and manly lmao


favorite video for Fridayyyyyy

i love LOVE this video, because you get to see their manly man-ness being tested. jungkook the naughty and brave kid goes hide after taehyung was scared going in the dark alone, and everyone goes find him. hahaha <3 amazing boys. they’re so hilarious. i love them. ^_^



So I listened to a song parody by Sharm “Tank in a Dress.” which inspired me into making up a skit of a solder breaking out of a prison and going through a bunch of chests to try and find his gear, failing horribly, he settles on what he was able to find (and an enchanted robe for what little casting he knows)

I litterally couldn’t stop giggling as I drew this, it reminds me of so many things ((Like the song ‘Big Blue Dress” )) and the fact that I couldn’t decide if I wanted the dress pink or blue so now he is Cinderella, Congratulations sir.

lmao. I ‘m gonna fail my test tomorrow but i have no one else to blame but me.

bronzed-d asked:

Uuuum I just want to request more joseline. I guess your page is based by current season but your bio say Jos and the name so can we get what we came for and not Remy big burly manly Ass lmao

uhm joselines show starts on monday so yeah…

please dont come here trying to tell me what i should post.  yes i take requests but its on my own time and if you ask nicely

anonymous asked:

its so funny how youre little perverse harry fantasy is exactly the opposite of how he is in real life :) real life hrry wears womans clothes and paints his nails and talks about himself wearing lingerie and dresses and talks about big burly men aw must suck to ugly and nasty like you who wants harry to be Manly and Masculine LMAO harrys called himself feminine you live in la la land

god damn why are you so angry? if you don’t like my “little perverse fantasy” you have a wonderful choice called “get the fuck out of this blog”. *no one* asked you to come here, you came here because *you* wanted to. go to sleep and stop being so rude

fluffpigeon asked:

( ゚ー゚) Guts

aa bless u merf~

Sexuality Headcanon: ahhnmmm i dont really think he cares that much or gives it a second thought. tbh he’s probably swordsexual pfff
Gender Headcanon: manly man. lmao again i dont think he really thinks about that stuff
A ship I have with said character: guts and cutting off griffiths head
A BROTP I have with said character: GUTS AND SCHIERKE MMPF YES
A random headcanon: when he touches people in a not “im-gonna-kill-you” way he’s actually exceedingly gentle. also i feel like he would be one of those people that is like your own personal space-heater if u cuddle with them ya feel.
General Opinion over said character: GUTS NEEDS LOTS OF LOVE and i just really want him to live happily with his lil group and for him to kick griffith’s ass. also i really want to see his reaction when he finds out that rickert bitch-slapped mr. demon god right in his pretty little face.