and mara

plz no offence BUT…. tbh sometimes i miss star wars fandom before tfa. rn sw fandom is full of annoying and bitter teen fans that have been in the fandom for like 5 minutes and they keep saying that if you don’t think luke is gay, ace or whatever…. you are just a fake fan??. REALLY???. LMFAO i don’t know if i should laugh or lose my shit cos they’re really pathetic….

it’s funny when these haters bash mara and her fans just bc they feel uncomfortable with the idea of luke having sex with a woman??. oh for god’s sake…that’s so childish?????. GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!!. it’s okay if you don’t like mara jade or luke/mara but bashing people who actually like her it’s really annoying lmfao. don’t do it, that’s really lame