and maybe batman who knows

you know what, how about a masterpost of my completed DC fics because whynot


The Batman: On the anniversary of Robin’s death, the mysterious Red Hood leaves a trail of bloodshed throughout Gotham City. When the trail goes cold, Batman gets word of a dirty bomb being planted in Arkham Asylum by the new foe. In turn of event, Batman is lured into a trap by the Red Hood without a bomb. The Dark Knight is now faced with the task of survival and facing old demons locked inside.

Fandoms + Letting Go
  • Star Wars: Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose. *except no one really does*
  • Supernatural: lol we killed death.
  • Chamred: Thank god for time-travel.
  • Merlin: But its my destiny!!!
  • Buffy: dunno what ya saying?
  • Angel: Bitch we're old, really really old.
  • Dark Angel: Fuck this world.
  • Smallville: ... someday, maybe, who knows really??!
  • Batman: I'm incapable of letting go, so fuck off!
  • Lucifer: *Laugh Out Loud*
  • DareDevil: We try occasionally and we fail, we fail a lot.
  • Dragon Ball: We got the Dragon Balls! ;)

as far as sorrowful and immaculate hearts is concerned the joker actually actively dislikes bruce wayne because bruce was a terrible hostage and kept stepping on his punchlines