and make them get married here

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having fun tonight. I know I am, this is probably the best evening of my entire life. Right so I’m not great at making speeches but I’ll try my best. 

Twenty three years ago today, my father met the love of his life. I wish I was there to be honest, Mike was, hi Mike! Give it up for Mike everybody! He’s the one who introduced them and truly the reason we’re all here today. 

It took you long enough, you’ve been together for, what, fifteen years? You probably would’ve never gotten married had I not forced you to. Honestly it was all a plan, I just really really wanted to make this speech. 

I’m not going to get into details of the past, you can read about them in dad’s blog, quite adventurous, these two… You’ve been through a lot, we all know that, but you’re strong. You’re both so strong. And at the end of the day you got what you deserved, each other. (and me of course). 

I’ll be leaving soon. I’m going off to college and I’m scared to leave you alone. I mean last time you were alone you jumped off a building and you married an assassin who then shot him. Thank god Mycroft was there to help though, right Mycroft? 

I’m just kidding, we all know the circumstances. 

But now that I look at you, I see that I shouldn’t be scared. You’re embarking on another adventure, I know you have and will protect and save each other until the end of time (at least that’s what you said earlier, and I have it on video so you can’t take it back). 

To close I’d like to quote someone I admire very much. Today we saw two people make vows, I’ve never made a vow in my life but here in front of you all is my first: John and Sherlock, whatever it takes, whatever happens, from now on I swear I will always be there, always. 

I know you two. And I know what you can become, because I know who you really are. You’re not just my old parents, you’re the best, and kindest, and wisest, and bravest men I know. When life gets too strange, too impossible, too frightening, there’s always one thing lasting. When all else fails, there are two men sitting in our scruffy flat, like they’ve always been there and they always will. My dads, the two people who I love and care about most in the world, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. 

Thank you. 


Can you believe that literally the entire premise of this was “I want to see Robin bake some brownies” and then it TURNED INTO THIS MASSIVE PROJECT I WAS NOT EXPECTING. I can’t believe these 2 idiots are married with 2 kids either rip in pieces. (Also I’m hoping to channel the Touken Ranbu philosophy of if you draw them they will come PLEASE BABY CHROM BACK U CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME….)

This recipe is so good and so easy to follow hohoho I hope you get to make some bombass brownies yourself in the future if you’re into them.

You can also read this here on my PIXIV which is a little nicer on the eyes than tumblr for comics.

honestly i’ve already sold my soul to this show but if they state explicitely that helen is bi… do you get how important that would be since we NEVER get explicit bisexual representation and here we have a strong woman who’s a sheriff and who doesn’t take shit from anyone, and on the top of that she’s married to a man and her being bi would be incredible because that would show that yes !!!!! bisexual people can marry someone who’s not the same gender as them and it doesn’t make them any less bi !!!!!! like do you see how amazing that would be…..i’m tearing up just thinking about it anyway helen is bisexual :)

  • Chas being OVERLY EXCITED about the wedding and how she just wants it to be MEGA!!! It’s so sweet really how excited she is!!
  • Their little looks and smiles. It’s SO FREAKING CUTE how one look between them says so much!!!
  • Robert actually researching chapels in Vegas and finding THE ONE WHERE HE WANTS TO MARRY AARON!!! I CAN’T COPE WITH ALL THESE FEELINGS!!!
  • Aaron tossing the coin and instantly getting that little cute look on his face when he realised it was ‘heads’. THAT HE’LL ACTUALLY GO ON HIS BIRTHDAY HOLIDAY TO VEGAS WITH HIS FIANCÉ BUT COMING HOME WITH A HUSBAND!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL GOD THESE TWO ARE SO IN LOVE IT’S UNREAL!!


Check, Please

Would you mind doing an imagine or a one shot with either Rossi, Hotch or Reid where the reader and them are getting married and she wants to keep her last name and she ends up keeping her last name even though everyone else is against it except the guy you choose? Also I absolutely love your writing it makes me so happy to find someone that writes absolutely everything. I also get so excited when I finally have enough time to sit an read your work.

I can do this!  I hope that you enjoy it, because here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

“You aren’t taking his last name?”

“She isn’t taking your last name?”

“Have you talked to her about it?  I bet if you did, she would.”

“What about hyphenation?”

“It’s just tradition, it doesn’t mean anything.”

The two of you had heard it all.  Ever since you entrusted parts of your wedding to Spencer with the team, you knew it was only a matter of time before they found out that you weren’t taking Spencer’s last name.

And they were trying everything in their power to change it.

“I’m sorry that that they keep bringing it up,” Spencer would murmur lowly in your ear.

But never did he outright say that he was alright with it.

“Spencer?” you ask one evening as you mindlessly twirl your pasta.

“Yes?” he asks as he takes a sip of his drink and smiles at you.

“Does it bother you that I’m not taking your last name?”

You watched his reaction closely.  You had picked up a few tips on how to read people better since you had been with Spencer, and it served you well sometimes.

But this time you had a really hard time reading him, and you were concerned.

“Has someone said something to you again?” he asks.

You didn’t want to tell him that Garcia had asked if you had asked him.  You didn’t want to tell him that she felt it wasn’t right that you hadn’t.

But it had gotten your cogs turning, even though you had stormed out of her office lair angry.

“No,” you state.

“You’re lying,” Spencer calls you out.

“It doesn’t matter,” you shrug.

“It does,” Spencer emphasizes.

“Answer the question,” you ask pointedly.

The two of you looked at each other for a while.  The restaurant faded away, and details of the wedding became obscure as panic began to flood your mind.

But Spencer’s voice pierced through the stress and the worry, and reached down to the scared little girl who was afraid of making someone she loved angry.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Spencer says.

You read his expression, looking for indications that he was lying.

But he knew what you were doing, and it caused him to smile.

“Really,” he lulls lowly as he takes your hand across the table, “it doesn’t bother me at all.”

His fingers began to play with your engagement ring.  The two of you looked down and smiled at it, thinking back to that beautiful morning where you had rolled over and he had been holding it between his fingers, his hair mussed from sleep and his eyes clouded over with anxiousness.

It had been so simple, and so heartfelt, and you had pulled him into your arms and covered his entire body with kisses that morning as the word “yes” tumbled from not your lips, but Spencer’s, time and time again.

“Taking a man’s last name is a very old tradition that took the place of a written deed,” Spencer began. “Taking a man’s last name after the dowry for the woman was exchanged was a way for him to imprint upon her that she was his property, quite literally.”

You looked up into his eyes to find him staring at you.

“You are not my property, Y/N,” Spencer says earnestly.  “You are my partner.  My equal.  Our last names…they don’t have to match for me to know you love me.”

Your eyes were beginning to mist over as Spencer lets go of your hand and brings it up to cup your cheek.

“You marrying me says all of that,” he says lightly.

And as you nuzzle your cheek into his warm, smooth skin, the waitress comes back around with fresh drinks as the smell of your food begins to waft up through your nostrils.

“Wanna finish dinner and get dessert at home?” you ask sultrily.

You giggled as Spencer licked his lips and darted his eyes up to the waitress.

“To go containers, please?” he asks quickly.

And you threw your head back in laughter as the waitress scampered off quickly.


So my friend @katieharrisomg made a Sims house with all the paladins + Allura and Coran, and she made Shiro and Allura get married and have kids and their kids are beautiful ofc. We’re really invested in their family now, so we’re making a bunch of headcanons for them. Here are some of them: 

- They’re three years apart, with Emi being the oldest.

- Alfie’s full name is Alfor.

- Allura is sad that neither of them have pointy ears.

- Alfie’s hair is naturally pink, but he can shapeshift it’s color and he does so frequently. Never natural colors. 

- Both of them can shapeshift, but not as well as Allura. Alfie is good at changing colors but he can’t change shape or size, and Emi can’t really change colors but she can change size. 

- Despite both of his parents being tall, Alfie is perpetually short.

- They refer to all the paladins and Coran as aunts and uncles.

- Emi wants to work in law, as a police officer or special agent, and Alfie wants to be a pre-k teacher. 

- They are both jacked. 

Co Workers (Part Twenty-Five)

A/N: Oh my gosh you guys. This was so emotional for me to write. I know that it’s super short, but I think you guys will like it. I can’t believe it’s over! This was my first ever series and I never imagined it going on for 25 parts. You all are the best, and I think you’ll enjoy the next series I have planned as well.

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: None, unless fluff makes you emotional

Word Count: 714


(tags are below the cut)

Originally posted by sanguepopular

One year ago, you were getting ready to move to LA. You had plans of acting in a few commercials, and settling down with your high school sweetheart. Never ever in a million years did you think that you would be sitting here at this table, laughing and drinking with the cast of your favorite tv show. You never thought you’d get to meet them, let alone be married to one of them.

And never in a million years did you think that a small roll in a laundry detergent commercial would bring you here.

Eight months later

“Misha! Babe, come here!” you screamed from the bathroom as you sat on the edge of the tub.

“What’s wrong?!” He shouted as he rushed in, panicked.

You stood up and held up the pregnancy test you just took that displayed two very bright pink lines in the small window.

“Is-is that positive?” he asked you.

You brought your hand up to cover your mouth and nodded as tears welled up in your eyes. Eight months. You’d been trying for eight long months after you were in the clear from your doctor. The pain from the pregnancy loss made each negative pregnancy test that much more painful. But this, this positive was what you’d been waiting for.

Misha had the biggest and brightest grin on his face you’d seen in a long time as he rushed forward and brought you in for one of the tightest hugs, and one of the most affectionate kisses he’d ever given you.


The smell of coffee and bacon woke you up from your deep sleep and you rolled over, lying there for a minute as your eyes adjusted to the sunlit bedroom. You climbed out of bed and made your way into the kitchen, watching in the doorway for a minute as Misha flipped pancakes onto a plate for your daughter Annie. You smiled as she giggled, begging her daddy to do it again.

It was an early Monday morning, and today was her first day of preschool. Your presence in the doorway would have went unnoticed, but you groaned as the little boy in your belly pushed his bottom up as far as he could into your rib cage. Your husband and daughter both looked up at you.

“You kay momma?” Annie asked you

You straightened your uncomfortable face as best you could and nodded- “I’m fine baby, your brother’s just runnin out of room.”

You went to the table and sat down next to your daughter and helped her cut up her pancakes as Misha served you a cup of coffee and a plate of bacon before coming around and giving you a kiss.

“Okay Annie, so grammy’s gonna pick you up after school alright?” you reminded her. You and Misha would be headed to the hospital this afternoon to be induced.

“Kay momma, then I’m gonna come see bubby?” she looked up at you with hopeful eyes, she was over the moon excited to be a big sister.

“Well...ow!-” you were cut off by the sharp pain of a contraction. You looked over at Misha, giving him a look that said it was time to go. You called your mom as Misha finished getting Annie ready for her first day.

The minute your mom arrived, you and Misha were out the door. You’d felt terrible about not being able to bring Annie to her first day of school, she’d been so excited about it. Not to mention how much worse the pregnancy hormones were making you feel.

Hours later, you laid sleepily in the hospital bed as you watched Misha hold his newborn son, Dylan. After a much needed nap you allowed your mother and Annie to come up to the hospital. Annie squealed with excitement when you let her hold her baby brother for the first time.

It was the perfect picture. Your daughter sitting in your lap while you helped her hold your newborn, and Misha there, sitting on the side of the hospital bed, smiling at the three of you. This may not have been the life you imagined when you and Misha started dating all those years ago, but it was definitely the life you wouldn’t trade for anything.

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Dating would be like:


Turn ons (Nsfw):

love making or fucking:
















Monsta x





Topp Dogg



Love making or fucking:

Dating would be like:






Turn ons:















Dating would be like:


Block B:




Dating would be like:



Dating would be like:

Daddy Bear

For the Anon thar’s having a tough time, know that the sun will shine again. Hang in there! #always keep fighting #you’re worth it

Happy tried not to smile as he listened to his girls giggle making plans to wake him up. Three years ago, if you would have told him, he was going to be happily married, and the father of twin girls, he would have called you crazy.

Here he was on a Sunday morning, his two year old twins at the foot of his bed, whispering about the best way to wake up daddy. He felt them climb on the bed, and slowly make their way towards him.

He started to growl at them, he smiled as they giggled. “Daddy bear is grouchy.” Lillian whispered.

“Let’s kiss him!” Genevieve whispered back. He felt them crawling closer, to him, he growled again, wrapping his arms around them. They squealed, wiggling trying to get away.

“Who dares to wake up the sleeping daddy bear?” 

“You’re sweet wittle girls….don’t eat us daddy bear!” Gen laughed.

“I don’t have sweet wittle girls, I have two pesky bed bugs waking me up.”

“Quick Gen, let’s kiss him so he members us.” Both little girls rain kisses all over his face. Happy let out a laugh, blinking his eyes, he looked at his daughters.

“Genevieve Nicole? Lillian Brianna? My sweet little girls, I’m so glad you’re here! Where’s mamma bear?

“Breakfast is ready…come on Daddy bear. He smiled as he watched his girls running out of the room. He couldn’t help but think how perfect his life was.


@hauntedduckdefendor @hauntedduckdefendor

I was trying to do my taxes....

… and I am just not adult enough to manage them this year. I moved and actually made the most money I’ve ever made in my LIFE this year…. and made student loan payments… 

… there are words in here I do not understand. 

I am 100% making Sweetheart do our taxes for the rest of our lives after we get married. Because I do not understand anything that has to do with money. 

EDIT: I’m going to go pour a glass of wine and fold laundry now. Because that seems less overwhelming. 

I love it when Phil’s parents come to see him, I always wonder what goes on… You can bet Phil greets them with huge hugs and then Dan hugs in that half heartedly way and then Phils mum is like, ‘call that a hug?!? come here and hug me again!’ and Dan just laughs.. then his Dad comes over and Dan goes to shake his hand but I always think he ruffles his hair bc Phil has told him how long he spends on making it look good.. but Dan just laughs and hugs him.

I always imagine the banter includes a very unsubtle hint about them getting married and Phil rolling his eyes in that embarrassed way and Dan saying ‘well we would if he wasn’t so, marriage is just a piece of paper person..!’ 

oh to be a fly on the wall…

The Surrogate~Cashton

About: You’re married to Luke. Ashton and Calum get married and ask if you’re willing to carry a child for them. You would be more than happy to but Luke doesn’t agree.

Sitting at Calum and Ashton’s wedding seemed magical! The flowers were perfectly set up, the weather was beautiful and most of all, you were here to celebrate this special day with them. You and Luke had also recently gotten married and you found out that you were pregnant not long after the wedding. Babygirl Hemming’s should be making her way into the world within the next 3 weeks.

You and Luke had welcomed your babygirl a week later, naming her Violet. You were more than excited to have a daughter. You loved being pregnant but right now was the time to spend with your daughter.

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So again my first try at a continued fanfic 

Part 1

Cauldron boil me that was embarrassing. Of course, that happened. I had never felt more embarrassed. To make matters worse he was beautiful, sexy, handsome and his eyes were the most striking shade of blue I had ever seen. I could have stared at them all day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t. As soon as we got off the plane we both parted ways and here I was. Standing in the taxi cab line in the sweltering heat.

I couldn’t believe my sister was getting married. I never thought that she would. Let alone to Cassian. Yes, he was handsome and loyal but the way he spoke to my sister… Well, he must be waiting for something to go wrong. Regardless I was happy for them. I was still waiting in line when my phone started to ring. “Hey Nesta, I’m on my way. I’m just catching a cab, I’ll be there soon don’t worry.” “Feyre! You were supposed to get here 40 minutes ago. Why are you so late?” she exclaimed back “My plane was delayed in San Francisco, there was nothing I could do, but it’s okay. I’m coming now” I replied. My sister loved to be organized and methodical. But I can imagine she was just getting sick of Elain fussing. “Well be here quickly.” She said whilst hanging up.

I finally was able to get into a cab away from the heat.


I was excited, not only for the wedding but the beach and the water and the relaxing.

I arrived at the hotel and was walking up to my room where I set down all my stuff and went to the bridal sweet where my sister was most likely situated. She also had my bride’s maid dress that I had to pick up.

Just as I was about to knock on the door it opened.

“I thought I could hear someone, Nesta! I think your sister is here” the person exclaimed.

Whoever this person was she was… Beautiful. Her golden her cascaded down her shoulders and she looked effortlessly made up. She was wearing a flowy skirt and a red top and. This girl was so gods damned beautiful. “You must be Feyre! Come in.” She exclaimed. I smiled shyly in confirmation and she grabbed my arm and pulled me inside “I’m Mor” she said and casually placed her arm around my shoulders and walked me to where my sister was on the phone. She looked angry. Oh boy.

I spotted Elain and I walked up to her and gave her hug. “I’m so glad you’re here. Isn’t this so exciting, God, I haven’t seen you in so long.” She said but she sounded tired like Nesta was literally sucking out the excitement from the room.

“Sorry, what was your name again?” I said to the beautiful women

“Morrigan but you can call me Mor for short. I’m Cassian’s friend” she replied. I was suspicious of this girl but that could have just been my jealousy.

“Feyre! Here’s your dress and you have to be here at 5pm tomorrow on the dot wearing this. Understood.” My oldest sister said.

“Understood,” I replied as I walked out of the room.

Part 3

Part 4

Here, Here, and Here Starters
  • Please don’t forget me.
  • I’m going away. 
  • I just need to feel safe. 
  • Dont forget what I said.
  • Every night I pray for you.
  • I don’t wanna die here.
  • I’ve no desire to get married. 
  • I don’t feel a thing.
  • You’re lazy, selfish, but you were raised that way.
  • I am loyal because I was simply raised that way.
  • By the way, I never really liked your hands on me.
  • Will you die first, before admit the truth?
  • They don’t make them like us anymore.
  • You said the world is hard to face.
  • Thank you for telling me I can’t.
  • Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am.
  • When I see you again, I won’t be bitter .
  • I am not anymore surprised at your phone calls at 4 in the morning.
  • My scar looks like a bear, or a rabbit.
  • You’ve got to run. 
  • They’re coming at you with their guns.
  • Whoever thought we’d fall so far? 
  • You’ve got to learn to act like God. 
  • You rule the world, you give the word. 
  • And if someone should fall behind, just let their suffering slip your mind.
  • I said, if you pray for me I’ll pray for you and cash flow too, why not?
  • Dumb people swore they saw the devil.
  • Most prayed they wouldn’t last a winter.
  • Throw those blessings all around.
  • It’s not all roses like your mama said.
  • We drank holy water like the wedding supper.
  • Did you think about what I said last night?
  • Do you really feel like this love is real?
  • I’m bored of your love.
  • I’m bored of your face.
  • So, I thought about what you said last night.
  • I hope you still feel like this love is for real.
  • I’m in love with your love.
  • I wish you put effort in trying to make this new.
  • I would if you asked me, I’d do anything for you.
  • I wish we were strangers.
  • Can I take you out just this one last time, we could pretend I never met you.
  • When it’s over and done it won’t quite be the same without you.
  • I’ll remember you.
  • My love rests in a shipwreck with a compass in his head.
  • I’ll wait for him, like vultures wait for bodies. 
  • I hear his voice now, at the bottom of the blue. 
  • I left my soul next to the shore. 
  • I miss your half- Irish grin.
  • They say you’ll never make it home! 
  • He is to me my life.
  • I’ve got my same old nose and no cheekbones.
  • I won’t be sorry, won’t go moping around.
  • Think I’ll throw in the towel right now.
  • I’m not bitter, I’m not mouthing off words.
  • When I was younger, I wish that I would have known better.
  • It could be worse, could be born with that disease, instead of catching it first.
  • Mercy. Mercy.
  • These things take time love.
  • You’ve got to weigh your wars, make sure you’re not fighting for nothing.
  • Are you fighting for nothing?
  • Maybe I’ll be a poet.
  • I’ve got my mouth, it’s a weapon.
  • I’ve got my words. I hope they hurt you.
  • I hope they cut you open, make you see you’ve been warring for all the wrong reasons.
  • Some things are worth bruising for.
  • Your life’s not to be lived alone.
  • You’re worth nothing.
  • I won’t go till you’re asleep.
  • If all that you take from this is courage, then I’ve no regrets.
  • I wanted to kiss you goodnight.
  • Don’t settle for less again. 
  • You’ve become more than I could have become for you.
  • No longer can pretend it won’t cave in and will be alright.
  • I said I’d make it through this world alright, but I don’t care to try.
  • I love my mother, hope to see her again.
  • I’m a wanderer now, sorrow befalls me.
  • I laugh often so I suppose I’m gonna be fine.
The Daughter’s Husband

* John x Reader
* Hamiltime
* Part 2 of The Boss’s Daughter
* Requested by anonymous

A/N: Fluff to angst to…not giving it away sorry. It’s super long, I had a lot of fun with the song Meet Me Inside. I also didn’t reference the requests but I’m fairly certain here were two of them but it’s 10:30 and my cold medicine is slowly wearing off so I didn’t want to dig for those requests. Putting all that aside, enjoy!

Word Count: 5,035


You fiddled with your dress once more. It was the day of your wedding. You and John were getting married.

Hercules begged you to let him make your dress but you refused, you wanted to wear your mother’s dress. However, you let Hercules modify it by making it more suited to the fashion trends of today and make it fit you. He did a great job. It accented your figure nicely. It was styled to be more modern but it kept the old characteristics so it was noticeable as an old gown.

Hercules also begged to be the flower ‘girl’ but you didn’t give into his pleading. John had little siblings who wanted to be flower girls. Plus, all the Schuyler sisters needed someone to walk with them down the isle. John suggested that Eliza be your maid of honor since Alexander was, thankfully, his best man. This way he and Eliza would hit it off. John was also worried that Alexander wouldn’t be his best man. After all, Alexander had fallen for you pretty hard. Still, the two were such good friends that Alexander agreed to be John’s best man.

Your dad came into the room. Then he did something you don’t think you’ve ever seen your father do. He started crying. Just misty eyes, but close enough. You knew they were tears of happiness and a bit of sorrow for giving you away. “You look beautiful Y/N.” Your father told you. “I can’t believe I’m walking you down the isle to a solider. One of my soldiers.” He said with a slight chuckle.

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                                   HAPPY KISS DAY LOVELIES!

“i haven’t been here very long so this is just a little appreciation to everyone whose accepted me just the way i am, and they love me! I love them just as much!”

@cheongsa: i don’t think i have to say how much i love you because we yell it to each other every day but still.. I LOVE YOU, literally will all the love in my body i love you, i’m grateful for you, in the gayest way possible you make life more exciting and worth living, i can’t wait for you to get married so i can object!

@kmhbn: my best friend, my rod, my other bean, we’ve been together for 24723857823 years, and that’s how it’s gonna stay, i’m never leaving your side, firefighters would have to cut my arms away with jaws of life, to be honest!

@hosh: you don’t have a blog but that doesn’t mean i cant show my love to you, thank you for always  accepting me, and just being a good friend to me, *crying bc of how much you love me and how much i love you*

@yevn: i feel most comfortable around you, even though you bully me and beat me up, i still love you immensely, i wouldn’t change you for the world and i would shoot people for you with my nerf guns in a heartbeat.

@96sun: im glad that you’re my dad, i’m glad that i can be myself around you and ask you stupid questions and you answer them and still love me immensely, i’m sorry i’m so annoying sometimes!

@sooyoug: you’re a gem and amazing and i hope that i can be even a smidge like you, i look up to you so much, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

@lalicer: LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, LISA UNNIE!!! the most precious unnie, i’m glad to have you everyday im thankful for you, always protecting me and loving me, you were shocked to hear that you were my bias, you’re my favorite and will always remain my favorite.

to my beautiful unnies who never let me down;

@chnnasorn @yeonxo @elkiec @ybouu @hyuboo @dahyon

to some lovely people i shan’t forget about ( i’m using the word lovely loosely here);

@young-kook @chwernobyl @csyng @jjngry @chittcphcn @tzuchu @keybums @kjxngdae

to people i haven’t met or interacted with yet but would like to;

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I hope everyone had a nice kiss day and kiss whomever they wanted!! Thank you!

Writer to Writer #1 [Jan/Feb]

Thanks everyone for your fantastic participation in our first Writer to Writer! This is a little sample of our members’ work, as chosen and summarised/reviewed by their fellow members. For more - organised by the fic’s significant relationships, see our tag database (here x). I hope everyone can find something they enjoy!



The Pact by @chinesebakery  (FitzSimmons)
A wonderfully funny and romantic friends to lovers AU where Fitz and Jemma make a drunken pact to marry each other if they are still single when they’re 30, though each is secretly pining for the other and it takes some encouragement from Bobbi, Daisy, Elena, Mack, and Hunter to get them to take the next step.

Keep My Heart Slow by @bookishandbossy (FitzSimmons)
Take a journey back in time with Fitzsimmons, as they meet each other multiple times through the centuries. This bittersweet reincarnation AU will make you grin like an idiot and bawl your eyes out two sentences later, and yet still end on a hopeful note. 11/10 would recommend.

There’s a strange exhilaration by @florchis (FitzDaisy, FitzSkimmons)
Daisy and Fitz are both dating Jemma, but the relationship between the two is distant and somewhat contentious until they are lured into a game of Seven minutes in Heaven and made to face their attraction to each other. The relationships depicted are intriguing and complex; it’s an interesting take on what could become happy polyamory… or not.

FitzSimmons + models by @marvelouswhovianfairytales (FitzSimmons)
A wonderful, sweet, short drabble. Who wouldn’t want to read about Fitz being a reluctant participant in a drawing class only to find out that Jemma Simmons is in the class as well… except not to draw, but to be drawn?

The Way They Happen by @loved-the-stars-too-fondly (May, May x Skye)
Started almost a year ago, “The Way They Happen” is an ongoing, epic Time Traveler’s Wife AU with Melinda May at the helm. This story intricately intertwines canon material with a beautiful, slowly-unfolding May/Skye arc that will keep you asking for more.

Be the Lightning In Me that Strikes Relentless by @pizza-is-my-buziness (Skimmons)
This is an interesting twist on the Maveth scenario with a lovely Skimmons twist, has an amazing amount of fluff for a horrible situation and has some sitting on the edge of your seat moments! 

1440 Minutes by @fitzsimmonsftw(FitzSimmons)
This is a touching interpretation of how FitzSimmons work through their emotions following Will’s death. All it takes is a base lockdown, a much needed conversation, and a Doctor Who marathon to bring these two geniuses back together.

What’s Done is Done by @whatlighttasteslike(FitzSimmons)
This lovely coda fic perfectly captures the small tender moments between FS that we all desperately want to see, as well as the tensions as they try to balance their romantic and professional relationships. A thoughtful, gracefully written, sweetly emotional, and perfectly in-character missing moment.



The Family We Choose For Ourselves by @the-nerdy-stjarna (Bus Kids)
Do you love the Bus Kids? Then this fic is for you! A canon divergent AU sees Daisy going back to her adoptive brother’s (Fitz’s) house in a seeking of refuge. What happens there will have you sobbing your heart out, but you’ll be smiling through your tears at the end. This is a fic you don’t wanna miss!

Just Me & My Mum by @unlessimwrongwhichyouknowimnot (Fitz family)
If you like kid fic, this is the story for you. A bittersweet story about Fitz’s father and the importance of his mum on his life, written from (3rd person) child-Fitz’s perspective with appropriate & accurate use of the voice of a child.

The No.1 Bus Kids Detective Agency by @theclaravoyant (Bus Kids)
Adorable (AMAZING) FitzSkimmons brotp fic! Alternate ending for events following 4.08 (who’s really responsible for AIDA’s actions; who on the team is going to notice something’s wrong with May first…). Our Bus Kids are all grown up and saving the day all by themselves!



This is Us by @delicatelyglitteryperson (Various platonic, romantic FS & Static Quake)
Wonderful collection of different AUs and all different pairings of our favourite Bus Kids/Playground Family. Wide range of scenes, some family, some romance, some meet-cutes, (there’s even a Frozen AU!) all of them *wonderful!*

Operation: Shadows by @mockingbirdsquake(Various platonic + Maria/Sharon, Skye/Bobbi) If you’re interested in the wider world of Shield this could be the fic for you. It starts where AOS started but with a genetic modification AU twist that’s about to change Skye’s life and the Shield that you know. A grand, intriguing and sensual adventure focusing on Maria Hill and Skye and the women of Shield like you’ve never seen them before.

I was framed. I swear.

I was tagged by my friend @anexplorationofcharacter (thank you, Viv!) to answer the following questions with only a guilty or innocent response without explanation. So I’ll just leave these here and you can make of them what you will.

Asked someone to marry you?: Innocent

Kissed one of your friends?: Guilty

Danced on a table in a bar/tavern?: Guilty

Told a lie?: Guilty

Had feelings for someone you can’t have?: Guilty

Kissed someone of the opposite sex?: Guilty

Kissed someone of the same sex?: Guilty

Kissed a picture?: Innocent

Slept until 5 pm?: Guilty

Fallen asleep at work/school?: Innocent

Held a snake?: Guilty

Been suspended from school?: Innocent

Stolen something?: Guilty

Done something you regret?: Guilty

Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose?: Innocent

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?: Innocent

Kissed in the rain?: Innocent

Sat on a rooftop?: Guilty

Sang in the shower?: Guilty

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?: Innocent

Slept naked?: Guilty

Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?: Innocent

Been in a band?: Innocent

Shot a gun?: Guilty

Donated blood?: Guilty

Eaten alligator meat?: Innocent

Eaten cheesecake?: Guilty

Still loved someone you shouldn’t?: Guilty

Have/had a tattoo?: Guilty

Been too honest?: Innocent

Ruined a surprise?: Innocent

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated so you couldn’t walk after?: Innocent

Erased someone from your friends list?: Innocent

Dressed in a man’s clothes?: Guilty

Dressed in a woman’s clothes?: Guilty

Joined a pageant?: Innocent

Been told you’re beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?: Guilty

Still have communication with your ex?: Guilty

Cheated on someone?: Guilty

Got totally drunk the night before a big exam?: Innocent

Been treated by a total stranger paying your fare?: Innocent

Got so angry you cried?: Innocent

Tried to stay away from someone for their own good?: Innocent

Actually murdered someone?: Innocent

Thought about mass murder?: Guilty

Actually committed mass murder?: Innocent

Rode in a stranger’s vehicle?: Guilty

Stalked someone?: Innocent

Had a boyfriend?: Guilty

Had a girlfriend?: Innocent

Been totally drunk on a holiday?: Innocent