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Hi I just saw this post and your blog and you want to know all the AC blogs on tumblr and share them with your followers, is that correct? Cos I have an AC blog too! It is a writing blog where people can submit and request stories for the admins. I would love if you shared our blog with the community as we want everyone to enjoy stories of peoples' favourite characters. If this is what your blog is about, I would be grateful if you share our blog within your. Its called asscreedstories. Thanks!

Yup, you got that right.

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I want to make this blog a guide of Assassin’s Creed blogs that exist here on Tumblr for the old, the new and the future fans to follow and interact with each other, sharing our love and obsession for this amazing games.

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Every Assassin’s Creed blog is welcome to share their blog with the fans.

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Your blog has been add to our list. We would appreciate if you can reblog this post to promote our blog.

Welcome to the Brotherhood

- Bishop

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