and mark called me beautiful and i almost started to cry


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky is smitten with the girl from forensics, but he has no idea how to talk to her. It’s almost like his tongue’s been tied up.

Warnings: none

Word Count: 2117


Bucky never did know how to talk around her. Every time he tried, he found his vocabulary suddenly lacking the words he needed. It’d been like that from the beginning.

Bucky had first seen her as she rushed into the compound, a little late for work. He’d boarded the elevator and pressed the button for his floor, getting ready to let the doors slide shut, when he’d heard her desperate cry.

“Hold the door!”

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Lights Out - Mark Lee

When Mark feels himself become overwhelmed with doubts, he comes to you for solace.


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inspo: EXO’s Lights Out it’s beautiful i am crying also i thought about how mark always reassures his fans he’s okay but it kills me when i think that there might be days his words don’t match what he really feels, hence the plot came about. it’s okay not to feel okay at times! and if it all gets too much, please do share it with someone you trust. it might bring you some comfort knowing someone will listen to you :)

warnings: none.
genre: slight angst, fluff fluff fluff.  
word count: 3.4K.
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The Son of Haggar part 1

Shangst Au

Lance always knew he was adopted, the Mcclains happily took him in. And for that he was grateful to them. He called then his family, though he did wanted to meet his real mother and his father. Wondering if they abandoned him, or simply couldn’t have him due to some circumstances. Though the adoption agencies said they found him on the beach crying at the age of 3.

Lance panted as he stared at the witch known as Haggar. Her golden eyes stared down at the wounded blue paladin. For some odd reason, she had sadness, almost like a mother losing her child kind of eyes.

“The Blue Paladin, I was once the guardian of the ocean.” Confessed the witch as she moved closer. Lance just glared as he looked for his bayard. “I won’t attack you, I have a very soft spot for you..” than she went on “We are known to be the most trusting, the most compassionate, yes?” As her long thin hands touched the Cuban’s face.

“You have my eyes…” she whispered, “you have his skin tone and hair.” She went on, Lance grew more confused. “You have his color blue But you have my markings…” Lance eyes widen in pain. He felt something sharp cutting through his face, but there was nothing on him.

“ child. This is your true form.” Lance stared at the reflection on the floor, so clear. He saw it. He had her markings, but in dark ocean blue. He saw the long elf like ears that alteans have.

Lance felt tears coming down, no he won’t believe it.

Lance grabbed his bayard but saw that Haggar had disappeared. He grabbed his fallen helmet and put it on a dark mode so the team wouldn’t see his face. And quickly ran back to his lion.

‘You found out my paladin..“ the kind voice of his blue lion whispered. ‘That Haggar was the original blue lion and your mother.’ Tears came down his eyes, “Yes I did…You won’t leave me because of that?” Lance whispered. ‘Of course not, you are mine.“ The compassionate lion said.

“Lance what are you talking about?” Shiro voice came out.

“Nothing! Just me and my beautiful blue just having a wedding plan.” Lance joked as he forced a strong joking tone. He was thankful for his classes in theater.

Shiro didn’t believe him, but decided to leave it at that. The mission was the worst of all they had, but thankful a successful one.

Blue told him how of Haggar became who she was, She was originally known as Farla. A beautiful blonde who was similar to Allura. Strong and kind. And when Zarkon betrayed Voltron, she followed him.

Blue went on saying she became pregnant with him, and had to hide him from zarkon. She hid him for 3 years or something similar to that. But the galra were getting suspicious. Haggar had put him into the blue lion and set it on sights of a far away plant. Or earth, though galra ships had attacked the lion and it crashed landed on the plant Earth. Lance was washed away from blue and onto Varadero beach in Cuba. Crying and in a language no knew he was saying.

Lance started avoiding the team, lying saying he felt sick, or just needed time to better his bond with his lion.

He started to put makeup that match his skin tone to hide Haggar’s markings. Though hiding the ears were more of a challenge. He began going to the space mall to buy different hats. Just to cover the ears, he hid them from team. By the time he thought he could go back to being the Lance they knew, something else happened.

His eyes started to change, the black pupil had change into a pale blue.

Lance felt tears coming down his eyes, it’s not fair…

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Soul Mark: End

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Once Steve understands what is going on he excuses himself and as he’s walking he puts his phone to his ear.

“Why would he just take off?” You ask, dread filling your stomach. “Didn’t his hand change color? Can that happen? His not change when mine does?” You’re going into a panic spiral and it takes T’Challa grasping your shoulders to stop you.

“Breathe.” He reminds gently, Nakia watches you from over his shoulder, a concerned look on her face.

“Steve is calling him right now.” Peggy assures you.

“Maybe he was just embarrassed. He did just slap your ass.” Wanda points out causing both Vision and Clint to burst out laughing.

“Your soul mark is on your ass?” Clint clarifies and you glare at Wanda. You usually don’t announce where your soul mark is. Natasha socks him in the arm and he winces before rubbing where she punched him.

“Yes it’s on my butt.” You say calmly, “That’s why I didn’t realize who he was when it happened. I can’t just look at it right away like you assholes.” You see Steve out the window, putting the phone back to his ear. “Peg what’s going on?” She gives your hand a squeeze and goes outside. You see her talking to Steve who brushes her hair out of her face as he talks to her. She nods then makes her way back into the house where you’re anxiously waiting.

“Bucky isn’t answering his phone. Apparently he does that.” Your heart drops, he doesn’t want you. You weren’t what he was expecting.

“You know what, forget it Peg. I’m just gonna go home. Just tell Steve to leave it alone.” You grab your bag and head out of the party. Despite your friends and their soulmates telling you to stay. That he’s coming back as soon as he answers his damn phone.

You make your way to your car, and head home. You climb the stairs to your apartment two at a time. You’re barely holding it together, you’d found your soulmate and then instantly lost him again. You’ve got the worst luck.

You drop your purse onto the couch and get into the shower. You put a movie into the DVD player then curl up on the couch. You’re almost asleep when you’re startled by someone pounding on your door.

You can’t believe your eyes. Standing outside your door, hair a disheveled mess is Bucky. You yank the door open and stare up at him.

“I’m so sorry.” He says, his chest rising and falling like he’d just sprinted up the stairs, to be honest he probably had. “I’m so so sorry.”

“Would you like to come in?” You ask quietly. He nods and you step aside to let him in. “Why are you sorry?” You continue in that same quiet tone.

“You must’ve thought I didn’t want you. Or that I bailed because of our mark. But I didn’t. Sweetheart, I’ve been looking for you for ages.”

“Then why did you leave?” You still haven’t turned to look at him. You’re afraid if you do you’ll start crying.

“I was so embarrassed. Here was this beautiful woman that I’d mistaken for a friend and slapped in the ass. From what Peggy’s told me about you I’m lucky you didn’t punch me in the face.” You love the sound of his voice. Low and soft, it’s got one hell of a calming effect on you. “Sweetheart, will you please look at me?” He takes your hand in one of his and turns you around, you meet this expressive blue eyes and just as you feared tears well up in your eyes. “Oh Sweetheart.” He mutters as you wipe at the hot tears.

“No Bucky. That’s not good enough.”


“How didn’t you notice your soul mark change? It’s on your hand for crying out loud! I at least have an excuse for not knowing right away! I had to run to the bathroom to look.”

“Steve didn’t tell you.” He doesn’t ask the question. “Oh Doll, I thought he told you. The hand I slapped you with,” He let’s go of your hand and pulls the glove off of his other one. It’s made of metal. “It’s prosthetic. I don’t have a soul mark anymore so I had to rely on my soulmate’s to change. I assumed it would be a handshake or a high five that did it. Something I’d see. Not a slap on an ass.” He’s got a point. Most people that have theirs on their hand are a handshake or a high five. You take his metal hand in yours and examine it closely. It’s an incredible piece of machinery, looking as realistic as a metal hand can.

“Can you actually feel with this?”


“Who made it for you?”

“Friend of mine. Tony. He’s a robotics genius.”

“Tony as in Tony Stark?” He nods as you trace a finger along the palm. You can feel his eyes on you as you look at his hand. You finally look up at him and he smiles this sweet, soft, slow smile that reaches his eyes. You cup his face in one of your hands and he tilts his head into it while closing his eyes.

“Am I forgiven?”

“You never needed to be forgiven.” He raises an eyebrow at you and you can’t help the laugh that passes your lips. “I’m serious! You didn’t do anything wrong. I just got all up in my own head, I’m more to blame than you are.” He brings a hand to cover yours on his face.

“Good.” He hums.

“Although, if you don’t kiss me soon that’ll change.” You tease and he chuckles softly before he leans down and presses his lips to yours. One of his arms wraps around your back so he can pull you flush against him.

No surprise, you’re a perfect fit.

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You remember what they used to say to you when you grew up? That sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, whoever came up with that can suck it. You always thought they were wrong, they were just idiots up in a small office trying to create bumper stickers, so tell me, why is it the only things that actually hurt are the words.

When you were younger, you were constantly bullied, yah the sticks and stones hurt, but the scars were left by the words. The pain started to tear you apart from the inside, each word on repeat in your head.





Telling those around you is like personally committed yourself to the loony bin, signing the paper and walking in to say, hey go ahead tell me what I already know, that I’m depressed. The worst feeling was hiding everything from your best friend Peter, he told you almost everything, you had craved to tell him you were breaking. That the world seemed to crumble around you, nothing was okay, that you needed help.

In your mind, you always told yourself, you don’t deserve the help, and you deserve the depression handed to you. So, in the pain you hand inside, you resorted to putting it on the outside, to feel almost anything but what you were feeling on the inside. Scars marked up your body, hidden in places only you could see them, but you felt whole with them there.

When scars would fade you felt empty, you felt like you weren’t you, that you needed to make new ones to make up for the pain or lack thereof. Peter had started to suspect something, but he never said anything, thinking you were just switching up style.

In all truth, you added more and more clothes to hide the scars gaping on your arms, you may have been proud of them, but society, nor Peter, needed to know that.

You stopped to look in the mirror, looking at yourself, you had hair that looked like a straight mess, and your eyes had deep under bags. Your clothes were large and hanging due to the lack of eating, you turned back around, deciding if it was to be your last day, you wanted to make everyone smile.

Once you changed, you looked in the mirror once more, you wore a white sundress that was tight at the waist but flared at the hips. There were flowers spread all over the dress, each flower decorated with intricate details, it was beautiful, it didn’t look like you, but then again that’s what you were going for.

Slipping on your light pink heels, and grabbing your backpack, you started to walk down the usual road, the road that was inevitably busy, cars honking and people screaming at each other. You noticed that people kept staring at you, locking their eyes on you until you kept walking, you smiled at all of them, and they smiled back.

The school wasn’t very close, it was around 10 blocks away, you didn’t really have time to walk but you wanted to burn off a few calories, so walking you went. You dug through your large baby blue backpack, pulling out a pair of black headphones, you placed them in ear and started to listen to your favorite music.

For some unknown reason, you felt your body ache, your bones crying out to stop moving, but you kept moving, ignoring the consistent howls of your bones. “Hey, Y/N, thought you would’ve drove today, there is a storm roaring in.”

You jumped when the voice came out of nowhere, but you looked up to see Peter calling out to you from his window. A brown curly mop sat on Peter’s head, most of his hair out of place or a mess, he wore a tight white shirt with something about chemistry placed on it. “Wait up! I’m headed down!”

The sky looked as if it was split in half, one half painted with blue and white, the clouds dancing in the series of blue, but the other half turned grey, black clouds radiating with lighting as it sparked a light silver.

“You look.. Uh.. beau- beautiful.” Peter now stood next to you, you noticed the rest of his outfit, the atom shirt and a pair of brown pants with black vans. “You live far from the school, why do you uh-”

“Walk?” Peter nodded, he was always so awkward, it didn’t matter how close you were to him, he was always just an awkward person. “So.. Uh…”

Peter was acting very different today, he was acting more awkward, walking closer to you than before. “Today, after school… uh… would you like… to uh hang out?”

You were almost shocked at Peter’s question, for once in his life he didn’t have the stark interrelationship, and he wanted to spend the day with you? “What about ned? He was excited to get the lego death star, you should go help him with that.”

“I was hoping you… uh… wouldn’t make me ask you this…” You nodded at him as you carried on walking, Peter was rubbing his hands together, running his hands through his hair, “I was wondering.. Uh.. if you wanted to build the death star with me, or even just hang out.”

You stopped walking, Peter carried on for a minute but then he stopped, waiting to see how you felt or your reaction, “Ummmm. I’m sorry Pete, I have plans tonight.”

Peter’s head dropped, you instantly felt terrible about not being able to hang out with him, but you had your priorities straight. You saw the school in front of you, there were students filling the school, each one talking to someone or smiling happily.

Inside your mind, played the words of your childhood, on repeat once again. You tried to drown them out, you didn’t want to hear anything, you didn’t want to think about the words, the people behind the words.





Peter looked at you, you weren’t speaking, but you were only standing there in silence, he tapped your shoulder and you shook back to reality, “Hey, you okay?”

You nodded your head quickly, putting on a fake smile as you walked behind him. “Yah sorry, I was thinking about whether we had a quiz or not.” Peter nodded as you walked behind him, “did you sleep last night? You look like you didn’t”

“Couldn’t fall asleep. But that’s okay.” you smiled at him happily and walked into the school. You noticed the instant attention you got, boys were staring more than usual, girls looked at you and only smirked or they looked at you like they were pissed.

Peter smiled at you once more then walked away, leaving you alone in the hallway, “oh wow, look at you.. You look hot!”

Flash Thompson. You rolled your eyes quickly, but realized being nice to everyone was now your main goal of the day, “Hi, Flash.”

He smiled at you as you turned around, looking you up and down, “you look different. More.. Alive..”

“Oh thank you,Flash.” You could tell there was a bit of sarcasm in his voice, so you threw some back at him, “You keep dressing like this, and you might take Liz’s spot as top hot girl.” You kept your smile on your face, “I ought to get to glass. Bye Flash.”

Flash watched as you walked away, you could only feel disgusted as he looked you up and down, you kept walking forwards, going to your locker, but then you heard Liz’s voice call out to you from down the hallway.

“Y/N! You look so pretty.” You frowned quickly, but pushed the door close as you waited for her to walk up to you, “Oh my gosh. This is so different from the sweatpants and t-shirts.”

“Yeah, decided I needed a little bit of a change.” Liz’s smile faded away, it was almost like you flipped a switch, going from resident nice girl to instant mean girl. “Too bad you are still the same ugly nerd.”

Shock washed over your face, “woah, what did I do?!” Liz licked her lips, anger now spread on her personality, “I saw you flirting with Peter. He is mine. Back off.”

You had feelings for Peter, yeah, but you never pursued them, knowing he wouldn’t feel the same way as you.”Okay…”

Liz put the smile back on her face, “ you may look like a good girl, but you are the worst of us all.” You stated to Liz before walking away, “stop.”

Liz spoke up lightly, you stopped in your tracks, she walked up behind you, “ may be a mean girl, but you are still the same obedient dog you were in 4th grade.”

Students in the school started to notice almost instantly, they surrounded you and Liz, your books resting in your hands. Liz circled you, looking at some of the people in the crowd, almost getting a high off of the crowd.

“Do you remember all those words I planted into your head? The ones I made you repeat everyday?” You nodded, feeling the tears well up in your eyes, but you only swallowed them, ignoring the urge to cry.

“Say them.” You looked towards her, some of the people in the crowd wanted to help you, some started to laugh at what she was doing, “Ug-”
You spoke under your breathe, she shook her head, “LOUDER!”

“UGLY!” You yelled lightly, the crowd let out a gasp, “what’s the next one?”

“Fat.” You spoke short words, you didn’t want to repeat the words embedded in your head. Liz smiled at you once more, poking at your sides, “Seems like you’ve lost a little of that baby fat..”

Liz got close to you, putting her face close to yours, “What else are you?”

“I’m a whore.” You stated silently, “Louder, little dog!”

“I’m a whore!” You stated louder than before, but you soon felt all the eyes of the school on you, you hoped Peter wasn’t watching, you didn’t want him to see you break.

The bell rang and people started to leave the situation, but you stood there, not wanting to address the situation, you only stood there, not wanting to think about whether Liz would walk away or not.

Liz moved behind you, “and don’t you forget the last one. Bitch.”

They continued to walk away, Liz turning around to see you, “Maybe you can cut that word into your skin.”

You turned on your heels, walking through the empty hallway, looking at the bare lockers. You felt like you were alone, the school may have been filled with shadows, but truly never people.

The wood shop seemed to be the one place you felt okay, so you went there, and luckily there wasn’t a class in the room. You walked over to the table, looking at some of the projects spread on the table, you had decided to finish up a birdhouse, surprising someone who was really far behind.

You started to carve the dovetail joint, using a fine sander to get the joint down to the size you needed it to be. Wooden flakes flew out from the wooden plank, luckily you put on glasses and the flakes didn’t hit you.

Once it was down to the size you wanted it to be, you used a small nail and put it under the hole, you adjusted the color of the house, but before you did, you used a sander to now make it less splintery.

The door of the shop opens, you turn to see Ned Leeds standing there, he looked at what you had in your hands, his own birdhouse. “My birdhouse?”

You nodded at him, “you did pretty awesome.”
Neds walked over to the table, standing next to you, “why are you fixing it?”

“I wanted to surprise you.”

Ned patted your shoulder, “thanks. You wanna help me pick a color?”

You shrugged, “blue and red.” Ned smiled at you, “oh yah, like spiderman!”

You smiled at how nerdy one of your best friends were, he had cared so much about everything, he wanted to be the best at everything and you seemed to cherish that in him. “I wanted to talk to you about something.”

Ned had started to look at you with confusion on his face, but you only went back to painting the house, hoping the blue and reds would soothe your mind. “Why did you allow her to treat you that way?”

Ned was talking about earlier, Liz confronting you in the hallway about Peter, “she isn’t worth my time. In 10 years she isn’t going to matter anyway.” Ned shrugged, realizing you might actually be right. “I’m happy you didn’t let her get to you. She isn’t worth it.”

You could feel the tension in the air, Ned didn’t really want to push into your life, he knew you but not enough to ask you really personal questions, “You look different today.”

A smile came onto your face, looking back up at Ned, feeling a sense of happiness, “you wanna try this?”

You handed Ned the paint brush, he took it happily and started to paint with a dark blue color, “You are really cheery today.”

“I have no reason not to be.”

Those were the last words you spoke to almost everyone, after the wood shop, you had decided being quiet and avoiding the Liz situation, hoping the next person you talk to wouldn’t mention what had happened this morning. But you consistently kept a smile on your face,hoping to hide the pain behind a smile.

It was almost the end of the last class, you saw Peter walk in late, he apologized to the teacher, looking at him with an apologetic puppy dog face. Peter had two options for a seat, one next to Liz, who only took the class as a extra credit.

He noticed his two options, and almost instantly walked over to you, you could notice the jealous look of Liz, she was burning holes into your brain. Peter sat down next to you, smiling happily, he tousled his hair with his hands, looking at you as he did.

“You know. The Death Star isn’t going to built itself tonight.” He leaned over whispering to you, you turned towards him, whispering back at him lightly, “you are right. It took Vader 20 years to build the first death star.”

Peter smiled at you, you turned back towards the front, but Peter wasn’t done talking to you, he tapped your shoulder lightly, you turned back one more time. He handed you a small black box that sparkled black. You took it from his hand, accepting the tiny box, “What is this?”

“A small gift before your birthday.” You had realized your birthday was like two days away, you smiled and opened the gift he gave you, it was a silver ring that had black letters engraved on it, they stated, “I know.”

“What Leia said to Han, you smiled and put it on your middle finger, Peter put his hand up, showing the same ring, but instead his said, i love you.

The bell rang, you started to pack up your stuff, before you did, you walked around the side of your desk, wrapping your arms around Peter. You may have had a bad day, but every time you saw him or even thought of him, a smile came upon your face.

You moved your hair behind your ear, Peter stood there, he looked at you one more time, “Death star building is still on the table.”

“Build it and send me a photo.” Peter put his hand through his hair, that seemed to be the one thing he did consistently. You walked out of the class room, hoping to avoid Liz, knowing she saw what happened between you and Peter. As quickly as you could, you made your way to your locker and got out of there before anything could happen.

You walked down the street, when you saw people they would stare at you until they couldn’t twist their neck back anymore. With all this attention, you had almost felt violated. A deep sense to cover up your body arises in you, but you had no real way to cover up, you only wore the dress and that was it.

You reached your house, once you were inside you tore the heels from your feet and set them down on the floor. After a semi normal day at school, you walked out of the living room and went into your bathroom. You kept repeating to yourself, “Today. Today.”

You looked at yourself in the mirror, you hadn’t cried yet but your cheeks were puffy, mostly under your eyes, red lines appeared around your eyes as you didn’t know how to feel. You moved the mirror, grabbing a bottle of pills from the cabinet behind the mirror.

There were plenty of places where you felt comfortable, but the one on the roof seemed to be the best place for you. You crawled out onto the fire escape, looking up, you had a few more flights of staircases to go before you reached the roof, so you continued to walk upwards.

You only had on the white dress but you kept on upwards, you found your small section on the roof, you had set up a large white canopy, a futon underneath it and a mosquito net surrounding the area. You pulled away the mosquito net, walking into your little den.

While sitting down, you looked at the bottle of pills sitting in your hands, you twisted the top off, putting some of the white pills in your hand, you saw the silver ring through the pills the matte seemed to show off the glimmering ring. Maybe that was supposed to be your one sign of hope, your one sign to stop now.

You looked at the ring once more, flashes of Peter started in your mind, his dark brown hair, lighter brown eyes, his awkward demeanor, everything about him made you smile, whether it was how nerdy he was or how he cared about everyone else.

The bottle only sat there in your hand, you pulled out a water bottle taking 8 pills at first, then you downed 8 more, making a total of 16 pills in your system, you had felt comfortable with it, knowing that it would go slowly, with no pain, just drifting into a deep sleep.

You laid back on the futon, looking at the ring on your finger, “I know.” was engraved perfectly on the ring, the black lettering sticking out to you. The ring started to aggravate you, the constant reminder of the pain you were to take off yourself but inflict on someone else.

In one swift moment you started to take off your ring, holding it in your hand, staring at it with tears bubbling in your eyes.

You started to chant the words, “Ugly. Fat. Whore. Bitch.”

As you spoke those words, your vision blurred, everything becoming spotty, you felt everything become limp each part of you no longer feeling alive, but feeling painless, soothing.

With the ring tightly squeezed in your hand, you closed your eyes for what you had hoped to be the last time.


You eyes were closed, you didn’t feel anything besides the needle protruding from your arm, everything in your body couldn’t move, you were almost in a really bad comatose state, you could feel everything but you couldn’t see or move.
You heard an unfamiliar voice next to you, she was talking about something, you didn’t know what yet, but you started to listen in closely. “Hello, Peter Parker, you are the next contact on Miss -”

There was a pause as you heard the fumbling of paper, “Miss Y/N Y/L/N, she had been found in a near death state, she had to be resuscitated upon the scene, but currently Y/N is in a comatose state and we are waiting upon response from the parents, but the patient had you as number 3 in emergency contacts. So if you could please get back to us.”

There was a click and then the nurse was at your bedside, she put two fingers on you, she was checking your heart rate. “Honey, if you are in there, you have more to live for, you can fight.”

Your parents hadn’t answered the call of the hospital, they honestly were still at work and wouldn’t answer to unknown numbers or callers they wouldn’t recognize. Peter had obviously been with Ned, and he didn’t hear the phone ring, instead he was complaining that you weren’t there with them.

“I’m gonna go to the bathroom really quick,” Ned nodded as Peter stood up and walked out of his room and into the bathroom, as he did that Peter’s phone went off, but he didn’t feel like answering it was his right as a friend, plus it was an unknown number. He only sat there, listening to the star wars ringtone that Peter had set, he titled his head up and down, almost perfectly to the beat.

Peter walked back in, watching Ned nod to nothing as the call went to voicemail, he laughed at his friend, Ned kept going but started a conversation with Peter, “what did Y/N think of her ring?”

“She was speechless, didn’t know how to react.” Ned smiled, happy to think of his friend going out with his crush. “You got a call by the way.”

Peter picked up his phone from the ground, looking at 1 missed call and a voicemail, he pressed play on the voicemail. His heart plummeted to the ground as he heard the news, he was unable to think or even process what he had just heard. “Ned, we have to go.”

Ned started to question Peter, “Pete what’s going on?”

Peter couldn’t stop moving, he was running around his room, looking for things like a madman, “Pete, tell me whats going on!”

The screams of Ned only echoed in Peter’s head, but they were consistent questioning what was going on, after while, Peter got tired of Ned’s constant nagging, “I didn’t do my job! Okay! I didn’t make her feel loved or happy! I DIDN’T PROTECT HER!”

Ned sat in silence, shocked at what he had just heard. “Who, Peter? Liz?”

He shook his head, a glimmer of the ring on his finger, he looked down at it, “she tried to kill herself.”

Ned only sat there, hoping that he would soon explain who he was talking about, he followed Peter’s eyes to see the ring, in horror he looked down, that’s why she was so different today.

“I have to go.” Peter pushed the door open, striping down to his spidey suit knowing he would get there faster, “meet me there Ned.” Peter swung out of the window, his web flying to a building and sticking on the side, he kept repeating the same moves, going through the cities at high speed.

The hospital was now in his sight, he swung to the top of the roof, and started to put on different clothes he had in a spare bag, once he was done, he put the black hood over his head and found the door to exit the roof, he started to go down the stairs as quick as he could.

He had to get to you, fear of not making it set on his mind. “Please Y/N… just hold on.”

Peter made it to the front desk, he was completely out of breath, his heart racing, but not from running, “Y/N - Y/L/N-N please-se”

The nurse noticed Peter’s ragged condition and tried to calm him down, “Son, please take a breath, you are okay.”

“I’m okay. But why do you think i’m here. Someone i know isn’t okay!” Peter had almost a short temper with the young lady, she looked on her computer, “room 108, first floor.”

He nodded and started to run in a random direction, not really knowing where he was going, the nurse called out to him, “the other way sir!”

Peter turned on his heels, going back the other direction in hopes of finding you. He kept running down the hallway, moving out of the way of those around him, trying to twist and turn. He then passed room 108, skidding to a stop, the curtain was pulled open and you were alone.

A series of tubs were connected to you, one in your mouth, providing oxygen, the other one taped up your nose, your eyes closed and hair in a messy pony tail. He slowly walked in, he was hoping you would sit up and tell him everything would be okay, but it was the opposite, he would be the one telling you it’s okay.

They placed you in a blue, thin, hospital gown, a white sheet covering you as if it was a blanket. Peter could only stare in pain, you were his best friend, smiling and happy, but now, you were lying in bed, unable to move or even speak. He placed his hand on yours, he looked for the ring but it was nowhere to be found, your hand felt so cold to him, nothing but ice.

“We found this in her hand.” Peter heard a familiar voice behind him, he turned to see a nurse, she held a tiny ziplock bag with the ring in it, he took it. Holding it as the tears came streaming down his face.

Peter put the ring on your finger, he kept looking at your face for reactions, maybe your eyes moving and the chance of you waking up. Peter held your hand, he was almost unable to feel anything, “You can’t do this.”

A tear dropped on your arm, in that moment Peter realized he was fully crying, that every sob and every fiber of his being ached for you to be holding him right now. “You mean so much to me, you mean the world to me!”

“I need you!” He yelled loudly, the tears breaking down his cheeks, “I still want you!”

He had no real way to feel, he was so angry at you for not telling him him how you felt, but he was so broken up that you had to go through this alone. “I can’t lose you..”

“I can’t watch as you lay here, I know you are in there, please fight.” He moved a piece of your hair behind your ear, “You’ve always told me, if you love someone be straight with them. It’s time for me to come straight.”

Peter kept your hand in his, he played with the ring on your finger, stating his words silently. “My heart races every time I see you, everything becomes right with the world, my smirk instantly turns into a smile. You make me, me. I love you, Y/N.”

You could barely hear his voice, but you knew he was there, you started to try and speak, only to be greeted with nothing again. “I swear to protect you the right way this time Y/N, I promise to love you for all your flaws, all your hopes, your dreams, I swear to love you for everything and anything you are. “

“……I….Know..” An inaudible voice comes out of you, but Peter heard it, you could feel a deep rooted pain in your stomach, but you spoke through it all, “I… Love you too.”

“I promise to protect you, to protect you from yourself, from your depression. I swear to love you all my life.” Peter hadn’t been able to hear you trying to talk to him, instead he kept holding your hand, hoping you would soon hold his back.

The pain started to get worse, a terrible dragging in your left side, you started to have your breathing hitch, unable to breath in and out, but instead a deep coughing. The monitor next to you started to let out a loud beeping noise, Peter looked up and then down at you, you were shaking uncontrollably. “NURSE PLEASE HELP ME!”

The staff ran into the room, seeing you on the bed, they rushed to you, holding your arms down, the doctor looked confused at first, but then soon realized what it was. “She is choking on her own blood!”

The tube in your mouth started to turn red, the blood traveling up your throat as you choked on your own blood. That’s when Peter felt it, you gripped your hand around his, he stood there, blank.

He watched in horror as the person who meant the world to him slowly died, your heart started to go incredibly fast, but your blood pressure dropped. Your heart was trying to regenerate the blood, but your own body was killing itself.

The doctor placed a tube in your throat, trying to allow you to breathe, but blood shot up that tube as well. “Stay with me Y/N.”

You pushed your eyes open quickly, forcing yourself to look at Peter, you reached up, pulling whatever restricted you from talking out, “ I love you Peter Parker.”

As you spoke those words, Peter pulled your face into his, kissing your lips lightly, but he soon realized that you would be gone. You closed your eyes once more, your heart rate dropped, the flatline echoing in the room.

The doctors tried multiple times, but they still couldn’t bring you back. The same Clear and charge, repeat, but Peter stayed still, looking at your blood stained lips, “time of death, 5:04, April 9.”

The doctor’s and nurses left Peter alone in the room, only watching as he would sit still, holding your cold hands, after a certain amount of hours he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned to see Tony Stark standing there, his eyes welled up with tears, just as Peter’s were, “It’s time to go.”

Peter didn’t move, but he watched as a nurse removed the blanket from you body, he then noticed them, 4 words carved into your legs, each one a deep pink scar.

“Ugly. Fat. Whore. Bitch.” There were two on each leg, Peter shook his head, that wasn’t her. He stormed out of the room, picking up a sharpie from the desk of the nurse, he walked up to her scars changing the words written on your skin.

“Beautiful, genuine, caring, intelligent.” Stark read the words, feeling bad as he watched Peter, “those words shouldn’t have been the last thing on her mind.”

A Man at the Bar

Title: A Man at the Bar

Pairing(s): Dark x Fem!reader

Request: noope

Warning(s): SMUT! (and some cursing)

Summary: Who’s the mysterious guy from across the bar? What happens when he lets you know exactly what’s on his mind?

A/N: sorry for the delay on this doods! I hope it doesn’t feel rushed or anything like that! Enjoy!! <3


He looks at you from across the room, the sickly atmospheres the bar melts away with his gaze. You lock eyes and can immediately feel heat pool in your stomach. He licks his lips as he looks you up and down, drinking in your form. He stalks toward you, giving a sly grin.

“Hey there gorgeous, I’m sure you get this a lot, but your probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” He smiles a little to reveal slightly pointed teeth beyond his lips.

“Is that so?” You say teasingly

“I don’t think I could explain it, you should let me show you doll. I’ll let you know just how sexy you are to me.” He purrs into your ear and takes you by the hand. You follow him, almost as if you’re in a trance or under some kind of spell.

He enters a back room with you in tow behind him. “Y/N” you say to him.

“What’s that love?” He asks

“My name, it’s Y/N.” you stutter

“A beautiful name for a beautiful gal, you can call me Dark.” His voice seems to pitch down a bit at his own name, making it sound borderline sinful.

The moment you’re behind closed doors Dark is shoving you against a wall, ravaging your lips. Your hands travel to his neck, soon tangling themselves in his hair. He bites down on your lip as he pulls away, eliciting a small squeak from you.

Dark chuckles to himself as he feels your pulse quicken, sliding his hand slowly from your neck and toward your stomach. You reach down, palming him through his jeans, he quietly mutters curses under his breath.

His fingers dip below the waistband of your jeans, your breath catches in your throat as you can feel calloused fingers work their way toward your heat. His finger brushes your clit, causing you to let a gasp escape from your lips. He smirks as he pulls your jeans and panties down, getting a look at the way your thighs glisten with moisture.

“Excited doll?” He chuckles as a hand wraps around your throat and the other teases your folds. You bite your lip to keep from making any noise. He dips a finger into your core and starts pumping in and out of you slowly, his thumb putting a heavenly pressure on your clit. You shut your eyes and get lost in the sensation of his hands. “You like it when I choke you my pet? You like it when I make it hard for you to think?”

“Uh h-huh” you say breathlessly as he quickens his pace. You can feel yourself becoming close, just as your about to feel your release Dark removes his hands from your body. You whine at the lack of contact and heat.

You watch through heavy-lidded eyes as he kneels down toward your core, you can feel his hot breath on your skin. He looks up at you as he peppers hot kisses on the insides of your thighs, his hands gripping your hips as he works his way up toward your stomach.

He kisses around your core, you let out a whine. He kisses along the curves of your hip bones, pausing here and there to hip at the sensitive flesh. Leans in, kissing your folds while his hands threaten to leave marks on your hips.

He flicks his tongue against your throbbing clit, sending a wave of pleasure through you. He sucks on your clit as he moves a hand to tease your entrance. When you moan between breaths he smirks and picks up the pace with his fingers. Your knees get weak at the sight of the man below you, kneeling and fucking you relentlessly with his fingers and mouth.

He curls his fingers just right, hissing your g spot and causing you to cry out for the first time. The sound of your pleasure sends Dark into overdrive, he’s determined to make you forget your own name. He wants to make sure that every question he asks, you answer with “Dark.”

The pressure builds in your stomach, when you climax you shut your eyes. You swear you saw stars as your knees gave out, thighs shaking as Dark catches you before you hit the ground. He holds you close to his chest, running his hands through your hair.

“Baby, you need to come home with me tonight. There’s no way in hell any other guy is going to have your name on their lips in this bar.” He smiles as he helps you gather the discarded items of clothes around the room. You take his hand in yours as you walk out the front door, meeting the brisk air of the night.

GOT7 Reaction: Their Ex Starts Dating Another Member



Warnings: some sad stuff :( violence if you squint a bit.



Originally posted by twinmoles

His heart felt heavy within the confines of his chest, almost hearing it crack straight down the middle at the sight that greeted him. There you were, your hand tangled in Youngjae’s. It was something he least expected; for one of his best friends to date his ex. He still wasn’t over you, which made the whole situation even harder for him. He wished with all his might that he was the one holding your soft hands. That he was the one kissing your plump lips.

He just wanted to be held by you again. Your hand in Youngjae’s being a sign that he could never feel that again. He could feel the floodgates of his eyes daring to spill as your head turned, your beautiful E/C orbs locking with his own. His heart pounded against his ribs. He wanted so bad to run up to you and lift you up in his arms, but he knew he couldn’t.

You looked at him with heavy pity in your eyes, your heart aching at the sight, but you knew you couldn’t handle him anymore. Maybe it was a mistake for you to try to move on with Youngjae, but you were desperate to move on from what held you back so much.



Originally posted by soulmatesjjp

He felt angry. Furious even as he looked between you two. You were cuddled into Jaebum’s side, giggling like a little schoolgirl as your fingers traced circles on his bandmates thigh. How could his own friend betray him like that? He was seething as he continued to stare. If looks could kill, Jaebum would be far from gone by now. Jaebum gulped as he avoided his gaze, you doing the complete opposite and locking eyes with him.

You could see the anger rolling off of Jinyoung in hot rays, only reminding you of why you left him in the first place. You sighed, quickly turning your attention back to Jaebum, not noticing that Jinyoung was now standing up and making his way towards the both of you.

“So this is what so called best friends do? Turn around and date their ex that they know they still love?! So fucking much for friendships. I can’t believe I ever fucking trusted you.” Jaebum quickly stood up to hide you from Jinyoung’s gaze, only angering him further. Jinyoung’s arms reached out to push Jaebum back, causing your new boyfriend to stumble before he threw a punch in Jinyoung’s direction. You yelled as you got in between them before it could escalate any further. Jinyoung grabbed your face and kissed you with such passion if left your knees weak before Jaebum pulled you away.

“I’m gonna make you wish you never left.” Jinyoung turned around and stomped off, your eyes never leaving his back.



Originally posted by ceohan

He felt numb. He couldn’t even think of a proper way to respond as he stayed deathly silent, frightening the boys surrounding him. His aura was almost dark as he watched your hand slip into Jackson’s, your fingers gripping his own. His hand clenched into a fist as he watched, still not over what he had with you. You still looked as beautiful as the day he met you and he wanted so bad to turn back time to that day so he could fix everything he ever did wrong. Jackson’s hand in yours caused his anger to overencumbered his emotions, the sadness and regret only a secondary thought of his.

“Jackson.” He called out, causing your new boyfriends head to turn towards him, a confused but innocent look on his face. He was startled to see Mark sitting there, a small smile stretching at his lips. You had also turned to watch the interaction.

“Do you really think dating my ex is a way to prove your friendship to me?” Jackson choked on his own saliva as Mark spoke up. Instantly feeling guilty, but gripped your hand nonetheless.

“I’m sorry Mark, but I’m in love with her.” Jackson slowly rubbed at the back of his neck, feeling slight relief as you reassuringly rubbed your thumb against the back of his hand.

“Well I guess you just lost one of the best friends you’ve ever had.” Mark sighed as he stood up and seemed to walk towards you, but only brushed shoulders with you, ignoring you both.



Originally posted by luwo0

He instantly wanted to cry when the both of you stepped into the room, your hands laced together in complete happiness. Youngjae found himself biting his lip to hold back his cries as he let silent tears fall down his cheeks, watching how Jinyoung did what he once did to you. He wanted so bad to be back in that place. You were still his everything.

His head dropped as he stared into his lap, pretending to be napping as he let the tears fall, realizing he lost his whole world and handed it right over to one of his closest friends. He didn’t want to cry. He didn’t want to let you know that he still desperately wanted to be called yours but he couldn’t help it, his lip quivering. His breath came out in stutters as he felt someone sit next to him, he didn’t even care to glance, just enjoying the comfort of the hand that now rubbed softly at his back.

You sighed as you watched him, feeling Jinyoung pull you into his side, kissing your temple. Your heart almost broke at the sight, watching the person you once called your ray of sunshine falling apart only feet away from you. You wanted to kiss his temple as Jinyoung did yours and let him know that he would move on from you, but you knew it would only make it worse so you kept to yourself as you cuddled into Jinyoung’s side.



Originally posted by jack777

His heart ached for you, but he was happy. Seeing the smile on your face as Mark’s lips met your cheeks warmed his entire soul. He wanted you to be happy, even if the source of your happiness wasn’t him. He couldn’t lie that the sight of his best friend showing the affection he once did to you certainly did tug at his heart strings. But he couldn’t help but to feel content. Your happiness was his.

“I’m happy for you guys.” He finally spoke after walking up to you both. He smiled in reminiscence down at your figure before moving his eyes to his friend. The soothing smile Jackson wore made you happy, but sad at the same time. You knew he still loved you, but you also knew that he wanted nothing but happiness for you; and you had that right next to you.

“Thank you Jackson.” Your smile still caused elephants to stomp around in Jackson’s churning stomach but he eased down the feeling as he leaned into hug both of you.



Originally posted by mochabam

He was almost resentful as he watched you laugh into Yugyeom’s shoulder, his hand landing on your inner thigh as he stared down with you with endearment swirling in his eyes. BamBam could feel his anger bubble as he let out a bitter laugh when you leaned in to peck Yugyeom’s lips. You both turned to look at him, nervousness spreading in your bones.

“You really left me for him?” His voice was seething, your hands shaking with anxiety as Bam raised himself from the couch on the other side of the room.

“You took everything from me, just to give it to him.” He sounded almost in disbelief. Wondering why in God’s name you would leave him only to date one of his best friends. Now he didn’t even feel like calling Yugyeom that.

“You meant everything to me y/n…” He shook his head slowly, dropping his sight to gaze at the floor beneath his feet. Your heart dropped to your stomach when you watched a couple tears fall to the ground below.

“I’m sorry Bam…” you stopped mid sentence as he held up your hand, ignoring your pleas for forgiveness.

“You know I shouldn’t care about what you have to say… but I still do.” He broke down in front of both of you, Jackson and Mark rushing up to him to comfort their friend.



Originally posted by poc7

Yugyeom’s heart still yearned for you. He spent the last few months since you both had split sending flowers to your doorstep, each day having a letter that held one more reason he loved you. He was desperate to win you over again, and that’s why when you walked in with BamBam’s hand dangerously low on his waist he broke down.

He wanted you so bad, and seeing you with one of his bandmates was just a confirmation that you were moving on from him. It stung within his ribs as he clutched at his chest. His vision was blurry as silent tears steadily fell down his cheeks.

“Yugyeom, are you okay?” Youngjae asked, moving to wrap his arm around the youngest’s shoulder. His hand rubbed comfortingly as Yugyeom sobbed, failing to notice how your head turned at the mention of his name.

You were already in the process of letting him go, the love you held for him already churning into sweet memories that you could always smile back on. You felt remorse for his state, but you couldn’t find it in you to crawl back towards him, the love that dwelled in your chest for BamBam keeping you where you stood.

Come Back

Dean x Reader

Summary/Request: @angelsguardthedoor (I have no idea where the original request went. Whoops) You and Dean used to be a thing, a really good strong beautiful thing, until you had gotten out of the hunting life, for what seemed like good. But when your parents are murdered by what law enforcement says in an animal, you know better. You take out your phone and press call…

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Swearing(?). 

W/C: +3,300 


Originally posted by life-of-a-plaidchester

“Dean, I need your help,” I whispered over the receiver.

Y/n?” He asked, as if it surprised him and it probably did. We hadn’t spoken in months.

“Yeah, Dean can you come out here?” I gnawed on my lip. “You and Sam,” I added.

What’s wrong?” His voice was more urgent than before.

I looked up and bit back tears that were threatening to spill.

“My parents De. They’re dead.” I choked out. “It’s coming for me.” My voice broke.

Stay safe.” He ordered. “We’ll be there in a few hours.”

“Thank you, Dean.” I whispered.


I ended the call and backed myself into the nearest wall sliding down it and crying in despair. My parents had been found dead. An animal attack is what the policed claimed. I knew so much better than their ignorant reports. Their hearts were missing—it was a werewolf.

Not just any werewolf. The pack that had finally gotten me to leave the hunting life all together. That call had been just a little too close when I almost lost everything. I wasn’t fast enough and Dean was in ICU for two weeks, unresponsive. The wolf got away.

I hated and blamed myself for the entire situation. I decided that it was best if I just left and got out of the way. It left its mark on both Dean and I, but I couldn’t be the reason that he was taken away from saving the world. I loved him too much. I had to walk away.

Even when it hurt too much to bear and the whiskey couldn’t drown it away all the time, I still kept his contact in my phone. Just in case, I chided myself. It seemed like it was fate that I had kept the number, because I needed Dean more than ever now.

I stared numbly at the soft blue walls of my two-bedroom apartment for what seemed like minutes. Until there was a knock on the door and a strangled cry got caught in my throat.

“Hey, Y/n, it’s just me.” I heard a familiar voice. How the hell did he get in?

“Did you just break into my apartment?” I demanded picking myself up off the floor.

“Building manager rolled over for the FBI.” My eyes were met with the smirk that had taken my breath away when we first met, and still did, even now.

Tears welled in my eyes. I didn’t care that he wasn’t mine anymore, I ran to him and threw my arms around his neck, needing the comfort of his arms. I had no one now. No family and barely a home. I heard Dean chuckle and wrap his arms around my waist tightly.

“I missed you too,” He murmured. “I’m so sorry sweetheart,”

The pet name stung coming from his lips. I pulled away from his grasp and wiped my cheeks, remembering that I wasn’t allowed to find comfort in him anymore. I had given up the right.

“I…” I started, then closed my mouth and shrugged. There was nothing I could say to him that he wouldn’t see through. He knew me too well from all of the sleepless night talks.

“Hey,” He called softly tilting my chin up. “We’ll find it.” He vowed.

I nodded and sighed wrapping my arms around myself.

“Where’s Sam?” I asked, and Dean’s eyes tightened.

“Working another case.” He said curtly.

I frowned. “Dean? Is everything all right?”

He flashed a smile that didn’t reach his eyes.


I could see right through his lie.

“Come on.” I beaconed.

I led him down the hallway to my studio that was now more hunting notes than art. Maps and articles and lore were all taped to my walls in a neat order with thumbtacks and red strings connecting each one.

“You still got it,” Dean complimented looking over my hand-written notes that accompanied all of the facts.

“It’s a little personal now,” I whispered, running my fingers over the last picture I had taken of my parents. It was my twenty-first birthday and we had taken a trip to Disney—it was from years ago.  

“What have you found?” He asked, treading lightly.

“Nothing, just out of the blue. I figured how it tracked me, and I’m sure it’s coming for me. It knows where I am. I just wish I could find it first.” I muttered.

“But why would it go after your parents?” Dean asked the wall of facts.

“We took down its pack De. That makes this more than instinct. This is revenge.” I voiced my conclusion.

He turned to face me, deep sorrow in his eyes. He seemed like he was going to reach out for me, then stopped, as if he remembered what I did. We weren’t allowed to have another anymore. I averted my eyes to my wall and spoke.

“I’ve narrowed down to where it could be,” I ran my fingers over the map with my neat highlighted blocking off. “But it’s a lot of wood and marsh.” I told the map.

“Seems like we get to go hunting,” I could hear the smirk in Dean’s voice.

It made my heart ache. I was terrified to get back into hunting with him. I didn’t want to put him in danger anymore because of me. I loathed myself for even calling him out here to help me. I knew there wasn’t another choice.

I sighed and left the room without a word to go and get what I needed for the ensuing hunt. The sun was setting and I wanted to get this sucker ganked as soon as I could. I didn’t pay attention to Dean at the doorway as I laced up my duck boots, or when his eyes followed me when I went to my closet and got down my fabric box that had my gun, silver bullets, angel dagger, machete, and other assorted hunting items. They were all neatly placed and nestled together as if they were grade school trophies, not weapons to kill the things that go bump in the night.

“When’s the last time you cleaned that gun?” Dean asked, worry in his voice.

“Last night. Don’t worry, I’m not that out of touch with this.” I muttered to my hands as they packed everything into my satchel.

I ran my hands over the dagger in its sheath and memories came flooding back that I tried to burry and lock away. Dean had given me the dagger when I expressed my dislike of a gun in my hands.

You still need to defend yourself,’ He insisted, handing me a leather wrapped bulk.

‘Dean?’ I was smiling as him as I unwrapped the dagger, beautiful and shining brand new.

‘I got Cas to make it for me. It’s from a melted down angel blade, still kills anything though,’ He was almost sheepish, as if doing something kind was embarrassing.

I remembered wrapping my arms around his neck and thanking him for it. I truly did love the blade and how it fit in my hand. I let out a sigh and attached the sheath to my belt loop and tucked the gun into the hem of my jeans under the back of my jacket.

We didn’t say a word as Dean and I walked out to his Chevy.

“Wanna drive?” He asked. I gave him a look. He held his hands up in surrender. “Just figured you’d know how to get there better than I would.”

“Read a map.” I snapped, huffing and clambering into the passenger seat slamming the door. I heard Dean mumble something but I didn’t feel like instilling more of a fight. That’s wasn’t what this was about.

Our ride was quite except for the muttered directions that I gave Dean. He tried to put music on, but I shut that down quickly.

“What!?” He demanded.

“I don’t like music anymore.” I mumbled.

“Since when? You used to love it.”

I didn’t respond. I stopped liking music after I had lost the one who had shown me the beauty in it. It hurt too much to listen to the classic rock melodies that Dean would no longer sing to. It left me feeling empty.

“Alright, no music,” He muttered.

When the tires hit the dirt of the road before us, the car crawled slowly before the engine was killed.

“You ready?” He asked with mock joy.

“Uber,” I muttered getting out of the Impala and stretching.

I inhaled deeply and the smell of dirt and moss filled my senses. I looked around, searching the trees for any indication that my monster was lurking, ready to strike.

“Hey,” Dean called pulling me from my thoughts.

“What?” I snapped.

“Are you okay?”

I gave him a look.

“Peachy.” I said flatly.

“Really, cuz you seemed anxious.” He pressed.

I huffed and started walking into a non-existent trail, leaving Dean behind. I heard Dean behind me, following. I pulled my gun out and held it in my hands as I walked, ready for anything. I heard a rustle of leaved to my left, and raising my gun, I saw an elk that had wandered a little too close to civilization.

“Get,” I told it.

It’s eyes met mine before it took back off into the greenery.

Dean and I hiked into the forest for about a mile, silent, until I smelled a fire. No campers would be out this far. My eyes flashed to Dean’s and I knew he was thinking the same thing I was. My wolf was close. We crept closer, looking for the source of the fire.

We came upon a cabin, where sure enough there was a chimney with smoke coming from it. The cabin looked condemned but there was a light coming from the shards of glass that were once windows. I gave Dean a two-finger signal to check around back for another way in as I lurked towards the door of the rundown cabin.

I used my foot to nudge the door open and cringed when it gave a loud creak. So much for stealth. There was a man crouched by the fire, eyes trained on the open flame. I knew who it was. We needed no introduction.

“You’re quite good at hiding,” He said, his voice low. “It took a while to find you.”

I crept forward, with the moves of a dancer, keeping my gun and eyes trained on him.

“Of course, you could kill me right now. Take your shot. But when I’m dead so is your mate.” He said, turning to face me.

I stopped and lowered my gun as my eyes swept the room and saw that Dean was held at gunpoint—by a female who I assumed was also a wolf—before me, a gruesome wound on his left temple. I wanted to yell at him for getting caught. How the hell did Dean Winchester get himself caught?

“He’s not my mate.” I said coolly.

“Mmm. Is that why he was the first one you called when I… ran into your parents? Or that he dropped a major case to come and help you? Leaving his brother behind? Because if not, please enlighten me.” The werewolf folded his arms across his chest amused.

My eyes caught Dean’s as the information sunk in. I needed time to plan, to get him out. There would be time later to sort everything else out. The firelight danced in his green eyes.

“You were tracking both of us,” I stated, calm.

“I was. Well, she tracked Dean here. I kept my eye on you though. Such a curious little thing you are. You used to be so lively, always smiling and laughing. Now it’s like you’re a shell of who you used to be.” He taunted.

I gritted my teeth and took a breath. I knew he was right.

“What do you want?” I hissed, taking a step forward.

I heard the gun in the woman’s hands cock as a bullet entered the chamber.

“Eye for an eye? Is it?” The man asked, a smirk on his lips. “Or perhaps a mate for a mate?”

My eyes flicked to the woman.

“If I killed your mate, then who is she?”

“My created. Nothing more than for someone to aid me in my endeavors.” The wolf responded.

“Made her yourself?” I raised my eyebrows.

I had my plan. Let’s see how well Dean really knew me.

“I did.”

“After you finished licking your wounds cleaned I assume.” Dean smirked as I took a step forward, towards Dean. Good. He still knew me.

“Don’t take another step or he’s dead.” The woman snarled.

“Oh sweetheart, you don’t have it in you.” Dean quipped.

“You’re funeral.”

“Sorry, death doesn’t agree with me.” Dean taunted.

The woman growled and her finger tensed on the trigger.

Wait!” The panic left my lips without my permission.

The werewolves chuckled.

“Told you,” The man said. “Now be a good girl and set the gun down, on the floor. As well as your shiny little dagger that I know you have.”

I put up my acting front, and feigned fear. I over exaggerated my gesture of taking the silver blade from it’s sheath. My eyes flickered to Dean’s. He was ready.

I slowly bent down to the ground, blade in one hand, gun in the other. The wolves watched, amused. They believed that I had given in. What they didn’t know was how well Dean and I hunted together.

As soon as I was close enough to the faded wood floor, I dropped to one knee, slid my blade across the floor to Dean and took my shot at the woman. Dean rolled out of the way as two shots went off, only one of them lethal. Dean was on his feet, and my angel dagger pierced the heart of the wolf who had stalked me.

“Down!” I shouted.

Dean ducked out of the way as I—for good measure—filled the man’s chest with silver. Dean looked up at me, eyes shining. I was panting and grinning as I got up from my kneeling position.

“Still got it.” I smirked.

“Yeah you do.” He grinned, before his smile faded and he became solemn.

I tucked my gun back into my jeans and went and got my blade, wiping the blood on the dead man’s shirt, before putting it back in it’s sheath. I went up to Dean and gently turned his head so I could get a closer look at his wound. He brushed my hands away.

“It’s fine,” He huffed, starting to make his way to the door, leaving me.

“Dean,” I called, chasing after him.

He turned and there was fury in his eyes.

No,” He almost growled. “You can’t keep doing this to me Y/n! You left! And you’re acting like you still care! Are you that cruel? You need me, so you’ll be nice, until you’ve used me then you’re gone again!?” He accused.

I took a step back, sapped by his accusations, tears pricking my eyes. He never raised his voice with me like that.

“Dean,” I choked out. “I left because I didn’t want to see you killed because of me! You were almost dead! Dean, do you know what that did to me!? Those two weeks, begging for you to come back to me!”

“You said you didn’t love me. You didn’t want me. You wanted an apple-life knowing that was the one thing I couldn’t give to you!” He shot back.

I lied!” I screamed at him. “I lied to you Dean! I had to! I never wanted normal! I always wanted you! I always loved you! But I couldn’t walk away knowing that you knew I still loved you!” Tears streamed down my face as I pushed past him, running out of the cabin.

Y/n! Don’t you walk away again!” Dean yelled from behind me.

I stopped in my tracks and turned to face him. My anger was gone. Instead pain and loneliness finally broke through and tore me apart. All of the pain and fear of the months without him. The sleepless nights and nightmares. Being inhuman. Numb. I tried to stifle my sobs with my hands as tears blurred my vision. Dean’s face instantly changed from fury to fear.

Sweetheart?” He whispered.

I let out a strangled cry. He opened his arms as I ran into them, burying my face in his neck, hysterics taking over my system. He held me close, cradling me to him. He stroked my hair and whispered soft comforts and I wrapped my arms around his neck, clutching his shirt in my hands. I sobbed out apologies, cries of how pathetic I was, of how he should be the one to walk away from me.

“Hey,” He called softly, pulling me back and cupping my face, wiping away my tears with the pads of his thumbs. “None of that,” He chided. He pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“I’m so sorry Dean,” I choked out.

“I know baby girl, I know.” He pulled me close to his chest again. “It’s okay.” He pressed his lips to the top of my head.

I still love you,” I whispered. He went silent for a moment, and panic struck me hard. Dean again took my face in his hands and his green eyes soul searched mine.

“I never stopped loving you,”

As soon as those words left his lips, I felt like crying all over again. I didn’t have the chance because his lips were on mine. I welcomed the kiss, wrapping my arms around his neck, kissing him with every emotion I had locked in a box. Every emotion about Dean that I had denied myself. They all felt my heart, and into our kiss.

I knew he was doing the same for his passion matched mine.


           “Stop being such a baby,” I snapped at Dean.

           We were back at my apartment, in my bathroom and I was cleaning his wound, of which he was being a totally wimp about.

           “I’m sorry that it hurts?” He snarked. I rolled my eyes and threw the bloody alcohol pad into the small trashcan.

           “Get over yourself.” I snapped back, grinning.

           I had missed this. The snippy comments and banter that Dean and I shared. I was the only one who ever put up with his moods and never took any of his crap.

           “I’d rather get over you.” He grinned, placing his hands on my hips and pulling me closer.

           “In your dreams Winchester,” I quipped.

           “Oh you will be.” He smirked at me, mischief in his green eyes.

           I rolled my eyes and finished bandaging him up before pecking his cheek.

           “There, good as new.” I smiled, putting the well-stocked first aid kit away.

           “My heroine.” Dean smiled, sliding off the counter and pulling me to him.

           I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned back in his hold, knowing he would support me even though I put all of my weight on him while leaning back. He pulled me back to him and pressed a gentle kissed to my lips.

           “I missed you,” He murmured against my lips.

           “I missed you,”


We laid together in my bed that night, Bon Jovi playing softly from my surround sound system. He sang to the songs softly and I smiled, my head on his chest, enjoying the moment. His arm tightened around me so I looked up at him. His emerald eyes captured mine.

“I’m the reason you stopped listening to music?” He asked softly.

I shrugged softly and gave a tight smile. Sighing I ran my fingers across the bare planes of his chest as I rested my head back down.

“Without you I didn’t know how to be me,” I whispered softly.

He rubbed my arm soothingly.

“I know what you mean.”

anonymous asked:

I just read the vitiligo fic you have down there somewhere and it was pretty good. I have vitiligo, but it's mostly on my legs and (sadly) it's nearly gone. I always thought vitiligo was a cool thing to have. Could you possibly write something where lance has vitiligo and is proud of it till someone mocks him and then like Keith or something comes and comforts him?

Yup I can certainly do that!!!

I hope my original prompt didn’t offend you or anything! 

Lance had always liked his vitiligo. He thought it gave him character and style. When it first started his mother cried for hours and she apologized to him over and over. Lance didn’t cry, he thought it was cool. 

He never let it bother him. He was confident as it took over his arms, he was confident as it moved up his neck. He was confident no matter where it was. 

He always refused his sister attempted to teach him makeup. She would always say that it would make him normal. 

Why did Lance need to be normal? He wasn’t hurting anyone. He was simply living life how he wanted too. 


When Lance joined Voltron he could always feel Corans and Allura’s eyes on him. He attempted to ignore them but after awhile he confronted them. 

Coran and Allura quickly apologized for staring they had never seen vitiligo before. Lance was more than happy to explain to them what it was. 

“Oh!! I’m sure that the pods can heal that for you!” Coran nearly jumped in  the air when he thought of it. 

Lance gently laughed and declined the offer. “ No thanks Coran, I’m quite happy with how beautiful I am.” 

Coran and Allura never stared at him again. 


Lance was walking around the space mall. He had left Hunk and Pidge at an electrical shop and decided to go off on his own. Lance found a Space Bath and Body Works™ and decided to check it out. 

He was slowly browsing through the different lotions and facemask. He picked up a few different ones and decided to try them.  Lance needed to treat himself to a spa day afterall. 

Lance approached the counter and placed all the items in front of the cashier. The cashier gave Lance a funny look and started to scan the items. 

Lance paid no attention to their looks and gave the cashier his money and started to walk out of the store. 

Lance was almost out the door when the cashier called out to him. “You know, those won’t help your ‘condition’” and they started laughing. 

Lance held his bag tighter and bolted away from the store. 


Keith was walking around. Nothing really interested him. He wasn’t a shopper after all. Keith was just strolling around when he saw Lance sitting on a bench a few feet away. Keith smiled and started walking towards the boy. However as he approached Lance he sawe him trembling. “Hey Lance?” He sat down next to the boy.

Lance glanced up at Keith and pulled his jacket tighter around himself. “Hey Keith. Buy anything?” 

Keith blinked a few times, why was he wondering about him. “Um no, did you?” 

Lance motioned to his bag that was dropped by his feet. Keith picked up the bag and looked inside pulling out a few bottles. “Beauty products.” 

“I know they don’t help, but I wanted soft skin.” Lance stared at the ground.

“Don’t help? What are you talking about?” Keith placed the bag down. 

Lance straighten his back up and looked at Keith. “They won’t help this!” He rolled his sleeve up, revealing the patches of off color skin. 

Keith look at Lance. “Well no, but I didn’t think that, that was your goal…” Keith’s voice trailed off at the end. 

“It wasn’t until someone brought it up. Treated me like I was a freak. Like I wanted to hide.” Lance pulled his sleeve down. 

“Who? Oh it doesn’t matter. Lance you’re still beautiful. You skin is still amazing. You’re not a freak, you’re just different, but a good different. Just because one stranger doesn’t understand that you are amazing you should stumble because of that.” Keith gently pulled Lance sleeve back up and ran his hands over the marks. “Where did all that confidence go? Where did all those corny pick up lines go?” 

Lance wiped at his eyes, looked at Keith and smiled “Believe me mullet, they are still there.” 

Keith smiled back. 

I hope you like it!!

I was so excited to write this!!!

Thank you so much!! 

I hope I did alright!


A/N: Request from anon. It actually reminds me a lot of this Eric fanfiction I’m writing so it’s been in my head for quite some time already. I was glad I could finally put it on paper.

Words: 1762 (oops)
warnings: violence, swearing

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Big Bang's Reactions to their wife being moody when she's pregnant



How are you doing in school/jobs? I hope you are okay and enjoying life ^^ I am currently obsessed with reading all the books I own so that might also be a reason why I haven’t posted in so long but I like this reaction very much and I hope so will you~

I have to sing tomorrow in front of all the class for a mark and I am so nervous. Please wish me luck bc I am dying from nervousness T.T

I love you~~ <3 <3 

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You were in the living room sitting on the sofa confused about your feelings towards the turned off TV  Everything was very emotional since you were pregnant and your back hurt a lot so you tried to lay and sit a lot but you figured it wasn’t the best solution. You were already in the 8th month and sometimes the pain was unbelievable. In this 8 months, you scared Seunghyun at least thrice a day. You knew he was on some meeting with his friends in  Incheon. You felt sick and called him.

“I-I… feel sick Tabi-”


“I just feel sick….”

After that call, he rushed back home to find you half asleep on the bathroom floor where it was warm. You almost gave him a heart attack every time you called him but he was always ready to come home and comfort you. He realized that it is really hard to carry a child and he wanted to give you everything you wanted. If you wanted to buy two new dresses for the baby, he bought it and if you felt bloated, he told you how beautiful and cute you look with a belly of your future child. He always tried to be careful with his words but sometimes he slipped out and made you angry. It happened a lot when you were arguing about all the arts in the house. 


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It was a weekend and Jiyong had to fly to Japan for some emergency business with his clothing line. You were left alone in a big house which was still in process of decorating. You felt horrible alone and you kept sending him messages how awful you feel and how bored you are. The first few months were a real nightmare for you with all the morning sickness but now the baby could kick and sometimes really hard. You couldn’t keep your emotions in and just cried whenever you felt like it. 

‘I hate this world’

'OMG the baby just kicked’

'I feel so ugly’

Once he read the texts on his way to the hotel he called you and wanted you to describe exactly how it felt when the baby kicked and he was used to you crying now so he wasn’t surprised when you started tearing up at the beginning of the first sentence. He smiled when he heard your voice and was happy you will have a baby even if that means to hear you complain, cry, eat, every day. He couldn’t wait to come back home and feel your tummy to say hello to him.


Originally posted by peaceminus8ne


Taeyang had a schedule on a popular variety show and he was very nervous because the plan was to take you with him to at least watch the show. Before you finally agreed to and watch him you felt sick and couldn’t made up your mind if you should go with him or not. It was very uncomfortable for you to go but you still went and supported him. Through the show you had to go out and get some air and even cried because you thought he is doing such a great job. Just as you came back the MCs wanted to talk to you too and you came to sit next to Taeyang. Once you got home from the awesome show you started crying and laughing because you were happy that you could be on the show and sad that you won’t be able to go back soon.

“But I like them! I want to go there with Daesung next time… Can I? I can’t-”
“Honey… You are not assistant for kpop idols. It was very beautiful what you said there tho…”


He was really shocked sometimes when you went from sad to happy and then mad or angry again for some unknown reason to him. He thought it was adorable how needy were you sometimes for his help but he respected you for carrying your baby. He knew there will be a lot of situations he couldn’t save just like that but when you felt down or you needed him he made sure he was there and cheered you up. He didn’t go out so much anymore because you felt more comfortable at home and he loved being present every moment with you.


Originally posted by bwipsul


You were on your way downstairs when you figured you have no idea if you were actually hungry. Sometimes you were so confused what you want that nobody knew how to help you with that. Daesung had to save most of this kind of situations and he tried really hard to massage you when your back hurt. So, here you were sitting on the stairs for half an hour before Daesung came down from the bedroom where he was reading a book. He was very confused about your answers most of the time and so were you.

“What are you sitting on the stairs for? It’s cold sitting here.”

“I’m waiting for food.”

“What food? Did you order a pizza or something? Did you check in the fridge, I think there’s pasta from today’s lunch…”


Your answers were cold and he didn’t really know why. He kept on asking you questions and when he realized it’s one of the times that you are mad for no reason he kept on saying funny things and made funny faces to make you laugh. He didn’t stop until you smiled and asked him to carry you downstairs because you were too tired. He agreed on carrying you if you would let him choose the name for the baby if it will be a girl. Since you knew it will be a boy, you accepted the deal.


Originally posted by daesungstrash


Seungri was thrilled to see you every day and see the baby growing inside of you which sounded a bit weird but he was just obsessed with the baby. The most of the time when he wasn’t worried about his work, he called you and came to pick you up at work if you were still there. He wanted to buy a lot of things for the baby and was nervous to know if it’s a boy or a girl. In the evening he caressed your tummy and sang songs to you and him/her. You felt annoyed and cold so you pushed his hand away and told him to leave you alone.

“Stop it. It’s annoying.”

“W-w-hat?? My LOVE is ANNOYING???”

“YES IT IS.” then you angry went to the bedroom to cry because you yelled at him.

He was very offended but he knew you must have been uncomfortable or something that wasn’t right which he expected and he knew it would be foolish to react like a child and make you even angrier. In these situations he first tried to cheer you up with food and if that didn’t work, he did everything you told him to unless leave you alone until you fell asleep but since that was difficult the last couple months he was more tired then you and often fell asleep while caressing your tummy.


Originally posted by xladyaquatica

It wasn’t uncommon for people to have their soulmarks appear the day they’re born, so no one bats an eye at the little spiral on baby Stiles’ left hip. As the years go by, it goes from a simple design to something more heavily detailed, intricate, until he can make out the phases of the moon and trees and a howling wolf. Stiles thinks it’s beautiful, that his soulmate must be an amazing, wonderful person to leave such a pretty mark on him. None of his friends have marks so detailed.

It wasn’t uncommon for Stiles to wake himself up screaming, after his mother died. He got frequent nightmares, his imagination overactive and vicious. His father thought it was just another nightmare that had him screaming and crying, and being used to this, he maybe didn’t go to Stiles as soon as he should have. Until he heard his son start screaming for him. 

He got out of bed and ran to Stiles’ room, eyes wide, looking for any signs of danger. There was none, just Stiles writhing on the bed in agony. 

“It burns- I don’t-I don’t know what h-h-happening!” he said, voice high. He pulled up his shirt to see the soulmark on his hip, barely able to see past the tears filling his eyes. It was like tar that had been set on fire, burning away, black leaving silver-white in it’s wake. Like an old scar.

Stiles’ skin was hot to the touch when John touched the mark, angry red like he’d been burned. 

“Dad-what-” Stiles clenched his eyes shut as another wave of agony hit him, like fire curling through his blood. It was more than just his soulmark, now. And on the backs of his eyelids, he saw something. A brief image, there and gone in a second, but he knew what-who-it was. “He’s dying,” Stiles sobbed at the same time his dad’s phone started ringing in the other room. 

“That’s-that’s for him, it has to be, dad go, go, you have to save him please-please save him.” 

“Son, I’m not leaving you-”

“You have to!” 

Stiles, with newfound strength, pulled himself out of bed and onto shaking legs, dragging his dad with him, pushing him out of the room and back to his own. He looked like a wreck, clothes and hair askew, face red and blotchy, stained with tears, his expression still contorted in pain, breathing hard. He looked like he was on the brink of a panic attack, holding on only through sheer strength of will.

John reluctantly got dressed in his uniform, knowing it had to be more than coincidence that he was called just when it looked like Stiles’ soulmate was dying-or at the very least in danger. 

“You call me if you need anything, son,” he said, crushing his skinny, trembling boy to him in a hug.

“Go save him dad,” Stiles said.

“I’ll do what I can.” 

It wasn’t until the sheriff was in his cruiser and on the way to the Hale house that he realizes Stiles had been referring to his soulmate as a ‘he’. He stepped on the gas, flooring it as that realization proved to him Stiles was right.

Back at home, Stiles curled up on the couch with a glass of milk and his moms favorite blanket, breathing through the pain emanating from his mark. It still felt like his skin was melting away, but not as bad as it had; he could only hope that meant his soulmate was out of the fire. 

He kept his shirt rucked up, watching his fading mark intently. Hardly any of the thin black lines were left, the mark almost completely faded to raised silver scars. 

“Please be okay,” he whispered, tracing his mark, hoping his soulmate could feel him the way he’d felt the fire. 

The next day Stiles is showing up at the hospital, exhausted after not sleeping a second, to finally meet his soulmate. He knows now that it’s Peter Hale. 

Waiting outside the room, blocking him from entering, is Peter’s family. Some of them, anyway. The three Hale siblings that Stiles kind of knows because Cora is in her class are looking shell-shocked, Derek on the brink of a breakdown like he thinks it’s all his fault. And with them is Talia, looking concerned but steadfast. And strangely none of them are injured, even though Stiles could have sworn he heard that they’d been in the house when it went up in flame. 

“Ah, you must be Stiles,” Talia said when she noticed Stiles standing a few yard away, shifting unsurely. “I hear we have you to thank for saving my brother’s life.”


“How are you feeling, dear?”

Terrible. Exhausted. Hollowed-out. “Fine. Uh, yeah, fine-is he okay? He’s going to be okay, right?” Talia smiled kindly at him, reaching out and gesturing for Stiles to come closer. Stiles did, letting her take his hand and lead him over to sit down.

“He was badly burned, but I believe he will make a full recovery.”

“Thank God.” Stiles’ shoulders sagged in relief, and he felt like crying again for a whole new reason. His soulmate-Peter-was going to be okay. 

“Do you want to see him?”

“Can I?”

“He’s sedated right now, but I’m sure he’d love to meet you when he wakes up.”

Stiles barely paused to say thank you before he was up and across the hall, walking into Peter’s room. He was almost afraid to meet him after all these years, but then he brushed that thought aside. 

It was dark inside, so Stiles couldn’t really see him. But he knew by the way his mark pulsed with life that Peter really was his soulmate. 

Later, the sheriff came to get Stiles after being told by Melissa he was hanging out in Hale’s room. Before he could collect the teen, though, he was stopped by Talia who was just coming out of the room. She smiled, recognizing him. 

“Sheriff, it’s good to see you.”

“You too, Alpha Hale. Stiles in there?”

“Yes. He’s sleeping now; hasn’t left Peter’s side since this morning. You’ve got a great kid there.” 

“Yeah, I do.” The sheriff sighed, looking at the closed door. “Is your brother okay?”

“Yes, he is. I suspect he woke up for a little while earlier while I was taking the kids home. Stiles was looking much more relaxed when I came back.”

“Last night was hard on him. He looked like I was gonna tell him Peter was dead when I came home; cried for an hour when I said we got there in time.”

“Have you told him about us?”

“No. I didn’t know it was Peter until last night, so I never saw reason to. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already found out, though.”

“Her certainly is a bright boy. I’m sure if he hasn’t realized yet, he will when Peter gets discharged in a month.” 

Stiles indeed figured it out, within a few days. it explained so much about his mark. He was ecstatic that his mate was a werewolf, if for no other reason than it meant he would be able to heal from something that no human would be able to survive. 

Tiger Stripes // Cisco X Reader

Request: Hi, I just realized what stretch marks look like, I also realized I have them all over my body, they aren’t as severe as most but definitely noticeable. Could you do a Cisco X reader sweet smut with fluff and he comforts her? I’m having a really hard time with this right now and I would appreciate it, thanks you are the best
Author’s note: YOU SHOULD NOT BE ASHAMED OF YOUR BODY. Everyone has stretch marks. Everyone, every single person on this earth. Some are red some are purple some are tan some are paler than one’s skin tone. I have them from when I was pregnant with my daughter and just from going through weight changes before that and it took me so long to love my body because of them, I still struggle with it. Just know you, whoever you are reading this, are so beautiful.

Warnings: very fluffy feelsy smut, probably trigger warning for anyone with body issues.

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anonymous asked:

you are absolutely SPOILING me with that Bruce stuff... why are ur favourite sexy hc's?

RIGHT don’t get me started:

- honestly, running your fingers through that luscious chest hair
- just imagine being laid out on the bed with him after you’ve been going for hours and just tracing patterns on his chest w all that thick and manly hair, god
- also getting bent over his desk and being made to call him “doctor”
- i imagine it’d get him rock fucking solid to hear you call him that
- and he’d have you in his lab, bent over that desk and fucking you into oblivion
- i bet he wouldn’t even lock the door for the pure chance that someone might walk in and see that he gets all of you
- cause he cant quite believe that someone as young and beautiful as you wants to be fucked by him
- and god like imagine tony is bringing him all these files for some project they’re working on and what he doesn’t know is that you’re under the desk between bruce thighs
- and you’ve just got him right down your throat and he hasn’t even flinched cause he is that fucking good
- and i read on here once about him hulking his fingers out a bit when he is fucking you and i can’t stop thinking about that
- he always finds the concept of the other guy to be so unattractive so when you look him dead in the eye and tell him to hulk out a bit cause you need him to stretch you out before he fucks you, he almost comes right there
- but he’d never need to hulk out his cock cause it is already to thick and perfect for you
- i bet his favorite position would be for you to be face down and ass up as he takes you from behind
- or imagine him pressing you up against a window at night and fucking you before the stars
- i think he’d also be very giving on the pet names
- “good girl” or “pretty lady” “baby” or “honey”
- and he just adores spoiling you cause he thinks you deserve the whole world
- and he is so hard on himself so whenever the pleasure is one sided (blow jobs or when you rim him) he always thinks about the ways he could give back to you
- he could easily spend a whole day just going to town on you, eating you out until your back is off the bed and you’re crying “dr. banner” for the whole fucking tower to hear
- he especially loves it when tony hears, all the shit he gets from tony about you not being satisfied
- he loves running his hands over your whole body and spending the most time on his pretty little girl
- he loves to have your nipples in his mouth, even when just watching a movie, he finds his comfort in sucking tiddies
- and yah i said you’d rim him
- he wouldn’t admit it at first but one of the times you have a mouthful of his balls, and you slip a little lower and stick your tongue in his ass, he’d go crazy (someone request a bruce rimming hc)
- i could go on and on about the nasty things you and bruce would do together, i swear
- i will also straight up say that during sex, apart from doctor, he demands to be called daddy
- seeing you look up with innocent eyes and then call him daddy, enough to make his heart give out

The Scarlet Lust - BTS x Reader (18+) (2)

Part 2 - The Awakening

(Word count: 2,688)


I had awoken in a strange room. The furnishings in this room were all light peach in color and matching, which left a strange contrast to the dark colors of the walls and carpeting. There was an antique vanity with three large oval mirrors, a tall uniquely shaped dresser and a matching nightstand. Other random decorations were present in the room but I was in no state of mind to pay that much attention to detail.

Where am I? This isn’t my room….

Then I remembered. I sat up in the strange bed, but immediately became light headed. I put my hand against the left side of my neck and found that there was a gauze bandage secured there with medical tape.

I pulled it off and looked at it. It was stained with my blood. I took a couple deep breaths and managed to muster up the strength to get out of the bed, (which now that I looked at it, it matched the rest of the furnishings), and stumbled over to the vanity.

I sat myself carefully into the chair in front of the vanity to examine my neck. I immediately noticed that I was wearing a long frilly white nightgown. Someone had changed me…

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Soulmates (Tyler Scheid Headcannons)

Originally posted by teach-me-how-to-buggy

Request: Hi!! I was wondering if you could possibly do a Tyler x Reader with some type of soulmate au? It can be hc, fic, anything. Also: I love your writing!!! ❤️😊

Soulmate Au!

(People see in Black in white until they lock eyes with their soulmate and see in color together)

-You’ve been a fan of Teamiplier for years now.

-So when the tour is announced you jump at the chance to meet them and watch them.

-You’ve always been a hopeless romantic, when you were younger you’d fantasize about what your soulmate would look like and how they’d be. What it would feel like to see the world as it really is.

-When the day of the live show is finally here, you get there earlier than you needed to not risk being late.

-You and your friend get front row seats and it’s amazing to be so close to the people you’ve watched through a screen for so long, it almost doesn’t feel real.

-You meet Amy and Kathryn and bond over the exchange of space pins as they are handing out Vip packs. You even got a picture!

-The night couldn’t have been better. You were having a great time and your stomach was starting to hurt from how much you were laughing.

-As the show is winding down the guys start asking for audience participation.

-Your friend raises your hand and you keep it up thinking they won’t pick you Giving them a roll of the eyes in response.

-Ethan calls on you out of sheer luck and you’ve immediately grown nervous. You look over to your friend with a mix of worry/happiness. They just push you to get up to the stage.

-You feel like you’re walking weird and you can’t help but become quiet.

-As you all get up to the stage, you say hi to all of them trying not to stutter and make a fool of yourself.

-Your anxiety starts to lessen as you begin talking and cracking jokes with Ethan and Mark. They give slight banter as they ask the participants names. And it helps you calm down and relax.

-You introduce yourself last to the crowd and to Tyler. Who holds the mic he looks over at you and it’s almost like a wave of pressure hits your head. You close your eyes and stagger. So does Tyler…

-When you’ve opened your eyes it’s a whole different experience. The bright lights hit you first and make you flinch. You start to notice how bright the red of the stage lights is. It so beautiful you just gasp. After moments of staring at the new colors, you notice Tyler’s expression.

-His eyes glassy and he’s just looking around in a stunned disbelief, Wade, Mark, and Bob just look on with excited smiles, as their friend has found their soulmate.

-Mark walks over and takes the mic from Tyler who doesn’t seem notice as he’s just staring at you in disbelief. Your smile is bright and at this point, you’ve shed a couple of tears.

-You’re taking in every detail of Tyler’s face as you can see the way his shirt brings out the bright blue in his eyes making them the most stunning feature of his face.

-Highkey you don’t even have words for these colors at all, their just this bright swirls of light and it’s so bright and beautiful it’s making you cry.

-“Everybody Tyler has just found his soulmate” Mark addresses the crowd loud clapping and awww’s fill the space and your face is warm from the sudden attention. It snaps Tyler out of his daze as well and he can’t help but smile nervously looking over at his friends who are all encouraging him to talk to you.

-“I’ve been waiting for you for so long…” those are his first words to you. He’s broken the space between and you’re feeling like your skin is on fire you’re so overcome with emotions…

-Yet through all of them, you’re able to get out your name without stuttering “(Y/N)..”

-“My names (Y/N) it’s nice to meet you…soulmate”

-Tyler gives you the simplest kiss on the cheek not wanting to give too much PDA on stage.

-After that it’s kind of hard to get back to the game, even Tyler is having trouble focusing on what to do next.

-“Hey, lovebirds take a 5minute break there a serious competition going on!” Mark basically kicks you both off stage.

-Tyler kisses you. It’s not like any other kiss you’ve had. This is your soulmate kiss.

Dance With Me? (Steve x Stark!Reader) Oneshot

A/N: Alrighty, this is for an anon who asked this on my personal blog and I had to, because Steve x Stark!Readers are my weakness. Enjoy, loves :) The song I listened to while writing is right here

I actually started this on my phone, but it came out terribly and it ended up having not much to do with the original prompt.

       DANCE WITH ME, a Steve x Stark Reader oneshot

     Honestly, in the past few years, you had come to terms with being the big oops. Your parents, Howard and Maria, were quite old when you were born, and had been in an accident when you were barely 2. Tony, being 18 yeas your senior, was charged with raising you. Which, obviously, was not the optimal choice regarding child care. 

   Currently, you were 26 and living in the Avengers tower, having been recruited by the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. himself as an engineer and part-time super hero. How you had landed a job saving the world was beyond you, but you had a feeling that it had something to do with your last name.

 “Stark.” A smooth-as-silk voice snapped from your thoughts and brought you back to reality. Both you and Tony looked up to see Steve Rogers leaning in the doorway of the lab. 

  “You’re gonna have to be a little more specific there, Spangles.” You quipped, diving back into your project (which, as an experienced engineer and mechanic of sorts, was an old arc reactor that was falling to complete shit and had only gotten worse since you had decided to fuck with it). Tony grinned as he went back to repairing mark 42 of the Iron Man suit. Little did you notice, Steve looked you up and down. His eyes followed the curves of your body that were perfectly outlined in a pair of black leggings and a baseball tee with a Led Zepplin album cover on the front. One thing he had always loved about you was your work effort. You pushed and worked until you achieved your goal.

  “I meant (Y/N).” Steve smiled at you. You pushed a hair from your face and left a streak of something (whatever the hell it was) on your forehead and looked up at him. 

  “Alrighty, what can I do ya for Cap?” You asked, grabbing a rag from the table. You called out to Jarvis to turn the music down, and before you could finish your request, Tony cut you off, promptly telling Jarvis not to listen to you. . “Prick..” you muttered. Steve laughed quietly and you felt a familiar heat creep up to your cheeks. Gently, you ushered Steve outside and looked up at him expectantly. You, just like Tony, had been cursed with the Stark height gene, or, lack thereof really. Steve started talking, but you didn’t quite hear him. You just looked him up and down, admiring his beautiful eyes and god-like physique. Of course, you would never say anything of the sort to his face, seeing as he was almost 80 yeas your senior and considering his love/hate relationship with your brother, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to pursue anything. So, you ignored your amazingly huge crush on the Star Spangled Man with a Plan and were determined to keep it quiet for however long it was present.

 “(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” Steve waved his hand around in front of your eyes, seeing as you had completely spaced out. “(Y/N)!” you blinked a couple of times and looked back at him. 

 “Sorry Capcicle. What was that again?” you flashed a grin. Steve’s heart fluttered.

 “Well, I wanted to know if you could teach me how to dance, actually… I mean, because er– well, you know.. Tony has a party coming up.. And uh, there’s this girl I’ve seen around and I’d love to sweep her off of her feet with a dance.” Steve stammered, suddenly taking interest in his shoes. Your heart stopped for a minute, smile melting from your face. 

  “I don’t know if I can right now, Steve.. I have.. I have some things I need to do.” You faked a smile, feeling about ready to cry. As you turned back into the lab, Steve gently grabbed your arm.

  “Please, doll?” Steve’s eyes searched yours as you turned to face him, You melted, nodding quietly. 

 “Hey, dumbass.” You called into the lab. 

  “I only respond to ‘Your Majesty’.” Tony replied. Rolling your eyes, you shot back at him without missing a beat.

  “Okay. I have a thing that needs to get done King Schmuck. Catch you on the flip side.” Steve stifled laughter as you heard a bolt hit the glass behind you. “Better luck next time.”

Once the two of you were safely in the bar and common area, you looked up at the ceiling.
  “Jarvis, whats the last song I listened to?” you asked.
  “God is Dead by Black Sabbath.” The AI’s cool voice reverberated throughout the empty room. You looked at Steve, who’s expression was a mix of shock and confusion.

  “Okay.. Um.. Put on Half the World Away by Aurora. On repeat.” You replied, walking over to Steve and dragging him to the middle of the floor. As the music started, you felt your heart flutter. A light beat rang throughout the otherwise silent room. Placing Steve’s hand on your waist and settling yours just shy of his shoulder on his chest, you felt warm and fuzzy. Content. Whoever this bitch happened to be that Steve had suddenly taken interest in, you hated her. It was probably Sharon, and you would take extreme pleasure knocking her teeth down her throat right about now. “bitch…” you whispered to yourself.

 “What was that?” Steve asked, having sworn he heard you speak.

  “Nothing. Okay so you’re going to need to keep up with the beat.” You said. “For now, I’ll lead. All you need to do is follow the beat. I think it’s a three count..” Gently, you guided him through the steps. 

  One you had been there for at least 30 minutes, Steve stopped you.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it.” he muttered, taking the lead. You smiled sadly, hoping it wouldn’t end too soon. The two of you waltzed around in complete silence, a comfortable silence. He raised his arm for you to twirl under, and he couldn’t get his mind off of how absolutely graceful you were.

  “So.. Who’s this girl?” you asked, trying your best not to sound bitter. If Steve had noticed, he didn’t say anything.

 “Well,” he started. “She’s absolutely beautiful, in every way imaginable. She has these eye, oh god her eyes. They shine brighter than any star I’ve ever seen. She laughs at my stupid jokes, her laugh is so contagious. It sounds like birdsong.” Steve smiled, a blush forming on his cheeks. “I draw her a lot, when she’s not looking. Candid shots of her are great, because she doesn’t even have to try to look gorgeous… It just sort of happens. She’s brilliant too, a real genius. She could do anything, and she would for her loved ones.. She’s just amazing in so many ways, it’s unrea–”

 Having had just about enough, you shoved Steve away from you, to his surprise. You felt rage bubbling inside you. What a stupid fucking question to ask.

 “Why didn’t you ask her to fucking dance with you?”  You spat, turning around. Steve ran to you, wrapping his arms gently around your torso.

 “You know, for someone so smart, you can be incredibly dense sometimes.” He laughed quietly, his breath tickling your ear. Your eyes widened.

 “Wh-” Steve spun you around so you were facing each other.

  “What I’m saying is.. (Y/N) Stark, you are the most amazing, beautiful, brilliant woman I have ever met… I am yours, and I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you.” His forehead was now on yours. Your heart was hammering uncontrollably in your chest, and you could feel his. Smiling, you stood on the very balls of your feet and smashed your lips against his. Your eyes fluttered closed and you snaked your arms around his neck, one hand tangled in his golden blond hair. His arms fell to your waist and tightened around you. The kiss quickly became hungrier, more desperate. He picked you up, placing you on the bar behind you. Your legs wrapped around his waist, and you felt a gravely chuckle work its way out. His tongue explored your mouth and as soon as you began to pull off your shirt, you heard the elevator door open. To your horror, Tony, Bruce, and Pepper fell silent at the sight before them. Slowly, you pulled your shirt back down over your torso, quickly concealing your bra. Steve cleared his throat awkwardly, turning away from you quickly and running his hand through his hair.

  “Were you just– Did that just–” Tony sputtered. Pepper and Bruce stifled laughter and you could swear you saw the ghost of a grin on Steve’s face. “The 90 year old virgin was just feeling my sister up! Rogers, what the hell!?” Tony’s face was now red, and you couldn’t help but laugh. Pepper grabbed Tony’s arm, forcefully dragging him away.

 “I’m 95, not dead..” Steve muttered, chucking a bit. 

 “I can tell.” You smirked, hopping off of the bar. “My room, 5 minutes. Don’t be late Captain.” You turned around to see that Steve had turned a bright shade of red and pulled at his clothes nervously. You winked and made your way to your room. 

 And that was the beginning of your relationship with the famed Captain America.

So much for a quiet morning

A/N- so this was part of a longer story but i wanted to keep it as short as possible. Obviously in this Clary and Jace and Izzy and Simon are together, sort of like in the books.  Just something a bit light hearted.

Magnus and Alec where having a leisurely morning in bed. They had invited Clary and Jace and Simon and Izzy around the night before for dinner and a few drinks. After several rounds of a drinking game, they decided to stay the night and had taken over Magnus’s two guest rooms.

Alec’s arms were wrapped protectively around him, holding him snuggly to his body. Alec smiled. He took the time to study his lover’s face. He loved Magnus’ caramel coloured skin and almond shaped eyes. He had a small nose and perfect soft pink lips. Alec reached up and ran a finger around them, unable to resist touching. Magnus stirred in his sleep but didn’t wake so Alec continued his exploration. He leaned up slightly so he could look down at Magnus. He had a lean frame but his body was all muscle. Alec softly ran his hand over his pecs and down to his well defined abs. He smiled and bent down and kissed the place where there should be his belly button. It’s absence one of his demon marks. The other one, his amber cat eyes. Alec wondered what Magnus would think if he told him how much they turned him on. Most of the time he glamoured them to a deep rich brown but when they made love they became their proper colour. They were mesmerising. Alec reached for  one of his hands and studied the palm. His hands were small and soft, Alec’s own hand completely covered it. Each slender finger had a ring on it and his nails were painted a glossy black. Alec traced it’s faint lines, wondering how it produced the ethereal blue flame of magic. He kissed the soft skin of Magnus’ palm and trailed kisses up his arm to his neck where it joined his shoulder finding the pulse point. He nuzzled into it giving the spot a small nip.

“Alexander, what are you doing?”

Alec looked up to see those beautiful amber cat’s eyes glowing back at him. Magnus ran his fingers through his thick black hair and Alec moved up to join his lips to his.

“ Getting an early start this morning are we?” Magnus said smiling, his voice still soft and sleepy.

“I’ve sort of been checking you out and I got a bit carried away” he said, between kisses.

“have you now. Did you like what you see?’

“I’ve never loved anything more. You’re fascinating to me Mags. I love every inch of you”

“keep saying things like that to me and I might get all girly and cry” he said. Alec smiled and moved so his body covered Magnus’s relishing the feel of his warmth beneath him. They were still like that, lips locked together, Magnus’ arms holding tightly to Alec’s back when the door suddenly burst open and Izzy launched herself down on the bed near them. She was wearing one of Simon’s t shirts that had ‘I’m a gamer, what’s your superpower’ written on it. Alec gave a growl and moved off Magnus to give his sister a strong glare.

“By the angel, Izzy don’t you know how to knock or what a closed door means?” he said, hastily grabbing the quilt and pulling it up to cover themselves but as usual, Izzy didn’t seem to care.

“yeah but you guys are just so cute. Can’t get enough of seeing you together.”

Magnus held up his hand and the blue flame appeared. He frowned down at Izzy.

“I can banish your sister to one of the outer regions of Mongolia my love, if you like” Alec knew he was only kidding but the thought was tempting.  He reached out to wave his fingers through the blue flame as it danced in magnus’s palm. There was no heat to it at all and felt almost feather like.

“ No, she’d just come back. I thought it was decided that you weren’t gonna call us cute any more.” he said, frowning at his sister.

“When was that decided?” she said with a grin. She scrambled up further in the bed so she could she could reach the blue flame as well, moving her fingers through it.

“Ha, that’s so cool, Magnus” she said, giggling.

“So what in the name of Raziel is going on here?” they looked up to see Jace standing in the doorway. He was bare to the waste with a pair of jeans hanging loosely from his hips. Clary was standing just behind him wearing one of his t shirts clutching his hand.

“playing with Magnus’ flame” Izzy said, laughing.

“well, that’s one I haven’t heard before” Jace said.

“I want to see too” Clary said and she ran for the bed and joined Izzy, running her fingers though the flame. The girls looked at each other and giggled.

“I know, right? How cool is it. If I could do that I think I’d spend most of my time just playing with it” Izzy said.

“who’s playing what now?” Simon appeared at the door next to Jace, surveying the room with a questioning look.

“Ok, you two need to tell your girlfriends to leave my boyfriend’s flame alone. Wait, something about that didn’t sound right” Alec said, frowning. The room erupted in laughter. Alec was trying to look mad but was losing the fight. Magnus made the flame grow larger and swirling his hand and fingers around formed it into a ball while the others watched, fascinated. He flicked his wrist out and launched the blue orb straight at Jace and Simon who both dove for the floor to dodge it.

“hey!” they both yelled before picking themselves up.

“so how do you do that, Magnus?” Izzy asked, giving him a sly grin.

“do you have like some sort of magic generator in there?” she gave Magnus a poke in the gut with a painted red nail. Before he could answer, Izzy gave a yell and sat up.

“hey, you haven’t got a belly button!” she cried and much to Magnus’s surprise she ran a hand over the ridges of his abs.

“ha, that’s crazy” Clary said and even she reached out to touch his warm smooth skin.

“wow, you’re really soft, do you use a moisturiser?” Clary said, looking up at him.

“yeah, no wonder my brother can’t keep his hands off you” Izzy said.

Alec made an exasperated noise and grabbed Izzy and Clary’s hands and lifted them from Magnus who was completed shocked that Clary and Izzy had dared to get gropey with him.

“You two need to keep your hands to yourselves” Alec said, glaring at Clary and Izzy as they got off the bed and went over to Simon and Jace.

“not all the time” Izzy said, and ran her hand under edge of Simon’s shirt before kissing him.

“I had no idea vampires could blush” Jace teased.

“Yes well, I think its breakfast time now the game of ‘check out the warlock’ has finished” Magnus said. He held up his hand once more and the blue flame appeared and he gave a click of his fingers.

“breakfast is served in the dining room” he told them and they headed down the hallway.

“you sure have fascinating siblings and friends, beautiful boy” Magnus said to Alec.

“is that what you’d call them? Half the time I prey to the angel not to run a seraph blade through them.”


In the Woods

I took my camera and started recording, the views were amazing. It was a fitting end to what had been a wonderful journey. For the last 8 months I have been backpacking through all the Americas. I have seen the ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico, the tropical rain forest in Brazil, and picturesque colonial cities in Colombia. It was incredible that I was just a couple of days to my last destination in Anchorage, Alaska. I have been a videoblogger for almost 3 years and while I have seen some amazing places, the best part was always meeting new people.

For example, just a couple of hours ago I meet some rangers as I prepared myself to enter a very special national park. At first, they were a little reluctant to letting me enter the natural reserve, as they were not used to have foreigners on this remote land, but after explaining them that I was a youtuber and showing them some of my videos, they have a change of heart.

  • “Mr. Leighton”.
  • “Please, call me Logan, there is no need of formalities” I told the ranger.
  • “I’ve checkout your papers and you can enter the national park, the only thing is that you should leave here your drone”.
  • “Common, the best shots are aerial”.
  • “Yes, but there are several protected birds in the area, so this is not negotiable.”
  • “That’s a bummer”
  • “Logan, if you want I can guide you through the park, if you want to go alone just don’t get off the marked paths”.
  • “Well, I suppose that I would see you in a couple of hours”

The rangers gave me a locker where I put my drone and most of my personal belongings, I took my camera, a bottle of water and step out into the forest. Soon I saw what I was looking for. I saw some mountains covered with snow in the distance and near of me there were some cascades filling some ponds with crystal clear water. In my mind, this was how heaven should look. I stay there for almost two hours, I took more than a hundredth photos and recorded my experience to latter share with my loyal followers. I was ready to pack everything when I notice that I wasn’t alone in the place.

  • “It’s really beautiful, no?”.
  • “Yes, it is” I answered him.
  • “However, there are better spots to look for in this park”
  • “Really?”
  • “Yes, near my cabin there is a place where you can see all the valley”
  • “You live here, are you a hermit?”
  • “You can say that. If you want it, I can show you the place”.

I decided to go with the man and we started to follow a trail up into the mountain. The path wasn’t very clear and I knew that I would not be able to return on my own. The man looked very old, maybe in his 80’s, but he walked through the treacherous road as if he was just a little kid. He told me that his name was Ed and he worked for corporate America for most of his life, but after losing his wife he decided to abandon everything and come to this place, to be quiet and become one with the nature.

We finally arrived into his small house, in the middle of nowhere. As we approached it, I saw some dead rabbits hanged on a cord and a basket full of fruits. There were some axes near the door and a big pile of logs. It was so archaic the way that this man lived, that I thought that it would easily be one of the highlights of my YouTube channel. I took my camera out and, as Ed didn’t seemed to care, I recorded everything that I could.

The old man invited me to go  inside and I expected to see some humble place, but I was surprised when I saw so many books about science, a replica of a human skeleton and jars with different animals. It was very creepy and before I could turn around I felt the old man grabbing me by the neck. His grip was very strong and I desperately tried to get free. He threw me with immense force into the ground and I felt as most of my bones break down with the impact. The old man was laughing and I started to cry. He approached me and tear off my clothes and with his eyes he inspected my damaged body. I asked for mercy and compassion, but I knew that I would never see my family again. I looked in horror as he opened his mouth and some black tentacles left the old man’s body. I closed my eyes and started to pray, as I felt that thing entering my body, then everything went black.

I have been a ranger for so long that I knew that I needed at least some high caliber guns before venturing into these woods. I learned this the hard way. 20 years ago, my pal and I were patrolling the park when we found a strange object. I was very afraid to approach it, but my friend Ed didn’t mind, soon a weird creature jumped and take over his body. I felt very guilty and proposed myself to kill the monster, but I was unable to do it as he had the face of someone tvery dear to me. It took it’s time but I ended befriending him, I teach him our language, our social norms and everything that I could about our planet. I learned that he came from a very afar galaxy and that he was on a mission on finding the perfect host for his parasitic race.

  • “Ed, is that you” I asked him
  • “Yes, it feels so weird… this flesh… he is so young”
  • “So, what’s the meaning of this… what happened to Ed”
  • “You have always known it, he died the moment I took over his body”
  • “I know… so are you living the park?”
  • “Yes, I have been in here for too long, but I need to continue my mission. You humans are incredible hosts, but I need to finish my research before I make any definitive conclusion”.
  • “So, this is a farewell”.
  • “Yes, and don’t worry, You are my friend, I would not let that my kin touch you or your family”
  • “I count on that. By the way, you talked so much about changing bodies that when Logan disappeared I just knew he was the one. You know… If you are going to explore the world you cannot look like that. I know that I teach you better”.

I show him a bag with all of Logan’s personnel belongings and the creature smiled at me. Even though I knew he was a monster, I was certain that I would really miss him.