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Just thought you should be reminded- you're awesome, bitchycode. Simply awesome. Thank you for being painfully relatable. I hope your bitch posts continue on to 2017. 🍸👏🙌

Thank you so much babe, this means a lot to me!
When I first opened this blog on May 5, i never thought i would have got such awesome followers. I mean, i get messages like this everyday, and it makes me smile every time, especially in this period that I still get depressed because of my recent breakup.
It’s such a good feeling knowing that there’s someone out that is grateful for what i post.
So thank you everyone, we’ve reached 98k today and that’s beyond crazy, we’re gonna get 100k soon!
I’m glad you guys like the stuff i post, i’m gonna keep posting more for the new year.
Despite i share bitchy posts, you guys know how sensitive i am and that if y'all ever need someone to talk to, i’m always here.
Love y'all, always

Bad boy, good lips - part 13

Part 13, babes! Okay, so I love the picture for this part - I mean, Gilinsky is perfect in every way possible. Anywayyys, thank you for 100(+) & 2,2K beautiful followers - ily. Um, I’ve started making a couple imagines to those anons who requested. And uh, I’ve got plans on starting a new fanfic! I think it’s going to be about Nash. Um, I don’t know what it’s gonna be about - so if y'all have some ideas, send them to me? And uh, I’m extremely sorry it took so long for me to post this part, school just came like shock to me, and I kinda gotta focus on that. I’ll still post, but maybe not that often. One part per 1 or 2 week or something, idk. Anyway, here’s part 13 - I HOPE YOU LIKE IT!

“It’s a quarter after one, I’m all alone and I need you now.”

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“Is that okay with you?” I asked as I looked at Sam. He nodded. “Of course, I’ll just make the ice cream while I’m waiting for you,” he said as he smiled at me. “Thank you,” I mumbeled as I kissed his lips quickly as I stood up. “Ugh,” I groaned as I placed my hands on my stomach. Fuck the period. “You okay, sweetie?” Sam asked as he looked at me. “Yeah, just cramps,” I said, smiling weakly at him before I walked downstairs. I opened the door, and outside Jack was standing. Biting his lip pretty hard. “Bambi..” he started. “It’s (Y/N),” I snapped. “You can’t be with Sam,” he mumbeled, his voice shaking. “What? Did you come all the way over here just to tell me I can’t date Sam?” I asked, frustrated. “I did. He’s going to hurt you, (Y/N),” he started. “You can not decide who I can and cannot date, Jack. We’re not together, and I let you date other girls, so you should be okay with me going out with him. And by the way, Sam would never do that to me. Unlike you, I know Sam is not that kind of guy,” I said as I crossed my arms over my chest. “Ba..” Jack started, but I cut him of as soon as a sound escaped his mouth. “Jack, do me a favor and stay away from me,” I said. “W-what?” he asked. “Stay  away,” I repeated slowly. “But-” he started, again I cut him off. “Jack, leave,” I whispered as I felt tears filling up my eyes. He bit his lip, his eyes slowly watering up too. This was hard, almost too hard. “Okay,” he whispered. “Bye, Bambi,” he whispered. “Take care,” I mumbeled, now crying as I watched him slowly walking away.

As I walked inside, I took a deep breath and cleared the tears from my eyes. I walked up and into my bedroom. Sam was sitting on the bed, looking at me. “What did he want?” he asked. “He didn’t want for you to be my boyfriend,” I murmured as I sat down beside him. “What?” Sam asked, raising his voice. “It’s okay. I told him that was my desicion not his,” I answered. He nodded slowly. “And you know what? ” I asked. He shook his head, biting his lip. “What?” he asked. “It was a great decision.” A huge smile spread across those light pink, kissable lips of his as his eyes lit up. “Aw, come here,” he said as he pulled me into a hug, pressing his lips softly against the top of my head. “I love you, (Y/N),” he whispered against the top of my head. A smile crept onto my lips as I closed my eyes too. “I love you too, Sam.”

Weeks had passed, and Chrismas holiday had begun. Weeks without talking to Jack, not earning as much as a tiny smile from him. We didn’t even speak in the chemistry class when we were supposed to work together as partners. The only times we as much as looked at each other, was in the hallway when our eyes met or when he hung out with Sam, Johnson and I. The atmosphere around us had been even worse than ever. But I guess it was okay, that ’s what happen to couples that break up, right? And it was a good thing that we had both moved on. It was for the best, for the both of us. That way, none of us was going to be hurt. Even though staying away from him hurt as hell, I was kinda happy again. Sam had managed to fix my broken heart. He was all I could ever dream of, the perfect boyfriend. Every girl should have a Sammy. But luckily, he was mine. And all mine.

As soon as the vacation started, Sam left with his family to Europe to visit some family of his, which meant I couldn’t spend Christmas with him. He’d been gone for a week now, and I missed him like crazy. We skyped every night, called each other all the time and stuff like that. But I still missed his touch. I missed hearing his laugh in person, having his arms around my waist, feeling his soft lips pressed against my forhead. No matter how badly I wanted for him to come home, he wasn’t. And of course it hurt so badly. But he was coming home in less than a week, and I was already excited. So I just had to hold on one more week. And I was going to make that.

23rd of December. I was sitting in my bed, looking out the window. Staring at the snow falling down, laying itself on the ground as a thick blanket. The snow made the streets look so peaceful and the street lights lit up the dark streets. It was all so beautiful. I was tugging at the sleeve of my sweater as I bit my lip softly. I wanted to get out. No, I needed to get out. I had barely been outside my doorway since Sam left. And I missed the fresh air, I wanted to feel the snoflakes against my skin. As I stood up, I rushed my hand trough my curled hair before I walked downstairs. It was like 12:05AM, but there was this thing today. There was some concert at 12:00AM until 02:00AM and my older brother Jackson and his girlfriend Charlotte had been wondering if I wanted to go with them. So I guess I could. But they had already left, so I had to go find them by myself. But that was okay, I needed some alone time, even though I’d been by myself most of this holiday. As I put on my jacket, my dr. martens, a couple mittens and a hat as I opened the door and started walking towards the park - where the concert was going to be hold. 

The cold winter breeze blew my hair as I felt snowflakes fall against my skin before melting into tiny water drops. Oh how I loved this season. As I walked, I let my gaze slide over the peaceful streets lit up of the street lights.I reached the concert area in about ten minutes. The concert was fully started with different artists - among them was Michael Bublè. He was playing now, and his voice was so beautiful. Since it was packed of people there, I had to stand in the back watching. How I wished Sam was here to hold an arm around me. To hold me tightly against his body. No, no. These thoughts just made me sad. As I started to walk towards the crowd, I walked straight into someone. “I’m so sorry,” the person said. I could hear who it was as soon as a sound escaped the person’s mouth, Jack. “Oh,” he said as he started walking away from me. “Jack, wait,” I said as I inhaled a deep breath of the cold air. As Jack turned around to face me, I bit my lip. “Merry Christmas,” I said as I felt a smile slowly spreading against my lips. That smile seemed to be contagious, because a smile was now planted on his lips too. “Merry Christmas,” he said.

Jack and I ended up talking for a while, and it was actually pretty nice. “(Y/N), I can’t really deal with this anymore. I can’t stand not talking to you, not smiling at you when you come around in the hallway. You know I’m sorry for what I did, and I regret so much you don’t even know. Can you please forgive me?” he begged as he bit his lip. “Well, since Christmas is the time of forgiveness, I guess I could,” I said with a smile. “Thank you so much!” he said as he pulled me into a long and tight hug. As I buried my neck into his neck, closing my eyes. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” I heard him whisper into my ear, happily. As we pulled away, he looked at me. He didn’t let go of me, we just stared at each other. A snowflake landed on my cheek, and as it melted, Jack used his finger to get it away, lightly brushing my cheek. He then cupped my face in his hands as he leaned in and placed his warm lips against mine.

I’m sorry about this part. It’s like the worst part ever. But anyways, thanks for reading. You all mean the world to me. 5 notes for new post, and I’ll try to write it as soon as I can. Okay? Thank you again, I love you all!

OMG, look at you all of you beautiful people! Already nearly 200 followers, I could not be more happy that right now! You give me joy in my heart for every like and reblog ( I love you even more when you add nice tag, I read all of them and it’s make me have good day )  

So to thanks all of you, I invite you to reblog this post and get a chance to win one of the two prize! 

Deadline is 1th december :D 

If I got a lot of new followers ( What would surprise me ) I will add another prize! :) Or upgrade the two first prize and add third prize with a soft modification of the two other prize! :)


I can’t even fathom the idea that @taylorswift followed me a year ago. How crazy is that. I got to travel across the country, meeting new friends and experiencing the 1989 Tour several times, including from the front row. I got to MEET TAYLOR for the second time in my life and it makes me smile every single day. Probably the biggest accomplishment I have made in the year since Taylor followed me is that I moved across the country to New York alone. And I am very proud of my little apartment in Manhattan with the roof view you see here!

Thank you @taylorswift for deciding to follow my blog a year ago, and to like my posts (which are sometimes really weird), and to invite Bella and I to meet you, just for everything that contributed to where I am today.  Thank you so much.

I was going back and forth about making a post (especially when I’ve been so tired and haven’t made IR posts recently, sorry!  just posting silly small things either editing old posts or thanking people) because I was getting exasperated by anti-IR followers trying to follow me almost every day that now gaining new followers, which used to be exciting and fun, is now just “ok are you a porn/spam blog or an anti-IR?”

At first I thought it was better to ignore it and not let them see that they got to me, which they haven’t overall since I’m not going to stop shipping IR and I’m not at all deterred from making IR posts, but I have to admit they are being rather annoying.  The ones following me hasn’t done anything actively and some anti-IRs have probably slipped through the cracks in my purging, but it’s still obvious there is nothing but ill intentions in their reasons to follow an obviously exclusive IR blog. Why else would they be following my blog? (If you’re a multishipper I have to say I haven’t  seen evidence supporting IR on your blogs so apologies if you’re blocked but you obviously made me uncomfortable enough).

And if these blogs are going so far as to hide they are anti-IR or in fact made additional blogs just to stalk IR blogs I have to say:

They are pathetic.
You are pathetic.

I try to be upbeat and positive and try my best not to cross over the lines of civility.  I basically stay in my camp and if I have criticisms or gripes I try to leave it either untagged or tag it as anti (posts older than a year might be an exception because I was still new to tumblr, I still am figuring things out tbh lol).  I didn’t try to start fights or participate in the “war” actively in the sense of fighting with others on it, but I’ll defend my OTP to the last if people start things with me.

But really the bottom line comes to this to the anti-IR blogs stalking IR fans:

What in the world are [you] doing??

They tote around 686 as their ultimate and canonical evidence.  They try to rub in our faces that it’s over, they won, they were right, we were wrong, we didn’t read the manga right, they knew it was endgame, etc.  I have so many criticisms that I won’t get into here, but let’s be honest.  They weren’t endgame, there is 600+ chapters! color spreads! movies! interviews!, and other works to counter that claim.  The last arc was terribly slow and awful in pacing, plot holes were left gaping open and 686 was nothing but a joke that a majority of fans, shippers and non-shippers alike, do not accept and treat it as useless garbage.  

Whether they think they “won” or not, they sure aren’t acting as if they had “won.”  If we, IR, had “won” in this silly “war,” do you know what I would and wouldn’t be doing?

I wouldn’t be trying to find anti-IR blogs to stalk.  I couldn’t give two shits about your underdeveloped and extremely unhealthy, toxic couples.  They literally make me sick so why would I bother trying to seek them out and willing expose myself to something I clearly despise?  Am I going to sit in raw sewage that will make me gag and vomit while trying to eat lunch?  No, I wouldn’t force myself to be near or do something disgusting when I could avoid it altogether!  Why do I need that negative garbage in my life??
I would stay out of their tag and not bother with them as long as they stayed civil and stayed away from me, otherwise, immediately blocking because I do not want to waste my precious time and energy on something that is worthless to me.
I would be celebrating IR without abandon by following IR blogs, reblogging, liking, and creating my own posts to share and support the community focused around our love for IR!
I would be thanking and appreciating all the wonderful fans being supportive of each other on the community while being so kind to share their works, beliefs, and love of IR that brought us together.

I apologize that this post has a definitively different tone compared to my other ones, to be honest I am actually quite short-tempered, cynical and grumpy 24/7 but I try to be more positive and upbeat because negativity brings out only more negativity, but I’m sorry I just had to get this off my chest!

But really I apologize to be so crude but can these stalkers please GTFO. Yes, I’ll block you.  I’ll ignore you.  I don’t need you on my blog, thank you very much.  One day I will not care but today is not that day.  Today I don’t need this and I doubt I ever will but until I can ignore it without effort I’ll help myself do it more efficiently by blocking your existence from my notice, thank you very much!

In conclusion, if IR had become canon and we “won,” I wouldn’t give a flying fuck about any detractors and anti fans who supported opposing couples, let alone go out of my way to stalk them just to harass them or mock them because it

All things considered in my list of things that I would and wouldn’t do, I have to say since a lot of the IR community is basically doing the above by ignoring anti-IR fans and not stalking them while continuing to support each other and share their love for IR in likes, reblogs, edits, posts with fan art, fan fics, and any other creations in our community, I think it’s easy to see who really “won,” don’t you think?

Kubo threw away everything and wasted his time and our own.  He’s ruined his future but he doesn’t have to ruin ours.


Hello everyone :D thank you for letting me reach 2k+ followers (even before school, that’s pretty cool) 

I don’t really follow a lot of people on this account, but they are just enough to make my day and they are very nice, super rad, hella talented and sweet :D

Drawing Blogs

steakpanties mareflares ohemmoh inflomora-art laa-art (they draw a lot of band related doodles and more and they are pretty freaking awesome :D)

baconflummox mikouchan (bestest friends ever that have amazing drawing skills, have a wonderful DA account and do lots of collabs with each other. Sometimes addicted to LoL)

ipoophere / kelpls speep (their art makes me cry because it is breatuful, that’s all I have to say about that)

Blogs that have made my dash happy

fallenfor5sos 5sos-official 5sostfln (holy balls I can’t breathe every time you post a new tfln gif :D) doucheywolf (thank you I love your themes) fivesource

Friends :D

audiash (Bruhhhhhh B)) anabundanceofirwins (also writes stuff ;)) midnight-fxckery (Laugh your heart out) hemmingshurts (got 5sos?) sexycliffconda (GIF CENTRAL) twentyonehemmings/ boyfriendgenes (also amazing in writing and fandom feels central) liv-1x1s (RP blog for any of you guys who like RP)

littleemikey honeybeeisme jules-the-awkward stylesitup kittycatmaniac (really amazing blogs and cool people to talk to, part 5sos blog and a bunch of cute humorous things :D)

Thank you all again for making this tumblr experience amazing, also thank you followers for liking what I write because it’s a really cool pass time and I think I wanna continue it for a while more :)

I hope you guys are liking the series so far, and I hope to open up requests soon :D

^^^^^^Follow these people, they are soo cool^^^^^^

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heya, xiaoling here! this was mean’t to be posted ages ago but i never really got around to do this so… this is my first follow forever under my new url seokjined (my previous one was joonmyeonn)! 

so… without further-a-do; thank you all for making my experience on tumblr a wonderful one! my tumblr dash would not be this amazing to scroll through everday without these blogs~ so thank you so so much! (some of these blogs are inactive or on hiatus but it didn’t feel right to not add them on!) also, i’d like to thank each and every one of my followers for putting up with my blog (haha!) you guys are the raddest! my blog style has changed drastically ever since i started tumblr so thank you all for sticking  with me through all of this change! ♥

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So I was thinking about making a master list of blogs to make it easier for people looking to follow astro stans, I’ve instead decided to make a page on my blog so that I can edit it when new blogs emerge, someone changes URL or to delete blogs that have become inactive.


The reason I’m asking for this specifically is because people will refer to the page when they want to follow astro blogs so it wouldn’t be fair for me to link them to multifandom blogs that only post astro every now and then.

I’ve already got most blogs sorted out but this is just incase I miss out on anyone?

If I already follow you and you’re an astro blog please still reblog to make this easier for me and to get the word out for people who don’t search tags.

Thanks a lot, and happy new year guys!

- Erin/myungju-n
(used to be park-min-hyuk)

[please tell me if you don’t want to be added for whatever reason??]

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Thanks for being positive. Every other thing on my dash seems to be a post on how someone has fallen out of love with RWBY or that it used to be the thing that got them out of bed in the morning, and now they're just tired. You really keep my hope alive for this series <3.

I hate to say it friend, but you need to follow some new people. That just sounds like a good way to make yourself feel bad. I’m glad you enjoy my blog though. Follow some of the people that I reblog from - I’m pretty picky with my follows and I don’t really put up with that kind of negativity. Make your dash a fun place where you can enjoy the show and not deal with that. 

Also remember, that’s the vocal minority - RWBY is still wildly popular and good and fun and people all over the world enjoy it. The series is going to be fine. There’s plenty of story left to tell and I can’t wait for us to enjoy it. 

Don’t let them get to you :)