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Cait comes back from a week off SM and tweets about SW crowd funding thing. Does that make her stupid too since you know she is more mature and attracts smarter fans. 🙄

Oh, come on now Sam only fan anon…. Don’t be so butt hurt. I’m just shit talkin’. Trying to win friends and influence people here.

I don’t care what you do with your money. It’s yours to use in whatever way brings you happiness. If that’s buying a strange man’s sweat, so be it.

As far as Cait promoting the kickstart project, why wouldn’t she? These people are her friends. Remember how she said in that BAFTA speech that you are only ever as good as your scene partner? I think she truly meant that. I think she has compassion for her fellow actors awaiting their lucky break and this is her way of trying to pay it forward in a sense. Genuine gratitude. That’s all.

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Why are larries so obsessed with drugs? Since after the discussion about carolina happened they think they are the resident drugs expert and now liam sounds "too happy" so he must be doing drugs. Will they ever understand that saying your fave is a drug addict is not a positive thing and doesn't make them cooler or smarter fans?

Why haven’t they turned to the Illuminati already?

Illumnati conspiracies are all about how drugged up people need to be and how much power certain figures in the music industry have, it’s basically Larrie. 

It says a LOT that Larries are more excited over the idea these men are doing huge amounts of drugs to the point they’re singing love songs about them or are being forced to do them to talk about their fake babies over the idea of just accepting these men’s lives are their lives. How fucked up is your fandom that you get excited over drug use because it erases babies or women to you. That’s fucked up. 

“Well, he /is/ pretty hot.”

You can blame Jensen and Misha for this. (ao3)

Jensen is in the green room, relaxing for a few minutes before his trio photo-ops with Misha and Jared, minding his own business. He’s chatting with Jared about the panel when Misha slides up next to him, and wraps a possessive arm around his lower back. 

“So, you think I’m hot.” 

He states it matter-of-factly and Jensen almost spits beer all over Jared, who, traitor he is, starts keeling over in laughter. 

“You act like this is brand new information,” Jensen replies, flashing a cheeky smile at Misha. 

Jared tries to compose himself, but waves a hand between the two of them, huffing for air, and says, “I’m gonna go.” 

He practically runs out of the room, still laughing, leaving Jensen and Misha alone. 

“Well, color me surprised, but you’ve never blatantly expressed your love for my hotness in front of  fans.” 

Jensen shrugs, setting down his beer on the table, and turns, placing his hands on Misha’s hips.

“Maybe I just don’t care what anybody thinks anymore.” 

“Really?” Misha says, voice dropping it’s sarcastic tone into a soft uncertainty. They’ve been together for years, but it’s always been something hidden. It’s smarter that way, a lot of people wouldn’t understand the kind of relationship their two families have. 

“Yeah.” Jensen’s smile goes soft, and he leans in to press a kiss against Misha’s mouth. 

“So, you’re totally cool with me making out with you onstage then?” Misha teases, eyes twinkling clearly seriously considering the idea at the next convention. 

Jensen chuckles, “Okay maybe not that far, but I’m good with… ya know touching more, bringing up how awesome and sexy I think you are at every possible chance. Stuff like that.” 

“I can work with that,” Misha says, smirking. He presses a kiss against Jensen cheek and pulls back a little out of his arms, digging his phone out of his pocket. 

Jensen squints at him as Misha opens the twitter app and starts flipping through screens, searching. 

“What are you doing?” 

“You’ll see,” Misha giggles, tilting his screen away from Jensen. 

Misha taps away some more, and then pockets his phone, grinning, and wraps his arms back around Jensen. A few seconds later Jensen’s phone vibrates in his pocket.  He drops his hands from Misha’s body, eying him warily and pulls out his phone, reading the notification popped up on the screen. He raises an eyebrow, at Misha’s tweet, licks his lips, then re-pockets his phone. 

“Smoking, huh?” 

“Seemed more fitting.” 

“Yeah, well I’ll show you smoking right no-” Jensen hand’s slide across Misha’s hips, sliding down to grip his ass, coaxing a stuttered gasp from Misha’s lips. They’ve got a few minutes, and could make good use of a table nearby. Last night was good but Jensen’s already itching for another taste of Misha’s mouth. 

“Hey guys,” Jared’s voice sing-songs from the doorway, “I know you really wanna fuck right now but we gotta head upstairs.” 

Jensen and Misha sigh, practically in unison, kissing one last time before pulling apart and heading towards the doorway. 

“I hate you right now,” Jensen says once they get to the door, pointing an accusing finger at Jared. 

Jared smiles, slipping an arm around Jensen’s shoulder and flashes a grin at Misha, who stares back at Jared with a faux look of pure malice.  “Yeah, I love you guys too.” 

The three of them separate in the hallway once they see a volunteer, and together, head up to the photo-op room, where for the next few hours Jensen will desperately try not to touch Misha too much in front of the fans. You know, like always, just maybe this time he’ll let a little more touching slip through his reserves.

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I totally understand why, but it's kinda sad that you aren't commenting on the actors'/actresses antics anymore. Because people are getting very, very stupid without you. They're back to being super naive.. pre-307-naive. And it's sad to see them falling for the same old things again. They're letting themselves being dragged back into this shit-show way too easily. Too many are already back on board. And this week was a major turning point and I just WISH they'd be getting your advice.

Ok. Without addressing specific instances. This is PR. If someone is saying all the right things…it’s PR. If someone is being extra nice and interacting with people on social media…it’s PR. If you think they’re suddenly doing better…IT IS PR. Stop falling for it. Their PR machine kicked in full force like last week. We’re supposed to be smarter than this. These actor interviews where they’re funny, lovely, and charming? These people being super cool on social media and looking like they’re interested in the fans? These people being outspoken and “supportive”? This is all a ploy. They’re trying to play us again and it’s sad to hear people are falling for it. This show is only getting worse not better. Please keep your wits about you. Don’t let them win. 

Hack me Once...

We hate to be adding to this “I’ve been hacked, does it mean I matter?” paranoia, because if you are not stupid about your security (as in, your email address is not publicized and you aren’t using it to converse with potential ‘enemy’ (which if you do, kinda makes you a bit silly anyway) and only then there’s the issue of how compromised your password can be) we are now obliged to inform the public that we’ve just had multiple attempts. The suspicious IP we’ve been tracking for a while, trying to gain access to our tumblr. So only this evening I got about eleven of these on my phone:

But that wasn’t all. This person actually went one step further with us, and also tried to gain access to one of our online backup databases (which, yes–we have multiple blog-export spots, ever since since we were targeted by certain multishippy “people who know people”) which was, why–because we don’t do Twitter? *rolls eyes* So, yes. If you’re reading this, you pathetic little dirtbag–did you really think we wouldn’t be notified by our database provider?

Did you?

So, what did you think you’d accomplish? Did you think we’d weep into our cocaine laced Cheerio snacks over your backwoods internet hacking ‘skillz’? You have to do more than grunt and punch a keyboard. Go on then, we dare you. Try again. Try harder. Make friends with us. Tell us how hard it is being a Killy Willy (rapist to the stars!) fan-bot. Tell us how tears hurt your robot wires. Tell us all about that time some mean les-beans told you they wouldn’t sleep with you, and so you went home and had anger thinking touching time into your pillow time and then bought a computer.


People like you probably need to watch less television. Get some therapy. Stop trying to hack the original hackers. We are everywhere. You are nowhere. You will never find us. We will always be smarter than you.

Better luck next time.