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so like also a group chat between Chloe Adrien and the prince

I’ll do you one sadder.

Adrien: Hey Chlo, you got a gift basket.
Chloe: *curled up in bed, skinny and bald* From who?
Adrien: Prince Ali. It’s mostly chocolate.
Chloe: *tired smile* That’s nice of him… I’ll eat it later, okay?
Adrien: Sure. *squeezes her hand*

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Rewatching DS9 because Hulu. As interested as Tumblr is in representation, combating post-colonialism and the like, I’m frankly surprised this site isn’t all over Kira Nerys.

Also, while I’m not there yet? Nonbinary gender representation? Jadzia Dax, and to a lesser degree Quark.

I could go on but I suspect I’d be here for a while. But for a show produced in the 90s, it’s hella woke, as they say.

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What are your fan fic pet peeves

i have a lot but for now lets just say angst for the sake of angst. i read fanfiction to read the pairing i like getting together/being together right? right.

it pisses me off when the writer of said fic will just make them argue or fight or whatever for no reason other than they want them to. i feel like if there isn’t a good explanation as to why a character is acting a certain way other than that you– the writer– want them to, they shouldn’t do it.


the 5&1 thing i did may be pushed back to chapter 11 as it turns out because chp10 was pushing out of 18k and like

no that’s too much

Angsty feelings in the tags. Apologies, I just need to talk about this somehow. You can just ignore me please.

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(Ugh ok one more) "Do you honestly, truly, in the deepest pits of your heart, actually think that's going to work?"

“Kakashi, I have been making amendments to this jutsu for months, following the…unfortunate destruction of our entire kitchen,” Madara replied, inspiring little confidence in his partner.

“I’m just saying, if you start a forest fire, you’re going to be the one explaining to Tobirama why the enemy was alerted to our presence by a large ball of flames- I’m sure he’d love that.”

“Duly noted; however, I would like to at least have a small campfire to avoid losing my extremities to frostbite.”

“We could always share some body heat,” Kakashi said, wiggling his uncovered eyebrow suggestively and scooting closer to Madara.

“You great pervert,” Madara grumbled halfheartedly, and he continued to pout as Kakashi pulled him into a warm embrace.

[Send me the first sentence for a fanfic and I’ll write the last five.]


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Just once, I want the hero to go “your wife/sister/mother/whatever would not have wanted this!”, and the villain to go, “actually, we talked about this a lot. She was really into vigilante justice and eye for an eye stuff. She always said, if something like this happens, avenge me.”


supernatural out of context

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