and makes sure they end up going where they want in time


alright so a quick rundown, this happens after The Answer, where Sapphire ended up poofed and Ruby didnt save her in time and Sapphires prediction came to fruition of Rose and Pearl getting caught.

This is also a collab with @jigokuhana they did the sketch i did the coloring and all that jazz. also we collaborated on a little story that this comic goes with! they were very good at adding more emotion and the ending to what i had written

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loki--of--jotunheim  asked:

Leverage + Marvel? Leverage in the Marvel universe kinda thing?

Hardison has a rule that he will never, ever hack into any Stark Industries servers. He’s heard enough horror stories, thank you kindly. The only person who he knows of who ever got anywhere is this person with the handle J.A.R.V.I.S., but  he doesn’t know if that’s a rumour or not.

Nate knows every piece of art in the Stark-Potts collection and what it’s worth. He has retrieved at least four pieces. Pepper knows him by name. When he loses his job and Sterling takes over, Tony is like: why can’t we have the other one back? He’s an alcoholic? SO? I HAVE A BAR. HE CAN DRINK HERE. I DON’T LIKE THIS NEW ONE PEP.

Special agents Thomas and Hagen get assigned to SHIELD as FBI liaisons. SHIELD totally knows Parker and Hardison aren’t really FBI, but they know about Leverage and are like: eh, it’s fine, just keep them away from any alien stuff and don’t let them steal anything. 

(Also, I’m not saying Melinda May and Eliot may have had a fling in the past but Melinda May and Eliot may have had a fling in the past.)

Sophie once dated Tony Stark for a weekend. She wasn’t even trying to con him, she just saw an opportunity while conning someone else and was like: you only live once. She won’t tell anyone if she slept with him or not, just smiles mysteriously and says ‘he was a perfect gentleman… until I asked him not to be’. It drives Nate insane. (What she means is they went to get greasy burgers at an all-night diner after a gala, in their fancy clothes.)

Parker likes watching videos of Black Widow and seeing if she can replicate her moves. Eliot may have been a Very Willing Test Subject for the Death By Thighs move.

There is also a week where she decides she wants to be like Hawkeye. Nate has to ban sucker darts and toy bows before Eliot murders her. Or Sophie. Or Nate himself. Hardison is immune and probably builds her a sucker dart compound bow with laser guide.

Nate has Complicated Feelings about Captain America being back because Sam used to love the comics and he’s not sure if this guy is the real deal and will live up to the hero his son worshipped. 

Nate gets over himself pretty quickly when he sees Steve Rogers cuss out a Fox reporter who tried to stop him on the street to get him to condemn vaccines and universal health care. They watch the 25 minute lecture-rant at least three times as a team. Nate thinks he’d like to buy Captain America a drink.

Nobody mention the similarities between Eliot Spencer and Bucky Barnes, it will not end well. 

Especially when one time, Captain America and his buddy The Falcon showed up because they got a tip Bucky was ‘working at a brewpub in Portland’ and Eliot had to let him down that sorry, he was the only long-haired murderfaced assassin at this pub. He offered them dinner on the house and very manfully made it all the way to the back of the kitchen before doing a little freak out fanboy dance because he shook Captain America’s hand, Hardison, oh my god I’m going to feed him so much chili.

They have to distract Parker from trying to steal Sam’s wings. And make her give back Steve’s wallet. Twice.

The week Wakanda made itself known to the world is the week Hardison lost the ability to speak in anything other than high pitched squeaks of delight and awe. (Hardison literally faints when his online gaming buddy shows up at the brewpub like: what up, Hardison, guess who’s actually the princess of Wakanda and has a badass invisible ship.)

keith “i’m THAT dog person” kogane headcanons
  • kosmo: *growls the minute lance walks into the room*
    • lance: that’s like the tenth time that’s happened did you train him to do this???
    • keith: lance no that would be so immature
    • keith: *slips kosmo a doggie treat* 
  • keith doesn’t have an instagram for himself but he gets one just for kosmo where he posts videos and photos of him doing cute dog things 
    • he gets so many followers so quickly, and he ends up being so popular that people end up sending keith a fuck ton of free toys and doggie treats. so kosmo actually ends up turning into an online celebrity. 
  • keith is a piece of shit and will film kosmo sneaking right behind someone in order to scare the shit out of them. and he’ll post it on instagram. and he’ll tag the person who got scared. and he’ll make it a series. 
    • the fact that allura is the victim of this most of the time is not a coincidence. keith finds it funny how mad she gets. 
  • “sir you can’t board the train with your dog unless he fits in a bag. it’s against the rules.” “lol, bet?” 
    • keith gets the biggest fucking duffle bag he owns and manages to fit kosmo inside of it so they can ride the train together. he’s just holding this massive boy like a baby on the train and doesn’t even bat a lash. like “yes hello this is my dog do you have a problem?” 
  • kosmo gets away with murder. keith can’t ever be mad at that dog. on the couch? sure kosmo. wants to sleep in the bed? of course kosmo. wants to go outside and tackle shiro who’s walking up the block with arms full of groceries? good boy kosmo you’re so cute
  • if you look through keith’s camera roll it’s literally all photos of kosmo. anytime there’s a selfie of keith, it’s because he’s taking one with his dog 
  • hunk: keith kosmo literally chewed up my phone case can you tell him to stop sneaking into my room to chew on shit? 
    • keith: doesn’t sound like kosmo
    • hunk: keith these are dog bite marks 
    • keith: how do you know lance didn’t sneak into your room to chew on your phone case 
    • hunk: keith
    • keith: i’m just saying it’s worth asking 
In Front Of You [t.h.]

Pairing: Roommate!Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, angst


  • “What if I kissed you right now?”

Summary: Tom’s been in front of you the whole time

A/N: This is for @underoosbws writing challenge!

Masterlist // Prompt list

The inside of your car is a faded shade of yellow as the overhead light was dimmed above you and the light on your visor shined on your face. You touched up your makeup as best as you could, but not too much. It had to look nice, elegant but like it’d be worn through the hours you were gone not like you’d just applied it. The swelling of your eyes had gone down and your eyes were back to the light shade of white, no trace of the tears you’d shed an hour prior.

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Summary: The Prince of Asgard makes you so nervous you almost always end up causing disasters whenever he’s around.

Pairing: Loki x reader

Word Count: 2,192

Swearing, implied smut.

He is so hot.

You watched him nod his head in acknowledgement as someone bowed slightly in greeting. People were already gravitating towards him, ready to meet the Prince of Asgard. You watched from across the room as he made conversation with the people around him, wearing a small smile on his face. And his clothes were just…..

Green and black accented with gold. They fit his lean figure perfectly, showing off his tone and slender body. You couldn’t help it when your eyes raked over him. He was gorgeous. A fucking specimen.

It was a loud snort coming from next to you that made you snap out of your little trance. You blinked and looked at the man next to you, rolling your eyes at his huge grin.

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Guess the Avenger - Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Title: Guess the Avenger

Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: During a game in an interview where you show just how well you know your costars and friends, you and Tom prove that you know each other like the back of your hands and are the soulmates everyone believes you are. However, when things about your life get revealed, the fans go crazy and the shipping of you two has no end.

“Do you- do you always carry a pair of spoons with you wherever you go?” Jimmy asked with a smile once the audience stopped cheering.

“What? Oh yes, always! Always.” he nodded his head as you all wiped out your answers from the small white-board and got your own rewards for getting the answer right, a bonsai tree. You were currently playing a game where you had to guess which person out of the five of you had done any of the things that Jimmy asked. You were sitting in the first row, between Scarlet and Danai, while the boys, Tom and Mark, were in the back.

“I think the real question should be: Is there anything this man cannot do?” you exclaimed “I’ll dare you to try and find an answer to that one!” you grinned as the audience cheered and you friends and Jimmy all laughed. You felt a hand on your shoulder and looked back to give him a small wink as you gave his hand a squeeze.

“We’re gonna spend too many hours in here and we won’t come up with anything, that I know.” he chuckled, looking down at his cards for the next question.

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  • drunk!kirishima takes out everyone to the dance floor
  • he thinks he can “handle his alcohol” but it’s the first time he’s drank so he gets tipsy hella fast
  • bakugou doesn’t drink bc he’s better than that so he sits in the corner watching these stupid teenagers getting silly and drunk and it’s annoying as fuck but he’ll take care of his very annoying friend till the end
  • kirishima gets to that emo drunk phase… where he leans on bakugou and cries about fucking cactuses or some shit
  • “cactuses… y- you can’t go near them bakugou. they sting. they are dangerous. bakugou w-what if *sobs* what if… I’m a cactus?”
  • “kirishima what the fuck. the only thing you are is a huge fucking idiot”
  • bakugou takes care of him. All Night
  • he has to make sure kiri doesn’t fall in the pool (again)
  • alright now he has to drag kirishima out of the pool (again)
  • when the night gets too annoying he just grabs kirishima by his waist and over his shoulder like a potato sack
  • bakugou has to carry him all the way to the dorms but kirishima is so passed out drunk he doesn’t really mind
  • in fact he takes the opportunity to squeeze bakugous butt
  • (bakugou almost drops him for that)
  • kiri wakes up in bakugou’s room with a water glass by the bed
  • bakugou takes revenge on him by storming into the room yelling “GOOD FUCKING MORNING SUNSHINE!!” while smashing two pans repeatedly
  • kiri wants to curl up and die

anonymous asked:

I personally am not usually one for fics of aus where Satine ends up pregnant, but like, imagine a Satine lives AU where she and Padme are pregnant at the same time....

Yeah, I get where you’re coming from, I think? Given that Obi-Wan and Satine’s story is meant to provide a contrast and counterpoint to Anakin and Padme, having them end up in the same situation sort of defeats the narrative purpose? BUT HEY, that’s what AUs are for.

So, Satine Lives, babies are made, etc…

Clearly the girls are going to go to all their check ups together and know for sure that Padme is healthy and in no danger of dying in childbirth.

As they’re still campaigning hard for a peaceful resolution of the Clone Wars, the Pro-war editorials on the holonet are probably calling it the “Pacifist Pregnancy Pact” and accusing them of using emotional manipulation to try to swing public support for peace talks. Satine is like, “if I thought that would work I would’ve tried it years ago”.

(Also Satine’s cute little bump is going to make it increasingly obvious that Padme is just, like, way more pregnant than normal. Twins. Seriously.)

So when ONE high profile politician is pregnant during her affair with an impetuous young Jedi Knight, you can see just letting it be, keeping it quiet. People sort of know, they just don’t want to come right out and SAY it.

But when it’s TWO pregnant high profile politicians, at the same time, and one of the Jedi baby daddies is on the dang High Council, maybe you don’t sweep that under the rug so much.

Meanwhile the Council is like…

(Ki-Adi-Mundi always keeps the space-cigars around for when one of his wives has another baby. Mace Windu is just like “FORCE GIVE ME STRENGTH. We expect this shit from Skywalker, but you too, Kenobi?”)

hello my old heart

commission for @acachette - who wanted oblivious tony and pining steve college au. thank you so much for being so patient with me! I hope you like the fic :)

(get together, college au, fluff, hurt/comfort)


Tony moans, dramatically throwing himself face-first down on his bed. “I hate Valentine’s Day.”

“Get your head out of the mattress,” Bucky advises from where he and one of his friends are halfway through a vigorous round of Mario Kart. “You sound like you’re speaking Hindi or something.”

Tony rolls over so he’s staring at the ceiling. “Like you could recognize Hindi,” he sniffs. “But seriously, I hate Valentine’s Day.”

“Why do you - ah! jerk - why do you hate Valentine’s Day?”

Tony knows it’s Steve without looking up to confirm. Steve’s over at Tony and Bucky’s dorm room all the time; he was Bucky’s best friend since he was a little kid, just a year older than him, so had ended up at college a year early. As a result, he got his own roommate last year, and now Bucky gets the honor of staying with Tony Stark. And Tony’s gotten the honor of meeting Steve Rogers.

“Because I never have anything to do,” Tony whines. “Ugh. I’m like a sad girl from a 1980s rom-com. Nobody wants to take me out, nobody wants to date me, nobody even wants to fuck me! What’s the problem? Am I un-fuckable?”

There’s a sound like a muffled cough from Bucky’s half of the room, and then the unmistakable sound of an electronic car crashing. “Luigi wins!” the game announces cheerfully, and Bucky whoops.

Finally, Tony heaves himself up enough to squint at the TV. “You’re playing Mario Kart,” he says. “How the hell did you lose to Bucky at Mario Kart? He sucks at this.”

“Oi,” Bucky protests, and Tony just rolls his eyes. On screen, the image of Steve’s cart’s smoldering remains has been replaced by the game selection page. Bucky starts scrolling through the options and Steve turns to face Tony.

“You’re not un-fuckable, Tony,” Steve says resolutely, cheeks tinged pink. “There’re a million people out there who’d love to go on a date with you, you just have to find them.”

Tony sighs. “I don’t know. I mean, if there are so many people who want to date me, where are they, huh? Like, name one person who would go on a date with me.”

“Me,” Steve says.

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anonymous asked:

So weird prompt- Derek all sleepy running on instinct accidentally acting all sweet around Stiles? (I had a dream like this once, but he licked his hair for some reason? Do with that what you will.)

Your wish is my command, nonnie. Except for the hair licking. I could’t work out a way to include that, ;)

They’ve been researching chupacabras for hours, Stiles curled up in the enormous brown leather armchair Derek bought a couple years ago. Derek sitting on the floor by his feet, back leaning against the arm of the chair, legs stretched out under the fancy-schmancy coffee table that Stiles thinks looks like something from a pottery barn catalog, but that Derek insists is handmade by a master carpenter from reclaimed wood.

Five years ago if someone had told Stiles that Derek Hale, the dude who once spent three months living out of a rusting train car in an abandoned depot, was a snob about interior design, he would have laughed.

Now he’s sitting in Derek’s refurbished loft apartment, with its exposed brick walls, high ceilings and large windows that let in plenty of light. Everywhere  Stiles looks there’s bare wood, expensive leather furnishings and flashes of polished chrome. It’s decorated in neutral colors, slate grays and storm-tossed blues that have been accented with the odd flash of brighter color here and there. Everything feels sharp, and sleek and natural all at once. It feels grown up and very masculine, and Stiles is kinda secretly in love with it. Derek has bookshelves and organic coffee and prints hanging on the wall from old movies. He has an expensive waffle iron and an omelette pan. He has a fucking ficus. A ficus. Stiles cannot.

Not that he ever tells Derek how weird he finds it. Even three years ago, he might have done. But seeing Derek get to the point where he’s no longer hyper-vigilant or consumed by anger and guilt has changed things. Derek actually takes time to care for himself and the space in which he lives– and, well– now when Stiles feels the urge to comment on that stuff he squashes it back down. He never wants to make Derek feel bad about taking good care of himself. Not ever. So when Derek produces some newfangled kitchen implement Stiles has never heard of before, or Skypes with Kira for half an hour, discussing with perfect seriousness whether Windblown Clouds or New York City Winter would be the better shade of gray for the living room in her Chicago apartment, Stiles watches on indulgently and says nothing.

Currently, it’s almost one in the morning; one of Derek’s large chrome lamps casts a golden puddle of light over them both, keeping the shadows of night at bay. For the past half hour Derek’s head has been gradually lolling back onto the armrest of Stiles’ chair, edging closer and closer to Stiles’ knee. Stiles keeps getting distracted by it, half tempted to reach out and scritch the fine hairs on the nape of Derek’s neck. He avoids the impulse though, and eventually Derek starts to snore gently.

Stiles is debating whether to wake him up and make him go to bed when Derek startles awake with a sudden snort. Stiles snaps his book shut and places it on the end table next to him. “Okay,” he says, “time for you to go to bed.”

Derek looks round at him, blinking blearily. “S’okay,” he says, “I c’n–”

“You’re dead on your feet,” Stiles says, giving his shoulder a squeeze. “You had a full day at work, then got gutted by a weird hairless dog lizard thing, and now you’ve spent the last three hours reading ancient grimoires trying to research the weird hairless dog lizard. You’ve done enough.” Experience has taught Stiles that extreme healing always makes the wolves tired eventually, although it tends to be a delayed reaction. Sure, they seem fine in the initial aftermath, but the sheer amount of energy it takes to regenerate skin and muscle and regrow bone takes its toll eventually. After a ‘big heal,’ within a few hours they almost always need a ‘big sleep’. Frankly Stiles is amazed Derek’s kept going this long.

“S’late,” Derek says, “You wanna stay over?”

“Was planning too,” says Stiles with a yawn.

“Cool. I’ll get–”

“I know where the bed linen is,” Stiles says forcing himself to his feet, and then reaching out a hand and tugging Derek up. “Don’t worry. I can sort myself out.”

More often than he cares to admit he ends up sleeping on Derek’s couch, too tired to drive back to his dad’s after a long night of research. As the only two original pack members living in Beacon Hills at present, they started out being thrown together for supernatural emergencies. Over the last few months, though, they’ve begun to just hang out just for the sake of it, enjoying each others company. Sometimes they’ll watch a movie, or eat a meal together, sometimes they’ll just talk. It’s been happening more and more. Case in point: This will be the third time this week Stiles has stayed over and the only one that’s been preceded by a supernatural crisis.

If he’s honest with himself, now that Scott is post-grad in Wisconsin, finishing up his veterinarian training, Derek Hale has officially graduated from pain in Stiles’ ass and reluctant ally, to one of his best friends. Who’da thunk?

If sixteen year old Stiles could see him now he would be shocked.

It’s become so commonplace for Stiles to sleep over now, they have a whole routine which they perform almost on autopilot. Load the dishwasher together. Sort the recycling. Box up any leftovers from dinner and put them in the fridge to take to work tomorrow. Close the big window so the noise from early morning traffic doesn’t wake Stiles before he’s ready. Double check the apartment door is locked. Pour two glasses of water, one for each of them.

It’s a perfectly choreographed dance, they both know their parts, and tired as Derek is, he still insists on contributing, even now. The only difference is that this time it’s Stiles who goes and collects the spare bed sheets from the linen closet, and the extra pillow from Derek’s bed.

He’s just reached the bottom of the twisty spiral staircase, his arms full of bed linen, as Derek shuffles towards him, shoulders slumped, eyes heavy lidded, a glass of water clutched in one hand.

“Got everything?” he asks, barely repressing a yawn.

“Yeah,” Stiles grins sleepily.

Derek nods. “‘K,” he says. “Night.” And as he passes Stiles he leans in and presses a soft kiss to the corner of his mouth.

Stiles goes perfectly still, mouth falling open, eyes following Derek’s progress up the stairs. He sees the moment when Derek realizes what he’s done because he pauses, his back to Stiles, hand clenching the rail in a white knuckle grip, posture totally rigid.

“Night,” Stiles says, voice coming out a little hoarse.

After a beat Derek continues his progress up the stairs. He doesn’t look back. Doesn’t say anything else. And eventually Stiles goes and makes up his bed on the couch, even though he’s certain it’s a pointless exercise, because right now he’s certain the last thing he’ll be able to do is relax enough to fall asleep.

By the time Stiles finally manages to shut his brain off and drifts into restless slumber, the sky is pink, and dawn is creeping over the horizon.

He’s woken the next day by the sound of Derek moving around the kitchen.

Stiles cracks an eye, reaches out a hand for his phone and jabs roughly at it, the screen flickers to life.

It’s afternoon. They’ve both slept in. Stiles clenches his eyes shut, feigning sleep.

He doesn’t quite know what to do. Are they going to talk about what happened? Or just ignore it? What did it mean? Was it a friend thing? It didn’t feel like a friend thing. But it was hardly a declaration of romantic intent either.  Stiles had spent last night with all these questions buzzing around his head like a swarm of confused bees. Now he’s awake again and he still doesn’t have any answers.

Stiles groans inwardly. This is exactly the kind of situation that he hates, and in an ideal world he would have woken early and sneaked out to avoid any awkwardness.

Except, no. That’s not true. He wouldn’t do that.

Not to Derek.

Maybe there would have been a time– but not now.

He’s so lost in his own thoughts he doesn’t hear Derek’s soft footsteps, and he almost jumps out of his skin when Derek looms over him, carrying two steaming cups of coffee. Stiles flails, almost tumbling off the couch in surprise.

“Hey,” Derek says, smirking slightly.

“Hey.” Stiles wrestles himself into a seated position, and pulls his sheets around himself in a blanket burrito. Then he sticks out a hand and takes the offered coffee.

With a sigh, Derek takes a seat opposite him on the coffee table, and cups his own mug between his palms. For a long moment neither of them say anything.

“So,” Stiles says, clearing his throat awkwardly, eyes darting around the apartment. “How ‘bout them Mets, eh?”

Derek raises one eyebrow and stares at him. “Stiles–”

“Did you see deGrom–”


Stiles sniffs. “Yeah?”

“Is it weird?”

Stiles clutches his mug to his chest with one hand, the other twisting the bed sheets nervously. He isn’t sure what he’s supposed to say. In the end he goes with the truth. “It was weird because it wasn’t weird,” he admits, chancing a glance at Derek.

Derek lets go of a breath and it seems to whoosh out of him, shoulders slumping, maybe in relief. “Yeah.”

“I mean–” Stiles says, “I haven’t ever consciously thought about us like that before, but it felt– It felt right.”

“Natural,” Derek agrees.

“Like we’d always been doing it. Or we could have been.”



They sit in silence, and then something occurs to Stiles. “Are we–” Stiles pauses. Considers. Takes another run at the sentence. “Have we been dating?”

Derek scrunches his face up thoughtfully. Eventually he says, “I think maybe we have.”

“Huh.” They both take a sip from their respective coffees.

“So, are we gonna keep doing– that–” Stiles gestures between them. “then?”

“Yeah,” Derek says, nodding. “Obviously. Unless you don’t–”

“No. It’s good. I’m good. Just checking.”


Stiles takes another long sip of his coffee, and opposite him Derek does the same.

“You want some breakfast?” Derek asks.

“Do we have bacon?”

“And eggs.”


Derek scowls at that word, but he gets to his feet, and Stiles drains the rest of his coffee, then stands too. He still has the bed sheet cocooned around himself.

“Can we have waffles too?” he asks.

Derek nods.

“Will you use your fancy pants waffle iron?”

Derek rolls his eyes. Smiles. “Yeah,” he says. “Of course.”

Stiles leans into him a little nudges their shoulders together. “Your waffles are the best waffles.”

“Thanks,” Derek says gruffly.

“I’m serious. I spent most of last night awake thinking about it and they’re pretty much the only waffles I want from now on.” Stiles stares at him seriously. “They’ve basically ruined me for all other waffles.”

Derek snorts. “You’re ridiculous,” he says, but he looks pleased.

Stiles shuffles closer, leans in a little further, presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth, an echo of the first kiss Derek gave him. Derek turns into it a little, so their lips finally meet just so. When they finally break apart, they’re both smiling.

Together they head into the kitchen and make breakfast.

I waited nearly six fucking years for the wolf among us season 2, and yet here we are, telltale is closing. They’re never going to release it, and the other shit they fucking promised is never coming either.

The last thing they’re working on and finishing is a Minecraft story-mode project for Netflix. This is a load of fucking bullshit, their not even finishing the last walking dead season!

They’re leaving it uncompleted… I have NEVER been as upset over a company before, actually, I have. The last time was with Konami canceling P.T. Silent hills.

But this is a bunch of fucking bullshit, not only that but I feel terrible for all those who lost their jobs as well. The people who worked there don’t deserve to be left high and dry like this, they worked their asses off to give us quality games and yet here they are, left without a job.

I know this isn’t a big deal to many people, but if you ever waited for something for so many years, and in the end never getting that thing to begin with, You could understand where I’m coming from. In the end, I just wanted to say this, I have NEVER EVER been as disappointed in a company before.

Originally posted by xivilai

EDIT: I wanted to inform everyone that there are many sources that tell different sides of what’s going to happen to the walking dead.

One says that it’s going to stop at episode 2, another says that they might finish the season. I have no idea at this point, but if anything I hope that it gives us at the very least a good ending to the story.

UPDATE: This is a fucking outrage. I’m sorry to those who worked so hard to bring these characters and their stories to life. All of you deserved better then this bullshit.

LAST UPDATE: This isn’t important, but I wanted to say thank you to all of you that liked and reblogged this. I wrote this last night in a place of anger, and I’ve been looking at what people have said through reblogs and have seen a few that have said that I was acting entitled and ungrateful. But believe me when I say that that isn’t the case.

I’m am so happy and grateful for the games that have released, every walking dead season that’s been released I looked forward to. But seeing all the things that people worked so hard on get thrown away like this makes me upset. And I’m sure many people feel the same way.

If anybody that used to work at telltale reads this, thank you so much for making some amazing and worthwhile games! I hope you all have amazing futures in the gaming industry.

pairing : Taehyung x female reader

genre : one shot of full smut, with a bit of angst throughout and fluff at the end

Taehyung royalty au!

word count : 7.4k

Summary : You find yourself in the woods in the middle of no where after going for a walk, only to come across an abandoned mansion. What happens when you go in that mansion? And what happens when you come across someone who’s lived there far too long and who wants to show you what he’s known for?

warnings : cum play, cunnilings, unprotected sex, kind of sex with the dead but not?? dirty talk, multiple orgasm, oral, fingering.

A/N - Requsted after I posted a scrap about this, now I turned it into a one shot hope you like :)


You had no idea why you were here, but you were. You had no idea how either, but you were here. In the middle of a forest, alone. You wanted to go for a walk, have time to clear your mind, after everything going on in your life you just needed a breather. Now you’re lost in the middle of the forest with nothing but a phone that’s useful as you have no service. 

“Fuck sake.” You cursed to yourself and looked through the trees to find some sort of path, or walk through but you were surrounded by nothing but foliage and branches that blocked your view.

Sighing you flipped your head forward and gathered all your hair, tying it up in a messy bun and adjusted your thankfully big overcoat that was over your black roll-neck underneath. You started to march forward murmuring to yourself as you did, holding branches back, stepping over logs as you just walked and walked within the dusk lighting. 

Time went by fast without you knowing, the once sun burnt sky was now a dark grey shade the sun slowly disappeared  getting replaced with a full moon. Your feet began to get tired and your eyes started to droop from tiredness and from lack of sleep you’d been getting too. 

“Why did you come out? You’re such an ass.” You babbled to yourself loudly knowing no one was there to judge you, you started laughing to yourself at how crazy you seemed talking to yourself in the middle of a dark forest — 

But your thoughts and babbling came to an end when you realised you were now walking on gravel, you stiffened wondering where and how the hell this path came from. You slowly lifted your eyes from the ground and was greeted immediately by a huge cobblestone castle like mansion, ivy stretched out along the walls and a rusty black metal gate that was stopping you from going further in. 

“What the….” You whispered to yourself in astonishment, you swore you were no where near an exit or let alone a house now you were in front of a black gate that’s open small enough for you to go through. 

You knew this could go badly if you went in, but curiosity consumed you and normally you could hold that back but not now? Your feet were already leading you to the gate, your body making sure it can squeeze itself through the gap. You pushed yourself through the gap and lifted your eyes again to see the building.

The windows were shattered, the ivy crawling inside each broken crack it had you in awe. Then you dropped your eyes to the door, it was arched, wooden and had a massive lion face door handle….very old fashioned. You were so stunned to see such old beauty you couldn’t help but get drawn more, your feet dragged you along the gravel path until you were met with the door.

You suddenly felt like you were intruding someone so being the polite person you were, you lifted a fist ready to knock on the door but as if the house knew you were about to, it opened. You gasped slightly as it creaked open allowing you to waltz in, you gulped and pushed the door more as you crept through.

You held your breath as soon as you walked in, the atmosphere was tense, hot and heavy the fear of the unknown slowly setting your nerves off. You took the the decor of the house in, everything was black and vintage. 

The walls were black panelling, the floorboards dusty grey that whined every time you made a step forward. In front of you was a single couch with black velvet floral print and grey material, a black furry rug in front of it. You moved your eyes to the left to see a metal curved staircase leading upstairs, along the wall were paintings of eyes, bold eyes — it was unsettling it felt as if they were looking at you. Your mouth became dry as you inspected the house more, your eyes falling to the arched church windows next to the couch that were fogged and cracked. 

Who the hell lived here? 

Your eyes were gazing around the haunted like house until they landed on him…..your lips parted as you spotted a picture above the couch so big you had to look up slightly. It seemed so real, the mouth, the eyes, the facial expression….everything. 

You stepped closer, the need to get closer suddenly consuming you. You analysed the beautiful painting, it was black and white yet so realistic. His hair was coal  black, painted with long strokes that were placed in different directions along his forehead. Your eyes then fell to his again, they were so dark yet so light with a shine in the right eye, they were framed with long lashes and were almost smirking at you. You saw how a hair was caught in his eyelash making his gaze even more hooded, as if he was hiding something with his smug look. 

Your eyes fell to his lips, his plump lips. They were slightly parted and your eye caught the shimmer of silver along his bottom lip — a piercing. You wanted to run your tongue along it, he looked so smooth and powerful. He was dressed in a white shirt, cropped at the bicep as a leopard print cardigan was loosely hanging around his arms as he leans back casually. 

He was sat sideways his elbows supporting him as he leans back, face looking over his shoulder so he was facing the artist who painted him. You didn’t realise you were so close to the picture until you tried getting higher but lost your foot in on the couch, you gasped and leant forward gripping the back of the couch for support.

Thankfully you didn’t fall and were just bent over holding onto the couch, you let out a shaky breath and looked up again at the painting only to see a matte black metallic slab at the bottom of the silver frame. You read the words out.

“The Forbidden King, 1685-1709.” You frowned, he was only 24 years old? He was a king? You drew your eyes back up to the face of the king — you let out a scream.

You fell off the couch, the floor hitting your behind as you tried gasping for air at the shock of what you see. You’re on the floor scurrying back as you look at the painting. His positions changed, its just his face so close it’s like he moved, his face is dark and threatening. His hair all now over his forehead, messy covering some of his eyes as he looks up through it. His lips in a smirk as his eyes were glued to you, you couldn’t believe what you were seeing.

The painting changed. How the hell does that happen? You started scurrying further and further away on your behind until your back came into contact with something…..or someone.

You froze, your breathing stopped, you felt like your heart stopped as you waited for your death….waited to get eaten, beaten or teared to death. 

“Shhhh it’s okay, turn around.” 

The voice sent all your hairs on your body to attention, his voice was deep, husky and coated with honey. It made your whole body alert, you swallowed what was left in your mouth and slowly turned yourself around while being on the floor so you were on your hands and knees, eyes starting from the bottom.

Two formal, big shoes…then long legs clothed in slim fitting trousers, you met the belt of the trousers and as your eyes reach a shirt very similar to the one in the picture your heart was racing. You had a feeling, you were afraid to look at the face. You inhaled sharply again making you fall back on your behind so you were sat in front of HIM…..The Forbidden King.

He was so ethereal, that’s all that came into your head. His skin wasn’t white and snow kissed like the painting, it was sun kissed and bronze, not a hair was on his face. His face. It was so defined, the long bridge of his nose, the plumpness of his rosy lips, the jawline clenched and sharp as it connected to a slender neck revealing a visible Adam’s apple. 

You were shocked to the core, too afraid to speak or move. The King gave you a pitiful look, his dark eyes full of pity and his mouth formed into a slight pout. He shook his head slightly so his raven hair moved from his eyelashes and he bent down… slowly you watched each movement. 

“Don’t be afraid, I’m just curious why such a….” The King trailed off as he crouched in front of you, elbows on his knees as he raked his eyes along your body, “such an angel like girl is here?” He said almost as if he  couldn’t believe what he was seeing. 

“W-who are you?” Your dry mouth managed to choke out in a hushed tone, the King gave you a perfectly arched brow.

“Darling don’t act as if you don’t know, you saw the picture you read the name out,” he gave you a half smile and looked above you, at his picture with a scoff, “I’m the so called Forbidden King.” He said his tone firm.

You still didn’t move as he stood with a sigh, you couldnt believe what you were seeing. A dead man was right in front of you, yet he looked so real….young and beautiful. You shook your head at yourself for thinking like that, this was fucked up. 

“I don’t get why they called me Forbidden, I mean it’s not like I killed them.” He was now talking to himself as he walked behind you to view his own picture, you frowned and started to move to stand. 

“Killed who?” You questioned without realising, you were now stood arms around yourself as you kept your distance from him. He had his back to you, his hands in his pockets as he looked up at the original positioned painting, you wanted to gasp again but what was the point?

You had a dead man in front of you, well supposedly dead man that was born way before you were, in a house that seemed abandoned. You mentally slapped yourself for even coming near this place, 

“Those I seduced, I never killed them, they killed themselves — not my fault they couldn’t handle the fact I didn’t want anything more.” He told slowly turning around with a shrug as he locked his eyes with you, you gasped at him. 

You didn’t know what to think, a king who seduced people then they killed themselves? You furrowed your brows at him, he darted his tongue out to lick his piercing that you forgot about. The gesture made your insides to tingle but you tried not to show it, 

“You’re saying that you were that good they killed themselves?” You scoffed absently and rolled your eyes at his story that clearly wasn’t true. 

“I’m saying I used them, they couldn’t handle I wanted to stay a bachelor and killed themselves.” He stated with a straight face, he was strolling forward discreetly as he gauged your reaction.

“Unbelievable.” You said with a shake of your head, the King tilted his head to the side as he smirked. He knew it was believable, he remembers all the women and even some men that begged him to sleep with them, he denied some and accepted others.

“It really isn’t, all men and women wanted me.” He said cockily, you almost gagged at the thought of how many S.T.I’s he probably has. 

“With you sleeping with all those people, mixed genders and all—“ He cut you off with an abrupt step forward, so close to you that you almost stumbled backwards.

“I slept mainly with women, in fact all. The men joined in, but I never performed anything on them they just had their fun with the girl as did I.” He explained, his abnormally long finger pressed ever so slightly against  your parted lips. 

Your mouth dried at the subtle contact, the touch went straight to your core. You couldn’t believe the sudden effect he had on you, his eyes were drilling into yours as he noticed how delicate you were. 

The way he felt you tense at his feather like touch on your lips, the way your breathing stopped. It made him smirk at his much of an affect he had on you, he hadn’t met such a beautiful, sexy young girl in over 300 years he wanted to have fun with you. He’s been stuck at the age he got poisoned at, his selfishness and snobbery got him cursed to live alone for eternity until he was changed. 

“You’re still a walking sex disease.” You breathed out your breath tickling his finger, he blinked quickly his thoughts disappearing as his attention fell back to you.

“You’re such a back chatter, but I’ll have you know all illness or disease I had has gone. I’m dead darling.” He stated bluntly, you shuddered a breath at the nickname he’s giving you. 

How is this real? You thought, he says he’s dead yet he’s here? You pulled away from him and scowled at him, not sure if you believe any of this. 

“What’s your real name? How’re you dead? Why am I here? How did this house just appear?” You gushed throwing your hands about to gesture around the house and situation you were in. 

You watched as the King let out a low chuckle, it was so soothing and relaxing it made you halt for a second as you wanted to hear it. He was revealing a small boxy smile, and his eyes creased slightly at the corners. He twirled slowly on his heel as he turned away from you to take a seat on the couch, you watched as he elegantly sat down his long limbs bending as he sat. He lifted his right leg to settle his ankle on his knee as he leans back in the chair, his elbow resting on the arm rest while his thumb and fire finger ran along his bottom lip.

Your legs tightened just at how he was sat, how did this guy radiate so much power and sex appeal? He was dead for heavens sake. You stood there, waiting for him to reply but his brows were furrowed as he looked at the floor deep in thought.

“My real names Kim Taehyung, I died when I was 24 well murdered,” He shrugged so casually you wondered if you should take that information as a big deal. You were about to ask why when Taehyung started to speak again, “I got poisoned, cursed and banished. People were envious of my power, my looks so they wanted rid.” He sighed heavily, tilting his head down so he could fiddle with a piece of hair.

Your heart softened for him, hurt for him. How could people do that out of jealousy? You wanted to say you were sorry but you knew now wasn’t the time, he clearly wasn’t done.

“I won’t lie, but I was a snob, selfish and rude so don’t feel too bad for me yet. I was heartless, cold and abused my power, it’s how I ended up alone and just bought, used and sold my sexual partners.” Taehyung kissed his teeth as he spoke, you widened your eyes at his words. 

You still had your arms wrapped tightly around you, as you felt the topic become awkward but you kept quiet. 

“I got cursed by the village ‘witch’ saying how after I die I’ll be stuck at the same age, alone and at hiding. Basically she gave me eternity life until I’ve learnt my snobby ways, selfish ways and crude ways…..” Taehyung said his eyes still on the floor, his perfectly arched brows etched slightly at the memory, “My heart doesn’t beat, it’ll only beat when the curse is lifted.” He added with a scoff.

He didn’t believe it ever would, it was stupid.

“What happens when it starts to beat?” You asked, Taehyung was still in a trance of memory and answered,

“It means I live again, start at the age I’m frozen at and continue as if nothing happened, age as if nothing’s happened.” He said almost with joy in his tone, 

 “But still after 300 years you haven’t changed?” You couldn’t help but ask the question,

Taehyung finally looked up, his eyes dark and cold, he was blocking his emotions from you. Your heart sank at the thought, he was so alone you wanted to help but this made no sense why it’s real.

“Honestly I have no idea why I haven’t, I do look back at my time and realise I was a dick to people but I won’t lie I enjoyed having such a good sex life….good life and no worries. But it feels like something was missing and still is you know?” He tried explaining but his voice cracked slightly, you flushed at the mention of his sex life but still nodded.

“What if you need someone to make you realise or help you feel the opposite ways you did back then? Like love, kindness and even happiness?” You suggested shrugging to yourself, Taehyung just gave you a frown he was confused. 

“This isn’t a love story Y/N, I didn’t want a permanent lover or wife I still don’t. I’ve been fine for 300 years.” He snapped defensively, you didn’t know what made you jump, the fact he snapped so fast or the fact he knew your name without you saying it. 

“Taehyung how did I end up here? How did you know my name?” You boldly said through gritted teeth, the atmosphere was tense and definitely not sad. 

“I fucking lead you here, I sensed someone’s presence miles away and drew you here. I was bored, wanted to play and I know your name because every time someone walks by or I bring here I get consumed with everything about them.” He hissed and stood abruptly from the couch giving you an angered look.

He was annoyed, he wanted you to submit easily and not ask so many damned questions. He wanted to fuck you and let you go, but you were making it impossible. You made him open up?? He shook his head and ran his large hands over his face.

You dropped your mouth open, your eyes widened and you felt your blood boil. How dare he manipulate and almost hypnotise you to be there and allow himself to take over your privacy? 

“What the hell do you know?!” You barked throwing your hands to your sides as they balled up into fists, Taehyung scoffed.

“I know your name is Y/F/N  Y/L/N, you live alone in an apartment next to your favourite coffee shop The Grind, I know you’re single and don’t go dating,” Taehyung started to expose you as he sauntered forwards, “in fact I know you haven’t fucked anyone in 3 years.” He said slowly as he finally appeared in front of you again. 

You were too stunned to move. How on earth did he know that? You felt exposed, naked and vulnerable yet his hooded gaze and heavy breathing made you flustered and turned on. Your core throbbed in need, you couldn’t believe yourself.

Taehyung slid his tongue out to lick his lips, your eyes fell to his lips as he did so. You spotted his lip ring, you really wanted to feel it.

“I can smell you Y/N, you haven’t throbbed in a long time have you baby?” He teased sucking his bottom lip over his teeth as he bit down on it at your flushed face, his dick already started to twitch at your innocent look.

You almost choked at what he said, you couldn’t help but let those words dart straight to your core. You felt hot, bothered and horny, you moved your eyes to his lips again waiting for what? You hadn’t a clue, you just allowed the sexual tension to strangle you.

“You want me, I know you do, give in….”Taehyung cooed his voice deeper than usual, his presence closer than before…so close if you puckered your lips they would be on his, “let me make you feel good baby.” He growled lowly moving so close his minty breath was fanning your face slightly.

You slowly leant forward wanting to feel his lips on yours but his head tilted at an angle so his lips fell to your ear. His teeth grazed your ear as he kissed it, you let out a shaky breath as the sensation was so intense you couldn’t get why?

It was a kiss on your ear….your fucking ear.

“I wonder if you taste as good as you smell, because if you do?” Taehyung whispered into your ear, “I won’t stop eating you, I won’t be able to, I won’t let you leave from my mouth…I’ll fucking destroy you.” He growled nipping at your earlobe.

You sighed at his words, your thighs clenching to create some friction that your core ached for. Taehyung chuckled and trailed his lips to your jaw, his lips were soft and wet as he sucked and kissed his way down your neck. You let out a whine when he sucked harder on the crook of your neck, marking you.

“Taehyung…” you breathed your hands going up to hold his wide shoulders, the touch set him off as well as how weak you sounded. 

Taehyung pulled away and latched his lips onto yours his hands instantly going to tangle in your hair. You gasped at the sudden kiss and moved your lips back, he tasted fresh and minty his soft lips moulding against yours perfectly. He hand one hand on the nose of your neck while the other trailed down your side to tug you closer.

You moaned into the kiss and as he nipped at your bottom lip asking for entrance, you complied quickly and felt his warm tongue dominate yours. He was breathing heavy as he felt himself almost explode in his pants at one kiss.

“Too hot.” You panted as you both pulled away slightly, your choice of clothing now being the wrong one. Taehyung grunted as he moved his hands to yank off your coat, throwing it to the floor then went straight to the hem of you loose roll neck. 

You helped him by lifting your arms up as he yanked it off so fast you didn’t feel it go over your head, Taehyung let his eyes fall to your exposed chest that was covered in a lace bra. You watched as his eyes grew wide with lust, he then looked up at you through his hair and smirked.

“I’m not going to be gentle baby.” He warned with a huff and grabbed you by your thighs making you squeal as he hoisted you around his waist.

Before you could realise what was going on, your back was against a wall and his lips were on yours. They moved viciously and fast, his tongue over taking your mouth, claiming it as his as he squeezed your ass grinding into you slowly.

You felt the friction from his pants to yours, you both panted through the kiss as you tangled your hands in his dark silk like locks. Taehyung pulled away making you almost whine at the loss but his lips went to your neck again, leaving sloppy kisses as he nibbled and sucked at your neck leaving marks. His lips then found your covered breast and he grunted again, you then felt a hand snake up your back until you felt it unclasp your bra.

You made an ‘oh’ sound from surprise at how skilful he was, but then you remembered his past and how experienced he was. Taehyung pulled your bra off, you once again helping him.

“Fuck! So sexy.” He cursed as you showed your bare chest to him, he bit his bottom lip at the sight and grabbed on your breasts as he placed it in his mouth. Your core was drenched, you needed friction to go with this pleasure.

“T-Taehyung!” You groaned arching your back into his mouth as he sucked on your nipple, his other hand came up from your ass to cup your core.

He started to rub gently through your leggings the thin material making it feel like it was on it. You wanted more, so you pulled his head up from your breast and slammed your lips to his.

He smiled against them as he kissed you, he loved how eager you were. He pushed you off the wall and turned slightly so he could drop you onto the couch. You let out a squeal as you fell to the couch, Taehyung ontop of you between your legs.

“My baby girl so reactive.” He chuckled licking your bottom lip, you gave him a smirk and felt your core clench again at his new nickname for you. He then started to slowly move downwards, he fell to his knees in front of you as his lips and tongue trailed down your chest. 

His lips coated your skin, biting and teasing as he went from one breast to another, taking each nipple at a time between his teeth then sucked for a moment. You moaned at the sensation, you were ready for more…you needed more.

You arched your hips upwards as his lips met your navel, the hem of leggings blocking his access to your main ache. He smirked against your skin, his hands following his previous trail….his hands.

They were so big, his fingers too. Your skin was on fire it felt, each stroke or touch he gave you set your body alert and ready. Taehyung slid his tongue from your left hip bone, across your navel to your other hip bone and sucked a few marks onto you.

“Tae I need more!” You begged trying to get your core into his face, Taehyung shook his head as he pinned you down by your hips.

“You what you’re given in time, don’t rush baby.” He warned tucking his fingers in your leggings and tugged them down quickly. Taehyung got greeted by lacy underwear too, he wondered how on Earth he earned such a beautiful girl tonight, “Jesus you smell divine.” Taehyung growled licking his lips.

He shimmied off your leggings so slowly you felt like you were going to cry in eagerness. When your leggings came off his hands firmly gripped your thighs, he slung them over his shoulders and pulled you more on the edge of the couch.

“Remember. If you taste as good as you smell, I’m not stopping.” Taehyung kisses his teeth and leans down to blow on your core, the light air hitting your clit made you jolt slightly because of how sensitive and inpatient  you were.

You moaned his name again earning you a light slap on your thigh, he scolded you with a shake of his head. He then leant further down and grabbed your underwear with his teeth pulling them down teasingly, you watched as his eyes light up at the sight of you.

Just as you were about to beg you felt his hot mouth on you, he couldn’t control himself. He’s never seen such a pretty pussy, he wanted to taste you immediately. His lips locked around your clit as he sucked and licked, your back arching forward as your hands went to his head.

“Fuck!” You yelled, your core clenching already and the feeling of your first orgasm already approaching. Taehyung however was too busy tasting you to care, he knew you were going taste great he just knew. 

Taehyung glided his tongue down to your entrance poking at it, his nose brushing against your clit. He dove into your entrance tongue fucking you, hitting deeper and deeper as he bought his hand from your thigh to the front to rub at your clit.

“Shit keep going.” You panted rubbing your face along his mouth, Taehyung moaned into you adding more pleasure as he continued to eat you out like a starved man. He was drawing figure of eights on your clit and sucked at your entrance, your high was approaching you could feel it clawing at you wanting you to release.

Taehyung got into it more, he felt you clenching around his tongue and the thought of it being his dick made him more carnal. He sat a little higher, locked his arms around your thighs to hold you there as he pressed his face further into you, he started to flick his tongue upon your clit and moved one hand to slip two fingers in.

You didn’t expect him to add two fingers so when he did you arched forward as he instantly started to rapidly plunge them in and out of you, the sound of your juices and his groans adding to just the tip of your climax. You cum over his face and fingers, he rolled his eyes as he felt the juices come out. 

“Yes cum over my face baby, yes.” Taehyung said through gritted teeth as he pulled away dripping and gazing at the mess he’d created.

He bit his bottom lip and scooped your cum up with his fingers, you watched as you came back down from your orgasm and gazed heavy eyed as he brought his fingers up to his mouth. Your core pulsed at the sight, he sucked the digits rolling his tongue to collect it all and you whimpered at how into it he was

“So fucking delicious, already my favourite c*unt that I’ve tasted let alone fucked.” He said sliding his fingers out of his mouth, you panted in reply not knowing what to do your core still aching for more.

“Please….more.” You begged like a sub, his dick was straining against his pants at your naked self. He wanted to keep you, do this to you every day he was thriving off of it.

“All in good time darling.” He cooed and started to strip form his shirt, you held back your gasp as he revealed his sun kissed chest and how slim he was, you wanted to mark him too.

He started to unbuckle his pants wanting to be in you as fast as possible, but he suddenly saw your tongue at his navel. He froze widening his eyes at the sight of you, eyes looking up as you started to kiss along his navel above his pants. 

He felt his heart pick up the pace as he saw your plump lips peppering along his skin, his dick was now screaming to get out and slide it down your throat. 

“Baby I wanna fuck your mouth, be a good girl and let me?” He tried to sound dominant but the thought made him choke, you giggled and pulled away from his stomach watching as he hurriedly undid his pants and slide them down with his boxers.

Your eyes wet bug at his angry too, he was big and thick. You looked up at him in panic, you’d never taken someone so big. Taehyung looked hot and sweaty, his lips quirked up at your reaction.

“You’ll be okay darling, I won’t hurt you.” He assured knowing he won’t be able to keep that promise, he watched as you gulped, you were sat on the edge of the couch all in your naked glory and had a pouted expression.

He was about to bust a nut.

He leans forward so his dick touched your lips, you felt the pre cum and opened wide for him. He slipped himself in and as soon as the warmth of your mouth and lips wrapped around his girth he tried to control himself from cumming. He let it a dragged moan and tilt his head back as you took him in, his hand went straight to your head to guide you along his length. 

You took him all in slowly, the feel of him gliding along your tongue going straight to your core. You felt him hit the back of your throat and you let out a slight gag,

“Fuck this feels fucking amazing.” Taehyung hissed as he slid in and out of your mouth in a nice pace and his head went back at the feeling. He felt you swirl your tongue around his girth and his thighs tensed. 

You pulled your head back and forth your mouth running smoothly along him, his hands tangle in your hair as he gathers it into a make shift ponytail as he fucked your mouth.

“We can’t do this too long, I won’t be able to last when I fuck you.” Taehyung grunted as he still fucked your mouth, you felt some salvia drip down chin as his length didn’t fit fully.

He felt his dick tightening and pulsating in your warm mouth so he quickly pulled it out, you let out a slight gasp of air as he did and quickly sucked up the saliva that escaped your mouth. 

“Such a good girl.” He praised smiling down at you, you gave a weak smile the sight of him sweaty and panting already making you wet.

“What do you want to do now?” You obediently asked waiting, he bit his lip the sight of you submissive for him making him what to fuck your mouth again.

“Ride me baby.” He ordered and watched your eyes widen and thighs clench together, you were so responsive to him but you couldn’t help it. You wanted please him.

You stood up and Taehyung helped you balance slightly, he then latched his lips onto yours softly. His hand snaking to the back of your neck so he could control the kiss, your stomach did flips as he did as the kiss was so soft and delicate — no tongue just a romantic kiss.

You blushed when you pulled away, he knew he had you wrapped around his finger. He then snaked his arms around your waist so he could turn with you, he then sat down with you following him to sit on his lap.

“This will be deep okay? Don’t worry.” He cooed as he leaned back against the couch, you were perked just below his dick while it was still hard and hitting just below his belly button. 

You swallowed hard and waited for his hands to lift you up, his grip was tight at your hips as he rocked you forward so your folds enveloped over on top of his dick. You were grinding. The sensation both made you wince with pleasure as your clit throbbed against his dick, you felt him start to rock too along with your hips. He winced as your juices coated him, he’d never felt so turned on and ready to bust in forever…literally.

“Fuck okay, I won’t last long if we continue — I just need to be inside you.” Taehyung urged and you were lifted, you held your breath ready for the placement

“TAE!” You yelped as he just plunged up into you, no time to adjust, you hunched forward your hands flying to grip his shoulders. He stretched your walls wide and hit deep inside of you, you whimpered as he groaned into your ear. He then bit your earlobe whispering words of praise as he slowly started to pull out and push back in.

“Fuck fuck fuck….” You repeatedly cursed as his pace was already a bit quick for you, his nails were digging crescent moon shapes into your sides as he pumped up into you.

Your second climax started to climb already, his length hitting in the right place. You panted heavily into the crook of his neck, he took your position as an advantage to run his hands from your hips to your behind. He gritted his teeth as he squeezed your ass hard and pulled you upwards, you found yourself clenching already which made him tense and automatically thrust up into you.

“Keep doing that baby, yes oh fuck!” Taehyung grunted as you found your rhythm and rocked your hips as his hands gripped your behind to help.

You started to bounce sucking on his neck while you did, your nipples brushed against his bare chest and your clit rubbing his navel. Your heart quickened, you felt so good on top of him your breathing both in sync added to the moment.

You both started to find a pace and rhythm, Taehyung loved you rocking onto him as he thrusted upwards. His skin slapping against yours, the whole moment was intense and hot.

“Lean back baby.” Taehyung managed to moan out, you pulled away from his neck with a hair flick and locked eyes onto him. His mouth was parted and eyes full of lust, you felt his hips snap as soon as you looked at him. You then found yourself falling backwards so your hands were on his knees, this created knew depth and you let out a groan of his name.

“Oh yes!” You cried slamming your hips down onto his, Taehyung growled as his eyes fell to where you both were connected. He watched as his dick was sliding in and out of you, he groaned again and bought a hand down so his thumb could pay attention to your throbbing clit.

He pressed down lightly and started to rub side to side, your hips bucked into his touch and you let out a cry of pleasure. You bit your lip as your climax started to come quicker, your hips bounced up and down faster too. 

“Fuck you look so good riding my dick, this is my pussy now baby.” Taehyung growled lowly and bucked upwards so his skin slapped against yours, you cried out again and felt him hitting deeper and deeper into you the added pleasure on your clit making you clench.

Taehyung was holding back, wanting to make you climax before himself, he rubbed harder at your clit and watched as your pants became heavy and your eyes started to shut. He knew you were close

“Come on, your close darling cum over me.” He ordered ramming into you, you bouncing too so your thrusts connected. You felt him rotate in you and plunge once more because he hit THE spot which made you tip over the edge, you hunched forward.

“Oh fuck!” 

“That’s my girl!” Both of your groans mashed together and Taehyung thrusted into you at such fast pace as soon as he saw your cum drizzle down his dick.  Your body shook and you soon felt Taehyungs lips peppering kisses along your face, 

“Fuck, Tae…” You breathed wincing as his dick was still sliding smoothly in and out of you, he hadn’t finished yet.

Taehyung then wrapped both arms around you as he lifted himself from the couch, he wanted to finish he could feel his balls tightening. You felt your back his the soft rug on the floor and suddenly Taehyungs hands were widening your legs.

“Just a little more….” He said more to himself than you, his hands splayed out your legs as he now drilled into you with such stamina that he started to hit your g spot again.

“Shit I’m still sensitive.” You heaved out as your core was throbbing and clenching still from the last climax, he hushed you and started to fuck you into the floor. You knew he was close, his breathing was short and fast and his pace was getting faster, you couldn’t take it. You moaned and groaned in pleasure as his hands squeezed your inner thighs harder and harder.

“Fuck I’m coming!” Taehyung hissed now dropping down on his forearms besides you as he ground into you one last time before you felt him let loose, “shit shit shit.” He blew out in a breath as his hot liquid pumped up inside of you.

You winced and groaned as he rocked into you lightly a couple more times, your hands were now running up his arms as he finished off in you. Your core was sore and fucked out, he wasn’t easy on you considering you hadn’t fucked for 3 years.

“Wow…” You sighed, Taehyung lifted his head up from your chest and gave you a lopsided smirk,

“Yeh…” Is all he replied with before kissing his way up your light sweaty skin, he hummed against your skin as he did. Your insides already did flips at the feel of it and when his lips found yours you both smiled into the kiss.

His lips moved smoothly and passionately against yours, your tongue ran along his piercing and because Taehyung was still in you, you felt him twitch back to life and you immediately pulled away with a small chuckle.

“Okay I haven’t fucked in 3 years, so I need at least a 15 min break.” You joked looking at his fucked out face, he scoffed and pecked your nose quick before pulling out.

You both sighed as he did, your core spasmed a little from the after math and Taehyung just groaned again at the sight of your juices mixed with his. He got two digits and scooped up the leaking cum, you flinched and then gasped loudly when he shoved them into your swollen core.

“Now that’s where it belongs.” He hummed stuffing you up with his dripping cum, you choked out a pant and felt your core tighten around his fingers.

“15 mins.” You squeaked our the reminder and Taehyung laughed pulling his fingers out and rolled onto his side besides you.

You both let out an awkward yet comfortable laugh and stared up at the dark old ceiling. You both didn’t say a word for a while which gave you time to think….you just fucked a 300 year old man…well 300 year old 24 man?? You shook your head in disbelief.

“Is it weird that I just fucked a dead man?” You questioned out loud tilting your head to the side so you could face him as he stretched out onto the rug besides you.

Taehyung dropped his gaze to yours, his eyes full of admiration and lips quirked up into a heart warming smiling. You felt your heart clench, you honestly didn’t care if he was dead because in that moment he felt real.

“Honestly I couldn’t give a damn if it was or not, because you just made me feel alive. I don’t want that feeling to go.” He confessed removing an arm from behind his head so he could stroke your hair gently, you blushed at his words as cooped up more next to him.

“What if it doesn’t have to?” You quipped still looking up at him, Taehyung pauses his hand that tousled with the ends of your hair and gave you a furrowed brow.

“How do you mean?” He asked his fingers now trailing down your shoulder absently, it set goosebumps off on your body but you avoided them….nows not the time.

“I can stay, I mean I live alone so it wouldn’t matter…..I don’t want this feeling to go either.” You gushed drooping your eyes to his chest to avoid eye contact, your legs slowly entwining with his.

Taehyung scoffed and ran down his hand to your waist so he could usher you forward, you complied and lifted your leg across his naked lap and threw an arm over his stomach.

“Darling…..” He breathed and you looked up automatically, his hair was messy and sexed out, his hairline a little shiny from sweat and his lips were in a small boxy smile, “it’s all I’ve ever wanted since you walked in, just you and me.” He whispered, your heart skipped a beat and you couldn’t help yourself.

You raised your neck a bit and pouted asking for a kiss, Taehyung looked at your state briefly. Your flushed cheeks, sex hair, over the top cute pout and he realised that could see this face every day and never get bored.

And then….and only then after he gave a chaste peck on your lips and saw you giggle softly — his heart started to beat again

But Taehyung didn’t make a sound, he didn’t start to jump for joy, he didn’t erupt with shock. No….all he did was smile down at you because he knew you were the one, he knew you’d make it beat again even if it wasn’t in this moment….he just knew he was going to spend the rest of his existence with you.

Nsfw Michael Langdon Headcanons!

anonymous asked if I had any michael nsfw headcanons and they didn’t say older or younger, so I decided to do both!


  • He loves to worship your body. His hands traveling along every inch of your body. His mouth following suit leaving gentle kisses against your skin, soft murmurs of praise coming from him.
  • When it comes to the two of your doing rituals it’s mesmerizing for him. The way yours and his blood mixes and paints your body. Your breasts covered and dripping red. The crimson color clashing with your complexion, your soft skin. It’s almost appetizing to him.
  • Sometimes he would just want to jump right into it. And other times he wants to go slow, watch you ride him. One of his hands on your hip, the other tangled in your hair. Watching you in awe as you take all of him, loving the way you body moves perfectly against his.
  • He definitely knows how to be rough and loves it. So rough it leaves bruises and marks on your skin. But he also likes to be soft too. Loves doing simple missionary. It gives him the perfect view of you, watching your pleasure as he slowly rolls his hips up into you. Leaving chaste kisses to your neck and chest.
  • He likes watching you. Even in non-sexual ways doing the simplest things. But he loves watching you touch yourself for him. Sitting in a leather chair placed perfectly at the end of the bed, his eyes intently on you as he watches your fingers skillfully explore your body inside and out. Loving all the needy moans coming from your mouth. The want and crave you have for him turning him on so much it makes him grip the sides of the leather chair to hold himself back from touching you, wanting to watch the beautiful show before him.
  • He also really loves watching you look up at him while you’re on your knees in front of him. Begging for him to let you touch him, for him to touch you, to feel him within your mouth.
  • He REALLY loves begging ok!
  • And praise. He loves hearing you praise him but he also loves praising you, ‘good girl’ ‘you’re taking so much of me love, you’re doing so good’ coming from him.
  • He loves dirty talk. Obviously. Sometimes it’s sweet nothings in your ear and other times it’s so dirty it makes you blush.
  • He would love trying new positions for sure. But his favorite ones are the ones where he can see your face, your reactions, see how much you love taking him, wanting to see every moan leave your lips.


  • Virgin!Michael is not very experienced but skillful at the same time. The first time you two are intimate he takes his time to study your body. Touching every crevice, every crook of your body. Taking his time to study your body. He goes slow and takes his time with his touches, his lips, his tongue.
  • And when it comes to finally doing the deed he’s constantly asking you if you’re okay, if he’s hurting you. His hand coming to rest on your cheek as he slowly thrusts into you. Watching your face contour with pleasure from all the ways he moves his hips. Mesmerized by the way your face looks with each thrust, wanting to see it over and over again.
  • And when he eats you out for the first time he’s not as shy as you’d expect. He’s excited and ready to go. Ready to make you feel good. His eyes locked on you as his mouth explores your core, his tongue more skillful than you could of imagined. Experimenting with licks, sucks, and nips. His tongue worshiping you.

okay but… making out with Chris Evans

I’ve touched this with Erika ( @kedsandtubesocks) already, but it’s such a wonderful subject to talk about ya know?? So pls let me write down my thoughts while I sit through this finance class.

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Power and the Zodiac

Things the Signs Need to Hear

AriesYou are strong, powerful and if you put your mind to it, you are unstoppable. Make sure to keep that flame going even when you feel that things are not going your way. Your ambition is admirable, but you have the tendency to give up when things are not panning out. Stay through it, weather the storm and you’ll see the gifts multiplying in the end. Aries is the fighter, the warrior and the initiator. The Zodiac begins with you because you are fearless and have the power to transform after living through many incarnations. Aries is power, drive and you are the force that begins from the ashes of the end.

TaurusYou are talented, precious and admired. Do not question your work ethic, you are resilient when it comes to what you want and when you’re not passionate, you lose interest which is completely normal. Never underestimate what you can achieve because you can easily make extraordinary creations. Love is abundant for you and those around you appreciate and adore you. Never give up the love and worth you have within. Make sure to trust in your abilities, your dreams and goals because you will rise to the top.

Gemini You are intelligent, caring and amicable. There is a gift within your mind. You have the power to make transformations with a pen or your words. Whether the changes are positive or negative depend on your convictions. Mercury is embodied with you along with the negatives and positives. This can make you a powerful enemy or a respectable comrade. Do not think of yourself unworthy and do not question your intelligence, you have the tools needed to make positive changes and bring love to the world.

CancerYou are adoring, loving and trustworthy. The passion you exhibit should not be seen as weakness, Cancer. Your strength comes in the form of helping others. In a world riddled with selfishness and absurdity, you are a grounding and necessary force. There is power in your actions because you can easily create and destroy. As a Cardinal sign, you initiate fearlessly and are attuned with what it means to witness an ending. Cancer is the pillar that is needed as we all go through the cycle or life and rebirth. Death is in the realm of the Scorpio, but you are just as destructive wen your love is not channeled properly. Always remember to love because the world needs the radiance that you bring to it.

LeoYou are a humanitarian, you are venerated and treasured. The weaknesses might appear when you do not feel the love that others give to you but remember that you are very much admired for your buoyant personality, your accessibility to others and the passion you give when you’re involved with things you love. There is an unrelenting force inside of you that can help you rise up from those challenges that might make you feel as if you’ve been knocked out. Trust in it.

VirgoYou are a trendsetter, you are focused and grounded. You can become your own worst enemy because you understand the darkest sides of human nature. Where others see Victory, you see weaknesses and failure. Understand that your words can come across as harsh, so do not use them on yourself. Learn to admire and respect you; your accomplishments are not in vain and the world truly does admire and respect you. Virgo, you set the pace for your friends, everyone sees what wonders you produce, how easily you carry yourself with dignity and class. Do not fight yourself.

LibraYou are the diplomat, you are revered and respected. Another Cardinal force that is misunderstood. The Libra is ruled by the kindness the Aries has a tough time to display. You are controlled, you are cool, calm and collected. You can change the opinions of others and will be able to wear a mask that is unbreakable. No one will know who you are, no one will understand it because you speak with words dripped in honey and strike with a weapon that can rival the other signs. Libra can literally destroy with kindness, so do not let others think any less of you.

ScorpioYou are the power, the transformation and strength. Scorpio initiates and destroys mercilessly. You understand what it means to come back after experiencing defeat. This is the sign that should not allow what others say or do impact them or let it corrupt them emotionally. You are the fighter, ruled by Pluto and Mars, you know what it means to go into battle and win. The tactical side of the Scorpio should be revered.

SagittariusYou are the philosopher, the idealist and the champion. No one can match what you have to say, you rarely hide behind anyone because you are confident enough in your mind. Sagittarius loves the challenges because it is ruled by Fire and this element loves to be tested. They will usually come out victorious in anything they are involved with because they can be stubborn. We admire your mind and spirit, Sagittarius. Keep fighting.

Capricorn You are meticulous, hardworking and persistent. There are times when you can become your own worst enemy. Remember that you are always at the top, you can make it there with your perseverance and deep down you know you were placed on this Earth to achieve greatness. Do not allow self-doubt to cloud your judgment, you are doing wonderful things. Like the Virgo, you can become your worst enemy, falling into traps of self-doubt. Resist the urge and keep going. Keep your mind on the prize and continue to triumph. Capricorn is excellence and power, you know how to use both in subtle ways.

AquariusYou are an enigma, revolutionary and unbreakable. The spirit of the Aquarius is that of permanent changes and social transformations. Aquarius fights the good fight on an intellectual and physical realm. No one can match your wit and your endurance. Your dreams are magnificent and with your visions, you can change the social norms. Your philosophy can change or break minds, your actions can help us understand what it means to see the limits. This sign fits well with the alpha and omega, you’re on the brink of understanding the cosmos and restructuring them.

Pisces You are a fighter, misunderstood but reliable. The escapist Pisces needs to believe in themselves. Their fight is within and those cannot see what goes on in their mind and heart. The Pisces might be seen as a weak force, but deep down they are ready to take on any challenge in a more covert way. Pisces picks their battles to ensure that they will gain victory. You are the master illusionist, the weaver of dreams and the traveler of the darkest realms. No one can think like you or understand you because you transcend them. Your battle scars are unseen and you never let those know what you’ve been through, instead you opt to give them an innocent smile to fool them all.

Steve Doesn’t need to know: Bucky x Reader

Mild Smut, Read at your own discretion 


Prompt: Hiiii could you write an imagine for Bucky where the reader is practically like a little sister to Steve and he finds out about her and Bucky? Smut if your comfortable with it? 😁😁😁

“Buck not here” you giggled, as you felt his stubble draw across and tickle your neck. Bucky had been very needy lately, and most of the time it was terrible timing, like right now as you walked out from the elevator into the hallway.

You felt your back hit the metal of the wall behind you, god it was cold, you involuntarily arched your back. Which only made things worse, as you could feel yourself grind your lower half right onto the bulge in his pants. Bucky’s eyes shot to yours, he looked animalistic, he smirked his eyes darkening “now why not, y/n?” he cooed feigning innocence and dipping his head back to your neck, sucking on your sweet spot.

Taking in a shaky breath and suppressing a moan, you worked up the courage to push him off. Stalking past him into the kitchen to grab lunch, you were starving, but now you weren’t so sure a salad would satisfy you.

Bending down you grabbed a bowl from the lower cupboards, doing your absolute best to ignore Bucky when you really just wanted him to take you right now in the kitchen. As you stood up, you felt his presence behind you, about to curse him out you clenched your jaw, but gasped out as you felt his hand dive up your shirt. Your grip faltered on your bowl, and it fell to the floor, being a metal bowl thankfully it didn’t break, but hell did it make an obnoxiously loud noise.  

Footsteps sounded coming from one of the other halls, and you leaned over your shoulder and made fearful eye contact with Bucky.

He caught the drift and dove across the thankfully empty countertop and sat down at one of the chairs attempting to look casual.

Steve rounded the corner, “everything alright?” he asked curiously, you smiled at him picking up the bowl. “Sorry Stevie, I just dropped something,” you said sweetly. Moving to continue your salad, Steve simply smiled at you and nodded saying hello to buck as he turned to leave.

As Steve left Bucky smirked at you, god he was going to be your death, you were sure of it.

Diving across the counter exactly how he did before he got more handsy, pushing your salad out of your hands, picking you up and sitting you on the counter.

Spitefully you refused to look at him, turning your head to the side. He was unbothered, pushing open your legs to walk between them. He started working on your neck again, you were successfully ignoring him until he bit down, you gasped in surprise, and he used this to grab your face and kiss you.

He started to rub your thighs slowly making his way up, as he got to about mid-thigh you had lost all resistance. Bucky felt you let go and he smirked into the kiss. “Your such a dick,” you said into the kiss, kind of pissed how easy it was for him to affect you. “No, Doll,” he said moving his hands up your chest to your breasts, “I have a dick” he stated, moving his head so that he could whisper in your ear, “and fuck do you love it”.

A very pissed looking Steve stood at the other end of the kitchen with his arms crossed, “Does she now?”.

“Shit, Steve I’m so sorry” you stated scrambling out of Bucky’s hold. He merely clenched his jaw glaring at Bucky not even making eye contact with you, “move y/n, Buck and I are going to have a little chat”.

You popped off the counter and scrambled out of the way, serves Bucky right, I tried to warn him. But no the man has the patience of a child.

You left the kitchen and almost choked on a laugh, there was Steve on one end of the counter and Bucky on the other, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but here.

As you left walking down the hall you heard Steve yell, “MY SISTER BUCK, SHE BASICALLY MY DAMN SISTER”, you snickered, being Steve’s best friend was great for you at least, but it seems not for Bucky.

Hi everyone! As requested, here is the September Target Language Writing Challenge, with Back to School-themed asks! Special thanks to @nylffn for this lovely idea. Thank you!!

I’d also like to give a shoutout to @mylanguageroad@yourswedishboy@slightly-weird-book-worm@linguavert@blumensprache@perplexedravenclaw@crehelf for keeping up with last month’s challenge (sorry if I accidentally left you out!).

If you don’t know about this challenge: Want to maintain or improve your writing skills in your target language? Try this 30-day writing challenge for September: Every day, answer the following prompts in your target language (in a personal journal or in a tumblr post). Good luck!

  1. What is your favorite stationery product and why?
  2. What is your favorite childhood memory from school?
  3. Do you have a fictional role model that you look to as an academic inspiration? (Hermione Granger, Rory Gilmore, Elle Woods…) Who is it and why?
  4. Are you in any clubs, organizations, or sports teams at school? Describe them.
  5. Do you use a bullet journal? Why?
  6. What does your ideal life after school look like?
  7. Write about a time that your teacher was really unfair or annoying in class.
  8. Write about a friend you met in class.
  9. Do you know what you want to major/pursue a career in? If so, how did you decide on this? If not, what are some subjects you would consider pursuing?
  10. What kind of music do you study to? Why?
  11. Where do you like to study? Why?
  12. What’s one book that you had to read for class that you ended up liking, and why?
  13. What are some go-to study snacks?
  14. Is your target language one that you studied in school? How long have you been studying it?
  15. What is one bad habit that keeps you from being productive? How will you combat this?
  16. Write your homework (or work) to-do list in your target language.
  17. What’s your school morning routine?
  18. Write about the best teacher you’ve had.
  19. What’s one thing you wish you could change about the educational system?
  20. What do you think about school social events – dances, football games, etc? Do you go to them?
  21. List your academic goals for this year.
  22. What is one thing you’re looking forward to this year?
  23. Write whatever is currently on your mind (bc I’m running out of ideas lol).
  24. What do you think about giving students tablets or laptops for taking notes, etc?
  25. Do you like making your notes “pretty” or “aesthetic” (lol)? What’s your reasoning behind your choice?
  26. Name some of the best study tips/methods you’ve learned.
  27. Are you a morning person? Do you like having morning classes or night classes?
  28. What’s one academic strength and one weakness you have?
  29. Name a fun memory from school.
  30. How do you deal with school stress/what are some self-care techniques?

If you participate in this challenge and post your prompt answers, make sure to tag me with #writingchallengeseptember ! I’ll be liking/reblogging them :)

BTS reacting to another member finding your bra.

pairing: bts x reader
fandom: bts
warnings: mentions of sex ; mentions of spanking ; language
genre: crack ; mentions of smut

a/n: heey bb! yep, I’m quite well thank you, hope you are as well!! thank you for the request, I really loved writing it!

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kim seokjin

You and Jin were in the kitchen making dinner for everyone, when Taehyung walked in, seemingly looking for something.

“Do you remember where I put the crackers I bought last week?”

“Uh.. I think in the cupboard over there, hun,” you pointed towards the one, while you were still sitting on the counter, your legs dangling back and forth and your eyes on your boyfriend, a happy smile gracing your features.

You were so focused on him, that you didn’t even see what Tae pulled out of the cupboard.

Definitely no crackers.

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10 Things to Do Before School Starts

  • Get your sleep schedule back on track
     The easiest way to do this is gradually, by waking yourself up earlier and earlier each day until you’re back at where you need to be. If you’re finding it difficult to go to bed at a reasonable time so you get enough sleep, try exercising during the day so you sleep better, or take an all-natural melatonin supplement just before you go to bed. Be self-disciplined with when you wake up, especially if you have a bad night’s sleep, as it will be easier for you to fall asleep at the right time if you don’t oversleep in the morning
  • Figure out what your goals are for the year and how you will achieve them
     This isn’t necessary per se, but I always find it useful to set a couple of goals for the academic year. Obviously, there is one academic goal (what kinds of grades are you aiming for/where do you want to end up?), but remember to think about how you want to develop as a person, and which skills and personality traits you think should be worked on over the year. Figuring out how you will achieve this is more difficult, but even if it’s through practising a daily habit for ten minutes or being self-aware when it comes to a certain aspect of your personality, there are always ways to grow academically and emotionally as a person
  • Organise your supplies and buy what you need
    I really like bulk-buying for the school year, mostly because I know what my go-tos are, and if I can buy 100 pens for £16 (16p per pen), then I sure as hell will because firstly it saves money and secondly I don’t have to worry so much about running out of pens if I have 100 of them (same goes for notebooks, snacks, etc.). The best way to figure out what you need is to think about what kinds of activities/studying you will be doing, and what kind of stuff is absolutely essential for you to be able to study efficiently. I like having notebooks, refill pads, black biros, and coloured felt tip markers at the very least (as well as other essentials like pencils and rulers), and after than I can build up what I like, but it’s imperative to have your essentials down before the school year starts. (Also I’m gonna be doing some stuff on here next week to do with this, so watch this space)
  • Get your dates and timetable together as much as you can
     Often, you’re not going to know your exact timetable until you get there. However, your school may provide you with dates and events, even if this is just term time, that will help you get your life together a little more if you know when these are and can start thinking about what you can do with your time. Even if you don’t know the exact timings, but know how many hours a day/week you spend doing certain things, for example, you can at least plan what kind of spare time you might have and how you might be able to spend it. The more you organise yourself before the year starts, the more put-together you’re going to feel during the year itself.
  • Start new habits now
     If you’ve promised yourself that you’re going to drink more water when you’re studying, or that you’re going to get up early or make your bed every morning, then it’s easier to start doing those things as soon as possible rather than making an excuse and putting it off until later to start, even if those habits are going to be primarily associated with the academic year. There’s no real reason you should wait until you start building yourself towards who you want to be.
  • Plan outfits
     If you’re in a situation where you need to plan outfits, then start thinking about it now, especially if you’re heading off to live away from home and study, and you have limited space to transport clothes. Start with the essentials, and build a coordinated wardrobe that is functional and suits your own style. If you plan whilst you’re buying the actual outifts, you can build up a colour-coordinated wardrobe which means that you can throw almost anything together when you’re in a rush and it will still look like you have it all under control. As someone who’s been through a very long wardrobe-based trial and error process with living away from home and studying, just trust me on this one.
  • Plan meals
     Again, if you’re in a situation where this applies to you, start thinking about it now. To study effectively, you need to think about your nutrition, and thus which staple foods you need to rely on. The more thought you give this, the easier it will be when you go food shopping and when you make the meals themselves.
  • Figure out the locations of things if you’re starting somewhere new
     Of course, sometimes this isn’t a possibility until you get there simply as a result of the setup, but if it is at all possible, even using google maps, figure out where things are on campus, as there’s nothing worse than starting the year off on a bad note by showing up late for lectures/seminars/supervisions. Obviously, it will still take some time to get your bearings when you arrive, but at least having a vague idea of which direction you are heading in (and how long it will take) is a massive help.
  • Find out if you already know anyone in your courses
     In the internet age, it’s easier to connect with people and figure out if you already know someone taking the course, or if you can link up with someone before. Not only does this help because you aren’t going into the unknown completely alone, but also if you miss any classes, you already have someone who can help you and give you the materials you need to allow you to catch up, which is invaluable.
  • Get excited!
     Every new year is full of new beginnings, and this year is no exception. Whether you’re in the same place as before, or you’re starting somewhere completely new, you should never forget that there are so many open doors that are just waiting for you to walk through. This year’s going to be fantastic, and you will make it so!

My name is Kim Namjoon, also known as RM, the leader of the group BTS. It is an incredible honour to be invited to an occasion with such significance for today’s young generation. Last November, BTS launched the Love Myself campaign with UNICEF building in our belief that true love begins with first loving myself. We’ve been partnering with UNICEF’s end violence program to protect children and young people all over the world from violence. And our fans have become a major part of this campaign with their action and with their enthusiasm. We truly have the best fans in the world.
And I’d like to begin by talking about myself. I was born in Ilsan, a city near Seoul, South Korea. It is a really beautiful place with the lake, hills, and even an annual flower festival. I spent a very happy childhood there, and I was just an ordinary boy.
I used to look up at the night sky and wonder, and I used to dream the dreams of a boy. I used to imagine that I was a superhero who could save the world. And in an intro to one of our early albums, there is a line that says ‘My heart stopped when I was maybe nine or ten.’
Looking back, I think that’s when I began to worry about what other people thought of me, and started seeing myself through their eyes. I stopped looking up at the night sky, the stars; I stopped daydreaming, instead, I just tried to just jam myself into moulds that other people made. Soon, I began started to shut out my own voice and started to listen to the voices of others.
No-one called out my name, and neither did I. My heart stopped and my eyes closed shut. So, like this, I, we, all lost our names. We became like ghosts.
But I had one sanctuary, and that was music.
There was a small voice inside of me that said, ‘Wake up man, and listen to yourself’. But it took me quite a long time to hear music calling my real name. Even after making the decision to join BTS, there were a lot of hurdles. Some people might not believe, but most people thought we were hopeless. And sometimes, I just wanted to quit. But I think I was very lucky that I didn’t give it all up. And I’m sure that I, and we, will keep stumbling and falling like this.
BTS has become artists performing in those huge stadiums and selling millions of albums right now, but I am still an ordinary 24 year old guy. If there’s anything that I’ve achieved, it was only possible that I have my other BTS members right by my side, and because of the love and support that our ARMY fans made all over the world for us. And maybe I made a mistake yesterday. But yesterday’s me is still me. Today, I am who I am with all of my faults and my mistakes. Tomorrow, I might be a tiny bit wiser and that’ll be me too. These faults and mistakes are what I am, making up the brightest stars in the constellation of my life. I have come to love myself for who I am, for who I was, and for who I hope to become.
I would like to say the one last thing. After releasing our Love Yourself albums, and launching the LOVE MYSELF campaign, we started to hear remarkable stories from our fans all over the world how our message helped them overcome the hardships in life and start loving themselves. Those stories constantly remind us of our responsibility. So let’s take all one more step. We have learned to love ourselves so now I urge you to speak yourself. I’d like to ask all of you. What is your name? What excites you and makes your heartbeat? Tell me your story. I want to hear your voice and I want to hear your conviction. No matter who you are, where you from, your skin colour, your gender identity – just speak yourself. Find your name, find your voice by speaking yourself.
I’m Kim Namjoon, and also RM of BTS. I’m an idol and I’m an artist from a small town in Korea. Like most people, I’ve made many and plenty of mistakes in my life. I have many faults, and I have many more fears, but I’m going to embrace myself as hard as I can, and I’m starting to love myself gradually, just little by little.
What is your name? Speak yourself.
Thank you very much. ©