and make more stuff with this mod

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hi i just had a rly quick question!! do u use a mod to like, make ur cas show more than like, 2 things in a row at a time??? does that make sense??? my cas shows like, 2 hairs in a row, and so i have to scroll for so long to find stuff but urs shows like 3 or 4 or something n i love it n jus wonering what u use to do that!! or is there some kind of setting i gotta change

yea i do!!!! check out this mod :’-) its so helpful!!!!!! xoxo

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To all the mods: thank you so much for all your work! Your creativity makes me like the game even more. What are your personal favorite headcanons you've done so far?

Thank you! We really love the support we’re getting from all of you and you’re really what keeps the blog going!

Personally my favourite headcanon is Sha Lin/Kinessa aka Long Distance Relationship (surprise surprise). I just feel that they’re so perfect and there’s some real chemistry that could go on between them, and a lot of fun stuff that could go on if they were canonically in a relationship. They’re literally perfect, perfect people who deserve each other. 

- Mod Mal’Damba

My favorite headcanon? Mine isn’t as long as Mod Mal'Damba’s, but I’ll have to say the drunk champions one. Mod Ying and I worked on it together and it was just really fun to make I guess.

- Mod Bolt  

Oh man, this is super hard. I didn’t know many headcanons before I came on this blog, and I learned so many. I have to say my favorite one is that Androxus is like a big brother to Maeve! Haven’t posted it yet, it’s coming up soon. It’s just so adorable!

- Mod Ying

Weekend Updates!

We’re changing something! Normally we stick to the same story and just update until we’re finished, but to make things more interesting and fun, we’re going to make our weekend updates something different! So to clarify:

Monday through to Friday: Flowey’s story “Mirror”

Saturday & Sunday: Extra stuff! Mostly goatline until we run out of ideas for that and then we’ll move to something else!

Hope you enjoy that! It’s going to be silly fun stuff for Saturday and Sunday, then serious stuff throughout the week. You know, like real life!

Thanks for readin!

-Mod Tem!Frisk

“Ralts Line & Other Stuff” Discord Server (16+ only)

Here’s the link to the “Ralts Line & Other Stuff” Discord Server run by myself and @polyvoir. We have over 240 members and are always open to more! Feel free to hop in if you’ve got an interest in Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir/Gallade and want to hang out with a community of artists, writers, creators, and more!

Let me or an admin/mod know in our “#welcome_channel” when you join so we can make you a member!:

Hetalia Characters as Stuff my Mom Says 2

England: “Give me the remote Harry Potter is on!”

America: “I was on a diet but then I saw the donuts and decided it was a donut diet…don’t judge me!”

Germany: “Why would you make potatoes spicy? They’re potatoes! They aren’t supposed to be spicy!”

France: “Marrying for love is important but it’s more important that you don’t marry an idiot.”

Russia: “I don’t care if it’s winter! I am going to go out and enjoy this sunny day!”

Japan: “I’m going to name this trash Pokémon after your dad!”

(( Before I get a million messages– I know I forgot the a in search in that last post. I can’t fix it now. 

But while I’m making a mod post–PLEASE do not yell at me to update this blog. Threatening or rude messages for me to draw what you want isn’t going to get you more content. It just gets you banned. And yes, I can still ban you on anon. I’ll update when I can,but this is free content. I do stuff I get paid for first.

 With that said, thank you for sticking with me and I hope you enjoy future updates!))

OTP and OT3+ AU Prompts

Because I’m a sucker for cute relationships and aus

  • We’re a group of adventures that have been hired by the king/queen to guard the prince/princess from attacks as they make their journey to the neighboring country to negotiate peace talks, somehow all of us fall for them
  • I’m framed for a crime i didn’t commit and am sentenced to death row but on my way to the hospital after some kind of incident, the ambulance crashes, allowing me to escape to clear my name, you tag along because you’re the EMT and can’t let me leave without treating my injuries first.
  • We’re a pack of thieves that roam the streets of the city as circus performers. We get caught somehow and get unwanted tag alongs that couldn’t be anymore annoyingly cute
  • I’m a demon that’s been tasked with your corruption but I can’t figure out how to do it because you’re just so innocent and pure and nothing I do seems to work
  • I’m currently stuck being a teacher’s assistant for both the social and english teacher because of understaffing and they hate each other and I’m crushing on both
  • I buy love potions to find one of my beloved from you but I’m starting to suspect that you’re purposely messing them up because the only person who seems to be getting more enamored with me
  • I’m a  travelling merchant who sells magical rarities and I end up cursed by one of my wares and I have to find the magicians/witches/wizards that made the item so  can get the curse reversed and on my travels I meet the lovess of my life.
  • I’m a lab technician working for the police department and I stumble upon something big so I gather up a bunch of lab techs and one rookie cop  to help me figure it all out
  • I’m a witch that needs a room mate after the last one moved out and you decide to room with me after I agree with helping you take your prank war with your best friend to a whole new level 

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How about an S/O who is gallifreyan like the Doctor from Doctor Who? ( Adventures, two hearts, regeneration, Tardis, ect.) (UT, UF, Ink & Reaper Sanses)

Ok, I don’t remember much on Doctor Who, but I’ll do my best! ~Mod Feral

UT Sans
Well, that’s pretty dang cool! He’s heard of this stuff in his sci-fi stories but to actually see one? That’s neat! “we should travel space-time together, then.”

UF Sans
Of course he doesn’t believe you. “if you’re that amazing than why be with me?” He honestly thinks you’re trying to make him seem more important than he is. Besides, that’s all just fiction anyway.

Ink Sans
He’s pretty unaffected by this information. If anything, it means you won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Heck, you both may even be able to live forever! He’s just gonna hope you’re telling the truth.

Reaper Sans
He’s not sure how to take this. Part of him wants to test it out and make direct contact with you, but the other part’s telling him how you might be lying. And he doesn’t want to handle what would happen if you were lying. He checks your clock and sees a confused mess of numbers. That’s when he believes you. He doesn’t test it right away.

~special thanksgiving post~

Neither of them celebrate it, but Hol makes thanksgiving dinner anyway because look, he misses American holidays and sometimes he wants a special dinner in the manor that doesn’t consist of Dio eating a celebrity. He says it’s all about “togetherness… uh, sharing… scorin’ your girlfriend’s cute cousin’s phone number around the dinner table! Real meaningful stuff!”

Giorno finds it amusing, and honestly someone acting like a normal, non-evil person here makes him feel more at home. Dio clears his throat and stares pointedly at Hol.

“… an’ I robbed a blood bank for you, Lord Dio.”

Everyone has a nice dinner and then Giorno and Dio leave at midnight for Black Friday. They have to tag team for the nicest clothes and new shoes and another iPhone for Dio to break with his massive hands and lack of physical restraint.

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For the one who bought a cane and wants tips how not to be embarrassed using it: Maybe you could put some dope stickers on it or something like that, personalize it. I feel like that would make me personally be like "fuck yeah, i have a cane, and it is not just helping me, but it also looks dope so yess"

Anonymous said:

Advice for the anon that just got a new cane. Practice using it on good days so you get more comfortable with it especially stairs. Embarrassing stuff will happen and it really is okay just remember that the cane is a tool to help you do what you gotta do each day and don’t let anybody make you feel ashamed about it. Ive had my cane for a year and a half and learning to not walk off and leave my cane some place is still a struggle

Thank you!! Both really good advice. When I mostly used crutches (I mostly use a wheelchair now, takes the strain off my wrists) I wrapped fake ivy around them to make them a little more… Me? I’ve always loved plants, and it got me a few compliments!! Plus, it kind of helps, because if you do get stares it’s probably because your cane looks badass rather than you’re being judged!!

What also helped me is c-punk. (Warning: the full name of it is the (ableist) c slur, so if you enter the tags you’re not going to be able ti avoid it) It’s all about feeling happy with your mobility aids, being okay with making abled people uncomfortable, just… Accepting yourself for who you are, really. That’s the core of it. Unapologetic disability

-Mod Rhys

Almost Dead but Not Yet

MOD: I know I said I will be back on December but my university projects are more complicated that I thought. I cant even finish one of my 3 projects and I just have 10-8 days to finish them all.

Sorry for didnt being here for you in christmas but as you can see… I cant even make a good draw for you now :’v

Merry Christmas everypony, and have a very happy new year <3

So I may have been modding/practicing some stuff behind the curtains. The belts and skirt are my own meshes, but making a mesh is one thing, proper uvw mapping is an entire new level of ass, or so it used to be, now that I actually know more tricks and actually enjoy doing now. It’s like a puzzle and I luv puzzles.

So while I was at it, I kinda ended up doing a blade themed armor, and while I do like where I’m headed, I just– I’m not feeling it with some parts. It’s def missing some touches and not entirely sure about the suite textures.


I’m not dead yet, and I’m still modding. A little.

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Honestly, I'm sick of mainstream people thinking that entire fandoms suck. They always look at the negative stuff and never even bother to look on the good side. If they would, they would see that there are original, and well-drawn OCs and fanart and decently written fanfiction.

I could not agree more! I hate having to defend an interest that makes me so happy, have to hide my love of the franchise, or feel embarrassed to say that I like the series

[[i’m mature
sorry for the mod post, but i wanted to thank you all for coming here and asking stuff and making this askblog possible!
now for some more boring stuff: i find myself unable to answer all the asks if i want kind of an storyline, so if it seems like i’m ignoring your ask: i’m not, and i apreciate you for asking
also guys, i know tom is cute, but if you keep telling him he’ll probably die of embarasment, so i won’t be answering those ones (i’m so sorry)
i recomend sending new asks if you don’t see yours with different topics so there’s more to choose from and the story can progress. go crazy! :3
well, love you all bye]]
-mod cye

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((11, 13, 20, 23, 44))

11. Strength

… mod suddenly makes some sad noises like she doesn’t know what her strength might be, shuroro… more self-confident would be nice. Just like me! 

But for her for now… well her drawing skills are quite good and the same goes for her writing. I like how she represents me (although she has a knack of getting me into trouble!!) She is also good at videogames and be there for he friends.

13. Dislike

From what I’ve gathered of her complaints and rants is that she really dislikes unfriendly customers, which I have to agree on not sounding particular fun to deal with.

She also dislikes to be around too many people for too long and I have to agree with her there as well.

20. Gore or no gore

Shurorororo~ Mod loves gore! Which I’m very happy about as my experiments can get quite goory at times. Although she has a trigger here, as she calls it, and that is getting limbs severed. She tells me that she gets sick seeing especially me get hurt so bad that I would lose a limb… even cutting my hair because of torture and especially my horns are the biggest no-no she has. Well I’m thankful for that, I do not want that to happen to me! I like all my parts where there are now, including my horns, tail and my precious long hair… and other… stuff, thank you!!

((Punch him, hurt him, torture him (please)~ but please do not severe any parts of him… (it might be okay in an au) if you aren’t Law and can fix it. But these are my triggers))

23. Favourite type of porn

Okay now you made her a tomato, shurororo. She doesn’t really watch porn, sometimes hentai but mostly just fanfics and pictures/gifs. She has some lovely subjects she is into though that she searches for in porn-way. Obviously gay stuff, and even more obviously pet play as she is a pet. BDSM altogether actually I’ve seen her search up… hmmm and anal~. I approve of her choices. 

((*distressed goat noises from mod who can’t stop CC from answering as he is now hovering at the ceiling with her laptop*))

44. Tumblr senpai

Hm… I’m not sure if she has any. Most of her senpai’s are now her friends, and I’m not sure if that has overridden the senpai-status or not but there have been or are a few… like you who asked this question. Also to mention are @askhildon, @minister-of-candy, @torosiken and @erupan

i need help please lmao

i talked about this in my french platforms but it didn’t pick up so i am going to mention that here too

i am a french autistic advocate and autism representation is scarce here in france. we are ~40-50 years late when it comes to autism and we need more #actuallyautistic voices here.

a few weeks ago a youtuber and Deaf advocate i follow, Rikki Poynter, has created a website called Deaf Poynters where fellow d/Deaf people can talk about their experiences as d/Deaf people, and about their lives/diagnosis stuff.

i had an idea to make something similar about a/Autistic people like myself where there would be three series of posts :

1) posts about the mod’s life (it’s me !) where i spark discussions by talking about an autistic experience

2) the featured posts made by fellow a/Autistic people about their experiences such as

- being autistic in school/university (tips about accommodations/accessibility ?)

- being autistic in the workplace

- getting The DiagnosisTM

- anything in the life of an autistic person ? (no nsfw tho pls)

3) like Rikki was inspired by Kat Blaque (another youtuber)’s series True Tea, i would make posts where you can send me questions and i answer them very honestly

the problem is, i lack visibility and i still need the title of the blog that i will try to do on Wordpress (and idk what to get tbh). the title of the blog will influence the e-mail adress where you will submit the stories and ask the questions.

i can recieve stories/questions in english too ! i will translate them for a french audience and anonymous submits/asks are more than welcome !

thanks ! :)

traduction française :

j’ai besoin d’aide svp mdrrrrr

j’en ai parlé dans mes plateformes francophones, mais ça n’a pas pris, alors je vais le mentionner ici aussi

je suis un.e activiste autiste français.e et la représentation de l’autisme est faible ici en france. nous sommes ~40-50 ans en retard lorsque l’on parle de l’autisme et nous avons besoin de véritables voix autistiques ici.

il y a quelques semaines, une youtubeuse et activiste Sourde, Rikki Poynter, a créé un blog intitulé Deaf Poynters où d’autres personnes s/Sourdes peuvent parler de leurs expériences en tant que personnes s/Sourdes, de leurs vies et de leur diagnostic.

j’ai eu une idée de créer un blog similaire pour les personnes a/Autistes telles que moi où se trouveraient 3 types de posts :

1) les posts à propos de la vie de le.a mod (c’est moi !) où je pourrais commencer des discussions en parlant d’une expérience autistique

2) les posts d’autres personnes a/Autistes hébergés à propos de leurs expériences comme

- être autiste dans le système scolaire/à l’université (conseils à propos des accommodations/de l’accessibiité ?)

- être autiste dans le monde du travail

- tout ce qui peut arriver dans la vie d’une personne autiste ? (pas de nsfw svp)

3) comme Rikki, a été inspirée par Kat Blaque (une autre youtubeuse) et sa série True Tea, j’aimerais avoir une série où vous pourrez me poser des questions auxquelles je répondrai très honnêtement.

le problème est, je manque de visibilité et j’ai toujours besoin du titre du blog que j’essaierai de faire sur Wordpress (et je ne sais pas quoi prendre en toute honnêteté). le titre du blog influera sur l’adresse e-mail où vous pourrez soumettre vos histoires et me poser des questions.

je peux aussi recevoir les soumissions/les questions en anglais ! je les traduirai pour un public francophone et les soumissions/questions anonymes sont plus que bienvenue !

merci ! :)

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i hate that anon because in fact, the amount of exclusively gay romances against other sexualities in mass effect/dragon age combined is 3, not including a minor crewmember in the normandy. thats 3 characters out of 42 available romances. 39 of them are not gay, and while several are bi/pan, it is not the same thing and is more akin to "dont worry!! we have stuff for the straights too so dont just brush them off!!" which is bullshit

(second part from the same anon i’m assuming) to say that gay/lesbian romances has increased in their games is true, but to think that its enough or even compares to the amount of straight relationships available, can only fucking come from a straight person trying to invalidate out anger. and even when we had a male-only romance option people tried to mod him to make him available for a straight romance anyway so fuck that anon and everything they stand for


i don’t have much to say cause you said everything that needs to be said much more eloquently than i could also fuck bioware