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Hello! If prompts are still open, could I please request a Daredevil something, with Matt reflexively reacting to a situation, (maybe from being touched while sleeping) and the afterwards of that? MattFoggy would be great in some capacity, but I'd be just as happy with Gen. Or if you'd rather, then SamSteve, eating (maybe making?) a lot of good food they both really like. Thank you.

(Five times Foggy wakes Matt up and one time they talk about it. Pre-shippy, I couldn’t swing a kiss, but very close. NOTE: Matt does wake up violently twice and expecting violence once, but no one is injured, and while reasons for this are briefly touched on, there’s nothing explicit.)


Foggy ducks the swing, but just barely, and he reels back so fast he almost gets dumped on his ass tripping over the edge of their rug. “Jesus, Matt, you’ve got some right hook. You’re dreaming, buddy.”

Matt is awake now, his eyes are open, but he’s staring at the ceiling and his breathing is ragged. “You—you're—Foggy, did I hurt you?” His eyes are tracking around like he’s looking for something, like maybe he can see Foggy standing a few feet away. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fast like a ninja. I was just worried. You seemed to be having a pretty upsetting dream.”

“You probably …” Matt heaves in a breath. “You probably shouldn’t wake me up when I’m having upsetting dreams. I’m sorry.”

Foggy has only been Matt’s roommate a couple of weeks, but he’s pretty quick. He knows Matt’s got a lot in his past, and it probably doesn’t stop with a life-changing accident and a dead dad, though God knows that would be enough to give him nightmares for life. He doesn’t think he would come out of a nightmare about his dad dying punching whoever was touching him, though.

“Yeah. Sorry for waking you.” He takes a big step back. “Let me know if you want me to make cocoa or something. I’ve been studying, so I’m not asleep or anything.”

There’s a pause. “Yeah,” Matt finally says, but there’s nothing after that, and Foggy goes back to studying until he hears Matt’s breath even out again.

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