and max adler in sab

Girl on the cliff... Fangirl on tears

J&K finding out all the secrets

Bay and Emmett are announced Prom Queen and King, Bay’s reaction

The dress code

Daphne takes the drugs out of the cabinet

That look between Regina and Wes

Wes mentions the security cameras

Daphne decides not to take the drugs

Bay’s dress

Bio mother-daughter moment

Daphne gets fired

Bay’s new outfit, Mary Beth and Natalie showing up wearing tuxes

Regina telling Daphne off

Toby and Tank bro moment

The prom squad walks in

Bemmett moment, “You really are pretty incredible”

The slow dance scene

Realizing Emmett never got to see Bay’s dress

Another bio mother-daughter moment, and Daphne and Regina finally make up

The promo: another finale with Daphne at risk of being in jail


Nyle DiMarco as Garrett on Switched at Birth. Aired September 28.