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I hadn’t slept in a week, I was weak, I was awake you’d never seen a desi muslim more in need of a break. longing for phil, missing dan, that’s when pinof crack videos walked into my life




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Please do not steal or repost (even though it is a WIP)

It has been 84 years indeed… 

I am working on the pet project and so far it is looking good. Still gonna finish up a few more pieces so here have some teasers. *silently hoping that it is good*

But yeah, there are still weeks of work left in the project and I will try to post on and off for new teasers or some extra pieces that I can spare. Lol, can I? 

Anyway, it is getting good. I am feeling it~

more ranting

your oppa wearing braids because he “loves hip hop” and therefore “that doesn’t make it racist because its appreciation” does jack shit for actual black people in the world. 

literally, do some cursory googles of how black folks are treated in South Korea, treated in Asia, treated on this anti black earth and tell me how is wearing someone’s heritage as a concept for a comeback respectable or kind? 

all its actually doing is making your artist money while further separating black folks from their cultural production because this stream of argumentation is founded on the idea that black people cannot claim ownership over anything that they create. that’s a form of erasure, and if you’re not even willing to sit with the uncomfortable feeling that comes with acknowledging something is fucked up, then please understand that you will be called out for it and even worse!!!! you’ll be called a racist. fear not, educate yourself and you can be redeemed. you dont owe it to anyone, literally do it for yourself because life is better when you can understand where people are coming from when they speak about that which hurts them. 

i love Kpop but theres a lot of fucked up shit happening in it, just like i like where i live but Canada has some (read: a lot) of fucked up politics, western music is full of anti-blackness too etc etc…but if you turn yourself off to the inequality or never read GOOD writing on the issues (shout out to my minor in gender, race, sexuality and social justice studies…and having a free library card) then you’re doing no one a favour with the ignorance and the anon messages. 

Steve “No One Touches My Kids” Harrington was one of the best things that came out of Stranger Things 2. | Redbubble


I am channeling my energy through Nino…


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