and makes a hell of a lot more sense

Sun Signs

Your BASIC traits.

Aries: A natural born leader, willing to try anything. Usually takes on more than they can handle because they think they can handle it. Will not take no for an answer. Dramatic af. Likes making jokes, but doesn’t like when people make jokes about them.

Taurus: Stubborn but hates admitting it. Protective of their family, always willing to help. Can appear a bit pretentious at times. The best sense of humor, and quite an overachiever. A bit insecure when it comes to falling in love.

Gemini: The best communicators of the zodiac. They have a lot of dreams and overwhelm themselves with wanting to achieve all of them. Really sarcastic but usually with good intentions. Can be pushy. Loves learning new things.

Cancer: Emotional as hell, but also so much more than that. Incredibly family oriented. Can appear a bit selfish but it’s only because they think they know what is best for everyone. Usually hella organized. More of a perfectionist than any other sign. They remember every tiny detail about you. Loves cuddling.

Leo: Can come off a bit prideful. Hates showing weakness in any form, likely not a mushy person in the slightest. VERY business savvy, incredible common sense. One of the best senses of humor of the whole zodiac. Constantly moving on to the next best thing. Loves spoiling their friends.

Virgo: The smartest of the zodiac. These people are the most likely to obsess on things. Not actually all neat freaks! Usually quite cluttered. Can be slightly controlling but it’s only because they want to see those they love succeed. Gives out too many chances.

Libra: Is happiest when they’re taking care of those they love. Is usually the center of attention in a crowd, whether they mean to be or not. Struggles sharing deep emotions but wants to help you with yours. One of the biggest dreamers.

Scorpio: Not all of them are moody and dark, but all are intense. Usually thinks about intimacy more than they let on. Can be selfish but usually unintentionally. Masters of manipulation. You can always tell a Scorpio by their eyes.

Sagittarius: Like all fire signs, constantly on the move. A bit restless. Uses humor to disguise their feelings. Likely has unusual options and enjoys taboo things. Love is the most confusing thing to them. Can turn from hot to cold in a relationship in an instant.

Capricorn: Can be found making people laugh. Doesn’t like talking about their feelings, but gets upset if they feel you don’t care enough to ask. Never forgets those they love, holds on to things they learn from their relationships. Tough love is their thing. Ambitious but can take their sweet time getting there.

Aquarius: Often labeled as the weird ones, but one of the smarter signs. Loves learning. Obsessed with love but struggles with it. A natural flirt at all times. Can be incredibly detached and insensitive at times. Doesn’t mind looking silly at times to make people laugh.

Pisces: Uses sarcasm and often makes jokes that are surprisingly dark. Loves working with their hands. Emotional, and is usually the sign that is the most hard on themselves. Very smart and only happy if they’re doing something they love career wise.

Genji is not naked

So this has been bugging me for a while now, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
But Genji’s model ingame is not him not wearing clothes. He’s wearing full body armour.

Case in point:

This is Genji pre-enlightenment, wearing blessedly sleeveless civilian clothes (or at least Overwatch’s version of it) Note the arms.

This is Genji now. Again, note the arms. 

Conclusion: Genji is not naked, he’s in fact covered up more than on the picture of that celebration.
Which makes sense since the skins are supposed to be what the characters wear in a combat situation. I doubt Hanzo walks around all the time with his tit out.

Presumably underneath the armour is a hell of a lot of tech hidden, together with his (semi?) organic skin that looks from the picture like bare muscles. Maybe synthetic tissue that could be more or less sensitive to touch.

These are just some 8am Monday morning rambling thoughts, but I think I’ve hit on an explanation for something that’s bugged me for years.

My only major complaint about the Brotherhood adaption of the FMA manga has always been the unusual gutting and cutting of Riza’s recount of Ishval. It’s stripped bare. For perspective, the retelling spans the entirety of volume 15 of the manga. Most manga volumes after Ling’s introduction are given about 2.5-3 episodes for adaption. The recount of Ishval was given 1 episode–episode 30.

And they did some clever shuffling to at least make this slightly more reasonable. Roy’s declaration to Maes that he intends to overthrow Bradley and fix Amestris is given as the cold open to episode 10, even though this is part of volume 15. Scar’s backstory was presented in episode 22. Riza burying the nameless Ishvalan child and then asking Roy to burn off her back is in episode 54. All of these were relocated in the telling, but not cut.

Yet that doesn’t explain the sheer volume of stuff that DID get cut. Or changed even. Episode 30 seems to be missing the aspect of humanness that comes across in volume 15. It’s almost 2-dimensional since it seems to cut most things that display an element of human fallibility and moral ambiguity. It’s like “Yes the Amestrians are Evil except not our Heroes they are Different”. I always chalked that up to an unfortunate consequence of the cutting choices.

I finally realized though–I think that’s the intent.

I think Brotherhood modifies the story to make the named, known characters less morally implacable for their actions. All the cuts seem to get rid of the morally-gray–or even downright evil–things that Mustang, Hawkeye, Armstrong, and Hughes do, and amp up the evil in the actions of the unnamed Amestrian soldiers

Here’s a list of things cut or modified in episode 30:

  • In the manga, Roy and Riza reunite when Riza snipes and kills an Ishvalan man about to stab Roy. The man was hiding in the Amestrians’ base camp, jumped Roy after he’d removed his gloves to wash his hands, and right before the man sinks his blade into Roy’s neck, Riza shoots him through the head. In the anime, she just walks up to Roy and Maes, having killed no one on screen.
  • In the manga, Roy burns to death the last Ishvalan survivor–an old injured man gently petting his dog. Roy asks if the man has any last words, and the old man calmly curses Mustang right before he’s incinerated. 
  • In the manga, Armstrong attempts to let two Ishvalan women escape by busting a hole in the wall he’d transmuted to trap them in. Kimbley steps in and annihilates them. He then goes to offer Armstrong a hand up, and (as a friendly favor) promises not to let the higher-ups know what Armstrong did, lest he get court martialed. 
  • In the manga, we see dead Ishvalans left on the ground. Mustang and Hughes walk by bodies as they talk. Ishvalans with speaking roles are murdered. Faces can be put to people who were killed by Armstrong, Mustang, and Hawkeye.
  • In the manga, a captain in charge of Hughes’ squad is ordering unnecessarily risky missions in a thinly-veiled attempt to earn some recognition from the higher-up. Bass Grahn takes issue with this, and murders the captain. Hughes and some men are present to witness this. They calmly remark how unfortunate it is that a “stray bullet” from the other side has killed the captain.
  • The Amestrians’ celebration at the end of the war is cut. Some of Mustang’s men flag him down for a drink with him to thank him for protecting them. Mustang is disgusted with himself for the recognition. considering that indiscriminately killing people is what earned him it. (In fact, when Bradley spies Mustang in the crowd and realizes Mustang is vying for his spot, he remarks something along the lines of “There’s one man not enjoying the drunken celebration.”)
  • And, as far as things included in the anime but not the manga, Scar’s anime flashback to the war involves Amestrian soldiers gleefully, maliciously, happily killing Ishvalans. The soldiers all look identical. They don’t blink. And they march in perfect unison. This does make sense since it’s from Scar’s perspective. It very well could have looked that way to him. But that’s the ONLY perspective we’re given on the general Amestrian soldier–as if they’re all one generic, depthless, monster faction. 

On the whole, the cut pieces paint a far more brutal picture

When Riza talks to Ed about Mustang’s plan to bring the Amestrian genociders to justice (himself and Riza included) it makes a lot more sense to the reader. Because we saw Roy and Hughes step over rotting bodies, and saw Riza snipe the gore and brains clear from a man’s head, and saw Mustang incinerate a harmless dog, and his injured, elderly owner. There is no dancing around what these people have done.

Yet in the anime, all these cuts modify the perspective we’re given. We don’t see Riza shoot and kill anyone (at least, not up close, not with a face). We don’t see Mustang incinerate the dog and the injured old man who gently cursed him to hell. We don’t see the people Armstrong attempted to aid getting wiped out. We don’t see Hughes’ quiet complicity with mutiny. Nor his stoic disaffection when the Ishvalan high priest’s offer is shot down by Bradley. We don’t get Mustang’s named subordinate soldiers who thank him for protecting them in war so they can go home to their families. 

We lose the truly awful things our known characters were a part of. And we lose the humanity expressed by the background soldiers working beneath Mustang and the others. 

What we get instead is divide. We know Mustang and Hawkeye killed people in Ishval, but they refuse to show us. We just see them acting remorseful, or planning self-immolating ways to fix everything wrong with Amestris. Opposite them, we get Generic Amestrian Soldier™ who gleefully commits genocide and has one, singular character design, when in the manga several of these people are named and are presented as honest, kind people. 

The whole thing, to me, comes across as censorship. Like it’s maybe an attempt to separate Mustang, Hawkeye, Armstrong, and Hughes from their awful deeds. To make them more likable, to destroy the moral ambiguity that is otherwise clear in the manga. It makes them safer to present as good guys. And instead lumps the evil on this flanderized, straw-man Amestrian soldier.

For whatever political or cultural reasons, I think the anime studio was afraid of implicating Mustang and the others for their involvement in the Ishvalan genocide.

you know, I genuinely think the majority of games journalists and the type of people that write about games didn’t even start playing games until around 2005-2007

and it seems a hell of a lot of games journos or people that think like them are inordinately embarrassed by 90s games

Tomb Raider, Duke 3d, Doom, Deus Ex, Sonic, Mortal Kombat.

Rather than seeing them as landmarks of gaming history, they see them as embarrassments, diseases that gaming must recover from. Tumors to be removed from gaming’s consciousness.

Even the people that played games around this time and are into “gaming culture” seem to absolutely despise these games and games that came before.

You got Leigh Alexander blaming Deus Ex for screwing up her relationship with her dad. You got moviebob calling Deus Ex games “robot shooting games”.
we’ve got nobodies going on bizarre twitter rants about how Doom ruined gaming because it wasn’t a “sophisticated” rpg or Myst

and you got people saying with a straight face

“Sonic was never good”

I’m not even a Sonic fan, and I know that’s bullshit.

Thus this ties back into my theory about when they started playing video games….

Sonic 06 came out right around this time.

So Sonic as a franchise is getting hit by a doubly whammy of like, their first encounter with it being a particularly bad entry in the series, and of him being pretty much the final serious holdout of “Mascot…..WITH AN ATTITUDE” from the 90s.

Duke gets hit pretty bad cause OH HE’S MISOGYNISTIC and by his last proper game not being very good and severely outdated.

Lara Croft got hit by, despite a majority of her games being clever affairs about her agility, climbing and NOT FALLING ON THE GROUND, a bad early case of Fanbase Being Horny For Her, so these sorts REALLY don’t like her. So they like the boring drab dressed reboot Uncharted clone where she keeps falling off cliffs and crying, because they’re under the impression nobody is Horny for her (haha, how little they know)

with Mortal Kombat, you just gotta look at how positively they reacted to it having an actual story mode and more “realistically” proportioned women (though Netherealm honestly still isn’t GREAT at modelling and designing women yet)

Doom has people thinking it’s just a pulpy gore shoot affair, not knowing that you actually need a strategic approach and sharp reflexes to succeed and it has brilliant level designs that influence people TO THIS DAY

and with Deus Ex, you see people trying to eviscerate them for taking a non racial apartheid as a theme, screaming at them for having “Augmented Lives Matter” in a protester’s banner in concept art, even though Deus Ex ALWAYS talked about social issues, political philosophies, and conspiracy theories. and even though Adam Jensen Deus Ex games are probably some of the best representations of an understated dystopia, with augmented humans being discriminated against and legislated into oblivion, and dystopic nightmares about people never truly owning the body parts they need to live, Adam Jensen being only valued because he has a specific mutation in his DNA by his own company and the Illuminati, and with blue collar laborers being further dehumanized by getting augments because the company usually owns their body parts, they become dependent on anti rejection drugs, and often have them going into serious debt to keep a job that doesn’t pay enough to keep their debts. If that isn’t a “Late Capitalism” concept, what the hell IS? robot shooter my ass.

everything starts to make a lot more sense when you realize a lot of these people are neophytes to this art form that have no respect or sense of history to what came before, or bitter old assholes that should know better, but are perpetually enraged gaming hasn’t turned out how THEY wanted and that THEY have no control nor influence

The Four Chemistry Classes You Might Take in College

Because apparently my descriptions of chemistry are apparently amusing to @papalogia

Gen Chem: A mix of “hey I learned this in high school, this ain’t so bad”, “they lied about this in high school but it makes a bit more sense now”, and “I have never seen this before, but let’s roll with it.”

Organic Chem: You hate carbon. You hate bonds. You hate stereochemistry. You may or may not hate reactions, depending on if that makes sense to you. If you can’t imagine molecules, you hate your life.

Inorganic Chem: This isn’t organic! It makes sense! And then you get to Molecular Orbital diagrams and you cry a bit. Or a lot, depending on if you get them right away. Or at all.

Physical Chemistry: The bastard hell child of physics and chemistry. It has no soul, and you will come out of it hating every sentence that contains the words “particle” and “box” together. If your calculus skills aren’t up there, you will cry in frustration. If your calculus skills are up there, you will cry, but it will be out of joy. You may not know what’s going on, but you just solved an equation, so that’s something.

Favourite Book of Mormon moments
  • the harmonising at the end of hello BOI fucc 
  • oh come on you guys
  • the two by two choreography 
  • ‘australia where the say, g’day
  • ‘every captain needs a mate’ ‘AYE AYE
  • ‘i’ll do something incredible, THAT BLOWS GOD’S FREAKIN’ MIND
  • that one ‘BUT MOSTLY ME’ in the middle where he just really fuckin goes for it boi i am deceased 
  • kevin’s face when he’s told what hasa diga means A+ comedy gold
  • Arnold like body popping to hasa diga before kevin drags him off to the side
  • ‘F you heavenly father? HOLY MOLY I SAID IT LIKE THIRTEEN TIMES
  • nabulungi just being so darn cute literally always
  • ‘my hetero side just won’ *bangs on chest*
  • the tapping and those fucking PINK VESTS
  • kevins confusion as to how the fuck am i wearing this vest and tap dancing ???
  • CRUSH IT! okay?
  • literally anything mckinley does 
  • ‘goodnight best friend’ ‘goodnight pal’
  • ‘maybe you should let me do the talking and you can stand and support me by saying oh wow and stuff like that’
  • the shitty jazz split at the start of all american prophet 
  • ‘wow! God says go to your back yard and start digging, that makes perfect sense!
  • ‘they’ll have to believe me just, … cause
  • actually basically the whole of all american prophet that song is my JAM
  • naba being a freakin angel singing 
  • ‘oh em GOSH you guys, i’m freaking out’
  • ‘look, we’ve all had the spooky hell dream people. I have it nightly
  • AFRICA IS NOTHING LIKE THE LION KING. I think that movie took a lot of artistic licence’
  • the fucking boy band mormon backing dancers in man up JESUS
  • ‘heavenly father, why do you let bad things happen? more to the point why do you let bad things happen to me?’ (fucking hell kevin)
  • when everyone comes together at the end of act 1 that is a B L E S S I N G 
  • ‘how do you know? christ never said nothin bout no clitoris’ ‘YES! YES HE DID!
  • hmm, up again making things you are
  • honestly can you believe jesus calls kevin a dick and elder mckinley gives hitler a blowjob all in the same song, what a gem
  • oh, you had the hell dream didn’t you? was i in it?
  • oh kevin price you beautiful beautiful douchebag 
  • ‘i love these mormon stories. they’re so fucking weird and intricate’
  • every single innuendo in baptise me
  • ‘something incredible. you’ve done something incredible. i’ve never seen a rectum blockage of this kind’
  • the worst/best line in the whole show: ‘lets smile and laughrica
  • kevins coffee fuelled rant
  • ‘well well, if it isn’t super mormon. you’re really changing up Uganda aren’tcha?’
  • ‘of course you woke up YOU DRANK TWELVE CUPS OF COFFEE
  • why the HECK didn’t they put orlando on the cast recording i will fiGht 
  • ‘hi! my name is joseph smith and i’m going to fuck this baby!’ ‘WHAT
  • ‘you know what guys? fuck him
  • the A+++ character development in ‘we love to dance and shout, and let all our feelings out’ (mckinley my sweet child)
  • the ugandans as elders honestly
  • the book of arnold
my headcanons about botw link’s personality

pre calamity: zelda said that his father was a knight and he was raised from a very young age to be a swordsman, so i imagine he comes from a military family. he’s extremely disciplined, serious, and polite to the point of being super intense. he doesn’t slip up his posture in the slightest around the royal family, which bothered zelda before she got to know him. he was always so stiff and cold around her. she thought he was just another brainwashed soldier sent by the king to babysit her; he thought that keeping at attention and never dropping his guard was the best way to keep her safe, and what she would have wanted

post calamity, before regaining his memories: the memories of all his military training goes out the fuckin window!! link wakes up and stumbles around the world for a while, confused, until he finally gets a sense of what the hell is going on. most of what he does in battle is just instinct and muscle memory. since he cant even remember who he is much less how he was trained, he is a lot friendlier, warm, and playful. he loves food and he loves cooking and he absolutely adores animals, especially horses. he also tends to be a lot more naive and easily trusting, which makes him an easy target for yiga spies early on. but the confidence he had in his abilities is gone too. he finds it hard to believe that he was some legendary hero. but everyone tells him that zelda and the 4 champions, whoever they are, were his very best friends, and he just doesn’t want to let anyone down

post calamity, after regaining his memories: he can now remember who he was, but that doesn’t matter. he’s his true self, for the first time. zelda returns to him after they defeat ganon together. she asks if he can really remember her, and he does, and he’s so overjoyed that he can’t help but embrace her and cry; a physical touch and a show of emotion he wouldn’t dream of showing her 100 years ago. the warmth, playfulness, and the genuineness stays as they travel hyrule together. even though zelda had been watching him, shes surprised to see this change as he excitedly wants to show her all the horses he’s tamed, all the recipes he’s learned, and introduce her to sidon, riju, yunobo, teba, and all the other friends he’s made. for once, he seems happy and comfortable

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*flies in like a bat out of hell* What about a fusion between all three? Idk if you watch SU but it's totally possible and makes for super powerful beings with extra limbs or senses. (Usually eyes tbh)


a Disaster™

So I’m going to attempt to answer the question I’ve been asking for the last day: “WHO IS SHE RANDY?”

Brief recap: At GDC, Gearbox presented a tech test demo to show how Unreal 4 will affect lighting, shadows, and the art style overall in Borderlands 3. It specifically addresses a lot of things in the art style that I’ve wanted to see addressed for a long time, and I’m really happy with the way the game is looking. In it, they used a “development resource” character model, one we’ve never seen before, whose face they deliberately obscure. Randy Pitchford specifically draws attention to this fact.

You can watch that here:

So… who is she, Randy?

Obviously the first answer is: “It’s just a development asset, no one in particular.” I’ve seen a lot of tech demos like this, and when the devs aren’t using characters from their upcoming game, they either use:

  • a character model from the last game (who this clearly isn’t)
  • a character designed briefly in a game’s CC (which Borderlands doesn’t have)
  • a silly-looking character specifically made for testing purposes/to be funny (which this isn’t)
  • a blank slate (either something you’d see as a default in a CC or something that’s missing textures, which, again, this isn’t)

So in all likelihood… this is a WIP design for a character in Borderlands 3. Judging by the pose, this is very likely to be a new Vault Hunter (I say this because Vault Hunters’ rest animations tend to look somewhat heroic, like this characters’, while NPCs’ rest poses look far less asymmetrical).

They show a gas station-looking thing in the trailer, which is rendered in the Borderlands art style, and Randy implies that they will likely be used in BL3′s game world. If those are going to make it into the game, why wouldn’t this character design that seems very well-made.

At the start of the video, I was fully expecting them to just re-use a character from BL2. I was expecting to see Axton or somebody. That would’ve been a pretty normal move, I mean devs do it all the time for these tech demos. But they didn’t.

So, now, here’s the second answer to this question: “She’s a new character, one of the new Vault Hunters in BL3.” I’d say there’s a good chance of that. I’m about 50/50 on this. I say there’s a good chance of this not being her final design, but as it stands, I think this most likely will be the new soldier-type class in BL3, akin to Roland, Axton, and Athena.

“But why hide her face?” Well, they don’t want to outright confirm that she’s a new character yet. Showing a character’s full design–especially the face–is a Big Move for developers. It’s VERY likely that her design isn’t done yet, not only in the armor, but in the face as well.

But still… the question remains, “why hide her face?”

Let’s take another look at her:

I see the choppy straw-blonde hair and immediately think, Janey Springs. But Janey isn’t a soldier, and this character doesn’t have Janey’s scars on her arms.

Second thought, then, is “Janey’s daughter,” which would make sense: This certainly looks like someone who would’ve been raised by Janey and Athena. But after the way BL2 ended… I don’t think they would do a timeskip that far into the future.

But what are Borderlands timeskips like?

There were, if I remember correctly, roughly five or six years between Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2.

And who else do we know in Borderlands, specifically in Borderlands 2, who has choppy straw-blonde hair?

So, put on your tin-foil hats as we arrive at answer #3: “This is a grown-up Tiny Tina.”

Let’s say there’s another five or six year gap. Tina was 13 in Borderlands 2, that would make her 18 or 19 for Borderlands 3.

But, okay, I hear what you’re saying: “So she’s got similar hair, so what?” And, yeah. I agree.

But here’s the most damning piece of evidence:

Character artists like to assign parallels to character designs as they age, to show that they’re the same character despite how much has changed. It’s sometimes silly, but it works, and it helps keep the character feeling consistent. This soldier getup is a MASSIVE change from Tina’s BL2 design, I’ll give you that. However…

Their belts, for comparison:

It’s a silly, probably minor, probably meaningless thing. Tina had a pouch on the back of her waist with a knife stored in it, this character has a pouch on the back of her waist with a knife stored in it. That could be the world’s biggest coincidence.

This character’s even missing Tina’s trademark bunny. It’s nowhere to be seen.

Like I said, I’m still 50/50 on it being a new character, but… hey, I dunno. The character design VERY LIKELY isn’t final. Things like the star on her shoulder armor might be temporary.

And, perhaps more than anything, it makes a hell of a lot of sense to me that Tina would want to grow up to dress like Roland.

Tiny Tina reference model credit: DrySockett on DeviantArt.

Take Me Out

Fandom: Boku no Hero Academia

Relationships: Bakugou Katsuki/Kirishima Eijirou

Characters: Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijirou, Bakugou Mitsuki, Kaminari Denki (brief)

Other tags: Misunderstandings, Bakugou’s Particular Brand Of Flirting, Some Heteronormativity

Anonymous said: For a bakushima prompt, I would love to see aggressively flirting Bakugou.

— — — —

Mitsuki eyed her son. He was glowering down at his curry, teeth clamped as though to bite back the words that just left his mouth. She wished Masaru were there, just so she could confirm her bewilderment with such a question. Was it unusual for a boy to ask his mother that? No. But Katsuki.

She raised her eyebrows at him, even if he was trying to glare a hole through his plate instead of looking at her. “You never want to hear that,” she informed him, noting the jump in his shoulders.

Katsuki swiped at his own hair, gripping at the roots. “Well I want to hear now,” he snarled.

“Even though every time I tried to tell you before, you threw a fit?”

“What did you say, bitch?!”

“Watch your mouth, brat!”

They locked eyes, Mitsuki challenging, Katsuki already wavering. “Fuck!” He snapped, “Are you going to tell me or not?” His voice didn’t have it’s typical inflections of rage. She studied his face, the turn of his brow. Mitsuki’s own irritation faded.

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General info about the first 4 days

I’m going to post below some general info, a bit of a review and some helpful steps in order for you to continue on V’s route after the game branches. 


Okay, first of all, I didn’t find it too hard to get on V’s route even without a walk-through.  Basically, if you follow these steps, you should be fine:

  • When the game starts, you have to listen to Ray and try not to be suspicious. Yes, you’re going to listen to a complete stranger, get into an unknown car, put a blindfold on, drive into the middle of nowhere and get locked up in a room…but you want to meet the RFA, right? Then go along with it!
  • Be nice to Ray in the beginning (god knows he needs it), agree not to tell the RFA members about him or the game, accept his gifts, ask how he’s doing BUT do not encourage his twisted vision of the world! Also, comment how the AI seem very real to you.
  • Either I’ve been lucky, or you don’t actually get heartbreaks in this story? Basically be considerate towards everyone and that’s it as far as getting hearts.
  • In order to romance V you need to agree with him, mention his pictures, be interested in his past, comment how it must be tough for him to shoulder all this responsibility, be worried about the other RFA members and excited about the party.
  • One of the most important things in the story so far is V and Jumin’s friendship so be sure to comment how they’re good friends and be curios about their childhood. This will get you hearts from both of them.
  • Yoosung will be kind of annoying in the beginning and you’re going to have to side with V on everything and tell him he has no reason to be suspicious and to trust V. After he discovers lolol make sure you pick the answers that point out how he seems brighter now, but without actually encouraging him to play the game. V really loves Yoosung so you will get hearts from him if you worry about the first.
  • On the fourth day, Ray is going to become more insistent with you taking the ceremony to become part of their cult so this is where you start to become wary of him and say you’re not sure you want to stay there.
  • You also always need to tell him how the AI seem so real and how much you trust and like V. It’s going to break you heart to be suspicious of him, you need to be prepared, it was so horribly sad it almost made me cry! No matter what, do not drink the potion he prepared and do not agree to stay with him! It’s gonna be hard, I know, but you have to do it!

And that’s pretty much it. You basically have to trust Ray in the beginning, play along and not tell the other members about where you are but also don’t be rude to them. In Ray’s chats comment how real they all feel and that you trust V. Romance V by being nice to him, be concerned about the safety of the other members, ask about his pictures or that you want to see pictures of him, inquire about his past with Jumin, have a positive attitude towards the party and advice him to let go of the past and heal. 

I’m not going to post the time for the chats because I’ve reblogged several posts with that content. I can’t tell you anything so far about the replies to the guests mails because I’m actually waiting for someone who got the good end to make a list or something. I’m really bad at answering these things so I hope someone comes with the answers soon enough…;3;

As for what I think about the route so far…totally worth 300 hg plus some more for opening the next days. Cheritz put a lot of effort in making this story and I absolutely love V and Saeran/Ray! I was always annoyed with V for hiding so many things from the RFA but in this route it actually makes sense and he’s being smart about it. He really just loves everyone and wants to protect everyone and he’s just too precious for words! As for Saeran…be ready to cry a river, no joke it’s sad as hell! I just want my bby to be happy! Why Cheritz! WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME LIKE THIS!  In the last Visual mode on day 4 he actually starts to cry and I had the urge to throw my phone out the window! In order to get V’s good/normal end you’ll have to hurt Saeran and I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS NO THIS HURTS TOO MUCH! 

Other than having your heart ripped right out of you chest, the story if pretty great so far!

So hey, Coming Out Day. That’s tomorrow. But as anyone who knows me already knows, I like to be early. Get it from my dad. Just one of those lovable things about me.

Anyway. Realizations. They can hit you hard and several times in a row, all in a short period of time. Like standing in a three-way intersection when all the lights suddenly turn green. One minute you think you’re one thing, then another you think you’re another because you definitely aren’t this third thing, but hey let’s imagine that you were, and then suddenly everything clicks and half your life suddenly makes a hell of a lot more sense. Then you have to take stock of other things you assumed about yourself, and get some perspective, and figure out where everything fits through your new worldview. It’s a process! A process with slow periods and fast periods, and a lot of pain and introspection. It’s ultimately for the best, though. Going back to my earlier metaphor, about getting hit by three lanes of traffic at once - yeah, it hurts, but if you survive you’ll probably come out stronger and better than before. Like with a robot arm or something.

In hindsight, not my best metaphor. Kind of got away at the end there.

Anyway, the point is this: I may not be done figuring things out, but I feel confident enough in a few things to pretty much state them as fact. They do kind of require a reintroduction of sorts, so here goes:

Howdy, my name is Alice Zachary [LAST NAME REDACTED], and I’m a trans lesbian. Hope you don’t mind!

My Top Ten Naruto Ships

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1. Sasuke and Naruto 

This one should be obvious from my blog. These two hold a very special place in my heart and I owe a lot of who I am now to them. I didn’t always ship them nor did I go into the series thinking much about them. I had pre-existing expectations of NH/SS being canon but somehow SNS managed to capture me in a way no other ship has in any series or fandom I’ve been a part of. Their bond is beautiful in that they are so many things to each other but any way you label it, it’s Love. 

2. Minato and Kushina 

Honestly, these two are really cute. I love their relationship and they’re just so good together. 

3. Itachi and Shisui 

I wish we got more of these two together. Their relationship seemed so good. Shisui was like an anchor to Itachi, someone he could depend on to take him away when things go to be too much. I just really like them together. 

4. Shikamaru and Temari 

The only canon couple that makes complete sense. Their relationship had been brewing since the chunin exams. 

5. Sakura and Naruto 

Despite me shipping SNS, I honestly thought these two were going to get together. They had their ups and downs but I think they had great chemistry overall and I have no doubt that Sakura, at some point, DID develop feelings for Naruto. 

6. Kotetsu and Izumo

They’re married. It’s canon. Fight me on this. 

7. Ino and Sakura 

Before the whole, “we’re no longer friends because we like the same guy” shit happened, they were good together. Despite their “rivalry,” they care about each other and I think there’s a lot of potential in this ship. 

8. Kiba and Hinata

I think they make hell of a lot more sense than NH and I was honestly always under the impression that Kiba had a small crush on Hinata. 

9. Neji x Happiness 

Listen…Listen, Neji deserves to be happy. He deserves to be happy and free…and alive

10. Yahiko and Konan 

They were really cute to me. I’m glad that they’re together in the Afterlife though, along with Nagato. 

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  • <p> <b>Lance:</b> hi Keith your mullet is gross but you're good looking~<p/><b>Keith:</b> what in tarnation<p/><b>Lance:</b> ...<p/><b>Shiro:</b> don't worry I speak my lil bro's weird Texan he meant to say "what the hell"<p/><b>Lance:</b> that makes a lot more sense now...<p/></p>


Dabb’s saying that the main antagonist for S13 is one familiar to the show, male, and in the alternate world. “It’s an old — let’s call him friend — who we have not seen for many years.” And then there’s a whole bunch of yapping about Michael, etc etc, Dabb saying he’s gonna plead the fifth about this year’s villain being Michael or not. 

But you guys… Michael seems a little surface-level too obvious, but also it doesn’t make much sense to introduce an AU!Michael at this point in the story. OG!Michael would make far more sense, but we apparently have the indication that the antagonist is definitely from the other world.

So, no. It’s not Michael.

It’s Azazel.

The reintroduction of yellow eyed demons as a creature and fleshing out the mythology by giving them names (Princes of Hell), the somewhat weird reintroduction and destruction of the Colt - that’s a lot of build up and tightening old mythology for what seems like very little payoff. Was that all just to introduce and kill Dagon, and do who knows what with Asmodeus?

AU!Bobby specifically mentioned that Azazel killed AU!Mary, but made no mention of Azazel being dead yet. Mary, the character who should have the most connection with Azazel over anyone (including Sam) and certainly has more of a connection with Azazel than Lucifer, is now trapped in a world where Azazel is most likely alive.

He can also be played by ANYONE (although Frederic Lehne would be ideal just cuz he rocks that role so very hard). 

It’s totally fucking Azazel. 

Wild speculation or no, I’ve got a pretty fucking good feeling about that right there. It just makes sense without being obnoxiously obvious.

(#5) German Modal Particles - DOCH

What is a modal particle?

A word that stresses/emphasises something in a sentence or reflects the attitude a speaker is trying to convey. They are scarce in English (and various other languages), but to give an example take a look at ‘then’ in this sense:

“So how old are you then?”

If one was saying this to a child it could be seen as making the overall tone of the question more endearing and curious, not blunt.

German Modal Particle - Doch

This is one of the most common particles, doch is used a hell of a lot in German so you need to try and understand its meanings.

#1 - In statements it shows disagreement; unstressed = asking for confirmation and stressed = clearly contradicting.

Ex: Gestern hat es doch geschneit {unstressed}
It snowed yesterday, didn’t it?
Ex: Gestern hat es DOCH geschneit  {stressed}
[All the same], it DID snow yesterday.

#2 - When unstressed it can also be noting a reason for disagreement.

Ex: Die Ampel zeigt doch rot…
But the lights are red…

#3 - In commands doch can either:
—— i) Add a sense of urgency (strengthen with endlich, or immer in a negative sentence). 

Ex: Mach doch nicht [immer] so ein Gesicht!
Don’t keep making faces like that.

—— ii) Make a command more encouraging/advisory (add mal or ruhig to clarify this).

Ex: Kommen Sie doch [ruhig] morgen vorbei!
Why not drop by tomorrow?

#4 - In exclamations it emphasises surprise

Ex: Das ist doch die Höhe!
That really is the limit!

#5 - When using Subjunctive/Konjunktiv II it emphasises urgency.

Ex: Wenn er doch jetzt käme!
If only he would come NOW!

#6 - Probably one of the more common uses: When replying to a question, doch either contradicts a negative q. or gives a affirmation.

Ex: Bist du nicht zufrieden? Doch!
Aren’t you content?On the contrary I am (look how complicated english is now)
Ex: Kommt er bald? Doch!
Is he coming soon? Oh yes!

#7 - When used with nicht or nein it emphasies a negative reply.

Ex: Kann ich…? Nein doch!
Can i….? Certainly not!

I hope this helps and that I’ve explained it well enough… x).

Links to other modal particles posts: [Aber] [Allerdings] [Bloß] [Denn]

Poly Bowers Gang

Belch (I prefer calling him Reg or Reggie to Belch tbh)-

  • I see Reggie as more of the enforcer within their group dynamic.
  • The other guys can get kind of carried away and he’s the first to tell them to leave you the hell alone if he thinks they’re making you uncomfortable
  • After a thorough fucking he’s the one who’d gently kiss your temple and tell you how good you were
  • He always lets you sit in the front seat and glares over his shoulder at the others when they whine about it. As far as he’s concerned, it’s HIS car and you deserve the front seat, dammit. (He actually just wants to watch the sun hit your face and keep you away from Patrick)
  • The other guys give him hell because he’s so sweet on you but he just can’t help how much he adores you awe
  • The others laugh because you would never call him Belch and he blushes every time you call him Reggie
  • He’s the one you’d call after all your best friends stood you up for your girls-night-in sleepover plans. He’d hear your disappointed voice and the sniffles and sigh. He shows up at your house 20 minutes later with the fuckboy squad in toe.
  • You ask if he’d do a face mask with you and he looks panicked as fuck
  • But the second you hit him with those lovey eyes, he relents
  • The other guys sit around and snicker as you apply cerulean goo to his face but he couldn’t care less because the smile on your lips is everything to him tbh.
  • Henry tells him he’s such a girl, and Belch hits him with some “a real man would do anything to put a smile on his girl’s face” shit and Henry just slinks tf away
  • He drives you to school every day, and sometimes when your parents aren’t home, he comes in and eats breakfast with you and helps you finish getting ready.
  • He helps you pull your hair back and ties your shoes for you awawawe
  • Always opens your car door for you
  • You wear his t-shirts to school after spending the night with him and he gets all heart-eyed and thinks you look so cute.
  • He sees you in your faded jeans, with a bow in your hair, and his ratty Judas Priest shirt on and his cheeks get all hot cause he just thinks you’re the cutest.
  • For his birthday, you go to his house while he’s at work and you and his mom cook him his favorite dinner (chicken parmesan and fettucine), and you and the gang hang up a banner and surprise him.
  • You didn’t have much money so you made him a cassette mix tape and take them to the bakery on main street for cupcakes, and you all serenade him right there on the sidewalk outside the shop.
  • He tries SO HARD to keep up with your friend drama because he likes that you come to him to talk but fuck, you have so many friends. Who’s Trish?? Where tf did Emma come from? When the hell did Lisa come into the picture?
  • Takes care of you on your period like his mom told him to.


  • Vic is the one you go to about your friend drama and knows exactly what you’re talking about.
  • “Oh my god who does Lisa think she is talking to Gemma about you like that? I’ll kick her ass idc.”
  • Says goodbye with a firm slap on the ass
  • Smiles at the tiny squeak you make every time he slaps the ass
  • Always gives you candies out of the pockets of his vest
  • He says he keeps them to put a smile on your face and you know he stole that shit
  • Loves to rest his head in your lap and let you play with his hair
  • He gets this blissed out, barely conscious look when you gently scrape your nails across his scalp
  • Stares in slack-jawed appreciation when you wear those little skirts that sway when you walk
  • When you’re having a bad day, he paints your nails
  • He notices you getting nervous and scraping the polish off and just grabs your hand away and squeezes it.
  • Smacks Patrick over the head for making lewd comments about your body in public
  • “Dude, watch your fucking mouth, she’s a lady.”
  • You have study hall together, and you sit with your Walkman cassette player in between you, listening to KISS and holding hands, and reading your English class assignments
  • KISS is so not his cup of tea but he doesn’t mind them.
  • He knows you love them so he sits put and listens anyway
  • He learns all the words to all the songs on Smashes Thrashes and Hits from how often you listen to it.
  • You two smoked weed together and the guys found you laying outside staring at the clouds together being sappy
  • But he kicked their asses for making fun of it
  • You bleach his hair for him because he tried to do it himself and got burns on his head
  • You teach him how to put coconut oil through his hair to prevent burning, damage and uneven processing
  • Henry and Patrick laugh and look on, telling him how soft it is to dye his hair.
  • You turn around and tell them how harsh and dangerous bleach can be to the body and offer to put some on THEIR heads.
  • They scurry tf away
  • He loves to watch you masturbate, and loves when you wear lingerie for them.
  • When you and your boyfriends crashed a party, they went off to torture some people but you and Vic were making out on the stairs while all the girls with crushes on him watched
  • He lowkey loves showing you off at all times
  • For Christmas you made him the coolest sneakers he ever saw
  • You bought a pair of canvas kicks from the thrift store and spent hours painting them, and he fREAKED when he saw them
  • He loves when you wear that peachy smelling lipgloss but he always ends up with shimmer all over his mouth and the guys laugh at him. Worth it tho.


  • You tell him you got your nails done and he gets this “The fuck are you tellin’ me for?” look on his face.
  • You frown. He realizes you just want him to act interested and suddenly he’s like AH YES, THE NAILS, THE FINGERNAILS YES THE NAILS ON THESE PARTICULAR FINGERS ARE LOOKING MIGHTY SPIFFY TODAY YES INDEED
  • He notices you painted them his favorite color and has to physically restrain himself from squealing like a schoolgirl because he loves that you love him lmao
  • Talks a major talk about what a ladykiller he is but the first time you take your clothes off and he sees your body in only soft lingerie he just stares in awe and appreciation
  • He thinks you don’t know (but you definitely know) he stole one of your silky pink camisoles and keeps it stuffed under his mattress.
  • He actually wasn’t being pervy, he holds it to him when he sleeps and breathes in that precious smell of delicate perfume and something distinctly you and it blisses him out no matter how stressed he is.
  • Always puts his arm around you in public or holds your hand
  • When its cold and you didn’t wear a jacket to school, he scolds you because he’s concerned for your health and comfort, and puts his jacket around your shoulders.
  • Will beat someone up just for looking at you wrong
  • Always is the guy who says he needs to “Defend your honor”
  • Its endearing but can be a bit much.
  • Always hitting Patrick for disrespecting you
  • Always being hit by Reggie for disrespecting you :^)
  • Is 90000% outraged when you confess an insecurity
  • “What on god’s green earth would you hate your tits for?! Have you fuckin seen them? Your body ‘so fine I’m havin to chase off every man in this damn town, cause they all want my girl.”
  • I think he’d be that boyfriend who if you wore a low cut shirt in public would walk around with his hand covering your cleavage cause that shits his eyes only thank you very much.
  • “Only yours?” you’d tease. “Damn straight.” he’d reply. “But what about Belch? N Pat n Vic?” you’d say, laughing. “OK, now listen here.”
  • Is totally fine sharing you but constantly refers to you as HIS girl.
  • Likes you to know who’s in charge.
  • One time you sucked his fingers clean after he fingered you and he is still recovering tbqh
  • Also one time you called him daddy in public and he came in his fccuccking pants.
  • You didn’t know what to get him for his birthday so you just had him over to spend the night and wore pretty underthings and had a night just the two of you.
  • You cut his hair. You’re always begging him to let you cut the fucking mullet off but he just won’t hear of it. He thinks he looks badass.
  • His hair is really soft tho and you put the mullet into a tiny braid and giggled endlessly.
  • He just quirked his eyebrow up at you and asked If he looked sexy.
  • Lives for validation
  • Tries to offer you aftercare but lowkey useless at it


Patricks are the dirtiest

  • Rarely allowed to be alone with you
  • Loves to say creepy shit just to watch you squirm
  • By far the most dominant and thinks aftercare is stupid lmao
  • He likes that you somewhat want to impress him
  • JEALOUS as hell of how much Henry adores you
  • And really, how much they all adore you
  • One time he got the sense that you might actually be real
  • Which freaks him out, and he can’t shake the feeling
  • He compensates for this by going out of his way to make you uncomfortable
  • Says creepy shit in public
  • Puts his hand up your skirt at the lunch table
  • More or less only touches you because he’s allowed to
  • He likes your hands a lot, he likes holding them, he likes when you touch him with them because they’re so gentle and soft
  • Comes and visits you at night because he just likes to be near you
  • At first it was unsettling but now you’re used to it and know he won’t try anything
  • As scared as everyone already is of the whole gang,
  • They’ll never fuck with you because Patrick is too damn scary
  • You had a one-on-one night once
  • The next day, the gang came over to hang out and you had welts on your chest from where Patrick dripped candle wax on you, bloodied bite marks on your collarbones and were limping
  • Belch punched him in the fucking face
  • He knows you probably liked it but the idea of Patrick getting too carried away without anyone there to stop him worries him
  • (I honestly think he’s just always looking for reason to punch Patrick lmao. If asked why, he’d shake his head and say “that boy ain’t right” mister fuckin hank hill)
  • He likes to brush your hair which is weird to the other guys but you seem ok with it, so…
  • The first time you met his mother she was visibly shocked that someone actually wanted to spend time around him yikes lmao
  • You wear one of his rings on a necklace because it slides off your fingers
  • Gets the roughest with you during sex and the guys are always wary of the fact that you actually seem to enjoy it. 
Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x12 - “Stuck In The Middle (With You)”

Okay, I joked about how concerned I was about having to write Thirty-Five Things About Supernatural because of the multiple PoV action, but now that I’ve seen the ep?  Y’all, we’re all going to be writing about this for a decade.  There is no way I can say everything I have to say in one post.  Pressure = gone.  Let’s do this.

  1. Supernatural as a show excels at the Concept Episode – like, it’s literally a signature thing that the show does – but sweet cuppin’ cakes, this ep is on a par with some of the bigger things Robbie Thompson was doing before his departure.  Davy Perez and Richard Speight Jr. fucking knocked my socks off so hard I no longer have socks.  Some of that is the joyful lack of restraint in bringing the Tarantino cliches, but they’re also doing it with a solid, substantial bit of story that has implications up and down the timeline.  
  2. NEW LORE NEW LORE NEW LORE.  And it’s the good stuff, too.  The Princes of Hell are another Ancient Big Bad in the vein of Cain, but still recently active enough via Azazel that it’s not like, “HEY!  SURPRISE!”  

    Plus, great shock factor for the characters AND the audience when Ramiel’s eyes go yellow.  

    Ramiel, like Azazel, appears in the Book of Enoch as a fallen angel.  Dagon is mentioned in Biblical literature as a deity among the Philistines, and is attested as early as the Bronze age (for those of us Watching While Pagan).  Asmodeus has a long pedigree as a demonic force – he’s a baddie in the Book of Tobit, for example – and is the only one of the four to also be among the seven classic Crown Princes of Hell in the Sixteenth Century stuff, which seems to be a frequent aesthetic influence on SPN generally.

    This ep didn’t just leave the door open for Asmodeus and Dagon to join the party.  It handed them an engraved invitation with Kelly Kline and the Winchesters’ names on it.
  3. OKAY, BUT THE CROWLEY STUFF.  For an episode that I mostly failed to realize before air was a Crowley episode, there is a ton of character stuff happening with him here.  

    Gaining the crown, for example, more or less at the pleasure of the Princes?  It makes a lot of sense, and especially helps drive home how tenuous his position is.  It also clarifies a little how he came to a position that he does not love in its particulars, but clings to because the only thing worse than having it is not having it.  

    Which, given that Ramiel just got Winchestered on his watch, is a real possibility if Dagon and Asmodeus decide to get involved.  Which, given that Dagon is already interested in Kelly…well, there’s a reason Crowley wants the Colt back.  He broke the OTHER tool he’d need to do the job to save Cas. 

    (Cas who is “not a friend.”  Right, Crowley.  Yeah, there’s strategic value in keeping him around and the Winchesters happy/in your debt, but with two angry Princes, breaking Michael’s Lance is basically gambling with your life, and you don’t do that for someone you don’t have some attachment to.)

    We also see that he’s rebuilding his position in Hell, and is at least making some attempt to put right his humiliation at Lucifer’s hands by turning the tables.  Which, given that this is Lucifer we’re talking about…well, I have concerns.  Especially because Crowley’s luck rarely runs smooth. 
  4. But hey, Lucifer’s in a cage right now.  That’s good, right?  I mean, he’s probably not going to stay in there, because Lucifer is the dickest of dicks, and that whole Nephilim thing is going to come bite us all in the ass soon, but hey.  I’ll take it.
  5. So.  Mary.  Mary is in the process of learning (the hard way, and at great risk to herself and others) that Unilateral Choices Involving Secretive Deals With Douchebags is not the way to secure the greater good.  In fact, she’s sort of finding herself in Cas’ position from back in S6.  It’s a colossal breach of trust, which she struggles with in the final confrontation with Ramiel.  

    And, like Cas, she opts to press on in the belief that she can handle it, that her stab at this is going to be worth the hazard, that the ends are going to justify the means if she can hold out long enough.  
  6. So just in case anybody missed it: 

    A) Cas is family, both in Cas’ mind and on the Winchesters’ side.
    B) As in Sam and Dean won’t leave his side even though an Azazel-level baddie is getting ready to eject them from his barn.
    C) Mary even called him one of her boys.
    D) “I love you. I love all of you.” 

    Please excuse me while I weep openly. 
  7. Okay, but did any of us expect Wally to survive this episode?  Because honestly, the lineup here was like a classic Star Trek away team, with four Named and Knowns accompanied by That Other Poor Bastard Who Isn’t Coming Home™.  

    Like, I took one look at the promo shots and was like, “there is no prayer circle big enough to save this man.”

    Poor Wally.  

Bonus Thing:
I liked Mandy.  A lot.  She was snarky and she probably smelled delicious.  But I do have questions about why Cas didn’t spot her as a demon in the cafe.  I mean, I suppose it’s possible she’s not a meatsuit full-time, but it’s more usual for demons to stick around in the bodies they’ve claimed, and it makes a ton of sense for Crowley to have informants posted in the area around Ramiel’s farm so that he can help manage his end of the deal.  But yeah, if there’s a complaint to be made about this episode, this is mine.  Oh hey, never mind.  The demon I mistook for Mandy is actually Ronnie, who is played by an entirely different person. Mandy probably still smells delicious, and not at all like sulfur.  

Bonus Thing #2: 
OKAY BUT THE COLT.   THE COLT IS BACK.  THE COLT.  THE COLT THE COLT THE COLT.  So that’s neat.  Question, though: what’s with the lighting in the box?  Is the box illuminated?  Is the lighting diegetic (i.e. a real thing in the story world) or are we just having Pulp Fiction fun?  Time to tweet Davy Perez…