and make philip smile again

bbcthree I have so much to say about Amy and Philip. They’re a het couple that are actually interesting. Philip’s character development this series has been beautiful, and that’s got a lot to do with Amy making him want to be a better man. Philip makes Amy feel special and beautiful, and Amy makes Philip feel capable and brave. They improve each other. Bring back Amy Dyer! #saveintheflesh

Amy Dyer is my plus one. And I can assure you, councillor elect, she is valid.

and once we start, the meter clicks

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philip’s reaction to lukas waking up from the coma

When they get to the hospital, and start to make their way to Lukas’ room, neither Gabe nor Philip is expecting anything.

Philip doesn’t expect to get lucky. It’s not like he ever has before.

Gabe reaches the room first, opening the door. His face is set, already ready for disappointment.

Then it changes. His hand goes still on the doorknob, and he looks back at Philip.

“Philip.” He says. Philip’s stomach drops, and he knows what he’s going to say.

He’s gone. He’s gone. He died.

He’s waiting for Gabe to break his world apart. He prepares himself for the blow; it never comes.

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