and mass effect feelings

  • Some dingaling: Wow why can't the fandom be less focused on the romance aspect and more on the story? I'm really tired of everyone screaming about which aliens they're gonna fuck.
  • Me, staring at a cute alien: Yeah man I really wish people would understand the complex and intricate narrative that BioWare probably has prepared for us and realize that there are more things to the characters than their sexual orientations.
  • Me, slowly taking my clothes off: But I mean that's the thing, isn't it? You don't really know what BioWare has in store for us, and the romance is really the only story aspect that any of us are certain will be included. And while we could discuss the combat and gameplay, BioWare has made themselves famous for being story- and character-focused as a developer, so having a fanbase that's responding this way to new characters is a natural consequence.
  • Me, climbing the cute alien like a tree: So while I understand your frustrations, I think it's unfair to reduce fan enthusiasm to being simply horny for aliens, when it's most likely a way of channelling excitement into the source with the biggest chance of having a positive outcome.

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As someone who grew up during the PS2 era, hasn't the last 5~ months (and the next few months) feel a lot like a throw back to that time period, with fantastic niche titles every couple of weeks and for the most part they all do well? It's a great time to be a fan of weird oddity games.

It’s kinda similar, yeah.

I get the distinct feeling Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mass Effect are gonna be the sacrifices.

  • Shepard: So yeah this one time I had to seduce an ardat-yakshi
  • Liara: *spits out drink* you fuckinf WHAT
  • Shepard: yeah she nearly got me lmao it was pretty close
  • Liara: Y-
  • Liara: YOU-
  • Liara: WHAT
  • Shepard: hey it's chill the justicar I was working with killed her

An alternate reality in which Jane Shepard comes from a parallel universe because of a random wormhole.

paragon shepards are incredibly strong and remarkable people, and i love them wholeheartedly

but give me the renegade shepards who hate their scars. they run their fingers over those war-torn lines every morning with a grimace in the mirror, recalling every stare, every whisper, every nudge of someone else’s shoulder when they see shepard walking by

give me the renegades who recognize their flaws, give me the renegades who ignore them entirely. either way, they always sit with a hand absently at the side of their face, covering the worst

give me the ones who fall asleep anywhere and everywhere but their own cabin. they don’t like waking up alone in the dark when all they can see is red

give me the ones with daggers for smiles and bullets for words, the ones whose hands are always covered in someone else’s blood because time isn’t something they have the luxury of wasting

give me the renegades with their brutal honesty and their unrelenting resolve. the ones always left standing, bloodied smiles and open arms daring the Reapers to try again, asshole

give me the renegades who spent three years fighting for something, with tooth and bloody nail, finally getting to lie down. they don’t care that their casket is rubble. they just want to sleep, and hope that it was worth it.

….you know it just occurred to me that in me2, garrus goes to the effort of dressing up just for shepard and their special moment together. from my recollection, no one else does that, and i’m not doing this to put other romance options to shame or anything, but it shows just how much garrus tries for her sake.

he didn’t have to dress up, but he did. he didn’t have to buy wine with all the money he could afford to spend, but he did. and the best part is; he didn’t watch any vids on how it should go. everything in that night was his own ideas. that’s all him just trying, hoping to make the night right for shepard; a night to treasure.