and many more to come ;)

some things the boys accomplished during the blurryface era

•their first #1 album on the Billboard 200
•became the third only rock act to have two singles simultaneously in the top 5 of the Billboard 100 (joining The Beatles and Elvis)
•wrote a single for a feature film
•won their first ever award to be accepted on American Television at the AMA’s 2015 (plus many more to come after that)
•won their first Grammy for Stressed Out
•completed a third world tour
•played 236 shows (blurryface, ers part 1, ers, part 2 and tdc) •played 5 sold out shows in their hometown to finish off the era

feel free to add more if you wish!

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Last night I had my first kiss at the ripe old age of 19 and even better, it was with my best friend of almost 2 and a half years. Most of our friendship has been with distance but we have the whole summer together now. I really liked our kisses even though we were tired and clumsy and neither of us really knew what to do and we bumped teeth. I don't really know if the nature of our friendship is changing but I'm so beyond excited to just make memories with him that I don't care

Ahh hey congratulations! I’m 19 and still haven’t had my first kiss yet, but your story gives me hope, so thank you for that ;) I hope you two have been enjoying your summer together and have many more kisses and memories to come!
Recreating The Aroma Of The Ancient City: Incense In The Ancient Mediterranean

by Sarah Bond

(Forbes) What did the ancient Mediterranean smell like? How could scent be used to speak directly to the Gods? Where did the frankincense and myrrh given to the infant Jesus come from? These questions and many more were asked this weekend at a conference at the British School at Rome and the École française de Rome. Archaeologists, historians, and classicists gathered not only to explore the use of incense, perfume and scented oils in antiquity but also to attempt to recreate the ephemeral smellscapes of the past.

At times, the streets of the ancient world may have been rife with the smell of sewage, garbage, and decaying animals; however, there were also sweet smells that could be acquired–for a price. The historical use of incense stretches back for millennia, although the substances burned could vary from place to place. Sweet smelling smoke was often the way that the people could speak to the Gods and demonstrate piety. Think of it as a kind of direct telephone line that could be used through an altar in the front of a temple, within a household shrine or via small incense burners.

(Excerpt please click link for the full article)

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top 5 ob moments?

babe how am i supposed to choose just 5 😭😭 these are the ones that come to mind but there are so many more aaaa

1) 4x10 cophine reunion
2) the sarah/helena scene in maggie chen’s apartment in 1x04
3) the cophine scene in 3x08
4) the sarah/cosima scene in 2x10
5) the beth scene in 4x01 with paul bc it’s heartbreaking but so well acted tat killed me

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i need to gush aaa! so ive known this guy for about a year or two and hes never been in a relationship so he said "do you just want to try it out and see what happens?" so i said yes. we were talking at the pool today and he finally asks if he could kiss me,i got really flustered and said wait (bc pda lol) so we walked to his house (he held my hand too!!) and then he just kissed me on the cheek and then left so now we are officially dating and im on cloud nine rn and i just <3 -👽 (alien anon)

whaaaat that is honestly so good and sweet! this guy sounds so wholesome in everything he does and I absolutely adoreee it! I’m so glad you’re dating someone like him and I hope you have many more cute kisses to come xoxo

Here’s a duet cover of John Legend’s “All of Me” with EXO’s Chanyeol 💜🎶The audio quality isn’t fantastic because it was recorded with a phone, but it’s hopefully going to be the first of many more projects to come in the future (and hopefully with better equipment and using music editing software). Don’t be shy to give it a like or a reblog if you like it! Enjoy nuggets!


Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

favorite lapis screenshots

50/10 the one eye closed, the one eye open, the blush, the smile, have you ever seen anything so beautiful, A+

the soft cool colors, her side profile, I love it, everything about this makes my heart flutter

there will never be a moment where this fuckin badass frame - and entire scene in general - doesn’t give me chills

the hair. the face. need I say more. 

the messy hair makes her look emo 99% of the time. but then there’s that 1% like we see here where she smiles and she transforms from angsty teenager to quirky cute girl who only occasionally says something slightly morbid

adorable pumpkin mom with the strand of hair sticking up. I appreciate it grandly.

*breathes in* i love her so much

character development is yuuri going from screaming when viktor tried to initiate physical contact with him

to th  i    s

children we are blessed


katie mcgrath/supercorp fans, we need to have a tiny chat.

i’m assuming (hoping, mostly) that the majority of fans that are doing this are young, but yall really need to cool it a bit with trying to speculate and dig into katie’s personal life. she is obviously a very private person, if her lack of social media, and her stating as such in interviews is anything to go by. and apart from that, it’s just… incredibly rude? and weird. and a boundary that needs not to be pushed. (this goes for all actors/musicians/etc. fyi, holy shit! it’s not a new concept.)

like, it’s great that more people are becoming fans of hers! but ho boy, some of the stuff yall are saying and doing just isn’t cool. just, relax a little. leave her personal life alone. it’s not that hard.

also, this isn’t actually a problem like digging into her personal life is, but can yall just cool it with the kashy mcgra thing? it’s how her name is pronounced. just, relax.