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hhhng i still felt bad abt not getting her skin color right so here’s my bby

also i kinda finished pokemon moon finally so



I’m sorrryyyyy I’ve been so bad at posting lately! I have been super busy with work and so many social things. I think it’s time I start deciding better what’s worth going to, and what I should skip to get more sleep. Eh! I’ll figure it out 😊

In the mean time, I’ve been doing some biking and running too! Last week I had my BEST bike ride ever. I averaged 19.3 mph and felt like a bad ass. Aside from my group run last week, running has feel by the wayside. I’m making an effort to bring it back this week though!

Scott was here this weekend and we had a good time! Went for a bike ride Saturday and out with friends after. We all drank wayyy too much but it was so fun! Paid for it on Sunday though haha

Yesterday I did an easy 4 and tonight I went to my run club! We did 800s and I felt good for the first 4 and then did not for the final 2 haha I think I ate too much salad for lunch. Oh well! At least I got it done 😊

I pinky promise I’ll start posting for regularly!!

one time i made the mistake of telling another human that i have a tumblr blog - for reference this was about ~3 years ago - after that they revealed that they also have a blog and preceded to ask me questions like “how many followers do you have?” at the time i think i had like ~500 (a number which i was very proud of and thought was cool) and i told them so which received a response of “oh, i have like 20,000″ & im just like ok, cool!! thats a lot of people!! then they asked me “whats the most notes youve ever gotten on a post?” i responded “i got 150k+ on one stupid mistake post” and they just kind of laughed and went “wow, ive gotten over 300k on several”  

that interaction was always funny to me because this person had this sense of superiority because they’ve gotten a bunch of  notes  on tumblr dot com. like i get it man, notes give u validity but in the real world they dont really mean anything for the most part. like you arent really making money. you are just ~running~ a blog and reblogging rando shit so ? ? like im just here goofing around with my pals, chill the fuck down and have some fun bud. this isnt a business.

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Dawn Squad: Do you have any crushes? (either OCs or NPCs)

Darren: Um… sure, I guess. I mean, Inquisitor Mahalen ( @laskulls ) seems real nice. Shiny, like a star, y’know? Varric’s really great too, but he sees me as a kid and… I don’t really mind. I wouldn’t act on it or anything anyway. I’ll just keep it in my head. Nindharmen Lavellan ( @sunshinemage ) also seems kind. Warm, but also strong.

Connors: … Dagna. She is enthusiastic. Bright. Reminds me of someone I once knew. 

Cyrus: Crushes? Nah. I don’t do that. (That’s a lie he has plenty: Hanin (pre-Skyhold), Iron Bull, Nyvera (if they ever met ofc - what a nightmare that would be), Maedwyn Lavellan ( @thedosian-cabbage ) because he just seems so charming and suave, Fael Lavellan ( @kurogoesinthedas ) because that man has a smirk that makes him weak at the knees, and Jarvaazim ( @taerellavellan ) because he’s a sexy rough-and-tumble pirate, what’s not to love?)

Ralon: That blonde guy. What’s his name? de Chevin or something? Yep. He’s a keeper. Bit cold where he likes to hang out, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Also have a thing for that captain, Maleus ( @lavellanlove ). Man’s got a smile like a bonfire on a dark night. Would also go for Cassandra but I think she’d plant my face straight into a wall for trying…

Lyrene: Creators, that Katsuro ( @lavellanlove ) is just something else. Real hard to get, but that’s half the fun! But don’t get me started on Commander Cullen either. I’d climb him like a tree. And Sera! She’s hilarious. And Knight-Captain Rylen phew, yep… (it… goes on. She’s got a lot of love to give okay? haha)

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Soos and Wendy returning to Gravity Falls for a while and learning that Mabel and Pacifica got hooked up and Dipper got married and meeting Bill.

I got two asks involving Wendy and, while it may or may not work out well, I am currently attempting to write this.

Should I manage it, it should be fun.

@a-forger-and-a-point-man replied to your post: damn reading tom’s shitty rant made me realise all…

dude there’s a reason i stay firmly in the inception fandom (ie. the fiction, the fantasy) and stay out of engaging with hardigans or doing anything in celebrity fandoms besides reblogging pics. people are messed up. and fans get rabid. and real people are so fucking flawed and celeb political positions can turn me off so fast. i feel so much safer in dream land, where nobody can fight me on headcanons because IT’S ALL FICTION ANYWAY!
it’s very interesting to see what famous people say, no doubt, and i do read lots of it and i’m curious, because it’s eye opening. but yeah, u gotta be able to brush it off later and that’s… hard… it’s no fun sometimes… cause you perceive them differently… and as much as i wanna separate the personal from professional, that’s not always possible. i try to appreciate them for their craft and not much else.    

Hii! thank you so much for your input!
Hah, yes, after being in the one direction fandom for 3 years I can agree to this wholeheartly. i had to take several breaks from tumblr for a couple of times because seperating oneself from the people we project so many emotions and thoughts onto is, as you say, really hard.
and yes seperating their art and their personal life, to enjoy the former, is definitely less risky to end up in disappointment. however, sometimes.. i just want to enjoy their fun, relatable public image. be charmed by a person. and damn tom’s a sweetie. but stuff like this just reminds me of how human he (they) are and that’s important, too. so, yahh. oof. humans.

I do have my problems with some of the parts of the inception fandom i came across, too, though. (how some people react to harry for example.) there’s some misogyny and stereotyping, especially in fics. but that was quite interesting to see, too: the differences in fandom.   tbh i’m not invested enough, or rather, i haven’t been long enough in the inception fandom to properly identify myself with it like i do it with the 1d one. so, in the end, i can live with the few things that i disagree with :’)  mainly i just feel New and i’m excited to maybe, slowy get into it some more; understand how you guys work!

hey, really, thank you for replying !!

Well… I’m kinda active again. Missed me? you guys probably don’t even remember me :D

How are y'all doing? Drop a message if you’d like! I’d be happy c:

Also! Since I was inactive for like… a whole year? I had to unfollow a lot of blogs because they were inactive as well. My dasboard is pretty empty now. Please like this or sth if you’re a pink/blue/white blog so I can check it out!

nobody even cares about hetalia anymore and while it still means a lot to me for a huge number of reasons and i can’t imagine ever just completely forgetting it i don’t want to be the embarrassing one clinging to something everyone else has just… moved on from


100 followers! thank you  :O

i wasn’t really sure what to do for this so… send me ur locus rarepairs + a specific prompt (sfw please) for them and I’ll see what I can do! A brief description of how you think their relationship would work would be helpful too :) 

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Imagine a 5Ds world championship. All the countries send their own teams to Japan, and chaos insures. The new Domino police are on security, so Trudge is constantly having to stop people from fighting in languages he doesn't understand, stereotypes run rampant, and besides Jack, only three or four other characters speak English, but not the ones you'd think. Also, one of the characters ends up a duel against their previous nights one-night-stand.

isn’t this just the wrgp but without the convention of linguistic homogeneity? i don’t know about the dub– which i assume from ‘trudge’ you’re watching– but in the sub it’s clear that this is an international (hence ‘world’) competition, and the characterization of each team relies on national stereotypes (just to be clear: i don’t subscribe to these stereotypes, but they’re there):

team unicorn: spain and france; arrogant, sexually aggressive, and sometimes underhanded, but highly competent. the spaniards (andre, breo) are pretty chill, but the frenchman (jean) is a slimeball who has ideological issues with offense

sherry: also france; also sexually aggressive and highly competent, but because she’s female she’s into girls as well (that wink at aki), has noble motives for which she is willing to die, and is surprisingly pure and childish. ponies. basically jeanne d’arc

team catastrophe: germany; rely on violence to succeed, into the occult and weird dungeon porn (their uniforms have hobbles for fuck’s sake)

team taiyo: SO japan; these adorable fuckers deserve their own 12-episode anime in the art style of hiromu arakawa (mooo)

team ragnarok: scandinavia (wikia assigns them specifically to sweden, but without evidence as far as i know); snow, unattainable hair, think their mythology makes them better than everyone else

three other teams are characterized by stereotypes, but their origins are less clear

fortune ark: vaguely middle eastern

black baron: maybe also french, given the cravats and gigantic glass of wine? maybe british, given the top-hatted ‘pip pip cheerio’ dickensianness?

the arms: their overall vibe is ARMY– and it’s a combination of the dumb muscle with dogtags and aviators type and the ‘c’mon pals let’s go bomb the nazis’ type, so…….american? 

anyway, i like your idea that jack speaks english– i see jack as linguistically gifted (maybe that’s just because jack and languages are two of my truest loves, but whatever, jack totally writes emo poetry and abuses the thesaurus)