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You know how every once and a while USPS will mark a package delivered and it’s just not there? Some time sensitive supplies were “delivered” on Wednesday, and after searching high and low I had to reorder some to be delivered to my PO box instead to make sure I got it.

I figured someone delivered it to the wrong house so I asked at the post office today and immediately was told it was in my PO box. But was addressed and marked delivered to my ~*~house~*~. Please do not. 

So yeah… here’s an alternate ending to “where the hell is my package” if you also have a PO box. 

when u almost get hit


Toys R Us had some of the smaller ponies on sale so I got this beautiful Princess Luna and a blind box… um… Ocatvia?! She doesn’t have a face because that makes her a special one, I guess? I like the little container and the fact that she isn’t made of the same squishy material as the other ones I have.

gaaras trauma like. takes different form than sasuke and narutos even in normal ppl aus bc his is just. kinda. weird. and he doesnt really understand that its weird but he got hit with that Weird Type Of Child Abuse if that makes sense. and none of them has like. faced less trauma or abuse its just easier for sasuke and nart boy to talk abt being raised in foster homes than gaara to explain that he got locked in a room for three days without food once and also he wasnt allowed to talk to his siblings until he was ten like literally ever and also one time his uncle tried to drown him in a bathtub so gaara could repent for killing his mother

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I kinda have a crush on you, and I find you absolutely gorgeous, which admitting to you is kinda weird, but anyway, I wanna tell you how much you're inspiring me with your art and your confidence in fighting for what you believe in. You've really helped me, and I'm proud of you, and I'm proud to call myself one of your followers. You're a stupendous human being and you're going to do amazing things, hell, you already are. <3 xxx

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you guys are way too sweet to me!! it’s so great to hear I have some kind of positive influence on people (and that you like my face lmao) Helping people and making them feel good is what it’s all about! :DD

i’m tired of everything. i’m tired of *~society~* and i don’t care if. that makes me sound like a. fake deep person who can’t face their own. problems and inspires ppl to vagueblog about *~ppl who blame everything on capitalism. im tired of how isolated everyone is, im tired of hyper-individualism, im tired of feeling no connection to other humans and how prioritizing interpersonal connections over personal achievement is seen as weird and unhealthy. im sad that i never got to do anything Fun as a Teen because everyone’s entire life was studying for APs and getting into college and wanting to do normal teenage things and have adventures was looked at as lazy evil dumb slut behavior. i’m tired of the fact that whenever i DO attempt to make an emotional human connection with anyone who happens to be a dude im reminded of the fact that men all think any woman talking to them is Girl #3. im tired of everything being unbelievably boring. i want to connect with people and have adventures and for everything to not be unbelievably fucking lame and boring anymore. i don’t get why i have to pathologize the fact that i just want my life to be fucking decent and not “lmao netflix n pizza”. i want to get drunk and make out with a frat boy and not the internalized judgement of all the fucking nerds i know i want to stop trying to guess the “relatable” thing to say when im talking to ppl bc i don’t want to alienate them, i want to build something. i want to do a heist. i want to die. 



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I like the idea of long distance relationship seungchuchu. Based on this one text post that I can’t seem to find orz…