and man did it come out terribly

I was unmoved by the sky. someone somewhere said my name but my heart did not recognize it. i stared out the window looking for something to come back. my brother made a joke about me not having what it takes to be a mother. i’ve forgotten every name intended for the children i might never have. i dreamed something terrible and told no one. a man on the street asked me for help and i did nothing. i did nothing. yesterday, i went home and wrote about a ghost. there’s one in my driveway. i miss that old minivan we used to have. i don’t call the people i want to talk to even though i know they’ll pick up. something inside of me does not want to be touched. i have a feeling that this place won’t be mine anymore. it’s been brought up at dinner more than once. i can’t forgive myself for my latest mistake. love is just a word to me now. when i can’t fall asleep at night, i practice saying it out loud. it doesn’t feel right on my tongue.  i used to think it was something i’d be good at, but i don’t even look for it in my own poems anymore. i think it must have went out the back door when i wasn’t paying attention. i hope it finds someone who remembers to leave the lights on. 

Parlez-Vouz Français?

Lafayette x Female Reader


Word Count: 1621

A/N: So, this is my first imagine. Sorry if it sucks. And I tried my best to make it so you could understand the generally idea of the French being spoken without having to look it up, but you can look it up too. I don’t speak French, so my apologies in advance for the probably terrible job Google Translate did. (Edit: Some wonderful reader corrected my French, so it’s all good now!) Anyways, here we go:

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Slight Backstory for the Stand: When Steve Rogers signed up to be a test subject for Operation: Rebirth, everyone believed that he would come out of the chamber a 6'2" hulking beast of a man. When he exited the pod, he was still his old 5'1" twig self, now overcome with a terrible fever. When he recovered, he asked his fellow recruits about a shield that he claimed to have found but no one else could see. When the recruits attempted to beat him for annoying them with his imaginary nonsense, they found that they were punching an invisible sheet of metal. They discovered that the serum did not affect him physically, but mentally as he was able summon a manifestation of his will to fight and protect to stand up against his enemies. As the being was only ever seen standing by his side, the army dubbed it a “Stand”.

Stand Master:  「Steve Rogers」

Stand Name:  「Star Spangled」

Stand Origin: Star Spangled Banner

Appearance Classification: Artificial Non-Humanoid/Artificial Humanoid

Stand Type: Evolving

Stand Appearance: 「Star Spangled」 has three Acts. In Act 1, it takes an appearance similar to Captain America’s shield with the additional ability to transform into a somewhat humanoid robot. In Act 2, it takes the form of a giant metallic gorilla-like figure with arm protrusions that come together to form an escutcheon-shaped shield. In Act 3, it is a humanoid robot that looks similar to the Captain America costume design. It is about the same height and build as Steve Rogers in the true continuity.

Stand Parameters:

Act 1/Act 2/Act 3

Destructive Potential: E/A/A
Speed: B/D/B
Range: B/E/D
Durability: A/A/A
Precision: B/C/B
Developmental Potential: B/C/E

Stand Ability:

Shared Abilities:

High Durability: As the main function of this stand is protection, it boasts a high durability in all Acts, to protect both the Stand Master and his allies.

Act 1:

Transformation: Act 1 has a shield form and a combat form. In combat form it can attack enemies as a normal stand would but is more susceptible to damage, whereas in shield form it can hardly move on it’s own but it is near indestructible.

Homing Attack: In shield form, Act 1 can be thrown at an enemy and can even track several enemies at once. However, it can only change direction if it makes contact with something solid, but the angle of impact does not matter and it will always bounce towards the target.

Act 2:

Protection: Unlike Act 1, Act 2’s shield is large enough to cover more than one person at a time.

Earthquake: Act 2 can punch the ground with enough force to generate a small-scale earthquake. The earthquake can generate fissures or launch rocks upward in a kind of rock wall. As it cannot leave Steve, its CQC can only extend to its arms length, so this is its primary form of attack.

Act 3

Personality: As 「Star Spangled」Act 3 is the version of the Stand closest to Steve’s own growth as a person, it takes on its own personality. This Stand shows extreme loyalty to its Master, yet it also possesses a sense of justice and will question actions of its master when they do not seem to align with justice, acting as a sort of conscience. Similar to 「Sheer Heart Attack」, non-stand users can hear the voice of 「Star Spangled」.

Body Shield: Act 3’s body has no shield augment, but it can still tank attacks like a champ. In examples when the damage area is larger than the size of the Stand (such as an explosion for example), the stand will create an invisible wall in order to protect those behind it (in situations where the damage wave is multiple single points of damage, such as a flurry of bullets, it will only defend against the points that make contact with the Stand itself). In order for the stand to actually transfer damage onto its user, it must be under extreme stress, and even then the damage taken can usually be reduced to non-fatal/non-dismembering proportions.

Quick Change: When in Act 3, it can change into either Act 1 or Act 2 and back again immediately. It can only change between one form at a time, and in order to change into an other form, it needs to switch back to Act 3.

Optinal: I’ll probably take some time to draw the forms after my exam, so I’ll reblog with the pictures if this makes it through submissions.

I'm a waitress
  • Me, taking a mans order: what kind of dressing would you like on your salad, sir?
  • Man: Ranch.
  • Me, not sure if the man said "Ranch" or "French": I'm sorry, did you say Ranch, or French dressing?
  • Man, rudely: Ranch, with an "R" as in "red"!
  • Me: thank you, sir.
  • *10 minutes later I bring the salad with Ranch dressing.*
  • Man: um, I ordered French dressing not ranch, do a better job next time this takes out of your tip.
  • What I say: I'm terribly sorry sir, I'll be back with some French dressing.
  • What I mean: when I sleep im not scared of my arm or leg dangling off the bed. Come at demons. I'm already in hell.

Title: Of Crop Tops and Leather Pants
Fandom: BTS
Pairing: Yoonminseok
Genre: PWP
Rating: NC17
Summary: Yoongi probably didn’t expect to be so attracted to crop tops. / in which established yoonseok go man hunting and come back with a jimin i have terrible friends but i am also terrible

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Mulan (a.ham x reader)

Anon: Eliza never got with Alex so when Al goes to war he figures out that a soldier he’s fighting with is a woman and he doesn’t turn her in, and they fall in love. (Add a smutty scene in a tent if you want ;D)

Already said this, but I don’t write smut. Sorry, I did do some hella make out though! Enjoy.

War was, well, terrible. You had come to war when they called for your sick brother. He begged you not to do it but you told him you wouldn’t lose him this way. You cut your hair, got a binder, learned to talked lower, and joined the army. It wasn’t that big of a mistake. Except for Alexander. The man had stolen your heart but he knew you as Benjamin.Not (y/n). You had fought with him and his friends for a while now. The group of you had gotten closer, and would do anything for eachother. Then, shit hit the fan.

Charles lee was put in command and it was chaos. People shooting, following General Washington’s orders. People fleeing, following Lee’s orders. You followed Washington of course. Then you felt it, a bullet. You fell immediately freaking out. You had gotten shot. Shit.

“Benjamin?!?!?!” You heard Alexander running towards you. Oh no. “Benjamin! You’re bleeding. Shit, my coats soiled, it could get infected,” His eyes trailed to your coat. No, nonononononono. “I’m gonna take your coat off to dress the bullet hole okay? You nodded. You had no choice. You held your breathe as he took your coat off, seeing your binder. “Shit, you’re a, you’re not.” You sighed slightly pained, “I’m a girl, my name is (y/n), my brother was dying but called in so I came in his place, you can report me but for fucks sake there’s a bullet in my leg.” He started working on your leg. Taking his coat off and putting it on you. He put one arm around your waist and your arm went around his shoulder as he helped you back to camp. He dropped you off in a hospital tent and saw him talking to a nurse, you were going home.

You had been in the hospital tent for awhile now but no one had mentioned you being a girl. Infact, they had given you a private spot of the tent. You were now allowed to get up and walk, but you weren’t allowed to fight yet. You were walking around when John Laurens came up to you. “Hey, (y/n)?” You froze in fear, he had told everyone. “Hey, hey it’s okay, he only told us. Well, and the nurses. Nobody else knows it’s okay.” Your breath steadied. “Thank you John.” “Of course, what are friends for?” You laughed and walked with him for a bit. He suddenly stopped outside a tent. “By the way, Alex wanted to see you.” You nodded realizing this was his tent.


“(y/n).” You walked into the dimly lit tent, he was sitting on the floor. “Are you okay? John said,” “I’m fine, I just, how did I not realize you were a girl? I missed all the signs. The flirting, your eyes, the way you talked. I mean, god. You’re beautiful and I thought you were a guy!” He called you beautiful. Alexander Hamilton, thought you were beautiful, even as a boy. He was still rambling about not being able to figure you out. God he was so cute. He was standing now. You walked over and shoved your lips onto his. He stood there in shock. Had you messed up? You started you back away when you felt arms around your waist pulling you closer. Your hands were in his hair, thanking god it wasn’t in a ponytail. Your tongues danced together fighting for dominance.

By the time you did pull away you were in shock. “Alex, I’m so sorry you found out like that.” He laughed. “It’s quite alright. Just, no more fighting for you. I won’t allow it.” You sighed, “Alex, my brot-” His finger was on your lips, “I’ll talk to the general. No way in hell are you going back in there.” You let out a sigh. “Fine, but only because you asked so nicely.” He smirked, kissing you again, “Also, knowing I have you to come back to, gives me even more of a reason to stay alive.” You laughed. You don’t know what this man would do for you, and you probably never would.

Children’s play


A/N: There is not a most perfect gif in the entire universe than this one. Someone give this man a baby already!!

Ok, this was fun, I hope I did it well, anon, tell me what you think.  I changed the end as you can see,but I guess I kept the essence of your request.

Ps. I don’t know anything about kids, but they still like Frozen, right? I don’t know, please forgive me.

Request: Reader is put in charge of Clints kids due to an emergency. She’s always been terrible w/ kids. She just doesnt know how to handle them. Everythings a mess & baby Nathan is crying his lungs out. She’s frustrated but Cap comes to the rescue and he’s really good with kids. Reader has a crush on him and the kids try to set them up. In the end reader finds Steve asleep w/ the kids huddle around him and the baby asleep on his chest

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“Ok, but what if someone gets poisoned?”

Clint’s face was a mixture between horror, disbelief and concern, all in one.

“Why would they end up poisoned?” The archer asked returning his attention to his arrows, placing them carefully in the quiver.

“I wasn’t talking about them, Clint” You continued “What if they put something in my drink?”

“I don’t know what kind of monsters you think my kids are” Clint laughed “But you can be sure they won’t kill you… I haven’t trained them in that yet” Barton smirked, walking inside the quinjet where Natasha was already starting the engines. “Just, make them watch a movie or something, they should be fine until I get back” was the last thing Clint said before the door closed.

“The building will be on fire when we return” Natasha mocked

Clint gulped and nodded “Laura’s going to kill me”

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InuYasha: Anime VS Manga

I reblogged a collage of the scene where Kikyo’s spirit, before ascending, visited Kaede and apologized for the pain she had caused her and it reminded me that the anime actually did some things better than the manga, in my opinion. 

Now, in the original anime series, Kikyo was turned into this….nasty version of herself. I honestly think that’s where a lot of hatred of Kikyo from fans comes from because she said/did some terrible things in the anime that never happened in the manga. It really jeopardized her. I’m not saying she didn’t actually perform some terrible acts, but they weren’t as grandiose as the anime made them out to be. For example, in the anime, when she and Inuyasha embraced one another after she was attacked, she pulled a knife on him and said something along the lines of “a man believes a woman is his when he holds her.” That didn’t happen in the manga. They hugged and then the scene switched to Naraku. 

However, in The Final Act, I think Kikyo’s death scene was handled really well and it was really pretty and tragic. But, the anime added a scene where her spirit visited her sister, Kaede, and apologized to her. In the manga, it just shows Kaede with a bunch of children from her village staring into a blood-red sky and commenting on how beautiful it is while Kaede internally suspects it’s a sign that something bad happened. That really bothered me because Kaede was Kikyo’s younger sister. Of all people who deserved a last moment with Kikyo, Kaede should have been the first, if not Top 3. So, the anime added that little scene in and it was really tasteful and I liked it better than how the manga just had Inuyasha come back to the village and tell Kaede what happened.

Another scene that the anime added that I really thought was tasteful and well-done was Naraku’s soul being purified after Kagome gave the correct wish to the Shikon Jewel. When I initially watched that scene years ago, I was actually pissed off because since when did he deserve peace? Lame. What happened to my kick-ass villain?

However, now that I have aged and matured I watched the series again and I realized that scene was actually really, really good and I was mad that it didn’t happen in the manga. A lot of philosophies from Asia speak about peace, being at peace, and trying to attempt to give another person peace, whether they be a friend, enemy, or stranger. 

Naraku’s entire struggle throughout the series was wanting peace inside himself. He had a demon’s mind and body with the heart of a human. He could not make those feelings that he nor any demon that created him had never felt before go away. His original goal was to become a full demon; mind, body, and heart/soul. However, the Shikon Jewel manipulated him into skipping over his original wish of becoming a full-demon, his other wish of having Kikyo, and made him become a physical manifestation of the Jewel to trap other souls within him and ultimately, the Jewel. 

In the manga, the last scene where Naraku spoke was him revealing that he made a wish on the Jewel, a wish the Jewel made him make for it was its desire and not his. That wish would come true upon his death.

In the anime, his last scene where he spoke was after Kagome purified and destroyed the Jewel, which still held Naraku’s soul. Upon doing this, he woke up and said something along the lines of, “it’s so warm; is this peace?” And then his soul was purified. 

For his character, who was said over and over again that he was twisted and jealous, that he struggled with his emotions, that he truly wanted peace and a companion/lover….I feel like the added anime scene was a much better ending for him. Allowing him some peace, despite being everyone’s enemy. Not forgiving him, but allowing him a moment of freedom from his inner turmoil before he disappeared forever. 

I don’t know. I really like that. I like that even he, after all he did, was allowed some peace in the end. It’s an interesting message to send to people who are watching and listening.

I remember the day when I woke up to hear the news that Daeusng hand been in an accident and being a International VIP, the news of the accident had been coming through in the most terrible way. Some said he was the one who died and some news was saying he purposely ran over a man. It had been a horrible morning and when finally the real news was heard, it was heart breaking. I felt bad and cried my eyes out for Daesung not because he was my Idol or in BIGBANG, but because Daeusng was a human being with feeling just like anyone else in the world and he was suffering through something that was an ACCIDENT. He hadn’t meant to do what he did and he was paying and suffering for it. It was heart breaking to see and hear all that was going on. Here was a young man who was bright and happy and made everyone smile with his own smile, a true angel on earth and he had to be at the wrong place and the wrong time and have something awful happen. It was hard to see this person who was full of light be switched off and filled with darkness and sadness all of a sudden. It was hard to watch him shut himself away and think of himself in such bad terms (murder, ect) It was also hard to see people treat him as such too. 

Daesung paid for what happened and even to THIS DAY he will be emotionally paying for it, the pain may have weakened a lot but its STILL there. Just because time has passed and the family of the poor man that died had forgiven Dae and that hes more himself now, doesn’t mean that these deep feelings aren’t still there.

So please…be careful on what you say and try to do your research more before judging. Because its heartbreaking to still hear that Daesung is hurt by words that he didn’t deserve and he still doesn’t. As a VIP we should support Daesung by showing him that we love him no matter what and that we are by his side and there to keep him smiling and happy, so that he can fill us with joy in return.

This isnt about protecting someone because they are your idol or your bias, this is about protecting someone who is HUMAN like everyone else, innocent in his actions and deserves happiness and people who love him.

So lets all keep helping Daeusng smile.

Ant-Man comes out in like a month and I’ve honestly never been less excited about a Marvel release this close to opening before. I’m not even really sure why I’m not excited? Like I’m sad we’re not getting Jan, but I’m fine with them focusing on Scott instead of Hank (because it makes sense in the MCU); I love Paul Rudd, and where the early reports weren’t really promising, the trailer didn’t look terrible?

Maybe it’s just the complete lack of trailers and billboards I’ve seen around, maybe it’s the fact that they’re releasing it right off the back of Age of Ultron, I dunno. I just desperately want this movie to prove my very low expectations wrong, and I get the feeling it’s not going to. 

Total Eclipse of the Heart. || @house-of-crane


This house was a place Mei-Rin truly hated; it had never been a home, rather a trap she had been trying to escape since she could remember. She could never leave it without her father’s permission, and when she did get it, he went out with her, making sure she wouldn’t have a chance to talk to anyone for more than a coulpe of minutes.

She was terribly lonely. No wonder, then, that when she got to know that handsome young man, Sebastian, who had just moved in to the house nearby she had fallen in love with him almost immediately, and since then he had been coming to stand under the window of her room to talk to her.

That evening, though, she coud ot see his silhouette anywhere on the horizon, even though he had promised her he would come to see her. With a sigh, she looked at the stars in the night sky, and that was when she heard some strange sound.

“Sebastian?” she asked the emptiness around her. “Is it you?”

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{{_ Fuck, it was hot. 

   Jamie was sprawled out on a bench of a bus stop, hiding under the shade the overhang supplied. She was beginning to come to the realization that today was a terrible day to out and do things, and she’d ought to just stay in Walmart’s air conditioning.

    It was only when her fingers, which touched the ground as they hung of the bench’s side, got stepped on, did she sit up.

_  “ Agh-- That one was my fault, sorry man... “      

dnt interpret this the wrong way but i hate when they stick unnecessary rap verses into top 40 songs bc i get the impression that it’s a marketing decision to sell the song to more people & the verses are honestly so terrible. older example that comes to my head is wiz khalifa in payphone. the song is basically 2 minutes of adam levine crying abt how he wasted everything on a girlfriend that left him, and then wiz comes in with “man, fuck that shit” talking abt going out and presumably going out clubbing and partying and buying stuff and being flashy in the public eye in general and not rlly caring abt the lost relationship beyond rubbing his success in his ex’s face. and i guess that would be all well and good if he did his own song abt it but this is not that! it’s a depressing breakup song! that verse doesn’t add any value to it, it jst throws the flow off imo. and this has been going on for years & will continue on for years and we will never be free of badly written raps forcibly inserted into songs that don’t make sense with them

& dnt get me started on juicy j’s verse in dark horse… what a complete unmitigated disaster