and makes me cry on a regular basis

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Who are your favourite Robron mutuals on here? What makes them worthy to follow?

Oh gosh this might…get long. I might be a little biased in this because they are all going to be people I talk to on at least a semi regular basis.

@robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad April is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. She is kind, sweet, funny, and just all around wonderful. She has such great insight into the boys. Her tags are always on point and will often make you cry. 13/10 would follow again.

@apositivelifeaffirmingway Michelle is a giffing queen. Her sets always look so freaking amazing I’m always blown away. She also happens to be a m a z i n g as a person. She is so nice and sweet and she is just so great to talk to!

@escapingreality51 Amelia omfg she is a jack of all fucking trades. She can sing, she can write, she is smart as HELL and also just the sweetest thing! Her fics are amazing and seriously Amelia pls do more song covers!

@youslicetheginger Saara is the one I go to when I want to indulge in aaross and revel in my cain/Aaron feelings. She is great to go back and forth with and basically end up in a pool of tears. She is also super fucking cool and I’m just like why do you even put up with me lol

@evak-malec Bec. Y'all. Bec is an outstanding giffer. I am constantly in awe of the things she makes. They are always so creative and always HEARTBREAKING. seriously it’s fucking DAILY that she makes me cry with her sets. She is also 2 cool 4 me and idk why she even puts up with me 

@wellyfullofale Tash is a fantastic writer!! Her fic Dales United is my jam and I’m always psyched when she posts any writing. She is so fun to freak the fuck out with. Let’s just say there is a lot of all caps in our conversations. (Another 2 cool 4 me blog 😂)

@itwasjustmisplaced Taryn is also an amazing giffer! I love reading her thoughts because tbh she has a lot of the same thoughts and opinions I do but she just words it so eloquently. Also she loves being bitter and pissing people off just as much as I do so that’s always really fun

@sapphicsugden SIRI. The Satan of this fandom. Siri is my number 1 favorite fic writer in this entire fandom. Her fics always put me balls deep into my feelings and has even made me sob. She is also hilarious and wonderful to talk to. She almost always threatens my life when I post about Roberts pain and I live for it.

@aarondinglestears bruh Rachel is downright amazing. I love this girl so damn much!! She is bitter like me and I love reading her opinions even if I don’t necessarily agree. She indulges my love of Aaron’s tears and how beautiful he looks when he cries. I love talking to her and she is just too nice and good for me.

@bartsugsy Lo is l i t e r a l l y the funniest person I’ve ever met. She always makes me laugh with her posts. I love going to her when I’m having a lot of feelings because she will freak out about those feelings with me. I know a lot of people feel the same cause the amount of feeling laden asks she gets is insane. (Waiting for an update of that break up saga that I’ve forgotten the name of) ;)

@gargoyles42 Shelby is another great giffer, and even better, she is multifandom. She is the person who got me into aaross in the first place (among other ships I won’t mention) and she always manages to give me these ideas and scenarios between characters that I never knew I wanted. She is definitely the person to go to for “taboo” or maybe not so popular ideas and ships.

@dasoni @drawerswithouthandles  Oni is the sweetest most talented person ever and her art is my absolute FAVORITE. Oni is amazing and always knows how to brighten my day. Seriously. Her art is out of this world.

A few more I adore: @darlingaaron (Gemma is the most amazing thing i love her so fucking much) @charitydingle (kayleigh is a talented giffer who is so sweet ilu) @dinglebrose (Mel is wonderful and another great giffer) @dannymillers (Jess is the actual best and I’m so happy we started following each other!)

I know there are more that I’m forgetting. And I’m so dang sorry if I forgot you. It’s like 730 in the morning and I’m not awake yet. I also want to say that I love and adore every single one of my mutuals. Y'all are so amazing and I’m so happy you guys made the awful decision to follow me.

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Watching fictional therapists on TV

It really upsets me to see that TV therapists are always portrayed to be uptight and unpleasant people whose only interest is to make a character feel bad about their lives and cry about their childhood.

And why is it always a psychiatrist on TV? Does no one in entertainment know how outdated the therapy-giving-psychiatrist is? Hell, a good portion of entertainment workers get therapy on a regular basis, don’t they know the difference? Where are the Psychologists, the MFTs, the Social Workers and the LPCCs? 

Ever since I started grad school, I’ve watched (scripted and “reality”) TV therapists act in ways a true therapist NEVER would: creating dual relationships, breaking confidentiality and unethical decision-making, just to name a few. 

These uneducated and ignorant depictions of therapists on TV only fuels the negative stigma of therapy and minimizes the hard work we do to provide and promote mental health to those who seek treatment. 

Perhaps I should think about becoming a part-time TV writer to make sure our people are represented accurately. Who’s with me? ;0)

I suffer from pretty terrible nightmares on a regular basis, and I sometimes wake up feeling very ill or start to cry. For Christmas my parents got me a big poster of Cole, and I keep it in my bedroom near my bed. It just makes me feel safer, like somehow Cole being there will keep the nightmares from actually harming me. It’s a comforting thought, but I’m afraid people will think it’s silly, so I never tell anyone.

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I don't care if you're the real deal or not, we are still your seedlings and we nuv you and you are still our gardener you nuv us and nurture us and I still think you're halarious and amazing. Thank you for being you.

Seedling who cares makes me cry on a regular basis tbh