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Any Castor and Pollux headcanons?

Do you want me to cry? 

  • Their mom died when they were kids. She was hit by a drunk driver. Mr. D always hated the irony, and paid off Hades to let her straight in Elysium. He didn’t take the money, but he let her in, she had never done anything bad anyway. 
  • They live at camp. They always like that they knew their dad, but also kind of resented him because he was so bitter about being there, and because they could spend time with their father, other campers resented them. 
  • Pollux is a musical theater nerd, and Castor was never without a video camera. They always joked that they were two halves of the character Mark Cohen, from RENT. 
  • Every December someone would ask them to throw a Christmas party. They always had Hanukkah parties. 
  • They were identical, but Pollux was so much more outgoing. Castor almost never spoke. 
  • When Castor died, Pollux didn’t speak for the rest of the summer. 
  • Ultimately he got back into performing, knowing Castor wouldn’t want him to just sit in the dark and drink all the time. 
  • He goes through the hours and hours of video Castor had. When Drew tries to actually get over Silena’s death,  instead of just ignoring it, she goes to him for videos of her, so she has memories. 
  • Other demigods start doing this. 
  • When he auditions for Marius on Broadway years later, the director casts him saying “I really believed you had survivors guilt.” He just laughed awkwardly. 
  • Nothing is as heartbreaking as hearing him sing Mark’s part of “Goodbye Love” 
some random les mis headcanons

because I can

• Cosette has hundreds of records (given to her by les amis and found at various yard sales/thrift shops/record stores) but nothing to play them on, and she’s been saving up to buy a record player for over a year.

• Grantaire gives Enj cheesy-ass tumblr valentines every year (such classics include “are u a beaver cus dam” and “I’ll never give you up or let you down, valentine”) and even though E pretends to hate it, he keeps them in a box under his bed and looks at them when he’s sad.

• Courfeyrac and Marius are obsessed with BuzzFeed. More often than not, if one of the amis texts them, the immediate response is something along the lines of, “hANG ON I NEED TO FIND OUT WHICH DISNEY PRINCESS I AM”. (Marius posts his results to Facebook. There are at least three or four a day.)

• Joly and Marius have a teeny bit of an obsession with Bo Burnham, and often fanboy about it when they’re alone. They both cry at the songs “Nerds” and “From God’s Perspective”, and Joly loves the jokes in “New Math”.

• Eponine trained in martial arts and could kick ur ass.

• Cosette does those cool calligraphy things and posts them on Pinterest.

• Marius reads romance novels and hides them under his pillow so Cosette doesn’t see. Courf knows about them, though, and Marius is forever in debt to him.

• Jehan listens to Taylor Swift and will often sing it (very loudly!) in the shower. This is usually accompanied by angry knocks on the bathroom door followed by something along the lines of “Jehan if you sing Blank Space in there ONE MORE TIME”

• Cosette disagrees with Bahorel on something stupid at one point and it gets real heated real fast and cosettes like “fIGHT ME” and Bahorel’s like “k” so in the end Marius ends up having to physically hold cosette back cus she’s like “fUCKING FIGHT ME BAHOREL I AM NOT AFRAID OF U”

• Marius cries at every movie. It doesn’t even has to be that sad - a single tear could run down a character’s cheek and next thing you know BOOM he’s bawling his eyes out.

• The Amis are in a very heated game of capture the flag, and the rules are that if you get tagged, you have to sit down on the grass and put your hand in the air. EVERY SINGLE TIME Enj gets tagged, he plops down, puts his hand in the air, and starts full-out BELTING the French national anthem.

• Marius takes Cosette and Eponine to prom (they’re the only of the Amis to go - all the others claimed that prom was boring but turns out they just wanted to have a party at home - mainly so they could pick their own music) and when a slow song comes on Cosette and Marius walk on the floor and Eponine kind of awkwardly sits down on a bench expecting to like refill her drink or something bUT COSETTE NOTICES SHES ALL ALONE AND KIND OF BREAKS AWAY FROM MARIUS AND GOES UP TO EPONINE ALL “may I have this dance” aND THEY SLOW DANCE AND COSETTE TWIRLS LIL EPONINE AROUND AND MARIUS DOESNT EVEN CARE THAT HES NOT DANCING W COSETTE CUS HE GETS TO DO THAT ALL THE TIME BUT EPONINE DOESNT I AM VERY EMOTIONAL ABT THIS ONE