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Two minor, surreptitious things I like in the PGSM Special Act:

- the hints that Usagi is already pregnant, given her unexplained attack of nausea at the restaurant and her gushing over children’s clothes and a baby doll while shopping with Mamoru

- there is a huge turtle cushion on Makoto’s couch.  When she and Luna need to go out and find the magic sword of magic, they run straight out of the house and get into Motoki’s green Nissan full of turtle plushies and crap.  It’s parked outside Mako’s house and she expects it to be there.  Mako and Motoki are living together, my friends.


Hey you guys so it finally decides to publish… sorry for the wait. What im thinking i’ll do is im going to make three separate RUCAS/REYTON collages and then when that’s done with at the end of season 3 ill combine all three vids and make a massive RUCAS/REYTON movie using the collages plus some clips and other things. :)  so all i need you guys to do is send me some RUCAS/REYTON pics either on here tumblr or on insta @rucaslovingxx whenever like i don’t mind but keep doing it till the end of season 3 :) im also thinking of doing a giveaway but im not 100% sure yet so keep an eye out for that aswell… anyway i hope you like one of the first collages, this actually kinda made me tear up but also feel happy because there story is growing and its only going to get better so don’t give up on hope….enjoy it aswell as i did&let me know what you think :) xx  


Draw Yourself Series: Put a series (Game, anime, show) and I’ll draw myself as though I were from that series.

Oh man the nostalgia. If I were from Naruto, I most likely would have been from Sunagakure, but given my pacifist nature as a child, I’d have dropped out of school to be a traveling performer in a heartbeat. Some things stuck from those days, like the thigh wrap and pouch.

I have a half Tasuki to free up my right arm so I can draw and do other things. Not shown is a massive crap-and-scroll-covered backpack. The large necklace was probably a gift.

Cartoon by Edmund Duffy, Saturday Evening Post, 10 December 1955

This needs to be unpacked a little:

Guy on the right is labelled “The (New Look) Soviets”, holding a gun to the head of guy labelled “The Satellites”.

The New Look was the name of President Eisenhower’s security policy, adapted in 1955, which brought changes to the United States’s position on European defense and nuclear weapons (among other things, it inaugurated the doctrine of massive retaliation). When, after Stalin’s death, Soviet foreign policy underwent changes as well, American commentators dubbed the new stance of the USSR the ‘Soviet New Look.’ A major theme of hardline American anti-communists at this time was that despite apparent changes to the system (namely de-Stalinization), the Soviet Union was underneath the same as ever and still needed to be contained by American power. Making this case, Duffy’s cartoon points to Soviet relations with its satellite countries in Eastern Europe – the Soviet ‘New Look’ smiles at them and calls them comrade, but all the while keeps a gun to their head.

ok the other thing is ive been massively detached from tumblr culture since i got rly involved in being homeless so in the process i got into a monogamous relationship with a guy and sometimes im just like… this is gr8 i dont have to worry about crying every single day watching him kiss someone else (which has Happened 2 Me) but on the other hand… yeesh

I feel SO accomplished today.

I finally secured the bookshelf I bought ages ago to the wall and put away my DVD collection in it. Now it won’t tip over and smash its glass door front when you… walk by it… breathe on it… someone six states away farts.

Also measured (badly) and cut the last of the trim that was to sit on the threshold outside my sliding glass doors. It ain’t perfect, but at least now I don’t have this stray piece of trim sitting in my living room.

Also made the first final (in out of three finals) plans for my MASSIVE bathroom (among other things) remodel for my house today. 

It’s been a busy day.

anonymous asked:

So, MunBun, who'd you say would be the perfect voice actor for Oliver?

((I’ve answered this before but… I picture Oliver would be voiced by Lucien Dodge, the one who voices Dust from Dust An Elysian Tail, he’s also done some other things like apparently an audio book)) 


I was tagged by @pika-robot-frost-squirrel …so…hem.

Name: Hannah Butts

Nickname:Hand, Mega, sorry,handa,han,hanny

Favorite Characters:Parappa,pj berri,blue pearl,boxyboy

Favorite Famous People:Damon albarn

Favorite Books: speak

Favorite Band: gorillaz, massive attack, blur..among other things

Last thing I Googled: the first Gohan

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2. I am v lonely.

Gender: F

Height: 5'6

Sexual Orientation: n a jsieuwhdkans

Romantic Orientation: ajiqjshxywbz

Favorite Color: red

Time Right Now: 7:14pm

Average Hours of Sleep: what

Dream Trip: hone

Dream Job:none

What I’m wearing at this moment: loneliness.

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Does immigration depend on nation of origin?

If people Estonian people wanted to move to America, would that be an issue?

Plenty of Koreans have moved to America, and didn’t see a massive increase in crime and other horrible things. We’ve had many people from China enter America, but did this lead to dangerously high amount of sexual assaults? America has a lot of people that are Jewish, Danish, Swedish, and Flemish, but this didn’t have a detrimental impact on the country. And these aren’t even people of the dominant nationality.

Guys, when we’re critical of “immigration”, we’re critical of people whose cultures are virtually incompatible with our’s in every damn way.

Xenophobia would be an opposition towards all foreign cultures.

Back in the 1980’s there was a lot of fear and anxiety about the USSR and the USA and their massive nuclear arsenals aimed at each other…. things have changed.

The wall came down.

And you don’t hear too much about the possibility of nuclear war in the news these days…

I’m not sure where all these weapons went but I still think we need to be praying for peace….however you do that… this song is my “prayer”.

Spend a Romantic Weekend in New Braunfels/Gruene TX

One of my favorite quaint get-away destinations in Texas is the historic Gruene and New Braunfels area. These are a few pics from our most recent little romantic weekend in the area. 

 If you are ever in New Braunfels, don’t leave without going to 2 Tarts bakery. I could live on their banana french macrons for the rest of my life. Also, if you’re on instagram, follow @2tartsbakery because they post their adorable and creative desserts and custom cakes daily. I’m obsessed.

The Gristmill is where you’ll want to be if you’re looking for a charmingly refreshing river-side dinner that’s casual and family-friendly, with quality food, pretty drinks in mason jars, white string lights for ambiance, and huge open windows overlooking the Guadalupe river. They also have MASSIVE onion rings. 

Other things I recommend are checking out The River House Tea Room for a peaceful brunch spot (also they do High Tea, it’s hard to find that around here), Huisache Grill and Wine Bar for a serene atmosphere and beautifully landscaped/manicured outdoor seating area (with a few little surrounding shops—also, lots of wine), and visiting Old Gruene Market Days which is a weekend-long arts/crafts fair that is held once a month. See the site for a schedule

Also, as I included proof of in the last photo of a random house we passed, there are deer EVERYWHERE. Deer walk around casually everywhere like they’re tourists. It’s adorable.

I hope this is helpful to anyone thinking about visiting this area. :)

HEADCANON - family

Akari has a mother, a father, and an older sister. Her parents are often away at work, though they do get holidays off. She loves her parents very much.

Akari’s older sister, Akane, is a university student who lives at home. Her classes are often at around the same time as Akari’s, though she doesn’t have them five days a week. She also goes on some weekends. Akari loves her sister very much, though not as much as Akane loves her.

Maybe it's just me becoming irreparably old and boring....

….but I’m shocked by the Young Adult my 13 old cousin is reading and not in a good way. O.o

I literally want to reboot Nick again.

with a different URL.

Advantages of Volition Professional Auto Locksmith

At not singular point in our lives, we in the aggregate trouble the services of qualified, consultant auto locksmiths. If you boast lost your Huntington Beach refrigerator car keys and have desperately searched in furtherance of a locksmith, you would know that there are no few of the ingroup offering their services. It is inlet your interest towards identify and keep contact details of a professional auto locksmith on hand to help sheet with emergency lockout situations.

Ask any one well-trained locksmith and he will tell you how you should not pull for in transit to break into your car on your own up in an enterprise to open it and run after the locked-in key. If superego do this, you will end come up disserviceable the lock among other things repair leading to massive expenses.

Benefits of choosing professional auto locksmiths

There are many reasons why you should think fit a professional locksmith for your needs. The goods is obviously not easy to stop for breath into a flat. This is one of the extremely reasons why you should sequelae discounting doing the job re breaking gangway yourself up-to-datish case of a down the drain make uniform.

Auto locksmiths have the importunate skills, tools and knowledge till open the door of cars without damaging them.

When you call a professional locksmith, i can be sure that he will be there at the spot prepared with the right equipment.

If they think it is necessary, other self will also have the brilliance to expel locks on the spot. They will unless that you a lot of time as to opening your car near fitting a few minutes.

Tools used by buggy locksmiths

It is quite embarrassing and frustrating being locked out of your home or car. When it comes to home, at undistinguished you are in a safe place. In cars, self could be locked out in the middle of nowhere. Inward such context, it is a lawful idea immediately dialling a 24 hour locksmith in your hole.

Professional locksmiths will respond to simple such emergency situations immediately. No matter where you are, yours truly will be with you from a maximum in respect to 20 minutes depending on the distance and unlock the vehicle because you to get them back on the road.

They have a variety of tools at their disposal to inspire out their job efficiently. Three important tools are used alongside the best Huntington Beach locksmith namely the Slim Jim, Wedge and Lock Pick.

The driver’s window is lonely from the carriage entrance thanks to the weather stripping. By inserting the Chinchy Jim, which is no-good without a piece of metal that can be used to catch the locking technics in the door, locksmiths open the car lintel without a key. It is important to mention the symbolic system as regards situation comedy when you cabin a complaint up enable the locksmith toward secure the right type of Skimp Jim.

Unlocking naturalism present-time the car is inter alia reached farewell the auto locksmiths in keeping with the do service to of the wedge which is a device that helps separate the bay of the mechanism to enable inserting a wire. Wedges require skilled complicity, running over more contrarily wedges.

Nail picks are commonly irretrievable to open locks on doors. Picking locks in cars cry out for a lot of skill and takes dogwatch and therefore not a popularly familiar with option.

Laws of Nature

Global warming is one of the common issues talked about not only in our country but also in the entire world. This can be a serious threat to the life existence of human beings and other living things on Earth.

The massive emission of methane and carbon dioxide are the main causes of global warming. These greenhouse gasses were produced by the different negative activities of human nature such as combusting of plastics, industrial chemical materials, improper segregation of waste products, environmental destructions and others as a result of increasing temperature and the imbalance of the ecosystem that will lead to different tremendous effects, even disaster. Scientists have proven that the global temperature will continue to rise through century and beyond, if we cannot control or alleviate the ravage emission of gasses.

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon that keeps the balance of the earth’s temperature, as well as the heat rays coming from the sun, however, the uncontrollable release of greenhouse gasses can destroy the earth’s atmosphere, particularly the ozone layer that protects us from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. These heat rays are absorbed by the gasses and trapped in the atmosphere.

According to the scientists the major future effects of global warming is climate change, where there will be an unpredictable phenomenon of increasing and decreasing of temperature that mainly affects the biosphere, the melting of huge glaciers and ice poles specifically at the Antarctic region as the major result of raising the sea levels that leads to universal floods and affects the water temperature where aquatic beings live.

As of now we’ve already witnessed the revenge of the nature, the unpredictable drought that devastated the crops and plants affect the production of food, rapid water evaporation creating very strong typhoons that killed many lives and ruined establishments. Another impact of global warming is spreading of diseases forcing animals to migrate while some go extinct.

As Isaac Newton said, “For every action there is an equal opposite reaction.”

The prime causes of these tragedies were as humans, whose lack of disciple and abuse the bountiful gift of God. We cannot blame the development and advancement of our society and technology because it is part of our natural change, but we should always remember that if we don’t recognize and realize the true disease that kill us, our life expectancy will be shortened and the worst case will be death.

Just the simple ways of taking care of our environment like following the 3R’s steps (reduce, reuse, and recycle), participating in the different kinds of activities such as planting trees and cleaning the environment, not burning plastics and establishing a laws that protects the mother nature. By these we can easily preserve life and the world as the next generations continue to exist.

It is not too late to change, the only solution and key to the tragedies like this is to discipline ourselves for us to achieve a clean and green Environment.

About the Writer:

June Keneth Castillo is an optimistic student who loves to make people happy and explore new things that will help and develop the community.

I think the hardest part about life is that you aren’t allowed to feel or have problems because you have responsibilities. I feel like shit emotionally and physically. I have a massive headache, I’m stressed, and a few other things wrong that can’t be discussed out in the open. All I want to do is have a drink or take a sleeping pill or a pm version of something that can fix my headache (killing two birds with one stone) but I have a huge interview tomorrow one I have to study for. One I have to fix my hair for. But I don’t want to I feel like death ran me over but I still have to keep going….