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“Why do you want this job?” the interviewer asks her, and Kara stares at him in disbelief. His hair is slicked back, and whatever product he’s using to do it is too oily for his skin. It’s left a trail of acne along his hairline. Why does he think she wants this job? It pays slightly more than her last job, and so far no one here has tried to pinch her ass - although the day is young.

She’s pretty sure saying that isn’t what will get her hired, but she doesn’t know what else to say. ‘I want to change the world, one package delivery at a time?’ She remembers being thirteen and full of noble ideals - she remembers seeing Kal on the news, saving lives in his stupid skintight suit, and being so excited to follow in his footsteps. She remembers grief slowly transitioning into determination - remembers privately thanking Rao for the gift of her new powers, remembers thinking that in payment for the loss of her world, he’d made sure she would never be helpless again.

Kal is dead. Eliza is dead. Jeremiah is dead. Alex is hopefully alive somewhere, but she doesn’t have any use for the foster sister who got her orphaned before she finished high school. Kara is twenty one years old, and the idea of pretending, even for a single moment, that she still has ideals leaves a bitter taste in her mouth. The world doesn’t deserve any idealism from her.

“Well, I’ve worked at UPS for two years,” she says finally, since the interviewer is looking a little uncomfortable with her continued silence. “A private courier seems like a logical next step. You guys have better uniforms, I hate wearing brown.” Actually, she’s worked at UPS for six months, but she’d applied for the job with a fake letter of reference claiming she was trying to transfer from another UPS over in Washington, and nobody had double-checked.

She gets the job, she finds out a few days later, but she’s pretty sure her amazing interview skills have nothing to do with it. They give it to her because her last manager wrote her a reference letter in which he described her as, “ridiculously strong - you can send her to deliver cement bricks and she’ll just hoist them onto her shoulder and go,” and because when they asked if she was willing to use her own car for deliveries she said yes.

Joke’s on them. Kara does own - and currently live in - a car, but it’s not what she’s planning on using for deliveries.

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so, one of the things i really miss about roleplaying in general is the ability to write with anyone i’m mutuals with, whenever, and not feel self conscious about it or pressured to come up with a starter after putting out a call, which is why i want to do something a little experimental, for me, with this permanent starter call. 

BY LIKING THIS PERMANENT STARTER CALL, you agree to basically let me throw memes, random ic asks, random starters, and other various ic and ooc things at you whenever my muse or inspiration strikes. i may come talk to you about a potential AU plot ooc before doing so or at any random point in time, or i may not. i might throw a one liner at you on the dash or i may write you a novella length starter if i feel particularly inspired. i will never pressure you into replying to any of these things, as i know inspiration and muse can be super fickle and sometimes things don’t always work or mesh, but what i am asking is that if i throw something at you that doesn’t quite work for you, just let me know, even if that version of letting me know is as simple as not liking the post within a week. 

i’m also going to be trying something a little different, for me, and ask that if i write you something, please either like it or reply to it within a week, just so that i know you’re down to do the thing. if you don’t, i’ll probably message you asking if you’ve seen it, just to make sure tumblr notified you of it, and if you want to continue it just let me know, if not, also let me know, and i’ll delete the starter with no hard feelings from either party. 

point being ––– i miss writing with a regularity that i don’t think tumblr is consistent about anymore. i want to write more, and i want to write more with my mutuals who i don’t talk to ooc as much as i want to write more with my mutuals who i do talk to ooc.

so anyway, all this to say, LIKE THIS PERMANENT STARTER CALL if you want random things from luna and i at any given point in time. 

mine, a copy of fingers, hers, & a reflection of wriggles which riot words

i observe as

(previously ’-helmet’ ; ’-head’ circulating circa the last slip of my mind.)

kneads dough with
writhing fingers

for little apparent

odd thing, her

they churn
like the sea.

they are
five & three


three & five


five & five & three & a-three
& a-one, two, three, two

one hand, it

slips silken
lingerie off

of the other
with a pinch;


fingers fucking,
at least—
fucking fingers.
fucking fingers

they squirm
like snakes

they steal sentience from my limited conscience.

as the now-
naked thumb

presses again
again again &

again, i wonder
what spills out.

my fingers like

except hers
may have a

purpose, no?

but they
also only

dip their

(the toe of the finger?)

as they proceed
an attempt to

drown themself(-ves)


only end up

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heyyy i'd really love it if you drew manuel and emmanuel eating ice cream at the beach and/or enjoying an ice cream flavoured snog

Hey anon#20 :D Here’s your request ^^

(It continues under the cut ^^)

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Orson before the Death Star targets Jedha -

Orson while watching the destruction begin -

Orson afterwards when the full impact is visible -

(a very important set I think, because yes he knows what he’s created but in my opinion I don’t believe he truly knew the power of such a weapon and the 3rd picture no longer looks like a man proud of what he did. I could go on and on analyzing this scene but anyway, I digress!)


after a stupid long time, i’m finally able to post my rmit grad film, for fear of little men! this thing represents 8 months of delirious work surviving off pizza shapes and academic fear alongside my friends, please enjoy

Kirishima was simply amazing in chapter 143

Everyone is either sad or satisfied (or both) with what Kirishima endured in chapter 143, for a reason, but I wanted to add that, just, Kirishima was so brave and strong in that chapter I’m just…! I’m really impressed by his genuine devotion and pure will to protect FatGum. Fat is a pro hero, he’s handling the fight somehow but Kirishima has no means to know that; he’s not in Fat’s head as we are, they don’t communicate, he doesn’t know Fat has a plan and is stocking all those punches to give Rappa a taste of his own medicine. All that he can see is that Fat is in real danger, and even though he’s in pain and terribly scared, even if he’s been broken when he thought he was finally strong, he won’t allow himself to let Fat endure everything and desperately tries to find something he can do even though the situation is unbalanced and he’s clueless as to what to do because he knows he’s not strong enough. But then, he went anyway.

Even Tengai thought he was too scared to move and was helpless, and he was, but then Kirishima stepped up, put himself in first line and protected Fat, holding purely on his will and desperate need to do something to help and protect him. 

I find this panel very powerful: he is unbreakable, he doesn’t crumble and stands right on his feet. He clenched his teeth and faced all those punches, and even went and tried to give a punch back against that terribly powerful villain, almost landing a hit, if not for Tengai’s barrier.

He’s just… Kirishima is just incredibly amazing and brave. He truly was heroic. He wasn’t suddenly not scared or didn’t powered up; he took his fears and doubts, and decided, with so little that he had to present, to face adversity and Go Beyond.