and many more


because i believe
as we go through time
that all of the best things
haven’t happened yet

i dont know how or why i got here but thank you guys so much!!!

like OMFG just over 900 followers! 900!!! never did i ever think i would get this far on this art blog i remember getting my first 50 and nearly exploding.

Whether you followed my when all i have to give was pencil sketches wayyy back to now  i love and appreciate all of you, im so greatful to have so many amazing followers who give so much love and support i would die for you guys and honestly you are all the reason im still drawing today and the reason im going to keep going! 

i know this sounds cheesy af but i do love you guys you are all my friends no matter what. HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Julie Andem giving me a lesson until the last minute of the show. I was too focus on the negative things and the things I didn’t like that I missed and couldn’t appreciate those positive things. I feel bad thinking I could have enjoyed more this season if I wasn’t too focus on those things but I’m glad til the last very minute of the show Julie gave us a last lesson: If you love something focus on that don’t give space to hatred or any negative views. Enjoy those things you love and just keep your focus on that, hate is always around but fortunately so is love. 

cobwebsayings  asked:

honestly can you just recommend your favorite masterposts if that's not too much trouble? thANK YOU ILYSM XX

Hi!!!! This was such a nice ask to answer because being buried in Ziam masterposts is exactly the kind of way I like to spend my time. So thanks for sending it!

This is by no means an exhaustive list (there are so many excellent masterposts I missed, I just know it 😭) and I included some of my other faves in recent Ziam asks. But if I don’t post this now, I’ll just keep messing with it for another month, SO ANYWAY SHUT UP ELLE HERE WE GO:  

Some Ziam family masterposts because I love them:

All I’ll say is buckle up for this one because it’s fucking WILD

Matching Ziam

Who really is Zayn’s girlfriend? (this one is so fun)

Zayn’s unrequited love tweets 

Poor Niall with the four of you (this has both Ziam and Larry)

Masterpost of sweet, patient Louis third-wheeling it

A masterpost of things Zayn does to Liam and Liam just takes it

Zayn’s extra fond face in 2014 

Liam’s many “Zayn faces”

The extreme shadiness of Zayn’s 21st birthday

Protective Ziam

The UAN Vegas Masterpost (be sure to check out their other UAN masterposts as well; I only singled out Vegas because WHAT A DAY.)

I just think this one is sweet!

The iconic and watchable masterpost: The Story of Ziam

And I’m also gonna link you to zappowziamfeelsbomb‘s Masterpost of Masterposts even though I can’t really figure out how to get them to work anymore? LOL HELPFUL! (But seriously, if anyone can, please let me know!) These masterposts were a big deal to me in my Ziam infancy, so it seems only right they get a place on this list! 

Hope this helps!! Enjoy! xxx

I love this girl so much

I don’t want her to die