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How BTS Would Wake You Up in the Morning

Rap Monster: He’d hear your alarm clock going off and would gently shake you awake. More than anything he wanted your alarm clock to stop. 

“Babe, if I have to listen to these stupid alien noises much longer I’m going to break your phone.”

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Jin: He’d place a gentle kiss on your forehead to wake you up. He’d insist on you getting up in time to help him make breakfast and share the food you two made.

“Pancakes or waffles today?”

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Suga: You’d be waking him up, let’s be real. Some days he would wake you up just to make you shut your alarm off. He’d nudge your shoulder and grumble before going back to sleep. 

“Unlike you I can sleep for three more hours, so turn your alarm off.” 

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J-Hope: Hobi can take a while to gain energy after he wakes up. He would turn off the alarm he’d set for the two of you and gently kiss you. He’d nuzzle his face in your neck and mumble, “It’s time to get up Y/N,” before climbing out of bed.

“Make sure you get up in time for work jagi.”

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Jimin: He’d wake you by hugging you tightly and softly telling you that you had work soon. He’d try to help you get ready for the day as well by carrying you bridal style down to kitchen for breakfast. 

“I can only make cereal, I hope that’s okay…”

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V: You’d be waking him up. He’d hear the alarm clock go off and immediately turn it off. You’d have to be on top of things and get up and wake Tae up so he wouldn’t be late for his schedule.

“Ten more minutes please Y/N.” 

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Jungkook: He’d roll over and gently nudge you. When your eyes fluttered open he’d giggle and blush, covering his face with the blanket. He’d ask you if you really had to get up, and when you nodded, he’d pout and pull you close to him.

“But I don’t want you to go!”

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Do you take requests? Because I really really really really want a fic where Derek is the alpha and the pack is still in school and Derek takes AP classes that only Stiles and Lydia are in and Stiles is having a hard time because he's getting these teacher kinks and he moans to the pack when Derek appears to eat with them during break and Stiles makes food for him too because he's such a sad child and no smut, I just want really happy things? D: and like maybe Derek is marking and Stiles helps?

So I’m sorry cause I’ve had this in my inbox for a while, mainly because I’m not quite sure what you were wanting and also I’ve been lacking inspiration to write as of late. So basically, I’m interpreting this as a kind of Student/Teacher AU where Derek gets a job as a substitute (because I don’t see Derek taking high school classes as a student with the pack because I feel like he’s probably done sorry :/). Like I hope that’s what you’re asking for? If not I’m sorry but here ya go anyway.

“Do you want to know who had the nerve to be my substitute for AP History today?” Stiles says as he plops down in the seat next to Scott at their usual cafeteria table. They’re seniors now, graduation months away in fact, and while things haven’t exactly calmed down in the supernatural realm of Beacon Hills, they at least have a strong handle on it now that Derek is their alpha and struck an alliance so to speak with the Argents.

“Uh sure?” Scott says, after he swallows his mouthful of food, innocently curious at Stiles’s question.

“Derek freakin’ Hale. Derek! He was my sub. Since when is he a substitute teacher?!” Stiles throws his hands up like the world is falling apart around them because of this news.

Scott shrugs, unperturbed at Stiles’s outburst. “He mentioned something about finding a job last pack meeting remember? Guess he found one.”

“A sub? Like he’s legit being a substitute teacher as a job? I thought he was trying to pull one over on me or something when I saw him. Like it was one big joke.”

“Was he? Did he actually teach?”

Stiles looks down at his tray of food guiltily. “Yeah. He wasn’t… bad actually. Like the other kids actually listened to him, but it’s AP so like it’s not like anyone in there wants to goof off even if they could.”

Scott nods. “So you didn’t listen to him?”

“That’s not what I said. I was just… I couldn’t concentrate, you know. I mean it’s Derek. It was weird.”

Scott hums and goes back to his sandwich. The others in the pack that have the same lunch period soon join them, and the conversation veers to other things. Stiles though, he can’t shake the thought of Derek as a teacher, his teacher, and it’s doing odd things to his brain.

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Romantic Evening || Alan & Betsy

Alan basically jogged back to his dorm, with food used for him to make chicken parmesan and a dozen of her favorite flowers. He walked into the dorm building, panting softly. He walked up to his dorm and smiled when he saw the ‘surprise’. “How nice.” He smirked, laughing lightly as he approached his door, then setting down the bags and laughed. “Let me catch my breath first.” He smiled, then unlocking the door, and entering. He brought in all the food items and put them in the fridge, handing her the flowers. “For my beautiful girlfriend.”

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Do you have happy Jason's headcanon? I've got stressed while reviewing the dissertation I submitted and realised I've made a lot of mistakes. Happy Jason (rare, I know) might help...

  • He always stops to pick up loose change on the streets
  • He always has tiny bruises on his right knee, because he uses it to shove doors open and push them closed behind him
  • He loves to eat. Not in a casual “oh yeah I love it” kind of way– food honestly makes him happy. Sharing food is about 50% of the way he expresses affection. Dinner invitations are a big deal. 
  • He lowkey has a thing for dead languages, especially Old English. Loves Arthurian literature, specifically White’s The Once and Future King. Don’t ask him why because he doesn’t really have an explanation. 
  • Sings in the shower
  • When people asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he always said a lawyer

more happy Jason headcanons

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I hope you feel better! I’m sure it went better than you think it did

Smile {Supernatural Preference}

Requested by anon; ‘Supernatural Preference: what they do to make you smile’

Dean Winchester: Sharing food was always an issue for Dean, he loved his grub and would rather lose a hand than give up his food. However, when he knew you were in some need of cheering up, he’d sit down beside you, armed with beers, pie and burgers and he’d put on one of your favourite movies and just wrap you up in his arms as you tucked into the food he brought. It would always make you smile, making him happy, and you both got food so that was always fun. Oh, he’d also totally let you choose the music in the Impala to make you smile, too.

Sam Winchester: Sam would try and do a mixture of things to make you smile. He’d bring you breakfast in bed, would let you borrow his shirts to wear around, would go out of his way to do something nice, would surprise you and would shower you with affection. All of the time, Sam would try and make you smile. The thing that made you smile most though would be when he hugged you tightly, mumbling that he loved you. It was hard for the Winchesters to open up so when Sam opened up with you, you always had a smile on your face.

Castiel: He doesn’t know much about relationships or bonds between people but Castiel would remember the little things. He would probably not think of them as anything of great importance but when he spouted a little fact about you that he’d remembered, you’d be so touched and would be smiling the whole day. He’d remember your favourite colour, favourite flower, where you like to go for coffee and more and would never fail to make you smile when he remembered these small things. 

World Trip w/ Jungkook (you're not really friends)

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- him sleeping whenever you’re on a bus or plane
- If he isn’t, he’s blaring music and ignoring the tour guide
- He kind of ignores you at first but will always be closest to you
- Running off without you only to come back and tell you to hurry up
- Glares when you have to go to the bathroom and force him to go with you
- Swears that you’ll need to protect yourself, but will always push you behind him if something dangerous happens
- Will make you eat weird food
- Probably tease you a lot
- Will literally make you do everything even if it’s stupid and terrifying simply bc he wants to experience everything to the full extent and will not let you be dead weight
- Cliff diving (and him pushing you in)
- Whenever you glare at him he smiles
- Suddenly gets really shy when you have to share a room
- Feeds you the weird ass food making airplane noises
- Winks at the female staff but starts a conversation with you whenever they walk up to him
- Starts doing cute things to make you laugh
- Especially when you’re homesick
- Will act like he’s doing you a favor whenever he does something for you, but really just enjoys doing stuff for you
- Lots of eye rolls
- You get to hit him ‘lightly’ whenever he does something stupid
- Telling him to shut up or stop doing whatever he’s doing
- Taking a lot of stupid selfies where one of you is either pouting or glaring
- Him abandoning you and running away laughing
- Only to get his bag from the van and come back
- But you’re not there so he freaks out until he sees you talking to one of the staff guys
- Stalks over to you and glares
- Very indenial Jungkook bc he doesn’t want to admit he actually enjoys your presence
- Talks about the boys when he’s homesick
- You let him use your stomach as a pillow when he’s sad
- Is tempted to buy all the souviners for you
- Rolls his eyes when he introduces you to the boys over Skype and they seem more excited to meet you than see him
- Hugs you from behind one day while you’re taking a photo of a sunset
- Tells you to hurry up and go to bed bc he’s tired
- (won’t admit that it’s bc he wants you to be safe and sound beside him before he sleeps)
- Admires you in the different lighting
- Overall you guys have a great time growing a bond and bc of his reckless and youthful-self you would enjoy your trip to the fullest!
- Sad tears on your last day
- “I can’t believe that I’m actually really gonna miss you.”
- And you’d punch his arm lightly but pull him into a hug
- “Don’t get all sad on me Kookie, we’ll see eachother again!” But you’re choking up
- And he just hugs you tighter, burying his face into your hair that smells like all the hotel shampoos
- “I’ll make sure of it. We’ll meet again.” He’d nod firmly
- And you’re nodding through the tears with a smile that he loves and that has comforted him in his worst times

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Pastel!Dan finally getting into a relationship with punk!Phil >w<

~ Dan being nervous about his parents meeting Phil
~ Phil protecting Dan from bullies
~ When Phil’s asleep Dan puts flower crowns on him and takes pictures. He is punished
~ Dan being really scared of Phil’s motorcycle but pretending he’s not until Phil’s speeding around corners and he begs him to stop
~ Phil comforting Dan, his rough tattooed hands surprisingly gentle
~ Phil getting a tattoo of Dan’s favorite flower
~ Phil surprising Dan by liking things like museums and art
~ Phil taking Dan on picnics and being able to cook really well and making him his favorite foods

Dating Wonho would mean

This is one of my first little ‘would mean’ scenario things so bear with me because it might not be that good. 


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  • Bear hugs
  • kisses
  • taking selcas together
  • wonho changing your lock screen to you two
  • okay of him -_-
  • “but I’m cute so why wouldn’t I?”, he replies with a smirk on his face. “ You’re so dumb!”, you reply back, hitting his arm in the process.
  • Lots of aegyo from him.
  • dumb snapchats from him and the other members.
  • lonely nights while he’s practicing, but after he comes back he immediately collapses right next to you in bed. Curling up next to you.
  • You struggling to escape his grasp because he’s all sweaty and smells really bad from practicing. 
  • but eventually admitting defeat because he’s too strong and whines too much.
  • waking up in his arms.
  • wonho whining again when you get up to make breakfast.
  • him finally getting up and helping you make food for you two and the other members.
  • feeding each other.  
  • hearing the other members complain because you guys are showing way too much pda.

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Stay close
  • Mumen Rider:*Making some food with Sonic hugging him around the middle from behind while he's chopping fruit.* Oh *Lifts his arm as Sonic sneaks a strawberry off the counter before clinging to him again*
  • -------
  • Mumen Rider:*Hanging his clothes up to dry with Sonic still clung to him* Could you hand me a clothes pin?
  • Sonic:*groans and holds out pin*
  • Mumen Rider:Thank you *sonic goes back to hugging*
  • --------
  • Sonic:*Sits on the floor outside of the bathroom scowling*
  • Mumen Rider:*The sink turns off as he walks out of the bathroom drying his hands on a towel* Thank you for waiting
  • Sonic:*Stands up and hugs him again*
  • --------
  • Mumen Rider:*Gets ready for bed and lays down*
  • Sonic:*hugged tightly to the the front of him, his face buried in Rider's chest*
  • Mumen Rider:*Smiles and wraps his arms around Sonic* You've been very huggy today
  • Sonic:Use that word to describe me again and I'll kill you.
  • Mumen Rider:*smiles and kisses Sonic's head*
  • Sonic://///

Derek was doing pull-ups, staying focused on his training as if in a trance. He wasn’t sure how long it has been since he started, all he knew he needed to get stronger. Suddenly he paused, shaking his head and dropping down, breathing heavily. “Weird” He mumbled, looking around, “God, I am starving.” The feeling rise again, making him stop for a moment before shaking his head, “No. Food.” 

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What is your all time favorite Sterek fanfic?

Play It Again by metisket


In which Stiles goes along with one of Derek’s plans and ends up in an alternate universe as a result. He should’ve known better. He did know better, actually, and that means he has no one to blame but himself.

Laura wants to lure the kid in with food and kindness and make a pet of him, like a feral cat. Derek wants to have him arrested for stalking. They’re at an impasse. (And the rest of the family is staying emphatically out of it in a way that suggests bets have been placed.)

honestly, it’s always a struggle for me to answer the fave thing, because there are so many amazing fics out there (and I have such a terrible memory). But then I realized that I consistently rec’ed Play It Again as one of my faves, without fail. And that it was one of the fics that I most enjoyed rereading. This fic has a certain ring of goals for me so. Fave.

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Since the first time when Jackson started hosting Inkigayo he got food support only once (it’s more difficult to organize food support for Inkigayo) so it’s a good chance to make him feel appreciated and loved :) It will be his 2nd food support.


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The Mukami and Sakamaki brothers and their first kiss with their lovers? (Thankk youuu!!)


Shu~ You giggled as you noticed he had fallen asleep against the wall. Little did you know, he wasn’t sleeping. In the blink of an eye, he had you pinned against the wall. His blue eyes watched you intently as his lips pressed against yours.

Reiji~ It was as if he had become somebody else entirely. He had you by the wrist as he hurried to his study. As soon as the door was closed, he was feverishly kissing your mouth.

Ayato~ You were making him his favorite food as he watched you flow around the kitchen. As you reached for the towel near him, he grabbed your wrist and pulled your face close to his. He hungrily kissed your mouth indicating that he couldn’t wait any longer.

Kanato~ He had taken you for a walk around the family plot. He turned to face you, and you retreated as he slowly approached you. Your back pressed against a tree as his hands gripped the tree on either side of your head. His lips forcefully pressed against.

Laito~ You had been casually walking down the hallway when you were suddenly pulled into a closet. You weren’t shocked to find yourself in the confined space with Laito. Assuming he was wanting to feed on you, you were surprised when his lips lustfully met yours.

Subaru~ He had asked you to go on a walk in the rose-filled garden which was bathed in the moonlight. His slowly turned to you meeting your eyes. Both of your faces were brushed with a pink tinge as his lips gently pressed against yours.


Ruki~ You had just stepped out of the shower when you felt somebody else’s presence. Squealing, your hands flung over your private areas. A low chuckle left his mouth as he grabbed your wrists and pried your hands away from your body. Unable to resist, you melted into his kiss.

Kou~ He had come home from a long day of work when he asked you to help him relax. You were helping him out his jacket when he pulled you down onto his bed. He hovered above you, his lips just inches away. In a single breath, he had closed the gap and was kissing you deeply.

Yuma~ He handed you the basket for you to help him collect vegetables. He placed one after another into the basket. Slowly the weight was building you were struggling. The basket slipped out of your grip. He turned around angrily but it all washed away as he saw the silent tears rolling down your face. He cupped your cheek in his hand and placed a soft kiss on your lips.

Azusa~ You’d seen Azusa slice his skin, but not this deep before. Hurrying to his arm to wrap the bandages, he grabbed you and pulled your face to his. You were lost in his gaze when he hesitantly placed his lips against yours.

best believe he’s sassy af

Like Beyoncé level

“Junhoe, you’re blocking my view”

“I am the view”

missing eyeliner

using the pocket of your pants as a bed

yelling at him to stfu

bc he’s singing

like you love his voice

but it’s 2 in the mornING

him tryna make you food

but then he gets trapped inside the fridge 

so now you just hear him freaking out

“Y/N it’s gettinG DARK IN HERE”

using your rings as crowns bc he’s a prince

paranoia with a kitchen sink full of water

there’s only few select places he’ll be in the kitchen

mostly the fridge

using clean socks as personal sleeping bags

holding onto your finger bc 

like yeah you guys annoy each other 

but he loves you

When You Injure Yourself While Making Them Food

Jin would get super antsy waiting for the food. He almost couldn’t handle it anymore, but all that would go away when he saw the band aids on your fingers. He’d immediately ask if you were ok and once he found out you were, he’d jokingly scold like “I told you to be careful with the knife and now look what happened.” Also, he’d say something like let him continue to make the food from now on. 

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He would be happy that you decided to make him food but his face would quickly turn sour once he saw your injured fingers. Seeing that there were no serious cuts or anything, he’d tease you, saying stuff like “Umm, I don’t know if I want to eat this anymore, there might be blood in it.” But would enjoy the food anyway, and just tell you to be careful from now on.

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“Oh no, jagiya!” he would say, as he immediately gets up from his seat to examine your injuries. After he saw that they were nothing too deep, he’d just yell at you like “Omo! You almost gave me a heart attack with all these cuts.” He wouldn’t let you cook anymore from that moment on, just to prevent potential injuries in the future.

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Namjoon would laugh at you because he knew that the cuts weren’t serious, and say something along the lines of “See?! You can’t make fun of me anymore because it’s not always just me hurting myself.” He overall would be concerned with your well being though, and after consulting you fully on your injured fingers, he’d get to munching on the hopefully delicious meal you prepared for him.

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This angel probably wouldn’t even eat the food because he was too busy checking in on you asking every little detail like “Why did this happen jagiya?!” and after you told him they were just from cooking, he’d yell at you for not being careful, and worrying him. He would also say something like, “Well at least the food is still good.”

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Taehyung would be very happy that you made him food, to the point where he would probably be oblivious to your cuts and such. He’d notice only after he finished his meal, and be like “Oh my gosh, what happened?!” and slowly realize that it was just from cooking, he would then tell you to tell him next time you cooked, so he could keep an eye on you.

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He would be slightly surprised well he saw your cuts, but would be very relieved when you assured him that it wasn’t anything too serious, and then he would start teasing you. Similar to what Suga would say, he’d question you, asking if there was blood in the food, or say something like “Oh! I think I just tasted blood y/n, I’m done eating” but would still finish all the food because he was purely joking.

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