and maybe art will inspire fic

Do’s and Don’ts of shipping REAL people

Shipping is okay with real people when it’s done respectfully. Here are MY do’s and don’ts of shipping real people:

DO: make fanfics and fanart. It’s a great way to improve your writing and drawing skills and it’s a fun way to express yourself.

DON’T: send the people involved in the ship said fanfics and art unless it’s ASKED for. It can make them uncomfortable, and put a strain on their friendship, which no one wants. (Especially you!)

PRO TIP: If you have fan art that is all friendship and not romantic/sexual, send it to them! Everyone loves a drawing of themselves!

Examples: Minicat, H2ovanoss, and Phan.

DO: Spread positivity! Compliment each others fanfics and artwork. Support each other’s headcannons and opinions!

DON’T: Hate on someone’s fanfic or fan art if it display’s something you’re uncomfortable with, such as smut and/or triggering content. Although, said fanfics should be tagged accordingly and given the proper warnings.  

PRO TIP: If you see fan art promoting any vile and inappropriate issues, REPORT IT.  For example, a fanfic that someone wrote for a fandom I was in, was promoting Pedophilia and that IS NOT OK. Please take proper measures to get the fanfic promoting serious issues such as pro-rape, pedophilia, romantization of self-mutilation, and etc. removed.

Examples of this are in banana bus squad EVERY FANDOM.

DO: Send sweet tweets and comments that contain something along the lines of; “You two are so cute!” “I love your friendship!” and other sweet comments like that.

DON’T: Send tweets and comments that say something like, “They’re definitely fucking” “Are you two dating?” “Are you guys gay?” “I bet they secretly like each other! Look at all this evidence!” “You and your girlfriend/boyfriend need to break up so you can date [insert name here]!” and other comments along the line of those. It’s rude and disrespectful and makes them feel uncomfortable.

PRO TIP: If someone in your ship starts dating someone else, DO NOT ATTACK THEM. It’s rude, awful, and down right just nasty. It’s an extremely childish thing to do. Respect their partners like you would your favorite person.

Some examples of ships that have grown apart in real life because of excessive shipping and hate being sent their romatic partners are: Troyler, Septiplier, and H2ovanoss.

DO: Make friends within the fandom and have healthy discussions about other ships, headcannons, and posts.

DON’T: Attack someone if your OTP is their NOTP. Do not put hate on headcannon’s and fanfic about how “They would never do that in real life”. Fanfiction and headcannons are suppose to be fun. The way people write their fics are their own choice and maybe be inspired by things they have dealt with in the past. I know that when I write fanfics they can get a bit ooc because I focus on the story line, rather than the people I’m writing it about.

Some examples of shippers that have hated on others for the reasons above are: Destiel, Phan, and Jaspar.

Above all, keep the shipping, the fanfics, and the romantic/sexual fan art in the fandom. If they wanted to see it, they would ask for it, or find it themselves.

Also have fun and ship responsibly/respectfully!


I saw that the reaper76 tag was lacking a BikerAU (or maybe I didn’t search well enough I dunno) and I was like: “WTF where is the BikerAU at?!?!” So having not seen any fanart of that I decided to make some practice drawings. Heavily used google images as reference xD There’s more sketches and even tiny pieces of fics I’m working on. I’m seriously in love with this AU. Also, go listen to Hands by Barns Courtney.

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Some villain Deku designs inspired by so many fics I’ve been reading! Not the design for my own fic, but honestly I’m in love with quirkless Villain! Deku!! 

Honestly my excuse to covering one side of his face to look edgy LOL ALSO i know that hand is bacwards god damn it im a MESS but let’s pretend I did that on purpose and it’s because ;3ccc maybe someone gave him a “hand” ;33cccc (excuses)

In An Instant: Part Ten (END)

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 1.6K

A/N: I’m finally wrapping up this series. It didn’t quite go the way I had anticipated but I enjoyed it. Thank you to all of you extremely patient people who followed along with me. I’d love to hear what you thought of the series as a whole and what I should/shouldn’t do in future series. I love you all. Special thanks to my babe, @sebbytrash, for reading through this for me. I love you.

Catch up here!  **My Masterlist  ** Inspiration Fund

When you awoke that Saturday afternoon, a mere three weeks since you met the life ruiner, Bucky Barnes, your heart literally hurt. Who were you to stop a wedding? You barely knew this guy. There was nothing you could do.

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Hey everyone!  So, it was suggested that we start doing this, and I think it is a wonderful idea.  This fandom needs to show some love.  I know some of you do it all the time, hallowed be thy names, but some of you read on Kindle or maybe are embarrassed or just forgetful like me.  This is a day meant to inspire you to put all that aside.  Just for one day.  I figure, we’ll do this once a month, so I really don’t think that’s asking too much considering all the amazing content we get to enjoy for free.  Now that I’ve shamed all of us who need to be better about this, let’s get our inaugural Feedback Friday going!

What is Feedback Friday?

A day where we ask fans to leave feedback for their favorite writers, artists or bloggers.  Just one comment.  Just one.  Anything is fine.  It doesn’t have to be War and Peace.  Maybe you love someone’s gif sets or comic edits.  Maybe someone has fantastic meta.  Maybe it is someone you just like seeing on your dash because they make  you smile.  Maybe it is an artist who you imagine their works in your head when you write.  Maybe it is a writer who made you have to put your phone down and walk it off.  Maybe it is just someone who entertained you for 15 minutes while you were on the bus.  Whatever it is, it is time to say THANK YOU to these people who give so much of their time and talent with only the hope of some feedback in return. 

How should I leave feedback?

It is really all up to you.  On Ao3, by a message or ask on their tumblr, by rec’ing a fic or reblogging a piece of art or an edit or gif set with a nice comment, whatever you feel most inspired to do.  

But,  I want to leave more than just one comment!

Great!  Of course, more is welcome, but for today, I’m just asking for one comment.  One.  I have almost 4,000 followers.  Assuming half of you aren’t porn blogs, that would mean 2,000 wonderful messages directed at our fanartists, bloggers and writers. Imagine what a day it would be!  Imagine how many people would be happier AND more inspired to create.  

I feel stupid leaving comments and don’t know what to say!

Go on Anon!  Anon is fine.  If you aren’t comfortable using your pseud, just drop them a nice Anon message.  “I love your art.”  “Your fics are great.”  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  Seriously, we are all that desperate for validation.  

Thank you to everyone who steps up and participates.  Fandom is what you make it.  You have to be the kind of fan you want others to be for you, so take the time today to make someone’s day just a bit brighter.  Put something good into the world.  I think it is safe to say, we all need some of that. 

“Imagine, maybe when a few years have passed, you’re fed up with fighting on the losing side of this war. Say you decide to join the other faction and suddenly tell me, out of the blue: I’m one of them. What do I do?”

I swallow shards of glass.

“I kill you.”
He kills me.  

Caption is an excerpt from this heartbreaking fic, which inspired the art :’)

I’m sorry Prompto, I’m so mean to you;;

I’ve been thinking lately, about writing and imposter syndrome and the pressure we put on ourselves. It’s late and I should sleep but I want to get this out.

At what point does one “make it” as a fanfiction writer (or artist?)

There will always be a few Big Name People, yeah, but there are a whole lot of others out there too. I don’t really think of myself as any kind of big name, but I also know I do have a following.

But four years ago I wasn’t anybody important. I maybe had 100 tumblr followers. I had a couple gen fics on AO3, but I hadn’t yet mustered the courage to publically post anything smutty. 

Then I saw a piece of art that inspired me and I sat down and wrote a threesome. And suddenly people were reading my stuff. And the positive comments pushed me to keep writing and keep writing and here we are, four years later.

Now, I had the advantage of getting into the Sherlock fandom just before S3. And I wrote smut. And I wrote the most popular pairing. And I wrote a lot and quickly. But I didn’t set out to write with any sort of thought of “this is what people want.” I wrote stuff I enjoyed, and still do. And some of the rarer pairs I know that all of ten people read. But it also makes me happy when someone reads a fic and comments “I don’t normally read this, but it’s you, so I did.”

But again, that question. At what point does one ‘make it’. Is there some mythical finish line? As a writer I don’t get paid, except maybe a few commissions now and again. Even after all this time I still find myself comparing myself, of feeling sorry about not having that one Fandom Classic everyone has read.

And there’s also the feeling sometimes that it’s mostly just smut, and it doesn’t matter. Which isn’t true, but it’s a demon I struggle with.

Anyway, someone else can probably explain this better than me. I just know we all start from somewhere, we all learn and change and grow as we write and create. This fandom isn’t the place it was when I started, but I’ll still be here to cheer on anyone putting pen to paper.

And just remember, even if you aren’t Big Name Person, what you have to contribute is you, and unique to you, and only you can tell your story.

anonymous asked:

"kiss me, please"

I felt responsible to add it with this prompt since today is Valentine’s day

Anon 2: Hey if you ever have time you should write a fic about Neeks and Will having a conversation about about the Cupid scene/maybe Nico explains it’s why he doesn’t like valentine’s day or something?

Inspired by this beautiful art by crossroadart-seabear

“So basically,” Will rolled his wrists, watching Nico’s eyes glance anywhere but at Will, “a god forced you to publically out yourself as gay in front of Jason?” Nico nodded, and Will had never before that moment had an urge to punch a god. Even if Eros was a love god, what right did he have to force a kid to come out? “That’s, like, a whole new level of asshat-ery,” Will mumbled. Nico rolled his shoulders, and Will was drawn back to the boy sitting in front of him. Will knew that Nico trusted him, but he could still understand the discomfort that came with explaining how Nico was forced to spit out his feelings that he didn’t even fully understand himself to other people. “Thank you for telling me,” Will softened his voice and touched Nico’s shoulder gently. His boyfriend relaxed considerably, finally looking up at Will.

“I felt like you had the right to know. I wanted you to know. That’s why I hate Valentine’s Day so much,” Nico eyed the red paper hearts stuck to the wall of the infirmary distastefully. The decorations had been an attempt to cheer up sick and injured campers who wouldn’t be able to leave the infirmary for the celebration. Will had never thought that something that was supposed to make campers feel better would make his own boyfriend feel so much worse.

Will immediately scratched all ideas he had about how to celebrate his first Valentine’s with Nico, instead thinking of a plan that would help Nico feel better about his shitty memory of the god of love. Of all the gods to leave Nico with memories that left a sour taste in his mouth, it had to be the one with his own holiday.

Will stood up, leaving a bewildered Nico sitting on a hospital bed. He scavenged around the infirmary before finding what he was looking for sitting at the front desk. Will retrieved his object with a triumphant cry and returned to Nico, pressing it into his boyfriend’s hands. Nico glanced at Will in confusion before looking down at the figure that Will had given to him.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Nico’s eyes held much different emotions in them now, but Will took a deep breath, smiling at Nico. He could understand why Nico would be upset that he had just told him a horrible story about Eros, and then his boyfriend presented him with a Cupid figure.

“Throw it at the wall.” Will stated bluntly. He watched Nico process the information, glancing between the figurine in his hand and the wall next to him. Will could see the raw desire in his eyes to break the Cupid. “I’m serious. Throw it against the wall. Break it. Shatter it.” Nico looked up at Will one more time before hurtling the Cupid at the wall with such force that made Will wonder if he ever played baseball.

The sound of the figure shattering drew some attention, but Nico seemed too high on adrenaline to notice. “Now do you feel better?” Will asked with a smile. If Nico’s grin was anything to go by, Will would say he did. Nico was looking at him with an intense gaze in his eyes, one Will could only describe as complete love.

“Kiss me, please.”

And Will did.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hilde

Since @fangsmagicandinspiration made me a fic for one of my sketches, I made a sketch for a different scene in their fic! Maybe were just gonna have an endless cycle of making stuff inspired by the other and end up with a weird game of art/writing telephone lol

Check out their awesome fic here

Title: The World Opened With You
Author: DiAnna44
Artist: nikniak
Rating: Teen
Length: 10,621
Pairings: Victor/Yuuri
Warnings: Depression

Despite the smiles famous violinist Victor Nikiforov puts on for the world, he’s been in a slump for almost two years, and no longer views himself as worthy of his fame. When he’s paired up to play a duet with esteemed pianist Yuuri Katsuki, he finds inspiration once again, and maybe even something more.

Link to fic

Link(s) to art: twitter | tumblr

(thank you @hellwizards for the gif)

Alright! The official announcement for the Clone Relationships Appreciation Week is here! You can tell it’s official because I’m using proper capitalization and punctuation! Amazing!   

Anyway, so here’s the official details. It will be held in the first week of September, which is from September 3rd to September 9th. The themes for each day will be as follows: 

Day ONE: Favourite Moment. Any moment! Between any clone pairing! You can even pick a 2+ clone scene for this one if you wish. Or a cloneswap. The possibilities just like the clones are endless!

Day TWO: Favourite Physical Interaction. This prompt is it’s own separate day simply because it deserves to be. The technology to make Two Actual Tatiana’s touch each other is seriously so mindboggling that I had to focus a day for it. Whether it’s something as “small” as a clone passing another clone an object or as big as stabbing each other in the leg, tell us your favourite!

Day THREE:  Lyrics and Quotes. Are there any song lyrics or quotes from literature that remind you of a certain clone/clone dynamic? Or of a specific clone-centric scene? Or maybe an Entire Song that just inspires you to the ballpit and back that you want to make an entire vid out of. Go for it!

Day FOUR: Fan Works Appreciation. Got a favourite clone/clone-centric fic? A piece of fan art that just blows you away? A fan vid? This is your day to gush! Make your own post and link us to the original post, or find the original post and reblog it with your own comments underneath or in the tags!

**for this day, I want to stress the importance of linking the original post/source. This is a day to appreciate your favourite fan works, not to claim them as your own. If you’re making an appreciation, be sure to include a link and, if they have one, their tumblr URL.

Day FIVE: Favourite AU. What world outside of OB do you just love seeing the clones in? Do you have a soft spot for highschool AUs? Enemies to friends to lovers? Or if not an AU, is there a specific headcanon or trope you just absolutely can’t get enough of? Or perhaps all of the above!

Day SIX:  Fix-It. Was there a dynamic that you felt just needed A Little Bit Extra attention? A specific moment? A scene? An episode? Something that was just a little odd or OOC? A scene that happened off-camera that you want to fill-in? Or perhaps a meeting between two clones that definitely Should Have Happened but didn’t? Here’s your chance to fix it! As this is an “appreciation week”, please keep criticisms within context and focus mainly on positivity! :)

Day SEVEN: Free Choice. Anything you want to talk about is fair game!  Perhaps something that didn’t quit fit the above prompts, or if you just want to expand on anything from the previous days, this is the day to do it! also ngl i did get lazy, thank you to @punky-monkey for giving my lazy ass this idea

This is a week that celebrates Leda clone/clone ships across the OB ‘verse, whether alive or dead, screentime or not (aka, most of the Euroclones). Because it spans such a broad range of content, we will be using a general tag, #clone relationships week so that everyone who’s participating can find each other! 

Other rules!

1) In addition to the general #clone relationships week, please tag your posts with the Orphan Black tag, the clones involved with the relationship and the relationship itself. We want to produce content for these clone relationships! Fill up those tags!

2) Please reblog this post! It’s pretty last minute, but there’s still time to signal boost and get people in on this! 

3) Have fun! Be positive, build each other up, reblog posts with tags, send nice messages. Follow each other! Engage in discussions and inspire each other. Clone Club is a beautiful fandom full of nice, heartwarming people, so this last rule shouldn’t be a problem in the slightest. :)

To my support crew, @punky-monkey (tagging you again bc i can <3), @andrxmedas, @coshayphinelove (who i also pulled inspiration from re: their shay appreciation week), @geekspiralling, @orphanbeige, and @valiantprincess thank you guys so much! This idea would have just sat in the back of my brain without much thought but you helped me get it rolling. :)

I have seen this around a lot in the Miraculous fandom - “Season 2 is coming in May, where is it?” Unfortunately, it was pushed back to somewhen later this year (There isn’t a specific release date at this moment in time.). In the meantime, let’s all do our best to support what they have created; produce fanart and fanfics, create theories and cosplays! Our fandom is full of talented people and i love looking at everything everyone creates.
Here’s a list of everything that has been revealed for S2-3;
-There will be a swimming pool episode.
-We will learn more about the Peacock holder by the end of season 2.
-LGBT Characters are coming, and according to Winny on Twitter, Julerose fans will be pleased.
-(EDIT) Two new characters have been named; Kagami and Luka. Apparently they might spice up the love square. -There MIGHT be a reveal episode (Might, i’m not sure if this is true.)
-The real Volpina will show up (We know that it’s Alya.).
-Queen Bee will be joining Ladybug and Chat Noir (Queen Bee = Chloe).
-We will have a backstory episode for the Kwamis.
-Miraculous Ladybug Season 2 is coming on Netflix ONLY for America (EDIT it’s slowly coming to netflix for every country.).
-According to LindaLee Rose her favourite character will be getting a Miraculous (Unsure if it’s Alya or Chloe she is talking about, or someone else.).
Just from that list, there is already so much speculation, fics, theories and art you could do. However, if you disagree with what someone else believes, DO NOT belittle them, say their opinion is inferior or harrass them - basically don’t be a Twat. Also DON’T steal other people’s art without permission. They worked really hard to make wonderful pieces, you didn’t. You just saved it and inserted it on a post. So yeah, don’t do a Marinette and steal. I hope this post helped some of you with the release date and maybe (not really) inspired some people to make fics and fanart? Well anyway, goodbye!

(EDIT) Release date for season 2 has been confirmed for Sept/Oct. (EDIT, EDIT) According to Thomas Astruc, he wasn’t aware of Jeremy announcing this, so release date doesn’t seem to be then i’m afraid. (EDIT,EDIT,EDIT) Ok for USA it’s coming in December, everwhere else is unknown (EDIT,EDIT,EDIT,EDIT) France have revealed that miraculous is coming out in Autumn for them. Elsewhere is still unknown. (LAST MCFUCKING EDIT) Thomas Astruc has announced it to release October 26th. You can all scream now.

❤️ much more of a Lance song…but 😉
(Maybe Keith stole his hat tho so)

EDIT: ahhhh i forgot to mention it’s inspired by the cute lil fic Shut Up And Dance With Me (@shutup-and-dance-with-me) by @wittyy-name & its accompanying adorable art by @wolfpainters! but only inspired by because i slutted it up a lot.

crazy-indigo-child  asked:

Hey there! SUPER huge fan of your mermaid AU!! SOOOOBEAUTIFUL!! I was wondering if A) We'll be seeing Shiro and Pidge soon (Allura and Coran? Allura would be a drop dead beaut!) and B) if you wouldn't mind maybe some fan fiction?

Thank you so much!! Pidge and Shiro (and Allura and Coran ) won’t show up till later actually, in the second half of the story. But hey, you guessed the order they appear in! :3c 

And I feel a little bit differently about fic than about art. Fic that restates everything I’ve drawn (esp directly using my own dialogue) I don’t really like. Thats bordering on plagiarism in my opinion, but if its inspired by the idea, or creating your own events for it then thats fine! Basically as long as you’re putting your ideas in it and not just typing up the ideas I’ve already shown/am going to show its fine. Sorry if thats a little vague, but if you do write fic for it please credit~

Don't give up

This is for authors and artists.

Guys, creating is amazing, and this is an entire new world you’re giving birth to. I think you - and we - don’t realize how important you are - how important this is. This can look not important, not really, this one little fanart, fic, cosplay, fanvid, song… but it is. You surely made someone smile. Someone laugh. Someone cry. Someone feel something. Somehow, you did.
In your art, people can even recognize themselves.

Through fluff, angst, romance, friendship, family, adventure, everything, anything, you just give yourself, and us, the chance to dream. The power of imagination. THAT is wonderful. THAT is what we all need, at some point.

Never stop writing. Never stop drawing. Never stop creating.

This might sometimes be difficult, because you don’t have the inspiration anymore, or maybe you just feel like on this big huge network, no one notices your work. It’s normal. This is the internet. So many informations in here.
But people do notice you.
It just take time, and work. The more you try it over and over again, the better it is. Perhaps, you don’t see it, but you’re permanently improving yourself.

Just keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t be shy, share your work. Keep giving your ideas life, keep giving us life.
Your work is great and we love it.
Don’t give up.

@diddly-darn-ghost inspired me to draw this (my dude, I am so sorry. My art SUCKS), and now I’m gonna write down some head-canons and maybe if you guys like it I’ll write a fic

-The reason why everything is black and white (with grey) in Sydney’s layer is not because he’s from the 50′s, But rather because his depression literally made him color blind (its a real thing I swear) and that’s how he basically saw the world bit by bit once he got into school when he was alive

-Danny, instead of trapping Sydney, he got him out of there and they bonded over the fact that they are/were severely bulled.

-the closer Sydney and Danny become and the happier Sydney gets (also the more distance he has from his layer) the more colorful he becomes and the more Sydney can see color.

-Danny discovers that Sydney is a absolute pure soul. Because despite how cruel people and ghosts are to him Sydney still always tries to help the underdogs.

-Sydney did not die from suicide. But rather, broke his neck when he was stuffed in the locker when he was finally too big for it. That’s why he is so closely tied to it.

-Sydney, with all his colors, has brown eyes, Dark drown hair, a red bow tie, a very light blue shirt, and warm brown paints with yellow, and light blue stripes.

-”Sydney Pointdexter” is not his real name. But rather, a nickname. He got it because he was born in Sydney Australia and of his nerdy personality.

-His younger sister (who was 8 at the time) gave him that nickname.

-His real name is James Green

-the kids at school heard his nickname, and well…

-Sydney doesn’t really have control over his layer.

-No one really knows why all of his old classmates are there. Mainly because not all of them are dead yet…

-Sydney loves the color red the most.

-Danny will protect Sydney at all costs, And vice versa.

-Sydney loves Cats.

-He cant stand tight places.

-Sydney has a lot of anxiety.

-Even though He doesn’t trust people easily  he’ll do what he can to help.

-He has a surprisingly good amount of street smarts.

I’ll, um. Stop from here. But seriously, Sydney needs more love.

I want to spread the love all around, so here’s one. It’s a quote from Neon Pink Motorcycle. I really love this Yuri On Ice soulmate AU. It has a good amount of fluff and pining, which really hits the spot for me.

I love the way she described the development of Yuri and Otabek’s friendship and their growth as skaters too. But with soulmarks thrown into the mix. ;)

This is for you, @russianfeya :) The one who made me love one of the most adorable original characters in fics. And of course, reinforced my love for Otabek and Yuri.

And maybe I should tag the @otayuriwriterscollective​ as well because there’s a whole lot of amazing writers there too. :)

Haha I drew Skel Sans to go with his Human glamour version and giffed it, so I’m reposting X’D

hahaha oops my hand slipped and i drew human!sans 8′D

I may or may not be planning an Undertale 1940s murder mystery AU where Sans is a homicide detective hunting down a serial killer with investigative reporter Frisk in tow ;D The monsters are all still monsters, though Sans and some others continue to use glamours to disguise their true nature despite monster kind as a whole having ‘come out‘ a few years before the start of the story…

I’m a big fan of…I dunno…’beefy‘ Sans? X’D??? He looks chubby (and maybe he is a bit but he’ll deny it til the cows come home), but under it is all muscle baby. Like, real, practical,heavy lifting muscle, not showy six-pack muscle.

also what are pistols even omfg *gives up*