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I love seeing all this tsukkiyama stuff there never seems to be enough of it 😭

I’m happy you’re happy! Yamaguchi is an angel who deserves more love. And tsukiyama is just adorable. But the fics are so angsty it makes my heart hurt!!



Hi Guys I’m so happy to reach 700 follower! This set is a gift to you. Is part of a set of 3 collections and this is the first one (Kitchen Appliences)

Thank’s to all my followers! And I want to give a special thanks to my dear friend @daer0n that helped me so much with my learning moding skills. She Taught me a lot, including how to make this dish washer. Without her generosity I could not make it at all.

Also a hugeThanks to @sssvitlans, @yumiaplace, @millascreativecornerblog and @lazysunjade for their support here in the comunity. I really aprreciate you guys!

So Like always respect my Tou please, so I can continue creating a lot of stuff for your sims and be carefull with some mods, especially the dish washer that is high polycount so just use if your computer can  handle ok?

Thanks to the others cc creators for the cc’s that I use to build this kitchen

@sanoysims, @dreamteamsims, @pralinesims, @blackmojitos, @leo-sims, @yumiaplace and @daer0n. Sorry if I miss someone.




I haven’t done a redbubble update in a while, so this is some of the new stuff. 

Also, some other things: 

There’s a buckykingofmemes twitter now, which is here, and it updates exactly the same stuff as this blog does, but without the tags. 

Would you guys be interested in me archiving some of the asks/answers and storytimes in AO3? I can set up a series or a multichapter fic to do that, if you’d like me to. 

A couple anon questions:

(For mod Hel) where do you find all the time to answer these? XD (thank you BTW): Bucky might be the king of memes, but I’m the king of procrastination. Most of the art gets drawn while I’m in class, which is why it’s kinda eh sometimes: no references. The posts happen whenever, and usually I answer asks when I’m bored, and I totally don’t get to all of them. I get like 10+ asks a day. And right now I’m supposed to be studying for the Torts midterm I have on friday, but you can all see how well that’s going. 

Hey, mod - Mind if I use the Howling Commandos story in a fic, if I give you credit for it? You are more than welcome to do so with any of this blog content, but please link back to me, and I love when people send me links to their work, just because I love to check it out! 

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To the rest of you lovely people who have been sending me holiday greetings, thanks! There’s too many of you to respond to individually, but I do read and appreciate it a ton. You’re what makes doing this nonsense fun!

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Hi! This blog looks so great I'm really excited by it. In a story I'm writing (it's fantasy), there are elves, and as well as being off folklore/mythological elves, they're also based off autistic people but I'm struggling to figure out what an only autistic society would be like, do you have any ideas?

First of all, having a whole, non-human race be autistic can be quite problematic in terms of representation. See Mod Aira’s thoughts on non-human autistic characters here.

Since elves look a lot like humans, and are usually positively described as a race equal or superior to humans, that might not be that much of a problem, but you should still give this issue some thought and make sure this is really something you want to do. This is not a decision I can make for you.

As for the specifics of an autistic-only society, this is where things get fun !

Here are some ideas in no particular order. Of course I can’t cover everything and other autistic peeps are encouraged to pitch in as always!

  • Everyone is stimming freely and openly. This is seen as a completely normal thing. I don’t know how modern your universe is, but people are allowed to stim in school or in their workplace. Shops have whole “stim toys” aisles. There are sensory rooms available throughout cities for everyone who might get overwhelmed.
  • Social norms are completely different. Making eye contact is seen as rude, people are expected to explain their jokes and sarcasm. Actually, communities might write down and edit regularly their social rules so they are explicit and available to all.
  • Kids are taught in schools strategies to cope with sensory overload or to get stuff done with executive dysfunction. They are encouraged to work on their special interests and it is used as a medium to teach them other things. There is highly individualized teaching and varied teaching styles since all kids have different needs. They would also be taught (either by caretakers or educators) many life skills, such as self-care, taking care of a home, taxes… more explicitely.
  • In our society, there are things that are seen as “basic needs” that everyone shares such as be well-fed, warm enough, not be in pain, have enough time to sleep… In a workplace or school for example, those needs are supposed to be met. The other needs, the ones not everyone has, are seen as “accomodations” when they are met, and are often more begrudgingly met. In an all-autistic society, meeting needs such as sensory needs or break time when you are overloaded wouldn’t be considered as making accomodations, but as meeting basic needs and as a normal thing.
  • Autistic people are very diverse and sometimes our needs are conflicting. For example, some might be hurt by loud noises, while some may need to stim and regulate themselves by making/ listening to loud noises. So it is probable that people with similar needs would gather in communities.
  • Since a lot of autistics are nonverbal at least some of the time, I think all verbal people would also know a nonverbal language such as a sign language they could use to communicate with nonverbal individuals or when they go nonverbal themselves. Communicating via AAC wouldn’t be seen as unusual or surprising.
  • Art and culture would probably be very different. Autistic people are often creative, but they create different things from what allistics create.
  • I feel like emergencies such as fires would be handled differently. I don’t think loud alarms and blinking lights would be the most efficient. I don’t have ideas for an alternative system though.
  • Lots of autistic people have trouble driving and I feel like it would have an impact on the most commonly used means of transportation. Either, for a more primitive setting, horse riding would be a huge thing - since horses are sentient they can take care of some of the “looking around to make sure we don’t run over someone or collide into something” - or, for a modern setting, automatized transportation means would have been developed sooner than in our world.
  • There would be more focus than in our society on precise planning and available information. Navigating administrations wouldn’t be so chaotic, or else no one could deal with it. There would be early on a need to get stuff organized in a very clear, explicit way.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope this helps!

-Mod Cat

There are some great ideas here and I can think of a million more, but I will restrain myself! I just want to add a couple of things as food for thought:

  • Sign language isn’t speaking, but it is still verbal (the brain still processes it more or less the same as any other language), so many people (including me) are not able to sign when nonverbal despite being fluent in a sign language. However, many autistic people find signing more comfortable than speaking, so I definitely agree that more people would know how to sign, and it would likely be a second language requirement.
  • I have to be honest here… Although I have many autistic friends online, I don’t have many that I see regularly face to face. I think there is a reason that autistic people make up a minority of the human race, rather than the majority. For all our advantages, we often have conflicting needs, and we are not at all specialized for living in large groups the way allistic people are. Even though I like my autistic friends a lot, I don’t like spending a lot of time with them in person because they… get on my nerves. I mean in specific ways - for example, we have completely unrelated special interests, and they infodump about theirs for ages, and I have no interest whatsoever but don’t want to interrupt and seem rude (since I hate it when people do that to me). Or they stim and it bothers me. I’m extremely hypersensitive, including to movement, so if someone (besides me) is rocking back and forth or doing another repetitive motion near me, I can’t even open my eyes or I get overloaded. I love my autistic friends and I love the fact that I’m autistic, but I would not want to live in a completely autistic society - I’d have to hide away from other people and I’d become socially isolated even more than I am in this world. Note that this is my personal point of view and NOT true for all autistic people. But there WOULD be people like me who couldn’t deal with being around other people’s stimming, and we might not all get along as well as you might think.
  • On the positive side: all the things that are considered “disabilities” in this world with regards to autism would be seen as the norm. Not being able to speak some or all of the time would be considered a normal personality trait, like being good or bad at sports or drawing. Suddenly getting up and leaving a conversation due to overstimulation would be perfectly normal. It would be a given that normal respect for other people includes maintaining a quiet and calm environment as much as possible.
  • Another issue regards public spaces. There is something called “selective attention” which allows people to block out background sensory information and focus only on what is relevant to them at the moment (for example, listening to what one person is saying when there are other conversations happening nearby). In autistic people, this is usually very weak or completely nonexistent. It’s not possible for me to filter out background noise. If I need to meet someone for a conversation or work meeting, it MUST be in a quiet place. I am incapable of following a conversation when more than one person in the room is talking. I literally can’t unscramble their words from the words of other people and it just becomes a jumbled mess of gibberish that rapidly becomes painful. So how would things like restaurants work? Cafes? Parties? Assuming many or most people can’t hear what someone is saying when ANYONE else in the room is talking, how could you have spaces like that? Would they exist at all? Would their be some kind of magic (in a fantasy world) or tech (sci-fi) that can block out all sounds outside of the group you’re in? 

Not trying to poke holes, but trying to point out possible issues that you should think about when creating your society. And as Cat mentioned, be very careful about painting a non-human race as “like humans but autistic”. Being autistic is not an inhuman state, and it can be very damaging to describe it as such, even if your intentions are good. I would be much more comfortable with a human all-autistic society than a non-human one. Maybe consider making the humans all autistic and code the elves as allistic. :P

If you keep all this in mind, I’d be interested to see what kind of society you might come up with. Good luck!

-Mod Aira


From Sixpenceeeblog’s #personal tag. Hypocrisy, “Depression is mind over matter :) :)”, going to med school and “being a doctor is just diagnosing stuff that you can’t fix but as a neuroscientist I can ACTUALLY HELP PEOPLE”, “when I’m a bad person I feel terrible :(”, “I wish my daddy didn’t make sure I was priviledged enough to get more education than most people” etc

(edited to add - this was a submitted post, not one made by the mods of sixpenceeeharms)

Stardew Valley Dialogue: What's Missing?

I’d love some input from fellow players. I’m working on a few different versions of a dialogue overhaul mod. Mainly, the goal is to make a gender/race neutral version to accommodate a lot of the awesome character mods out there already so all NPC dialogue is a little more fluid for players that have race/genderbent characters.

The secondary goal is to add post-marriage dialogue, beef up character development while dating (STOP TALKING ABOUT THE FUCKING WEATHER), remove some lines that make MCs insufferable to me (flippant references to suicide, not wanting ‘weird’ homeless people wearing their stuff, etc.).

No wrong answers, just shoot any ideas my way.

It’s that time again! Tomco Week 5 is coming soon, and I hereby dub it: The Summer of Tomco!

It’s in June. School’s out, it’s summertime, and there’s all sorts of fun things to do. Season 3 might get intense so why not give the boys a fun vacation before it all goes to heck? So without further ado, here are the prompts.

Day 1 - Jun 4 - Summer Outfits

Let’s be real, when summer comes, it’s usually time for a change in wardrobe so you don’t sweat to death. How about some adorable summer-themed outfits? Tank tops, shorts, sundresses, flipflops, sunglasses! Make it fashionable, make it tacky, whatever you like best.

Day 2 - Jun 5 - Water Balloon Fights

Nothing says “I love you” like pelting someone with a balloon full of water.

Day 3 - Jun 6 - Ice Cream

It’s hot. Which means we need plenty of ice cream to cool off with. Go wild with the flavors and toppings. Make the Ultimate Scoop.

Day 4 - Jun 7 - Swimming

Nothing beats the heat like taking a dive. Time to go swimming, whether it be in a pool, a lake, or even the ocean. Tom personally probably doesn’t have much experience with swimming in water; most lakes are full of lava where he’s from. But hey, Marco can teach him.

Day 5 - Jun 8 - Picnicking/Barbecue

It’s lovely out. Time for picnicking in the park, or having a BBQ at home, with friends and family and eating lots of delicious food. I’m sure Rafael will be overjoyed to cook for everyone. Maybe the guests bring their own dishes too? Lots of opportunity to share favorite recipes, for sure.

Day 6 - Jun 9 - Zoo Trip

Plenty of free time, might as well go to the zoo, right? And hey, maybe the animals won’t all be hiding out in the shade, but if they are, at least you can interact with birds at the aviary so it won’t be a total loss.

Day 7 - Jun 10 - Summer Activities

Anything else you enjoy doing over the summer that wasn’t mentioned above. Kite flying, camping, biking, climbing trees, whatever else you want. This is essentially a wild card. Have fun!

So those are the prompts, and here are the rules, same as always. They can also be found at if you need to reference them.

1. Please use the Tomco tag on everything you post for a week. You may of course use main show tags, such as svtfoe and Star Vs, since they are from the show, but just make sure Tomco is also tagged for blacklisting purposes.

2. You may also want to use ‘Tomco Week’ as a tag as well, just to make it easier for me to find your work. I’ll be reblogging everything on the relevant days.

3. You may post entries early, they just won’t be reblogged here until the relevant day comes up. Feel free to shoot me a message but odds are I’ll like it so I can find it later.

4. If you miss the day, don’t worry. I will reblog them as soon as you get it posted. Again, shoot me a message if I miss it. I’ll be tagging things by day for searching purposes.

5. I’m gonna say that NSFW is allowed, but nothing too explicit, please. I’m not going to check ages but if you want to post more mature content, just make sure it’s got the proper tags and put it under a read more. I do want this blog to be enjoyed by all shippers, and some may not want to see explicit stuff. Let’s keep it tasteful. If something is merely suggestive, I will still use the tag ‘suggestive’ in case you want to blacklist that too.

I’ll accept fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, videos, heck, songs, whatever you wanna share.

I’ll reblog this again about a week out from the first day. I’m looking forward to the summer and I hope you guys are too! :D


Dear Diary:

everyone… everyone kept going through all my photos (・・。)ゞ

there’s… there’s kind of a lot, you know! (・:゚д゚:・)

but it’s not my fault or anything!! it’s just… because we’ve done so much! (;^ω^)

i mean… we’ve travelled all over~! (*^ω^*)

and… spent way too much time in creepy dungeons (; ̄Д ̄)

and way too much time killing creepy things! 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

but… i’m much better at shooting stuff now~ (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

and it wasn’t all bad… i mean, i’ve spent so much time with chocobos! real chocobos! (*´▽`*)

and i mean, we can still play kings knight~ 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

and… everything we’ve been through… i’ve gotten to do it all with my best friend~ (☆^ー^☆)

… my… my best friends (灬º 艸º灬)

and that’s… that’s pretty cool, right? o((*^▽^*))o


Most humans in Staraways with access to good medical care can actually get lab-grown flesh limbs to replace any missing ones, which is a solution especially favored by traumatic amputees. Humans with congenital limb deficiencies are the ones usually more interested in cybernetic prosthetics, but they’re just as expensive to make as meat limbs, so… you’re more likely to see people with cheap adaptive prosthetics. The fancy robo ones are controlled by a small universal wifi implant hooked to the spinal cord. (This means that, yes, you can prank your amputee friends by hacking their wifi limbs. Shenanigans??)

There are definitely communities of people with robot limbs and eyes and stuff who are very dedicated to the aesthetic and may or may not be chopping off their flesh body parts on purpose, but it’s not THAT common… they’re sorta like modern extreme body mod communities. Like, I guess you could replace all your limbs with stronger robolimbs and deal with the pain of recovery and phantom limb issues and possible health complications; or you could keep your regular legs and hop in a robotic exoskeleton to roughly the same effect instead. Maybe I’m a little biased as someone who’s more into biopunk than cyberpunk but, whateveeerrr man

Of the non-humans ferrets also favor labmeat limbs, but avians have garbage underfunded biological sciences so you tend to see them with fancy cybernetics more than anyone else. Centaur medical studies haven’t progressed to the limb growing stage yet, nor do they have neural hookups for cybernetics, so cheap adaptive prosthetics it is.


I am running out of PNGS! 

Nope. I ain’t kidding! There is only so much one person can do. This is where you guys come in! You can submit your own hilarious PNGs!

And if you don’t know how here is a quick tutorial:

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Hello! So... since harry potter is on your fandom list thing, is there any way a huge fan of yours could get a slightly angsty and incredibly fluffy oneshot or more if you get inspired with that precious bb Remus Lupin? It can be HP era or marauders era, up to you. Thanks so much!! :)

OK SO PLEASE SEND MORE HARRY POTTER STUFF BC REMUS IS MY BABE AND I LOVE HIM SM??? this is set in the marauders era but i am 1000% down to write some golden trio era stuff too !! also im like one of a solid 3 people in the fandom that doesnt subscribe to the whole andrew garfield as a faceclaim thing but hey mod gaston and i came up with alternates and we decided matthew grey gubler makes an adorable remus bc look at this babe ???? but hey yall can have ur hcs ill have mine  🕷️💋

“Hey James!” you flagged down the boy as he walked.

“____, what’s up?”

“Have you seen Rem? I wanted to ask him about some homework.”

“He’s, uh, out. Y’know,” he nervously scans the other students passing the two of you.

“Full moon tonight?” you ask keeping your voice low. He nods slightly.

“Listen, I promised I’d meet Pads before dinner -” he awkwardly motioned towards the Gryffindor Common Room.

“No, no it’s alright,” you turn to walk back down the staircase, “I’ll catch up with you later, yeah?”


You took a seat in one of the chairs of the Common Room, glancing around at the decor.

“Never been in Gryffindor’s before…” you mumble to yourself.

You watch as three particular troublemakers made their way from the boy’s dormitory towards you.

Sirius was the first to notice you, “____? What are you doing -”

“Got the password a while ago from a friend. Listen, I wanted to ask you something.”

“We’re kinda busy, can it wait till tomorrow?”


“Listen, I know you guys usually spend the night with him, but -”

“How do you know that?”

“I’m his friend too, you know,” you sigh, “He tells me these kinds of things. Anyways, I was thinking…What if I went tonight?”

“I’m all for the fact that you wanna help a friend, ____, but you can’t come with us, it’s too dangerous.”

“I actually wanted to go alone.”

They all stared at you as if you were mad.

“Have you lost your damn mind?”

“James, listen, I’ve got a plan and -”

“No! It’s way too dangerous. Listen, ____, it’s nothing against you, but…It’s just…Too dangerous.”

“If you won’t let me go I’ll march right down to Dumbledore’s office and tell him about your little map you all use.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me.”

James sighed, Sirius simply glared at you, and Peter stood behind them, clueless as always.

“When you get hurt don’t say we didn’t warn you.”

You get up from your seat and make your way towards the exit, “I’ll be fine.”

“How do you even know about the map anyways?” James calls after you.

“I told you, he tells me these kinds of things,” you smirk.

Your footsteps echoed off of the stone walls as you traversed the small passageway. You could still hear the thump of the Whomping Willow above you, and had it not been for the soft glow of your wand, you would’ve been left in complete darkness. After a few minutes of walking, you found yourself confronted with a small door above you, it reminded you of the entrance to a cellar. You pushed your way through it, being sure it was closed once you were through.

The house you stood in was dusty and decrepit, just standing in the hall you felt your anxiety levels rise. You slowly took your first step, and the floor under you creaked. You heard a shuffling from upstairs, and your eyes shot towards the ceiling, scanning it for any other signs of life. After a small period of silence, you took another step, this time towards the nearby staircase.

You heard the shuffling again, then a small thunk.

“Rem?” you whispered, hoping to hear him answer.

He didn’t.

You climbed the steps slowly, trying to make minimal noise. Your bag felt heavy on your shoulder despite its light weight.

At the top of the steps, you were faced with a door, half open already.

You reached out and pushed it, and watched as it slowly creaked open.

You saw him sat in the corner, his head buried in his knees, his breath rigid.


His head shot up at the sound of your voice.

“____, what are you doing here?” his face was overwhelmed with worry, making the dark circles under his eyes even more prominent.

“You’ve got to leave, you gotta go, it - It’s not safe, you know -”

“Does it hurt?”

He stopped speaking, though his expression was still overcome with concern.


“Does it hurt?”

He doesn’t acknowledge your question for a moment until he slowly nods, dropping his head back to his knees.

“Yeah,” his voice was muffled.

“I’m sorry.”

“You’ve got to leave, though,” he suddenly stands, “You know it’s not safe -”

“I’m staying.”

He shakes his head as he approaches you, “Please, I don’t…” He finally is close enough to touch, and you watch your friend stare down at your hand - god how much he wanted to take it in his own, grab it and never let go - “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

“I might,” he meets your eyes, “I can’t exactly control myself when…When it happens.”

You reach into your bag, pulling out a small object. You look at it before placing it in his hand.

“I know it’s your favorite.” He looks at the small candy bar before glancing back up at you, he had such pretty eyes, didn’t he? You never noticed how the green sometimes turned to a sort of blue -

“Thank you,” a small smile crossed his face, “But…You really do have to go.”

“I’m not leaving.”


“At least let me stay for a little bit longer, then.”

He turned his head, looking out the window before glancing down at the chocolate, then to you.

“You can’t stay long.”

A smile spreads across your face.

“I don’t get how you stand me, really,” he leans his head back against the wall.


“I mean, all I really am is a hassle, aren’t I? I just cause problems and I’m not worth your time, and -”

“Rem, you’re worth all the time in the world.”

“What I am is a monster.”

“What you are is kind, and cute, and shy and -”

“I don’t get why you like someone like me. Someone with my condition.”

“Because you aren’t defined by it. It’s a small part of a much bigger whole.”

“It’s a pretty big part of my life, if you ask me.”

“I’m not saying it’s not. I’m saying everything else about you, all that good, isn’t defined by that single negative. You’re too hard on yourself, Remus. You’re really a wonderful guy.”

“That’s not how I see it.”

“Well it’s how everyone else does. I’ll just have to teach you to see it my way, eh?” you nudge him playfully. He flashes a small smile again, and the sight makes your heart melt.

You sit in silence for a few minutes, just sitting, enjoying each other’s company. You almost forget why you’re there until suddenly you see him tense up.


“You gotta go,” he breathes before letting out a grunt of pain and falling forward to the floor.

You felt your heart shatter at the sight of him in pain.

“Rem -” you reach out towards him, resting your hand on his shoulder. At your touch he jerks away.



He’s shaking as he meets your eyes. His pupils dilate as his head lowers again, and he lets out a scream of pain. You wince at the noise, but stand your ground. His nails dig into the floor and his breath quivers as he bites hard on his bottom lip, drawing blood.

“Please,” his voice is weak.

“I want to stay.”

He jerks backwards, slamming against the wall. You look away as you hear the sickening snap of bone.

You slowly back towards the bed that sat in the corner of the room, unsure of what to do. He let out another groan of pain, though as it went on it became less human. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

There were a few more moments filled with the sounds of both bone and flesh contorting, and you hold your breath as the room becomes silent. You hear a small whimper, and you slowly open your eyes, and turn to face him.

You’d expected much worse, honestly.

He almost looked cute - his fur was shaggy, and the same shade as his hair. His robes were tattered but still clung to his body.

You let out the breath you held.

His amber eyes snapped up towards you, and you were struck with fear.

“Rem?” you whisper.

The wolf’s eyes softened for a moment, and he took a step towards you. You smiled and stepped away from the bed, towards him, and extended a hand to reach for him. He stopped walking, and you barely saw his pupils dilate once more before he let out a growl and leapt towards you.

You stumbled backwards, onto the bed and frantically grabbed around for your wand. Your fingers felt nothing but the cold and worn quilt of the bed as you heard another bark and the patter of nails against the hardwood floor. You barely rolled out of the way before you felt the pressure of another creature on the bed besides you. You clambered onto the floor, searching furiously for your wand. You spotted it a foot away, next to your bag. Crawling towards it, you barely making contact before you heard the howl of your friend beside you.

If you could even call it your friend - you knew it wasn’t really him.

“Rem, please,” you whimper, finally grabbing hold of your wand. You then pull yourself to your feet using the wall as support.

The wolf simply growled aggressively, and bounded towards you. He swiped at your arm, barely catching it and tearing your colored robes in the process. The action made you fall backwards, though you didn’t process the pain right away.

Your breathing quickened as the animal slowly approached you again, teeth bared.

“Remus, I know you’re in there somewhere. I know…I know…”

The beast paid no attention to your pleas and leaped towards you again, but before he made contact with you, your arm flew in front of you, wand in hand. You weren’t sure which spell you’d casted, as a thousand different ones had flown through your mind all at once, but whichever it was sent the wolf flying back into the wall. It landed on the ground, whimpering. You immediately felt a pang of regret and sadness, you had just hurt your best friend.

You slowly approached him, placing a hand on his soft fur.


The wolf responded slightly to the noise, trying to lift its head. It let out a deep huff before resting back on the ground.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry -” You placed your other hand onto its head, petting him. It seemed to lean into your touch, once again letting out a small whine.

Maybe it had hit its head too hard, or maybe you had somehow gotten through to him, but you knew then that you were safe. You sat down next to him, leaning against his torso, slowly stroking the fur of his neck. The scraps of robe that still stuck to him somehow only added to your comfort, reminding you of his true self.

You closed your eyes, and soon enough fell into a deep slumber, not even noticing that the wolf had adjusted its large body to somewhat wrap itself around you protectively.

It wasn’t the sunlight glaring through the window that woke you. It wasn’t even the cold. In fact, it was the lack of cold that had awoken you. You opened your eyes, still dazed from sleep. Your pillow rose and fell rhythmically, and you raised your head to look at it, confused.

Instead of the familiar four-poster you were used to sleeping in, you then realized that you lay on the hard-wood floor of a bedroom.

“Rem?” your voice was low and still veiled in slumber.

He lay below you, dark circles surrounding his eyes. Just the look of him made you exhausted, as though in some way you could share his burden of fatigue.

His arm is draped around your waist, and you make no attempt to move it as you lay back down against his chest, which is barely covered by his clothes.

The contact makes him shiver, and he opens his eyes, startled after being pulled from sleep.

He groans, taking a moment to asses the situation.

“____?” his voice is gravelly.

“Hm?” you snuggle closer to him, suddenly feeling the chill of the shack’s air.

“What are you…Oh god. Oh god, did I -”

“I’m fine, love.”

He stiffens at the name. You chuckle, then reach up to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“____, I don’t understand…”


“Why you’d risk your life for…Someone like me.”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“I…I just…”

You look up at him again and see a few stray strands of hair draped over his face. You grin, once again reaching up to kiss him, though this time you capture his lips, and your eyes flutter shut as you do so. Despite his exhaust, he eagerly kisses back, and after you part he sighs, turning his head to stare out the window.

“Have you got classes today?”


“Can we stay a while longer?”

“Of course, Rem.”

You hear an almost inaudible, “Yes!” from him.

You giggle as you cuddle closer to him, and he wraps his other arm around you, “Dork.”

June Tuesjade Prompts!

June 6th- Favourite Outfit!
What was your favourite outfit that our lovely queen of space wore? Draw it, talk about it or anything you want to celebrate the lovely Jade Harley! Were you more into her cool Iron Man outfit or were you taken by her 3am dress that sparkles like the stars she rules over? Let us know in a post and tag it with #tuesjade or #jadeharley so we can find it and gush over it in the tags! <3

June 13th- Prospit!
We all know that all that glitters is gold and Jade is certainly included! Prospit is where Jade spends most of her time and we can all tell why! Wanna give your own representation of her Prospit dream dress or perhaps show/talk about your favourite shown moment or speculate about what she got up to in all that time? Tag it with #tuesjade or #jadeharley so we can see all of your creations!

June 20th- Summer Vaccay!
Its getting hot, finally! And we never really got to see Jade kick up her feet and relax! Summers the time everyone gets together to celebrate the heat and we hope Jade is no exception. What would she be wearing at the beach, or hosting a barbeque for all her friends? Do you have a story you would love to tell about a summer kissed jade? Tag it with #tuesjade or #jadeharley and let us know!

June 27th- Land of Frost and Frogs!
Jade’s famously frozen land is just whats in store to keep your mind off the sun! We know she spent a lot of time during the game there looking for the genesis frog and her denizen but what do you think happened there? Wanna draw your interpretation of the land, your favourite moment (canon or not) or just some good self serving DaveJade art? Let us know by tagging it with #tuesjade or #jadeharley so we can see all your lovely stuff!

I hope you guys will participate in our new Tuesjade Blog, whether it’s getting the word out there or just celebrating Jade in your own way we’re really proud to get more Jade love out there in the Homestuck Community and would love to make a safe space for all headcanons and mediums! Thank you!

I wonder if all indelable creatures are as gung-ho about trading pieces of themselves as RGB is. Like… He straight up ripped off his hand to pay Watcher. When he saw Click he ripped the buttons off his sleeves with ZERO hesitation. All the way back in chapter 3 he was like “hey Madras I messed up my gloves u wanna trade?” Granted it was a joke post but the recent pic mod drew of him trading his bowtie to make heelies like rgb how u gonna get all these bits back?? Is the comic gonna end with just a floating television who traded his whole self away?

captainicecreamking  asked:

What are some fun date ideas for witchy mlm or just mlm witchy things to do together in general.

-cast spells together
-explore local “haunted” places and chill in liminal spaces
-do a ouija board
-horror movie night/cinema
-go to the park and draw sigils for each other
-camp out together, stargaze maybe ? tell ghost stories
-bake something together and throw a little witchcraft in
-go to a gardening centre and pick out cute plants for each other
-design spells together
-go to a library and find cool books
-pottery maybe ? make cute gay pots and stuff for each other and decorate them with sigils
-explore a forest together and collect things for spells
-give each other divination readings
-nap together
-fuckin seance
 -start a gay coven

Anyway I don’t rlly go out a lot so if anyone has more suggestions pls add 👀

rose-draconum  asked:

"I'm no Cupid, but I'm rather fond of Aros- wanna eat cake and talk about dragons with me?" (Possibly from Tonks to Charlie) -R

Charlie learned in fourth year that he needed to be scarce on this day.

His hair is red because his mum and dad’s hair is red. He’s freckled because he’s very white and prone to freckling. He’s muscular because he works hard to stay fit for quidditch because that’s what he likes doing. He’s not any of those things to be good looking or get attention. Yet all those things together do get him attention, especially today.

So Charlie hides. Last year it was at Hagrid’s. The year before it was the kitchens. This year it’s the Hufflepuff dorms. The nonbinary dorms, to be exact.

Tonks’ dorms. And Chad’s.

It doesn’t occur to Charlie until he’s already snuck in that he even thought of here because it’s where he feels safe. He’d chosen the kitchens because he knew the elves wouldn’t bother him. He’d chosen Hagrid’s because he liked Hagrid and Hagrid didn’t really talk about romance. But he’d chosen Tonks’ because he felt safe. 

“Charlie?” he hears Tonks’ voice as she comes up the stairs. “You up there? I checked Hagrid’s, but he said he hadn’t seen you today, and I saw George and he said he heard that Vera tried cornering you after DADA, but hey, at least you avoided Tom because I think he was going to try serenading you. Serenading you! He doesn’t even swing that way; you know that prick was gonna do it because you humiliated him in quidditch last week. And lemme tell you, if he’s gonna be that sore of a loser, he should really practice a lot harder.” Tonks finally enters the dorm, quirks her head to the side. “Charlie?”

“I can deal with it on a day to day basis but why do we have to have a whole day for this?” Charlie’s stressed. He’s more than a little romance repulsed and this whole day sets him on edge.

Tonks doesn’t answer, just approaches the corner he’s sitting in, knees pulled up to his chest.

“Here,” she says, handing him a card.

Charlie groans. “Not you, too, Tonks. Not you, too.”

Tonks grins. “Just take it, wouldya?”

The green card is shaped like a dragon. A badly cut dragon, clearly hand drawn by Tonks. Charlie is already smiling.

On the back, in Tonks’ barely legible writing, the card reads: "I’m no Cupid, but I’m rather fond of aros. Wanna eat cake and talk about dragons with me?“

Charlie laughs. His shoulders relax. The tension seeps out of him. “Yes, always,” he tells his best friend. And suddenly, upon his words, a large vanilla cake with strawberry frosting and drizzled in chocolate pops up on the nightstand next to him.

“Where’s the forks?” he asks.

Tonks laughs. “More fun this way. Now, tell me your newly learned dragon facts,” she says, sitting down, dragging the cake to the floor between them.

He grins and sinks a fist into the cake, relishing the disgusting squishing noise it makes when he does. Charlie stuffs the cake into his mouth as Tonks bobs down to sink her teeth straight into the whole cake.

Charlie laughs and spews cake everywhere as Tonks laughs and flicks some icing back at him.

“Sho deh Rh-uby Red…” Charlie begins, words muffled by the cake but understood by Tonks anyway.

~Hufflepuff Mod