and maybe lose some weight

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Sandwich and a coke but 'omg I ate like 2 calories today and cant lose weight' ... maybe you should have a banana and some carrot sticks with WATER!! holy shiiit

You realise that’s… REALLY unhealthy? Like, carrot sticks and a banana for your only meal of the day? Instead I had a turkey and salad sandwich.

The entire meal was 450 calories, IF I was able to consume it all, which I sure wasn’t because I can’t eat a lot and I only drank half of the coke, which leaves with me less than 300 calories consumed.

This was also the only meal I ended up eating that day, because I was busy, sick and could only eat a small piece of potato before I fell asleep last night.

I also happened to be OUT when I got it and “carrots, banana, water and a serving of shame” weren’t on the menu.

This is a perfect picture of how people don’t actually care about health, at ALL. If someone skinny wanted to have carrot and banana for a meal you’d worry about them, but a fat person should be shamed into eating a forced, restrictive diet based on minimal calorie consumption and sub-optimal vitamin content that wouldn’t be deemed good enough for someone else.

You don’t care about health, you’re just an ignorant little kumquat who will spend their entire life pretending to know more than they ever actually will. How sad.

Perfect to Me (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

Words: 1,802

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: You’ve always been insecure about your weight, as you’ve always been slightly chubby. This has prevented you from telling Daryl Dixon how you feel about him, since you think he could never have feelings for you back, but you’re proven otherwise one day when Daryl overhears someone talking bad about your weight and he punches them in the face.

Warnings: Asshole OC character, language, self-deprecating thoughts, angst, fluff

a/n: wow i just wanna give a big shout out to my beta reader, @cannedpicklenumber1 cause they’re amazing and they helped greatly w this

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Everyone has them. Whether it’s about their face, their personality, or anything else they deem not good enough. Yours, in particular, happens to be your weight.

Even when you were younger, you’d always been a little chubbier than the average person. It didn’t bother you until you got into high school, and you started to become very aware and insecure about your weight and body shape. You wanted nothing more than to look like those models on the magazines. These insecurities never went away, and now here you are- living in Alexandria during the literal zombie apocalypse, and crushing on a man who you deem practically impossible to get: Daryl Dixon.

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Seokjin Scenario: Shape Of You.

Request:  jin scenario in which you’re a thick girl not exactly overweight but ya know, curvy, small waist, wide round hips that sort of thing and you like yourself and eating sweets but then as Jin’s an idol and always surrounded by thin girls you nag about skinny bitches eveyrwhere around him as if its nothing because of your pride but start doubting about your body and such, so he reassures you and can end in you making out hotly on his lap while he claims how much he likes your body, xx thanks

Genre: Fluff / Romance

Your sofa was one of the places you liked to chill on the most, perhaps your bed was on the top of that list but well, your sofa was a humble second place. You laughed to yourself and made your way to your small living room, turning on the TV and plopping on the couch with a pack of your favorite cookies on hand. Your boyfriend was going to appear in a show so you of course had to watch it, you giggled to yourself with the thought of Jin and opened the cookies, listening to the music announcing the start, but then your eyes fell on your hips and their width, you had accommodated yourself against the cushions and were half lying half sitting with your knees bent and that angle made their roundness quite noticeable.

Well, you’d had wide hips since like forever, but maybe they were too wide? You frowned and then huffed, wide according to who? Your hips were round yes, but feminine, beautiful and yours, so you ignored the brief thought and focused on the screen instead. Jin was looking marvelous, as per usual, with a knitted light brown sweater and his dark hair styled perfectly, you sighed a little to the sight of him and smiled, he was having a nice time there as it seemed, talking about Bangtan and himself, cracking some of his trademark jokes when they asked him for it and teasing some of the other idols and the MC. There were a lot of girl idols that day as well, all of them thin as sticks you noticed.

You bit your lower lip, hating the path that your thoughts were taking once again, your boyfriend was surrounded by that type of girl almost every day, they were like half of you and you never really let your mind linger on that fact until that moment. You looked down at yourself again, at your hips, your thighs, you had curves and you couldn’t dissimulate them neither you wanted to because you loved yourself, you loved your body the way it was and you didn’t want to start doubting yourself, but then again… Jin was so used to see those skinny girls everywhere, he was with you of course, you’d been together for almost a year and he’d never ever made you feel less or that your weight or shape was an issue, but what if he thought that sometimes?

–Nonsense…– you murmured to yourself, Seokjin wasn’t like that, he loved you so why were you feeling such a heavy apprehension inside? You looked suspiciously at your chocolate chips cookie for a full minute and ate it nonetheless, but still feeling a little guilty inside for it.

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Pretty Like Her

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Peter Parker X Reader

By: The Daydreamer

Warnings: Bullying, Loss Of Self-Confidence, Low Self-Esteem

Word Count: 1, 361 Words

A/N:  Hey!  This fanfic was inspired by a girl at my school that was being rude to me and really hurting my feelings.  On that day I just felt like writing, and so that is where this came from.  It is a little different, but I really hope that you guys like it.   I willing to accept requests and my tag list is always open.  Thank you all so much and enjoy!


You walked into the facility casually, hiding everything you had just experienced.  You were picking up a late lunch at a local cafe when you spotted some girls from your school.  The girls had told you that you were fat, dumb, not fun to be around, all of this.  You had taken it silently and then caught a taxi back to Stark Tower.  When you got there, you went straight to your room.

When you had gotten into your room, you closed your door, stuck your food on your desk, buried your face in your pillow.  Tears began to slip down your face and soaked the pillow.  How could those girls say that kind of thing?  Were you really fat and dumb?  You now some people didn’t enjoy being around you when you nerded out, but it wasn’t that bad that no one wanted to be around you every.  You didn’t know that people were thinking that.

So you were different and needed a tutor when it came to math, but were you really fat and dumb?  Why didn’t you stand up for yourself?  You thought you were strong, but apparently not.   It turns out you were wimpy, so wimpy you couldn’t even stand up to two girls you went to school with.

“Y/N?  Is that you?”  Tony’s voice came through the door.

“Ya.  I am here.”  Your voice was slightly muffled from the pillow your head was still buried in.

“Are you okay?  Are you hungry?”  Tony knew you so well.  You usually didn’t shut yourself in your room alone.  If you did, you always ordered a pizza before you did.

“Thanks, Tony, but I got some late lunch before I came home.”  You rolled over on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

“Are you okay?”  Why did he care so much?  Why couldn’t you just spend some time alone?

“I’m fine.”  After a second of silence, the sound of Tony’s footsteps could be heard going into the distance.  You wiped the tears off your face and got up.  Walking to where you had thrown your bag and food, you retrieved your phone.  And with it, you sunk into the blankets on your bed with your phone.

As you opened your salad, you pulled up your pictures on your phone.  You began to flip through them, noticing how to some, you could look fat or dumb.  You had never seen it that way, but maybe they were right.  You suddenly didn’t feel like eating your food.

 You quickly composed yourself and wiped tears off your face.  You walked to the kitchen on your floor and stuck your salad in the fridge.  You turned around to Nat and Wanda standing near the doorway, looking at you.

“Hey, Wanda, Nat.  Pardon me, I have…homework.”  You started to walk out of the room, but Nat and Wanda grabbed you by each arm and pulled you to the table.

“We know something is up.  You are going to sit down and tell us what is wrong.”  Nat pointed to chair next to you.  You sat down begrudgingly but didn’t say anything.  Nat sat across from you and Wanda sat next to you.

“Spill.”  Wanda looked at you.  She wasn’t going to let you stay silent.

“It is nothing.  Just something a couple of girls from my school said something this afternoon. Nothing that you need to worry about.”  You attempted to stand up, but Wanda grabbed your arm and pulled you back down.

“Who were they, what did they say, and have you told Peter?”  Nat questioned like this was an interrogation.  These questions struck you.  Would you tell Peter?  He was a great boyfriend, but you didn’t think he needed to get involved.  

“They weren’t anyone important, just some girls.  They said some mean things, but it is nothing I need to bother you or Peter about.”  You were silent for a second.  “Why do you care so much, anyway?”

“Because we are your friends and friends care about each other.  Tony noticed something was wrong and told us right away.”  Nat put a hand on yours.  “You should tell Peter.”

“It isn’t a big deal.  I’ve got it handled.  Now please, can I go do my homework?”  You stood up, and this time, they let you go.

You didn’t actually have homework, but you didn’t want to talk.  Instead, you went to your room and turned on a movie to distract yourself.  What those girls had said was still bouncing around in your mind.  The more you heard it, the more you started to believe what they said was true.  By the time you went to sleep, the voices of those girls had fully convinced you that weren’t worth it.

*  *  *  *  *

When the next morning came, you skipped breakfast.  Maybe you could lose some weight by not eating.  While you waited for training in the afternoon, you buried yourself in studying.  Maybe you could get better at school.  If you weren’t smart now, you could change, or you would never be smart.  You heard a knock on your door, which was propped open.  You looked up to Peter standing with a sandwich for you.

“Hey, cutie.  I noticed you missed breakfast, so I brought you lunch.”  He smiled and stepped into your room.

“Thanks, but I’m really not hungry.”  You turned back to your studies.

“Okay.  I will leave it here if you change your mind.”  He sat it on the desk before coming over and sitting next to you on the bed.  “What are you working on?”  He looked over your shoulder.  

“Just studying for the Algebra test next week.”

“Would you like some help?”  You looked over at Peter.  You were smart enough to do this on your own.

“No, I am fine.”  You went back to studying, somewhat ignoring him.

“Are you okay?  Wanda and Nat told me that you had some problems with girls at school.”  You had told Wanda and Nat to not tell Peter, but they had done that exact thing.  You shut your laptop and turned to face Peter.  If he already knew, then maybe he could help.

“Why do you love me?”  This question shocked him.


“Out of all of the girls at Midtown.  You could have anyone, including Liz Allen.  So why, out of all of them do you love me?”  Peter understood and taking your hand, gave an answer that made your heart melt.

“Y/N.  I love you because you are beautiful, strong, talented, protective, smart, loving, and careful.  You are the best person I know and you mean everything to me.”

“They called me fat and dumb.  Told me I was not fun to be around.”  You looked at your hand intertwined with Peter’s.  “They called me ugly.”

“Well, they don’t see your true beauty.”  This made you look at him.


“If they don’t see how truly beautiful you are, they don’t deserve to associate with them.”  And that is why you loved Peter.  He could fix any problem with sweet words and his heart-melting chocolate brown eyes.

“What about those girls that are absolutely gorgeous?  I must be ugly compared to them.”  You had to get all of your doubts out.  You knew Peter would make it better.

“You don’t need to be gorgeous like Liz Allen, or any of those other girls.”  He took your face in his hands.  “You don’t have to be pretty like her.  I like, no I love, you just the way you are.”  Then, he kissed your forehead and pulled you close toward him.  You snuggled into his embrace.

When he finally pulled away from you, he opened your computer.  “How about you and I eat a sandwich and study for that Algebra test?”  You smiled at him, getting up and grabbing the sandwich.

“I would like that a lot.”  You handed Peter half of the sandwich.  He accepted it, pulling you close to him.

“How about we prove those girls wrong?  Let’s show them how smart you are.”  He kissed your forehead before turning to the computer.  Taking a bit of his sandwich, he asked, “Where do we start?”

my weight has been an issue in my life for years.  not my whole life.  i was “normal” sized growing up and through college.

but it’s really starting to get in the way of things.  putting on shoes (that i have to tie) is hard.  getting up out of seats is hard.  sitting on the floor or squatting down to get on my student’s level is hard.  walking up stairs is hard.

i avoid doing things and seeing people because of my weight/size.  i want to do some traveling this summer, but it makes me nervous because i’m afraid i’ll have to get a seatbelt extender.

i’m not sharing this for your pity.  i just want to document this part of my story. 

it’s also worth mentioning that yesterday i bought a new pair of jeans.  they’re a little tight, but i thought, “they’re good enough.  plus maybe i can lose some weight so they won’t be tight anymore soon.”  my one other pair of jeans was getting a hole in them, but i figured i had some more wear out of them.  well, that is, until i reached forward to get something this morning and popped the button right off.  if that isn’t a “hey, you need to lose some weight” wake up moment, I don’t know what is.

I’m at 313 pounds.  yes.  three.hundred.thirteen.pounds.  how did i let it happen?  why don’t i care more?  why don’t i stick with my weight loss attempts?  will my new therapist be able to help?  just some random thoughts.

Dirty Laundry: Part 5

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.8K
Warnings: Swearing, fluff (yay finally), drunk!Bucky, angst

A/N: Final part of Dirty Laundry! I only ever intended this to be a oneshot, and here I am 5 parts later, haha, so glad everyone’s enjoyed it. I hope you’re satisfied with this ending! I’ve got loads more fic ideas (hope you all like those too, when they get written/finished!), but I’d be keen to give requests a crack, so if you’ve got any, feel free to send them through!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

After more than an hour of listening to Dean Spector talk about the stock market and other business mumbo jumbo that you had no interest in, you were desperately looking for any reason to excuse yourself and escape. You glance towards the bar and spot Bucky staring at you, a frown etched on his face. You smile and wave at him, but his expression doesn’t change; he just finishes the drink in his hand. You know you’re supposed to be waiting for him to come to you, but you really want to get away from this boring suit next to you.

Pushing Dean’s hand off your thigh for the 50th time, you fake a smile and stand, “I’m going to get myself another drink,” you lie, “it was nice to meet you,”

“Oh, I’ll come get one with you,” Dean clearly hadn’t gotten the hint. He stands and snakes an arm around your waist. You try to push him away but it only causes him to tighten his grip on you, “where you trying to run off to, Princess?” his voice is dark and sinister. You nervously laugh and try once more to wiggle free, but Dean’s fingers dig into your side, causing a sting of pain from how hard he’s gripping you. You glance at him, expecting to see a joking expression on his clean-shaven face. But his eyes are dark and there is no hint of humour in his expression.

“Hey! Back off buddy!” Bucky suddenly appears in front of you and Dean. You breathe a sigh on relief. Surely the sight of the Winter Solider will make this creep back off,

“Who the fuck are you?!” Dean spits angrily at Bucky, his hand still painfully digging into your side. You notice Bucky’s metal fist tense. Before a fight can break out, you finally speak up,

“Let go of me.” all politeness now gone from your voice, “I won’t ask again,” Dean chuckles, not noticing the serious look you’re shooting him,

“Don’t be like that, Princess. I’m just having some-” you cut Dean off, with a swift punch to his smug face. His hand immediately lets go of your waist and he stumbles backwards,

“I’m not your Princess,” you spit at him. You hear laughter from all around. Your confrontation had drawn a crowd. Bucky is chuckling and grins at you,

“That was amazing,” he says as he sways and loses his balance. You grunt as you catch him and try to steady him,

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Well I havent been so nervous for a doctors appointment maybe ever. I havent been to a gyno in 6.5 years. my lady bits have been poked and prodded and its all good under the hood.

Started the pill for the first time (have been on nuva ring before) and I hope the side effects arent too bad. My dumb disordered head is secretly hoping the nausea will calm my forever uncontrollable appetite and I can eat like a normal person and maybe lose some weight.

“Two’s company” - h.s. Part 1

Bring on the smut.



Willard Crown was one of the best men Harry had ever known, and you knew that but you were trying to forget about it as you stood there in the corner at the funeral reception drinking alcohol. 

But it still bothered you that he was here talking with your mum considering it was your grandfather that had passed away and just Harry’s childhood babysitter. He seemed to be quite at ease with the whole situation in his black button up shirt and black dress pants. His hair freshly cut from being on set for whatever movie he’d been working on and his hands moving as he talked to your mum as if it hadn’t been probably five years since she’d seen her. 

It wasn’t that you were mad at Harry really, because the fact that he’d flown all the way from wherever he was in the world to be here today for your grandfather’s funeral was sweet and sincere. But quite honestly, you needed someone to be mad at and you’d spent quite a long time being mad at your cousins that it didn’t feel as good to be mad at them because of this.

It wasn’t anyone’s fault that your grandfather had passed away. It had been natural causes - old age. But still, why the fuck was Harry here? 

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i've finally decided to persevere and get to my goal weight, but not even 3 days in, my mother said to me while i was making tea 'i hope this isn't a fad where you only drink green tea all day then eat one meal' and now she's and persisting i eat and watching me eat and it's going to be impossible to do what needs to be done with her watching :( any tips/ idea's to get her to leave me be? xx

Explain to her that you maybe want to lose some weight and get in shape for the summer and that you would really appreciate if you could be in charge of your own diet. Talk to her and see what’s fit to say ^-^ I don’t know how your mother is, but i’m sure she understands :) xoxo

You’d Be Prettier If...

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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Derek Hale x Overweight Reader

Warning: Body shaming, angst

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  I was wondering if you could do a Peter or Derek hale imagine/one shot. Where he comforts the reader (who is plus size) after a family member unknowingly says something mean to her. 

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things… r going pretty good lately… gained a lil more Independence from my mother and im getting a bank account/card that ISNT connected with hers so she cant monitor everything i buy…. so thats one….. TWO… im gonna sell some paintings on etsy hopefully ill make some money but like………. they’ll probably take 9834574 yrs to sell but! its a start at making my own money for once instead of having to ask for money from my family… when they all sell i should have like… $630-$650 im bad at math… THREE over the summer imma take long ass walks every day or at least as much as i can! and take up skip rope again… lose some weight y’know… maybe hopefully i can do commissions interruption free?? i aint making promises but it would b nice. FOUR im also getting my g1 FINALLY n by NEXT summer hopefully ill have my license and also b at my goal weight ill reward myself by getting these tiddies pierced 😜

and five? my grades are litington turnt von fleeksworth this semester! so!!! theres that!

Jackson Imagine - Support

A/N - This one was requested by an anon a little while ago and it took me so long because I wanted to make sure I approached it in the right way. It’s about a sensitive topic (eating disorders) so if you have any experience with that then only read this if you know you will be okay with it. When writing, I didn’t want to romanticise eating disorders in any way so I hope it does not come across like that and I apologise if there are any inaccuracies in this; please don’t hesitate to correct me if there are. Thanks for reading everyone~ 

Jackson had noticed something was off with you. He didn’t quite know what but he could tell something wasn’t right. You used to go on lunch dates at least three times a week but now he’d be lucky to have lunch with you once a month. Even your movie nights with him felt different. He’d be stuffing his face with popcorn while you would barely touch it. Jackson could see how much weight you had lost in the past few months but didn’t know how to talk to you about it. He didn’t want to hurt you. He wanted to help. But how could he when he wasn’t entirely sure what was wrong?

When Jackson arrived at your house and knocked, he didn’t receive an answer like he usually did. He knew you were at home because the two of you had been texting all day and you had said you weren’t going out. Sensing something bad had happened, Jackson tried to open the door, finding it was unlocked. He stepped into the house and quietly walked up the stairs to your bedroom. When he reached the doorway, he saw you curled up on your bed looking at your phone and crying. 
“(Y/N)! What’s happened? Please tell me.”
“The fans, Jackson.”
“What do you mean ‘the fans’? Have they been sending hate or something?” Instead of answering, you just showed him your phone screen. Hundreds of tweets and messages sat there
‘You’re so fat’
‘Jackson wouldn’t love someone like you’
‘Lose some weight, love. Then maybe Jackson will love you’

Jackson was horrified to see some of the things they had said. But it made everything click into place for him. The reason why you had lost so much weight was because of the awful things his ‘fans’ had said about you.
“(Y/N), how long have people been sending these messages?”
“Since we went public.”
“Oh my god. How could they? (Y/N), please promise me you’ll try to avoid looking at them.”
“It’s so hard though, Jackson.” Tears fell from both yours and Jackson’s eyes and you felt his arms wrap around your body. 
“I noticed that you haven’t been eating as much recently…is that because of the fans too?” You nodded, burying your face in his shoulders and crying even harder. 
“It’s okay,” Jackson soothed, “We can get through this. I want to help and support you so that you can get better, okay? I’m here for you and I always will be. I love you, (Y/N).”
“Thank you, Jackson and I love you too. I do want to get better but I just couldn’t help it. Please stay by my side and support me through it.”
“Of course I will.”

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it's 12am and i'm thinking that maybe i should lose some weight but then again i don't want to lose any weight because it won't really make me any happier but maybe i would look better but shouldn't i be more focused on trying to be comfortable in my own skin instead of giving into something what remains of my disorder and it's a constant buzz in my head every single day but today it's especially loud can i have a hug

come here let me give you the tightest hug possible

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Hey I was wondering if maybe you could give me some advice on losing weight/gaining muscle because you have such a nice body. I don't know if you do this kind of thing but I would appreciate it a lot!

A common misconception about fitness is that you could gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. This usually only happens when someone is just starting to workout, it’s also called “newbie gains” because your body’s basically in shock that you’re starting to train intensely, so it could actually gain muscle while shedding some fat.
This won’t last long though, because your body will adapt.
After you’ve been training for a while, you’ll need to focus on either gaining muscle OR losing fat.
Your body needs to be in a calorie SURPLUS to gain muscle. (AKA you need to eat more calories than you burn.) This might mean you gain a bit of fat too, however if you’re training hard, eating right and lifting weights, most of the gains will be going to muscle/strength.
Your body needs to be in a calorie DEFICIT to lose fat. (AKA you need to be eating less calories than you burn.) This may mean you lose a bit of muscle with the fat, since muscle takes a lot of energy for your body to maintain. But when you lose fat while still lifting weights and training hard, you’ll be able to see muscle tone more, which gives the impression that you’re more muscular xx