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I began to study hard about two years ago, when I started my final GCSE year and when I started my studyblr. Since then, I’ve discovered how I like to write my notes and the organisational techniques that work for me. However I’ve always struggled with finding a strategy of how to actually learn information for a test in an effective way. Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll have a few more ideas you can implement so you can see how you will learn over this next academic year!

Ask questions

This is the best way to understand a topic - and you need to understand it before you attempt writing notes on it and then studying it. I know that lots of people don’t like to ask questions during class, so stay behind for a few minutes at the end or email your questions to your teacher. Sometimes them just telling you 1:1 what they said in class can make more sense and once a topic clicks in your head and you understand it, you’ll be able to study it so much more effectively!

Write notes that work for you

This is the first step to understanding a concept! Though it may take a few attempts before you find a way of making notes that works for you (check out my post all about writing notes here), it will help tons in the long run as you can then re-read these multiple times and have them as a clear resource where everything you need to learn is is one place.


Mindmaps are really useful for visual learners; I made mindmaps and read them so much I memorised them so that in exams you can simply pull up your mindmap to the front of your mind and read from it! Even if that’s not possible for you, this is a great way to actively study as you can try to write out your mindmap without looking at your notes, see how far you get relying on your memory and then you’ll know what you struggle with and need to learn!

Brain dump

Similar to mindmaps above, but done on a broader level, testing yourself is the best way to actively learn a subject! This can be done by a brain dump; once I finish making topic notes, I then make a mind map with only a few prompt words around it. Whenever I come to revise, I get a plain piece of paper, and my prompt words to write down everything I can remember. This is my brain dump of the topic. I then go through my brain dump with my proper notes and use a coloured pen to correct what I wrote down wrong and annotate it with anything I missed out. The act of writing everything down you know, everything you don’t know in a different colour and reading through your notes really gets the information in your head. 

Have others test you verbally

A quicker way to test yourself is to give your notes to a family member or a friend and have them test you on the content. This works in the same way as the brain dump but is quicker as you’re talking the answers, not writing them down. A way you can test yourself when you’re alone is to explain a process or topic to something/someone around you; I use my dogs, a cuddly toy or even just a lamp and explain the concept as clearly as I can to them.

Mind palace

Lots of people use a ‘mind palace’ technique to memorise a process or list of things. This is when you choose an object or room that you know extremely well and assign different parts of it to a step of the process or item on the list to. For example, I could memorise the factors affecting short term aggregate supply and assign them to my alarm clock; so labour costs is the face of the clock, price of raw materials is the ‘hour’ button and levels of tax and subsidies is the ‘minute’ button, etc. I haven’t used this technique myself before as I only discovered it recently, but I fully intend to use it over the next year for my a-levels!

Create acronyms

This is the method that I use for memorising lists and it works similarly to the mind palace technique above. I use these in economics mostly for factors affecting different markets, supply and demand, etc. As well as being extremely useful in the exam itself, they’re great beforehand as they don’t have to make sense and you can have fun creating them and testing yourself on them! So for macroeconomic evaluation points, I use CCCREEMTTT - it sounds a bit like ‘cream tea’ and makes me smile whenever I use it! They are a genuine lifesaver for me!

Use actual tests

After making sure that you know the content using the above methods, using practice papers or textbook questions really is the best way to perfect your exam technique. Mark your own work so you can see the mark scheme and get accustomed to the way in which they mark and what they’re looking for in your answers.

Focus on what you don’t know

It’s easy to summarise all the above points in just a few words; focus on actively studying what you don’t know. It’s all too easy to revise the same first chapter of your textbook each week because you know the content and it makes you feel good to get the answers right, however that isn’t helping your future self as you’re neglecting the topics that you don’t know. 

Try and be true to yourself and really question whether you’re studying in the most efficient way possible (’has reading the textbook for half an hour really helped me to understand this?’). Once you get into the habit of actively studying and finding which of the above methods works for you, you’ll find that you know and understand the topic and enjoy testing yourself and finding what you really know.

Thank you for reading and let me know which tip was your favourite or if there are any others that you’d like me to add! Go to my masterposts page here to see individual posts on how to study history, economics, maths and for GCSEs!

Pool balls and underpants

Summary: Bucky offers to teach you how to play pool, but he ends up in a slightly awkward predicament.
Characters: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Language, lots of innuendos, Bucky being little shit
Story prompt: “I made the mistake of thinking ‘This can’t get weirder.’ Sorry.”

A/N: First time I’ve done a writing challenge of any kind, thanks @jurassicbarnes​ for letting me take this one!  I haven’t written anything fluffy in awhile, this felt necessary, and it may require a smutty style follow-up. Also, while I may be a complete shit talker IRL, I am terrible at pool and don’t know what I’m doing, so hopefully this makes sense. And I really need to find someone to edit my wordy ass…


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It was a little known fact – you adored dive bars. Everything smells musty? Great. All the tables feel sticky? Perfect. The decor resembles a 1970’s porn set? Bitchin.

It was a complete contradiction to your work persona. Your name was uttered in hushed, reverent tones in the halls of the Avengers compound, commonly followed by the phrase ‘that woman gets shit done.’ Frankly, you worked your ass off to get to this point, so the satisfaction of being known as the one who was always cool, always calm, always poised – it was a heady feeling.

It’s because of your rigid work environment that you gravitated toward the local bar. It was one place you could let your guard down, unwind and relax. Distancing your professional and personal life was a necessary ingredient in your sanity, a dichotomy you actively encouraged.

And then one day out of nowhere, Bucky Barnes swaggered into your life.

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To Caregivers:

♡If you have a little age regressor and they’re upset you have to go and wont say much, don’t be upset with your little ones. Let them know they’ll be on your mind and you love them so much. In littlespace, it can be hard to convey your feelings.

♡Some littles have a really hard time saying “goodbye” for various reasons. This could be in fear that you won’t come back, or for a more specific reason. Talk to them about it before getting upset.

♡Your little always loves you even if they don’t say it. This could be out of pure stubborn attitude, or could be a deeper reason you need to find out.

♡Littles come from various backgrounds and pasts, some things, both simple and complex, can hurt them or make them uncomfy. If you’re having problems with your little, TALK TO THEM. MAKE TIME TO DISCUSS EVERYTHING. I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS.

♡Your little may find it really difficult to express their emotions, so you may have to initiate communication. Ease them into telling you what’s wrong.

♡Please refrain from getting upset with your little one, you’re usually their main priority and thought. Try to avoid being upset with them, and instead talk to them, even if they’re stubborn.

♡Please, please, please don’t leave your little one sad at ANY TIME. This could do more damage than good. Even if it takes a heated conversation to fix, fix it. It could save your little one and yourself a lot of heartache.

♡If your little one seems to be making everything difficult, THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON. Don’t just get frustrated, they probably need you and you’re not even seeing it! Go help yous baby!

I Think I Like It (Part 1)

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Title: I Think I Like It

Featuring: Kai (EXO) x Reader

POV: First person

Genre: Fluff and teasing, eventual smut?

Rating: PG-13 for now

Summary: It was supposed to be a reclusive summer getaway at a family beachouse, until Jongin showed up.

I’d  already packed all my bags and was getting into the car when my sister, May, dropped the bomb.

“A couple other people are coming.”

I’d  be spending part of my summer break at a beach house my aunt and uncle owned. They were out of town and left the two of us a key to the place, where I’d hoped to get some reading done, take morning dips in the ocean mere feet from the property, and catch up on some Netflix shows. Instead, my sister was going to turn it into party central.

“I’m not going.” I said, pulling my bag back out of the car. She huffed and rolled her eyes.

“Oh, come on! It’s only a few people, and we’re not going to be rowdy, I promise. They just want somewhere to go relax, too.”

I eyed her steadily, squinting, silently telling her I’d kill her if she got up to any funny business

“Who?” I asked, knowing which of her friends I could tolerate and who I would walk out for.

“Just the gang, you know…” She rattled off a few girls’ names, then two guys.  I felt a streak of anxiety shoot through me when I heard “Jongin”

I  would never admit it to anyone, not even myself, that I had a little bit of a crush on my sister’s friend. He was too gorgeous for words and everyone knew it, and it was only made worse by the fact he was also sweet and mild-mannered in comparison to my sisters other friends. I wasn’t sure if I could handle sharing a house with him for a few weeks.

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Imagine your first fight with Chris.

A/N: Part 3 😭 Did I cry? Oh, I definitely would’ve if I wrote this in the privacy of my own home. But seeing as I was in public, I had to take a few deep breaths and get through it without crying. You can read the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader - Masterlist’, ‘Little Ways Away - Part 1/Part 2)

Friday came and that meant it’d been five days since Chris last spoke with you, and five days since you started ignoring his calls. Both of you were going insane not being able to speak to the other, but that was where you were at and needed to be. So Chris took Sebastian’s advice into consideration and stopped pushing, he ate up whatever lie you gave him and hoped you’d call soon because he was seriously missing your voice. You wanted to call, God, you wanted to call. You wanted to hear his voice; you wanted to see his face on your computer screen; you wanted to tell him about how Jack dropped a fork down a customer’s dress and hear him bellow with laughter, but you couldn’t.

Things with you hadn’t improved; you were still stressed and on the verge of having a mental breakdown that you didn’t want to bother your very busy boyfriend with. As frustrating as you knew you were being, you still believed Chris was better off not knowing. You believed that because you hadn’t talked to him, you couldn’t hear how worried he was about you; how stressed he was because he couldn’t talk to you; how much he needed you while he was pulling sixteen hour days miles from the girl he loved. He, too, was on the verge of having a mental breakdown but was too afraid that you’d do what Sebastian said if he pushed too hard. So he left you alone, gave you the space you apparently needed, and suffered in silence.

The two of you really were too similar, incredibly good at repeating history, and becoming increasingly insufferable to those around you. If you’d just let your incredibly wise best friend give you some brutally honest advice, you wouldn’t be in this situation and the last five days wouldn’t have been your hell on earth.

“Hey, babe,” Ava called from the kitchen as came through the front door; Dodger barked.

“Hey, sorry.” You gave them both a quick wave as you rushed down the hallway to your room; you were running late for work due to an impromptu meeting with Professor Killian, who was concerned about your recent decline in mood. They followed you; Ava with her bowl of Lucky Charms, and stood in your doorway, watching you bounce around your room gathering your work clothes. “I’m running so late, Jack’s texted me twice already and-” you stopped and looked around, frowning, “where the hell is my apron?”

“I think it’s in the wash, but you can use mine.” She told you and walked over to her room to grab it while you got changed. “What were you doing at school anyway?” She asked as she walked back towards your room; she stood in the hallway and waited for you, whereas Dodger left for the living room. “You don’t have classes on Friday, did they change your timetable?”

“No, thank God,” you took the apron Ava was holding out and shoved it into your handbag. “I got an email from Professor Killian because he’s concerned about me. Apparently I’ve been very distracted and unproductive in his class.” You rolled your eyes and Ava pursed her lips in response because she knew your professor was right. “What a ridiculous accusation, I turned in two drafts yesterday.” You headed for the bathroom to quickly fix your hair before you left for your fine-dine restaurant job; Ava followed, quietly eating her cereal. “Have I been distracted and unproductive?”

“I don’t think you want me to answer that,” Ava said with a wince.

“Seriously?” You narrowed your eyes at her. “How have I been distracted and unproductive?”

“Babe-” Ava sighed and followed you as you headed for the front door. “Since you decided to stop talking to Chris, you haven’t been particularly focused on anything.” You stopped and turned to her with raised eyebrows. “You go through your days upset and distracted, and yes- you still do your writing and you go to work, but you’re lacking your usual perky personality and it is very noticeable. I mean- If Killian noticed, you know you’re on rough terrain.”

“God, I know,” you sighed. “I know you’re right. I just- I’m trying,” you told her and she nodded, knowing very well you were. “And I want to talk to him, I just feel like if I do- I’m going to freak him out and make him worry and- I don’t want to do that while he’s busy with work.”

“You know he’s never going to be too busy for you, right?”

“I know,” you managed a smile. “But I still don’t want to add more to his already very full plate. I know I’m being very frustrating and ignoring him is not one of my best ideas, but it’s all I have right now.” Ava reached for your elbow and gave your arm a light squeeze because she was starting to understand why you were doing what you were doing. “I’ll talk to him soon, I just need to figure out how to explain everything to him so he doesn’t worry about me after I hang up. Am I making sense?” You chuckled wearily with limited humor. “I feel like I’m just blathering.”

“Perfect sense,” she assured you, smiling. “You care about him, that’s why you’re doing all this. Props, sweetheart. Really, I’m very proud of you and the way you’re coping with everything.” She gave you a quick one arm hug and you smiled, hugging her back. “You’re going to be fine, like I told Chris- you’re a tough nut to crack. But y'know, in a positive light- not the mysterious, hard-to-deal-with meaning. Though you are a puzzle sometimes, a very complicated puzzle.”

“Yeah, I’m a fucking macadamia nut,” you joked and both laughed. “I really gotta run,” you told her and she nodded, making her way to the couch to join Dodger as your phone started ringing. The ringtone was your average, day-to-day, every-man ringtone so you picked up without looking at it; you’d no idea Chris had borrowed a phone so he could trick you into picking up his call. He didn’t want to push, but he had a terrible day and he needed to talk to you. “Hello?”

“Here I was thinking you’d let this call go to voicemail too,” Chris’ voice came through and you felt your breath hitch in your throat. “Um-” He chuckled with limited humor. You were too stunned to process the emotions wrapped in his tone; you couldn’t even tell that he’d been crying. “Hey, um- God, it’s so good to finally hear your voice. How are you, sweetheart?”

“I’m good,” you found yourself lying again. “I’m actually on my way to work, so can I call y-”

“Of course you are,” Chris muttered bitterly; his hand tugging at his hair as he tried not to swear.

“Of course I am?” You felt your eyes narrow even though you knew you deserved whatever Chris was throwing your way. “What is that suppose to mean?” You bit as Ava turned; she saw the expression on your face which meant the call you’d been avoiding had arrived. She found herself lowering her bowl and planting both feet on the ground, preparing to intervene if she needed to- if the fight became bigger than it should. Dodger was on alert too, like he could sense the storm brewing between you and his best friend.

“What is that suppose to mean?” Chris bit back with a scoff. “Are you kidding me right now, Y/N? You haven’t spoken to me in five days! Did we get into a fight, did we break up? I don’t know because we haven’t talked!” You tried to interject, but he didn’t let you. “You’ve avoided all my calls and attempts at FaceTiming you, you reply to all my texts in less than five words- like what is your problem? Did I do something to piss you off, because if I did- please, let me know.”

“Chris-” you began then sighed, “I’m sorry, but this sounds like a fight I can’t get into right now.” You heard him scoff on the other end and you wanted to kick yourself. “It’s not you, okay? I’m just-” you glanced at the clock hanging on your wall, “I need to go. I’ll call you after work and we’ll talk about this then.”

“No,” he practically growled. “We’re going to talk about this now, Y/N. I’ve given you enough time to sort out whatever the hell is going on with you, I want to resolve this now. I don’t care if you’re late for work, this is a lot more important than a shift where they can easily get someone to cover for you. What is going on? Did I do something to upset you?”

“No! God, Chris- not everything is about you.” Your heart ached at the sound of his voice, it ached for him. “I already told you, this isn’t about you.” You said, as you realized how much it was; you missed him dearly and it was affecting your entire being- mind, body, and soul. Up until you heard his voice, you didn’t realize how much your life was in shambles. Sure, school was great and work was good, but- you were alone and apart from your soulmate that you took nineteen years to find. You were not okay, you needed the next seven months to be over. “I’ve just been busy, okay? And I’m busy now, so I really need to end this phone call and call you back later.”

“Don’t you dare hang up on me,” he warned; his voice broke but you were too distraught to notice. “Y/N, we need to communicate. We may be perfect for each other, but God- we are terrible at being in a relationship.” Your eyes narrowed at that. “Couples are meant to be honest with each other. We’re meant to tell each other everything, yet here we are arguing about something that could’ve easily been avoided if we just talked.”

“I don’t even know what we’re arguing about!” You cried with a deep frown; Ava noticed your hand clench into a tight fist and she knew you were about to lost it. “You started this argument, Chris,” you accused and he scoffed. “I was just trying to get to work.” There was a long pause where neither of you said anything, then you did, “I know we need to talk, but I don’t have time to talk to you right now.”

Remember love and how it was a strange concept? How it could either be the simplest of things, or the most complicated? How a wrong move, a poorly chosen word, bad timing- how all of these factors were capable of tearing a soul into pieces? Well, the two of you were about to experience that ache and anguish.

“Make time,” he bit, trying to hold back his tears. “Have Ava cover your shift so we can talk, Y/N. I’m not asking for a lot here, I’m asking to talk to my girlfriend.” You turned your back towards Ava so she didn’t see you starting to cry, but she knew. “All I want is a second of your time, Y/N, a second of your time to just talk. Can you give me that? Can you give me that and ask me about my day? You’re not the only one who is having a hard time with all of this. I miss you too, and I need you too.”

“This is not how I imagined this conversation would go,” you mumbled under your breath instead of keeping it in your head. That was your mistake; the straw that broke the camel’s back; the prompt that brought forth words Chris didn’t mean and regretted immediately.

“Of course not,” Chris bit. “'Cause everything is just fucking perfect in your stories, isn’t it?” You felt your heart break at the harshness of his tone as well as the bitterness of his words. “Newsflash, Y/N, this is real life and I am not perfect. I am nowhere near fucking perfect,” he spat and you bit the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from having a full on breakdown.

“What is your problem, Chris?”

Chris could hear your voice shake and he knew you were crying. He knew he was hurting you and it broke his heart to think that you were crying because of him, but he couldn’t stop the foul words from spilling out of his mouth. “I can’t be the perfect guy you want me to be,” he told you and a whimper escaped your lips. “Your expectations are too high and I don’t know how to live up to them. I thought I did, but-” he swallowed, “I don’t.”

“What are you trying to say?” You breathed and Ava jumped up; she knew exactly what was happening. You waited for him to say something, but he didn’t, so you did. “You know I never asked you to be anyone you weren’t, I never expected anything from you.” Ava tried to take the phone out of your hand, but you moved out of her reach. “But clearly, I was wrong. Clearly…” You trailed off because you couldn’t breathe. “I overreached and this was a huge mistake.”

“Y/N, no! Hang up, hang up now!” Ava hissed at you, but you ignored her with a shake of your head and tears streaming down your face. Both of you were tired and stressed out, neither of you knew what you were doing- you were just doing it. “Give me the phone,” Ava urged, reaching for your phone only to have you dodge her attempts, “give me the phone now!”

“If you don’t want to be with me anymore,” you continued before Chris could process what was happening. “If this is too difficult for you, Chris…” You took a shaky breath, doing everything you could to hold yourself together. “Then let’s just quit while we’re ahead, okay?” You didn’t wait for him to confirm, you just muttered a “okay.”

He finally processed what you were saying and frowned because that wasn’t at all what he wanted, or where he’d imagined your first fight would end. “No no no,” he quickly said before you hung up on him. “No, that’s not what I want. Y/N, I made a promise-”

“It’s fine,” you whispered. “I didn’t expect you to keep your promise anyway, you’re Chris Evans after all and I’m just…me.” You couldn’t hold it together anymore and you knew it was time to hang up. “Consider that letter void,” you managed with your quivering voice. “Like you said, Chris, this is not a story- it’s real life.” You hung up before he could say anything else, slamming your phone on the dining table as your hand flew to your stomach where you felt like you’d just been stab. “Oh my God,” you covered your mouth with your other hand. “What did I just do?”

“Hey,” Ava was quick to go to your aid, placing a comforting hand on your back that you shook off because you knew you’d lose it if you accepted that comfort. “Y/N, you can’t possibly go to work.” She tried to stop you as you grabbed your bag and made your way to the front door. “No!” She ran in front of you and blocked the door, pushing you back with one hand. “You are not going anywhere, you need to process this.”

“I need to go to work,” you told her in the firmest tone you could muster. You heard Dodger bark, but you couldn’t even look his way because he reminded you too much of the guy you’d so carelessly broke up with. “I’m fine, really,” you tried and failed to assure her. “Now please move out of my way because I am really, really late. Please,” you demanded and she reluctantly did as she was told.

The second you stepped out of the house and the door closed behind you, you broke down. You staggered down the first flight of stairs, hiding on the second so Ava couldn’t see you if she came out. You buried your face in your hands and sobbed, wishing you could take back the past five days so you could do it right this time. You had the perfect guy- the man of your dreams, and what did you do? You tossed him aside like he was nothing when he was actually your north, south, east, and west. You wished Chris was wrong, you wished real life was like your stories so you could be less of a fucking idiot and not ruin everything good in your life.

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Part 4

Ten tips for emotional recycling

1. Hold on to your German emotions. You may not see much use for your schadenfreude or weltschmerz, but these feelings have a high scrappage value due to the excessive number of letters used in their manufacture.
2. Hold your anger between the palms of your hands, squeeze it tightly into a bright, flat wedge, and use it to keep your door open. You might as well, right? I mean, it’s probably better than that wooden wedge with the splinters on.
3. Plant your despair on a traffic island somewhere and it will grow into a huge, rustling despair tree. It is completely fucking pointless to do this, but then so is everything else really.
4. In contrast, if you own a traffic island and wish to clear it of despair trees, consider recycling your disgust. Two or three good disgusts are usually good enough to blow down a despair tree. You may not like what you find in the roots, however.
5. And never discard your spent joy. Repackaged joy is much sought after by advertising executives and can be usually redeemed during working hours for a fine selection of penny sweets and notions round the back of your local selling emporium.
6. Similarly, save your disgruntlement against the day that you need to get to sleep in a pig field. You will be glad you did.
7. I once knew someone who went to Tahiti on a whim. You’d never think it, but they can be immensely powerful. And the usefulness of whims does not cease once you stop feeling whimsical: far from it! Keep your whims in a whimloft against the day that you may actually need to go to Tahiti, and relish the savings on journey time and fare that will surely result.
8. And of course I need not tell you that you should be bottling that relish. Never relish something without bottling it. Secondhand relish sells like hot cakes on the black market.
9. Simmering resentment can be used with great success to hold a shelf up. It is better than nails and particularly useful in the case that you have crumbling plaster or inadequate wallplugs.
10. Finally, always remember that boredom is infinitely recyclable. In fact, there is good evidence to suggest that boredom becomes deeper and richer with age and re-use, like a mineshaft full of cheese. Never accept new boredom. You will almost certainly be ripped off. If you have stored your boredom responsibly you will have built up a resource that you can call from again and again over the years to come.

anonymous asked:

heyo- so i have a weird request as in its not like a fic request. im a slytherin and my friends all aren't and they don't seem to get that slytherins aren't inherently bad. I'm shite at explaining it out and youre just so eloquent that I was hoping you could explain why slytherins are great cause the ARE lol

Ok kiddos, buckle up because I’m going to explain to you why Slytherins are great people.

Versatility/Cunning: You could throw a Slytherin into any situation, even at a disadvantage, and they’ll make it work. They change with circumstances, adopt a chameleon personality because they identify what people like and dislike, and therefore shape who they are around them. Now some could interpret this as manipulation or being “fake” but it’s actually a very great tactic for avoiding confrontation or disagreements. An example of how this amazing trait is deployed can be seen in the example of Margaery Tyrell. For those of you who don’t watch GOT, basically Margaery is wed off to a total of 3 people throughout the series, and she changes her personality around each to appease them, therefore being able to have some control over them. 

Neutrality: Slytherins like to hold the middle ground, and are often pragmatic centrists. Many people see this as a weak standpoint, since they are hesitant to pick sides. An example I’ll give for this is video game related (lol soz). Have you ever played an RPG where you had the option of siding with factions? And once you chose, the other became instantly hostile towards you, providing more difficulty to your play-through? Imagine if you (and in some games you can) chose the option to play them both, be friendly with all the sides yet reap the rewards from quests they send you out on. Slytherins simply chose to be smart, only turning on people when they’ve gotten everything that they can get out of them. The best video game play-through would be one that ended with the character playing a moderator between all factions, then choosing their favoured one at the last moment, bringing that faction all the information they had gathered from the other and providing yourself, and your chosen allies, with a major advantage. 

Charisma and Uniqueness: Slytherins, as mentioned above, have Chameleon personalities. They charm the socks off teachers and peers, and can appear to be the wolf in the chicken’s pen. However, if you surpass this initial impression, deep down you’ll find that no two Slytherins are exactly alike. Each has their own passions, their own motives, their own beliefs. Some procure an evil reputation, while others can be extremely kind and empathetic. Just because a few choose to be bad by no means condemns the rest to this fate. Slytherins can use their skills for helpful endeavours, not all of them manipulate others to gain power, some do it just to be able to fit in.

Intelligence/Talent: It is widely known that Slytherins are resourceful, and this even applies to academic endeavours. Sometimes even as smart as Ravenclaws, Slytherins have the ambitious drive that gives them the motivation to seek information, and strive to learn. Albeit sometimes this drive is through competitive attitudes, and sometimes showcases a Slytherin’s proud nature, it certainly isn’t something to underestimate. They can often be seen as being good at everything, and for the most part this inherent talent comes from their over-analytical nature, where they can understand things much quicker and easier than others. Even those Slytherins who don’t appear smart are probably hiding it up their sleeve, in one way or another. Finally, linking this back to resourcefulness, Slytherins are creative when finding solutions, using their wits to solve problems in easy ways. This may make some seem lazy, but in reality they have just found the easiest way to get stuff done. 

Loyalty: Once a Slytherin deems you their friend, you’d have to do something really stupid to lose that friendship. They’re just a fiercely loyal as Gryffindors, and although they may not be as brave, they’ll risk everything for their loved ones. Slytherins can be selfless in this aspect, putting those they care about before even their own ideals and morals. A Slytherin would definitely be the one to call if you need help hiding a body, even though they might not fully agree with the action. 

Leadership: Finally, Slytherins make the best leaders. Gryffindors are great too, but they too heavily rely on moral superiority. Slytherins are commonly utilitarians. They understand sacrifice, and the need to do things for the greater good. An example I like to use for this is one I learnt in my political science class. So, I’ll spare you the minor details but the story goes like this: A man is powering a football stadium holding a 100,000 people. To do so, he has to hold up an electrical lever while standing in water. This electrocutes him, causing great pain, but the people watching are all happy. A Slytherin understands that the main priority of a leader is to maximise happiness and minimise sadness. They will leave the man to suffer, because it means a 100,000 more will be content. A Gryffindor for example, being very noble and kind, will think “what the hell?” and obviously get that man out of there, leaving the football stadium in darkness. Because saving one man won’t affect the others, right? They’re not in pain, so they’ll be fine, a little upset, but fine. But the 100,000 people can’t see in the dark, some will stumble and fall, hurting themselves. Others will take to the streets and riot, after all their day was ruined! The Gryffindor’s choice will lead to say, five thousand people injured and two hundred local businesses ransacked. The electrician will be fine, but at this expense a lot more are hurt. Slytherins see the big picture, the future outcome, whereas others are more focused on the now. They understand that, sadly, others will suffer for the benefit of the majority. It’s nice to think that we can save everyone from pain and suffering, but that’s just not the reality of the world, as Slytherins have come to understand.

Overall, I’d like to summarise with this. Slytherins are seen as evil because they do what is NECESSARY. They are selfish because they know that this world is a harsh place, they are selfless for the same reasons. They know that no one can be 100% bad or good, the world is not that black and white. And if you just take a moment to try to understand, you’ll see that the world needs more people like that. People who really see the truth of things, people who understand: Slytherins

What OW Characters Do When Studying for Finals

Welcome back to another Overwatch College!AU (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ where I tell you what these people do when it come to studying for those dumb finals >:C


  • Studies for finals weeks in advance
  • Got this stuff down to a science. He makes a strict schedule of what classes to study for, how long, and the necessary breaks in between.
  • Often seen in the library in a separate desk so others won’t distract him.
  • Wakes up early to study and doesn’t stop until late at night.  
  • Often teaching others the content and will show them his perfectly written notes.


  • He studies about a week or two before exams start.
  • Never stressed at all. He is always a god student and with his positive nature, he can do anything.
  • Often the friend who insists on making study dates with his friends and other classmates. 
  • Brings a playlist of calm, uplifting music to help everyone study and hopefully feel less overwhelmed. 
  • During break time he likes to move around and do a little dance to keep him awake and energised. 


  • Studies like a few days before exams hit. Honestly, she hates studying and dreads the second she has to open a book.
  • She often has missing notes from the days she missed and is always asking *cough cough* Lucio for the notes.
  • Can only study with a pile of snacks near her.
  • If someone doesn’t quiz her she might not know the answer. Her friends often make studying into a game since we all know how competitive D.Va can get (she always wins)
  • Overall, she doesn’t get stressed but sometimes she gets distracted and needs someone to motivate her and keep her on track. Always does amazing on her tests.

Jack Morrison:

  • He takes his studying pretty seriously but not like Hanzo.
  • Has to wake up first thing in the morning to work out and get that body moving. If he doesn’t he will struggle to focus.
  • Often will be spotted in his room or the common lounge, silently studying. 
  • Sometimes he gets worked up and stressed out when he doesn’t understand a certain concept that is crucial to the final exam. Luckily with his friend Reyes, he is able to calm down and not kick himself for not understanding the content.
  • Have you ever seen a guy do push-ups while reading a textbook? Well, Jack does it to get the physical and mental benefits.


  • She doesn’t like studying at all and will often have to be pushed be someone to do it.
  • Probably study a few days before her exams and always has Mei to help her. Mei is a great teacher and makes it easy for Zarya to understand.
  • Would rather be working out or playing sports rather than studying. 
  • Often times she needs a reward of some sort to motivate her to do well. The sooner she answers the questions correctly, the sooner she can leave and do whatever she wants.
  • Zarya is the goddess when it comes to exams related to the human anatomy. Like wth girl knows her stuff.


  • Studying is part of this girls daily routine to the point that she doesn’t need to study because she has a terrific memory and is already going to pass the exams with flying colours.
  • Her notes are absolute perfection and when she preps her working space, everything is aligned to look professional and satisfying in her eyes.
  • Very silent and likes to be in quiet spaces. Music or loud conversations only distract her so if you need some help from Symmetra she will be difficult to find. 
  • While she may look unapproachable, she doesn’t mind helping you with your material and cleaning up your notes for you. She’s really nice! 

(more content of this to come!)

~Mod Rose

Study Like Asian .

“No matter how good you are there will always be an Asian better than you.” Ever heard this before? How do we accomplish this? This post is going to talk about various ways we Asians strive to achieve excellence in the field of academics. While this all may sound a bit extreme it is what we do.

Study as soon as you get home.

As soon as you get home , have a quick meal and immediately start studying. Don’t start laying around the home with your mobile and/or laptop. Our brain is already in a frame of mind of studying and our way from school to home acts as a break.

Set Goals

Know what you have to accomplish that day. Note them all down. Have them in front of you the entire study session.

Study until you drop

Breaks ain’t a concept in our vocabulary. Start studying and keep on studying until you are completely drained. Then take a break. Every time you feel like taking a break push yourself for 5 minutes more. If you still need a break then take one.

Have reference materials

Studying from one source can get really boring. Research about that topic and keep on finding out more information such that your studies and answers have enhanced a lot.

Write things down

You will rarely see an Asian who types all in notes. Especially if he is studying in Asia. Writing everything stores stuff in your memory more than typing it. So while we may have a lot of our assignments to be done on the laptop at the end of the day we return to our good old notebooks and pens.

We study for exams keeping in mind what can be asked

While studying for exams we keep our exams in the forefront of our minds and study according to what will be asked in the exam. We try our level best to predict what’s going to come in our exams.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a living with Jumin headcon? Your headcons really good! (sorry for the bad English)

(Don’t worry anon!! Your english is great! and yes of course, prepare for an onslaught of fluff!)

-Of course he booked the day off work when you moved in, even if he had a day full of meetings, he just asked Jaehee to reschedule them all
-asks over and over if you have everything you need to feel at home
-will literally have anything you want in minutes, his hand moves so quickly to his phone you don’t even have a moment to let him know its fine
-even if you tried to stop him he’d insist
-just wants his kitten to be happy
-you tell him all you need is him, and he gives you a confused look
-”Surely I’m not enough, but you know I’ll always available for you”
-you often giggle when he gets confused, isn’t his obliviousness adorable? 
-he loves it when you smile
-he can’t resist kissing you when you look at him with so much love and a huge smile on your face
-even if his intent was only to kiss you once, he’ll keep coming back for longer and more drawn out kisses
-he’s cancelled meetings because he couldn’t get enough of you
-Jaehee keeps asking you to stop kissing him before he leaves for work
-he likes to buy you new clothes
-especially things he thinks you’d look hot in
-most of the time if he comes home to find you in one, it’s straight to the bedroom
-the exception being one day when he came home to find you playing with Elizabeth 3rd
-he just watched and smiled and wished the moment would never end
-sometimes when he’s late you’ll fall asleep with Elizabeth 3rd in weird places, trying to wait up for him
-he’s come home to you passed out on the couch with two glasses of wine poured for his return
-he wishes he wouldn’t work such late nights, and scoops you up to bring you to the bed
-on nights he is home though, he loves long romantic nights together
-getting dressed up for a night in is one of his favourites
-no hassle of seeing other people, and he gets to be with his kitten
-he can never take his eyes off of you and often has a hand on you the entire night
-he’ll call in the best of his chefs for a 5 star meal and the best bottle of wine money can buy
-as much as he would love to have a band playing romantic music, he settles for a vinyl record since he just wants it to be the two of you
-ends the evening with a lovely bath together, filled with snuggling and kisses
-he’s never been one for small kisses but loves when you pepper them all over his face and neck
-he loves falling asleep to the sound of your voice, asks if you can sing to him until he falls asleep
-even if you think you can’t sing, he can’t get enough of your voice
-you’re always the little spoon, he never lets go of you throughout the night
-+1 cuddle buddy, Elizabeth 3rd comes to curl up by your face
-nothing makes Jumin happier then waking up to see his two favourites snuggled up beside him
-if you’re sad or something feels off he’ll completely forget about anything work related
-this man has tunnel vision when it comes to making sure you’re happy and safe
-he almost has a 6th sense about you, he always seems to call the second you feel even a little sad
-will bring you to work if he can’t avoid going in
-lets you sit in his office at his desk with him
-you’re such a distraction but he couldn’t just leave you alone
-it’s not like he’s complaining, though
-if he could have you beside him all day, every day, he would
-if someone questions why you’re there, he’ll just glare at them and tell them it’s none of their business.
-as soon as everything done you get dragged home for some quiet time together
-he may not be the best at expressing emotion but he’s good at listening
-will wipe tears off your face and hold you until all you can feel is his love
-don’t forget deep emotional kisses, even without words, he finds ways to convey his emotions for you
-you love teaching him how to do small things he’s never had a need to learn
-baking cookies being one that both of you enjoy
-especially because he likes doing things like licking dough off your hands
-he really loves to indulge you in things you love
-he has no interest in doing things like watching youtube videos
-but will cuddle up with you and watch them for hours
-though, it’s most likely his attention is on you, not the videos
-long story short
-he’s a sweet heart and tries his best
-and you love being able to spoil him a way money can’t~

Sort yourself out

you spend enough time pleasing everyone, you’ll forget how to please yourself. you spend enough time always empathizing and being as understanding as possible to people, you’ll believe the feelings you’re feeling are yours. people project. if you don’t spend enough time understanding yourself, you’ll be lost in other’s emotions. wondering, did i really feel that way. is that really what i wanted? what the fuck was i thinking? take care of you. sort yourself out, or you’ll be sorted in the most unrecognizable ways. to put it simply, imagine someone just cleaned your room for you. they put everything where THEY thought it looked best, or made sense. now you can’t find anything, because nothing is where you’re used to looking or where you’d look. it’s there, but not in positions that work for you. get it? sort yourself out.

Dear Middle School Me,
In these three years of your life, you are going to go through some pretty crazy highs and lows and ups and downs. You’re going to hit rock bottom a couple of times, but you’re also going to find that the rainbow comes right after the hurricane and you’re going to be really really happy. I promise. I know that it might seem like you’re worthless compared to your friends or that no one pays enough attention to you to notice how sad you really are or you’re untalented and won’t ever be good enough or you’re undeserving of love. You’re not. I promise you that you are not. For a long time you’re going to surround yourself with people who don’t believe in you and people who care more about themselves than your feelings and people who you think are saving you, but are actually just numbing it for a while. You are going to feel so so so lost and alone and you’re going to leave middle school a little smarter, but with no idea who you are or what you want or where you are going. But you also leave middle school knowing who to keep around, who to part ways with, and most importantly, who will support you and make you feel loved and happy and wonderful all the time. Even at your worst. High school is going to open your eyes to who you are and what you’ll become and it’s so freaking exciting. I know you may not see a clear or realistic direction for yourself, but there is one. And spoiler alert: you won’t find it in middle school. You see, everything that seems so big and so wild and so important in middle school really aren’t. They’ll seem so huge and momentous and life-changing, but once they’re over and your world gets a little bigger, those things seem so trivial. You’re going to sob your eyes out at graduation because you will never talk to most of those people again, and you’re right. You won’t. But the thing is that you won’t need to, and won’t even particularly want to. Because when you’re forced to step away and look at your life from an even further perspective, you don’t need a million people to like you, or even love you- you only need the ones who matter. And the people who matter to you now will be so different in a year and two years and three years down the line, but that’s for you to discover. Just remember that middle school is not your peak and it is not the most important part of your life and the people you consider family will be strangers within a year or two. Maybe that’s sad and maybe it isn’t, but I promise that it’s okay and it’s exciting and it’s not as horrible as it probably sounds to you right now. Know that there are people that love you and people in your future that will be so worth meeting. Know that you’re loved and even though you’ll do a lot (A LOT) of really stupid things, you won’t regret a single one because they’ll make great stories someday and even though they’ll make you cringe, at least you know that you’re an original and not just another vanilla human being. Enjoy not having to worry about finals or college or your future ahead of you, because once you hit 9th grade it all comes crashing in at once. Enjoy not being old enough to stay up after 11 and enjoy not having to be at 14 hour rehearsals and actually having free time. Enjoy not having braces. Enjoy being a kid, actually a kid, without having to worry about *dun dun dun* looming adulthood. You’ll be okay, even when you don’t think you’ll be and the best is always right around the corner. Always. Even if it’s a really long corner.
Love Always,
—  A Letter to Middle School Me

How to: Organize your Desk / Studyspot

Since I find it really important to have a Place where you can enjoy studying, I collected some tips that may help you with your Desk organization :)

  1.  Get rid of everything that can distract you ! And with everything I mean every-thing ( Phone,Magazines,Books,Papers,…)
  2. You need enough light and fresh air ! Try to move your desk as close as possible to your window. ( Add extra lights if it’s still not bright enough -> Ikea has nice desk lamps)
  3. Place all your Supllies (markers,sticky notes,etc.) on/next to your desk!
  4. Try to store ALL your needed Books/ Lectures as close as possible so you won’t get the chance to get distracted while looking for them !
  5. WATER WATER WATER! Store a bottle of water on your desk - you and your brain will need it :)
  6. Add little things that you like to have around you:

        - I like to light some candles

        - Pictures and motivating Quotes

        - Flowers are always a nice idea :))

-> You should organize it the way you have the most free space to work on

**Note: These are just things I’m enjoying so far you don’t have to go for all of them !:)

I hope this post helps you out like it does for me! If you have questions or suggestions for a new post you can always message me :)

Happy Studying Friends !x 

rockstarlandis  asked:

College starts next week so I will be too occupied to be on Tumblr unfortunately and since the idea box is closing at high noon tomorrow, I would like to ask a final request. I never seen Primus or Unicron mentioned at all on any Transformers blog. May I request romantic headcannons for TFP Primus and Unicron with an extremely lucky female human s/o?

(… I never really thought about them. It’s like wanted to date the Pacific Rim Jaegers. It’s p baddd. Idk, so here’s some horribly defensively gloomy and offensively upbeat stufffff.)


  • He’s a really cool dude, despite everything you’ve heard about him.
  • You probably meet him on accident when he decided to take a physical form, but his mistake was that he ended up on earth, and now he needed help finding the Autobots and getting back to Cybertron’s core. Even if he is a god, he’s wayy to far away from home to take back his spiritual form (?)
  • (leave a reply saying something random and I’LL WRITE IT as a Fanfiction!)
  • He speaks the old-timey language, so like ‘thus’ and ‘shall’. And sometimes in riddles. So if you can deal with that you are in the kill zone. (erm… dating zone?)
  • And he’s really cuddly and affectionate. He doesn’t act like a king or a god, he’s really kind and will try to provide for the helpless.
  • And he never treats you like you’re lower than him, he’s a really accepting person and is never really a mean person.


  • He’s an asshole who, unlike Primus, is a douche that acts all high and mighty.
  • So if you really want to impress it better be saving his ass from himself.
  • Anyway, he’d deny any feelings for you, a mortal human, until much later after friendship.
  • And when it comes to being his conjux, he’s super protective.
  • He treats you like a literally GODDESS.
  • And he’s strangely romantic when it comes to actual gestures.
  • Like, he’ll set up a cute little dream spot for a picnic under an apple tree (or whatever you’re into.)

anonymous asked:

I am planning on getting a dog in a few months (not my first, but first since becoming an adult so it's been awhile) and was wondering if you had any recommendations for dog/puppy training books or other resources for beginners? Like a good 101 crash course type to get started. I'm tentative to just Google it because I know there's so much misinformation out there. I want to start doing research and learning now so I have a game plan and I'm not scrambling for info once I already have the pup.

I like the Focused Puppy by Deb Jones and Judy Keller. It’s aimed at sports prospects, but the skills are great for any dog. It covers all the basics and includes how to deal with normal puppy behaviours you may find problematic.

Control Unleashed Puppy has fantastic exercises but can be difficult to read and make sense of. Fortunately, there are several DVDs based on the book that cover the same exercises. These are all based on impulse control and building value in working with you.

If you really want lots of hand holding to ensure you get everything just how the trainer intended, Sue Ailsby’s Training Levels are the most detailed training instructions I’ve ever seen. They cover all the obedience and focus skills your dog will need through their life all broken down into small bits for easy training.

ETA: There’s a Training Levels Yahoo group jic anyone is interested in joining up.

You Know, those of you saying Dan should upgrade from Phil and date a model bc Phil isn’t attractive or Dan can do better, apart from clearly being blind, need to realise that DAN DOES NOT WANT ANYBODY ELSE.

Are you so stupid to think that what you say about Phil doesn’t also upset Dan? I don’t care if you think they are a couple or not, but when you hate on Phil you hate on Dan too bc this is his best friend, his life, his soulmate.

Do you really think Dan sees these posts and thinks, oh wow yes you’re right.. my god I can do so much better I’d better go find somebody more attractive…. REALLY????? no, he gets hurt and upset by you being mean to Phil… and no doubt thinks how disgusting you are for what you say. Is that really how you want Dan to think of you? 

You may think Dan needs somebody better, but he does not and Phil is not just stunning but the whole package, loving, caring, funny, intelligent, everything you could want and Dan knows he is incredibly lucky to be with him and that has not changed since 2009 and is not going to change anytime soon.

anonymous asked:

Any advice for first starting and art blog??

  1. Make art. So much art. The only way to get noticed and run a ‘successful’ art blog is to make content that people notice. This doesn’t mean that you have to post daily (however it is good to still practice art daily/as often as you can, for then you can truly improve!) but it’s important to try and post things several times a week, even if they’re smaller doodles. I’ve fallen into another fandom at the moment so I’m still posting art all the time, just on a different blog than this one, and let me tell you that I’ve grown much faster on that blog than I have on this one.
  2. Only the first five tags matter. I know a lot of people tag like 20 things, or they’ll ramble a bit at the beginning of their tags, but Tumblr only tracks the first five tags. So if you tag “spaghetti” as your seventh tag, and you search “spaghetti” on Tumblr, it won’t show up. So tag the most important and searchable tags first and then ramble later.
  3. Don’t use too many tags. I haven’t tested this but I read somewhere that if you have too many tags, Tumblr may mark it as potential spam and thus it won’t show up in the search that way either. So try not to make too many tags with you rambling. I know I do that a lot so I have to be very conscious on it when I post my original art.
  4. Have creative tags! People love good tags; or at least, I do. I’m not very creative since I have the simplest of simple art tags (#xaandiir art…..very clever). But having a clever doodle tag or other kind of tagging system is appealing. Having a clean and organized way for people to search through your art/blog is also extremely important! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to look through someone’s blog for a specific fandom or just through their art tag and they use 5 different tags that you have to search individually.
  5. Use a clean and appealing theme. Tumblr is about aesthetic and how things look. Using default themes can make you seem inexperienced and that might lose you some interest. It’s also good to keep an appealing mobile design since that’s how a lot of people will see your blog. Have a good avatar and keep your description short but sweet and easy to understand.
  6. Make a “brand” for yourself. When I started my art blog here, and essentially cleaned everything out, I decided I was never going to change my URL of xaandiir. You want people to know you. If you’re constantly changing your URL then it will be hard for people to properly find you. You need to settle on something and then stick with it, if you can. I didn’t know how well xaandiir would grow on me. It was just something that I came up with and decided to use, and it turned out that it fits me pretty well! It may take time for that brand to really fit, but then you should stick with it!

Now I’m by no means a professional or “successful” art blog, but these are things I’ve seen from people more popular than me and also have helped me grow faster than when I first started. It’s also a good idea to keep your art blog separate from your fandom blog, which is why I started a different personal blog for where I reblog my fandom stuff and keep this one as where I have my art tutorials and post my art content and writing and such!

Oh! And I nearly forgot the most important bit! Make artist friends!! It may be intimidating, but becoming friends with other artists can give you people to talk to and get opinions about your art (so you can grow) and then you can also promote one another on your blogs and grow together. Having an art community between you and your friends is really important and so it’s good to approach artists that you admire, even if it might be intimidating.

There are hundreds and hundreds of bullet journal tutorials out there on the interwebs, so I’ll leave the nitty-gritty basics to other people who can explain things more eloquently.

I’m here to focus on the meat of the bullet journal- mainly the monthly spreads. You can make your monthly spreads as minimalistic or as decorative as possible. 

1. The Monthly Page + Month at a Glance 

This page doesn’t have to take up an entire page, but I like how it creates a division between each month. I also get to decorate a little more and usually also put a monthly calendar here so I don’t have to keep flipping back and forth in my journal. This page also sets the theme and color scheme for the month that I try to stick to.

Also, notice the washi tape on the edge of the page. This is how I bookmark the page to block off the month. 

2. (optional) Quote of the Month + Word of the Month

This was something I decided to start this month, and I thought it would give me some inspiration. It’s totally optional and you can even include something else here, or skip straight to the next page.

3. Habit Tracker + Mood Tracker + (Study Tracker) + (Spending Tracker)

I have found that habit trackers really work for me because it’s a way I can keep myself accountable. I love filling in the little squares at the end of each day and seeing what I have accomplished. I also like mood trackers because I have made myself become more aware of my mental health, and this is one way I personally take care of myself. Once school starts, I might even start a study tracker to see how I balance studying for each of my classes. Another idea is starting a spending tracker for each month. I personally have one that I use for the entire year.

4. Goals + Highlights + Future Planning

Setting concrete goals makes me feel like I have something to work towards, so I am more likely to complete them. I also like having a highlights section because I like to look back on all the great things that happened that month. The future planning section is for plans that I have and things I have to do that don’t have a set date yet. I might set a more concrete date for these tasks later in my monthly or weekly overview. 

5. Monthly Overview

Here, I have each day of the month and any set events and tasks in the future. I can glance back at this page when I make my weekly and daily spreads. It helps me make sure that I don’t miss out on anything I need to do.

6. Weekly Overview

I go an extra step and make a weekly overview of my busy life. I write down any events and tasks I have to keep in mind for that week. However, I usually don’t have space on everything I have to do on a daily basis so that’s what my daily spreads are for. Putting this weekly overview in is what really sold me on the bullet journal because I didn’t like putting in sticky notes for events in the near future that I didn’t have any space for. I know that some people may find this repetitive, but I really like the funneling aspect of it, and once again, you don’t have to include this weekly overview if you don’t want to. That’s the beauty of a bullet journal: you get to customize it to your needs. 

7. Daily Overview + Quote of the Week

This is where my daily planning takes place, and where I spend the majority of my week. I don’t constrain myself to a list length for each day, and I really like the freedom that this offers me. I make sure to put in any pre-scheduled events from my weekly and monthly overviews as well as any tasks I have to do for that single day. In the summer, I’m not ~as~ busy with school, so I usually only use a single page for the daily spreads. This might change during the school year though, but that’s what the bullet journal is for! I also like putting a quote I can refer back to.