and make posts thanking every new follower i got


I can’t even fathom the idea that @taylorswift followed me a year ago. How crazy is that. I got to travel across the country, meeting new friends and experiencing the 1989 Tour several times, including from the front row. I got to MEET TAYLOR for the second time in my life and it makes me smile every single day. Probably the biggest accomplishment I have made in the year since Taylor followed me is that I moved across the country to New York alone. And I am very proud of my little apartment in Manhattan with the roof view you see here!

Thank you @taylorswift for deciding to follow my blog a year ago, and to like my posts (which are sometimes really weird), and to invite Bella and I to meet you, just for everything that contributed to where I am today.  Thank you so much.


So basically the year 2014 is ending, and I decided to make this follow forever because why not. ALSO because I will be going on vacations in a few days (I have no idea when I will return, but my friend Yami will reblog some stuff for me). This year I made a lot of new friends on this website and lost a few. This year was not a pretty year for me in my personal life, but when I got on this website every single person I follow made a difference in it by what they post. This year I learned A LOT on this website, and thank you to those people who make the informational posts about what is going on in the world, those posts have made me see reality. I am glad we are making our voices be heard and that we want a better future for ourselves.

Okay first of all, I want to wish everyone an excellent new year and that you guys meet your new year’s resolution, also that you have a prosperous 2015! Second, I want to thank everyone who has given me advice and been there for me this year when I needed help or when I needed someone to talk to. I really appreciated those talks. I learned a lot from those whom I’ve talked to. Also, I want to thank the people I follow, for making my dashboard very interesting, useful/learnful(?) and fun every time I get on tumblr. Every single one of you with all your amazing edits, funny text posts, important text and funny personalities! Lastly, thank you to all the amazing followers I have…even though some of you may not talk to me, but I am still thankful for you guys! Thank you for making my four years on here so fun and interesting!  

*Before you commence reading the people I have listed below, I am sorry if I forgot to list you. I follow a heck of a lot of people and it is so hard to put and remember everyone. Also because you’ve changed your url and icon at the same time and it makes it hard for me to remember who you were…so sorry if I forgot to put you on here! But it doesn’t mean I don’t love you!*

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heya, xiaoling here! this was mean’t to be posted ages ago but i never really got around to do this so… this is my first follow forever under my new url seokjined (my previous one was joonmyeonn)! 

so… without further-a-do; thank you all for making my experience on tumblr a wonderful one! my tumblr dash would not be this amazing to scroll through everday without these blogs~ so thank you so so much! (some of these blogs are inactive or on hiatus but it didn’t feel right to not add them on!) also, i’d like to thank each and every one of my followers for putting up with my blog (haha!) you guys are the raddest! my blog style has changed drastically ever since i started tumblr so thank you all for sticking  with me through all of this change! ♥

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also, shout-out to the networks i’m in:

+ innercirclenet

+ ikonetwork

+ palstelnet

This year has been extremely special for me because my blog turned 3 years and I decided to change abbyroad into a personal/multifandom/theatre crazy blog to post and reblog the things I love. With a new blog style I got the chance to meet a group of beautiful, kind and talented people that brighten up my dashboard and my life every single day.

There are some of you whom I have never talked to but I’ve been secretly admiring from afar (maybe because I’m too shy to drop a message). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your blogs are the best and I hope that someday we can talk and be friends!

THANK YOU for making my tumblr experience so awesome and this follow forever is a mini Christmas present to show you how much I love every one of you! 

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networkofmadisoncounty | kellioharanet 


Special mention to:

Bridges fandomThe show and the fandom literally changed my life and I’m so happy to be a part of the best group of people on tumblr. May the patron saint of Iowa housewives bless you and I hope you have an amazing holiday season full of brandy and slow dances in the kitchen. (We’re not breaking I’m not leaving ♪).

Debbie: You’re the best friend anyone could wish for. I love you so much and I hope you have the best thesis defense ever and the most wonderful Christmas.

Note: If you’re not on this list and you’re one of the 1,6k+ beautiful people who follow me, don’t worry, you’re in my heart and I love you.