and martin saw him walking away

Holy Trench Coat || Stiles S.

Word count: 1020

After watching Mr. Stilinski get into the police cruiser and drive away, I stepped out of my car from across the street holding the coat tight against me.

Immediately, my almost naked body was freezing underneath the long black trench coat and I wondered to myself if it was actually worth spending the extra twenty-five minutes in the shower shaving my legs if it only took three seconds in the cold to grow back. 

However, as I took more steps toward the house my heart started to pound so hard, it felt as if it would burst from my chest at any second.

“How did you convince yourself to do this Lyla?”  I grumbled, watching as my words came out in a gray cloud of smoke in the chilly night air. 

My uggs slapped against the road as I crossed it, walking up the driveway to the front steps. I thought about knocking, but I wanted it to be a surprise and I knew that Padre Stilinski never locked the door unless no one else was here.

Slowly, I turned the knob in my hand and for a second I thought of how this would look to an outsider. It probably seemed that I was waiting for the sheriff to leave, being all stalker like so I could rob his house, but in all reality, I wasn’t here to rob anything.

Well, unless you count Stiles’s virginity.

Now, that sounded as if I planned to rape him, which I wasn’t. I was only here trying to save both of our lives and because I’d been in love with this schmuck for the last five years and I wasn’t going to let his life end all because some stupid evil creature wanted to have virgin sacrifices.

After opening the door, I quietly shut it and walked up the steps to Stiles’s room. With every step I took, I felt my legs get weaker and my confidence falter.

What if he didn’t want to?

What if he thought I was ugly?

What if he was saving it for my sister?

That last thought struck a chord in my gut and I stopped on the stairs. It wasn’t a secret that Stiles held feeling for my sister, Lydia Martin. Hell, I had even heard him say it once.

It was the first day of sophomore year, the day after Scott was bitten by that stupid alpha, Peter. Lydia and I had just gotten out of her car when I saw Stiles and Scott talking to each other. Instead of following Lydia, like I normally did, I branched from her path and headed towards my two awkward best friends since seventh grade. 

As I walked up to them, I heard Stiles speaking. “Dude, this is the best thing that has ever happened in this town. It’s almost as great as the birth of…” Scott nudged him as I arrived in their presence, alerting Stiles, whose eyes got wide before looking away from me at my sister. “Lydia Martin.”

I raised an eyebrow, trying not to give away how much hurt was in my chest before piping up. “You know, that was my birth too, perks of being twins.”

Stiles stated some joke after that but it never left my mind and it still holds a name to a crack in my heart today. 

Shaking my head, I rid the memories of that day before continuing up the stairs. Soon, I was face-to-face with Stiles’s door and I could hear him talking inside. The sounds of a tv and gunshots rang from outside the door. 

“Take that zombie! Couldn’t get me! I’m the Alpha now, bitch!” All were things that I heard as I waited outside the door wondering how long it was going to take me before I chickened out, walked back to my car, drove home, put on some comfy pajamas, got into bed, and wondered about the what if’s that could have happened tonight.

Memories of that boy tied to a tree with his throat slit burned into my mind. I couldn’t let that happen. Not to me and certainly not to my Stiles.

Once again, I slowly turned the knob and entered the room. Stiles sat in his computer chair with a remote controller in his hand and headphones on his head as he continued to kill the zombies that approached him on the screen. He was barking orders at what I assumed was the other players in the game.

A part of me wanted to continue staring at him, but then I realized just how creepy and Edward Cullen like that really was. So, to get his attention, I cleared my throat.

As if nothing had happened, he continued to play the game yelling out vulgar things and commanding orders. 

Irritation started boiling in my veins. I tried once more to clear my throat, but it was to no avail. Finally, upset with the lack of attention I was getting (I was a Martin after all), I yelled. “Stiles!”

His hands went up in the air, letting go of his controller as it flew above his head and landed on the ground with a soft thud. His chair almost tilted backward from the sudden motion of his body as he jumped and a loud squawk left his lips.

Turning to face me, he removed the headphones from the back of his neck where they had fallen as his breaths came to him in pants. “Lyla? What the hell are you doing here and why did you scare the living crap out of me?”

Mustering all the courage I had I let the words flow from me.

“I’m not going to die a virgin Stiles, and I’m going to let you die either.”

With that, I let my hands drop from the trench coat and watched Stiles’s expression as the material pooled at my feet. The only thing left on my body was a matching set of black lace lingerie. 

His eyes went so wide, I almost expected them to pop out. A choking sound left his lips before actual words.

“Holy shit.”

Part 2? With some smut? ;)

*Jordan Parrish*  Sheriff's Daughter

girl X Jordan Parrish

Plot: Mia is saved from being erased from everyone’s lives by the hellhound

Word count: 1,452

A/N: I wasn’t really in the mood of writing, but I bring you a Parrish Imagine.

Every time I walked into the police station, I felt something was different. It started a few weeks ago, but I thought nothing of it. I just kept pushing the feeling away until Lydia Martin came to me with the name, Stiles. 

I’ve only know that name as grandpa’s, but other than that. I’ve never heard it, well as least I don’t think I have. 


I turned my head and Smiled instantly when I saw Jordan. Our relation is a little complicated, We’re together, But we’re not publicly together. He’s scared for my dad’s reaction when we tell him. He all ways tries to keep it professional when he’s around. He fail miserably.  

“Parrish, up to no good, I see.” I comment as we meet in the center of the station. At this moment all I could think about was how good he looked in his uniform. The fabric was tighter against his skin, Showing off his whole figure. 

Who tolled you?” he teased with a playful smile, God that smile is my weakness. I giggled slightly and my smile grew on its own. “Think you’re so funny, don’t you?” My voice was smooth as I saw him struggle under my dull blue eyes. 

“Well you do, Don’t you?” He smirked knowing I laughed at anything he said. 

“Stop!” I seethed through a laugh as I hit his chest playfully, “Anyways hows work?” I asked curiously as I changed the subject. “Actually I was just going through some old file, Before you disturbed me.” He pointed towards me. 

I shrugged, “Well I guess my dad could use my company anyway.” I teased as I started walking away. “No, I was joking.” He chuckled as he grabbed my hand and pulled me back. “I know, Jordan.” I giggled joining into his laugh.

“But did you find the file from when I got arrested?” I asked. His expression changed from a beautiful smile to shocked. It’s cute how he looked like a deer in headlights. 

“There is no way the sheriff’s daughter got arrested.” Jordan stated as he crossed his arms over his chest, challenging me. 

“I’m guessing that’s a no than, but, yeah I was a rebel a while back.” I said nodding my head. “I mean you could as my dad.” I said. 

“I’ll take your word for it, but do carry on.” He nodded encouraging for me to continue. “You know what is actually isn’t that important.” I smirked, I’ll tell him one of these years. 

“Parrish!” A silky male voice called, I turned around after seeing Jordan looking over my shoulder. Coming towards us was Scott’s little pack, I knew them through Scott. I just can’t remember how I knew him, Weird

“We were interrupting something, weren’t we?” Mason ask squinting his eyes at the both of us. 

“No.” Jordan said,

“Yes.” I said.

We said the two words in sync, Jordan glanced at me with furrowed eyebrows. “M’ Kay.” Corey said awkwardly sensing some little tension. “I was just leaving, Bye guys. Jordan.” I said Jordan’s name flatly.

“Mia.” Jordan responded. 

I woke up to a an ice cold breeze blowing over my skin. My eyes shot open from the sudden shot of cold. I shuffled into the warm body next to me, cuddling into his sides. We’re wrapped in silky smooth red blankets, almost naked from earlier in the night.

Loud thunder lightened up the dark room for a split second. The first that came to mind was the wild hunt. I shivered and tried to get rid of the paranoid feeling deep inside. I rested my head higher on Jordan’s chest closing my eyes, trying to go back to sleep. 

It wasn’t easy sneaking around with Jordan with my parents living in the same town. My dad is his boss and he was starting to build a relationship with my mom. Stiles-wait whose Stiles? 

That name keeps popping up like a sixth sense. 

The sound of boots clunking on wood got louder. I was almost a sleep when I heard the sound, my eyes snapped back open. I thought I was just being paranoid, but it feels as if somebody else was in Jordan’s house with us

The right thing to do was to shake Jordan awake, instead I crawled out of bed. I cringed when my feet gingerly touched the floor. I ignored it and carried on walking out of the room in only my royal blue lingerie 

The right thing to was to shake Jordan wake, but instead I got out of bed. I cringed when my feet touched the cold floor, Ignored it and began walking out only wearing my blue lingerie.

I saw it.

The wild hunt.

A cowboy hat and boots, long hair and a trench coat going to his calve. No face, just a mask. A whip and gun held in his holster. My breathe got caught in my throat as I slowly made my way backwards. I was terrified feeling it run in my bones. To shocked to say anything or too even yell for Jordan.  

He moved with a fast pace towards me as I made my way backwards. deeper into the hallway. brown and dead leave blew everywhere from the powerful wind. Lighting flashed through the house, I jumped. 

I back up to the closet door at the end of the hallway. I had nowhere to go, I couldn’t do anything to stop him. I’ll be gone, no one would remember me. 

JORDAN!” The yell came out as a straggled cry, I felt so weak. I was weak and I hated it with everything inside me. I felt to heat before I saw it. 

he’s naked when he came into view, Jordan’s whole body is on fire as his eyes glowed a bright orange. He wasnt Jordan anymore, he’s the hellhound, my hellhound. He looked at me against the closet fear running in my blue eyes. Breathing heavily, probably hearing my pounding heart. 

He growled as I felt it vibrate through my body, he was looking right at the ghost rider. Making him stop and turn his attention towards him. The hellhound roared this time, shaking the ground under my feet. He took fast steps to the ghost rider, walking with stronger power.

“Jordan!” I screamed, scared for his well being. Blood rushed through my veins and all I could do was stand here. The hellhound ignored my cry this time and continued with him. 

The ghost rider disappeared with green and blue dust, taking the wind, leaves, and lighting with him. I took a deep breath and sighing in relief, I was still here and Jordan was still alive.

What if he wasn’t? I don’t want to think about it, it already hurt as if someone drew a knife through my heart. 

I watched Jordan as His back became fire-less and ashy. His shoulders moved up and down from breathing heavily. He stayed there for a few seconds before he turned around to look at me with his now brown eyes. Fear hosting behind his eyes, I didn’t think when I ran to him.

He caught me holding me tight against his extremely hot body. I didn’t care all I cared was  Jordan was here with me and know. My breathing started to slow while I wanted this moment to last forever.

I didn’t know how long we stayed there in each other arms. Could have been seconds, minutes, or even hours before Jordan spoke up. “Are you okay?” He whispered pulling me away.

“When I’m with you I couldn’t be better.” I lightly smiled trying to change to scene of mood. Jordan didn’t smile only scowled at me, “How are you so calm, I could of lost you.” He raised his voice at me.

“Jordan I-” I said a little taken back, but he cut me off.

“If you didn’t call for him, you’d be gone, our memories would be gone. I wouldn’t  remember you at all.” Jordan burst out. 

I sighed, “What would be so back about being gone?” I asked, Knowing I had feeling for him, why would me care if I was gone anyways.

“Well, because I love you and I think I might just lose myself without you.” He said rubbing the back on his neck. I smiled, “I think we should tell them now.” I stated. 

“Why?” He asked clueless-ly. 

“Because I didn’t call for the hellhoud, I called for you, Jordan.” I smiled up at him. 

“What?” He asked happily before pulling me closer and connecting our lips. I loved being so close to him, it felt like nothing was better than this. There was nothing better than this. 

We pulled apart slowly as his hands still held onto my waist, “Besides I love you too, Jordan Parrish.”

Stiles- So Much More

Requests- Could u do a fluffy Stiles where he comforts u while ur having like a panic attack or anything like that?? Maybe u realize u love him or something  /  Hi, I just want to tell you that I love the way you write and I’d like to ask you if you could write an imagine with Stiles in which the reader is Scott’s sister, she gets really drunk and the whole pack gets super worried but the things she says are hilarious but she suddenly reveals she has a huge crush on stiles and he does too and they get all cute and the pack can’t stop making fun of them the next day. Again I really love the way you write, have a lovely day! 💕

A/N- Thank you, lovely! Hope you like it!

“Why do we have to do this?” Liam muttered, leaning forward in his seat to whisper in your ear. “We’re sophomores, not kindergartners. I think we can read a book on our own now.”
You turned around and raised your eyebrows. “And when was the last time you read a book that wasn’t assigned?”
Liam narrowed his eyes and lifted a finger like he was about to make some big point, but he floundered for  few seconds before finally giving up. “Alright, fine. I’ll give you that one.”
You smiled and turned around to glance up at the dry erase board, where Ms. Martin had written the assignment.
Lydia’s mom wasn’t actually an English teacher, but after Mr. Quinn had been torn to pieces by the Beast, someone had to pick up the slack. Considering Beacon Hills wasn’t exactly a popular spot for teachers, no one answered to the job advertisement, and the administration was forced to resort to their only  other option.
You didn’t mind Ms. Martin, and you were pretty sure that the only reason she was assigning personal books was because she didn’t have time to assign you an actual curriculum-approved one. Given the choice between making lesson plans and convincing students that a rabid bear had attacked them in the library, you guessed the first one wasn’t her top priority.
“Come on, it’s not that bad,” you told Liam. “At least she’s not making us write a four page essay.”
“Okay, true,” he agreed. “You know I’m not saying I wanted Mr. Quinn to die…but I’m really glad we don’t have to write those anymore.”
You rolled your eyes. “Sure, Liam.”
“Hey, he was an asshole,” he protested. “And he hated me for no reason!”
“You slept through almost every class,” you pointed out.
Liam shot you a look, and as you grinned and turned around, Ms. Martin rose from the desk that used to be Mr. Quinn’s. “Alright, guys, since the classroom library is pretty small, we’ll be heading down to the library to choose our books. Just to be safe, bring your things, because we’ll be in there until the bell rings.”
At the mention of the library, your stomach began to sink. It wasn’t that long ago that you had watched Theo kill Scott on those steps, and you were always trying to avoid stepping foot into that room. At first, even thinking about your brother dying in front of you was enough to send you into a panic attack, but luckily things weren’t as bad now.
You had made a little bit of progress, but you tried not to go into the library unless you had to. Panic attacks were a new thing for you, so you were still trying to get a handle on them, but luckily you had Stiles to help you. As your brother’s best friend, he had been there almost all your life, and he hated seeing you suffer through them.
He could have kicked himself for not being there when you had your first one, which if you were being honest, made you feel like you were dying. Thankfully, your mom and Lydia had been right there, instructing you to try and slow your breathing. The attacks didn’t happen so often anymore, but you were a little uneasy about the class trip.
“Maybe you should ask if you could just stay here,” Liam suggested, sensing your nervousness.
“She’d never let me,” you told him. “There’s no one in here. She can’t just do that…plus I’m getting better.”
Liam hesitated. “Y/n…”
“I haven’t had one in weeks,” you pointed out.
“You haven’t been in the library in weeks either,” he countered.
“Liam, do you not trust me?” you asked him.
“You I trust,” he stated. “But your PTSD…not so much.”
You sighed, and straightened your shoulders as everyone began to rise from their seats. “I can do this.”
“Are you sure?” he asked. “Because I’m your friend and all, but I’m not like Stiles. I don’t know how to handle that. I can try, but what if I’m not able to help you?”
“I’ll be fine,” you assured him, grabbing your stuff and heading into the flow of kids leaving the class.
Liam sighed and went after you, hoping that you were right. He had seen firsthand what it looked like when you were having a panic attack, and he had never experienced anything like the crushing fear of being helpless as you struggled to breath.
You took deep breaths as you walked down to the library, and as you got closer, Ms. Martin hung back so she could talk to you.
“Are you feeling alright, Y/n?” she asked you. “Because you could wait outside if you need to. It’s perfectly understandable.”
You didn’t know why, but hearing her say that suddenly made you angry. Not at her, but at yourself. Maybe it was because you were stubborn, or maybe it was because you were sick of people tiptoeing around you, but either way, you set your shoulders and smiled at her. “I’m fine. I haven’t had an attack in weeks. Besides, I’m going to have to go back in there sometime, right?”
Ms. Martin gave you a skeptical look. “Well, if you’re sure…”
“I am,” you insisted, hoping you looked convincing.
“Well alright then,” she relented, giving you a firm nod and heading back up to the front of the group.
You let out a breath as she walked away, and Liam frowned at you. “I heard that.”
“Of course you did. You were right next to me,” you stated.
Liam shot you a look. “You know what I mean. I heard the skip in your heartbeat. You’re not sure.”
You swallowed and stared at him indignantly. “Liam, I’ll be fine. It’s just like she told me a few weeks ago. It’s all in my head.”
Liam was still frowning, but you paid no mind to him. You simply stared straight ahead as the rest of your English class filed into the library. You took a deep breath as you passed through those doors, willing yourself to stay calm. Much to your surprise, you didn’t feel like your whole world was caving in as you walked inside.
You blinked, and Liam looked at you in surprise. You felt pretty calm, calmer than you had in months, and you flashed Liam a look of relief. You noticed that Ms. Martin had also been watching you, but when she saw that you weren’t going into full on panic-mode, she turned away.
“See?” you asked him. “I’m fine.”
He shrugged and nodded, and the two of you headed into the stacks as everyone else dispersed. They seemed to have the same idea, or maybe they just wanted to talk without Lydia’s mom scolding them. Either way, you and Liam were alone between shelves.
“Hey, look,” Liam said, pulling a book off the shelf. “They have Star Wars books. You think Stiles knows about these?”
“I’m sure he read all of them before he even went here,” you told him.
“You would know,” he remarked with a smirk.
“What?” you asked, raising your eyebrows at him.
“Come on,” Liam told you, placing the book back on the shelf. He flashed you a look of disbelief, and you threw up your hands.
“You and Stiles.”
“M-me and Stiles?” you choked. “He’s been Scott’s best friend since forever…and he’s practically my brother too!”
Liam shook his head. “That is so not true. I see the way you look at each other.”
“No way-” you began. “Wait. How does he look at me?”
“I knew it,” Liam said with a grin. “You do like him.”
You could tell that your face was growing bright red, and much like Scott, you had never been good at hiding your emotions. Liam could tell from the blush on your face and the tightness of your mouth that he had hit a nerve, and if it wasn’t from that, it would have been from the fear in your eyes.
“Liam,” you begged. “You can’t tell him.”
Liam blinked, shocked. “Of course not. You should do it yourself.”
You gulped at the thought. “No.”
“What? Come on.”
“No way,” you insisted. “He’d laugh in my face. Well, maybe he wouldn’t do that, but he’d never want to talk to me again. Not to mention that he could never feel that way about me. Like I said, he’s practically my brother.”
“How do you know he thinks that?” Liam questioned.
“I just do,” you told him stubbornly.
“You know,” he said slowly. “Sometimes I think you’re really smart, and other times, I honestly don’t know how you got this far in school.”
You rolled your eyes and shot him a sharp look, but he threw up his hands. “I don’t mean it like that, I just-”
“Liam, save it,” you told him softly. “It’s never going to happen.”
He sighed. “If you really feel that way…”
“I do,” you insisted, turning away and heading down the aisle.
“Y/n, wait,” Liam told you. “You know I didn’t mean to-”
You froze suddenly, your eyes landing on the staircase leading up to the second floor of the library. Your breath seemed to halt in your throat, and you were suddenly back in the library that night.
There was no trace of daylight in the room anymore, and every student had  just seemed to disappear. You looked for Liam, but the only other people there were Theo and Scott, and one of them was stabbing the life out of the other.
You let out a strangled gasp, trying to tell yourself that what you were seeing was a product of your PTSD. It wasn’t real and you knew that, yet it was still right before your eyes, staring you in the face as your brother bled out in front of you.
You could practically hear Stiles’ voice in your head. Y/n, listen to me. It isn’t real, okay? Think about this. Think about it logically. If it already happened, how can it be happening again?
Theo locked eyes with you and grinned, and when he finally pulled his claws out of Scott, they were dripping with blood. Your brother fell backward onto the stairs with a sickening thud, and he looked right into your eyes. They were filled with horror and regret, and most of all, a light that seemed to be fading. He was dying, and you couldn’t stop it. You couldn’t save him.
Your breath came in short gasps as Theo stepped forward. These hallucinations didn’t happen often, but when they did, they were followed by some of the worst panic attacks you had ever had.
“Y/n!” you heard a voice cry. You felt hands on your shoulders, and suddenly it was daytime again, and Theo was gone. Liam was grabbing onto you, his terrified blue eyes staring into yours.
“You’re having a panic attack,” he breathed.
“You-you think?” you gasped.
Liam pursed his lips nervously. “Just, uh, just slow your breathing! Try to slow your breathing!”
“I can-I can’t!” you choked out.
Liam shook his head helplessly. “I’ll go get Ms. Martin.”
“No please…everyone’s…everyone’s going to-to see. Don’t.”
Liam grimaced and looked around. The shelves around you were deserted, but someone was going to wonder by eventually. They’d see you whether he ran for Ms. Martin or not, but he didn’t want you to freak out anymore than you already were.
“O-okay,” he stuttered. “Then just think about something else. Or…or do what Stiles tells you to do!”
You nodded weakly, and tried to think through this the way Stiles had told you-just slow down and try to think about something good-but the only thoughts running through your head were about Scott and watching him die.
You shook your head, dropping to your knees as you helplessly tried to suck in air. You hated this feeling. It was like taking a spill from a tree, and grasping the branches as you tumbled down, only to have them slip through your fingers. You were falling too quickly, unable to stop this,  and your body couldn’t seem to catch up with your mind.
“Y/n, please,” you could hear Liam begging. “I don’t know what to do.”
You and me both, you wanted to say, but your breath was coming in too fast for you to get a word out. Your vision was starting to blur, and you desperately shook your head. The room swam around you, and you dug your nails into the tile, trying to steady yourself even though you weren’t even moving.
“Ms. Martin,” you managed to choke out.
You didn’t care about anyone seeing anymore. You couldn’t stand this any longer, this
feeling of death waiting around every corner. If she could stop it, if anyone could, you would scream it to the world that you were terrified every minute of every day.
You didn’t hear Liam get up, but he must have, because you never heard a reply. You closed your eyes and tried to tell yourself that it was okay, that Liam would get Ms. Martin and everything would be fine, but before you could continue lying to yourself, you felt hands pulling your backpack from your shoulders.
“Y/n? Y/n, open your eyes. It’s me, okay? You have to open your eyes and look at me.”
Confusion washed over you, quelling the panic slightly, and you opened your eyes to find a pair of warm brown ones peering down at you. “St-stiles?”
“Okay, good,” he breathed, moving to sit in front of you. “Good. I need you to listen to me, okay? Stop trying to fight it. There’s nothing to fight.”
“But-but I saw it,” you choked. “Theo, he-he…”
“It wasn’t real,” he promised. “It already happened, remember?”
You nodded weakly, glancing up to see that you were now surrounded by people. Liam had come back with Ms. Martin, but it looked like he had brought the entire library too.
“E-everyone’s…looking,” you said, your voice cracked and unstable.
“Doesn’t matter,” he breathed, gently grabbing your face and turning it toward him. “This isn’t about them. This is about me and you.”
He let go of your face for a few seconds to fumble with the pockets of his jeans, and then he pulled out his phone. “Wh-what are you doing?”
He tapped it a few times, and then thrust it in front of your face. “Breathe with this. Do what it tells you, okay?”
You blinked and stared down at the screen. There was a picture of you, Scott and Stiles from the spring dance the year before, but in front of it were words and a tiny square box. The words Breathe Out flashed on the screen, and soon they were morphing into Breathe In.
You tried to follow the instructions, and after a few tries, you could speak more easily.
“That’s us,” you whispered, glancing down at the photo.
He nodded. “Yeah. This app, it helps you slow your breathing. And you can customize the image of what you look at when you have a panic attack.”
“That’s…that’s really cool,” you told him.
“Y/n,” Ms. Martin said, rushing forward and kneeling next to you. “Are you alright?”
You weren’t sure why she hadn’t jumped in earlier, but then you realized she was probably just letting Stiles do his thing. You were glad for that, because it had obviously worked.
You swallowed, still breathing heavily, but at least you were no longer panicking. “I’m okay now.”
She nodded and glanced over at Stiles. “That was quick thinking, Stiles. Thank you.”
He shrugged. “Just helping out a friend.”
She nodded and rose to her feet. “I’d feel a lot better if you took her to the nurse.”
“Yeah,” Stiles agreed. “Yeah, I can do that.”
He helped you up, placing his hand on your back and grabbing your discarded bag, and you leaned into him gratefully. Your cheeks were burning, and Liam mouthed a quick ‘Sorry’ to you, but you shook your head slowly.
“Thank you,” you muttered to him as you passed by.
Stiles led you out into the hall, and stopped as soon as the doors shut. He turned to you, planning to ask if you were okay, but you practically burst into tears. He dropped your bag on the ground and brought you into his arms, and pulled you onto the floor of the hallway.
“Hey, it’s alright,” he murmured. “It’s not that bad. At least you didn’t piss your pants.”
“You did that?” you asked, pulling away to look at him with red eyes.
“Fourth grade,” he told you, grimacing slightly. “It was right after my mom died, and I was having a really bad panic attack. Wasn’t my finest hour, but Scott was right there, offering to pee his own pants so I wouldn’t be the only one.”
“And you didn’t take him up on it?” you asked quizzically.
Stiles smiled. “It was tempting, but no. I was just grateful that he was there.”
“How’d you know I was having an attack?” you asked suddenly. “Did Liam text you? I don’t even remember that.”
“Nah, I was working on a paper on the second floor,” he explained. “I pulled my headphones out, and then I heard Liam’s voice, and I looked down and saw you guys in the aisle.”
You felt your lips turn up. “And you just jumped right into action, huh? My hero.”
“Well, I didn’t have time to put on my cape first,” Stiles joked. “But yeah, I did.”
You sighed and disentangled your arms from his neck in order to sit sit back against the wall. He reached out and patted your knee, and you immediately felt comforted. Stiles had a way of doing that to you, of making you feel warm and loved.
“You know, you’re gonna get a handle on this,” he assured you. “Whatever it takes, I know you’re gonna figure it out.”
“How’d you do it?” you asked curiously. “With that app?”
He shook his head. “Nah. I just kind of learned better ways to deal with it over time. I didn’t actually download the app until a couple weeks ago.”
“Wait a minute,” you said. “Did you get that for me?”
“Uh…would it be weird if I did?” he asked, his expression changing into one of slight panic.
“No,” you said quickly. “God, Stiles, I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”
He smiled once more. “Well I know it’s been hard for you. And I’ve known you for so long…I just worry about you.”
“You know, I would say I can take care of myself,” you began. “But I can’t even seem to do that.“
“Hey, don’t do that,” he told you. “Don’t start getting down on yourself. Maybe you freak out from time to time, but we all do. And after what we’ve been through? I think it’s okay to freak out sometimes.”
“I just feel like I have no control,” you admitted.
Stiles gently knocked his knee against yours. “Sometimes control is overrated. Besides, I don’t feel adequate without having to swoop in and help you out.”
“Stiles,” you said with a roll of your eyes. “Come on.”
“It’s true,” he insisted. “You give me purpose.”
You scoffed, but he shrugged and began to rise to his feet. “Everyone has someone like that. We should probably head to the nurse though. Ms. Martin is gonna come out here and scream at me for being irresponsible.”
You smirked. “I think you should tack ‘again’ onto the end of that sentence. She does that like five times a day.”
“Yeah, but I think it’s because I’m secretly her favorite student,” he told you.
You rolled your eyes. “You’re hopeless.”
“I am, but I’m going to drag you down with me. And you’re going to be okay with it.”
You smiled and scooped your bag up from the floor, contemplating Stiles’ words as you walked down the hall. He had no idea how right he was.
“Hey, are you coming to Lydia’s party tonight?” you asked him.
He frowned. “I was thinking about it. But if you want me to chill at home with you tonight, I’m totally cool with that.”
“Stiles,” you said with a huff. “I had a panic attack, not a heart attack. I can go to a party. I’m fine.”
“Yeah, but whenever you say you’re fine-”
“I’m fine,” you finished for him.
“No,” he said. “You just think you’re fine.”
“Well I promise I’m for real this time,” you told him firmly. “Besides, it’s just going to be a pack thing.”
“I guess you’re right,” he agreed skeptically. “But I’m still taking you to the nurse. And texting Scott.”
You sighed. “Seriously, Stiles?”
“He’d kill me if I didn’t tell him what happened. Okay, maybe he wouldn’t kill me, but he’d be disappointed, and I don’t want to have to look at those sad puppy-dog eyes.”
You rolled your eyes at him again, something you did way too much in his opinion, but you didn’t try to stop him as he pulled out his phone. You eventually got to the nurse’s office, and as you headed toward the door, Stiles started to follow you, but then thought better of it.
“Hey, do you want me to come in with you?” he asked you.
“Nah, I think I’ll be okay. And thank you, by the way…for what you did back there.”
Stiles nodded. “Of course. Are you sure you don’t want me to come with you, you know, so you’re not alone?”
You gave him an odd look, and he blushed. “I-I mean, just until Scott gets here. If he
can’t leave class, I could always take you home, you know?”
“Oh,” you said. “Right. Well, I’m sure Scott can do it. They’ll probably call him out of Bio.”
Stiles nodded, hoping you couldn’t see his disappointment. “I guess I’ll see you later?”
“See you later,” you told him, stepping forward “And, seriously, thank you.”
You took another step toward him, giving him a tight squeeze, and he curled his arms
around you. You had no idea how badly he just wanted to pick you up and whisk you away, just to protect you from any other terrible creature that decided to tear through the school.
Then he realized how creepy that sounded, even in his head, and he decided he would
never admit that to you, not even on pain of death. Instead, he simply squeezed you back, and then pulled away.
“Let me know when you get home safe.”
“I will,” you promised. “I’ll see you at Lydia’s then.”
“Yeah,” Stiles muttered as you disappeared into the nurse’s office. “See you at Lydia’s.”

Stiles jogged up the steps to Lydia’s house and then rang the doorbell. He could hear loud music thumping through the door, and he wondered if anyone had even heard him. He stuck his hands in his pockets while he waited, but when the door finally opened, it wasn’t Lydia’s face he saw, but Liam’s.
“Hey,” Liam said.
“Hey, sorry I’m late. The jeep wouldn’t start,” Stiles explained. “I tried texting, but no one replied.”
Liam shrugged. “It’s okay. Everyone started drinking like three hours ago. Lydia took everyone’s phone so no one posted anything stupid.”
Stiles frowned as he stepped inside. “Oh. Like everyone?”
“Yep,” Liam said with a nod. “Lydia measured out some wolfsbane to put in the punch. I’m sober though. I wanted to keep an eye on Y/n.”
“Y/n’s drinking?” Stiles demanded, raising his eyebrows as Liam shut the door.
You were usually the sober one, but he guessed that with all the stress from earlier, you wanted to let loose for a night. He definitely didn’t blame you, but he would have preferred to be with you. It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Liam to be responsible-well, okay, he didn’t-it was just that when it came to you, Stiles tended to worry.
Stiles had always had a soft spot for you, and he had always found you cute, but somewhere in the time between the Dread Doctors and the Beast, that soft spot turned into something more. It could have been the fact that you had vouched for him to Scott that night in the pouring rain, or when you had broken up their fight in the hospital. Either way, Stiles realized that you weren’t a little girl anymore.
You weren’t just Scott’s cute younger sister. You were someone Stiles would give his life for. You were someone that he couldn’t imagine living without.
He had no idea how Scott would feel if he ever admitted his feelings, but Stiles was guessing he wouldn’t approve. He didn’t know how you would feel either, and he didn’t want to risk ruining things with you or your brother. Being honest just wasn’t worth it if it tore apart his whole world.
“Yeah, she’s drinking,” Liam answered, pulling Stiles from his thoughts. “I thought she deserved it, you know? After everything that’s been going on.”
Stiles frowned. “Yeah, but what if she has another attack and can’t think straight?”
“I…I didn’t think of that,” Liam admitted.
Stiles sighed and headed toward the living room, where the music seemed to be coming from. He could hear laughing echoing down the hall, and as he got closer, voices.
“Scott, your sister is a lot more fun when she’s drunk,” he heard Malia slur.
You and Malia were dancing together in the middle of Lydia’s living room, swaying to the beat with your arms tangled around each other. Her hands with gripped your waist and she was grinning down at you, while your arms were loosely draped over her neck.
When you saw Stiles and Liam come into the room, your heart leapt with excitement.
“Stiles!” you cried, trying to untangle yourself from Malia.
It took a couple tries, but once you were free, you stumbled over to him.
“Come dance with me,” you breathed, wrapping your arms around his neck and tugging him down.
“Woah, o-okay, hold on,” Stiles told you, placing his hands on your arms and glancing around the room.
Scott and Lydia were sitting on the couch, taking selfies on her phone and giggling to themselves. Even when he was sober, Scott loved Snapchat filters, something you and Stiles constantly made fun of him for. Your brother seemed pretty distracted, but now that Stiles was looking at you, you seemed really drunk.
You were stumbling as you tried to lead him toward the center of the room, and he had to grab your shoulders and steady you before you fell  over.
“Y/n, come back and dance with me,” Malia whined, still swaying to the music. “It’s more with fun with you.”
“Can Stiles come too?” you asked her. “He’s such a cute dancer. He flails and stuff, but it’s really great.”
Stiles felt his face going red, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to him. He sighed and grabbed your wrist gently. “Why don’t we go sit down?”
“You don’t want to dance with me?” you asked, your brows knitting together in confusion.
“No, I would love to dance with you,” Stiles told you quickly. “But I want you to sit down so you don’t fall over.”
“Oh,” you said, your expression softening. “Okay.”
“Stay here,” Stiles ordered, setting you in Lydia’s comfy armchair. He looked over at Liam, who was being spun in circles by Malia as she laughed her ass off.
“Liam!” he called.
The Beta quickly pulled away from Malia and shot Stiles an appreciative look. He walked
over, and Stiles glanced back at you and said softly in his ear “Make sure she stays there. I’m gonna get her some water.”
Liam nodded and went over to keep you busy, as Stiles headed toward the kitchen. Hayden and Mason were sitting on the counters, laughing and drinking out of red plastic cups. Stiles waved to them, but they didn’t say much as he headed over to the fridge.
He pulled a bottled water out and then pulled an extra one just in case, and headed back into the living room.
Liam was sitting next to you in the armchair, and you were mumbling to him, but more to yourself. “Lydia’s so pretty. She’s, like…perfect. She’s got perfect hair and perfect eyes. Maybe that’s why Stiles likes her so much. Maybe I should dye my hair red.”
Stiles froze, the water almost slipping from his hands.
“I don’t think you should do that,” Liam commented. “Your hair is pretty the way it is.”
“Thanks, Liam,” you mumbled, closing your eyes.
Stiles swallowed and headed over, setting one bottle on the coffee table and then unscrewing the top to the other one. He held it up to your lips, but you pushed it away.
“No,” you slurred. “I want more whiskey.”
Stiles shot Liam a glare. “You gave her whiskey?
“All the beer was gone,” Liam stated with a shrug.
“Drink,” Stiles told you firmly, shaking the bottle in front of your face. “Lydia drinks lots of water.”
You brow furrowed. “Is that why you love her more than me?”
Stiles felt his throat go dry. “Uh…what?”
“You love her,” you slurred. “She’s pretty…and she’s smart…and you love her.”
“I don’t love her,” Stiles promised. “At least not in the way you think I do. Please, Y/n, just drink the water. For me?”
You smiled at him. “Okay. Only cause it’s you though.”
Stiles sighed in relief as he watched you gulp down the water, and he ran a hand through his hair. You eventually pulled the bottle away from your lips and relaxed your fingers, but Stiles caught it before it could spill onto the carpet.
“You know, you’d be such a good boyfriend, Stiles,” you mumbled to him, reaching out to pat his cheek. “I wish you were my boyfriend.”
“Y-you do?” Stiles sputtered.  He glanced over at Scott, still on the couch, but he either hadn’t heard you, or was too drunk to care.
“Mmhm,” you told him, reaching up to run your fingers through his hair. “I’ve always wondered what that would be like. You know, to…to date you. You’re always there. You’ve always been there.”
Liam gulped and placed his hand on your arm. “Uh, Y/n, maybe you should stop talking.”
“Shut up, Liam,” you groaned. “You’re so annoying sometimes.”
Liam blinked, and Stiles pressed a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing.  He held the water bottle back up to your lips as the Beta glared at him. “Here, drink more.”
You shook your head. “My head hurts.”
“Yeah, that’s why you need to drink this,” Stiles insisted. “Please.”
“Fine,” you mumbled, pulling the bottle from his hands.
You finished off the water, but as soon as you did, you let it slip to the ground. You leaned back in the armchair, and closed your eyes.
“Woah, hey, Y/n,” Stiles said. “What’s wrong?”
“Tired,” you murmured into the chair, shifting onto your side.
Stiles looked at Liam, who simply shrugged at him.
“I’m taking her home,” Stiles said firmly, walking across the room to Scott. “Hey, dude. Dude!”
He reached out to pat Scott’s face, and the Alpha finally looked over at him. “Stiles. You’re here!”
“Hey, Stiles,” Lydia told him with a bright, tipsy smile.
“Yeah, I’ve been here for a while,” Stiles informed him. “Your sister’s really fucked up dude.”
“What?” Scott asked, his eyes going wide in alarm.
“No, like she’s drunk,” he corrected. “Really drunk.”
“Oh,” Scott said with a frown. “Will you make sure she’s okay for me? I can’t…I can’t like this.”
Stiles nodded. “I’ve got her. Is it okay if I drive her home? Your mom’s not there, right?”
“Night shift,” Scott explained with a shake of his head. “You can take her though. Just make sure she’s safe.”
“Of course he will,” Lydia told Scott, shooting him an odd look. “Stiles loves Y/n. He’d never let anything happen to her.”
Stiles gulped, but Scott simply nodded. “I know.”
“Alright, see you guys later.”
Stiles turned away and headed back over to you. Your eyes were still closed and Stiles couldn’t tell if you were awake or asleep, so he nudged Liam. “Hey, can you-”
“Yeah, I’ve got her.”
He scooped you up into his arms, and you finally opened your eyes, peering over his shoulder at Stiles. “Where are we going?”
“I’m taking you home,” Stiles informed you.
“Wait, no,” you whined. “What if I wanna stay and drink more?”
Stiles scoffed. “No, no you don’t.”
He trailed behind Liam as he headed down the hall and out the door. You pouted as he carried you outside, but you didn’t protest as Liam set you in the passenger seat of Stiles’ jeep. He pulled your seatbelt over you and you smiled at him. “Thanks, Liam. You’re my hero.”
Stiles felt a pang of jealousy, remembering all too well that you had jokingly said the same thing to him earlier. He shut the door and turned to him with a nod.
“Thanks dude,” he told him
“‘Course,” Liam said. “Just make sure she’s okay.”
“Will do,” Stiles promised, clapping him on the shoulder and walking around to the driver’s side. He hopped in the jeep and shut the door, and began to back out as Liam headed back inside.
“You feeling okay?” Stiles asked you, a few miles down the road.
“No,” you said with a groan. “I feel like shit.”
Somewhere between being placed in the car and getting to your house, you suddenly became much more aware of what was going on. You had stopped drinking a while ago, so all that alcohol was starting to wear off, and you began to think about all the mortifying things you had said. You had practically admitted you were in love with Stiles
Stiles felt his lips turning up. “Someone sounds like they’re sobering up.”
“Ugh, hardly,” you remarked. “I feel like I got hit by a train. And like it was my fault.”
“Maybe a little,” Stiles admitted.
“I am so sorry,” you whispered, leaning your head against the window. “I must have sounded like an idiot back there. God, all that stuff I said about you…I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay,” Stiles told you. “It happens.”
“Yeah, but not to me,” you said, closing your eyes. “I just…I wanted to have fun for once. I wanted to stop worrying, but all I did was make myself look like an idiot.”
Stiles laughed. “Y/n, it’s fine. I’ve said some pretty stupid things before, and not even when I’m drunk.”
You smiled. “Yeah, tell me about it.”
Stiles shot you a look, feigning hurt. “Wow. Ouch. Now you’re definitely sobering up.”
You scoffed, but Stiles smiled as you and looked back out the window. “What? You’re a lot less critical of me when you’re drinking.”
You groaned and pressed your forehead into the window. Stiles chuckled softly and reached out to pat your knee. “I’m kidding, Y/n. You know I’m not gonna hold any of that against you, right?”
“Oh thank go-”
“Especially because I feel the same way.”
“What?” you choked.
“I really like you,” Stiles admitted, turning down your street. “And I didn’t know how to tell you, or if I was even going to, because you know, Scott-”
“Scott?” you questioned. “That’s what was stopping you?”
“Well, yeah,” Stiles told you. “I thought I might ruin our friendship.”
You scoffed once more. “Stiles, Scott always talks about how much he wishes I would date someone like you. You know, kind, sweet…a good guy.”
Stiles raised his eyebrows. “Seriously? Damn. Well…what was stopping you?”
“I thought you only saw me as Scott’s little sister,” you explained. “I thought you’d never think anything more of me.”
Stiles laughed as he pulled into your driveway and put the jeep into park. “Y/n, you are so much more than Scott’s little sister. And honestly, I’ve wanted more than that for a long time.”
“Really?” you asked.
“Really,” he confirmed. “Hey, do you still have a headache?”
You blinked, raising your eyebrows at him. This conversation was not going the way you thought it would. “Yeah?”
“You know that diner on the edge of town?” he asked.
“The one with the waitress who sounds like she smokes six packs a day and the cook with the eyepatch?”
Stiles grinned. “That’s the one. They also serve breakfast all night, and they have the best eggs in town.”
“Eggs?” you questioned.
“Hangover food,” he told you. “And we’ll pick you up some Gatorade on the way over.”
The corners of your lips turned up. “And what happens when Scott gets home and figures out I’m not here?”
“He might not come home,” Stiles said with a shrug. “Besides, he asked me to make sure
you were okay, and I’m doing that by replenishing your electrolytes. I’m sure he’ll thank me later.”
You smiled and stared up at your darkened house before turning back to Stiles. “Is this going to be a date?”
“Do you want it to be?” Stiles asked.
“Yes,” you told him.
“Then yes.”
Stiles grinned at you and backed out of your driveway. He headed toward the edge of town, but not before reaching out toward the center console. You felt your stomach flutter as you reached up to place your hand in his, but that could have just been because of how much you drank. Either way, you were giddy with excitement.
Liam had been right about Stiles, but you just hadn’t wanted to risk the letdown of believing him. As you rode through Beacon Hills in the darkness, your fingers intertwined with Stiles’, you had never been so happy to be wrong.


*** This ended up a lot longer than I intended, my head just kept going. My bad. (Maybe)***

“Their parties are great, you should come with me. They’re not too crazy but you’ll definitely remember it.” “I don’t know…what if your ex sees me? I’m in their territory, I don’t really feel like getting jumped by 30 bikers.” “He dumped me. He won’t be upset at you. Please, just come with me. I miss them and I know you’ll have fun.”

You had spent the last 20 minutes trying to convince your friend to go with you to a SAMCRO party tonight. You hadn’t been to the clubhouse in a month. After Chibs had broken up with you, you stayed away. Not that you were trying to get away from the guys, they were still your family, but you just didn’t want to see Chibs. You’d been together for quite some time and things were starting to get dangerous when he’d told you he wanted you to go to Tacoma with Happy. You’d told him no, that you didn’t want to leave and go somewhere that you only knew one person. You’d argued and argues, neither one of you caving and as a result, he decided to break up. 

His plan was to leave you and then get back with you once things had cleared up but it had backfired on him. You’d told him that you loved him and that you would do what he said and stay on lockdown but he didn’t want you associated with the club at all, at least not in this state. You’d told him that if he went through with this, that you wouldn’t take him back. He’d thought that you had been blowing smoke up his ass but he had learned that was not the case when he called you and told you that everything had cleared up. You told him you were glad and then hung up the phone.

Then you’d met this guy Martin. He wasn’t your boyfriend but he wasn’t just your friend. You’d been on a couple dates. He was awkward, clean-shaven and proper which was nearly the exact opposite of Chibs and not really your type but you needed to get your mind off of him. While Chibs was sweet, he could be very aggressive and brute, you’d learned that when he so readily left you. Martin was different. He spoiled you, gave you everything and anything you wanted. You never asked for material things, just his time and he was more than happy to give that to you. With Chibs, you were always counting down the seconds until your time with him would get cut short due to club business.

Jax and Juice both had called you a couple days before and he expressed how much they missed their friend and wanted you to come by for the party on Friday. You’d asked if it was ok if you brought a friend and they’d said along as it wasn’t a cop, you could bring whoever you wanted.
You pulled into the lot with Martin, an area for the fight already set up and people everywhere drinking and having a good time. You smiled as you saw them, this was what you considered your home. Martin on the other hand looked nervous. You grabbed his hand and walked up to the clubhouse, Tig seeing you and immediately making his way to you. “About damn time. I missed you baby.” You felt Martin tense beside you and he squeezed your hand. You squeezed back and let go, meeting Tig and hugging him, his arms around your as he put his mouth to your ear and whispered. “Is that the asshole keeping you away from us?” You laughed and whispered back. “I kept myself away. I needed time.”

Tig was unconvinced but nodded anyways, pulling away from you and looking at Martin. They looked at each other for a couple seconds before Tig turned back to you. “Let’s go inside, the guys want you.” Martin didn’t miss the underlying meaning that Tig used but he didn’t know it was only to annoy him.

Walking into the clubhouse, everything was the way you remembered it and you missed it. You couldn’t lie, this is where you knew you belonged but you didn’t want to see Chibs just yet so you stayed away but it felt good to be back. Juice saw you and came over, hugging you and talking to you but ignoring Martin entirely when you felt someone come up behind you and a hand on your hip. You were ready to turn around and push whoever it was away until you heard their voice. "Hey there Darlin’.“ You turned to see Jax with a smirk on his face. “Nice of you to come home.” You rolled your eyes and hugged him. You knew they were all being this way to piss off Martin, make sure he knew he wasn’t welcome without kicking him out and that you definitely weren’t his.

Jax looked to Martin and nodded at him. “Sup.” “Hi. You her friend?” “Yeah, you could say that.” He smirked at Martin and you slowly began to get a little annoyed at how suggestive they were being and asked Jax if he could get you a drink.
Chibs was sitting at the bar sulking, the same way as he’d been for the whole month when Jax came up to him. “Guess who’s here.” “Who?” “Your girl.” “Very funny Jackie. Fuck off.” “I’m serious, she’s over there talking to Tig.” Chibs turned and was shocked to see you there. He was even more shocked, and pissed, to see you there with a guy he knew must’ve came with you, his hand on your back. It was obvious that he was trying to show you were with him and Chibs felt his blood boiling. He stood from the stool and walked towards you, Jax smirking and following him.

You were talking to Tig about how Piney was when you felt someone stand next to you and saw it was Chibs. You simply turned and ignored him, focusing on Tig again. “How’ve you been?” “Fine.” “And who’s this?” Martin stuck his hand out. “I’m Martin.” Chibs looked down at his hand before looking him in the eyes, not returning the handshake. Martin pulled his hand back awkwardly. “What are you doing here?” “Oh, uh. I came with her.” “Is that right?” Chibs was smiling but you knew him well enough to know that it was entirely fake.

“I need to speak with you.” You continued to ignore him but Tig stopped talking and looked at him, so did you. “Maybe later.” “It’s important.” Chibs spoke in a low voice through gritted teeth and you decided to just hear him out and get it over with. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
“What do you think you’re doing?” “I think I’m here hanging out with my family, or trying to anyways.” “I mean what are you doing with that shithead.” “He’s my boyfriend.” It was a lie but you saw the anger flash in his eyes and you had to admit, it felt good to piss him off after the stunt he had pulled. He grabbed your arms and leaned you against the counter in the kitchen, holding you in front of him. “No. He’s not. I am.” “Not anymore. You dumped me remember?” “I did it to keep you safe! I knew you weren’t going to leave on your own, you’re too damn stubborn.” “You said you wanted to make me your Old Lady one day.” “I do.” “Well how am I supposed to be a good Old Lady if you ship me off every time shit hits the fan? I can’t learn to handle the club if you never left me see what it really is.” With that you walked out of the kitchen and back to the guys. Chibs stared after you and pulled out his phone and calling Juice, telling him what he needed him to do.
You saw Juice answer his phone before agreeing with whatever the person said and hung up. He turned to you. “Hey, Gemma wants to see you. She’s over in the TM office doing paper work. Go see her.” You nodded and told Martin you would be right back. Juice smiled as you walked away and leaned towards Martin. “So. You her boyfriend?” “Uh, not really. We’ve just been on a couple dates.” “So you’re ok with sharing her then.” Martin looked at Juice confused. “Sharing her? I thought they broke up.” “Yeah, they did. But we didn’t.” Juice motioned to himself and Jax, Tig and Happy who had strolled up, not wanting to miss anything. Martin looked around at the guys who all had the same predatory looks, Jax speaking up after picking up on what Juice was doing. “She’s ours too. He just had a claim on her, got the title of boyfriend. He beat us too her but she still belongs to us too.”

Martin’s eyes widened as he realized what they meant. “Wait…you guys like ‘share’ share her?” “Yep. And tonight she’s his so you might as well just go home, wait your turn.” Juice pointed over to Hap with his thumb and Martin gulped as he saw the way Happy looked at him. “And I ain't sharing on my night.” Martin looked around at everyone’s faces and his paled. “Actually, I think I’ll just move on. That’s not uh, you guys can have her. It’s alright.” With that, he quickly got up and rushed out of the clubhouse, all of the guys busting out laughing. They knew you’d be pissed but that was ok.

Meeting Tarjei and Carl

“I went to a festival in Oslo called Øyafestivalen, and I was going to hear a norwegian artist called Sigrid on one of the stages. I saw Carl standing with some of his friends almost right next to me during the concert, but I didn’t want to bother him haha!! When the concert was done, I walked to the next stage, and when I looked to my left both Carl and Tarjei stood next to me😱 Just had to ask for a picture, and they were really nice and said yes right away!” via @dinabraathen on Instagram


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Indrid Cold, commonly known as The Grinning Man, is a purported humanoid entity. His name comes from his tendency to smile at those who encounter him.

The Grinning Man is reported to be human-like in appearance, though is commonly associated with UFO activity and is sometimes believed to be an alien. It is also believed possible that he is connected with the Men In Black. In his first sighting, he was described as being over six feet tall and wearing a reflective, green suit with a black belt. He had a dark complexion and small, beady eyes set far apart. He was described as not having any nose, ears, or hair. In his second known encounter, his suit was said to be blue instead of green, but still retained its reflective property.

According to reports made by Woodrow Derenberger, Indrid Cold came from a planet named Lanulo in the Genemedes galaxy, and that there were two other “grinning men” by the names of Demo Hassan and Karl Ardo.

Indrid Cold was first seen on October 16, 1966 when two boys, Martin “Mouse” Munov and James “Jimmy” Yanchitis, in New Jersey were walking on Fourth Street, when they saw a surreal figure standing near a fence. As they walked closer, the figure was a tall bald man wearing a metal green suit who was staring right at them with a huge grin. The idiosyncratic man chased them until they got away from him. UFO sightings were also reported around the area.

On November 2, 1966 in Parkersburg, West Virginia (around the same area and time as the Mothman came about), Woodrow Derenberger was driving his way home on Interstate 77 until he heard a crash. Then, an unidentifiable vehicle appeared to land in front of his truck. He described it as a “an old fashioned kerosene lamp chimney, flaring at both ends, narrowing down to a small neck and then enlarging in a great bulge in the center." The Grinning Man came out of the vehicle with a dark tan, and walked up to Derenberger and telepathically said his name was "Indrid Cold” and he meant no harm. Cold said he just wanted to know more about the human race and he would visit Derenberger again. After the encounter, Derenberger stated that Cold revealed he was from the planet Lanulo in the galaxy of Genemedes.

During the same period in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, the Lilly family had been reporting that poltergeist activity in their home, such as diamond shaped lights. The Lilly’s daughter, Linda, was sleeping one night, and awoke to see a man standing over her.

It is commonly believed that the Grinning Man may be an alien entity, and is supported by its close connection with UFO activity and with Derenberger’s sighting. It is also said by Derenberger that the Grinning Man is in fact a species of aliens with multiple “grinning men”. However, the third sighting by the Lilly family suggests instead that it may be a ghost or spirit of some kind and was connected with poltergeist activity happening in the residence. Others believe that it is a normal human man or a hoax based off of the popularity and fear of the Mothman, who had been first sighted around the same time.

Busted (Liam Dunbar ft Pack  Imagine)

Request: Can I get a imagine when you and Liam used to date and your best friends so when he tells you he slept with Hayden you get mad and sleep with theo and the pack gets mad 

 A/n: Request are open! And there is slight smut!! This is kinda bad so i’m sorry

 Liam and me had been best friend ever since we were little. Over the years i had gotten a crush on Liam but i kept quite, not wanting him to know and ruin our friendship. 

 In freshman year everything changed. Liam and I became girlfriend and boyfriend. Everything was going great we were happy, I was happy. I’m with the love of my life and my best friend. But all of that went downhill when he started hanging out with Scott and his friends.

 At first i didn’t think nothing of it but soon it turned into Liam ignoring and ditching me for them. One day i got enough of the bullshit and broke things off and we decided to still be best friends and that’s when i found out about the supernatural world. 

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Stiles Stilinski | Not A Clue

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Stiles was late again. I gave up on waiting for him and started movie night on my own. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and saw my older sister. 

“I don’t know why you’re still with him. He ditches you all the time and has an excuse. How do you know that he’s not cheating on you.” My sister claimed, grabbed an apple. 

“Shut up. Maybe he’s dad needed him last minute.” I knew I was lying to myself. 

“I’m going to my room.” She walked away, as I rolled my eyes. I was so focused on the screen, that I didn’t hear the door open. 

“Hi there.” I looked up and saw Stiles. Except this wasn’t Stiles. His eyes were dark, not hazel brown. 

“Stiles, where have you been?” I asked him. Stiles grabbed my arm and made me stand up. “What are you doing.” I asked him. 

“You don’t have a clue, do you pretty face.” 

Short one today. -A

The Cabin in the Woods

[ Ross arrived at his assigned cabin and was curious who his cabinmates would be during this getaway. Honestly, it wasn’t something he initially was going to do, but the hospital was slow and it was an expenses paid trip. Give those factors, the good doctor was hard-pressed to turn it down. 

Ross unloaded his stuff into his room and found welcome baskets for himself and two others. The cards read:

Connor Levi.

Tucker Sung.

The former he heard of as laboring moms seemed to be into him and supposedly he had moved into the building, but as of yet, Ross hadn’t met him. The latter name was completely foreign to him, but Ross was nothing but accommodating. If anything, this was an adult version of sleep-away camp.

Ross explored the grounds and was impressed with what he saw thus far, but as he walked into the woodland area, he found a hand-axe embedded into a tree trunk. Next to it, was a chopped down tree. Grinning, he was excited as he hadn’t done any wood chopping since his trip with Martin, and Ross never could resist to put his outdoorsman sensibility to good use. 

Heading back to the cabin, he quickly changed into a pair of jeans and a plain shirt that he wouldn’t mind getting sweat on. He grabbed some gloves and headed back to the woods, armed with his headphones, iPhone, and began hacking away. 

Man this is great. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all…

Ross thought as he chopped at the tree, eventually hollowing it out hours later. ]

Happy Birthday

Author: Sarah 

Word Count: 1,163

Requested: hiii… could you do an imagine where harry and y/n share the same birthday pleaseee

I felt Harry’s hand take mine as we walked out into the crisp night air. Smiling I gave it a squeeze as he pulled me closer to his side. My other hand came up to grab onto his bicep. I leaned my head down on his shoulder as we started walking down the empty sidewalk. It was a beautiful February night, not too cold and not too windy. The only noise other than the passing cars was my heels clicking on the sidewalk.

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Is this Happening? Chapter 11

Is this Happening?

A Harry Styles Imagine Series


Chapter 11: Jealousy

Third Person POV

The weekend in L.A. passed by quicker than Harry and Y/N wanted, but Harry was glad to able to spend time with her before he had to go back to the UK for the British Fashion Awards, in which he was asked to present an award.

When they got to the airport, the guys waited with Madeline and Y/N for their plane to board since theirs was an hour after the girls.

Harry and Y/N were listening to music, sharing a set of earphones, Louis and Zayn were playing games on their phones, Liam and Niall were talking about their plans for the next week, and as for Madeline, she was on the phone with her boss.

Around 3pm, the plane the girls were taking had just touched down in L.A. and began unloading passengers from the previous flight.

“Y/N? Y/F/N Y/L/N?” A male voice asked.

Madeline immediately hung up and hit Y/N’s arm so that she would turn to look at the person who called her name.

Y/N saw the last person she expected or wanted to see. She flinched then took a deep breathe as she stood up, Harry didn’t notice since he was busy texting his friends.

“M-Martin?” Y/N stuttered, she was still shocked. She walked towards him with her arms crossed. She was still processing that he was here. She had not seen him since they broke up a few years ago. He definitely looked older, more like a man now, being that he was five years older than her, it had been three years since they’ve seen each other.

“Y/N! You look amazing! How have you been?” Martin said as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly.

This had caught Harry’s attention and he instantly put his phone down, so he can watch Y/N and Martin talk.

“I’ve been great! How are you? What are you doing in L.A.?” Y/N asked.

“I’ve been good, just here visiting some friends, are you heading to New York?” Martin asked as he looked up at the flight screen.

“Yeah! I live there now with Madeline!” Y/N said as she pointed at Madeline.

“Hey!” He waved at her. But Madeline just glared at him.

“Wow so you live in New York… Are you going to school there then? NYC? I was just there for a week. I didn’t know you lived there!”

“Yeah I moved there this past summer, been there for almost 6 months. I go to Columbia now.” Y/N answered politely.

“That’s awesome. I always knew you would get into a great school. I just thought you would go to Harvard or Yale.” He said as he lightly rubbed her upper arm.

“Nah you know I wanted to live in New York after high school.” She smiled.

Harry watched as Y/N and Martin talked, feeling really uncomfortable about the fact that he couldn’t hear what they were talking about. He shifted in his seat when he saw Martin rub her arm.

Who the hell is this guy? Harry thought, Wait what the hell? Am I jealous?

After a few minutes we heard the flight representative announce that flight A4 to New York would be boarding soon.

“Hey it was really great to run into you, I should let you get back to your friends, we should catch up some time.” Martin said as he hugged Y/N.

“Yeah okay, sure..” Y/N replied cooly.

“I’ll call you, okay?” Martin kissed Y/N on the forehead which cause a weird domino affect.

Harry dropped his phone on the floor, being caught off guard and not liking what he saw, which caused the guys to look up to see Martin kiss Y/N, which then lead to Niall and Louis to say “Who is that?” at the same time, which immediately pissed off Madeline who stood up and walked over to them, and pulled Y/N away.

“Bye Martin.” Madeline said flatly.

“Bye Martin.” Y/N waved as Martin took off.

Your POV

“I hate him.” Madeline said to me as she dragged me back to the group.

“Well I’m over him. Plus it was years ago.” I shrugged, not wanting to let my past affect me.

“Who was that?” Louis asked as we rejoined them.

Before I could answer, Madeline spoke first, “A jerk from our past.”

“Maddy.” I said softly.

“What? He is.” She scoffed.

“He’s my ex-boyfriend. I haven’t seen him or spoke to him in years.” I explained quickly as I picked up my bags.

“Oh…” Harry mumbled as he helped me gather my things.

“He’s a dick. I swore that the next time I saw him I would deck him.” Madeline said.

“Geez woman. Calm down now.” Niall said as he hugged Madeline.

“I’ll tell you about it later okay?” I looked up at Harry, trying to read his face and wrapped my arms around him.

“Okay… I’m going to miss you.” Harry placed a kiss on my lips as he hugged me, “I’ll call you after my plane lands.”

Madeline and I said our goodbyes and hugged each of the guys then boarded our plane.

- - - - -

As Madeline and I settled back into our home, we both sat on the couch drinking green tea, watching the episode of The Vampire Diaries which we had missed earlier that week.

“Are you going to tell Harry about Martin?” Madeline looked at me.

“Yeah, I think so… If he asks.”

“I think- no I’m pretty sure, Harry got jealous when Martin kissed your forehead, which by the way, how dare he.” Madeline scoffed.

“What? Harry got jealous?” I looked at her.

“Yeah… Hello he likes you. Wouldn’t you be jealous?”

“Depends? I mean he meets, hangs out, and knows tons of females so I try not too, plus we aren’t even an item…”

“You guys didn’t talk about it or define your relationship this past weekend?! Or were you too busy having sex?” Madeline joked.

“Oh god. No. We didn’t do anything of the sort, sexually…. Well we didn’t even talk about what we are either.” I blushed remembering the hot, passionate make out sessions we had both nights before bed.

“You should think about having that conversation with him soon. He’s about to go on tour in a few months.” Madeline said as she continued to sip on her tea.

“Yeah, I know. We will eventually.”

- - - - -

The night of the British Fashion Awards, Madeline and I luckily got worldwide channels, so we tuned it. 

Harry was texting me the entire day, telling me he missed me and wish I was going with him tonight.

I just sighed, oh my boring college life.

Madeline was working on a new design in the living room, I had all my books and notes sprawled across the dining room table trying to study for upcoming exams.

“Look! Harry’s just arrived.” Madeline said as she turned up the volume to the T.V.

I chuckled, “So WEIRD. He just texted me that he was at the awards.”

Madeline made a funny face, “Isn’t it crazy? How we are watching him live and we can see that he’s texting you.” She said as she stuck pins into her mannequin.

I watched as the reporters asked him questions, photographers and paparazzi snapping pictures of his left and right.

“I’ve never seen him wear stripes like that before.” I mumbled. I heard my phone constantly going off, I checked to see that the boys added Madeline and I to their group text conversation, the boys were making fun of Harry, I just laughed and joined in the conversation.

“Yeah me either, he still looks good, but he should’ve worn all black with a blue as his accent,” Madeline said, “I would love to be their stylist for a day.“ 

After the award show, I turned my phone on silent and studied for two hours straight not letting anything break my focus. I knew that Harry was going to an after party, I didn’t want him on the phone texting me all night, so I told him to have fun.

Around 7pm in New York, which was midnight in the UK, Harry had called me, but I didn’t notice my phone lighting up.

"Um… Y/N?” Madeline came out of her room with her MacBook.

I finally broke my focus and looked up at her, “Yeah? What’s up?”

“You need to see this.” She said as she sat down next to me on the dining room table.

Madeline placed her laptop in front of me. There were articles and photos of Harry with Cara and Kendall. The article stated that Harry flirted with Kendall the whole night. Other articles were about Harry and Emma Watson, how fans think that they should date.

I didn’t really know how to react. I was a little nervous and maybe jealous of Kendall. 

“Well… I don’t really have a right to be mad…” I said as I scrolled the through the pictures.

“Yeah but still, doesn’t it bother you babe?” Madeline said, she really didn’t want to see me hurt.

“A little but like I said, Harry and I aren’t anything, so he can still flirt and see other women, if he wants.” Okay, no. I really didn’t want him to.

“Yeah right, don’t lie to me. Maybe you should talk to him about it now. I mean obviously he was jealous of Martin, and now this whole Kendall and Cara thing.” Madeline said as she took her laptop back.

“I guess. I’ll wait until after my tests, I just want to focus on my exams right now.”

I grabbed my phone to see 3 Missed Calls from Harry, and over 40 text messages from the group conversation with the guys. A few were from Oliver about our upcoming exam.

As I was reading through the conversation that I missed, Louis’ name came up on the screen. I didn’t want it to seem like I was ignoring Harry, so I didn’t answer. I felt bad but I really didn’t want to deal with it right now. I turned my phone off and went back to studying, trying to push the images and articles out of my head.

Harry’s POV

Fuck. Y/N’s phone is off now. As I heard it go straight to voicemail, I hung up and put my phone in my pocket.

I can’t believe the damn paparazzi would say that I was flirting with Kendall, not even true.

I headed back to the flat that I shared with guys. 

“Hey mate! How was the party? Did you have fun?” Niall asked as I walked in, he was playing games with Louis and Liam. Zayn was probably off somewhere with Perrie.

“It was okay.” I mumbled, still frustrated and wondering what Y/N was thinking.

I went into my room and changed into a t-shirt and shorts, Louis came in and leaned against the open door.

“I tried calling Y/N but she didn’t pick up.” Louis said.

“Yeah her phone is off now. I tried calling her 5 times. I can’t believe the pap said I was flirting with Kendall… I just was catching up with her since I haven’t seen her in months.” I explained as I plugged my phone into the charger.

"We know mate. Just give Y/N some time. I’m pretty sure she’s just studying… or her phone died or something. She’ll call you back soon.”

“Yeah I guess I want to explain to her what happened. Damn paparazzi, always blowing things up." 

"It’s okay mate. It happens to all of us. Come on, let’s play some FIFA and get your mind off of it." 

- - - - - 

Your POV

I woke up at 11am mentally exhausted from the late night study session. I forgot that my phone was still off, so I turned it on bracing for the messages to come in.

I put in a vinyl record of Rolling Stones as I got ready for the day.

I heard my phone constantly going off for at least 5 minutes straight. “What the hell.” I said as I picked up my phone.

There were over 100 text messages, most were from the group conversations with the guys and Madeline. A few were from Harry, Louis, Oliver and Madeline individually.

Harry: Good morning love.

Harry: How was studying last night?

Harry: Are you okay?

Harry: Please call me back, I miss you.

I sighed, I wasn’t exactly mad or angry, I was just really stressed out from school. I felt bad.

Louis: Hey, you okay? I saw the articles. You should call Harry back, he’s been up all night waiting to hear from you.

I sighed, now I feel really bad.

Oliver: Hey, am I still coming over to study with you at 2?

Oliver: Jesus woman wake up.

Oliver: Oh your phone is off. Damn it, call me back when you read this.

I answered Oliver’s and Louis’ messages first then I called Harry.

The first ring didn’t even finish and I heard Harry’s voice.

Harry: Y/N? Hi. 

Me: Yeah I’m really sorry… I studied for hours last night and just went to sleep. I turned off my phone because I didn’t want to be distracted. I should’ve told you.

Harry: Oh okay… Are you angry?

Me: Angry? No… Should I be?

Harry: Nothing happened with me and Kendall. I was just catching up with her.

Me: Oh that. Yeah it’s okay… No worries…

Harry: No I don’t like how the pap made it seem like me and Kendall were flirting.

Me: Harry really, it’s okay. We aren-

I stopped myself not wanting to say anything to hurt his feelings, I wanted to tell him I was jealous but I didn’t want to seem crazy.

I heard a knock on the door, “Hold on Harry okay?” I said into the phone as I walked to the door.

When I opened up, I saw a very tired, Harry standing right in front of me wearing his notorious green beanie, lose curls had fallen in front of his face. He smiled at me as he said into the phone, “Okay.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - 

YAY! I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. Haha they are finally going to have THE TALK, maybe. 

Until next time!

Let me know what you guys think! Sorry the last two chapters have been shorter than usual! I promise the next one won’t be!

Sorry if there are grammatical errors! Don’t hate me! I wrote this really late last night!

<3 M


You walked down the hall when you saw group of friends talking. As soon as their eyes landed on you, they froze and stopped talking. You felt embarrassed but you continued to your locker anyway.
- “Hello there new girl. I’m Garrett.” you saw guy with blonde hair say. You rolled your eyes. You were used to guys being assholes to you.
- “And I’m not interested.” you snapped back when you saw girl with strawberry blonde hair coming towards you. It was the girl from that group of friends.
- “Go away, Garrett.” she said with stern voice and this Garrett guy rolled his eyes.
- “Whatever you say redhead.” he said and you looked at him.
- “Strawberry blonde.” you and Lydia said at the same time. Garrett walked away smirking.
- “I’m Lydia. And you are my new best friend.” she said laughing.


Word count :3845

  1. Request: winchesterimagine

anonymous asked:

maybe a one-shot where the reader is a journalist, who through her own investigation of a case, gets tangled up with the winchester boys, who are investigating the same case (but obviously to them, it’s not just a case – it’s a hunt). dean thinks the reader is nosy and annoying, but sam finds her sense of adventure and curiosity intriguing. she helps them on the hunt and finds out about the supernatual, falling for sam all the while? :)


Authors note : So I may have gone overboard again .Guilty is charged if it’s too long tell me .I really got into this one .I hope you all like it .Don’t forget to send in request .:D

 It had been another day at the office you were about to head out to cover the strange death that had happened yesterday .You were grabbing your notepad and your recorder to cover all the details .You were dedicated to your job as a journalist .You made sure to get every detail your boss sometimes would say that you should have been a detective. You always tried to write what the feds couldn’t explain and the information they kept secret. You almost always covered every Death in town but the strange ones always interested you the most. Your boss wouldn’t like it when you questioned the cops to much in articles because it would cause Drama. You hated not writing everything but it was your boss and he would write the check at the end of the week .This was your 5th move too .Your coworker knew how badly you could get into a case she usually covered the horoscope daily .She worked right next to you .you saw her head stick out from above   the wall that separated your cubicles. You grabbed your side bag and filled it as fast as possible.

“Hey y/n try to keep it easy on this case. I know it’s your kind of thing but don’t get to involved.”

You smiled at her “what does my horoscope say that today my interest will reveal a true horror or what.”

“Yes how’d you know?”

“I read your article in the morning and if I do encounter a true horror maybe my life would get more interesting for once .Thanks for worrying though.”

“Be careful.”

“I always am.”

You put on your side bag and grabbed your jacket .You stepped out of your cubicle walking towards the exit when your boss stopped you .He had stepped out of his office .

“Y/n make sure to keep it simple .I don’t want any more fed visits.”

“I know plain and simple by the books .I’ll make sure to make it as boring as I have to.”

“Y/n you’re the best at what you do but I really hate the cop visits and there starting to rack up.”

“I know I’ll try to keep all feds out of it.”

“That’s all I ask “

“Ok well I got to go cover this case.”

“Alright bye y/n.”

“Bye “

You started to run to your car .You threw everything in the passenger seat .you hit the reverse and you speeded out of the parking lot .You were pumped last couple of Deaths were people dying from old age or cancer .Not that you didn’t love to cover background stories but you wanted to cover a weird story to maybe cover the first page of the newspaper or be the main story on the company’s News website .you tried to avoid all the red lights .you were at the crime scene in no time .the regular mill of cops were there .You shot them a smile .Most of them knew who you were .You weren’t on the best terms with them but you had laid back for a while .One of the ones that you knew came up to you to talk you .It was Martin an older cop who you had actually been on good terms with and he loved to gossip .”

“Are you here to ridicule us .we just barely found out about this death.”

“No Martin no ridicule just here to get the facts and you know I’m always on top of Deaths so give me the 411.If I get in anymore trouble with the cops my boss is going to want my head .”

“Fine but its only because I know you can’t write about this and I’m dyeing to tell. It was a young girl named Kristen Mack .Drained from blood.”

“Wasn’t there a death like this a month ago but the victim was a man.”

“Yeah we think it’s still a wild animal.”

“Really come on Martin its only one bite and it drains their body .I mean it almost sounds like a leach with razor sharp fangs as teeth.”

“I know y/n but it’s not like that kind of thing exists. Just cover it with the facts I’m giving you. Wild animal attack police are trying to find the animal.”

“Fine Martin anything you probably shouldn’t tell me but will since I won’t be allowed to write about it.”

“Yeah victim almost seemed to be pinned by another person not an animal she had bruised rope burn wrist and she had a bruised cheek from a punch.”

“Wow thanks Martin that’s why you’re my favorite cop ill buy you a doughnut and coffee next time.”

“You better.”

You laughed man some cops really do like doughnuts. You wanted to learn more about the victim so you went to the victim’s parent house to ask questions. You drove over and knocked on the door an older women answered her eyes were swollen most likely from crying .the house was very nice the girl probably had a nice life.

“Hi I’m a journalist I’m writing about the tragic loss of your daughter .I’m very sorry for your loss. I just want to make sure the article get all the details about your daughter she seemed like a very nice person. Do you mind if I ask questions.”

“Oh thankyou yes come in .I’m sorry if I start to cry she was my daughter and I just can’t believe it.”

“Its fine I understand so I was wondering what your daughter did for a living what school she graduated from if she had a love interest.”

You had to start with all of the boring information to put in your article .once you got the background info you started to ask the real questions.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but do you have any idea of why your daughter was in that ally?”

She had tears falling down her cheeks.

“No Krissy never went to that part of town.”

“I understand do you mind if I use your bathroom?”

“Oh no sweetie go upstairs to your left .Its right next to Krissy’s room”

More tears fell from her face .you went upstairs and you went into Krissy’s room to see if you could find anything .you looked for her journal most girls with this kind of life had a diary .you found it under the mattress you looked through it nothing really strange .you headed downstairs again .

“This is my last question was Krissy acting weird scared when she left?”

“Now that I think about it she was nervous.”

“OK thank you for you precious time.”

“Oh it was no problem .I hope the article turns out well.”

“Thank you goodbye.”

You stepped out you were going to head back to work to write the article .When you arrived you went straight to your cubicle you opened your lab top and started to write your run of the mill article .young Kristen Mack was a student studding at the university .she had straight a’s and was very intelligent blah blah  .Her mother grieves for her daughter blah blah blah .Kristen was brutally mulled by an animal officers are attempting to find the animal and eliminate it .Please be careful being by yourself .once you finished you asked for your coworker to read over it .

“Well it’s definitely safe and the police can’t get mad about it. I know it’s not the story you were hoping for y/n but it’s not going to risk your job.”

You sat back down

“Yeah it’s just not front page potential unless it’s a serial killer.”

“Don’t be hard on yourself your talented.”

“I guess, well now you know my article for tomorrow.”

You gave her a small smile before you started to walk to your boss’s office .Once he read over it he said it was perfect to publish .you went home early you sat at home with a beer thinking about what martin said you looked up more related cases .There had been many more cases around the world with the same bio .You stayed up all knight finding out more .the more you looked the more lore about vampires came up .You went to work exhausted you were positive you knew more about vampires then anyone .You sat in your cubicle till your boss called you in.

“Y/n there’s been another Death same bio go check it out.”

“Got it boss on it.”

“Oh and y/n.”


“Make it the same as last time.”

You were disappointed by his statement but you were tired of boring articles you were investigating this if it’d risk your job or not .You were most likely not going to write what you found out but you sure were going to investigate .you arrived at the crime scene it was in the same ally but the victim was an 18 year old boy .You stood behind the yellow tape .you saw two new faces on was much taller than the other they were both in suits .The taller one looked very fit and man could he wear a suit .The shorter one looked good looking too but nothing compared to the taller one .the taller one had amzing hair you wanted to run you hair through .You were mesmerized till You saw martin and you ran up to him.

“Martin who are the two new guys?”

“It’s weird their FBI there investigating the recent weird Deaths?”

“When does the FBI ever care about an animal attack in a small town?”

“I don’t know but I’d stay out of it y/n they seem a little weird .They already knew about the bite like they knew what they were dealing with.”

“Martin I was never good at staying out of it.”

He sighed “I know, that’s what I was worried about.”

Once you saw them stop talking to the cops and walk away you caught up to them.

“Hey wait!”

They both turned in sync you couldn’t believe how the taller one looked he had hazel eyes that could go straight through you. He had a confused face but he still looked amazing you could see that he was the younger one .The older one you could tell had a hard shell he seemed more confident too. The younger one you could tell had a soft side to him .You just wanted to open to him and tell him your story .you were really wishing you had gotten ready better .You realized you were starring so you came back to earth .you were nervous feeling the taller one’s eyes on you .

“OH uh sorry I was just wondering why the FBI’s interested in a small town animal killing?”

The shorter on answered first

“Well that’s the FBI’s business not some small time girls business. If you don’t mind please carry along we don’t want any trouble.”

“Dean Stop I’m sorry my partners a little grumpy. Uhh were here to investigate this case because it relates to a lot of mysterious Deaths.”

“Oh that right like the cases in Tulpa and Oklahoma Right.”

You knew you were right but you were testing them .the shorter one stiffened up.

“How do you know about those cases you should mind your own business?”

“OH it called journalism that’s when people write articles about cases and post them or publish them. OH and don’t forget the fact the internet exist. “You said it sarcastically getting the stink eyes from the one called Dean but a laugh from the taller one.

“What’s your name?”

“It’s y/n why? What’s yours?”

He laughed again at your eagerness but was shocked when you said your name.

 “Wait as in Y/n y/l/n the journalist who writes about strange deaths.”

“Yeah you’ve read my work?”

“I mean yeah we have to stay on top of strange cases .It’s our job.”

“Well thanks for actually paying attention to the author. If you don’t mind me asking what’s you name again?

“It’s Sam this is my brother “

“It’s a pleasure “

You shook his hand and smiled his hand shake was firm . you did the same with Dean.

“I’m sorry it’s just I know this is weird but, I was wondering since you both seem to know exactly what’s happening if you could help me understand? I know this isn’t any normal serial killer or animal attack and I kind of get the feeling you both aren’t feds.”

“What gives you that idea?”

“Your gun isn’t a regular cop gun it has more of a personal touch and the 67 Chevy impala you two have parked doesn’t seem like a feds boss would allow you to drive that.”

They both looked at each other.

“She’s a nosy one Sam.”

“Hey I’m just curios too many things don’t fit .Please I promise I won’t be any trouble just tell me.”

“You wouldn’t believe us if we told you.”

“Try me “

“Sam don’t tell her “

“You got to tell your girl Dean .I should get to tell it to at least one person without you saying something.”

“You really want to waste it on the journalist girl who you just met “

“Wow cocky much Dean .Sorry I seem like a waste of time but if anyone’s covered strange I have.”

“Oh really that’s why all your articles say animal attacks.”

“I have to put that or id get fired.”

“She’s Right Dean I mean girl has a living off of her writing.”

“Fine “

Sam checked the surroundings before leading you to the car .you were more than happy to follow it was a good view of him.

“This is going to be hard to believe but all the monsters you are afraid of are real. Everything that scared you as a kid is real well most of it from vampires to demons .Our job is to kill them. ”

“So you’re telling me all the research I did for vampires last night wasn’t a waist.”

“Wait you knew this could have been a vampire?”

“Well I thought I was way out of line but now you’re telling me this and I’m so freaking excited .The world isn’t all about cubicles and coffee it has monsters it has adrenaline it has more than a normal life .I’m sorry if that sounds stupid but every day I’m living a life that never seems to have a point I can’t even write what I wanted. Knowing this changes everything for the better.”

“Y/n it’s not a safe world it’s a painful life that forces you to lose anyone close to you.”

“Sam I understand but what you both do is save lives your suffering has a purpose .I want to do what you do not because I have a death wish. I’m fine living my life not knowing if I’ll live tomorrow but that what I’m doing helps someone else and I get to kick ass.”

He looked at you shocked. He questioned how a person so normal and nice would want to live in a world of misery. He found it refreshing but worrying.

“I’m sorry Sam but I have to see this you have to let me help.”

“No, I can’t”

“Oh yes you can I’m not leaving till you tell me everything.”

“Fine but just this case and you’re helping with research nothing else.”

“I’m the best at research .Can I watch you kill the thing at least?”

He laughed this is going to be complicated .you both walked to Dean .Sam and Dean walked away a little they both argued but it looked like  Sam won .When they came back to you.

“So I’m in “

“Yeah but you have to stay out of the way .now get in the car.”

You all got in the car You were probably a little more excited then you should have been  .You asked a lot of questions Sam filled you in the basics .Dean seemed annoyed about your curiosity Sam didn’t you could tell he loved sharing the information he had .

“Sam which motel do you want to stay at?”

“Wow wait you two stay in motels?”

“Yeah little miss perfect our job doesn’t pay .We hijack credit cards or gamble.”

“Well why don’t you set up at my place I mean it’s not huge but I think it’ll work .It’s no bother I live by myself and I don’t have nosy neighbors .”

Dean laughed and mumbled “It’s probably because you’re the nosy one.”

Sam elbowed him it made you smile.

“It’s a couple streets down.”

“Fine, Free night “

Once you arrived you called in sick .you took Sam and Dean to the guest room .you had a two room apartment .It had a king sized bed .once they walked in Dean called Dibs.

“I Call Dibs Sam you got it last time.”

“You know you could stay in my room Sam you both seem like you need a goodnights sleep .I can sleep on the couch its ok.”

“No I can’t ask for that y/n.”

“No its ok the couch is my size. I’ve fallen asleep on it enough times to make it comfortable. ”

“No its fine y/n I’ll take the couch “


You ordered three pizzas for everyone .Sam wanted a veggie one and Dean wanted meat lovers and you ordered your own favorite .once it arrived you all ate. You all researched more the vampire was taking victims only at night so that meant there was no advantage .Dean had decided he could inject the vampire with Dead man’s blood when it’d attack him and Sam could cut his head off .Everything was planned .They had agreed to let you come but you would have wait in the car .You all got dreesed in hunters gear you wore black skinny jeans with a red tank and a leather jacket .Sam looked great he wore a plaid shirt with jean and boots .He looked like that country boy every girl wanted .you headed out that Night Dean and Sam each had a machete and two syringes of dead man’s blood. They left you with one syringe just in case and a machete .once you arrived Dean walked down the alley with a hoody just in case the vampire could recognize him .once he got out Sam went shortly after waiting on the side of the car till Dean made his move .

  you saw as dean was attacked you couldn’t believe who the monster was .It was your coworker you couldn’t believe it the person you’d work with daily was a monster .In moments you saw her head roll off her body  .You felt stupid for no seeing it before .once she was dealt with you saw a second figure behind dean he grabbed Dean and threw him at a wall he was knocked out .you saw him go for Sam next .Sam got to inject him before  but he was still just barely stronger then Sam .you felt panicked .you grabbed your machete and syringe you stepped out of the impala .You silently closed the door .you felt adrenaline in every bone in you. You made yourself closer the vampire was holding Sam against the wall chocking him. Once you got closer realized you recognized this monster too it was your boss .you had a choose to make let Sam live or your boss .You didn’t hesitate once you were close enough you steadied yourself .the vampires sense of smell was probably off .once you were prepared you said “Hey boss “once he slightly turned you swung your machete clearly through your bosses neck .His head slipped right off. Sam took a lot of Deep breathes.

“Y/n can I say something.”

“Yeah Sam “

“I love you “

You smiled at him he smiled at you .you heard another person behind you say “I love you too “.you turned around to see Dean.

“I am never giving you crap about being nosy again.”

You all started to laugh .You all got back to the impala and drove back to your place .you stopped to buy beers though on the way you all deserved them once you got home you all changed into your pajama’s you choose to wear your short shorts with a tight  shirt on top .you let your hair down and brushed it  .Then you went to the kitchen where both Winchesters were .You saw both boys look surprised .you went to the fridge and grabbed each person a beer .you saw Sam’s eyes linger you didn’t mind it .it was kind of the whole point .You all talked for a while till it started to get really  late so you all decided to go to bed .You grabbed spare sheets for Sam .you really wished Sam would have slept in your room you had to try to convince him one more time .you saw Sam sitting on the couch you could tell he wasn’t going to fit .

“Sam just sleep in my bed you got hurt and you don’t even fit on the couch.”

“I’ll sleep on the ground.”

“No Sam what do I have to do to convince you to take my bed.”

“Fine I’ll take your bed but you have to sleep with me.”

“Wow wow wow Sam “

You saw him start blushing and get nervous.

“No I didn’t mean it like that I meant like on separate sides.”

“I know what you meant I’m just messing with .I guess I don’t mind.”

You both walked to your bed you choose the left side Sam went on the other side .you faced different ways when you lied down. You felt a little awkward you weren’t going to lie you kind of wanted Sam to pull you in close and cuddle .You felt him turn his body to face your back.

“Y/n I know this is weird and awkward but is there any way you would mind if I came closer.”

“No its ok Sam honestly I feel weird that you’re not near me like I’m alone its weird.”

“Ok cool” you felt him scoot closer you could fell his presence now .you scooted back a little too you couldn’t take it anymore you turned around before you both knew it you were kissing .once you stopped you looked at him .You could see his eyes had lust but you weren’t going to move to fast no matter how much you wanted too

“You’re a good kisser.”

“So are you “

“Ok so now I don’t feel weird doing this “

You grabbed his arm put it around your waist. You turned around so you both faced the same way.

“You know I’m so happy I choose to tell you.

You laughed

“Go to bed Sam it’s been a long night”

You both stayed close throughout the whole night you knew it was going to be a goodnights sleep.

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