulmate AU)

Eliza Schuyler had never been one for breaking rules.

She knew the way things were supposed to be. She knew how the world worked, the structures and paths that were all laid out for people to follow and she saw no sense in trying to go against all that. Of course, some people called the system restrictive. It did cause its problems. When one person’s world suddenly exploded into colour when the others stayed resolutely black and white. For two people on opposite sides of some divide or other, some imaginary line, to only find themselves staring at each other in full colour with just the brush of their wrists. When two people brushed up against each other in a train station, in a busy crowd on an apparently normal day, for one person’s world to suddenly tilt on its axis, for the black and white to jolt away only for them to turn around and find whoever had caused it just gone. Lost in the crowd. A person’s life could change at any moment, with no warning and no way out of it.

But those stories were few and far between. For most people the system worked fine. At some college party or maybe at your new workplace or maybe even the grocery store on some drizzly Saturday morning, a brush of skin and the black and white world you’d known since you first opened your eyes would slide away and that was it. Your soulmate. And your new life along with them. You introduced yourselves and made arrangements, simple as that. There was no awkward fumbling or uncertainty in most cases, just the knowledge that you and this person were meant to be together, in whatever capacity they saw fit. Love and marriage, in the majority. Unshakable friendship in others or a brotherhood stronger than anything, just a deep rooted, bone level bond between two people. It was security and safety and it couldn’t be denied, not with the evidence right there in front of you. Everyone knew that as soon as you made contact with your soulmate, then the black and white world became full of colour. Couples who had been together for years spoke fondly of the wonder that was colour, of being able to apply the simple concept of the word green to the leaves on the trees, of blue to the roiling sea, of red to the sky on a particularly beautiful evening. Of having abstract words become a gorgeous reality, all thanks to the one person who understood you and loved you in a way no one else could, thanks to finding your soulmate. From that very first touch.

Because those were the rules. First touch, a world of colour. Soulmates. Such a simple formula.

Eliza was more surprised than anyone to find that she was the one person who had broken the rules.

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Harry Styles - “How to Love” - Chapter Three

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Lana looked so peaceful as she slept, Harry always thought. Her brown waves tumbled across the pillow around her head, giving her a slight lions mane look. She would curl up on her side, one leg tucked in against her chest, the other out flat along the length of the bed and her hands were tucked under her pillow, her mouth open a bit as she took heavy deep breaths.

Harry honestly could lay in bed and watch her sleep all day. And he always did just that for a bit when he woke up in the morning, having always woken up before her. He was an early riser while she was not. He wouldn’t wake her usually until he was back from his morning run and showered, then he would wake her with a kiss on her cheek or forehead, sometimes both if she was being a bit difficult to wake, and a promise of breakfast. The offer of food almost always did the trick and she was up, heading for the shower within a minute, leaving a chuckling Harry on the bed as he watched her go.

“Plans for the day?” Lana asked one morning as she took a forkful of eggs into her mouth while Harry sat across from her, his own eggs on his plate, a smoothie in front of him. Lana opted for coffee instead, not being much a fan of his health smoothies he had every morning. They weren’t terrible, just not her thing.

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Summary: Four in the morning is the poster child for loneliness, earth’s betrayal; Dan Howell’s never been good at falling asleep at night. Because being alone in an empty house becomes suffocating, Dan finds solace in a cashier working the night shift at a grocery who’s afraid to fall asleep: Phil Lester. Maybe some questions are better off unanswered, or maybe Dan’s just afraid of the response.

Words: 8.1k

Warnings: Swearing, self-injury (bruising), depression, insomnia(?)

Author’s Note: **READ THIS** Between each scene, a week has gone by, except for the space between the park scenes.

Insomnia (noun) - habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep

3:49 AM.

Each time Dan closes his eyes, he feels like fire is spreading through his lids, coursing past his optic nerve and digging into the recesses of his brain. It’s cold, silent, like the clicks of his keyboard are nonexistent and there isn’t a nagging in the back of his mind that he should go to sleep, and that maybe there’s something wrong. All he can think is that he’s never been good at going to bed.

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anonymous asked:

do you know any fanfics that are like poetic or poetically written? i appreciate your work and love you all to bits tysm

Chocolate Ice Cream and Bourbon - It’s not as if Dan doesn’t want to go to the parties that he’s obligated to go to as a university student. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and Dan knows that him and parties should not mix. That is, until he isn’t alone, and he meets a solemn writer named Phil.

Four in the Morning - Four in the morning is the poster child for loneliness, earth’s betrayal; Dan Howell’s never been good at falling asleep at night. Because being alone in an empty house becomes suffocating, Dan finds solace in a cashier working the night shift at a grocery who’s afraid to fall asleep: Phil Lester. Maybe some questions are better off unanswered, or maybe Dan’s just afraid of the response.

The Five Times Phil Lester Cried After Sex and the One Time It Didn’t Matter - Sex has always meant more to Phil than just sex, but it takes him a long time to learn that crying afterwards isn’t a bad thing.

Nobody, Not Even the Rain - (tw) Dan is fine. It’s what he’s told himself all along. Even though it hurts when he has sex with his boyfriend, even though he shakes for no reason at all; he’s fine. He’s happy. But when he meets Phil, he learns about respect, trust, and how a relationship is truly supposed to be like. Most of all, he learns that maybe he’s not doing so well after all.

The Wanting Comes In Waves - After moving to the tiny Welsh coastal village of Rhagfyr, Phil struggles to find a new way of living, what with his new school and the decision of his future still on the table. Dan is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but perhaps there’s beauty inside destruction.

From the Inside of a Black Hole - (tw) dan likes sometimes and maybe and the kingdom of life and death but when his car breaks down and is needing an extended period of time for repair, he finds solace in the home of a lost boy with red knuckles and ghosts: phil lester.

I don’t blame you much (for wanting to be free) (ao3) - Phil first saw Dan, in a tiny museum in Manchester, wearing a nametag that said Dylan, cleaning one tiny patch of floor over and over, fringe falling in his eyes, staring at The Sea at Saintes-Maries like it was the best thing he had ever seen, like he was looking at something behind it, something hidden. Phil had said “hey, that’s my favourite too. Everyone always walks straight past it” and Dan had jumped like a startled cat and then instantly scurried off. Phil had thought no wait stay. And Dan hadn’t, obviously.

But We Were Screaming in Colour - au in which artist!dan’s idea of a romantic first date involves interrupting phil’s dissertation research and having sex in a pile of paint. this is their whirlwind relationship, as told in acrylic and prose.

Stitching Up the Seams (tw)- Phil can’t help but notice the boy with dead eyes who wears baggy jumpers all the time and barely talks anymore. Not being able to stand how sad he looks, Phil begins to slip notes into Dan’s locker in hopes of raising his spirits.

I looked up poetic fics and some of these came up, and then others are off the top of my head (:

silverkato  asked:

Im in love with your vision of Infinite and Rookie and i want to hear some of your sweet headcanons about their time together. If anyone asked something similar, refer me to this post, please. Thanks!

alskdjnsjklnljkls tysm!!!! yeah sure ill share some headcanons. i did a post on a similar topic about a month ago but that’s more their individual personalities/aesthetics than actual relationship material so ill go ahead and add on some stuff here.

i should note that portions of this are based heavily off of the idea that they grew up together so prepare for some au territory at this point. my backstory for them is becoming so intricate jfc;;;;;; i really hope ur not disappointed with this answer i have like an entire pre-forces narrative planned out in my head at this point OTL if u were hoping for more general stuff just lemme know i can give you some more hcs for that (there’s already some but there’s also Backstory stuff that i can’t really explore through oneshot format)

this is entirely self indulgent tbhhhh anyways click that mf Keep reading button

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perfective (imperfective)

купи́ть (покупа́ть) - что-л. to buy

скупи́ть (скупа́ть) - что-л. to “buy up”, to buy all of something (when you talk about how multiple people bought all of something so there’s no more of it left)

раскупи́ть (раскупа́ть) - что-л. same as above

докупи́ть (докупа́ть) - что-л. if you’ve bought some carrots but you should have bought more, you then have to докупить them. so it means “to buy more of something because originally you didn’t buy enough”

закупи́ть (закупа́ть) - что-л. to buy a lot of something, to buy something in bulk

закупи́ться (закупа́ться) - no object or чем-л. to buy all you need in one go, usually about groceries (maybe also about some things you need for the house and for your hygiene)

окупи́ться (окупа́ться) - no object; about a business, efforts, etc to pay off

подкупи́ть (подкупа́ть) - кого́-л. to bribe someone (to give someone money so they do something you want from them)

откупи́ться (откупа́ться) - от кого́-л. to buy off (to make someone stop demanding something from you by giving them money)

купи́ться - на что-л. to believe something untrue which the person who told you made up with that goal, to let yourself be tricked by someone

вы́куп - (кого́-л.) ransom, the money someone pays to free a hostage

по́дкуп - a bribe

покупа́тель - a buyer, a client (in a shop)

поку́пка - a purchase, a thing you buy

неподку́пный - someone who is honest and who you can’t bribe