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*Screams inhumane noises* OH MY GAHD. Okay so I was just now able to watch the new content you guys shared for the Fractured But Whole, I just, it's so... Beautiful. Who knew I'd be freaking out jumping around excitedly about a couple of 9 year olds in a strip joint. Huh, go figures. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hahaha I’m glad you enjoyed the demo! Yeah a couple of kids going to a strip club and giving lap dances is pretty crazy. I saw a few people online complaining about the lap dance minigame being a little too much, but maybe they didn’t play the first game. o_o Somehow in comparison to the New Kid being forced to break an alien probe shaped like a dildo with his butthole, I don’t find it as bad. (… what the heck am I doing with my career)

I’m so familiar with the Peppermint Hippo crawl now that I’ve memorized most of the lines. I don’t get to animate cutscenes much (I usually just do combat) but I did get the opportunity to animate a little scene with Scott and the New Kid when you fart on the DJ’s drink. “It awakens the deep-seated rage I harbor within me” haha. It’s also cute that Scott, who everyone dumps on, considers the New Kid to be his superhero sidekick. 

KaraMel Fanfic #19

Title: Someone Who’ll Be A Good Mother

Prompt: Mon-El is there to comfort Kara when she feels anxious about having a baby.

Also posted on AO3.

Requested by @lostin-the-desert. Thank you so so so much for this amazing prompt, as you see it didn’t take me long to write it because I liked it so much that writing came easy lol :) I hope this was what you wanted.


Kara didn’t know how long she’d been gazing into the mirror, her hand on her stomach, her fingers gently drawing circles. However, the turmoil of emotions inside her was definitely not soft or gentle.

She couldn’t do it. How could she ever think that she could? Yes, she might be Supergirl, one of the strongest aliens on the face of earth: She could smash a brick wall without breaking a sweat, carry a truck on her shoulders without even feeling the weight of it, catch bullets and even deflect them with her bulletproof skin, but taking care of a baby…? That she couldn’t do.

Taking deep breaths, she grabbed the edge of the sink, trying to keep the contents of her breakfast inside. It wouldn’t help if she threw up in the toilet again. She hadn’t really gotten sick ever since she landed on earth, and oh, she definitely did not like it. Her chest was still burning because of the last time.

She lifted her eyes to look at her reflection again, realizing that her eyes were wide, there were huge bags under them, and her cheeks were pale. She looked tired and frightened all over, making her mutter a string of earth and Kryptonian curses under her breath.

Maybe deciding to take a day off from CatCo was a bad idea. She desperately needed a distraction from…her desperation over the baby growing in her stomach. And there’s only four months left, she thought anxiously, biting her lip. When she removed her hands from the sink, she realized there were dents wherever she put her fingers, which didn’t help with her anxiety at all.

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Night at Purgatory

Prompt from anon: Cas sees Dean bloody Winchester at a gay club? What in the world is the school’s “lady man” doing here?? and why is he wearing cowboy getup?


“Purgatory?” Castiel lifted his eyes up and read the neon lights again over and over in his mind. It sounded like the worst name in the world for a gay bar.

“I swear, it is bitchin’.” His best friend Balthazar grinned from ear to ear and already winked at a few attractive guys making their way past the bouncer. “It is the best place to get you out of your guy slumber.”

“I am not in a slumber.” Cas muttered as he let his eyes fall to the concrete and fumbled with his hands. “And I definitely don’t need to go into a place called ‘Purgatory’.”

Balthazar rolled his eyes and clapped a hand to Cas’ shoulder. “If you don’t have a good time in there, then you can sit me down and make me watch Titanic for an entire day straight. You know how much I loathe that movie.”

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Hi! I'm fairly new to the fandom! I was wondering if you could enlighten me on some inside jokes the ARMY has! That most of the ARMY knows about and jokes about a lot. Thanks!

Oh, hello! Welcome to the ARMY! <3

There are way too many to name them all, but I’ll name off a the most popular! 

  • The Push-Push Dance

Well, this one is a bit older, but it’s one of the funniest in my opinion. J-Hope decided to…do his little push-push dance and influence the maknae line…and now, they can’t seem to stop. The ARMY fandom jokes about the push-push dance a lot because…well…yeah. Way to go Hoseok

  • J-Hope’s High Note

Okay, if you’re part of the ARMY, you know about the random high note. It’s crucial that you know about this beautiful Trot version of N.O. The ARMY jokes about Hoseok’s random high note because it was just really, really random. And beautiful. Don’t forget beautiful. 

  • V and the toilet. 

This is a very, very popular inside joke with the ARMY. The jokes still go strong, and there honestly isn’t a day when you aren’t reminded of the time Taehyung decided to miss the red carpet because he was using the toilet. 

  • Dance Monster

Basically this: It’s R.A.P Monster, not D.A.N.C.E Monster. But the ARMY knows Namjoon can dance

  • J-Horse

Again, another very popular joke with the ARMY. There are various jokes about Hoseok and his secret life as a horse. 

  • Pink Princess

The entire ARMY knows about the Pink Princess. Seokjin is the queen of divas. He’s truly the most elegant princess out there. Get on his level

  • Alien V

Well, basically, Taehyung is an alien

  • Jin x Mario

Literally the newest fandom joke. And when I mean new, I literally mean the video came out less than a few hours ago. But…I mean…Seokjin’s love for Mario…it’s beautiful

  • Swagger

Min Yoongi has more swag than you. 

Alright! There you have it! 

There are so many more, but it would take way too long to name them all. So we’ll keep it at this for now. Maybe in the near future, I’ll collab with some friends and make a huge masterlist! 

I hope you enjoy!