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What does Yuzuru mean by “wanting to win overwhelmingly” and making Mr. Matsuoka speechless yet again (after this incident) 

Another interesting interview with Mr. Matsuoka :D and this is my first time using Photoshop to do subtitles, so much thanks to @the-real-xmonster​ for rescuing me from my Photoshop nightmare :x

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Klaroline + wings, Nessian and gentleness

Since it’s AU Week, I’m gonna take the first one, ok?

(and if you want me to write the nessian one, please send me a separate ask, that way I won’t forget, lol <3)

klaroline + wings

(aka acotar au in which Caroline is High Lady of the Night Court and Klaus is her human - at least at first - mate)

  • Caroline, an order-loving soul that she is, always keeps her wings in pristine condition (grooming is important part of self-care, ok??!)
  • her wings, it’s not something that Caroline just shows to everyone; the first time Klaus sees them is during a heated argument when they just spring free from under the glamour
  • they’re both shocked by this - Caroline has been so guarded for so long and it’s…unsettling to realize that she and her magic felt safe enough in that infuriating human’s Klaus’ presence to be free
  • Klaus is more shocked as well, but more so - mesmerized; he has never seen anything as beautiful as Caroline’s wings, black and illuminating like a starry night sky, woven with shadow and darkness
  • from this moment, he makes it his mission to provoke Caroline into showing her wings again - which leads to more heated arguments xD
  • as Caroline is so very protective of her wings, she never lets anyone touch them
  • and that’s how her Inner Circle knows that Klaus is her mate - he’s the only one she allows to touch the wings
  • although the first time he touches them is more driven by circumstance than anything else; after the attack at the Night Court, Klaus finds Caroline tending to her wings all by herself, twisting and stretching to extract all the arrows that got stuck in the delicate membranes - he calls her foolish for trying to do that by herself and finally appeals to her reason, arguing that she loves flying too much to risk her wings
  • Caroline finally agrees and Klaus proceeds to remove the arrows, working his nimble artist fingers to minimize the pain; but when he touches the membranes, it’s not pain that Caroline feels 😏
  • in the days that follow, Caroline allows Klaus to help her some more by applying a healing salve to her wings - she tries to convince herself it’s a practical choice and nothing else, but the truth is no one’s touch ever felt so good in her immortal life
  • of course, Klaus quickly catches on, the smug bastard that he is, and his touch turns less practical and more sensual with each day
  • at such a close distance, the wings look even more beautiful; Klaus knows that he will not rest until he depicts them on canvas
  • the idea of flying with Caroline both amazes and frightens him - it requires to put far more trust in another person than Klaus is accustomed to
  • when such a necessity occurs, Caroline interprets his hesitation as embarrassment and simply tells him to get over it
  • which he is glad that he does as the experience is mind-blowing; the view of the world, the feel of Caroline’s body against his, seeing her wings flexing from up close
  • it’s almost as mind-blowing as the touch of her lips and the first kiss they share in the air

Korrasami wasn’t last minute. It wasn’t pandering.

If you watch the legend of korra and think of korra and asami’s interactions of those who would end up becoming a couple, you’d see them as more romantic. If you were to replace either of them with a guy it would be plain that it was romantic, but we’re so conditioned to look past anything that might be queer that it isn’t obvious.

Korrasami was a relationship that wasn’t planned at the beginning, but it developed itself instead and watching the show with a critical eye really does open your eyes to the absolutely realistic development of their falling in love.

*fires rainbow confetti*


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I was sitting here the past few days thinking of going back on the main site then this drama goes down and suddenly that seems like an incredibly bad idea.

tips for surviving on the scp wiki bc this is how i’ve made it this far:

1. don’t comment on drama. do not. see an argument? u can watch and eat popcorn but don’t touch. 

2. do those people have an account on tumblr? if they do, do not touch. 

3. never become staff. ever. unless you’re prepared to deal with that kind of thing because like once you enter staff you go from Having A Good Time to Having A Good Time But People Are Allowed To Yell At Me And It’s Not A Good Time. 

4. be neutral in times of conflict. you are a simple author farming your crops. 

5. have an opinion??? *pushes my index finger to ur lips* no shhh u do not at least not publicly…..u dont….shhhh

6. dont like?? argue with the admins??? like please they’re just trying to do their job and that’s like??? way #1 to Not Have A Good Time???

7. an exception to rule #2 is like if you wanna ask them a question thats unrelated to the drama

8. u can talk shit but don’t do it publicly/actually get involved u feel? like keep that private

9. CALLOUT CULTURE IS TERRIBLE AND I’M SICK OF IT. like on all platforms but its been especially damaging lately on SCP. have a problem with someone??? talk. to them. about it. in private. you don’t need to scream at them and publicly shame and belittle them. yes, even if you think they deserve it. if they’re super toxic??? cool, cut that out of your life and block them, y’all don’t deserve that negativity in ur scp home. 

in general? ive been hearing a lot of “THE SCP WIKI IS A MESS RIGHT NOW” and the truth is that it’s really??? not??? like as long as you don’t start or get involved with preexisting drama and you’re just having a good time as a writer? follow all the rules? are in it primarily to have fun? then totally it’s fine and super cool and chill, like take it from me i’ve survived in the fandom for the past 4-5 years and survived on-site for the past 2-3 without ever getting involved in actual drama. like yeah i’ve made some mistakes and sometimes u gotta flatten ur back against the wall and play dead not to get involved in drama but u gotta go what u gotta do man 


i decided to repaint my 1/12 azone since the old faceup (the purple/pink one) was not doing it for me ^^;;

it’s roughly based on my memory of a doll i saw at the Volks shop while in Japan, i regret not buying her even if she was a bit wall eyed , she had a lot of old school anime charm, oh well

I am impressed with the acrylic inks! i already knew they didn’t stain resin but it seems it extends to plastics as well (it did stain the tiniest bit under the eyes but i may have used other paint as well, i don’t remember)

Guys I started listening to Owl City’s first albums Of June and Maybe I’m Dreaming for like the first time in years cause they’re not on Spotify and just …

I can see how he’s improved and I love a lot of his recent stuff, but there’s something about his early work that just Speaks to me in a way that I don’t think any other music ever will.

Anyways, Killmonger’s story is one of exile and diaspora. He is a man forced to call America his home, but knows what power lies within his very blood. He has a right to the throne and will fight for it no matter who tries to shame him for not being ‘fully Wakandan.’ Wakanda is his and he will spit on the grave of any man, woman, or child who stands in his way between he and his crown.