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What moment(s) do tale, fell, mafia and error sans have with their s/o that truly make them happy

no error here–sorry hun, but i can do the others - m.m.


He likes the days he sneaks you into Mettaton’s place, best. What’s more thrilling than a dine-n-dash? Nah, he’s just kidding. But he has to admit, the way the lighting frames you, that soft blue yellow that makes you look almost angelic; the tiny smile on your face as you link hands under the table. Goddamn, he wouldn’t trade those little moments for anything in the world.


Getting alone time with you. Any time alone is good enough for him. No boss, no pesky customers, no crowd at Grillby’s. Just you, him, & maybe a couple of terrible Mettaton reruns. You, snuggled under his arm, your head on his ribcage, & the feeling of your SOULs beating in tandem as you just…chill. Just getting a little rest.


Dance Night: even if he’s not a jitterbones, there’s nothing he likes more than watching you twirl your stuff on the dance-floor. Watching your body move to the music, catching your eyes under the flickering lights, making out the shape of your silhouette in the crowd when the shadows drop. It’s enticing. It’s beautiful. You’re so damn gorgeous in those moments, he just wants to capture those little moments forever.

It’s important to include kink in sex education to protect children from predators. This is both so kids know how to avoid bad situations and also so parents can recognize when a situation is bad.

For children under 10, this looks like “Don’t do things that people online tell you to do without checking with an adult you trust to make sure it isn’t a predator, even if it just seems silly,” and “Be wary of adults who want to touch you or watch you do weird things for no reason, even if it’s something that seems harmless like letting them touch your feet or squishing up things. Any touch you don’t want is a bad touch.” This fits in well with other basics about bodily autonomy.

For preteens and younger teens, you can be more direct (they’ll understand that sex is a thing beyond just creating babies, whether they’ve been properly educated or not). Something like “Some predators might have requests that don’t seem explicitly sexual at first. If they seem to be getting something sexual out of it, or if it just seems too weird or if it makes you uncomfortable at all, don’t do it, or ask a trusted adult and alert any site mods, if it’s online.”

For older teens and adults, more of the above, plus showing examples of common “challenges” that are actually kinkbait. (i.e. writing stuff on your feet and taking pictures of it, stepping in slime or gross/painful things, questions about theoretically squishing or eating people, tying up yourself or others, “gallon of milk” type challenges that often cause vomiting.) At this point, the object is not just to prevent individual victimization, but to allow them to identify situations where children are being preyed upon.

In addition, knowing what kinks are means that people who have them are less likely to think it’s okay to trick others into doing them. If you emphasize that kinks are sex, people will realize that forcing them on others is not just a prank with a dirty secret, but actually sexual assault. Younger people with kinks (they often do start in childhood; sometimes they’re not explicitly sexual until around puberty) will learn not to put themselves in dangerous situations over things they don’t understand yet, and also that there isn’t anything wrong with them. In all cases, it should be emphasized that the kink is not the problem, but the predatory behavior and coercion of others into sexual acts. If the kink is portrayed as the problem, people won’t make the distinction between doing it with a willing partner and tricking people into it, and the cycle will continue.

Lack of education is why predators can get away with things like this. There probably aren’t very many of these predators out there, but the nature of the internet and meme culture means that just one can easily get a lot of victims through things that seem like ordinary challenges or surveys. IRL, once again people often don’t realize that something could be predatory if it doesn’t involve breast or genital contact. Education is what’s needed; driving kinks underground and acting like consensual kink is predatory just makes these situations more likely.

What Zines to Apply To?

Recently, there’s been a ton of scandal surrounding the McHanzo Zine, Bullseye. But it isn’t an isolated case; zines scam people all the time, though it’s almost always restricted to the smaller ones. 

As someone who’s participated in well over a dozen zines, many of the smaller projects simply never contacted me again, had absolutely awful management, or worse, never sent out ordered items. Zines are based on trust, and it’s absolutely awful that some chose to betray it! So how do you know which ones you should apply or order from? Look for these:

  • Make sure that the organizer is not anonymous, and has their social media and handles blatantly available. If they are anonymous, there’s nearly a certain chance they’ll drop it mid-way. If it’s clear, see what they’re like as a person, or if they have a large following.
  • Make sure that the moderator has organized zines before. People who haven’t organized zines before don’t have experience and often don’t realize how difficult it can be. And if they do run other projects, are those actually complete?
  • Make sure there’s more than one mod. Oftentimes, IRL can cause problems; if there’s no one else to pick up the slack, that’s also a huge problem. (On the other hand, too many mods can make the zine disorganized!)
  • Communication: Has the moderator made relevant info available? And if you’ve been accepted, do they regularly email or update you?
  • Graphics: Do the graphics seem well-made and aesthetically pleasing? Product placement makes a huge difference when it comes to preorders, and can absolutely mean the difference between not breaking even and success. If their stuff looks like crap, so will the zine.
  • Professionalism: If they are not well-organized or professional, that’s a sign that they probably won’t be able to handle everything a zine throws at them, and may discriminate against certain ships or people. 
  • Where do profits go? This is pretty important, and needs to established early on. Will it be split among artists, or go to charity? 
  • Is there support? Does the application post have at the very least 300 notes? If not, what about other posts? If they don’t have a lot of notes or followers, that means that not many people will apply, and not many people will buy. That also means a much bigger risks of the project failing, and much less people holding them accountable if they do.

For people interested in making a zine but have no experience doing so, I strongly suggest moderating one before organizing your own!

That’s all I can think of right now! If there’s any questions, feel free to DM me. (If anyone else has any other suggestions, feel free to add.)


*[UPDATE as of September 14, 2017.] 

Okay, so EA decided to make the toddler ball pit look better (thank God). Anyway, I’m updating my recolors. You can either download the ball pit and full jungle gym separately and replace them in your mods folder, or just delete everything and download the full set again. Download link has been updated! (Also i’m updating my park)

                                               • • • • • • •

I’m back! Right after Toddler Stuff was released, I was a bit disappointed that the playground equipment only had three color options, so I decided to make more! I’d already been wanting to recolor the base game jungle gyms but this gave me the perfect excuse to finally get around to it (and make matching sets.) So… I present to you: Colorful Playgrounds! (creative name, I know.) The download includes 9 different recolors for: 

  • bg space jungle gym
  • bg monkey bars
  • todder tunnels
  • toddler slide
  • toddler ball pit
  • toddler playground (all 3 combined)

Woo!  That’s 6 things! I also decided to build a park to go along with this set. Its on the Gallery under my username: SimsIsMyBacon. There is a CC and non-CC version. To get the one that includes CC from this set you will have to check show items with custom content with the filters on the left. 

Requirements: Sims 4 Base Game and Toddler Stuff

Download Colorful Playgrounds here

If you use it in game use the hashtag: #SimsIsMyBacon so I can see!

Thank you for downloading, Happy Simming!





but I gots a theory

So, uh, y’know how the bootleg cuts off exactly after the squip says “your squip”

That’s too perfect a cutoff to have just happened by chance

the rest of it is out there somewhere mark my words

and the person who’s got it may be spacing out releases of the clips just to extend the excitement and general fandom revival

(also I’m really sorry about the lack of updates, picking out a college and applying and the financial aid stuff is super stressful and it’s kinda hitting me like a brick right now and draining my creativity in the process.  I’m trying to work on this when I can but unfortunately the blog’s not far along enough yet that I can just make 1-2 panel answers since there’s still basic worldbuilding to get outta the way.  It’s in the works though, I promise!)

((hey so im back for now! i took a break because i was getting anxious and now im just more anxious and miss drawing these boys so here i am! i did kind of come to a decision about this blog while i was away and its not a bad one it just helped me remember that this blog is for me so HERES SOME GROUND RULES!!

-im going to update when i feel like it. it could be three times a day, it could be once a week, it could be still one everyday, i cant be sure because its more about what im feeling that day but i cant keep myself set to a schedule when i got a lot going on

-DONT. SEND. ME. ANGST. specifically if its an ask pertaining to one of them dying, suicide, or self harm im deleting it asap and u succeeded in making the mod genuinely upset. good job.

-im going to set up an FAQ soon and please please read it before u send asks! im getting a lot that ive answered before and im happy everyone is expressing interest and sending me stuff but it gets very tedious aaaa

-just putting it out there in a modpost cause ninety percent of my asks are this right now: michael is trans on this blog. im not giving him a deadname and im not going to answer trans specific asks because i dont want that to become his whole character on this blog! hes michael not just trans!michael if you know what i mean?? on that note i am cis and if i do post something that is bad new bears about being trans let me know please.

-feel free to dm me if yall ever have any questions about how my blog is run or wanna talk to the mod if my askbox is closed cause ,,, its closed a lot but i dont mind talkin to people! especially if its to help them understand what im doing on my blog ahaha

ANYWAYS im glad to be back!! and i have lots of silly things planned and plot?? if i ever get to it?? again im here for me not for other people so please be patient with me!! see ya on the flip side homies ))


Hello everysquid! Though a bit delayed, its time to announce the Pearl-Off-The-Hook Nintendo New York Giveaway! 


The winner receives all of the following:

  • A deck of Splatoon playing cards, exclusive to the Nintendo NYC store
  • A random bag of a Splatoon squid key chain
  • A pink Splatoon 2 bag, very soft and in the shape of a squid, of course. It also has a slot inside for your switch!


  1. You MUST be following this blog, Pearl-Off-The-Hook, to enter.
  2. USA participants only.(Sorry squids, international fees stink)
  3. The winner is picked from a random generator. We will contact you via messenger. If you do not respond within 24 hours of announcement, we will draw again. You must be comfortable giving your address. 
  4. No giveaway blogs, please!


  • Reblogs and likes count as two separate entries. If you do both, you get two entries, and the more the merrier!
  • Remember, you can only win if you are following us!


Booster Pack 4 You!

Welcome to today’s Booster Pack #4 Blog Update

Edmund is out at piano class tonight. I’m your guest host Tyrone Rodriguez (@tyronerodriguez)

If you’ve been following Isaac and you probably have if you’re here, you know we’ve been working on Booster Packs. Yesterday we released #4.

Booster Pack #4 (insert applause here).
Exciting news, Booster Packs now have long-overdue credits for the modders. Special thanks to all the modders and Brenton for putting together the modder list for us to include in the credits. You’re all awesome and we love what you’ve put together. Now go beat the game, watch the credits and take a bow! 

Aside from the credit roll update for Booster Pack #4, we included a lot of new items that have been adjusted and balanced by the team to work better in the Isaac universe. Also, we have more guest dev members in the form of FixItVinh + LethalLeather and Zami on this pack.

Booster Pack #4 has a lot of new awesome stuff from our team and yours. We want to thank you for the continued support of the game and making awesome stuff! Keep making it!

OK, so what’s new:

Death’s List

Extension Cord





We’ll be gathering names and information to update the credits again with all the new mods ASAP. 

Console people, Booster Pack 1-3 are currently available for your Nintendo Switch and PS4, we’ll integrate these BP4 changes and try to add within a timely fashion. PSA: We don’t have control when Nintendo/Sony do/don’t approve them, but we’ll work as fast as we can.



Hi Guys I’m so happy to reach 700 follower! This set is a gift to you. Is part of a set of 3 collections and this is the first one (Kitchen Appliences)

Thank’s to all my followers! And I want to give a special thanks to my dear friend @daer0n that helped me so much with my learning moding skills. She Taught me a lot, including how to make this dish washer. Without her generosity I could not make it at all.

Also a hugeThanks to @sssvitlans, @yumiaplace, @millascreativecornerblog and @lazysunjade for their support here in the comunity. I really aprreciate you guys!

So Like always respect my Tou please, so I can continue creating a lot of stuff for your sims and be carefull with some mods, especially the dish washer that is high polycount so just use if your computer can  handle ok?

Thanks to the others cc creators for the cc’s that I use to build this kitchen

@sanoysims, @dreamteamsims, @pralinesims, @blackmojitos, @leo-sims, @yumiaplace and @daer0n. Sorry if I miss someone.



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What kind of treats do you guys make? :0

M: It’s not a lot of variety, but they all smell and taste really good!!

J: We’re trying to branch out to other stuff, but we’re not sure what else to include yet. 

M: Why can’t we try that thing with ham and watermelon again?

J: Because it’s weird, Michael.

M: Falsehood it’s delicious

(note from eggy: wow this took a lot of time and marker ink to do…next time I’ll probably use less colours so just a heads-up. Hope you like this!! Pastries are fun to draw)

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Hi! This blog looks so great I'm really excited by it. In a story I'm writing (it's fantasy), there are elves, and as well as being off folklore/mythological elves, they're also based off autistic people but I'm struggling to figure out what an only autistic society would be like, do you have any ideas?

First of all, having a whole, non-human race be autistic can be quite problematic in terms of representation. See Mod Aira’s thoughts on non-human autistic characters here.

Since elves look a lot like humans, and are usually positively described as a race equal or superior to humans, that might not be that much of a problem, but you should still give this issue some thought and make sure this is really something you want to do. This is not a decision I can make for you.

As for the specifics of an autistic-only society, this is where things get fun !

Here are some ideas in no particular order. Of course I can’t cover everything and other autistic peeps are encouraged to pitch in as always!

  • Everyone is stimming freely and openly. This is seen as a completely normal thing. I don’t know how modern your universe is, but people are allowed to stim in school or in their workplace. Shops have whole “stim toys” aisles. There are sensory rooms available throughout cities for everyone who might get overwhelmed.
  • Social norms are completely different. Making eye contact is seen as rude, people are expected to explain their jokes and sarcasm. Actually, communities might write down and edit regularly their social rules so they are explicit and available to all.
  • Kids are taught in schools strategies to cope with sensory overload or to get stuff done with executive dysfunction. They are encouraged to work on their special interests and it is used as a medium to teach them other things. There is highly individualized teaching and varied teaching styles since all kids have different needs. They would also be taught (either by caretakers or educators) many life skills, such as self-care, taking care of a home, taxes… more explicitely.
  • In our society, there are things that are seen as “basic needs” that everyone shares such as be well-fed, warm enough, not be in pain, have enough time to sleep… In a workplace or school for example, those needs are supposed to be met. The other needs, the ones not everyone has, are seen as “accomodations” when they are met, and are often more begrudgingly met. In an all-autistic society, meeting needs such as sensory needs or break time when you are overloaded wouldn’t be considered as making accomodations, but as meeting basic needs and as a normal thing.
  • Autistic people are very diverse and sometimes our needs are conflicting. For example, some might be hurt by loud noises, while some may need to stim and regulate themselves by making/ listening to loud noises. So it is probable that people with similar needs would gather in communities.
  • Since a lot of autistics are nonverbal at least some of the time, I think all verbal people would also know a nonverbal language such as a sign language they could use to communicate with nonverbal individuals or when they go nonverbal themselves. Communicating via AAC wouldn’t be seen as unusual or surprising.
  • Art and culture would probably be very different. Autistic people are often creative, but they create different things from what allistics create.
  • I feel like emergencies such as fires would be handled differently. I don’t think loud alarms and blinking lights would be the most efficient. I don’t have ideas for an alternative system though.
  • Lots of autistic people have trouble driving and I feel like it would have an impact on the most commonly used means of transportation. Either, for a more primitive setting, horse riding would be a huge thing - since horses are sentient they can take care of some of the “looking around to make sure we don’t run over someone or collide into something” - or, for a modern setting, automatized transportation means would have been developed sooner than in our world.
  • There would be more focus than in our society on precise planning and available information. Navigating administrations wouldn’t be so chaotic, or else no one could deal with it. There would be early on a need to get stuff organized in a very clear, explicit way.

That’s all I can think of for now. I hope this helps!

-Mod Cat

There are some great ideas here and I can think of a million more, but I will restrain myself! I just want to add a couple of things as food for thought:

  • Sign language isn’t speaking, but it is still verbal (the brain still processes it more or less the same as any other language), so many people (including me) are not able to sign when nonverbal despite being fluent in a sign language. However, many autistic people find signing more comfortable than speaking, so I definitely agree that more people would know how to sign, and it would likely be a second language requirement.
  • I have to be honest here… Although I have many autistic friends online, I don’t have many that I see regularly face to face. I think there is a reason that autistic people make up a minority of the human race, rather than the majority. For all our advantages, we often have conflicting needs, and we are not at all specialized for living in large groups the way allistic people are. Even though I like my autistic friends a lot, I don’t like spending a lot of time with them in person because they… get on my nerves. I mean in specific ways - for example, we have completely unrelated special interests, and they infodump about theirs for ages, and I have no interest whatsoever but don’t want to interrupt and seem rude (since I hate it when people do that to me). Or they stim and it bothers me. I’m extremely hypersensitive, including to movement, so if someone (besides me) is rocking back and forth or doing another repetitive motion near me, I can’t even open my eyes or I get overloaded. I love my autistic friends and I love the fact that I’m autistic, but I would not want to live in a completely autistic society - I’d have to hide away from other people and I’d become socially isolated even more than I am in this world. Note that this is my personal point of view and NOT true for all autistic people. But there WOULD be people like me who couldn’t deal with being around other people’s stimming, and we might not all get along as well as you might think.
  • On the positive side: all the things that are considered “disabilities” in this world with regards to autism would be seen as the norm. Not being able to speak some or all of the time would be considered a normal personality trait, like being good or bad at sports or drawing. Suddenly getting up and leaving a conversation due to overstimulation would be perfectly normal. It would be a given that normal respect for other people includes maintaining a quiet and calm environment as much as possible.
  • Another issue regards public spaces. There is something called “selective attention” which allows people to block out background sensory information and focus only on what is relevant to them at the moment (for example, listening to what one person is saying when there are other conversations happening nearby). In autistic people, this is usually very weak or completely nonexistent. It’s not possible for me to filter out background noise. If I need to meet someone for a conversation or work meeting, it MUST be in a quiet place. I am incapable of following a conversation when more than one person in the room is talking. I literally can’t unscramble their words from the words of other people and it just becomes a jumbled mess of gibberish that rapidly becomes painful. So how would things like restaurants work? Cafes? Parties? Assuming many or most people can’t hear what someone is saying when ANYONE else in the room is talking, how could you have spaces like that? Would they exist at all? Would their be some kind of magic (in a fantasy world) or tech (sci-fi) that can block out all sounds outside of the group you’re in? 

Not trying to poke holes, but trying to point out possible issues that you should think about when creating your society. And as Cat mentioned, be very careful about painting a non-human race as “like humans but autistic”. Being autistic is not an inhuman state, and it can be very damaging to describe it as such, even if your intentions are good. I would be much more comfortable with a human all-autistic society than a non-human one. Maybe consider making the humans all autistic and code the elves as allistic. :P

If you keep all this in mind, I’d be interested to see what kind of society you might come up with. Good luck!

-Mod Aira

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So Bethesda released their Creation Club service and so far it has gotten a lot of backlash. A lot of people are getting angry at Bethesda's response of calling the content 'mini DLCs' instead of paid mods, selling old armor that already exists for free despite the fact that the service stated that it would offer original content, and the fact that Bethesda is keeping all the profits. So what are your overall thoughts on this; do you think what Bethesda is doing right or wrong?

Bethesda’s Creation Club is a new thing and there are (and will continue to be) the sort of growing pains one can expect of any new service. I don’t think that the growing pains are enough to kill the idea over, it’s just stuff that will need to be worked out. Overall, my feelings on [paid mods] hasn’t changed - I’m generally in favor of them, because I support the idea of developers choosing how they want to distribute their content, and I support the idea of consumers choosing how they want to spend their money. I think that 

Here are some of the more common complaints I’ve seen about the Creation Club:

Complaint: The content currently offered isn’t worth purchase price

This is probably true. There are a lot of items currently available in the Creation Club that aren’t significantly better than the free options out there, which does not instill the players with the idea that there is much value in it (yet). This is not to say that the free mods are the exact same as the paid options - they are not, and this is provable. There are, however, many similar choices and this “is practically the same as” in many detractors’ minds. But this is arguing over small details - this isn’t a strike against the idea of the Creation Club, but its current implementation. It will naturally sort itself out - maybe $4.99 is too high for the current crop of offerings, but maybe $2.99 or even $0.99 could be the sweet spot instead. DLC in general started highly priced but is now both ubiquitous and popular.

Complaint: Creation Club creators don’t get royalties

Nobody gets royalties, not even us devs. The Creation Club creators get paid up front for their work - it’s freelancing. They pitch an idea to Bethesda, Bethesda’s team green lights it and agrees upon a price for it, the creator does the work and gets paid the agreed-upon price. If the offered price isn’t good enough, the creator can always walk away. If the content doesn’t sell, the creator still gets paid for services rendered. If Bethesda has enough difficulty recruiting content creators for the Creation Club, they’ll either kill the project or they’ll raise their offers. But saying that the Creation Club is a bad idea because it doesn’t offer residuals is nitpicky at best.

Complaint: The Creation Club will draw modders away from giving their stuff away for free

I’m pretty sure that this decision ought to be up to the modders themselves. Saying that content creators must make their stuff for free sounds awfully entitled to me.

But they can just get patreons or something!

Nothing is stopping them from doing this too. Adding a new option for them is not removing old ones. It just changes their attractiveness to modders.

Complaint: Bethesda keeps all of the money

If you ignore the sums that the creators agreed to be paid for their work, yes. Bethesda is keeping all of the money, because they are footing all of the cost as well. They pay for the development of the content. They pay for testing, validation, curation, certification, and distribution. They paid for the platform and the development tools. They pay to handle all of the financial transactions. These are all non-trivial costs. I do not believe it is wrong to earn a profit by providing a service that provides value.

Complaint: They just want microtransactions in their games!

They already have microtransactions in their games. They already sell DLC. This is a way for fan creators to get paid for their passions too.

Complaint: The technical restrictions on Creation Club mods are too limited to make good content

That’s a matter of negotiation and dependent on engineering support. It’s in Bethesda’s best interests to provide a platform that can provide the customer with products they will like. Maybe the restrictions won’t allow the creation of an enormous sprawling expansion pack, but that doesn’t mean it will remain this way forever. Bethesda will certainly be interested in improving the Creation Club as time passes. They are certainly committing development resources to it for the forseeable future.

Unspoken Complaint: I really like mod content, but I don’t feel comfortable letting others set the price I pay (which is usually zero)

This is the general underlying feeling I’ve seen from people who are so angry about paid mods. It’s the same general feeling that people had when DLC was initially offered - I want this, but I don’t want to pay for it. Mods used to be free (or voluntary donations that the vast majority of mod-users ignore), but saying that some mods will no longer be available without paying for them feels like Bethesda taking something away, and it really sucks when it feels like they are taking stuff away that was previously available. Our brains literally make us feel as if we are under attack in these kind of situations, which can trigger a fight-or-flight response. The closer the person is to the material, the more powerful the response is. Hence the long-term (hard core) community reaction to the Creation Club. The modders themselves don’t seem particularly offended by the Creation Club, but I suspect this is because they don’t feel like they are losing anything. They’re gaining a new option in all of this, which I feel is a good thing.

I’m not saying that the Creation Club is perfect out of the box - very few things are. Players hated DLC when it first came out too, and Bethesda specifically took a lot of flak for their “horse armor” DLC. But I do believe a service that lets modders create content and be paid for it has a lot of potential, and we’re only just seeing the tip of the iceberg. There will be things that need fixing and improving, but that’s fine - everything does. It won’t be right in its current iteration, but that doesn’t mean that it needs to be thrown out completely. PC players hated Steam when it first came out too - why would anyone want a service that requires you to be online in order to play your game? However, Steam became a better value proposition over time. I firmly believe that the idea of the Creation Club as a mod marketplace has value. If creators can earn a decent living by making mod content, it would attract more developers and increase the overall quality of the offerings to players. But that would require people to look long term at what could happen, rather than immediately condemn it out of hand before they get a chance to iterate and improve on the design or implementation.

Got a burning question you want answered?


I haven’t done a redbubble update in a while, so this is some of the new stuff. 

Also, some other things: 

There’s a buckykingofmemes twitter now, which is here, and it updates exactly the same stuff as this blog does, but without the tags. 

Would you guys be interested in me archiving some of the asks/answers and storytimes in AO3? I can set up a series or a multichapter fic to do that, if you’d like me to. 

A couple anon questions:

(For mod Hel) where do you find all the time to answer these? XD (thank you BTW): Bucky might be the king of memes, but I’m the king of procrastination. Most of the art gets drawn while I’m in class, which is why it’s kinda eh sometimes: no references. The posts happen whenever, and usually I answer asks when I’m bored, and I totally don’t get to all of them. I get like 10+ asks a day. And right now I’m supposed to be studying for the Torts midterm I have on friday, but you can all see how well that’s going. 

Hey, mod - Mind if I use the Howling Commandos story in a fic, if I give you credit for it? You are more than welcome to do so with any of this blog content, but please link back to me, and I love when people send me links to their work, just because I love to check it out! 

Generally, if you’re sending a message for mod hell-me, not bucky, and you want a response, please sign in! I don’t like to break character on this blog, so I’ll leave them unanswered. Otherwise, you’re welcome to hit me up at hellenhighwater, which is my (theoretically) main blog. Mostly it’s nonsense, but I’m more down with answering anon messages there, since there are so many less. And I swear I won’t go and stalk your blog if you send me a logged-in ask, and you’re always welcome to ask me not to publicly publish your ask if you’d like. 

To the rest of you lovely people who have been sending me holiday greetings, thanks! There’s too many of you to respond to individually, but I do read and appreciate it a ton. You’re what makes doing this nonsense fun!

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It's KatsuNon! How's about some of that good katsuki fluff? Alpha!Katsuki's first time being let into his Omega!S/O's nest?

Ah, yes! This sounds so adorable and fluffy and just, exactly what I need right now! Thank you so much for asking me of this! Have yourself a heckin’ amazing day my lil’ sapling!

- Momma Eclipse🌱🌱🌱

💥 At first, Katsuki doesn’t think much of what you’re doing, in fact, he thinks it’s annoying.

💥 “The fuck are you doing woman? I don’t wanna go in your shitty ass ne…holy shit…” – Once he’s inside, his scent and yours mixed together hits him like a brick.

💥 He can actually understand why you spend so much time inside this little nest, it’s perfect!

💥 Katsuki even recognises some of the things he had begrudgingly given you for this nest, making a mental note to just give you more of his stuff for it.

💥 “…Why am I even in here?” – He tries to sound angry but it just comes out in a quiet grumble, making you laugh and kiss his cheek, pulling him down and on top of you.

💥 “Cuddles. I want lots of cuddles and you got home early so you’re going to give them to me!”

💥 The rest of the night is filled with ordered in food, cuddles and some good music, a nice relaxing night!

hi everyone! i’m going to be working on asks in a few minutes, but i wanted to let you know i’ll be closing the ask box for a few hours. i’ll either reopen it before i go to bed or tomorrow when i wake up. you can check the tags for more of an explanation. thanks for understanding!

anonymous asked:

I was wanting to learn more about antifa, what they believe, what they do, why they're labeled terrorists, etc. I'm hearing a lot of stuff but I can't get an unbiased opinion so I'm trying to figure it out on my own. To be honest antifa doesnt seem as bad as everyone tries to make it seem. But I also dont think throwing Molotovs and destroying public property will help anything. Correct me if I'm wrong though, I'm legit just learning but biased opinions make that hard. Just tell me like it is.

? All opinions are biased in one way or another, aren’t they? I’m not sure you’re going to get much information if you’re trying to look for something that likely doesn’t exist.

My take on it personally is this: if people don’t stand against fascists, they stand with fascists. There is no middle ground here. There is no “unbiased opinion” to be found in this matter. You either oppose fascists, wherever they are, or you give them the room and platform they need to enforce their ideology which is inherently rooted in committing acts of violence and oppression of minorities. 

As for molotov cocktails and destroying public property–that’s only one facet of antifascist action. There are dozens of other nonviolent, community based activities that people can participate in that are just as acceptable and effective. 

So going cc-free for a while was awesome, it made me explore the game more :P But I found myself wishing for some simple books to clutter up the lounge or some bright wallpapers xD 

So I’m not going back to a completely cc-filled game, instead I’ll stay in between & have some recoloured objects and cc that has been separated/liberated from the game itself (thank you @brazenlotus) and see how that goes. 

Woo. Ramble over. Time to make coffee and play xD