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A Possessive Dinner Taehyung

Pairing: TaehyungxReader

Warning/Genre: Smut, Dom Taehyung, Public sex, Cursing, 

Excerpt: “So your saying we can just do it right here then?” Shocked by his words you just stood still not knowing how to respond, Taehyung came up behind you moving the hair off of your shoulder and tugging down the damned coat Jimin had let you wear. With slight anger he bit down on the area between your neck and shoulder sending a pleasurable pain down your spine and making your core wet.

Word count:2,603

Note: I almost died while writing this bc hot damn lmao, ps thx for so much recognition on my last story about Jungkook I’m completely blown away and wanted to say hi to all the new followers <3 

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Jesus Christ, how’d you even get yourself into this position.. Literally a guy you had met just a few hours ago had your skirt flipped up and was fucking balls deep in you. It actually all started with your friend Olivia inviting you out to dinner with her boyfriend’s band that had six other guys. The occasion being that they finally finished up tour and were ready to kick off their break.

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So Ive had some time to think, and this is my interpretation of what went down yesterday:

  • Luna’s traits are Childish and Romantic, so I could see her having a very idealized view of romance. I think she’s definitely smart enough to realize Piper has a crush on Louis, but cant find it in herself to be jealous. In her mind, the problem isn’t Piper’s feelings, it’s the fact she doesn’t have anyone to help her move on.
    •  (Becuase hello… how in the world could someone possibly be happy without a significant other?)
  • Luna thinks Lionel is perfect for the job because A: he already seems to be friendly with Piper. B: he’s a straight-A student who could probably convince Piper to leave the Renegades. And C: Louis would have to be civil to him if he were dating his best friend. It’s three birds one stone.
  • So Luna (with the very best intentions) invites all three of them out for coffee without telling the others, hoping to put her matchmaking skills to the test. 
    • Lionel is uncomfortable from the start, because he’s observant and knows exactly what’s happening.
    •  Louis is peeved, becuase he was really looking forward to some alone time with his girlfriend. 
    • Piper is just confused.
  • Small talk is exchanged, drinks are drank, and the conversation gets more and more tense. The topic of social groups comes up, which leads to Luna and Piper both making subtle jabs at the the others clique. 
    • “So… I heard a member of the Renegades got arrested last week. Is that true?” 
    • “Really, I thought the Paragons didn’t engage in such a low-brow activity as gossip.” 
  • Louis and Lionel have both decided to channel their frustration towards each other and wont stop bickering.
  • Luna realizes this date isnt going according to plan and suggests a walk by the river as a last resort. She thinks some over-the-top flirting with Louis will help inspire a romantic setting, but really all it does is make Piper more steamed and Lionel more uncomfortable.
  • At this point, Piper is done feeling inadequate. She’s tried not to let the fact she’s never kissed/dated anyone get to her but it’s really hard not to feel undesirable with Louis melting all over his Paragon girlfriend just feet away. So Piper sets her sights on Lionel, if only to get the validation she craves.
  • Bad idea.
  • Lionel likes Piper, he might even like-like Piper, but even he can see she’s only hitting on him because she’s lonely and trying to prove herself. He rebukes her, kindly but firmly, which ends up being the final straw for our poor fox daughter.
  • Louis pulls away from Luna just in time to see Piper’s first tear fall, and his rage is instantaneous.  He and Lionel barely exchange insults before fists are flying, leaving Piper bewildered and Luna PISSED.
  •  The real drama unfolds after Lionel storms off. 
    • Luna: “You were supposed to set him up with Piper not FIGHT HIM!”  
    • Louis: “Why would I set that tool up with Piper?!” 
    • Luna: “Because she’s lonely you idiot! Now we have to find someone else for her!”
  • Both Louis and Piper fall silent, Luna heads home angry but determined to find another potential match for her friend. Cue fox and butterfly just wandering aimlessly until they figure out what to say to each other.
    • Do I really seem that pathetic?” Piper worries, because she cant help but feel vulnerable after something like that. “Is there something wrong with me?” 
    • “Is she lonely?” Louis wonders, glancing at his best friend. “Have I been pushing her away?”
  • Then I’d like to think they sit down and have a heartfelt conversation about friendship and relationships, with an extra helping of Louis assuring Piper she isn’t pathetic and does not need a significant other to be valid.
  • *insert half-joking flirtation about how she’s such a catch that nobody in town is even in her league except maybe him*
  • Then it’s hugs and teasing and forehead kisses until they are both ready to go home.

So now we are left with this:

Lionel: Still friendly with Luna. Still friendly with Piper but doesn’t want to date her cus he fears he’s just going to be used. (Good call bro.) Despises Louis.

Luna: Still loves Louis (tho her romance bar went way down with him). Still friendly with Lionel. Dislikes Piper for joining the Renegades but is still determined to be nice to her.

Piper: Still likes Lionel but they dropped from “good friends” to “acquaintances”. Dislikes Luna. Higher friendship and romance with Louis.

Louis: Despises Lionel. Gained a slight romantic attraction to Piper. Lost all romantic progress towards his and Luna’s relationship, as well as a good chunk of friendship. 

Conclusion: Why must these sims do this to me?

Actual Conclusion: I think it’s time we start moving towards a Luna/Louis break up. It isn’t fair to Luna if Louis keeps dating her when he doesn’t have feelings for her anymore. Lionel and Piper should stay friends, but I think he and Louis just aren’t meant to like each other. Maybe now would be a good time to start exploring possible Louis/Piper feels???

Oh, and also.

…Louis and Piper age up in two weeks :^)

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Ok considering hannibals obsessive love for will I'm surprised at the lack of fic where will dies and hannibal is just. ruined. can you recommend any where such a thing happens hahaha wow angst (also thanks for being great in general keep doing u!!)

I’m afraid I’m not going to be much help here nonny as I tend to avoid major character death at all costs. But maybe my followers know of some?

The closest I ever got to exploring this trope myself was a post-s3 fic in which Will and Hannibal are separated after the fall and each think the other is dead for about a week. I still haven’t gotten around to finishing it, but maybe the muse will allow that to happen one day soon. <3

It burns, doesn’t it? [Pt. 3]

Genre: Mafia!au (Mature) Fluff? Angst…so much angst. Violence and all that good mafia stuff.

Members: Jungkook x Yoongi x Namjoon x Jin  x Hoseok x Jimin x Taehyung  Feat. Got7

Summary: Why am I hurting alone? Why am I in love alone?

Originally posted by berry852

Prologue I  1  I  2  I  3  I  4  I  5  I  6  I  7  I  8  I  9  I

Jungkook had left early this morning and it was evident given how cold you had gotten from the lack of his warmth. Soon enough you dragged yourself out of bed so you could shower and actually do something for once. When you got out the shower you thought that maybe you’d do a little exploring, so you put on some shoes and went out the door. You looked around and it was empty, no one was around. You were walking around the base and you assumed you must’ve been the only person here. 


You whipped your head around startled at the voice. There was a girl running towards you. You furrowed your brows, is she talking to me? 

“I’ve never seen you around before, you must be new. Hi, I’m Mira, who are you?” 

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Seventeen Reaction - How they would make out with you

S.Coups - He would be experienced when making out. He would push you up against a wall and immediately bring his mouth down on yours, roughly. His hands would be feeling your entire upper body, mostly going under your t-shirt. His tongue would ask for entrance into your mouth and he’d dominate you completely, his tongue exploring your entire mouth. “You have no idea how crazy you make me,” he’d groan as you’d leave hickeys down his neck.

Jeonghan - He would be super confident when making out. He’d have a cocky smirk in place as he leans in toward you, his fingers grabbing the back of your head as he shoves his mouth against yours. For him, it would be all about running his fingers through your hair and knotting his fingers in it, pulling you closer to him. His mouth would move ferociously against yours, preferring lips over tongue. “Can you tell how much I want you babe?” he’d whisper between kisses.

Joshua - He would be a little shy at first but when he starts, he wouldn’t be able to stop easily. He would lean in and kiss you gently, nervous about making the first move. You’d have to encourage him a little, maybe gently forcing his mouth open. Once he’d relaxed, he’d become much more passionate, grabbing the back of your neck and pulling you closer to him. He’d tentatively roam your body with his hands and leave small but passionate kisses down you neck and collar bone. “Is this okay?” he’d ask, his lips moving against your neck as he spoke.

Jun - This boy over here would be really into it. He’d start at your collar bone and slowly make his way up to your mouth, leaving hickeys on your neck. He wouldn’t be afraid to let his hands wander up and down your torso, mainly the middle of your chest. He’d prefer to make out lying down on a bed or sofa, so it’d be easier for him to explore all of you. He’d treasure every part of your body and especially your inner thighs. His kisses would be rough and sloppy, desperate for more every time. “I love the way you taste,” he would moan into your ear, his lips slightly grazing your lobe.

Hoshi - He would be extremely shy and laugh nervously as he leans in for the kiss. He would smile against your lips at first but as soon as you kissed him, he’d moan a little and press himself up against you eagerly. He’d run his hands up and down your arms until his hands rested on your hips. His lips would be slow and passionate, only opening completely when he felt the time was right. He would slowly push you down onto the sofa you were sitting on, his hand slowly and steadily sliding up your t-shirt. He’d leave a trail of kisses across your neck and down your chest, loving the smell and taste of you. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” he’d whisper into your stomach, planting a kiss on it and smiling shyly.

Wonwoo - He would be slow and slightly teasing. He would smile at you, and lean in incredibly slowly, allowing himself to take in your face. He would bite his lip and kiss you suddenly, catching you by surprise. He would ask for entrance immediately, desperate to taste you. He would slide his hands down into your pants and lightly grab your butt. He would smile cockily against you lips but couldn’t resist not kissing you for long. His kisses would be passionate, meaningful and slow, with him occasionally biting your lip in his desperation for more. “I need you tonight,” he’d whisper, breathing heavily.

Woozi - He’d be cautious and try not to go too far in a single night. He’d be hesitant with his kisses but wouldn’t be able to resist for long. His hands would cup your face and pull you closer to him, his fingers knotting themselves in your hair. He’d completely ignore his cautious demeanor from earlier and would go all in for you, his kisses becoming faster and sloppier. “I love you,” he’d say firmly, kissing your neck.

DK - He would be similar to Hoshi, all shy and nervous giggles. He would be hesitant to touch you at first, unsure of what to do. You would have to guide him, bringing his hands around your back and pressing yourself to him. He’d eventually relax and kiss you lovingly, mostly all lips and not much tongue. His hands would gently stroke up and down your back, loving the smoothness of your skin. He would kiss along your jawline and behind your ears sweetly, enjoying the freedom he had with you. “I can’t imagine my life without you,” he’d mumble sleepily, a smile plastered on his face.

Mingyu - He would be the type to hint to you all evening about what he had in mind. He would try different things every time you were together, loving your reactions every time he suddenly grabbed your butt or your inner thighs. He’d explore every part of of your body, full of enough confidence to know that you wouldn’t reject him. He’d kiss you roughly but passionately, his tongue playing with yours and holding you tightly to him so there would be no space between you. He’d leave large, purple hickeys all over your neck and along your stomach. “I can’t hold back any longer, I need you now,” he’d growl as his lips crashed down onto yours.

The8 - He’d be extremely nervous to the point where his lips would be trembling a little as you kissed him. He’d giggle against your mouth a little, suddenly excited and giddy. He’d kiss you eagerly and a little sloppily while running his hands through your hair, loving the way it feels in his fingers. He’d love to be on top of you, leaving little kisses all along your neck and behind your ears. He would sigh happily every time you brought his lips back down on yours. “Losing you is not an option,” he’d say as he’d pull away from you and hold the sides of your face, looking right into your eyes.

Seungkwan -  He would fake his confidence until you actually went in to kiss him, then he would gulp and seem definitely shy. He would kiss you hesitantly, his inexperience making him even more nervous. Your reaction would give him confidence however, and he would gently cup your face and bring you closer to him. His kisses would be slow and meaningful and he would stroke your face with his fingers, kissing up your jawline, whispering in your ear, “You could have any guy in the world, yet you choose me.”

Hansol - He would be inexperienced but eager. He’d kiss you roughly and definitely sloppily but it would also be meaningful. His hands would explore your body carefully, anxious not to make you uncomfortable but he’d be happy by your positive reaction to his touch. He’d hesitantly, at first, kiss you along your neck before becoming more confident and leaving light hickeys on your collarbone and jawline. He’d turn on the confidence façade and whisper suggestive things in you ear. “You crave me, I can tell.”

Dino - He would be the most nervous out of them all. He would chew his lip, worried that he would do something wrong, or maybe hurt you in some way. But you’d coax him into a kiss, and as soon as your lips made contact he would sigh happily and deepen the kiss until he was asking for entrance. He would explore your mouth cautiously, while his hands gently lay on your outer thighs or settle on your upper arms. he would pull back several times to catch his breath and to grin at you happily, while saying dramatic lines to express his feelings for you. “It’s thanks to you that I know what love is.”

- Admin Jeongdick

Into the New World: Unlocked - Hwang Tiffany

I hope you enjoy this chapter! I had to shorten it because there were too many important details that I wanted to leave for the next chapter! Also I wanted to focus more on them! Enjoy!

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Words: 2, 635

Summary: Going out of her life was the only way for your step-mother to get rid of you, so she arranged your marriage with one of the North princess. For you, was as a new expedition into a world you weren’t used to. Her new world, in which she seemed that she didn’t fit either.

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Tiffany looked around, trying to get used to the feeling of not being in her room.

Everything was so different from home, that she finally knew why you were always acting like you didn’t belong to the palace. From all the furniture to the humidity in the air, making her skin to start to feel sticky. At home it was always cold, mostly because there was snow for ten months a year, and because the river was near. But there in your homeland, it was hot and the saltpeter was everywhere, sticking to everything, thanks to the beach being at a couple of thousand meters.

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Why do I post my instagram so much?

I’m thirsty for followers! Well, not really. Maybe in part. But to be 100% truthful, I’m trying to build my instagram following because I would (one day) like to get sponsorships or maybe be a brand ambassador. I’ve seen a lot of people do it and I want to try to get that. It may sound silly or self-conceited, but it’s really not about the number of followers or likes. I want to explore my options in instagram and (soon) Youtube, I’ve seen people make money and start new projects through social media, and I really want to get into that. 

My instagram is a slightly more personal (in some aspects) look into my life. I’m starting to brainstorm of how to make my IG marketable, so if you guys have any ideas…let me know! I want people to have a reason for following me!

So if you guys want to follow me on instagram, go ahead at this link:

Quincy’s Instagram


Characters: Female Reader x James March
Word Count: 1325
Anon asked for: Could u write a full one shot based off of your gif imagine “James March comforting you after you see him kill someone”
Warnings: Blood, death of an innocent
Notes: I couldn’t decide on how to end it, so enjoy an open ending. Also I didn’t reread it, so sorry if it’s shite.

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Yoongi Scenario: First Meeting - Part 5.

Request: Is it too much to ask for more of the WGM scenario with yoongi!??? IS JUST SO GOOD ❤️❤️❤️  If you’d like to continue the story, I’d be very very very happy to read~~ ^-^

Genre: Romance

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 7

Since the events of the last recording you felt that something had changed, you didn’t know exactly what but you could feel it, it was the way your body tensed up when he would get too close and the way your heart seemed to go crazy when his eyes focused on you for too long.

“This is a variety show”

You had to remind yourself that, you had to keep your mind under control.
But right now all that sounded in your head like pure wishful thinking, because how were you supposed to tell your mind to keep calm and be collected if Min Yoongi was holding you close to his body? His hands on your waist, his face painfully close to yours, this was too much.

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👊 Riddle’s Snowkura Cosplay Commission! 👊

It’s been a long time! Sorry for disappearing for a little while there everyone. This is one of the last commissions I did before I went missing - and was done for the amazing cosplayer Riki “Riddle” Lecoy whom I met at a convention earlier this year! It features her own Sakura/Snow White mashup, kickin princess butt~~

(You can find her amazing stuff here:

Now! Where have I been and what’s been going on?!
Just when I thought I had a handle on the freelance work I had just started getting into full-time, it came at me full force and left me too busy to do personal stuff for a spell.

But! It’s gotten better once again (and I hope I can keep it this way), and I have since been working on a bunch of original characters, and put lots of thought into a universe for said characters that I now can’t wait to explore and draw the heck out of.

So, maybe as soon as in a couple days time - I’ll be making some changes to this tumblr, and expanding it so I don’t just do these fan art pin-ups, but also do a lot of original art too.

Stay tuned! And I just want to say as well, to everyone who’s stuck around (seems like, the numbers have grown in fact!), thank you so so much and I will bring more artwork to the table once again!! <3

backatthebein  asked:

ur fics are always too damn good and I neEEEeed the to help me survive the Eternal Suffering™ of watching/obsessing over those trailers

Ahhh thank you so much m'dear! Mind you, looks like some other folks are stepping up to the fic plate on this one! Can’t wait to read all those soon, not getting much chance to concentrate on em atm cuz I’m in London with some buds for a few days! Gonna do a TON of reading when I’m back though- maybe even some more writing if all the possible avenues for exploration haven’t been tapped out! (and if it stops feeling like my hands ate gonna fall off lol xD)

anonymous asked:

hey! I'm new to your blog (I'm loving all of your writing) and I'm sorry if I'm not specific enough, but here's my request: Cal and reader have been dating for awhile, but reader begins to feel deeply insecure about them self, and it's getting in the way of their relationship because reader doesn't feel good enough for Cal. Cal tries to comfort then and show them that they're perfect the way they are. (I'm sorry if someone has suggested this before, thank you!)

Hello lovely! Thanks for your request, I hope this is okay! :D X

It seemed like you’d been having an ‘off day’ for the past few months now; it felt like nothing was going right and you began to feel more and more hatred and contempt for yourself as the days went on.

It wasn’t just your appearance (though you were cripplingly insecure about every aspect of it); it was your personality, too. Everything about you could be improved upon, and you didn’t know where to start.

It had been a busy day and you stood in the kitchen making dinner, slightly distracted before familiar arms snaked around your waist, accompanied by a chin resting on your shoulder.

Your face screwed up in discomfort as Calvin’s fingers lingered on your waist - it was one of your many insecurities.

In order to escape the predicament you nudged a knife and it clattered to the floor, giving you an excuse to wriggle out of Calvin’s grip to retrieve it.

His arms retracted (much to your relief), and you continued what you were doing until he spoke. His suggestion made you close your eyes momentarily in disbelief.

‘Y/n, I was wondering… we’ve not done a video together in a while. D'you wanna film onetonight?’

The thought of opening yourself up to so much criticism and public scrutiny in your current state of mind made you nauseous to the point of physical sickness and you knew you wouldn’t be able to deal with it… but you didn’t want to tell Calvin how you were feeling; he worried about you far too much and you didn’t want to stress him out.

The look on your face worried him and he knew immediately that something was bothering you.

He found it slightly amusing that you weren’t aware of how well he knew you and your mannerisms - to everyone else you were hard to read, but to him you were an open book.

‘I can’t do a video Cal, I’m so sorry.’ Your voice broke as you blurted the words and he chuckled slightly, though his serious tone of voice didn’t reflect the humour. ‘It’s fine, Y/n. Don’t worry about it.’

The way your body tensed as he slid an arm around your waist and pulled your body to his told him all he needed to know.

'What’s wrong?’ He asked, his voice quiet and concerned as he took the knife out of your hands and laid it flat on the counter.

'Look at me,’ his voice was impossible to say no to.

Sighing as you turned, you leaned against the countertop as his eyes explored yours.

'Talk to me.’

That was just it - you didn’t know where to start.

It crossed your mind that how you felt could be misconstrued as self pity and the thought sickened you, but you were beginning to feel overwhelmed.

'Dinner.’ You blurted, cursing yourself for the shitty excuse as soon as it left your mouth. 'I don’t know what to do for dinner.’

'Oh,’ Calvin raised an eyebrow, wondering what the hell was wrong.

'We’ll just go out for something to eat then. Come on.’

Maybe some fresh air would make you relax and talk to him, he figured. He knew you probably just needed time.

The restaurant was crowded as fuck and you stuck close to Calvin’s side as he made reservations for a table and was pointed to one at the back of the room.

Good; secluded. Quiet.

As you walked through the rows of tables, you could swear that every single person in the room was looking you up and down and judging everything about you.

A grateful sigh escaped your lips as you sat down and the constrictive feeling in your chest began to ease slightly.

Conversation began and your worries and concerns melted away as they always did in Calvin’s company. The food was delicious, though you had to take short breaks from eating because Calvin made you laugh so much.

He was so fucking amazing, you didn’t deserve him.

You didn’t deserve him.

The thought echoed in your brain and you glanced down at the food on your plate.

You didn’t deserve this.

Why did you let him take you out when you could have easily made something to eat?

Because you’re selfish. You take advantage of him. You will never deserve him-

A group of girls walked in who looked like they’d just stepped off a red carpet, and a glance at your own clothes that stood in stark contrast to theirs intensified the hatred for yourself that burned in your stomach.

The girl at the front had long blonde hair and wore a short skirt and a crop top.

She looked fantastic.

Her eyes observed Calvin and she flicked her golden hair over her shoulder as she caught the awareness of her little group and pointed their attention in your direction.

Well, Calvin’s direction.

Calvin’s eyes stayed firmly locked on you and he tapped your plate gently with his fork. Your eyes refocused on him and he smiled an adorable half smile as he spoke. 'Hello?’

He chuckled at your lack of a reaction and you forced a smile as you picked your cutlery back up and tried to resume eating.

A knot had developed in your stomach that was as all-consuming as the self hatred that refused to let you think of anything else other than how inadequate you were.


'I’ll pay.’ The words came out sounding almost desperate and Calvin turned to look at you, incredulous.

'What? No.’ His extremely predictable response made you feel even worse.

'Please? You payed last time.’

'Too late,’ he teased as he handed his card to the man at the desk.

See? All you do is take advantage of him. They’re right about you - you’re an ungrateful bitch who just uses him. He deserves better.


Tears stung your eyes as the car pulled into the driveway and you rushed inside the house, determined not to let yourself fall apart in front of him.

'Y/n!’ His voice was concerned and sincere and a whimper left your lips before you could stop it.

He caught up with you and grabbed your wrist, stopping you from going anywhere.

'Y/n! What’s wrong? Will you just talk to me? Please?’

'You should have let me pay for dinner!’ You inadvertently snapped at him and he dropped your arm, taking a step back from you.

'What? Is that what this is about?’

'Yes! No… I don’t know.’

'What is wrong with you recently? Why won’t you just talk to me?’ He ran his hand through his hair in frustration, beginning to pace around the room.

At that, you exploded.

'Because I don’t fucking deserve you, Calvin! You deserve someone stunning, someone who’s a much better person than me. I’m awful - insufferable. I’m ugly in every sense of the word and I’m so sorry you have to put up with me.’ Tears streamed down your face as a torrent of raw emotion spilled from your lips.

'You deserve someone like that girl in the restaurant - pretty and perfect. You deserve the best, and I’m just not it.’

Your tone became quieter as you realised what this could mean and you collapsed on the sofa with your head in your hands - defeated.

'If you want to end this - us - right now, I wouldn’t blame you.’

Silence blanketed the room as the emotions swirling inside you intensified to an unbearable degree and tears flowed down your face at an unparalleled vigour.

Calvin’s warm arms encircled you and he pulled you to his chest wordlessly and rocked you back and forth in his arms.

That was Calvin; calm during the storm.

You prepared yourself.

'Are you gonna break up with me?’ You managed through your tears, unable to meet his gaze as he held you, and he felt his heart ache for the pain you were feeling.

'No, baby. I’m not going anywhere,’ he said softly as he held you tighter and wiped your tears away with his thumb.

'How could you think that about yourself?’ He asked quietly, his chocolate brown eyes glistening as he imagined what you had been going through while he was completely oblivious.

'Because its true.’ You sniffed and he scoffed. 'I can’t believe you think that. You’re fucking amazing, Y/n. I wouldn’t survive without you. You mean fucking everything to me, and you’re so, so beautiful,’ his fingers under your chin gently encouraged you to look at him, 'inside and out.’

How did he do that? How did he manage to override your illogical thoughts when you found it impossible?

His soft, warm, familiar lips met yours and the kiss tasted like tears but it didn’t matter because he thought you were beautiful.

Inside and out, he said.

And he meant every fucking word.

I hope that was what you wanted! :) Requests/feedback always welcome! Stay safe babies and I luv u!! 


manwhoworkswithgears  asked:

Hey Bettina, remember that post on the rejoyce blog about the clockworker and Joyce having a spar/battle? I need content, and I have an idea, if your willing to help. How about a little fan contest? Whatever fan can make the best comic/animation of the fight can have it featured on both of our tumblers and your channel. But if you don't want to, than that's alright.

Yeah, I do remember you asking about that. I have been considering holding some kind of art contest soon, since my channel is almost up to 60,000 subscribers. :)

I’m thinking maybe the prompt can be what Joyce has been up to in her exploration of the AU-niverse. Hanging out with the different Undertale monsters, or having fun with the friends she made on the ask blog, such as the Clockworker or Roman. ^_^

I’ll think of how to announce such a contest in the very near future. Thank you for bringing it up!

O' Queen

Title: O’ Queen

Pairing: Reader x Charlie

Word Count: 2,318

Theme song: Red cover by Tyler Ward

Request: I don’t know if you’d ever be open to doing this (I might have requested this before but I forgot so if so just ignore me), but could you possibly write a one shot where the reader is the Winchesters’ sister who falls in love with Charlie? I would probably squeal with joy if you did but I totally understand if you don’t want to or if you have too many requests. Either way you’re still my favorite blog so keep up your awesomeness :3

A/N: Thank you so much, anon! Definitely open to writing this–it was actually further down on the list but my Sam/Dean/Cas brain was mush and it felt good to write something on someone I hadn’t yet! Hope you like this!


Your name: submit What is this?


Out of everyone who would eventually come to find out that you were in love with Charlie Bradbury, you were probably the most surprised. You were the job, all about hunting. You were a loaded shotgun and a sharp knife, all stealth and predatory movements. The last thing you expected was to be taken down by a nerdy redhead with a penchant for Harry Potter references.

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not to be too serious

but lately I’ve been thinking about it
and I kind of hate how my parents treat my interests, like you guys know how much I love movies and art and creativity things I am so extremely passionate about
and I get SO little support and actually a lot of discouragement from my parents when I express maybe following a career path in those fields
like I’ve always felt like I could be really good in filmmaking or special effects for movies or television but I wouldn’t know because my parents HATE the idea of it and have never even let me explore it
right now I’m taking a class about careers in the law, and while that’s what some find absolutely awesome, I’m worried that if I don’t start expressing what I really love to do soon, as cliché as it sounds,
I’ll end up being what my parents want me to be and not who I want to be

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Adoribull Prompt Sunday - Trespasser: What happened between Bull and Dorian after the rescue mission to Tevinter by the Chargers

It’s fragmented and I’m sure they had some more conversation that just this, & maybe I’ll explore that more again soon. I almost think Bull has a harder time with everything that Dorian in a way, because Bull’s lost so much already (not that Dorian hasn’t) and seen all the hurt Tevinter keeps inflecting on Dorian & he’s supposed to protect people, but he can’t do a whole lot help Dorian besides just being there for him. And then he’s so close to losing him this time, but he doesn’t, but he still has to let him go again.

“Bull…?” Dorian squints up at him, and Bull’s chest aches at the damage the Venatori have done. One eye is swollen shut, there’s a deep slash under the other, and blood is dried on his lips, crusty under his nose, “Kaffas, now I must be going mad.”

“Nah. I’m here, Dorian. It’s me,” answers Bull, noticing he can’t keep the tremble of worry from his voice. He kneels before Dorian, hand ghosting over his skin as he checks over the other wounds. He’s bruised all over, his once fine robes ripped and stained, and Bull growls softly. If they had been any later —

“You’re growing out your hair,” Bull says instead of think about that, fingers tangling in Dorian’s dark locks, finding them greasy and grimy with blood as well.

“I thought I told you…” Dorian murmurs in answer, reaching out to place his hand over Bull’s heart, and somehow, he smiles. It’s weak and it looks almost painful, but it’s real and that’s something.

“Come on, Kadan. Let’s get you out of here.”

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Louis loves his job. Loves the adrenaline rush before going on stage, loves meeting their fans and hearing their stories and showing them at least some part of the love he has for them, not nearly enough to give back for everything they’ve done for them over the last five years. He’ll be forever grateful for the chance he’s been given, for all the opportunities it allowed him to have. And he loves his boys, loves spending time with them, misses them like crazy when they’re apart for too long, even though they live in each other’s pockets for most of the year. But sometimes, just sometimes, it all gets a bit too much. 

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The One Ring That Binds Them All + An OUAT/CS Meta

*Thank you to @brooke-to-broch for workshopping this idea with me and for editing my ramblings!

So as I was going about my usual evening of obsessing over Once Upon A Time and its most recent episode, there were some rather interesting facts that came to my attention. Since we know we are getting more of Killian’s backstory this season during 5B, I’ve been trying to formulate some ideas of where the writers might be headed and this episode made me wonder about Killian’s connection to a few other characters on this show (primarily from 5x07 specifically). Naturally, I had to find a way to connect the dots :] under the cut for spoilers for 5x07.

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I’d like to learn to tattoo someday soon so I’ve been drawing some flash designs of chill nature and magic stuff. it’s cool exploring how something will look on skin and what stuff resonates with me and would bring good feelings to people

i ordered some practice needles the other day so maybe I’ll do some learning posts when they arrive u_u