and married to an awesome person



About his wife Carrie from this post:

With Thirdy, however, long story short–he got married. His wife carefully curated several articles worth of convincing players safety research. Then, she presented them matter-of-factly. The tenuous excuses of “superstitions” and “I’ve never been hit before” and “well if ya get a stick to the eyeball were you even paying attention” really couldn’t hold up against the data.

Look, this is a woman who can convince an NHL player to wear personal protective equipment.  I’m pretty sure she can do anything.

What's your opinion of me?

1: You’re awesome
2: I consider you my friend
3: I consider you my best friend
4: I love you
5: I’m in love with you
6: You’re attractive
7: You’re fascinating
8: You’re like a sibling to me
9: Friends forever
10: I never want to lose you
11: I’d date you
12: I’d marry you
13: I’d sleep with you
14: You’re a cutie
15: You have a great personality
16: I wish we lived closer
17: I love your blog
18: We don’t talk, but I wish we did
19: I don’t like you
20: I’m not sure how I feel about you
21: I wanna get to know you better
22: I wish we lived closer
23: I wish we were better friends
24: Sometimes I wonder if you know I exist
25: I’d probably date you if I knew you better
26: I wanna give you a nickname
27: You are very important to me
28: I love your views, and share most of them
29: I hate your views
30: I love your aesthetic
31: I hate your blog
32: You have influenced my opinion on something
33: I want to see a movie with you
34: I wanna recommend some music to you
35: Your taste in music is great
36: Your taste in movies/TV is great
37: I want to tell you a secret
38: You frighten me
39: I’d travel the world with you
40: I wouldn’t mind it if you messaged me privately

Jon Walker Appreciation
  • an awesome musician
  • Cat person like woah
  • how adorable is he even???
  • scruff appreciation
  • Probably wore flipflops to his own wedding
  • Married his high school sweetheart Cassie
  • Is the first member of pre split panic to be a dad
  • likes Green Day
  • Is an extremely talented singer wow that is actually one of the good things to come out of the split
  • Have you seen his twitter??
  • A laid back and chill dude
  • Tries to keep in touch with the rest of bandom
  • Pretty sure he wants a panic reunion
  • Also as much as I love fever era panic, it’s really cute how Jon never really fit into the whole emo aesthetic yknow? I bet he hid from Ryan and his makeup kit
  • Why would you hate Jon Walker jfc?????
reasons why we *i* love daniel sousa


-politely stood up for peggy

-loves peggy

-is crazy about peggy


-he really is a wonderfully kind and brilliant person who is too good for this world

-still wants to kill thompson, but no more than usual

-“sure, can i borrow your forehead?”

-thought there was a real baby in dottie’s carriage and was indescribably relieved when there wasn’t

- according to peggy, no woman could find a better man


-kicks butt with an aluminum crutch seriously do you know how awesome
that is

-which means bye-bye, disability stereotypes


-took peggy’s soft “nos” for what they were when he asked her out but still tried again because she never told him he couldn’t

-remember that one time he used his crutch to beat an innocent filing cabinet because peggy was in trouble and

-“he has a special worry about miss carter.”

- but despite how he feels about the people close to him he still does his job and he does it very well indeed

-and that’s how he became “chief sousa”

-“i can’t focus on the mission if i’m worried about rose.”

-basically any time he interacts with peggy :3

-also have you seen him

-like for real those brown eyes are 👌🏻

-and his precious smile is 💯

-apparently he can also sing

-and he also can cut the rug with the best of them

-because he got his own sweet dance number that one time

- “can’t find my leg anywhere.”

??? I’ve watched through Phil getting married and having a kid and now going to have a second kid, Steve getting a divorce and eventually getting back to a happy place and dating a new awesome person, Elliott also getting a divorce and getting to a better place and fulfilling stand-up comedy dreams, Trisha getting married and having a baby which she always wanted and talked about, Joe having a second kid and his first growing up, Reina getting married, Lee getting to write for comedy shows and adopting a dog and getting engaged, Will and Sam growing up from teenage-hood to ADULTS, and GOD HOW DID I BECOME THIS INVESTED IN THESE STRANGERS’ LIVES???????? I’M NOT EVEN INCLUDING EVERYTHING AND THE OTHER HOSTS I LOVE (shrieks)

Kay so...

I’m not usually one to air out my dirty laundry on social media. But I do have a healthy number of followers and I feel like I kind of owe it to you guys to explain what I’ve been going through the last four months. I was in a relationship with someone for the last several years. Yenno we planned on getting married and buying a house and just starting a life together. I never in a million years would’ve thought that something could happen to us. We were that couple that other couples envied. Well, I was wrong. Very wrong. The end of the of the summer we ended it. For a number of reason I don’t want to get into. Let’s just say when you’ve been with someone for so long people tend to get complacent. It was all fine, I thought I was doing pretty good considering my life got flipped-turned upside down (sorry fresh prince reference XD). Then I found out some pretty shitty things the following weeks that involved my ex -Also not going to get into it- It put me into a funk, I’ve dated a bit but they didn’t work out and that added insult to injury. So it’s been a bit rough and I’ve had a ton of you ask where I’m at. And I’m sorry that I’ve been a ghost, it’s just hard to get inspiration when you feel like just crawling in a hole and never coming out. 2016 has been a crap year, for everybody I’ve noticed. I’m hoping 2017 will bring a more positive vibe and I can get back to focusing on me and what I love doing. Which is writing. So I’m sorry, I know I’ve already said it a few times but please just be patient. I don’t want to force something out and it be total crap. I want it to have substance and I just can’t provide that at the moment. That being said I have been feeling a bit more motivated to write. So hopefully something comes from that very soon. I’ve had an amazing support system from friends and family. And obviously my hoes know all my details and have been very supportive and loving. So thank you guys so much for being there for me, for my ranting and crying and use of ALL CAPS! Steff even sent me a little feel better package a few months ago and I loved it 😊 I’ve been kind of a ghost with them as well and I really want to get back to that fun place I was at in the summer. I’m sorry guys :( @dumbass-stilinski @thelittlestkitsune @stilinski-jpeg @smutandahalf @completedylantrash Again thank you guys for being so patient and supportive. I haven’t received any hate as of yet. So thank you. 😘

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A character who is desperate for love has a vision of the future and sees that they are married to someone they thought they might end up with, but quite ardently hoped they wouldn’t marry.  How does s/he feel? Why didn’t they want to end up with this person? What does s/he do with this knowledge in the present?

All it takes is one spark to get your story going.

Brought to you by the awesome @xosgni.

chasingkaylor  asked:

after being a long-time lurker, im finally reviving an old blog and being an actual presence! do you have any recommendations of blogs to follow about karlie/taylor/kaylor?

First of all, welcome! As to your ask, well, I’ve got lots, but I guess it kinda depends on what you’re looking for.

@gaylorswift, @gay4tay, @gay-romantics, and @karlieklcss are all part of my amazingly complicated kaylor family. I’m somehow married to both Liv and Alex??? We play Cards Against Humanity sometimes and chat.

@beachwolf92 is my fic co-writer and a good friend, and the creator of the Kaylor deck in CAH, so obviously another frequent player.

I talk to @didotheslayer pretty much every day, she’s a really awesome friend, a good person to talk to about life, not just Taylor.

@lesbtay is a new friend I’m very much enjoying getting to know (and she’s adorable and has a cute accent).

@justprocaffeinating is one of the loveliest ladies on the planet, and has a lovely mostly aesthetic blog

If you’re looking for some of my other faves, check out @shady-kaylor @bloomingh3art, @gaypalss, @oliro9, @alex1213love@kaymren (her art is amazing when she decides to share), @ohshitkaylor, @awesomejoeyni, @supernegromonte, @swiftklossed, @smoothsailingsblog, @aussiekaylor and @kaydar

@kkobsessed, @kayspiracy, @jennyboom21, @taytaysbeard and @whaler13bg sometimes have tea on offer, and Jenny especially has some of the older receipts.

@kaylorcastle (May, she likes to be called by name) has put together some strong masterposts recently that have really impressed me.

If you’re a newbie Kaylor or have just fallen down the gaylor Swift rabbit hole and just want info, I’d check out @kaylor-evidence for a bunch of masterposts I encourage you to read and make your own conclusions about.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten a fave or two I’ll feel really bad about as soon as I post this, but if you scroll my reblogs you’ll probably find the rest.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Here’s a gift to anyone who sees this post - a list of absolutely amazing Gallavich fics I’ve had the pleasure to come across. It’s got funny ones, sad ones, fluffy ones, angsty ones, all the ones! Read these to take your mind off of what’s really going on in the show. Hopefully they will lift your spirits and let you have a happy holiday! :) :) :)

You’ll notice that a few authors are repeated on this…that just means they’re really awesome and you should totally check out their other works as well!

(Ones marked with a *  are my personal faves..)

*i am fire (feed me to the flames) - Astrifer

*ian gallagher is a dead man - tinyinkstainedbird

Over My Dead Body - Mellow_Yellow

*eighty-four - kissteethstainred

*Man Out of Time - Astrifer

Princes Don’t Marry Kitchen Boys series - missmichellebelle

*if he’s the moon, i’m eclipsed - myfavouritesweater

Maybe You’ll Be Heard - southsidemilkovich

Our Fate Is Red - LovetheOmni

*you are inked on my skin long before we begin - milominderbinder

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace - Shamelessquestions (KagekitsuneXXX)

Rookie Mistakes - delgay

*Rod of Asclepius series - MeganWrites

Covert Affairs - staggie21

Life, or Something - pink_ink

blood cells pixelate and eyes dilate - kissteethstainred

if you love me, won’t you let me know? - kissteethstainred

Lending Pencils - MeganWrites

your name like a song I sing to myself - misandrywitch

another taste of divine rush - kissteethstainred

*Everybody Talks - lemonoclefox

*what night does to the day - andchaos

*Disassemble and Restart - MeganWrites

*The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher - Shamelessquestions (KagekitsuneXXX)

Elevator Assholes series - staggie21

*Dynasty - staggie21

*Falling to Ashes - PandyMilkovich

Gallavich Drabbles - bekkachaos (ANY of these are good!)

One Hundred Ways to Say “I Love You” - magneticdice

*Zero Hundred Hours - WeMightAswellBeStrangers (READ THE SEQUEL)

Proof - pink_ink

So Sleeping Fucking Beauty, Right? - cjmarlowe

Hairdryer Says What? - southsidemilkovich

Ode to Free Food - southsidemilkovich

but i’d rather be broken than empty - tinyinkstainedbird

purple just wasn’t for you - Astrifer

Fade This One to Black - the_rat_wins

*when you’re gone - milominderbinder

*Is There Somewhere - andchaos

Edmund x Reader: Remember

Anonymous said: Could you pls write somethin where Edmund spots the reader, a commoner in the crowd during his coronation and is stunned by her beauty and has to find her and they get to know each other and he feels like he’s known her in another life and he marries her, making her a queen of Narnia despite her common birth and later when he returns home from Narnia, he realizes that she is the shy girl in the back of his English class that he had a crush on but was too nervous to speak to and fluff? Thanks! (:

 ~Awesome prompt! Here it is, lovely anon💙Third person~

“Edmund, do you remember?”

 The two adolescents sat on the swinging bench outside, hands intertwined and eyes fixed on the English sunset. Edmund tilted his head questioningly. “I mean, do you remember everything about our adventures in Narnia?” Y/n continued hurriedly. Edmund took a sharp breath, turning to look his girlfriend in the eyes. “I remember what mattered.”

 They sat in silence for a moment, looking at each other knowingly. “Can you…tell me? What you remember? It’s just-” Y/n paused for a second, staring into the sunset again. “I’m afraid I’ll forget.” She rested her head on Edmund’s shoulder, nuzzling into his jacket.

 “If I think it really hard, do you think it will transfer to your brain? So you can picture it?” He asked, smiling down at her. She closed her eyes.“It’s worth a shot.”

 “To the great Western Woods, King Edmund the Just.”

Applause rang through the hall as the youngest King of Narnia was crowned. This was a day of celebration, a day of victory. Narnia finally found their Kings and Queens. But not all were celebrating.

 Yes, Edmund was excited to rule, but at that moment he only had eyes for her. Her. The commoner girl who he had been staring at for the past 5 minutes. Not only was she most beautiful, but her eyes intrigued the young King. They seemed to show an enormous amount of emotion. She reminded him of someone, though he knew not who.

The girl hadn’t yet noticed Edmund staring at her, for she was fixed on the room itself. Even Edmund, who had never seen such a magnificent hall before, was not nearly as amazed by it as she was. She looked like she was inspecting every corner.

 “Ed?” He jolted his head to the side in shock, meeting Lucy face-to face. “Edmund, we’re supposed to stand up again.” 

“Oh, sorry Lu.” Edmund hastily rose from his throne, picking up his robes carefully. He heard a small giggle from the audience. It was her. She was looking at him. Of course, Edmund wasn’t paying any more attention to the coronation. He had to speak with this girl. 

Immediately after the ceremony came to an end, Edmund sought out to find her. 

“Hello.” He spun around quickly, eyes wide with shock as he saw her in front of him. “H-hi.” She smiled, turning her head away shyly as she spoke again. “You were staring at me.” She muttered. Edmund turned completely red, laughing awkwardly. “Um…sorry. You’re just very beautiful, that’s all.” She smiled again.

“I’m Y/n, your majesty.” Edmund bowed his head, grinning up at her. 

“Just call me Edmund.”

“Do you remember the day I-”

 “Yes.” Y/n interrupted, already knowing the scene Edmund was picturing. “That was one of the best days I can remember in Narnia.” She sat up a little, looking him in the eyes one more. 

“Go on, imagine it. We’ll both remember that day at the exact same moment, and then it will be like it’s happening all over again.”

 “Ed! Edmund, that tickles!” Y/n was sitting in a tree in the Western Woods, laughing and avoiding the stick Edmund was prodding her with. “You can’t stay up there forever.” she smirked, laughing again. “Watch me.”

 Edmund dropped the branch and began his attempt to climb up the tree. “We’ve known each other since you were crowned all those years ago, and never once have you climbed up here with me. You won’t be able to do it now.” Y/n mocked. Edmund raised an eyebrow. 

“Watch me.” 

She shrieked as he raised himself onto the branch she was sitting on and leaned into the trunk proudly. “Why haven’t you done that before?” Y/n asked incredulously. Edmund shrugged. “I was waiting for the right moment.” 

With that, the King fumbled around in his pocket and pulled out a ring made of pure gold. “I’m sure you already know what I’m about to ask you, so I may as well just stay qui-” Edmund was interrupted by a pair of lips on his.

“Y/n, do you know why I chose you? You out of everyone else at the coronation that afternoon?” Y/n shook her head, placing it back on Edmund’s shoulder with a yawn. “I’ve done enough imagining for one day. You can tell me tomorrow.” 

Edmund laughed and shook her gently. “There is no such thing as too much imagination.” She rolled her eyes, smiling and closing them again. “Y/n, I’m going to show you the reason I fell in love with you in Narnia.” She shook her head again, eyes still shut. “You can’t force me to imagine something.”

“No, but I think you want to this time.” 

Y/n raised her head slowly. 

There she was. In the very last seat in the very last row.

 “No.” Edmund muttered under his breath, walking into the classroom. “No, it can’t be.” 

“Mr. Pevensie, may I ask you to take your seat?” Edmund looked over to the blackboard to see a very old and very stern English teacher. He smiled. He remembered this woman. He didn’t remember very much, after all, he had just returned to the real world a little over three weeks ago.

 But he remembered this class because of his…well, his wife. The shy, small little girl he had always liked but never had the guts to talk to. His wife.

And there she was. It was bizarre seeing the woman you fell in love with, the woman you married, the woman you spent your life with even, again as a child. In an instant, the two locked eyes. And for the first time, Edmund saw the 11 year old version of Y/n smile.

“I liked remembering that. That was nice.” Y/n said, smiling softly. Edmund kissed her on the forehead. “You see? Narnia isn’t gone forever; we have it in our memories.”

 The church bells rang gently from afar, signaling that it was midnight. Y/n nodded, locking their eyes yet again. “Even if we didn’t have Narnia, we still have each other.” Edmund wrapped his arms around her figure, smiling into her hair. 



Imagine Jensen finally confessing his feelings for you

(Gif credits to their owners)

Here is the last part of this set of Imagines! Be sure you’ve read the previous parts before reading this one!

Previous parts:  1    2    3

Special thanks to @kbrand0 for always being there to help me!! <3

The celebration had been pretty awesome. You couldn’t believe that was the end. You had only been in the show the past five seasons but they’ve been really intense. When you first started there you were just an inexperienced actress who wanted to build a reputation, now you have grown as a person and as an actress. You had made a lot of good friends and, in the process, you had found and married the love of your live, Chris. The fact that he couldn’t make it to be there with you would’ve made you sad if it wasn’t because you were surrounded by a lot of people you loved.

Nonetheless, there was still a little something that concerned you more than anything: saying Jensen was acting weird was not even close to the reality. Every single one of your workmates had come up to you telling you how much they were going to miss you and the awesome job you had made in the show. Every-single-one but Jensen. That wasn’t the first time you had noticed him being distant. In the last years your relationship had got colder to the point he would just say “hi” and “bye” to you, and every time you tried to ask him what was wrong he would just run away with any excuse. It was ridiculous, and you were ready to do whatever it took to change the whole situation.

You were waiting at the bar for another drink when you saw him leaving the place. The feeling that something was really wrong took over you and the decision of running after him was unavoidable.

Right after Jensen had entered the room where your coats were being kept you ran towards him and closed the door behind you. He turned his head to see who was following him and before you could say a word he begged:


“No,” you were determined to find out the truth, “tell me what’s going on”

“Y/N… leave” he repeated, sounding this time like he was threatening you.

The previous feeling of determination was fading away with every answer.

“Jensen, please-”

“Leave!” he shouted not looking at you.

You turn around to do what he was telling you, about to give up, but instead you took a deep breath, closed your eyes and turn around again. This time, you were pissed:

“You know what?” he didn’t answer, but you could clearly see him clenching his jaw, head down.

“Jensen, you’ve been avoiding me for years. YEARS. Look, you can do whatever you want, OK? But if you are going to act like I don’t exist… at least you could give an explanation! WHY?” you yelled.

“I can’t tell you,” his tone as irritated as yours.

“Cut the crap!! You can’t tell me? You won’t even look at me and you can’t tell me?”



“I can't”


“Because I’m in love with you!”

You felt like your heart wanted to get out of your chest, not only because of what you’ve heard, also because he had punched the table in front of him so hard he had scared you. He turned around and looked at you with a freezing gaze, full of pain and regret.

“What? Now you don’t talk?”

“I-I don’t know w-what to say… A-are you serious?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?” he grunted.

Glancing down you couldn’t help an ironical chuckle.

“You’re laughing?” he asked, clearly annoyed by your reaction.

“Yes,” you answered looking into his eyes, “yes I do, because it feels better than crying,”


“Jensen, do you remember the first time Chris asked me for a date?”

“I don’t understand-”

“Do you?”

“Yes! And it hurt like hell when you came to my trailer asking me if you were looking good for another man!”

“I’m not talking about that time Jensen, I’m talking about the very first time,”

He stopped and tried to remember.

“You said no,” he whispered.

“That’s right. Do you remember why?”

“Because you were in love with someone else”

The realization hit him like a truck as he raised his eyebrows and nodded, trying to hold the tears.

“It was me,” he muttered.

You smiled and nodded too, but you didn’t feel happy at all.

“So you were in love with me too?” tears rolled down your cheeks.

“I never had the courage to tell you… if I only knew…”

“Jensen, I-”

“No. Please don’t say anything. I know how much you love your husband and whatever you tell me now… I don’t want it to have any impact in your marriage.”

“Yeah, that’s true. He worked his way through my heart and I fell for him. But-”

“Y/N, please… don’t go on. I know my place, he’s your husband and I’m just…” he couldn’t continue.

“He’s not just my husband, Jensen. Maybe this is not the best moment to tell you this, but I prefer you to know it because of me instead of someone else, or the media,”

“No…” he mumbled again shaking his head trying really hard not to cry.

You pressed one hand to your belly and kept going, “He’s the father of my child…”

He couldn’t stop the tears and run one hand down his face as an act of desperation.

“Jensen, listen, someday…”

“Please don’t do this… Don’t say all that shit about finding a woman who will be perfect for me…”


“No,” he cried, “just do me a favor and let me stay away from you. Please,”

You sobbed, hating yourself for hurting him so bad as he came closer.

“Good bye Y/N,” he wept as he kissed your forehead before leaving the place, “and congratulations for the baby. You’ll be a great mother.” If only he had known. It could have been his child you were carrying. He could have had everything he has ever wanted, if he only would have told you.

When he closed the door you let yourself cry out everything you had been holding back. You felt like the worst human being on the world, but you can’t run away from your heart.

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Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #7 The Tyrell Boys

If you watch Game of Thrones, then you know Margaery and Loras Tyrell. In the books, they have two older brothers: Willas and Garlan.  

Willas is the oldest Tyrell, and the heir to Highgarden. He’s never appeared in person in the books, but we hear a lot about him. He was the one Olenna planned to marry Sansa Stark to (not Loras). The Queen of Thorns described her oldest grandson as smart and kind. And we know Olenna doesn’t mince words, she comes right out and says that her actual son is an oaf. 

We also know that Willas is lame. He injured his leg during a tourney incident with Oberyn Martell. Though Mace Tyrell holds this against Sunspear, Oberyn himself said that he and Willas buried the hatchet and the two corresponded until Oberyn’s death. I think this shows that, sight unseen, Willas is already more level-headed than half the lords of Westeros. 

Garlan (seen in Fantasy Flight art above) is a knight called “Garlan the Gallant.” Unlike Willas, Garlan actually comes to court with his brother and sister. He’s described as handsome, like Loras, but larger and with a beard. He’s also an excellent fighter and is seen training to fight more than one enemy at once. He also distinguishes himself at the Battle of the Blackwater.

One thing that strikes me about Garlan is his kindness and concern for others. Though the Tyrells are upset that their plan to marry Sansa to Willas is foiled by Tywin ordering Tyrion Lannister to marry her instead, Garlan attempts to console Sansa at their wedding. He is also known to stick up for Tyrion against Joffrey’s wrath.

Simply put, Olenna Tyrell did A+ in the grandchildren department.

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Image of Garlan Tyrell by Aaron Miller for Fantasy Flight Games.

hellahornyvirgin  asked:

🌟🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟🌟 Because I'm feeling greedy.

I like it. Hehe.. I’m gonna go nuts. You will get a mix of fandom and personal stuff. Enjoy. <3

  1. My first and favorite ship is Wincest.
  2. I have been with my husband for 12 years, married for 10.
  3. I have had hash brownies with my German teacher on a school trip. It was awesome.
  4. I dressed like Brandon Lee in The Crow for most of high school. Makeup and all.
  5. I have a cat named Cat, but I am a dog person.
  6. I don’t watch TV. All the shows that I watch are on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I hate commercials.
  7. I plan to move to Northern England sometime in the next 10 years. 
  8. I used to be a baker, but now I am an accountant.

So.. yeah. Enjoy those. I need to get back to writing all the porn….

Send me  ⭐️ and I’ll tell you secrets...

Reasons To Ship NedDen


-This picture.

- Politics. Never thought I’d say it, but politics supports this ship pretty well.

- Look at these two and tell me that they shouldn’t be married. I dare you. They should be married.

- The personality differences. It’d be a love-hate relationship. Which is perfect.

- Most of the fanfictions get their personalities and stuff right, which DenNor doesn’t have. (Which kills me because I also sorta ship DenNor but favor NedDen)

- The fanart is awesome. (If you’re like me, Good fanart is pretty huge)

- It’s just a great ship.

Also, this ship is my life. So ja,,,

You don’t owe anybody the act of being in a relationship/getting married/having kids so that they don’t have to be “ashamed” of you or acknowledge that you’re “different.”

You don’t “owe” your parents grandchildren just because they raised you.

You are not obligated to act in a way incompatible with your orientation in order to make others feel comfortable.

You are a whole person. Your identity is a part of you. You have the right to decide what you do with your own body. Your family does not have the right to pick and choose which parts of you they like and which parts they don’t, nor do they have the right to tell you to hide parts of your identity for their convenience so that they don’t look “strange” by association.


I’m so excited because I can FINALLY announce this but…

One of my older brothers is getting married!!! He’s been working so hard at recovering from his addictions & the person he is going to marry is such a wonderful person and a wonderful parent & just everything awesome and I’m very excited – they’re perfect for each other

I’ve known for pretty much a year but couldn’t say anything. The secret has been eating me alive haha but I’m glad that the whole family knows now ♡

anonymous asked:

In Young Justice, do you think Icicle Jr. would be happy that Artemis is not dead? They were childhood friends in the past right? And do you think he's entirely a bad person? I mean, yeah he's a villain and he hurts people and he thinks it's fun, but a lot of it is because he wants to make his dad proud. I dunno I just kinda like the idea of him being happy that Artemis is still alive, plus him and Superboy are my BROTP. ._.

Thank you so much for pointing this out because I’ve always loved Cameron and I know that if given the chance he could be a hero, so this is awesome.  

I know that he and Artemis were married and stuff in the mainstream comics, but in Young Justice I like them way better as friends. He was super sad when told of her “death”, so I agree he was happy to hear it had all been a ruse. It was good to know that his old friend was alive, especially because he always looked up to her for starting over despite her family’s criminal history and instead becoming a hero. So knowing that her path didn’t result in tragedy like everyone thought was really reassuring to him. He wouldn’t have shown it though, because they’re supposed to be enemies and all that. But anyone can tell that while he has fun being a villain, his heart’s not in it. The only reason he’s even a criminal in the first place is because of his father’s legacy, so he commits all this evil even though he hates it because that’s what he’s expected to do. So no, I have never believed him to be a bad person. There’s definitely some good in him; he just needs to bring it out. (Also I wish he and Conner had stayed friends too. They were really tight in Belle Reve, and plus Cam inadvertently caused Supermartian to get together, so I’m forever indebted to him for that) 

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give me a character (from anything ever) in my ask and I’ll rate:

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | stud | gorgeous | SWEET LORD MERCY

DO I EVEN HAVE TO EXPLAIN MYSELF??? HONESTLY???? I will spare you all from my incoherent screaming but….I mean… come ON

hahahahaha kill me

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat | yes | they are me

Kuroo is just all kinds of awesome that I am not ):

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends | date | become their steady boyfriend/ girlfriend | neither | i don’t kno | WHY ISN’T MARRY AN OPTION?????!!!

Kuroo is literally the anime embodiment of “my type.” Not even just his looks (though I truly am a sucker for tall, dark haired boys,) but his personality is what really gets me. I. Am. So. Into. TEASING. Like, guys that constantly provoke people (in a funny but loving manner) is my thing. Always has been. I mean, Bokuto even calls him the “provocation expert” and BOY AM I DOWN WITH IT. He is also so incredibly loyal to his friends and I adore that. He is motivated, caring, hard-working, and DESERVES THE WORLD. I COULD WRITE AN ESSAY BUT I WON’T. I JUST REALLY LOVE KUROO TESTUROU OKAY? OKAY GLAD THAT’S OUT OF THE WAY.

I’m posting here cause like always, I can’t post it on my own.

So apparently my parents didn’t actually know I was gay???

We were at dinner and my little sister said that she wished one of us could get married so she could have a brother in law, then corrected herself and said or in Rachel’s case, a sister in law. I smiled at that cause she’s just so awesome.

Then my mum just went and said but Rachel’s not gay. To which I disagreed and led to an awkward 10 mins. But the thing is though, I have this vague memory of one of my sisters blurting out that I’m gay during an argument but maybe it was a dream then I guess. Idk if they really believe me though. Like my mum thinks that because I don’t bring girls up everytime she talks about boys, that means I’m not gay somehow??

Like I said to her that I’ve known I was gay since I was like 14, I didn’t tell them the reason which was I had a huge crush on a friend and nearly kissed her once. And felt really hurt when she laughed that it nearly happened. They kinda seem a bit uncomfortable about it. My dad didn’t want to talk about it, my mum just thinks it doesn’t make sense.

I think this is what my sisters think too though. That because I’ve not dated girls, I’m not gay. Like, I’ve not proved my gayness to them. I do really want a girlfriend, when I finally sort some of my issues that are solvable out, I do want to try my hand at dating. I don’t want to feel like I’m trying to get a girlfriend out of spite though. That they’ll think I got a gf just to prove something to them.

Sometimes I feel like I am actually lying to myself about this when my family get like that.

-Mod Lee