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me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]


Take up a false identity and immerse yourself into the Bloodborne academia experience. But…try to get along.

I think that thing Morty said about Rick being more like a fucked God than a hero or a villain is the most accurate description of Rick. He’s saved people a lot, but he’s capable of fucking things up on a massive scale (sometimes on purpose, other times without meaning to).

Hell, he made an entire microverse to use as a car battery and enslaved the people there to make more energy. So he’s literally a fucked up God. I feel like Morty knows Rick better than anyone else in the family to be honest.

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Their meeting was a little less meet-cute and a little more,,, meet-ugly sort of thing.

Mainly because they both read the situation very badly and ended up trying to kill one another. Completely accidentally, but.


And really, can you blame Tony? Their ship does crash-land in the middle of a crowded highway, and barely manages to avoid civilians. Then they pop out, and they’re armed to the teeth, looking pretty threatening and…well… alien.

People end up calling (what’s left of) the Avengers- which happens, at the time, to be Tony and Tony alone.

Except the Guardians crashed in Florida; when Tony got the call he was in New Orleans at a science convention, and the suit was still in New York.

But he went anyway. Suit or no suit, he had to try. He was the only line of defence now, after… everything.

So, armed with a sophisticated watch-gauntlet and a gun he always kept tucked in his jacket pocket, he takes the jet and leaves to try and stop them from potentially, y’know, annihilating the world or whatever.

Except things don’t really happen like that, in the end.

“Listen, what are the chances you’re gonna do as I say when I order you to drop your weapons and leave?” tony asks wearily, as he holds the gun at the biggest guy’s weirdly patterned face and the gauntlet at the woman holding the largest gun he’s ever seen in his life. He doesn’t even bat an eyelid toward the talking walking raccoon or… the tree…thing.

Just another day in the life, at this point.

Although it would be kinda embarrassing if he ends up getting murdered by the raccoon. What the damn hell would they put on his grave? Here lies Tony Stark- saved New York, but unable to protect himself from the dangers of the Mighty Raccoon?

As soon as he’d spoken, about 13 different weapons were pointed in his face. Which hardly made sense, considering there were five of them and they all only had two hands. But whatever.

“How’s about we ask you the same? Except more forcefully, considering we got all the guns,” the raccoon said.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Where the fuck would I go then, what with me being a human being who lives here? Just fling myself into the void of space? And yes, tempting as that might sound, I’ve been there done that. Not as appealing as I would have thought, to be honest.” 

The five stared at him in confusion for a moment, before what looked to be the only actual human stepped forward, head cocked. His eyes were bright and beard scruffy- Tony thought it suited him.

Tony also thought he should probably focus on the task at hand, and his ever-growing chances of imminent death, rather than how pretty his opponent was.

“You’re just a human, huh?” Hot Scruffy Man asked.

Tony raised an eyebrow, and then pointed the gun at him when he took another step. “What gave it away? The fact that I have the same composition and structure as every other human on the planet? The fact I look just like you, who is also a human?”

“Half human,”

“What was the other half, pure asshole?”

“Actually… kinda, yeah.” The Hot Scruffy Man paused, and then shrugged. “Daddy issues.”

Tony had a brief moment to wonder what the fuck he was doing before an involuntary snort of laughter had escaped out of him. “Yeah- rode that train before, buddy- still doesn’t explain why you’re on the planet I protect, waving your guns around at innocent people and causing millions of dollars worth in property damage.”

The team in front of him paused, and then the man looked back at the green lady, who just shrugged and put down her gun. “We were told there was an imminent threat to your planet. We were in the neighbourhood, so we thought we’d come save you.”

Tony stared at them, contemplating. “Where are your sources from?”

“The fine NovaCorps,” Massive Bulked Alien Dude spoke up.

Tony squinted, running a hand across his forehead. “Am I… supposed to know what that means?”

“Fancy space police,” Raccoon told him.

“You seen any apocalyptic aliens round here lately?” Hot scruffy Man asked him again, slightly confused now. 

Tony just sighed. “Nope. And if there were, I would handle them. You can go back…wherever you came from, guys, it’s fine, Earth is fine-“

“You? You’re gonna protect the Earth? With your fancy little handgun and hand-firey thing?” The Raccoon laughed, and Tony scowled.

Luckily, because he had been counting the seconds in his head since he’d called it, he knew he was about to do something really badass, and it wiped the scowl off his face, replacing it with a little smile as he stared at the stupid talking Raccoon. 

“No,” he said, shrugging as he heard the familiar whirring sound of metal moving at hundreds of miles an hour up ahead of him.

The aliens looked up, one of them pointing their gun at the source of noise, like it would do anything. But in the space of a few seconds, it had already reached its intended target, slowing down just enough to not vaporise his body and wrapping around him, every piece fitting in a way that made Tony want to give himself a round of applause.

“I’m gonna protect Earth with this,” he said, raising his two repulsors and loading them right in the Raccoon’s little face.

There was complete silence for a second, before Hot Scruffy Man made a noise that should really, for the sake of Tony’s sanity, be kept in the bedroom. “That was literally the coolest and most attractive thing I have ever seen ever. In my life.”

Tony couldn’t help himself; he smirked and cocked his head Hot scruffy Man. “Sweetie, I appreciate the sentiment, but you’re gonna have to keep it in your pants until we can sort this out.”

Green Lady sighed, and walked forward to smack Hot Scruffy Man around the back of the head. “You know what we talked about, Peter- no flirting with potential targets. It’s in bad form.”

“This guy certainly hasn’t got a bad form,” Hot Scruffy Man- Peter- nodded over to Tony and smirked.

Green Lady sighed, and then turned to Tony. “Listen. You want to protect your planet. We want to protect your planet. How about rather than pointing our weapons at one another, we try and… you know, do what we set out to do?”

Instantly, the smile slide off Tony’s face, not that any of them could tell behind the faceplate. “I work alone. Sorry. You’re gonna have to l-“

And that was when the world sort of exploded around them.

Without even thinking about it, Tony shot forward and wrapped his arms around the two closest to him- the Green Lady and Peter- rolling them to the ground and hoping that the rest of his team, especially the more flammable ones, were okay. Green Lady yelled at the sudden-ness of his approach, but Peter just sighed. “Here we go,” he muttered into Tony’s shoulder.

Tony was inclined to agree, there.

Half-way through the battle, Peter AKA Starlord AKA Galaxy’s Number One Asshole asked him out.

Tony looked at him for a good four seconds before he got tackled to the ground by… (Dracula? Dracker? He was having to learn the names on the go, and his mind was currently on other, more explosion-based things) the Massive Bulked Alien Dude.

“THAT IS VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL, PETER!” He yelled, before looking down at Tony. “Are you well? I thought you may have been hit with a paralytic beam of some sort.”

Tony nodded, and then sat up. “No paralytic. Just your team-mate.”

Massive Bulked Alien Dude nodded wisely. “He does tend to have that affect on people.”

“What? Endangering their goddamn lives on the field?”

Massive Bulked Alien Dude paused, and then shrugged as he rolled off Tony. “I was going to say rendering people speechless with his idiocy, but that too.”

“Hey, that’s not fair, I’m actually clever, Tony, I promise! Boyfriend material, right here!” Peter yelled across the battlefield, looking over to them and grinning as he shot an alien in the back of the head without even looking.

“You’re a god damn alien!” tony yelled back exasperatedly, trying to keep the smile off his face as he jumped high into the air and then landed on an unfortunate opponent.

“Yeah- think of all the new tricks I must know, then,” Peter countered, winking as he dived behind a car and then threw what must have been a fancy bomb over the bonnet.

Tony’s mind briefly short-circuited at that (Holy mother of God) astute observation- but he quickly regrouped and fired a repulsor at an alien attempting to sneak up behind Rocket. “I’m gonna need a few examples before I agree to anything, sweetie,” he replied.

Peter laughed and opened his mouth, but then the Tree hit him over the head. “Ow!” he complained, looking betrayed.

“I have enough issues dealing with one distracted team-member whilst in the middle of a battle, I will not be dealing with two! Cut the flirting out!” Gamora yelled, as Tony watched her utterly destroy two different aliens at once.

“She thinks we should be ‘professionals’ and ‘focus on the mission’ when we’re in battle,” Peter said grumpily, wiping a cut across his face and then shrugging. “I respectfully disagree.”

Tony had to cut the conversation short again in order to swoop up and laser his way into the main hull of the ship that loomed barely even twenty meters over the battlefield, but he still had the team in the comm that FRIDAY had patched him into. “So what about Monday? You sticking around until then?” He asked.

Rocket swore at them down the line, but Peter just laughed. “For you, baby, of course I am.”

“Good. I’ve got a meeting with… let’s call him an ex. Be nice to have an excuse to blow him off.”

Peter whistled, “Oooh, want me to sweep you off your feet and declare battle with him for hurting you? I’m always up for it.”

“Much as I would like to see that, he’s kind of peak physical perfection. Plus I’d rather just make out with you,” Tony admitted.

“That’s fair. I want to make out with me too.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yep- welcome to the Guardians- we’re all assholes here. You’ll fit right in,” Peter told him.

“I am GROOT!” Came a rumbling voice that Tony could hear even off the comms, and he looked down in time to watch the tree grab Peter around the wait and haul him, flinging him up in to the sky with a yell.

It was a perfect throw, to be fair to Groot. Peter’s momentum cut out just as he was level with Tony, who grabbed his shoulders and lifted his faceplate, just for a second, in time for Peter to plant one on his mouth with a grin and a raised eyebrow, before he began falling again, right into Groot’s waiting arms.

Through the comm, Gamora just sighed. “Idiots. All of you.”

sometimes pidge ships are more entertaining than they are cute

i like pidgance cause i like the idea of lance, the unsuccessful ladykiller, and his stupid pickup lines which don’t ever work except they totally do on pidge who knows he’s just being an idiot but still gets flustered and doesn’t know how to deal with it. might get kinda messy if she gets mad because she’s got it bad and thinks lance is just messing with her, and he kind of is, regardless of whether he likes her back or not

also i’ve been reading a lot of keidge fanfiction and some of my favorites involve them being dirty gremlin conspiracy theorists with questionable hygiene, but most of all, awkward teens not knowing how to handle their feelings. simultaneously being on the same wavelength for the most part but also having massive potential for being antagonistic towards each other (pidge can say hurtful things sometimes and keith has bad social skills). they’re the grossest messiest ship and i kind of love it

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Happy 4/13 comrade, you have any favourite homestuck fics?

Oh man alright I’m on mobile so I can’t link but I’ll add links later.

Don’t Forget The Sun by @karfuckingstrider is SOOOOO GOOD?! I’m way behind on it because my life is super hectic but jesus they are the god of slow burn fics.
It’s a DaveKat tale of Karkats friends getting him off of alternia so he isn’t culled for his blood color, and he ends up on earth where Dave finds him and then things happen and I LOVE IT. THE LANGUAGE BARRIER IS SO WELL WRITTEN

Also Hope of Morning by @technicalchaotic like WOW I’ve never been big on gamkar but hoo boy this’ll change your mind
Karkat is an emperor, Gamzee is given to him as a gift by the condesce - supposedly the last of his blood caste. Of course Karkat isn’t interested in a sex slave, but god damn it oops 🙊 take a wild guess what happens

I’m also still a sucker for The Other Side of the Heart by cul-de-sac/InkScratches. Does anyone remember that fic??? I fucking bawled like a baby
If u don’t know it’s humanstuck Eridan/Sollux; 2 assholes find solace for their respective issues in one another

Primary Colors by RobotSquid is still my headcanon for the ancestors’ story fight me
It’s basically a fic that goes through the Signless’s life and I haven’t read it in years but I can’t separate what I know of the ancestors that comes from that fic and what’s canon tbh

Fragility by TempestSylph AKA @stridling is so fucking good like. UGH I cried so many tears. Massive massive trigger warning for bullying, slurs, and other REALLY BIG things that I don’t wanna say because spoilers? But if you wanna read it and have any triggers and are concerned PLEASE message me and I’ll let you know what’s up.
This ones JohnDave. John is bullied CONSTANTLY, only friends are Dave Rose and Jade.
Did I mention there’s some serious mutual pining going on between them? And again I don’t wanna spoil anything but Dave fucking hops on a plane to get to him and protect him and UGH I love it so much but this fic kills me

What I Imagine Post-Scarcity to be.

I’m gonna try, but it’s like midnight, and I’m high on prescription pain meds from a surgery I had lmao. [there was an anon ask but like it didn’t publish so i’m answering it in this way]

WE basically already are, post-scarcity, to an extent, we overproduce everything, we have enough for everyone to have what they need. The only problem is, if people don’t have money to buy this overproduction, it is disposed of, and therefore not used.

Now, there are certainly some things that are not unlimited, and must be replaced in a true post scarcity society, such as petroleum oil, among other energy sources, and items. These things will have to be phased out.

We need to be sustainable, obviously. So a post scarcity society, the way I see it, isn’t saying everyone gets everything their hearts’ desire, it’s saying what we can produce for all, all should have access to. We can work towards producing other things for all, this requires massive collectivized work and education if people want things that are today considered luxuries.

But think about it, electricity was once considered a luxury, and sometimes still to this day is, but we have enough resources to make it available to everyone without actually charging them, we already have systems we can set up to make energy far more efficient and successful at giving it to all. It’s kinda like that, no one is ~stealing~ electricity, they just all get it because they need it today. But we don’t do that, we make people pay for electricity despite it not really needing to happen outside of capitalist reasons.

Another thing, food, we overproduce food, we throw out the excess, we could instead give excess food to the hungry, we don’t technically even need to charge for food, because we’re so successful at producing it we could actually cut down on our production and become more sustainable and still feed everyone. People would have access to food, whichever foods they like that we’re able to produce for all, and they wouldn’t be stealing or hoarding it, because they have what they need, and will always have what they need.

There is no need for excess in post-scarcity because we’re not planning on profiting, or losing shit, so we don’t have to worry about stealing or hoarding, unless of course someone has a mental illness, but like that’s really not the majority of people? And in a post-scarcity society mental illness would be treated a lot more efficiently than it is today, theoretically, because medical practices would be universally accessible.

TL;DR: Basically what I’m saying is, people will have what they need, and if we as a society want more, we can work towards making more for all, because we have the means to do it, we just choose not to, we instead choose to engage in capitalism. 

Now yall who know more than me can like add to this shit, like I said I tried my best. 

what the signs want

 aries: excitement.  they want someone to bring them out of their comfort zone and take them to parties.  they want to experience new things with new people.

taurus: comfort.  they want to be chill and stable and have everything around them be harmonious.

gemini: stimulation.  they want to be stimulated intellectually, physically, spiritually…all of it.  they want their interest to be sparked.

cancer: affection.  they want sweet friends, gentle partners.  they want the world around them to be a pillow they can fall into whenever they need to.

leo: adoration.  they want people to admire them, to love them.  they want everyone to appreciate their awesomeness.

virgo: stability.  they want everything to be predictable to a certain extent.  they want things to fall into place.

libra: harmony.  they want beauty and tranquility, and they will work to make that happen.

scorpio: passion.  they want to be in interesting circumstances, surrounded by interesting people.  they want to feel fully alive.

sagittarius: escape.  they want to get away from whatever is troubling them.  they want a way out.

capricorn:  knowledge.  they want to have a thorough understanding of the world and the people around them.  they’re constantly craving that a-ha moment.

aquarius: change.  on a massive scale.  they see the suffering of others and they want things to be different in a constructive and tangible way.  they want equality and freedom for all.

pisces: vision.  they want to see all, to understand all, and to be able to laugh at it all.  they want a deep understanding of life in its entirety.

Thoughts about Spn 12x19


First of all TRIGGERWARNING FOR A GRAHPIC DEPICTION OF SUICIDE! If you are sensitive to see such content skip the first minutes until 5:30 (basically what happens is Dagon keeping Kelly as a prisoner, telling her again that she will die and that her son will kill the world. Devasted Kelly kills herself in order to prevent this from happen). The suicide is mentioned again later in dialogue, but I consider this less problematic than actually showing it.

Overall I really liked the episode, mostly because it was Cas-centric. And as many others speculated before this episode was all about Cas future, while 12x10 was about his past and 12x12 about the present. I liked the directing, Amanda Tapping gave us some great shots (though I still think you don’t have to show a suicide simply because it is a trigger to many folks). I am really curious now where the nephilim story is headed and I wasn’t before. They definitely took a spin on it that makes it more ambigious and will now be a huge part of Cas’s fate as well, so we will see.

Speaking off.


Even though the episode is titled “The Future” Castiel reminded me a lot of the past, namely season 6 and 8, with him ignoring the Winchesters and going behind their backs in order to do what he thinks is the right thing. The reason he is doing it is because he thinks he fails at everything and that as well is nothing new. Cas is depressed and commits acts out of desperation since… I dunno, season 8? The difference is that in the past he tried to fix heaven and redeem himself as an angel. Now he tries to redeem himself to his family, the Winchesters. The episode made a point to confirm again what he said in 12x12: Sam and Dean are his family now. He corrects Kelvin that what he is doing is for them, not heaven and later when he tells Kelly that he betrayed his friends he adds the word “family” as well, as though he still gets used to this idea. The problem of course is that for Sam and Dean there is no need for Cas to prove himself to them. What they want is to have him around and be honest with him. What Cas sees as his failures is stuff Sam and Dean never blamed Cas for.

In that regard it is interesting to see the interactions of team free will and how different yet again Dean and Sam’s reactions are regarding Cas. (And speaking of team free will: I know this is a popular fandom term, but Dean said it once, 7 years ago in 5x13, and now he uses it again? Or does he think of them like this all the time?) Sam is just glad Cas is back, Dean is not. He is angry, he is pissed and just as in 12x10 he lets Cas know that his anger is born out of worry. Still, he tries to offer Cas an olive branch here, reminding him that they work better together. Just for Cas to leave again and on top of it, to steal the Colt. And sure, not good, but on the other side it gave us Dean slamming Cas into a wall and I myself will be forever gratefull for that scene.

I found the Cas/Kelly-dynamic interesting as well, and before anyone asks, I don’t think there was anything romantic about it. Cas wanted Sam and Dean out of the mission to spare them to kill an innocent woman, but of course in the end he couldn’t do it either. What a surprise.

Originally posted by gifsforthemasses

If anything I think Cas saw himself in Kelly. First when she mentioned that she was desperate enough to kill herself. The pain on Cas’s face… takes one to know one. And then of course Kelly’s believe in a plan, in fate, in destiny. I think it is no coincidence Dean mentioned team free will again, because right now the conflict of season 5 (or rather the whole Kripke era) comes back again: fate vs free will. Cas is our poster boy for free will and he learned it the hard way. He tries to spare Kelly the pain to learn that there is no greater plan and that her human life doesn’t have any value to the forces of heaven and hell. He also offers her a painless death, which reminded me a bit of Dean offering the vampire in 12x14 a painless death. Also, the fact that no human can walk through the gates of heaven without dying… I think this might become relevant again in one way or another this season.

Kelly on the other hand… I think she already trusted Cas before her child gave her a vision of the future. He had the chance to kill her but he didn’t. He listened to her. He cares about her. And the moment Cas asked who is gonna take care of the child if Kelly dies I knew the answer. Real talk: if I had a child I would totally make Cas the godparent. Also “What would Cas do?” is a question I ask myself every day. I think Kelly’s trust in Cas was a reminder to the audience why we fell in love with this character in the first place: because he is the epitome of goodness and kindness. Kelly saw that. And I think her child somehow too. If this episode was about Cas’s future than it told us what Cas’s purpose on this world is: to save it. To make it a better place. (Which of course the Winchesters do as well, but in a different way) And maybe to guide Lucifer’s child to use his powers for something great. Because power itself is neither good or bad, only the ones who use it. And Kelly said herself, no one is born evil. Also:

Originally posted by darkslayer092

The Nephilim

So how sure are we if this child is evil or not? So far we only know it wants to survive. Did he heal Kelly because he still needed her, as he is not ready yet to be born? Or did he heal his mother out of love? Was there ever a chance to kill this child? Would an abortion even have worked? Also, if nephilims are so powerfull why did Lucifer didn’t create on earlier?

Speaking off Lucifer: what is the plan here? He wants to rule over heaven, hell and everything in between with the power of his child? And as it seems the help of Dagon. I dunno if it was just me, but did it seem to anyone else that Dagon and Lucifer had a thing once? I can’t really picture Lucifer with anyone, especially not a demon, as he always looked down on them (well he looks down on everyone, so). He needed her to make sure Kelly is okay and of course to bring his child to him once it is born. But after that? And what was in for Dagon? Was it just that little power fantasy or more? And why did Lucifer had such power over her, when he was trapped in heaven and has no access to his powers? With her dead now we probably won’t get any more answers regarding their relationship.

The nephilim sure wasn’t a fan of Dagon. And that makes me wonder… of the child just wants to be born, he wouldn’t care about Dagon killing Cas or how Dagon treated Kelly as long as she was still alive. But the nephilim took care of both Kelly and Cas and killed the one thing that was a threat to both of them. He chooses his parents in a way. Now the question is if the child can really show the future. Kelly was so convinced she made sure her vision would happen, driving to the sandbox. And now I wonder what Cas saw. Or is the nephilim manipulating both of them? Remember how Sam thought he was talking to God in the beginning of season 11? Just to learn it was Lucifer all along. And Cas behaviour in the end of course gave me massive Godstiel vibes. We will see.

Some other things:

1. THE MIX TAPE!!!!!! You know who does mixtapes for each other? Boyfriends! This was right out of a fan fiction. And just “It’s a gift. you keep those”. Maybe I’m reading too much into this (arghhh who am I kidding here?) but it felt to me as if Dean was talking about something else as well. As if he wanted to say “I gave you my heart, you can’t give it back to me”.

2. Apparently Cas has a room in the bunker. *makesexictednoises*

3. Once again we are reminded that the Winchesters try to find a better way, that this is not the past repeating itself and even though we had a lot of references to past seasons the outcome might be different. And the grace extraction solution might became relevant again.

4. The Colt is gone for good. I’m not really surprised. It has always been too much of a deus ex machina, too good to be true. Not sure if it could have killed a nephilim but even if not every other hunt would have become way more easier and for this show more boring, so the thing had to go.

See you next week!

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I came here cos i dont rlly know where else, but im from the uk and i live in a family that votes conservative in a pretty conservative area, speaking to my mum she doesnt really want to vote for any of them but shes going to vote anyway so she can have a say. What i wanted to ask was, im under the impression that whilst labour has a load of good points socially and for the good of wellbeing, there arent as many good financial points, and that labour has put us into recession before (1/?)

and that wiht brexit and everything, we dont want anymore financial difficulties? as well as on top of allthe terrorism and things, shouldnt the government stay without drastic changes for a while, just for the sake of consistency? idk this is my first year to be able to vote and im panicking cos i really feel underinformed about everything and i dont really know who to vote

Hi anon,

I’m really sorry I’ve been away from tumblr the past couple of days and tumblr’s only just told me I’ve got messages in my inbox! I hope this isn’t too late!

Given that the election is today I really don’t have time to answer this as fully and well as I’d like to, but I will try and explain as best and as quickly as a I can…


The Tories financial policies are about austerity - squeeze the working class and the ordinary people; reduce public spending and make budget cuts across all kinds of public provisions. So the NHS gets massive cuts. So does every other government funded thing like the BBC, disability benefits for people who are too ill to work, the education system etc.

The Labour party’s financial policies are all about taxing huge corporations (that make billions and billions of pounds) and the richest people in our society (also billionaires) in order to provide the funding for things that we need, such as the NHS, the education system, welfare, pensions and other things.

I really, honestly don’t believe that this is an exaggeration or a hyperbole:

If the Tory get into power again with this government, under Theresa May, the NHS will collapse within the next few years. The Tories have already begun selling off parts of the NHS and privatizing it piece by piece (meaning that we’re heading for a healthcare system like they have in America, where if you’re too poor to afford health insurance, you die from things that are totally curable or treatable, and an accident or serious illness could literally leave you bankrupt). They are repeatedly making cuts that put a totally unreasonable strain on staff workers like Doctors and Nurses, and put patient lives at risk.

Labour’s track record

The last Labour majority government we had was under Tony Blair. He wasn’t a leftist. He was a right-wing thinker dressed in a left-wing suit. He was a disaster for the economy. He took us to war in Iraq, totally illegally. I will make no excuses for him.

Jeremy Corbyn is a completely different person. He is very left-wing. He is a man of conscience, who has voted on the right side of history for decades, long before he became a famous politician and people started paying attention.


As for terrorism - believe it or not, we are actually safer now from terrorism that we have been in years. There have been less terrorist attacks in the last few years than there were during the 90s with the IRA. But if you’re really concerned for our nation’s safety, consider this: Theresa May was home secretary before she became Prime Minister. It was her job to oversee the security of the nation. And all she has done is make continuous cuts to the police force, making it harder for them to do their job.

She has also announced that she plans on censoring the internet - controlling what people post and say, and giving the government the power to spy on everyone. She’s using the public’s fear of terrorism to gain control over the public. It’s fear-mongering tactics and it’s honestly abhorrent.


I can’t make you vote any particular way, anon. I know you feel uninformed. But I would urge you to vote Labour. Even if you feel like it’s not going to make a difference. Even if you’re not 100% sure.

Because under a Tory government, people are going to die. Disabled people are going to die because their benefits will be cut and they won’t have enough money to pay for their basic needs. Thousands of disabled people have already died as a result of the cuts. We can’t take any more of them. Sick people are going to die because our NHS is collapsing under the weight of the Tories heavy cuts. People are waiting for hours and hours in A&E, and waiting lists for really important, urgent appointments are months, sometimes even years long. And it’s only going to get worse.

Corbyn has been nothing but truthful, conscientious, and consistent throughout his time as Labour leader. He is honestly the first leader since I’ve been engaged with politics at all, that I actually believe cares about normal people. Because he’s shown throughout his entire political career, that he votes for the right thing, even when it’s unpopular, even when he’s the only one, even when nobody’s looking. And all of his policies are about taking care of the poorest and those most in need of help in our society.

You're welcome to join me


“After a long night of partying with the BOTS tour cast, Bianca makes her way to her hotel room to relax. She gets out of drag and she starts walking down memorylane, thinking about her time with her sister Adore on the show and after er success and before she knows it, the younger queen turns up behind her hotel room door. Bianca takes the younger in to let her shower and sleep the night away. Adore, however, has other plans ready.”

I do not know anything about writing about Drag Race queens and this is my first fic ever, so please take it with a shot of tequila or at least get medicated before reading this. I tried my best and I am semi-proud of this fic….or so I keep telling myself.

Biadore is a challenging pair to write about, but I hope this gives off the right vibe and I didn’t just completely ruin one of the biggest ships in Drag Race herstory. I also used female pronouns throughout the fic and didn’t really mention their boy names, which I hope no one gets triggered by.

This fic is not influenced by All Stars 2 so just act like it didn’t happen at all. Also, this fic is not related to reality in any way. I just took a random set of queens for my ideal BOTS tour cast, which has actually never happened.

I hope you enjoy this!!


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okay but how can you call yourself a feminist and still defend and support lena dunham

Before Captain America, Robert “Evel” Knievel was the guy we went to for crazy shenanigans while dressed like a flag. During his career as a professional stunt performer, Knievel attempted 75 bike jumps over buses, canyons, pits full of rattlesnakes, and literal shark tanks

Where did he get the balls to do it? He probably stole them.

Before making it as a stuntman, Knievel was a career criminal. Among other things, he was responsible for a massive, interstate burglary spree across Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. After scaling their walls, Knievel would cut a hole in the roof of his target establishment, lower himself down on a rope Mission Impossible-style, and then rob them blind.

Then after a brief, failed stint as a poacher/illegal hunting guide in Yellowstone Park, Knievel switched sides and successfully lobbied the U.S. government to allow people to hunt the Park’s excess elk population, which up until then was just slaughtered and left to rot.

Not content with the most diverse resume this side of Jamie Hyneman, Knievel also started a semipro hockey team.

4 Celebrities Who Downplayed Secretly Awesome Backstories

ufonaut  asked:

crash course on arctic monkeys? pls

The Band

Alex Turner

  • singer, songwriter, guitarist
  • deceptively tiny - a beAN in fact
  • many different hair eras - pick your favourite and defend it with your life
  • a lyrical genius but unable to string a normal sentence together in everyday conversation (that rock ‘n’ roll, eh?)
  • used to go out with Alexa Chung, they were beautiful and looked like a renaissance painting when they kissed and everyone cried when they broke up
  • dances like a drunk uncle at a family barbeque but no one will stop him? someone please save him from his own hubris

Matt Helders

  • drummer, aka the agile beast, aka matthew j helders iii
  • strong and friendly
  • a beautiful and funny man
  • is engaged to the girl (Breana) in the suck it and see video, a fact thay makes me die of of laughter everytime i think about it. recently announced that soon they shall be parents
  • Kayne once said he was almost as good as Phil Collins, Matt probably cried when he heard

Jamie Cook

  • guitarist
  • he has the strongest accent of them all it’s glorious
  • “”jameh””
  • hates twinnings tea
  • married to the wonderful katie, also soon to be a father
  • the babies first word will probably be “eh”

Nick O’ Malley

  • bassist
  • an unproblematic cinnamon roll?
  • Yellamo Salohcin
  • Has a beautiful baby boy named Hearst, the first tru Dad of the band
  • only joined after the first album was out for four months, replacing andy nicholson, learned the entire repetoire in two days

they’ve all been friends since they were tiny so there’s never any drama or fights or anything, it’s all good vibes and happy times? a good bunch of people

The Albums

Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

  • sort of a concept album except not really, deals with themes of growing up and going out in the north of england
  • “oh well they might wear classic reeboks/or knackered converse/or tracky bottoms tucked in socks”
  • a massive massive success, fastest selling album in british chart history etc etc
  • makes u all nostalgic for the good times u never experienced u kno

Favourite Worst Nightmare

  • sounds harder and louder sort of
  • a lot of ppls fave album? i can see why its very very good
  • went straight to mumber 1, won awards etc etc
  • srsly its so good


  • my favourite album
  • some o’ that ‘umbug music, that full moon music eh?
  • lyrically out of this world, above and beyond anything else ive ever heard
  • produced by josh homme, divided fans over their new sound
  • dance little liar?? secret door?? pretty visitors?? crying lightning?? what a good glorious album??
  • the best hair era imho
  • atmospheric and dreamy like alexs voice is so? but still really exciting, lots of good sing-along songs too. but dark and broody u kno

Suck It And See


  • the album that got me into the arctic monkeys
  • made them the global sucess they are today, but also like. divided fans once more bc suddenly am were popular and that always shakes things up
  • [[quiff and leather intensifies]]
  • i still unironically love it i listen to it like once a week
  • the last song is actually a john cooper clarke poem al reworked
  • alas al has now lost the quiff and is now growing some sort of gel monstrosity on his scalp, also he refuses to shave, maybe his new girlfriend taylor can help

Other Projects

Miles Kane + The Last Shadow Puppets

  • on the FWN tour the monkeys were supported by a band called The Rascals, fronted by one Mr. Miles Kane, a beautiful and talented turtle from liverpool
  • Miles and Alex immediatley fell in love became best friends and started writing songs together
  • in 2008, in between FWN and Humbug, they released an album called The Age Of The Understatement under the name of The Last Shadow Puppets
  • wikipedia describes it as ‘baroque’ and i really cant fault that
  • its big and loud and glourious and beautiful and it sounds like a western or a thriller or some other massive vista spanning soundtrack
  • its honestly the best thing either of them have ever done
  • Al and Mi keep doing things that make us think there’ll be another one, in the last few weeks the rumour mill has been especially busy
  • Also you should definitley listen to Miles’ own albums, Colour of the Trap and Don’t Forget Who You Are, as Miles is beautiful and stylish and one of my favourite people and an astoundingly talented musician and both Noel and Paul Weller guest star on his albums
  • oh yeah and alex bought him and miles matching turtlenecks for christmas
  • a handy and useful masterpost of Alex and Miles interactions
  • Alex and Miles are also. Uh. Look one time NME gave them the “Pete‘n’Carl” award.
  • i mean look at this

Originally posted by betheastralplane

Submarine Soundtrack

  • Richard Ayoade is an old friend of the band and asked Al to do the soundtrack to his film, Submarine, so Alex did and its beautiful
  • it sounds like stars and dreams and midnight and fireworks
  • i cry almost every single time i listen to it

More Fun Arctic Monkeys Facts

  • the NME is obsessed with them they had an entire issue dedicated to AM when it came out
  • oh yeah the band also has like a secret “”alter ego”” called The Death Ramps which is like? a fake biker gang that alex made up so they could release stuff pseudonymously. also miles kane is a member and alex made them all matching death ramps rings and he and miles never take theirs off
  • this is a very useful masterpost and has more accurate info
  • and this cover compilation is also very nice indeed
  • jamie cook used to work as a tiler even when he was still in the band
  • matt is also a dj he’s very very cool like that
  • matt’s tour diaries are essential viewing
  • oh yeah and alex’s short story A Choice of Three which is really good
  • al contibuted to the Mini Mansions song Vertigo and it’s awful but his verse is weirdly mesmerising. but the rest of it is really bad, als part is from 1:29 to 2:15 so u can ignore the rest
  • honestly one of the coolest and my most favourite bands please enjoy your journey
Disney’s Belle is an Asshole

The other day I realized that Disney’s Belle is actually an asshole.

Let me explain:

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast probably takes place in the mid to late 1700s France (Baroque, Rococo, blunderbuss, monarchy, crude steam technology but there are anachronisms).

At that time, France was mostly illiterate unless you were rich.

Her father has NO JOB. Belle has NO JOB. They live in a beautiful cottage (with basement, main floor and upstairs)  with a horse, chickens, 3 goats, a cart, private well, watermill and it’s well furnished too.

Everyday she goes to the the bookshop where the owner lets her BORROW books rather than buy them. She wanders around town reading and dumping on the town and people around her because they’re boring to her because they do the same thing every day.

Why is Belle literate? How does her father support her and his inventions?

They own books, they own a massive globe, a telescope and other things no peasant would have.

In the original story, Belle’s father used to be a merchant before he lost his vast fortune. This is the only possible explanation for her literacy and cushy situation, they must be living off the remnants of their fortune and Maurice must have previously been a merchant (hence the massive globe, telescope, astrolabe and merchant scales in his workshop).

Belle calls them “little people” ( “Little town, Full of little people”). 

They’re new to the town (”Every morning just the same, Since the morning that we came”) and the town folk think her and her father and weirdos. Belle thinks of them all as poor (“To this poor provincial town”).

One of her criticisms of the Beast is that he’s “unrefined”. What peasant complains about someone being unrefined? Belle does because she’s not a peasant.

It’s a very anti-peasant movie. Most of the male population of the village is murdered or maimed when they try to attack the castle. Belle effectively destroys the town she hates so much when she shows them the Beast in the mirror. Resquiat in pace, Baker-with-your-tray-like-always.

In other words, Belle has no thoughts in her head about money, she’s not worried about it. She’s literate and feels comfortable dumping on the poor people of the town that have no leisure time and can’t read. You know, for having JOBS that they have to do every day. Belle is a pampered, merchant class asshole that has no idea that her father might have moved them to this town for monetary reasons, and that everyone in town can’t spend all day reading.= because they need to make money to pay for things.

I know us pllers have massive amounts of other things to worry about but

Does anyone honestly believe Caleb and Toby are “fishing”? Caleb just found out about the board game and was almost suffocated by the damn thing and then decides to go fishing with Toby?

I mean I know Toby is probably really hurting (plus it’s a good way to explain away two characters absences so they don’t have to pay the actors) and needing his friends right now but it’s such a weird thing that the two of them are off fishing.

What about Yvonne’s funeral? Did it happen? Was there an autopsy?

Is Marco actually not a concerned friend and wanting to get in touch with Toby because of something with Yvonne or maybe with Spencer?

willygowild  asked:

Is it possible, or even merely,..Plausible, that black holes, "theoretically", might perhaps be more akin to, say, a super-massive quantum? They DO have a "life cycle" so to speak. If Occam's razor is more or less, universally given to prove factual,..When a caterpillar transform into moth/butterfly,..The caterpillar, did NOT die,..It simply moved to another state of being,. And merely, became, something else. Far grander than its lowly crawling beginnings.So, what do you think?

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘super-massive quantum’ BHs. So, forgive me if I misinterpreted your question. Here’s what I know:

Quantum mechanical black holes may have formed in the early stages of the universe. We call these primordial black holes (PBHs). What’s really interesting about primordial black holes is that they are not the result of collapsing stars. According to general relativity, the key ingredient is basically a region of high density matter – like the quark soup, add some intense energy density fluctuation to that region of space (inflation) and you get an increased amount of matter within a Schwarzschild radius, and voilà, a miniature event horizon is born. Of course, PBHs could span an enormous mass range; those formed in the Planck epoch would have the tiny Planck mass (10^−5g),  and those formed 1 second after the Big Bang would be as large as 10^5 solar masses - like the ones thought to reside in the center of galaxies. These PBHs may still be with us today because the rate at which a black hole evaporates (Hawking radiation) is inversely proportional to its mass; a small black hole evaporates rapidly, and a massive black hole, therefore, evaporates slowly.  The smaller ones that have evaporated left some clues behind; they produced a huge amount of radiation which affected and delayed the onset of nuclei formation (nucleosynthesis), we know this because we measured the abundance of those nuclei. There is a possibility that the observed baryon asymmetry was generated by the evaporation of PBHs. The ones that are still evaporating are actually plausible dark matter candidates, they are a bit different from the typical dark matter candidates, of course, because they are not elementary particles like the weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs), rather massive astrophysical compact halo objects (MACHOs). The other interesting thing is that we don’t really know the end result of evaporating black holes, maybe they shrink to the Planck scale and circle around the universe as Planck-mass relics.

diaduitlads  asked:

On the subject of meeting other Irish people in other countries, it's like an unspoken rule that you bring each other things from home if you go back. Nothing massive, but other Irish people I've got to know in England always bring me wee things like Tayto when they come back. I've also been given some "spare wheaten bread" that someone had on them when they found out I was Irish.

It’s sweet, it’s akin to packing the teabags when you’re going on holiday and sharing them with other Irish people you find