and make someone very happy

Let this picture do the speaking for you.
What do you think it says?

One of the nicest feelings?? Is when a friend remembers the thing you really don’t like and/or the thing you really like without being prompted for a reminder. Like if my own family can’t remember a simple, yet vital thing to my personality, why would other people? And yet they do… and its just… really nice


petrichorlore requested: éomer + fourth age of middle-earth

During the Fourth Age Éomer often fulfilled the Oath of Eorl and went with King Elessar far into the East and South of Middle-earth. He was known as Éomer Éadig, or “the Blessed”, because during his reign Rohan recovered from the hurts of the War and became a rich and fruitful land again.
In T.A. 3021 he wedded Princess Lothíriel, daughter of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, whom he had met during his stay in Gondor and she bore him a son Elfwine the Fair.

To The Fanfic Writers

I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for giving us more stories based on the stories we love.

Thank you for being so open and welcoming and taking our requests even though we know you are probably tired.

Thank you for giving happiness, laughter, and sometimes even sadness into my lonely world.

Thank you for putting me on the edge of my seat wondering what’s gonna happen next, even though I probably already know.

And this goes out to all fanfic writers.

To the ones who just started out and are trying to find their place, to those who have been here the longest and have already found their place. To the ones who think their writing isnt any good (even though it is). To the ones who know their writing is good but are not cocky.

You have filled my life with almost as much joy (possibly more) as the fandom you write for.

Please dont ever stop doing what you are doing, because even if you dont know it, you are making someone somewhere very, very happy.

Things I see on my dash on a daily basis that make me feel very very happy:

-Someone loudly and obnoxiously reporting that they are very gay
-Someone loudly and obnoxiously proclaiming their love for Thomas Sanders
-Someone loudly and obnoxiously proclaiming their love for one of the sides
-tons of people loudly and obnoxiously agreeing with the aforementioned posts

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assassins????? festivals??????? dc????? what is going on ?? ?? ? ?????

I have no idea but the thing to take away from this is that anything is possible if you just believe in yourself… someone out there came up with an FFXV Assassin’s Creed AU… and it is now Canon… what an Inspiration to us all…

Reach for the stars, kids…….

{ i’ll be around for you }

pairing: philip hamilton x reader

prompt: “can you do a phillip x reader where reader is madisons daughter???”

a/n: of course i can! this was inspired by the dear theodosia cover by regina spektor. this was my second philip imagine so i hope it’s not too bad haha!

t/w: bad pick up lines?? slight angst. really not a lot though!

inbox || masterlist

You’d known Philip for a long time. He was your best friend since you were little so you had practically grown up together. There were lots of play dates that your parents found endearing and adorable pictures of just the two of you.

In each one, you were smiling wide with your arms wrapped around one another or at least touching each other in some way. 

Your mom and dad always teased that you were destined to be a Hamilton. You always blushed at the thought of you and Philip getting married, but you had never fully tossed it aside. He was wonderful, kind, and loyal. He’d make someone very happy someday.  

You’d silently hoped that it would be you.

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Every time someone imagines Daryl as jealous/angry/violent over the idea of Carol being with another man, I honestly wonder what show they’re watching.

He loves her with his soul. This is the man who lied to her for the first time in his life just because he couldn’t bear to see her hurting, even though confessing the truth would probably have alleviated some of his own hurt.

If Carol walked up to him tomorrow and said, “I love [fill in blank with literally any guy who’s good to her] and he makes me really happy,” Daryl would swallow every last ounce of his pain, probably force the most gut-punching smile any of us have ever seen, and say something like, “I’m happy for ya.”

he. loves. her. full. stop.

And he would never in ten million years hurt or be awful to someone with whom Carol was in a totally voluntary relationship. He’d go off and hide all by himself to lick his wounds, determined to let her be happy no matter how miserable he is, because her happiness is literally his top priority in life.



TWO DAYS TO GO FOR STRANGER INK YOU GUYS! 👻 TWO! Are you stoked?! I could pee myself from excitement. Here’s everything I’ll be using during Inktober this year. I’ll give a brief overview of all of the materials under the read more, in case it is helpful to anybody. Let’s get into this shall we?! 

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Headcannons for how the phantom thief boys (and Mishima) meet their S/O

•When he first transferred his eyes landed on his s/o automatically
•he wasn’t sure why at first, there was just something about them
•Akira was proven correct when S/O quickly raised their hand saying he could sit in the set next to them in class
•ever since that day Akira and S/O was close
•Seriously S/O would lean over her desk to talk to him whenever she could
•Akira could help but smile when he sees them practically laying over the desk in between classes just to talk to them
•S/O was the first person he brings back to the cafe and they quickly gain Sojiro’s approval
Sojiro even goes as far as instructing S/O to look after Akira
•It doesn’t take long for Akira to realise he has feelings for S/O that are stronger then friendship
•Probably after a month he realises he can’t imagine life without S/O anymore
•This being said S/O is still the one who makes the first move, confessing their feelings when the two of them are alone at leblanc
•Akita being the smart mouth thief he is just smirks and says “about time you admit it”

•This boy knew is S/O since childhood
•they were most likely best buds
•as in if Ryuji was there S/O would be right beside him with the largest grin on their face
•Ryuji’s mother and S/O’s mother has plenty of embarrassing photos of the two of them during their youth
•ryuji’s sixth birthday party where the two of them got covered in mud from play fighting in the yard? Yep you better beat that one of the mothers have three pictures of that somewhere
•when Ryuji becomes a phantom thief he accidentally blurts it out to his S/O
•the minute he does he goes wide eyed and has an “oh shit” moment
•he begs for S/O not to say anything
•obviously S/O agrees, but not before they get a free movie ticket out if it
•The first time Ryuji realised his feelings for S/O was when S/O stoped in her tracks and kissed him
•Boy god did his face go red
•His first instinct is to ask if you were sick or something, I mean why else would S/O kiss them?
•It took a while and a lot of annoyed confirming from S/O to realised that yes, in fact S/O did love him
•"Yes ryuji I love you" “no ryuji ghis isn’t a joke” “damn it ryuji stop asking me and just kiss me!”
•Ryuji does in fact kiss S/O after the 100th time of checking they were for real

•Honestly these two just ran into each other during middle school
•like literally ran into each other
•Yusuke had stoped in the middle of the sidewalk to admire something and S/O just slammed into his back
•S/O was not happy
•yusuke just stared blankly at S/O as they lectured him about stopping randomly
•This boy just interrupts them and asks if they could paint them in the middle of a sentence
•S/O is shocked to say the least and is stunned for a solid ten seconds into silence
•eventually S/O laughs and agrees to being Yusuke’s model
•every since then they have been close
•S/O worked her butt off and even took up art to attended the same school as Yusuke
•Yusuke never confessing his feelings for S/O, not because he’s too nervous too but because he thinks their already dating
•like S/O asks who Yusuke has a crush on one day an he just stares blankly at them and says “why would I have feelings for another when we are already in a relationship?”
•S/O just blinks and stares at him In complete silence before laughing
•long story short yusuke thought him and S/O were dating since junior high
•S/O goes with it, after all they felt the same way

•okay hear me out with this
•S/O is the daughter of another detective akechi works with
•He meets S/O when they are dropping off lunch to their father at the station
•it takes a while for akechi to approach S/O
•not out of nerves but simply because S/O is out of there the minute she drops off her fathers lunch
•when he finally does talk to them akechi goes full on charm
•there’s just something about S/O that’s pulled his interest
•S/O is the sweetest person in his eyes, like the minute they become friends S/O is not bringing lunch for both him and her father
•Unlike the other boys akechi his very open with his feelings for S/O
•Seriously they will having lunch together (after akechi convinces S/O that it’s okay to stay) he will just confess
•"your very cute S/O you would make someone very happy"
•S/O blushes and is very confused by the sudden compliment
•"can I be that someone?“
•S/O is now completely red
•Akechi just smirks and waits for their answer
•S/O says yes
•lets say Akechi isn’t surprised by your answer

•much like Ryuji they meet as children
•little kindergarten Mishima was sitting alone on the swing sets just for S/O to randomly sit next to him a talk
•ever since then the two have been close
•by the time they were 5 S/O had declared they would get married when they grow up
•Mishima never forgot that promise even now
•When everything was going on with the volleyball team Mishima tried to keep everything a secret
•he wanted to protect S/O from kamoshida
•Kamishida has used S/O against him before
•once kamoshida had a change of heart and S/O found out the truth she was mad
•she was more then mad she was furious
•"why didn’t you tell me!? I could have helped!? I could have done something?!”
•Mishima had never seen S/O so made before
•Mishima could only mutter out that he wanted to protect S/O
•That’s when S/O said “we promised each other that we would be together no matter what right? Through better or for worse? Through sickness and through health?”
•that took Mishima by surprise, he honestly didn’t expect S/O to remember
•Some how he managed to stutter out some kind of shocked reply
•S/O just raised a brow “how could I forget a marriage proposal? Did… did your feelings change?”
•Mishima had never said no faster in his life
•after a few failed attempts he managed to confess his love
•Ever since that day Mishima had vowed to protect S/O

only-i-call-him-pinky  asked:

holy shit i just started following you and u have the BEST cole headcanons! do you have any glacier? ;))

ABSJSNW THANK YOU I LOVE YOU?? I will take glacier to the grave with me friendo so yes I do, I offer you these for your kindness ❤

  • Cole: Zane I hurt my bicep I need you to come kiss it better ;))
    Zane: oh no of course D: *kisses cole straight on the lips* is that better :((
    Cole, who is now the colour of Kai’s gi: yEAH UH HUH SURE THING
  • One time they take arm wrestling too far and Cole snaps Zane’s arm off by accident and cries for three (3) days.
  • Zane: cole make me a sandwich stat
    Cole: sure *comes back with a single slice of cheese on top of one slice of bread*
    Zane, putting Cole’s head between two slices of bread: WHAT ARE YOU
    Cole: an idiot sandwich
  • Cole will try to one up him with knowledge and Zane is like bby, why are you trying
    • Cole: babe I can do maths SO much faster than you
      Zane: fine what’s 56 x 34
      Cole: 72
      Zane: that’s not even close
      Cole: yeah but it was quick
  • Cole loves to eat and Zane loves to cook and honestly if Cole hadn’t come up with some serious restraint he would be like 30 stone with coronary heart disease and diabetes
  • Cole: you have the prettiest blue eyes
    thank you do you want to see them closer *pulls eye off*
    Cole: nO PUT IT BACK ON
  • Zane downloads Cole’s favourite musicals so he can learn everything about them and sing when with him and laugh when he makes jokes about them
    • He also learns how to dance so he can do all sorts of dancing with him because it makes cole smile the size of the sun and that makes Zane very happy
  • Someone: your boyfriend is… A robot
    Cole: um yeah and that means he’s perfect which is more than I can say for your crusty ass get outta here before I bitch slap you into next week??
  • Cole is just talking to himself one time and is like “man I wish I could get a dog” and 3 hours later Zane shows up outside his room with an armful of 7 puppies and just goes “I didn’t know which one you wanted and it got out of hand I’m sorry please help me”
  • Zane is most definitely Cole’s impulse control
    • Cole: Zane is on a mission so I’m gonna cut the sleeves off all my shirts
      Kai: why would you do that
      Cole: cause he’s like 83% of my impulse control so
    • Zane: cole no you cannot punch that old lady in the face
      Cole: Zane she barged you out the way?!? And then looked at us like we were dirt?!?!! Just one punch I promise!!
      Zane: I got this bby *walks over to the lady* *inhales* wHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT THE LOVE OF MY LIFE :))
  • Cole: Zane ask me why I love you
    Zane: why do you love me
    Cole, opening up his 130 slide powerpoint presentation: I thought you’d never ask
  • Cole would kill for people to play with his hair so Zane will brush it and braid it and tie it up for him and Cole is always sat there like :) I love this boy :)
  • Someone: throws something at Zane
    Cole: *running jump kicks the object out of the air and then backhands whoever threw it*
    Zane: what was that noise
    Cole: oh nothing baby I love you :)
  • Zane can breathe and cole will be like “you’re doing amazing sweetie”
  • Zane: ice is nice!!
    Cole: I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so ga
  • Zane keeps a very close eye on cole during battle and he doesn’t like when they have to split up and he can’t be with cole, because how is he supposed to keep an eye on him? How is he supposed to stop him getting hurt? Oh no what if he gets hurt it’ll be Zane’s fault he promised to look after him
    • Cole is like I love you be safe!!!!! *smooch* and Zane is like “ok I feel a bit better now”
  • Cole is like unbelievably good at picking up vibes, Zane doesn’t even have to say anything and cole will know if he’s upset or stressed or angry and he will just squeeze his hand and give him a soft smile and Zane is like :D !!
  • Very convenient that Zane is the master of ice because they can still cuddle in the summer and Zane can just turn up the AC so cole doesn’t melt and all is well!!!!!
  • Cole: *winks*
    Zane: *short circuits*
    • Kai: being gay isn’t contagious Zane
      Zane: then how come I get gay thoughts whenever cole takes his shirt off >://
  • Piggy backs for the win
      Zane: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!! *trips and falls in a ditch*
  • Zane: cole, you are the most beautiful boy in ninjago. Trust me, my database has scanned and compared everyone across its entirety.
  • One time Zane accidentally flings cole off the bounty
    • Cole: hey babe give me a boost I need to reach something on the roof
      Zane: oh of course *picks up cole and throws him so high he flies completely over the roof*
  • Movie nights because Zane can download anything and everything
    • Zane: you had better appreciate this movie I almost download a malware for this >:/
  • Cole is so smad because who is knocking on his door at 2am but he opens it and Zane is standing there and he just goes “I have done some extensive research and I have come to the conclusion that I am in love with you :D” and cole swears he sees the light at the end of the tunnel that’s how much he nearly dies
  • Cole: Zane can you make me a pie
    Zane: no.
    Cole: when did you stop loving me
    Zane: oh no he thinks I don’t love him??? I didn’t realise he wanted a pie so badly oh no I don’t want him to be sad D:
    *An hour later*
    Zane: *shows up with 15 pies*
  • Cole would die a thousand deaths just to make Zane laugh and it’s not that hard to because Zane doesn’t even really find Cole’s jokes that funny but he laughs because he sees how happy it makes cole and that little triumphant glint Cole gets in his eyes and oh my goodness he is done for
  • Cole: Zane can you lend me a hand
    Zane: *pulls his arm off and throws it across the room*
  • Cole: I can’t stand people talking about their girl. I like lowkey stuff.
  • zane is the only one on the team strong enough to lift cole so he will use that to his advantage.
    • is too tired, zane needs to carry him
    • has hurt his knee, zane needs to carry him
    • is sad, zane needs to carry him
    • had a near death experience, zane needs to carry him
    • is too hungry, zane needs to carry him
    • needs to be carried, zane needs to carry him
    • zane knows his game you ain’t slick cole, but who is he to say no to his bf he is only too happy to indulge him
  • the only time they have ever had an argument is when Zane beat Cole on guitar hero and Cole has honestly never felt more betrayed in his life and wouldn’t talk to Zane for the rest of the day
  • Lloyd asks zane to help him map out something for a mission and he just goes “I’m sorry Lloyd but I am gay :/” and cole is like I have been waiting for this day because he says it all the time and now they can twin
  • speaking of twinning, matching outfits. that’s all I will say. they’re the cutest matching couple ever.
  • zane will play airhorns whenever cole burns someone but it gets out of hand
    • wu I need to borrow some money” *air horns play in the distance*
  • zane and cole rolling in wearing cool sunglasses as zane plays a cool theme song is obviously a must

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