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Boyfriend! Chani (SF9)

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  • a shy lil bub before you guys start dating
  • the other members spent a lot of time convincing him that he should just confess to you
  • he eventually did and ofc you said that you’d go out with him 
  • it doesn’t take long for him to shed his shy self around you
  • he warms up to you so it’s more comfortable for the two of you
  • he practices his acting with you
  • he even did it a little before you guys were dating like he was probably going over lines with you when he confessed
  • aNYWHO back to when y’all are dating
  • a typical thing that happens when going over lines with Chani is this kinda thing:
  • the script probably says to grab the other person’s wrist and say something like “don’t go”
  • but chani isn’t gonna do that
  • he has a little bit of a different idea
  • he’ll still grab your wrist but instead pull you into a hug
  • then says
  • “don’t go, please don’t leave me, i love you”
  • “chani that’s not in the script wth”
  • “i thought this would be cute jeez i could at least get an ‘i love you’ back (y/n)” -3-
  • a lot of your dates are study dates at the library or the cafe near school cuz this boy is still in school
  • after your study dates tho chani likes to take a nap with you cuz he’s a growing bby
  • during these naps he always has his arms around since he likes to hold you 
  • tries to be manly lmao he’s literally 6 months older than me we’re just babies asdfgjk
  • the reason he tries to be manly is because he’s trying to intimidate strangers (lowkey his members sometimes too) so they don’t even think of messing with you
  • making him protective af
  • he does get jealous
  • pretty easily too
  • like he get’s butt hurt if you hang out with another member instead of him
  • keeps getting his phone taken away cuz he keeps texting you in class
  • his teacher is just like“chani, nobody smiles at their crouch for no reason, give me your phone”
  • one of my teachers does this lmao
  • has a million heart emojis next to your name in his phone
  • you’re the longest snapchat streak he has
  • always super excited to show you the things that sf9 is coming up with (choreos, songs, what they did on v app the night before, etc.)
  • ends up spoiling sf9′s comeback for you whoops

a montage of every one of dipper’s “seriously” moments, as requested here by anonymous