and matts

  • Matt: I didn’t wanna do this, but I do know one way we could get the money
  • Jess: You’d make a decent prostitute
  • Matt: I’d make an amazing prostitute. But that’s not it

Top 10 Anime Crossovers Premiering Tomorrow On GMA


I’ve seen a lot of this so I thought of doing it as well. I showed my 12-yeard-old brother these pictures and this is how it turned out.

So… I’m proud to present: 


  • Good person
  • Gets angry a lot
  • Defends his loved ones
  • Japanese
  • Likes leading, punching and travelling
  • “His hobby is being your wallpaper”


  • Will fight you
  • Japanese
  • He’s on the good side
  • “In his free time he likes to… fight”
  • Tired™
  • Needs a hug


  • Shy
  • Spicy
  • Intelligent
  • “It’s a girl? Then, she is MRS. Spicy”
  • Good side
  • From the USA
  • Likes cooking
  • Types at the speed of light


  • Pokemon trainer
  • Trains dragon type pokemons
  • Gyrados, Aerodactyl, Charizard and three Dragonites
  • Jhoto, born and raised
  • “Of course he is good, he is Lance”
  • The prettiest
  • Gay
  • “Lance is the best”


  • Loyal
  • Good
  • Venezuelan
  • Likes eating
  • Would win Master Chef Venezuela


  • Katara after the fire nation attacked
  • Old
  • Fast and fourious
  • Good
  • A fucking goddess

“If they have those helmets, they are good”


  • A little vain
  • Rich man
  • Moustache 10/10
  • Good
  • “Where is he from? The internet!”


  • Evil
  • Emperor
  • Leader of the mean kids
  • Defensive
  • From Germany
  • Can find love


  • Red Skull’s girlfriend
  • “See? I told you he could find love”
  • Satanic
  • Her eyes were took in a surgey and replaced with light bulbs
  • Evil
  • Dementor
  • Her hobby is scaring Harry Potter
  • From Hogwarts


  • Quiet
  • Neutral
  • The same surgey as Pink Skull
  • From The Magic Mushroom Kingdom


  • Spicy
  • Mrs. Spicy’s brother
  • Complaining™
  • Scientist
  • Would fly to planet Irken
  • Good
  • “He is gay? Then, he would date Jhon” (I’m so proud of this boy)


  • Evil
  • “Eviling” is his hobby
  • Takes flowers from his armpit
  • Mashroom Kingdom


  • Dating white-haired Waluigi
  • Depressed
  • Likes watching gladiator fights
  • Evil
  • Mashroom kingdom


  • Burned Starfire
  • Likes throwing lasers
  • Spicy faces
  • Evil
  • “Eviling”
  • From: Bolivia but in Tamaran
  • Prettiest evil girl


  • Evil
  • Hobby: controling things
  • Throws “The Chancla” to her kids
  • Mean kitty
  • From Neptune


  • Screaming™
  • Cries because there are no eyes on her face
  • “She uses a cat to see” “How did I knew? She always has a cat on her shoulder”
  • From Europe

Shiro facts:

  • In elementary school he was labelled as a ‘gifted’ child and he’s spent his entire adult life working his ass off to keep up the ruse.
  • He and Matt switch off on being the responsible one when they’re together.
    • On that note, 70% of Shiro’s common sense goes out the window the moment he’s in the same room as Matt.
    • Conversely, Shiro becomes 120% more responsible when he’s in the same room as Keith.
    • When the three of them are all together, Shiro’s number one priority becomes keeping Keith alive, while Matt is focused on keeping Shiro alive.
  • Shiro basically took every mistake he ever made with Keith (which was a lot) and learned from them just in time for him to become a big brother to Pidge.
  • A lot of people assume Shiro is just another Garrison-jock but he’s surprisingly well-versed in a lot of science and technology due to all the time he’s spent around the Holts.
  • When he was a student, Shiro owned a pair of weed socks and he always wore them whenever he had an important flight/flight test because they gave him +10 confidence.
    • He also did this as an instructor.
  • Shiro probably should start wearing glasses, but he’s been making fun of Matt for so long (Shiro: (Matt voice) my glasses!! I can’t see without my glasses!! Matt: Haha, let’s see where you’ll be in twenty years, asshole) that he now stubbornly refuses to get a pair. His eyesight is still okay, but he refuses to acknowledge the inevitable.
Important Screenshots From The New Voltron S4 Trailer

and my interpretations/analysis

Where is Keith?

Seriously, where is he? Are they actually making plans and working without him?? Is he off sulking somewhere or is he on a mission by himself?

Lance is adorable. Nuff said.

ROLO AND NYMA HAVE RETURNED. Also: just Hunk and Pidge here, so they’ve split up to do missions again? Is the other pairing Lance and Keith..? >.> 

It kind of looks like the Marmorites are mourning someone here, no? But the only other named member we know is Kolivan? Unless that’s meant to be Keith in the suit there holding his blade, hence why he was missing from the group earlier…? It does look a bit buff to be him though so maybe I’m reading into this too much haha.

Lotor is only walking with Narti here - Kova is keeping a close eye on him for Haggar?

Multiple rebel ships here being shot at - and this is on the line “with their help”, so I think it’s safe to assume the coalition is fighting back.

They do form Voltron at a ‘join the coalition’ show, so Keith is in fact there for at least one.

I still believe that Lotor is attacking Narti and/or Kova in this clip, given the shocked expressions on the other generals’ faces.

The camera tracks this one rebel ship in particular - so is this Rolo and Nyma, or perhaps Matt’s band of rebel fighters we’re seeing here?

Pidge alone off on her mission to save Matt, surely.

A Black Lion roar again? Is.. the real Shiro back? Or is somebody.. else.. flying the Black Lion??

I’m not really sure what to make of these two other than Acxa seems anxious to see Lotor’s response at first, but then she looks off to the side (still pretty worried, it looks) and begins to move her mouth in order to say something - to shout an order maybe. Is Voltron taking their ship? Idk

Well Keith is definitely in Black here - and he still wants to take Lotor fucking down lmaoo

The castle’s particle barrier is damaged. “We have them right where we want them.” It’s.. not a good sign.

I thought Red was missing from this shot and I was about to scream whERE TF IS LANCE but -

- OH, nope, nope he’s okay, he was just behind Black, it’s fine… It’s not like I’m deathly worried about him or anything.

Lotor is in the ship he built from the meteor instead of Narti or Acxa?

Space mall !!!!!!

Aaand we still do not know who Lance is blushing at here. But I almost want to assume that it could be Nyma now that we know she’s back?? That could be hers and Rolo’s ship in the background there? Idk, still hoping it’s Keith lol

anonymous asked:

Hi do you have pics of Matt and Esther with Harry and Shelby I love their friendship thanks

Okay so there aren’t that many with all 4 of them (if anyone has any more reblog with them) but they attended the GLAAD awards together

And they spent New Years 2017 together (with Kat)

But honestly if we’re going to talk about Esther and Shelby.. then I’m here for it because have you seen these two?!

Their friendship is so PURE????

(Sarah, Esther, Cat (Matt’s sister) and Shelby)

Like honestly….. Esther used #shesther as a hastag. WHAT. A. BABE.

(via Harry’s instagram story)

Like…. SHELBY!

And honestly can we discuss how supportive of their boyfriend(fiance?)/husband they are?!!?!!?! 

Honestly….. this quartet is my life. As is shumdario. As is #SHESTHER