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Bughead ficlet


“I didn’t think you even liked girls,” Archie said finally, playing with his paper straw wrapper.

“I don’t.” Jughead answered, eyes meeting Archie across the lip of his mug.

“You don’t?” Archie asked, a tiny bit of hopefulness creeping into his voice.

“I just like Betty.“

Pop’s Diner. Ten pm. Jughead did not even look up from the screen when Archie slid into the booth across from him. His fingers continued to move across the keyboard steadily. The only break he took was to drain the dregs of his coffee cup and then continue working.

“So,” Archie said finally. “You and Betty.”

Jughead allowed his eyes to flicker across at the redhead before turning back to the screen.

“So that’s weird.” Archie finished, huffing a little in amusement.

Jughead stopped typing.

“Not like… bad weird. Wow, okay, so that sounded rude. That’s not what I meant it’s just- you know, you? And Betty? She’s, you know…. and you’re so… yeah.” Archie trailed off. Rubbed the back of his neck with a hand. Sighed.

Jughead began typing again.

After a moment, Archie got up. Jughead did not watch him go, but when Archie returned with a soda and a refill of coffee he accepted the cup with a nod of thanks.

“I didn’t think you even liked girls,” Archie said finally, playing with his paper straw wrapper.

“I don’t.” Jughead answered, eyes meeting Archie across the lip of his mug.

“You don’t?” Archie asked, a tiny bit of hopefulness creeping into his voice.

“I just like Betty.”

Jughead put the cup down and closed the lid of his laptop. The two boys, best friends, maybe rivals, looked at each other for a moment then. Archie broke first. Jughead knew he would.

“It was always me and you and me and her. So this feels…”

“Unacceptable?” Jughead asked dryly.

“Unexpected.” Archie corrected. “Should it be? Unexpected, I mean.”

“For you, sure.”

“But not for you two?”

“I can’t speak for her.”

“So speak for you.”

Pops came by then and dropped two plates- deluxe burgers, cheese fries. Jughead’s stiff posture softened slightly at the sight of the food- a peace offering. He picked up a fry. Archie let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding.

“Your whole life, Archie, you’ve had this story. You and Betty, girl next door. Perfect. Sweet and thoughtful and gorgeous. You know everything about her- you know where she got that scar above her left elbow. You know what she looks like with chicken pox. You’ve seen her naked- though not since you were like six. Probably one day you’re gonna marry her.”

Archie jerked in his seat a little- hands holding the burger stilled even as the onion and tomato slipped from the bun and onto the plate. He seemed almost hypnotized.

“But today is not that day.” Jughead pauses to stir his coffee and Archie knows in the back of his mind that this is for dramatic effect but he can’t help being swept along.

Jughead’s a hell of a writer.

“You’re in high school. Who wants to live their whole life with the girl next door? You want adventure. You want to meet and woo and love enough women so that when you and Betty come together? You’re ready to make it stick. No one wants to break up with a girl like Betty.”

Archie started to speak but Jughead jabbed his fry in the air, cutting him off.

“Here’s the problem, Arch.” Jughead smiled a little, sardonically.

“I know she got that scar jumping into the lake on a dare and cutting her arm on a piece of metal because she did it so I wouldn’t have to. I was scared of the water and Reggie was being a dick. I remember how red and swollen and chipmunk faced she got in second grade- because I gave her the chicken pox. We could only hang out with each other for a week because everyone else was afraid of getting infected. Which is also when we shared an oatmeal bath.” Jughead raises an eyebrow and the joke is so foreign- girls, and baths, and Jughead- that it doesn’t even register that Archie should smile or react in some way.

“And you’d marry her.” Archie said. His voice was flatter than he’d intended.

“Probably.” Jughead conceded, picking up his burger now that his fries were gone.

“Have you always-?” Archie asked, pushing his half eaten food aside.

“Mm.” Jughead murmured thoughtfully around a mouthful. “More or less. But I figured- Archie and Betty. Endgame? No chance.”

Archie shook his head, but more out of confusion than denial.

“I kissed her,” Jughead said abruptly.

Archie gave a shaky laugh. “Okay, that was rude, but I seriously can’t picture you kissing anybody.”

Jughead grinned despite himself. “It’s all very 80’s teen comedy. Social outcast after the golden girl cheerleader.”

“Betty isn’t like that. She doesn’t think like that.” Archie said, no longer laughing.

“Then maybe- just me. Just she won’t want me. Maybe me knowing her enough to fall for her was enough for her to see what’s wrong with me and that she should just stay away. I’m not really a part of this-” Jughead gestured faintly around.

“Jughead-” Archie began.

“No, I know. I already know what you’re going to say. You said it with the burger.” Jughead smiled a bit and pushed away his empty plate.

“So what now?” Archie asked, pushing the rest of his plate towards his friend. Jughead picked up the other half.

“Whatever she wants,” he said, adding ketchup to the burger.

“You’d be, what, her boyfriend? Walk her to her locker? School dances?” Archie looked skeptical but Jughead gave him a look and even around the food it said for Betty? For Betty, participate in this pointless social posturing?

But he’d been sitting at their lunch table.

He’d been writing for the newspaper.

He’d been coming to class regularly, and on time.

He was changing.

Everything was.

“And what if she wants to be friends?” Archie asked. And this time his voice held concern- warm concern- for the someone who hadn’t had his heart broken. And his eyes when they looked over Jughead seemed to say I don’t want you to get hurt. I don’t want you to feel how I made her feel.

“Whatever she wants,” Jughead said, but his voice dropped a little.

And they both understood without saying it.

Best friends do.


Oh look another fandom to write for cause I wasn’t stuck on five ongoings or whatever,

Steve Rogers’ flirting headcanon

You know how Steve is either a blushing virgin - despite his insisting that he isn’t - that bursts into soundless gaping or blushing bright red; or a flirty mc flirt that will always get Tony surprised and all twisted around in unexpected pleasure.

Well I might suggest a little bit of both? Because I kind of see Steve almost as impulsive as Tony might be with his words - it’s just that most times, these impulsive words are really nice and good, and I think people don’t think it wasn’t well thought out. But I’m also thinking, Steve didn’t have a lot of chance to figure that whole flirting shit out until the serum. And he’s still not very good with ladies - which I think is from his 40′s thinking that he should be more careful about what he says to ladies that might prevent him from flexing his flirt muscles fully.

Imagine Steve doing the flirt, pretty expertly even - like it’s something one would imagine that Pre-Hydra Bucky might say - and then while people are reeling from encountering flirty!Steve, he’s just sitting there grinning, cheeks and ears bright red because he did it!! He did the thing!! He’s so proud of his flirting and that he’s good at it, that smug lil apple. Oh he gets flushed, and he also sometimes fumbles in his delivery (hey, he hasn’t had much practice) but when he successfully makes Tony speechless, that’s his best moment of the day. Maybe the week. Basically what I’m saying Steve Rogers is a mouthy dork who’s not used to being liked or appreciated for being a mouthy dork.

Yoongi Scenario: Unspoken.

Request: Can I request an escenario when yoongi and the OC are married, she said she doesn’t want to have kids but yoongi try to talk to her bc he want to start a family with her, they have a big fight because of that and then she told him the true: she want to have kids but she does’t want to be alone bc he’s always in the studio. Sorry about my english!!

Genre: Romance / Drama.

-You’re still taking these?- Yoongi said as he saw the box of birth control pills by your side table. 

You hummed and nodded, getting closer to him as you were both in bed, exhausted and out of breath, you had just finished an insane sex session you didn’t have the force to move even though you had ended up in the other’s usual spots so Yoongi could see the things you had left on your table.


Yoongi took the little box in his hands and stared at it for a while before putting it back. -I thought we have said that… I thought it was time-

-Time for what?- you said as you felt him turn to you, his hand caressing your side slowly. 

-For a child, you know, make the Min family bigger-

You sighed and as you did that the movement of his hand stopped but he kept his hold on your waist. -I told you I wasn’t sure, I think… I think for now we are good, I… I don’t want children- you confessed a bit lower not daring to look at him in the eye as you said so.

Yoongi slid closer. -You can’t be serious Y/N, we have spoken about this some time ago-

You bit your lip, yes you did had spoken about children before and after getting married, both of you wanted them, but seeing the way things were at the moment you thought maybe it was best for you to remain a family of two.

-I know, but I think maybe it’s not a good idea-

Yoongi frowned. -I want to start a family with you Y/N, we have been married  three years I thought… We wanted to make…- he stopped to give you a kiss on the lips and then move to your neck. -I want us to have a little Yoongi or a little Y/N- he said as he pulled you closer to his own body. -Wouldn’t you like that?-

-I love us as we are, now- you responded making him scowl and kiss you more heavily, you corresponded him but you felt odd, talking about children made you feel awkward and ashamed because of the truth you were hiding.  

Yoongi got on top of you, still under the covers and his mouth kissed you from your neck going down, you exhaled and panted, but you didn’t want this to happen, not with you just recently talking about this, although sex would be a nice excuse to just leave this talk behind, but now you just wanted deviate your eyes from him, or else you would be risking Yoongi finding you out.

-I love us too, but imagine, us with a little Min over here- he offered biting your skin.

You shook your head and pushed his shoulders so he would get off of you. -I’m exhausted babe, It’s best if we go to sleep-

Yoongi stayed still for a few seconds confusion going all over his face. -You sure? I’ll do all the work if you want-

-Yoongi- you pressed and he sighed getting back to the mattress, laying looking at the ceiling both of you were silent before changing for your usual spots in bed. 

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Translate - Jinyoung (Day 74/100)

You can find my post explaining the 100 Day Drabble Challenge here

To view the masterlist of drabbles for the challenge, click here

Prompt: Translate
Member: Jinyoung x Reader

Word Count: 1,582

Jinyoung glanced at you from across the coffee shop, trying not to stare, but finding it increasingly difficult. You were lost in the book that you were flipping through and every now and then you would bite down on your lip in concentration – a motion that made Jinyoung want to run over and press his own onto yours. It was his favorite book, and in that moment you were the most beautiful thing in the world to him.

“Here you go,” Jackson said, handing Jinyoung his coffee as he sat down next to him. Mark sat down across from Jinyoung and the latter frowned, his view of you now being obscured. Jinyoung shifted ever so slightly to the right so that you were in his line of sight and then grabbed his coffee, taking a small sip.

“So what should we do today?” Mark asked, glancing out of the window at the rain. He and Jackson began to discuss all the things to do in LA on a rainy day, but Jinyoung was barely paying attention at all because you had just set down the book to take a sip of your own drink and he could now see your face clearly. He let out a sigh unconsciously as he took in your features, tilting his head ever so slightly.

“Uh…Jinyoung?” Jinyoung snapped back to reality and glanced over at the two boys that were now staring at him in confusion and suspicion.

“Sorry, what?” Jinyoung asked, taking a sip of his drink.

Jackson shifted over to where he was almost on top of Jinyoung and followed his line of sight to where you were sitting. Jinyoung shooed him away with a “what are you doing” but Jackson was already processing what was happening. Mark briefly looked over his shoulder and it didn’t take him long to spot you either before he turned back to Jinyoung and Jackson with a smile on his face.

“Jinyoung, I thought you had more class than to stare at girls,” Mark teased as Jackson grinned and poked Jinyoung in the side. Jinyoung felt his face heat up as he pushed Jackson’s hand away.

“Shut up,” he mumbled, glancing back at you who had your head buried in your book once more. Jackson’s eyes flickered between you and Jinyoung and he nodded towards you.

“Go say something!” he exclaimed. Jinyoung looked at him in shock and then shook his head.

“No way! I don’t even speak English, what would I say?” he said, looking away from his friends.

“Your English is pretty good now! Just tell her you think she’s cute,” Jackson stated, pushing Jinyoung once more. When Jinyoung didn’t move, Mark sighed and stood up.

“Okay, my turn,” he said, edging out of the booth. Jinyoung watched Mark saunter over to you in horror, unable to get out of the booth because Jackson was blocking his exit.

“Hey there,” a voice said, pulling you from your concentration. You glanced up at the voice and your eyes fell on a young boy about your age with dark hair and a toothy smile. You glanced around before looking back at him and offering him a small smile.

“Hello,” you said, slowly. “Can I help you with something?” you asked, after a moment of silence passed. The boy put his hands in his pockets and shifted his weight onto his other foot.

“Yea, maybe,” he said, cooly. “I’m Mark. My friend thinks your cute but he’s too shy to tell you,” he said, smirking lightly as he pointed backwards to the booth behind him. As you glanced over, you saw a boy standing out of the booth and pulling another boy by the arm to drag him out. A smile drifted onto your face and you felt your cheeks warm up.

“Um…okay,” you said, not sure of what to do. All you wanted was a quiet place to read your book. You hadn’t expected to meet three attractive boys. You watched as the boy with the snapback dragged the one who you presumed liked you over to where you were sitting.

“Hey,” Snapback said with a big grin on his face. You lifted your hand in acknowledgement with a small ‘hi’ as Snapback pointed to his friend he had just dragged. “He likes you,” he said, in a teasing tone. His friend smacked him in the arm and then immediately looked at the ground.

The boy who supposedly liked you was definitely the cutest of all three. His hair was dark and soft and you held back the urge to run it through your fingers. He was dressed casually with dark jeans and a loose top and yet it seemed to look better on him than the others.

“Hi. I’m Y/N,” you said, still sitting down put holding a hand out to the boy. He finally looked up at you and gave you a small smile which made your heart beat pick up a bit. He took your hand gently and shook it, holding your gaze with his dark eyes as he spoke.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jinyoung,” he said, in English. It was clear that English wasn’t his first language, but you had to commend his effort. He had spoken very clearly and it was quite easy to understand, even with his adorable accent peeking through.

“Hi, Jinyoung,” you said in a breathy voice, continuing to smile at him. He hadn’t broken your gaze and when he did, it was as though you had taken off earphones. It had almost been silent when you were talking to him and now the sounds of the coffee shop flooded back into your system.

Jinyoung turned to Mark and said something in a different language that you couldn’t understand. It sounded almost beautiful coming from his lips though, and you immediately wish you spoke whatever language it was.

“He said he really likes the book your reading,” Mark translated. Your eyes flickered between Mark, Jinyoung, your book, and then back to Jinyoung.

“Oh!” you exclaimed, smiling once more. You turned to Jinyoung and smiled shyly. “It’s one of my favorites. I really love the author a lot so I decided to re-read this one before his new work comes out,” you said, as Jinyoung held your gaze. He immediately turned to Mark who began to speak the other language. Every now and then the other boy would jump in with a small blurb of translation with an excited look on his face.

You watched Jinyoung smile after Mark had translated for him and he looked at you as he spoke once more. Again, you didn’t understand a single word, but you were happy to hear him speak and look at him for as long as you could.

“He said he really likes the author too,” Mark said.

“And he also wants to know if you’ve read the book ‘Me against you’,” the other boy said.

“Actually, I think it’s ‘You against Me’,” Mark responded. You look confused for a moment but then let out a small laugh and shook your head.

“Oh you mean ‘Us against Them’,” you said, smiling once more. Jinyoung let out a small ‘ah’ and pointed to you, as if to say that you were correct and his little gesture made you smile once more as your cheeks burned.

“Yea, I really like that one too,” you said softly. You bit your lip as you and Jinyoung looked at each other for a few seconds before Mark’s phone went off. You watched him pick it up and speak in the other language for a few moments before he hung up. He spoke to the other two briefly before Snapback turned back to you with a smile.

“Sorry, we have to go back to our other friends,” he said. Then he motioned towards Jinyoung and then back at you. “But you guys can meet tomorrow if you want,” he added, grinning. Jinyoung looked at him in confusion and you knew that he didn’t know what his friend was saying.

“Yea, okay,” you said, biting your lip and smiling lightly. “I’d really like that,” you added, glancing at Jinyoung who was looking back and forth between Mark and Snapback for any idea of what was happening.

“We’ll have him meet you here, okay? Does noon work?” Mark asked. You nodded and said it worked out fine. “Do you want one of us to come with?” Mark asked, genuinely. You paused for a moment but then nodded.

“Yea, maybe that would be best. At least for the first date,” you said. As soon as the words left your lips you realized that you had insinuated more dates and your cheeks burned a bright crimson as Snapback let out a loud laugh. Jinyoung was now looking even more confused and you heard him speak to Mark, probably asking what had just happened. Mark held his hand up to Jinyoung and with a small smile, turned back to you.

“Sounds good, we’ll see you tomorrow then, okay?” he asked, ignoring Jinyoung’s pleas for translation. You felt a bit bad for the boy, being teased by his friends, but you grinned at the trio through your blush and nodded anyways. As Mark and Snapback began to drag Jinyoung back out the door you waved goodbye.

“Goodbye, Y/N!” Jinyoung said in pure English and you had to admit that your name sounded a lot better when it was coming from his lips.

NT MEETINGS I saw this cat picture with captions on Pinterest and this was all I could think about. ENTP starting the argument, ENTJ the group spokesman, INTJ the resident evil and INTP thinking really hard about how to build the real life Millennium Falcon prior to the release of the next Star Wars movie. (Credit for the cat picture & the captions goes to a crazy cat lady/gentleman probably. I just added the types.)

Imagine they hadn’t decided to turn the 20th Pokemon movie into some kind of AU origin story. Imagine what we could have gotten…

 ALL the characters come back!!! Highlights of some of Ash’s best moments!!!! Maybe with some new AU elements, but still keeping all our old favorites. Maybe even… I don’t know… something REALLY cool, something the Pokemon anime would never do, like… if the movie was still an AU but instead of new characters, we just have ALL THE OLD CHARACTERS, ALL AT ONCE or something and all the fans cry and remember why they love this show in the first place, and there’s some major world-saving and lots of legendaries probably show up, Ash probably dies dramatically again, and just wow. 

Imagine what we could have had. 

anonymous asked:

(ACOWAR spoiler) Thanks for responding so maturely and not being overwhelmingly negative. I was mostly disappointed about moriel (bc my babies but I'll have to survive through fics) but other than that I loved it tbh - I'm still gonna re read your Rhys povs tho as they're my faves 😍

Aww, you are so precious!!! Thank you!! I’m trying to ride that line right now and keep it balanced. I loved most of the book, but the disappointments were overwhelming for me, so it’s hard to find a good balance of reaction to it when the fandom has been struggling there. I’m so glad you liked my Rhys POV. You’re a peach for wanting to rereading it!!! <3 <3 <3

Secretly in love // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - you are Conor’s friend and they go to a party. You see another girl making out with Conor and kinda snap and yell “Get off my boyfriend”.

Requested by anon - Number 58 “I’ve been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the day I first met you”

You had a secret, something that no one knew about you. This secret was that you were in love with Conor Maynard, the blue-eyed boy that you’d been best friends with for 6 years.

The day you met him you knew you’d fall for him. He was charming and had the best sense of humour, his smile could light up the room and his laugh was better than the jokes he told. You’d always hoped that Conor would one day admit that he had feelings for you too but you were still waiting for that day, your sister had encouraged you to ask him out yourself a few times but he’d never shown any real hints that he reciprocated the feelings so you were too scared.

That’s why nights like these were hard for you. Conor had insisted that you go out clubbing with him and the boys, it’s usually something you could make an excuse for but this time there was no way out of it. You knew how this would end, it happens almost every time; the boys would all find someone else and you’d get your heart broken watching Conor take some other girl home.

The night hadn’t been going that bad until you left him alone on the dance floor. For a good hour you’d been dancing to random songs that you didn’t really like with Conor until you decided that your feet couldn’t take any more so you returned to your booth to sit with your few friends that were left there. The next time you saw him his lips were locked with some brunette girl that you were convinced was about 10x prettier than you were.

Normally you would have dealt with the burning jealousy and devastation in a civilised manner and kept quiet but tonight it didn’t quite go that way. With alcohol running through your veins you made your way over to where they were stood a few metres from you and after all those years you finally snapped.

The next few moments happened in slow motion. You pulled the girl away from Conor and screamed “Get off my boyfriend,” as soon as realisation hit you froze, you could see all your friends staring at you and Conor’s eyes were burning into your skin but you were too ashamed to meet his gaze.

When you finally came to your senses you ran out of the club, pushing people out of your way as you went. “Fuck,” you muttered hitting the wall once you were outside the club.

That was it, you wouldn’t even have Conor as a friend anymore. He would hate you forever and it was all your fault. You were so caught up in taking your anger out on the wall you didn’t notice Conor exiting the club and approaching you.

“Whoa, Y/N chill out,” Conor exclaimed as he dragged you away from the wall. You struggled against his grip but he refused to let go. “Calm down,” he spoke soothingly into your ear, you stopped struggling and let the sobs overtake your body.

“Just leave me alone Conor,” you sobbed.

You heard him sigh from behind you and then felt your body being turned and his arms wrapped around you. The warmth you felt while wrapped in his arms and the way that his hand rubbing your back made your skin tingle just made the whole situation more painful for you.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked you cautiously a few minutes later and you pulled back from his embrace so you could look at him.

“What was I meant to say, hey Conor I’m in love with someone but they don’t feel the same way- oh by the way that person’s you? Yeah that wasn’t happening,” you told him bitterly. You took a few deep breaths trying to regain your composure and wiped your eyes, “I think I’m just gonna go home.”

“Y/N…” Conor said softly reaching for you again but you continued walking away “would you just stop a minute?” he grabbed your arm to stop you from going any further and you turned to face him.

“Can you just stop prolonging my embarrassment and let me leave?”

“Can you just shut up a minute? Do you honestly think if I didn’t feel anything for you that I would’ve followed you out here?” you tried to respond but he shut you up again. “Jheez Y/NI’ve been in love with you my entire life. Ever since the day I first met you”

“Yo-you have?” you stuttered.

“I have,” he confirmed, he caressed your cheek in his hand and slowly leant forward to join your lips. You instantly responded to the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck. It may have taken you a long time to come together and maybe it wasn’t under the best circumstances but the moment your lips touched his, your feelings were confirmed and you knew it was mean to be.


So I’m sinking even more into a major Critical Role addiction.

If any of you watch it, please come and freak out with me so I can fangirl over the gloriousness of Vox Machina.

If you don’t and love high fantasy, a cast with decent LGBT representation and well-written female characters, and shows with an awesome ensemble cast, you NEED to watch this show.

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Cactus and the Bottlemen; Smol Cheesepuff edition

(Bondy / Van / Bob)

Don’t Fear the Reaper Chapter 55: Hospitalized

Sam Winchester x Reader

1480 Words

Story Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

“Dean, he’s gone!” You exclaimed, rushing from your room, pounding on Dean’s door. “Hurry up!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Dean yelled. You could hear his footsteps coming closer to the door before it was yanked open and Dean stood there wearing nothing but boxers and a black t-shirt. “What do you mean he’s gone?”

“I mean we were both sound asleep. At least I thought we were. Then I woke up this morning, and his side of the bed was cold. He’s been gone for a while, and he’s not answering his phone!” You shouted at Dean, your fear for Sam making your emotions out of wack.

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I’m back to working on Victorian Book Store Chapt 5.

this is a rant so just ignore if you don’t like it

i’m getting really sick of youtubers complaining about some videos getting more views than others, and just complaining in general about their viewers etc, like do they know how fricking lucky they are that they get to make stupid videos, put them on the internet and make thousands of pounds each month, go on multiple holidays a year, have nice cars, houses etc. some people would literally do anything for a 1/10 of what they have, but fuck me ‘im a rich white person so i’m going to complain about this situation even though it’s the best thing that’s happened to me’