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Sometimes I think about the boys and how they will have obviously had fights. But I always imagined Dan getting worked up and storming off or just yelling without even adding in words. Just pure anger, it stopped being about Phil eating his cereal 10 minutes ago. It's just Dan getting so worked up because he's scared, scared of what's going to happen, scared of something. I think in that moment, that's when Phil just holds him. Not romantically but he holds him like he's scared that if he doesn't Dan's going to disappear. I think that's what makes it so real. The fact that maybe, just maybe, the reason they're so close and so perfectly matched best friends or lovers whatever you ship. I think it's because they're scared if they let go, one of them is going to drown. I think that they do love each other, not even romantically but as best friends, I think that maybe in their most vulnerable moments. They remember just how much they gave to be there together and they remember truly why they do what they do. Because it's not just for us, it's for them.

- behind the closed doors

I thought, ‘Maybe this is the moment where I should take a trip with him. It’s been coming for a long time.’ It’s often the best way, without thinking about it too much, just slip into it. 'John’s on it already, so I’ll sort of catch up.’ It was my first trip with John, or with any of the guys. We stayed up all night, sat around and hallucinated a lot.
—  Paul McCartney acting as if he was going to have sex for the first time with John, 1967

Hailey Slater - Founder of the Slater Random Legacy

Marital Status: Single parent

Number of Children: Four

Primary Career: Criminal (Evil)

Generational Goal: Fulfilled

Misc. Fun: Random Traits

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look I ain’t even seen moonlight yet (going to see it tonight!) and I know just by the concept and the beautiful gif sets I’ve seen that it deserves to win best picture over fuckin la la land, which I have seen, and did actually enjoy a lot (or hidden figures should win—is hidden figures nominated for best picture? It should be because it was so good)

but I just wanna share that la la land is an incredibly peaceful thing to watch while ace, because the love story just has no overt sexual references…at all. they did not make out against a wall, or tumble into a bed before a fade to black. no side characters talked about how “hot” one of the mains is. no sex jokes. mia and sebastian’s instant chemistry and connection is shown not through a sexual attraction, but through them being able to dance in sync so soon after knowing each other. they cuddle on a bed and they kiss gently and they dance. they dance among the stars together. and it felt beautiful.

i guess I’m just used to fiction reminding me at every turn that love is inevitably sexual, that that is a natural part of Every Single romantic relationship. it took me a while to realize why it was so relaxing to watch la la land—because I didn’t have to have that little ugly moment of “oh right. I won’t ever have a relationship as nice as the one in this story”. the movie didn’t make me have that feeling.

it’s a tiny thing, and definitely not purposeful on the part of the writers, as I’m sure neither character was ace, but it’s something nice, and I felt nice watching it.

I don’t want my future loves to be dependant on sex, but god, do I ever want to dance among the stars with someone


ASTRO as cinnamon rolls [x]


Cactus and the Bottlemen; Smol Cheesepuff edition

(Bondy / Van / Bob)

I remember falling for you, or maybe I don’t. Maybe it was mixture of you being my best friend and those moments when our hands brushed or our eyes locked, made it into something more. So maybe I don’t know how we started, but I do know how we ended. We ended quietly at first and then we ended in screams and hurtful words. We ended and then you came back. So maybe we never really ended at all.


Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

Alexander Skarsgard x Reader ~ Line

A slight smile appears on your lips as you look into Alexander’s clear blue-green eyes. He opens his mouth to say something, but not a single word comes out. An awkward silence appears between the two of you. “I forgot my line”, the Swedish actor admits finally. You couldn’t help yourself, but laugh. It just looks so cute how helpless he runs his fingers through his hair.
“I’m really sorry! I just… was distracted…”, Alexander doesn’t really know what to say. It’s maybe not the best moment to confess that he has lost himself in your eyes. “What could distract you? Maybe my beautiful eyes? My perfect smile?”, you tease him grinning. If you would know how true your words are.
Alexander stares at you for a brief moment, “Uh…” Surprised you furrow your eyebrows as your slight smile faints away. “Maybe it was your beautiful eyes, your perfect smile, your soft hair, your…”, the actor couldn’t end his sentence, because you cut him off with a soft kiss.
“Wow, that’s how you get your crush to kiss you. Just forget your line and then say something cheesy. I should remember this”, one of the other actors comments the situation chuckling. The two of you break apart with red cheeks. You almost forget that you are still on the Set. “You didn’t forget your line at all, right?”, you look at him smiling. “Maybe. Maybe not. You’ll never know, darling”, Alexander replies happy.

Hope you liked it :)

Maybe our biggest mistake is thinking something would last forever
When in reality nothing lasts forever
Everything has an expiration date
And all will eventually die or fade
Maybe our best bet is to live every moment, good and bad, and use it to build a life worth living
Best Fanfic Moment

“Maybe some other wacky solution will just fall out of the sky.”

Mukuro turned around to face Kirin, giving him a glare that she hoped could make even a warrior of his calibre quiver in his boots.

“Stranger things have happened,” he added.

“Well let’s just see about that, shall we?” she said sarcastically. “I’m waiting!”

She looked up at the sky, holding out her arms expectantly. It was dark outside, the midnight sky clouded over, making it darker still, and so at first, Mukuro thought she was imaging the screaming, tangled mess of colour falling towards her. Some had reported hallucinations as being one of the first signs of having contracted the virus that was causing her so many headaches lately, and she started to think that she was going to have to lose her life to something pitiful: but, as a weight caught in her arms, she was reassured that she had not been imagining it.

A blue-haired ferry girl from spirit world had just fallen from the sky.

“Told you,” Kirin said as she glanced in his direction.

Maze Runner Cast  - Imagine

Playing Tag with Thomas, Will and Dylan

“They couldn’t get far away”, you mumble to yourself smiling. The camera man follows you carefully. Matching to you words you hear familiar voices from the room right next to you. “We have to be careful. (Y/N) is really clever and fast”, Dylan warns his friends.
It’s hard to suppress the laugh in this moment. “Maybe this wasn’t the best hiding spot”, Thomas replies sighing. Like a ninja you sneak into the room. The three boys haven’t seen you yet. “(Y/N) will -”, Will wants to say something, but you interrupt their nice conversation, “Oh, boys!”
Their shocked faces are just priceless as you start to chase them through the room. “Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!”, you hear Will mumbling over and over again. With his heavy boots he is the slowest of the boys. Clever as hell you take a shortcut through another hallway. The blond haired actor turns around surprised to see where you are gone. This is your chance to get him.
“Gotcha!”, you yell laughing as you attack him with a tight hug from behind. “Are you crazy?! I got almost a heart attack!”, Will comments the situation heavily panting. Because of the hug you can feel his fast heartbeat. “Sorry, couldn’t help myself”, is the last thing you say, before you continue your search for Dylan and Thomas. They had enough time to hide again.
You make your way back to the main hallway just to see Thomas standing around. Apparently he’s waiting for you to chase him. A slight smile appears on his lips as he starts to run away from you. The bad thing is he’s faster than you have thought. At least you get help from Will who cuts off Thomas’ way.
A bit surprised he climbs on a table to escape from you two. “Hey, no parkour!”, you exclaim laughing, while you grab his leg. “Come on, get down here”, you add and hold out a hand for him to grab. “We never said that parkour isn’t allowed”, Thomas says chuckling as he jumps down from the table.
You put your hands on your hips, “Dylan is the last one. He’s probably long gone. Hiding somewhere.” The actor proofs you wrong. “Oh, really?”, the three of you look at Dylan who’s standing in the door frame. The silence lasts just for a brief moment. “Get him!”
As fast as you can you follow Dylan along the hallway into the main room of the house. He slows down knowing that he won the game already. Panting you jump onto his back which causes the two of you falling to the ground. “Ah! She attacks me! Help!”, Dylan exclaims laughing. “Woah, nice tackle!”, Thomas compliments your skills. “Yeah, remember me the next time that I never play with her again”, Will adds chuckling and grabs your hand to pull you back onto your feet.
“Thank you! Thank you! I’ll be here all week”, matching to your word you bow playfully. “I think we chase (Y/N) now as revenge?”, Dylan asks with an evil grin on his lips. Shocked you take a step back, while you raise your arms in defense. The three actors look at you smiling. “That’s actually a good idea”, Will agrees.
“Guys, come on. I’m a girl!”, you giggle nervously, but it doesn’t help at all. Without a further word you turn around to run away from them, but you are too slow. Will wraps his arm around your waist and throws you over his shoulder. “Hey! Let me down!”, you punch his back playfully.
“I have a better idea. We should tickle her!”, Thomas pinches your side grinning. Laughing you push his hand away. “Stop it!” Will puts you back onto your feet. “Alright, alright. I’m kind of hungry. I’ll pay to make it up to you, boys”, you give them your best smile. “Oh my god! I love you!”, Dylan says dramatically and puts his arm around your shoulder.
“I love her more!”, Will joins the silly game like Thomas, “Nuh-uh! She’s my girl!” All of them try to get as close as possible to you. “Hey, hey, there is enough (Y/N) for all of you. Let’s get something to eat”, you say laughing. Yes, you are a lucky girl. You don’t have one date, you have three guys by your side at once.

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