and make each other happy and go on coffee dates and movie dates and all the dates okay understand

Steele Rose

Where you’re his ex-girlfriend and you see his new girlfriend wearing your t-shirt

Part 1

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Growing up, people told Y/n that you could die from a broken heart—that the stress on your heartstrings could weaken, and all that’s left is the pain in your chest.

Y/n thought her heart would fail her, rupture all that’s left of her and leave her body to decompose. She believed that, if her broken heart wasn’t going to kill her, loneliness and lack of sleep would push her towards her end.

Moving on—something that seemed so simple yet so impossible for Y/n to do.

When the hurt in her chest and the hallucinations from exhaustion started to become too much for her to handle, she was willing to do anything to help herself. She started taking up yoga sessions, started writing music, even started cooking in an attempt to bring herself back from whatever hell she was in.

She even considered moving on—meeting a man at a bar and getting to know more about him rather than his drink order. But something seemed so wrong about that—something was unsettled inside of her at the thought of being with someone who wasn’t Harry.

The image of Jessica in Harry and Y/n’s t-shirt was enough to haunt her nearly every hour of the day. She started going mental, constantly wondering what they were doing together in the moments she was most vulnerable. She wondered about their love life, their future, their interests. She thought about everything.

It wasn’t until Gabby was determined to mend the broken girl raiding her house, finding any possible excuse to give her a sense of life again, that Y/n found the slightest bit of hope.

Y/n was losing it entirely, and Gabby refused to continue being a bystander.

Gabby had set Y/n up on a blind date only a couple weeks back, practically begging her to seize every opportunity she possibly can to get over Harry. It was all Gabby could do to help her, considering nothing quite helped Y/n’s well-being since the breakup.

“Oh, he’s just so perfect!” Gabby squealed, clapping her hands before gripping tightly around Y/n’s wrists in excitement. “He’s gorgeous! Amazing blue eyes—breathtaking, really! And he’s so sweet, Y/n! I haven’t met a single person who’s disliked him and he’s such an amazing photographer! And his teeth! His teeth are marvelous! Do you know how hard it is nowadays to find a man with nice teeth? I mean—“

By then, Y/n had dozed off, and it wasn’t for any personal reason against Gabby; she’s appreciated every bit of hard work to help her through the heartbreak Y/n’s been dealing with nearly half of a year now. It’s just that she wasn’t ready to move on, not that she didn’t want to.

It had been nearly five months, which may seem like such an abundance of time to rid feelings for somebody, but did time really help moving on from someone she’d planned to spend the rest of her life with? It seemed nearly impossible. She could barely see herself looking at other men in a romantic sense, how could she see herself going on a date with somebody? Especially when she was still in love with somebody else?

She was biting the bullet with letting time heal her, but she felt that was the only way. Nothing more could help her. If anything, she believed dating would make it worse, if she were being honest.

But the look of excitement Gabby had at the mere thought of Y/n being happy again was something Y/n found nearly impossible to resist. Besides, she had definitely been overstaying her welcome at Gabby’s house no matter how much Gabby’s tried to deny it and has put so much stress onto her that maybe, just maybe, doing this one favor for all that she’s done for her.

“So, what do you say?”

Y/n blinked harshly when Gabby’s voice drowned out all the scrambled thoughts in her head, shaking her head slightly to regain her understanding of reality.


“Monmouth Coffee Shop at noon tomorrow. Dan really wants to meet you, Y/n! Please!”

Y/n’s eyes widened, snapping her head up to meet Gabby’s hopeful eyes.

“The Monmouth?! Are you crazy?! That’s Harry’s favorite coffee shop, you know that!”

Gabby’s eyes narrowed as her lips pursed, gaze directing toward the ceiling in thought.

“Harry? Harry who? I don’t remember who that is, never heard that name in my life.”

Her tone reeked with sarcasm, which made Y/n’s eyes nearly roll to the back of her head. As much as she wished Gabby’s negative remarks about Harry were comedic, there was always something about them that infuriated her. She always supposed it was the instinctual aspect of loving someone so much.

Gabby sighed as she reached her hand up to rub Y/n’s shoulder gently.

“Look,” she began, “you’re my best friend and I hate seeing you like this. You’re not the same Y/n I always knew, and I think you see yourself that way, too. And in all honesty, I don’t give a fuck about Harry anymore. As sadistic and twisted as it sounds, I don’t care about his emotions, or how he feels. He did this to you. He killed a part of you and I feel it’s my obligation to help you through this. So, please, go out with Dan tomorrow. He works at Monmouth, he’ll meet you before his shift starts at 1:30.”

Gabby’s arm slid off of Y/n’s shoulder at the shadow of uncertainty behind her eyes. Even though Gabby understood all the pain and hesitation, she didn’t want to see Y/n suffer another day. She just couldn’t.

“Please,” she whimpered, “Dan has been the only sense of hope I’ve gotten to make you happy again. Just do this one thing, please? And if it doesn’t work, then you can blame me. I’m just trying here.”

Y/n coughed slightly, her inability to say no wearing off of her at Gabby’s desperate pleads. It was an opportunity to turn things back around in her life, and if it didn’t go as planned, she really didn’t have anything more to lose.

She nods her head softly.

“Yeah—yeah, okay. I’ll meet him.”

Maybe this would be good for her.

Dan is lovely, always caring for Y/n and making sure she feels like royalty whenever she’s around. He puts her first, in everything, and made her start to feel somewhat alive again.

It’s cute, really, how effortless he is at giving someone so much attention. Y/n likes it—loves it, even, but it still never feels right to her. She sees something with him, but nothing long term, not in the way she sees Harry.

But he’s good for her now—when she’s at her worst and needs someone to be there for her. He’s able to provide her with the company she desperately needs in order to cure the possible fatalities that came with her broken heart.

“Thank you for the coffee, it was great.” Y/n smiles softly, her cheeks blushing slightly as she traces the rim of her coffee cup.

It’s nearly their tenth date, and they still meet at the Monmouth in the afternoon right before his shift starts. It’s become a routine for them, going out together before Dan drops her off at the parking station. It became something they both looked forward to throughout their week, and soon became more of a tradition between them.

Dan grins, almost instinctively wrapping his arms around Y/n’s shoulders so that her head makes rest on his chest. He sighs, pressing a small kiss to the top of her head before resting his chin where his lips once were.

“Of course. I’ll be getting out at around 6 o‘clock so maybe I can stop by for a few? Maybe watch a movie?”

He knows the answer before she says it—his constant attempts to get closer to her always seeming to fail. There’s always a hesitation, or always an excuse to prevent them from being alone together.

He’s well aware that there are parts of her that need to be fixed, still being completely destructed by her ex-lover. He’s tried tirelessly to get her to open up and to trust him, but there’s a thick barrier still in their way of each other. It disheartens him, to know she refuses to let him in.

She sighs, guilt evident in her breath as she softly pushes away from him.

She does that often, he’s noticed it.

She feels horrible for doing so every time. Everything between them has remained stagnant, nothing being built so that nothing could be knocked down. It’s not that Y/n doesn’t trust him, it’s that Y/n doesn’t trust herself. She’s still in love with someone else, and she can’t hurt Dan—not in that way.

“I think I’m just going to—“

“Yeah, I know.” Dan nods, arms moving to cross at his chest, “I get it. Just like every other time.”

Y/n reaches her shaking fingers to brush her hair behind her ear, guilt flashing in her eyes as she refuses to meet his gaze. She’s familiar with the look he has on his face well enough to know he’s upset again, being constantly shut down by her.

“I’m so sorry, Dan.” She whispers, “But I’m trying. I want to keep trying with you. If you let me.”

He looks unconvinced, as he’s been hearing this for a while now. But something inside of him can’t quit her, no matter how much his intuition tells him she’s a dead end. Maybe he feels sorry for her on a level he’s never felt sorrow for somebody else. No matter how much she hides it, she really does need him. Not in a romantic level, but she does need him to show her that he cares for her and that he’ll always be there. She needs that sense of security, and he’s the only one that can provide it for her.

“Yeah,” he nods, “we can keep trying. It’s okay, I’m here for you.“

Harry had been living in his studio for the past couple of weeks. It certainly wasn’t ideal, but it was much better than sleeping on his and Y/n’s bed—alone.

That’s all he’s felt since their break up—lonely. It’s quite strange, considering Harry had millions of supporters, an entire band throughout his solo career, and producers around him nearly every hour of the day. He used to complain that he never had alone time anymore, that between all the constant traveling and being at the peak of his career, it was hard to find time for himself.

But now, in the midst of everything happening in his life, he wishes to feel that sort of hustle again.

Y/n was the person that kept him grounded through everything. She was the one consistency in his life, which gave him all the more reasons to love her. Whenever he was overwhelmed with the pressure put on him, or feeling homesick during his travels, she was always the one to keep him at bay and give him a sense of clarity.

Home hadn’t become a house, instead, Y/n’s heart. Wherever she was, he felt at home. Even when she was half-way across the world, it was her voice that brought him back and reminded him that, no matter how much he missed the walls of familiarity, home was always a phone call away. She gave him that sense of comfort everywhere she went, it was truly amazing.

And when he broke up with Y/n, he didn’t think of how much everything around him would be affected. He thought time would do them best—would help mend the relationship that seemed to be collapsing beneath their feet. Their connections were lost, replaces by uncomfortable silences and unbarring arguments.

He didn’t think of the consequences when he did it. He didn’t think about how lost he’d become, or how he had no place to call home, or how there was no consistency in his life anymore. There were so many aspects of his life that Y/n had given him—so much of them that he didn’t realize until she moved out.

It was the exact reason he started seeing Jessica. She was a great distraction, a beautiful woman to take his mind off of everything.

They weren’t much of anything. Nothing about them was exclusive besides what the media saw of them: boyfriend and girlfriend moving in together in London. It was far from the truth, really. He was with her to terminate his dry spell and rid his loneliness, and she was with him because he infatuated her.

He ended it all, though, that same morning Y/n found Jessica wearing their shirt. The entire incident gave him a realization—that nobody could fill his void like Y/n did.

The fear of losing her forever and making her believe he was in love with somebody else was enough to break him out of his selfish ways. She had been waiting for him for months, and when he returned, he wasn’t the same man he was.

Not only did Harry know that Y/n lost all her faith in him—he lost all faith in himself, as well.

“I’m so screwed, Nick. I fucked up everything. Everything.

Harry was laying with his back flat against the studio couch, hands rubbing down his face as he tried to steady his harsh breathing.

It was just after he had run into Y/n at the grocery store, where she had seen Jessica wearing Harry and Y/n’s t-shirt. Although he was practically mute during the encounter, everything hit him at once after Y/n and Gabby walked out.

He called Nick in a hurry, incoherent and completely disoriented from the tears he’d broken down into. Everything he thought would be mended completely fell down on them—all because of him.

“Jessica was wearing the shirt with the—fuck, you know the shirt, and Y/n saw and she was such a mess, Nick. I didn’t even say anything to her, she was practically begging me to say something and I didn’t say a word.”

Nick sat cross-armed on one of the chairs, directly across from Harry. He wished he could have felt remorse seeing Harry in such distress, however, he never agreed with Harry’s actions and made it clear numerous times. In his eyes, this was karma’s ticking time bomb.

“You tend to be a real jackass sometimes, you know that?”

Harry lifted himself up so that he could sit properly. His body slumped against the back of the couch, head rested in his palm as he coughed uncomfortably at Nick’s choice of words.

“You let go of the best thing that’s ever happened to you and then you just move on, as if she meant nothing, and you think you just fucked it all up now? Over a goddamn t-shirt?”

Harry scowled at him.

“I haven’t moved on, and it’s more than just a t-shirt, you know that. That was ours.” Harry defended, glaring over at his direction.

“So why was Jessica wearing it after you fucked her on the bed you and Y/n shared every night for the past three years?”

Something about Nick’s words gave Harry a foul taste in his mouth. As much as he wished Nick didn’t say it in that way, that’s exactly what Harry did, and knowing he had to live with that for the rest of his life made his stomach flip inside of him.

He really did fuck it up. Nothing he did was excusable, nothing he did was forgivable. He betrayed the one woman he loved so dearly—the one woman he’d always consider his soulmate. He really, really fucked it up.

He gulped as he tried to find words to justify himself. There was really nothing he could say.

“She—she had just put it on while I was sleeping and when—when I noticed she just wouldn’t shut up about breakfast and I couldn’t just be like ‘Hey, Jess, could you take off that shirt? That belonged to me and my ex-girlfriend and I don’t appreciate it?’ How could I do that?”

He sighed, leaning his face into the palm of his hands as he looked back onto his experiences with Jessica. Was it all worth it? Was she really worth all of this?

“She means nothing to me, Nick. I lost the girl I love for somebody who doesn’t mean anything to me.” He whispered, “How do I live knowing that?”

It’s nearly two in the afternoon when Harry finally decides to leave his studio. He’s been working on some songs he found himself writing during his free time, something he found therapeutic throughout the past couple of months.

Recording and writing have become the only distractions that seem to work for Harry. Everything else became temporary. Writing out his emotions and singing the words he wishes he could say has been the only sense of closure he’s had in a while.

“Dan! Long time no see!” Harry smiles when he enters Monmouth, a familiar face being something he finds so relieving.

Dan looks up from his register, reaching over the counter to give Harry a hug as he greets him enthusiastically.

“Haven’t seen you in quite a while. On your lunch break?”

Harry nods as his eyes squint, reaching for the back of his neck as he reads over the menu.

“Yeah, kind of in a hurry today if you don’t mind. Can I just get a medium coffee with almond milk, please? And a slice of apple pie, feeling kind of brisk today.”

Dan works his fingers across the cash register, yelling out his order to the barista before making small talk about the weather. Considering Harry hasn’t been seen in Monmouth nearly as much as he used to, they both found it nice to catch up with each other for the short while they’ve been distanced.

When Dan reaches over to give Harry his spare change, an all too familiar silver ring catches his attention immediately. At first glance, he swears his heart stopped beating.

There’s no way, there’s just no way that could be the ring Harry gave to Y/n. Dan and Y/n have never met before, considering she had only visited here a handful of times during Harry’s lunch break. And even then, she would just stand patiently by the door while Harry waited to retrieve his order.

There’s just no way, but the top of the rose has a particular rust on it that resembles Harry’s perfectly—and no matter how long it’s been since he’s seen it, he’ll never forget what it looks like.

Harry’s hand grips onto Dan’s wrist instead of reaching out to grab the spare change laying upon his palm, flipping over his hand to inspect the silver ring snug almost too perfectly around his finger. He’s aggressive, movements harsh and face tight with anger, but at this point in time, the last thing Harry’s worried about is Dan’s slightly intimidated composure.

“Where did you get this?”

Unlike his demeanor, his voice is soft and breaking between each word. There’s an unrecognizable shift in his eyes when he sees the wear and tear Harry knows he caused before gifting it to Y/n. This is most definitely his, and knowing Y/n was the one who gave it to him makes him nearly throw up all the contents in his stomach.

“Girlfriend gave it to me,” Dan smiles “well, not really my girlfriend yet. But you know how they are. I told her I liked it and she insisted I have it.”

Harry swallows the lump in his throat, making him nearly whimper when he opens his mouth to speak.

He’s never felt so much pain before. The breaking that was once only in his heart spread like wildfire across every bone and ligament in his body. It burns, the sudden realization that Y/n has a boyfriend, that Y/n is no longer going to be there—waiting for him—the way he always expected her to be, that Y/n has taken it upon herself to seek revenge on him so that he can feel everything she felt that one Sunday morning at the grocery store.

And it’s then he realizes that this is nothing compared to everything he’s put her through. In his favor, this is just a stupid ring her gave her for her birthday because he loved the way she twisted it around his finger. It didn’t have much value between them, just something small they shared. He couldn’t imagine the hurt he would have now, standing her, if Dan were wearing their Lover t-shirt.

“Wh—What’s her name?”

His voice is in a whisper now, only the slightest bit of hope draining from his body when he hears Dan speak again.

“Y/n. She’s a good girl, you’d like her.”

Harry almost laughs. You’d like her. He has no idea, he’s in love with her.

It’s as if every part of Harry’s body begins to shut down. Maybe it’s from the shock, or the overbearing pain he feels in his chest, but he suddenly begins to feel lightheaded. His muscles turn numb and all his orientation seems to scramble as if he’s intoxicated.

Dan’s eyes narrow when he sees all the color drain from his face, his eyes widened and soaked with tears. He watches as he nearly falls backward, only to balance himself with his foot when he takes a proper step away from the counter.

“Harry? Harry, you alright?”

Never fucking say my name again is the first proper thought that his brain can register. But his throat is tight and his tongue is numb. He attempts to take a breath of air, but he feels like his lungs are collapsing in his chest, preventing him from doing anything besides stumble uncoordinatedly out of the Monmouth doors.

He’s falling apart—that’s exactly what it feels like. He feels like every limb is falling from his body as he walks towards his car. He doesn’t know exactly how he’s moving, even if he’s stumbling on his own two feet and colliding into stranger’s bodies as he does so, he doesn’t understand how his body finds the strength to keep moving.

Y/n moved on. Y/n’s dating Dan. Y/n gave his ring to him. It’s all over, everything is over.

“No” he mumbles frantically, jealously flowing in his veins, chest heaving from the sobs that are threatening to spill out of him, “no, no no no.”

He starts to wonder where he’s missed it, and exactly how long it’s been since Y/n moved on. She was so broken at the grocery store the other week; what could have possibly altered her feelings that quickly? Did Dan really impact her that much?

But that’s his girl. Y/n is his girl, she’s the one he was so sure he was going to spend the rest of his life with. Even with Jessica, even with everything that’s happened, Y/n is his soulmate, and there isn’t anything in the world that can convince him otherwise.

Nobody is going to take her from him. He refuses to believe she belongs to somebody that isn’t him; there isn’t an atom in his body that doubts their companionship.

Before he thinks twice—before he really gives himself a chance to stop himself—Harry slides his cell phone out of his back pocket once he reaches his car. He slumps against the hood as his fingers work furiously across his screen.

There has to be something, at least some sort of proof that this is really happening to him, that this isn’t in a nightmare he can easily wake himself out of. There had to have been a hint, a warning for him to have. She would have never moved on without saying something to him. They were so strong together, she would have never left without closure.

Nothing about it makes sense.

And then, he sees it.

He falls to his knees, hitting the concrete harshly below him. His body gave out from beneath him, his muscles and bones failing him.

It’s there, right in front of him, mocking him and all the shitty decisions he’s made. It’s there—on Y/n’s private Instagram page—a picture of Dan holding Y/n’s hand on top of a table in Monmouth, Harry’s ring wrapped perfectly around his pointer finger.

Steele rose has never looked so good xx.

boyfriend! Joshua

anon requested: “Boyfriend! Joshua please wow that writing is great thank you for continuing this blog over school” and “a boyfriend!joshua scenario where he teases your height, like even if they go on events/prom, heels have no effect bc she’s still shorter than him. (reader’s height is a lil’ shorter than woozi) :))) it’s okay if the scenario is short as long as it’s very fluffy”

  • so to just sum up how Joshua became your boyfriend
  • you met Joshua through a mutual friend
  • you and your friend being at a cafe at that time,
  • just as she spotted Joshua coming in
  • funny, because you guys were just talking about this guy who plays the guitar who’s exaaaccctttlyyy your type
  • and obviously, your friend didn’t know what she was thinking 
  • you THOUGHT
  • “Joshua~~ Come here!”
  • she wasn’t plotting to get the two of you together or anything HAHAHAHA
  • the ship had sailed in her mind already, long ago
  • "LISTEN to me, it’s science, one good looking plus another good looking equals cuteeee”
  • "Okay first that’s math, second he’s a whole universe out of my league f/n.”
  • “Don’t say that he’s a dork like you are, promise.”
  • so she called him
  • totally not by shouting across the room or anything
  • him smiling warmly
  • but also being an awkward dork and rubbing the back of his neck nervously
  • you both introduced yourselves to each other
  • and w o w
  • his eyes were so pretty and they were shaped like a cat’s and his voice was quiet and gentle
  • everything about him screamed soft tbh
  • and damn he thought you were hella pretty
  • always been kind of shy at first around new people but he really wanted to talk to you and know more about you
  • it was a weird but refreshing feeling for him
  • and it helped that you were so nice and fun to talk to
  • and he was easy to talk to as well
  • you both chatted for a while
  • about random life stuff, favourite foods, colours, movies, shows…
  • “YEA OMFG!”
  • with your friend sitting off in a corner ordering her coffee with a smirk on her face at how well the two of you were hitting it off, but also like ‘why didn’t I get those two dorks together earlier?’
  • and exchanged numbers so that you two could talk more
  • he eventually says that he has to go and buy his latte or his members would kill him
  • leaving with a graceful smile, 
  • possible directed a little more towards you
  • after a few days, he texts you asking if you wanted to go on a picnic with him
  • saying yes, everything started from there
  • hanging out and know each other more,
  • the two of you had a lot of similarities
  • so you two got along very quickly
  • after like a month or so
  • he asked you out
  • you went on your first date at an ice skating rink
  • then went on your second date at a museum, third date at a zoo
  • until he finally says those five simple words 
  • your whole relationship with him is perfect
  • except for the part where he teases you about your height
  • you’re like an inch shorter than Jihoon
  • but you get all the teasing
  • if you wont give him any attention when he’s feeling hyper sassy
  • “Can I get a kiss first?” he points to his cheek
  • his smile being way too sweet for someone holding your things over their head 
  • not giving it back until he gets that kiss and some couple time
  • and it would just be you trying to reach his cheek and accidentally kissing his lips
  • how you two first kissed to be honest and both of you guys being cute awkward MESSES
  • purposely putting things on the top shelf so that you will call for him and reach it for you
  • saying things like
  • “Aigoo. What will you do without me?”
  • “Find someone who wont tease me about my height.”
  • “Ahhh no. I was only joking. You know I find your height adorable.”
  • and you just playfully hitting his chest for making you blush
  • honestly his teasing doesnt affect you
  • what’s annoying is even if you wear heels
  • it will have no effect and he will still tease you
  • patting your head and calling you adorable
  • you not being able to stay annoyed for long,
  • would just blush while he pulls you in for a hug
  • okay so he has a pretty tight schedule
  • so during his free days, he’d make sure to plan a movie date with you
  • that’s one thing you both liked
  • so you both decided on watching a movie every time he is free
  • so that you could at least spend time together after a whole work week
  • half of the movie date would consist of the two of you cuddling under the same blanket while watching the movie intensely
  • you won’t even notice but halfway through the movie,
  • your legs would be tangled together under the blanket
  • your head is laying on his chest instead of the pillow
  • and him softly playing with your hair
  • Twenty-five percent would be trying to decide what food to order next after finishing your pizza
  • “How about Thai food?” he asks without looking away from the tv
  • “Nah, we had that last movie date.”
  • “Chinese food then.”
  • “Too spicy.”
  • “Then just make some popcorn. There’s some on the top shelf” he says with a half smirk
  • “I swear Joshua.”
  • 10 percent would just be you guys making out
  • and the last fifteen would be casually forgetting about watching the movie and just talking about random things
  • “Do you think dogs can understand our emotions through facial expressions?” you ask, straight-faced
  • “I think so, yeah. Why?” he says turning to you
  • “I dont know. I just want to know if dogs can actually see how happy we are when we see th- oh shoot, someone just died.”
  • after watching like 2-3 movies
  • the both of you would be too lazy to leave the couch so you just end up sleeping there
  • and you would wake up to noises caused by the other members 
  • “I wonder what movie they watched." 
  • "This is the fifth time they slept there.”
  • “Make sure to tell them to clean their own mess.”
  • “We all know Mingyu will end up cleaning it up for them anyway.”
  • at times where the two of you do have enough energy to walk to his room and sleep there
  • you would wake up to Joshua pulling you closer
  • as you try to adjust to the sunlight coming from the window
  • “Good morning." 
  • him greeting you with his raspy sexy morning voice
  • when he’s away or you cant visit him due to being busy
  • expect calls lasting from midnight to 3 am
  • consisting of talking about how your day went
  • deep, meaningful talks
  • you asking him to sing for you when you’re already getting sleepy
  • and when there’s a lot of free time
  • your dates wont only limit to movie dates
  • two dorks at the arcade competitively playing pacman
  • or the carnival when spring season comes
  • Joshua winning you a giant stuffed animal because he wanted to see you struggling to walk with it in your arms 
  • recording your cute self and then carrying it himself
  • sharing a cotton candy
  • going in a lot of photo booths
  • and riding the carousel
  • when you guys both feeling like just spending time together alone
  • he would take you to this nearby beach that also has a park nearby that only has a few visitors
  • walking barefooted in the sand, holding each other’s hand, talking about something cute
  • like baby names
  • the two of you laying down on the dewy grass, cloud gazing
  • "That one looks like a flower" 
  • "There’s another one.”
  • “Where?” you turn to him after seriously looking for it 
  • “Here.” he grins, tapping your nose
  • you getting caught off guard, just ends up wildly blushing
  • you were honestly screaming inside
  • fights are rare but they happen
  • and you guys would talk calmly and rationally
  • always figuring out ways to solve the problems
  • you guys fight like once every blue moon
  • your chemistry together is on another level
  • and it honestly amazes the other members
  • because the other can pick up easily on what the other is saying while they’re still trying to figure out if it was a joke or not
  • overall though
  • your whole relationship works really well, you both understand each other
  • he provides you with enough support and love and you give the same to him
  • you both understand that there’s only a limit the other can give
  • and you got each other’s backs
  • especially when it comes to teasing the members
  • Jeonghan was honestly surprised when he realised that the dynamic between the two of you if better than him and Joshua
  • you and him were basically partners in crime when it comes to teasing the members
  • and in all honesty
  • you wouldnt ask for any other relationship than what you have with him
  • “I’m free today, do you want to go to the museum?” he asks, arms around you after not seeing each other for a bit
  • “Yes please.” you say, smiling excitedly
  • “Calm down, there’s a limit to the excitement your small body can take.” he teases 
  • looking up at him, glaring,
  • “….youre cancelled.”
  • “I was only joking~ I love you.” he says, pressingly a kiss to your head
  • you huff, your frown immediately changing back into a smile
  • “I love you too. Now let’s go before I change my mind.”

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Summary: After a nightmare about your ex, you start to rethink what happened in your relationship and try to get some closure.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2629

Warnings: Aganst, All flashbacks are in italic and there is some fuffly lost in there.

A/N: So this fic is extremely personal, I never wrote anything like this so I hope you enjoy.

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You wake up, sweat all over your body and with your heart pounding in your chest. For a few seconds your mind try to understand what just happened, than you know. You just had a nightmare, not just any nightmare but one with your ex-boyfriend.

Details of the nightmare are useless, the only thing that matters is that he was there in your mind… again. It was normal for you to have nightmares; you used to have them all the time when growing up, as an adult they were less frequent but more brutal and they are usually about Bucky.

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Coffee date

Note: I know it has been a while since I put some writing out here. I’ve been busy with work and didn’t have that much of inspiration going on :/. So this is the first thing I’ve finished in a while. Thanks to the lovely @lovingstyles87 for editing it 😘

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Harry looked at his phone for the sixth time in four minutes. In his jeans and white t-shirt and big white sunglasses on his head, he blended into the scenery of the people in the cafè. Some people were chatting to a friend, others drank coffee and a few hid behind sunglasses in the almost bright spring morning

In his mind, it felt like he was dressed in neon colours because people in the cafè and passersby looked at him. He was sitting alone and people noticed that. This was going to be his second date with y/n and he couldn’t have been more excited.

Y/n hadn’t arrived yet. As he scanned for her short form, dark brown hair and her trade-mark Chelsea boots, she was nowhere to be seen, as some people walked into the cafè.

He checked his phone again. No message. Sure he was early, but the waiting was nerve wrecking. Taking the last sip of his black coffee his gaze landed on a old lady struggling with her grocery bag. A tap on his shoulder brought him back to the reality of him waiting for y/n.

To his surprise the lovely girl that tapped his shoulder was y/n. He stood up from his chair and they hugged each other.

“Hi Harry” y/n smiled at at him.

“Hi, how are you?” He stumbled on his words a little bit. His cheeks were getting red and hot. The only thing on his mind was how this girl could get his heartbeat racing.

“I’m good, thank you. How are you doing?” She asked when she sat down. “I’m doing great, let’s order some drinks and food shall we” and he gave one of the menus to y/n.

Harry’s mind was all over the place. He was sweating. Fidgeting. Y/n made him nervous. Not in a bad way, it felt nice.

He already knew that y/o was beautiful .. very beautiful. Her eyes that would light up when he told a corny joke, her smile, those little freckles on her cheeks.

“I just don’t ordinarily do this,” he says. “Going out, I mean. Dating. It’s one of those things you see on the telly or movies and something goes wrong. Never really occurred to me that it was a thing people actually did. I don’t date that much, not at all really.”

He frowns and takes a nervous sip of his coffee. “God, that makes me sound like a bit of a loser, doesn’t it?

“No,” she says, “I understand what you mean. Dating is weird and awkward sometimes. let’s just agree that this is hanging out, maybe it’ll take some of the nerves away” She smiled and looked down at the menu.

“Hello, my name is Daniel and I’ll be the waiter for this table. Can I help you two out yet?” a slightly older man kindly smiled at Harry and y/n. Harry took a quick glance at the menu and told Daniel that he wanted a carrot cake and a black coffee.

“Have you made up your mind yet y/n?” Harry looked over to her. “Hmmm… I think I have. But it all sounds and looks really delicious. I’m taking the New York cheesecake and a caffè latte please.” She gave the menu back to Daniel.

“How have you been Harry? The last time we saw each other was before your tour. Was it as exciting as you thought it was going to be?” She smiled and looked directly into his eyes.


He kind of forgot she looked people in their eyes while talking. Even though he liked her eyes, he now understood why people get a bit nervous from people (himself) doing that.

“It was amazing. Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun. The fans all over the world were amazing. They sang every song, made signs and it looked like they had fun. And I heard stories from fans that they met friends because of me and the other guys. So if that’s the case than I did my job. I also had some time to spend time with family and friends. It’s always nice when I get that chance,” he said.

She gave him a smile and nodded a few times while he told some very touching stories, and she laughed with him when he told her about the funniest moments during his time on tour.

Harry noticed that y/n let him be himself and let him open up. Sure he knew he wasn’t always very talkative, but with the right people he could talk for hours and hours.

“Okay.. enough about me. What have you done the last couple of months?” He said, while taking a bite from his carrot cake. Munching on his cake he listened to y/n explaining what she had done.

“The last time we met I was working at Starbucks and I didn’t really like it. Didn’t feel comfortable there. But I found a job that suited me more. So I applied. I didn’t hear anything for a while.. I figured that meant I wasn’t the one getting the job.’’

‘’But a few weeks ago they called me back, saying they found my application back and they wanted to plan a meeting,” and y/n took a bite from her cheesecake, and started talking again. Until she realized she was talking with her mouth full, and he probably couldn’t understand a single word.

Harry didn’t really mind it. She looked cute while eating and talking about something she loved. Y/n seemed very happy about getting that meeting.

“Sorry,” y/n swallowed her bite of cheesecake. “I have a habit of talking with food in my mouth,” she spoke while taking a sip from her lattè and then continued with her story.

“I end up at the building where the meeting was held. So far everything was just going fine.. the secretary brought me up to the room. But we were running a bit late, and we started to run. And before I entered the room one of my heels broke. I tried to hold on to the wall or so I thought and it ended up being the door to the room where the meeting was. “

Harry was trying his best to contain his laughter. But failed miserably.

“Yeah.. yeah. You just laugh Harold. I ended up laying there on the ground with three people looking at me with their faces full of shock. Long story short.. I got the accountancy job. Now that’s how this girl got the job.”

Y/n smiled and took a few sips of her drink and ate her cheesecake.

“That.. is definitely how you manage to get a job. Just fall on the ground and make an impression,” he smiled.



Harry we need you at the studio for a few final checks. Can you get here in 30 min?


Yes, sure.

“They want or need you back?,” y/n looked at Harry’s phone. Trying to sound as casual as she could giving him a weak smile. She was having fun, but like the last time his job took time away from their dates.

“Yeah, Jeff just texted me. They need me back in the studio. I’m sorry” he responded. Knowing all too well this was the second time that his job cut their “date” short.

Daniel once more made his way over to their table. “Can I get you anything else?”

“Just the check please,” Harry answered.

They had to wait for a few seconds before Daniel returned with the check. “Let me pay,” y/n told Harry.

“Uuh, no? I’m paying” Harry shook his head and went to grab for the check. Before the check was abruptly taken away taken away from his hands.

“Like I said Harry, let me pay. You already paid the last time. Next round is on you”  and y/n winked at him. They both smiled at each other. After y/n paid the bill both of them stood up and put on their coats.

Walking to the entrance of the cafè, y/n made a stumble and fell on the ground.

“Ugh.. “ she sighed. Trying to get back on her feet.

“Don’t mind me. That’s how I usually make an impression,” and she laughed it off.

Harry helped her get back on her feet.

“I missed you falling for me the last time,” and gave a cheeky grin. Harry and y/n hugged each other and both went their own ways.

When y/n walked away, she turned around “Maybe the next time we see each other you will fall for me. How about that? Have a nice day”  and she waved Harry goodbye.

All that was going through Harry’s mind while he was walking to his car, was that he was already falling for her. 

He would show her on their next coffee date.

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Guardian Angel - Part 4 - Jimin angst

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I’m thinking about making this AU a series? Like, all of the members have their own stories with their charges and references to other members? What do you guys think lmao

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

“Go on another date with me.” Jimin said, cutting off your speech about how he should confess to Mina.

“What- Another- Jimin- This was a date?”

“I said it was a date, didn’t I?”

“I thought you were joking!”

“No. I’ve never been so serious about anything in my entire life.”

You stared at him in shock across the table, and he met your gaze evenly. One, two, three minutes you spent staring at each other before you cracked and burst out laughing, dismissing this whole thing as one of his intricate jokes.

“Okay, fine. If you wanna hang out, we’ll hang out.”


“Hang out.”


“Hang out.”

“Why won’t you let me take you on a date?” Jimin burst, surprising you.

“Because you love Mina!”

“I love-”

He suddenly stopped, falling backwards so his back was planted firmly against the back of his seat as if some kind of invisible force had forcibly stopped him.

“Lay off, Jimin,” Namjoon warned, a hand resting on Jimin’s shoulder. “Ease her into it.”

I don’t have the time to lay off, Namjoon! She’s sick!

“Does she look sick? I don’t know what happened but she looks fine. You can’t rush her into this.”

Namjoon, I love her.

“I know you do, but she thinks you love Mina and isn’t going to just accept it if you confess your love in this shitty place.”


“No, you listen to me, Jimin,” Namjoon had started using the tone of voice whenever one of the younger Guardians were playing up. Immediately, Jimin froze and fell silent. “Look at her, and look at her properly.”

You were staring at Jimin, mouth set in a kind of defiant way that he would have found annoying from anybody else but it looked so right on your face.

But your eyes…. Your eyes didn’t fit the expression on your face. They were stormy, as if you were fighting with yourself or something else. They were sad and full of happiness and they were so beautiful, Jimin didn’t think he had ever looked into them for so long before.

“Just… Leave her alone for a while. You can’t rush these things. Whilst you know she’s yours, she’s still just a human. She won’t understand if you’re suddenly all over her.”

Jimin sighed, long and resigned.


“So…” Jimin said, feeling slightly embarrassed from his seemingly random near-exclamation of love. “Do you wanna go do something else? I’m free all day.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Anything!” Jimin said. “Let’s do something fun!”

Three weeks passed in a similar fashion and suddenly, Jimin was a constant in your life. He was everywhere that you went and usually, that would have annoyed you, but it was different with Jimin. You liked it.

The two of you did everything together. You went shopping (or, rather, attempted; most of the time was spent dressing Jimin up in the ugliest clothes you could find) and would go for coffee and spend hours in the café just chatting until it went dark. You would have your normal movie nights every Saturday evening but he had started to stay over and the two of you would make pillow forts in the living room and sleep downstairs on the floor together.

“What are the plans for today?” Jimin asked, coming out of your ensuite bathroom and flopping onto your bed, hair dripping water everywhere.

“Jimin! Why are you like this,” You whined, pushing him away from you slightly when he tried to rub his soaked hair all over your clothes. “Mina just text me, actually.”

His body froze up and he closed his eyes, lips moving in a fast prayer.

Has she told you?

“She said that we hadn’t hung out in forever and we should all meet up. How about it?”


“Yeah, sure. What is she suggesting?” Jimin asked, rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling.

“She didn’t specify, but I want to go to the cinema. That new film came out today that I was telling you about the other day!”

He sat up, using the towel that he had previously draped across the back of his neck and scrubbing his hair furiously.

“Sweet, good idea. Look online for movie times and I’ll go and get ready. Tell her the plans.”

With that, Jimin disappeared back into your bathroom to look for the hairdryer.

Usually he left his hair to dry naturally because it was better for it and his hair felt like straw anyway, but Jimin wanted to get ready as fast as possible. No time for air drying now.

“There’s a showing at two!” you called from your bedroom and Jimin smiled despite himself. You sounded so excited, how could he not find that adorable?

“Okay, good! I’m driving.”

“Should we pick up Mina on the way?”

Jimin almost dropped the hairdryer as he lifted it up to his head. It had only been about a minute and he had already forgot that this was a group outing with Mina. It was like fate was throwing a cruel reminder of his grave mistake into his face.

In all honesty, however, Jimin would take that cruel reminder and all of the guilt that came with it a thousand times over if it meant that you were in perfect health like you had been since that night.

“Sure, whatever.” Jimin replied to you, before turning on the hairdryer.

He didn’t want to pick Mina up. He didn’t want to hang out with Mina, or see Mina, or even be near Mina. She was the personification of the hate that Jimin had for himself  and whilst he had nothing against Mina personally, he hated the mere thought of her.

How could he have possibly thought that she was the one for him? How could he have been so goddamn ignorant?

“Blasphemy, Jimin”

“I don’t give a God fucking shit, Namjoon.” Jimin hissed through his teeth, knowing that you wouldn’t be able to hear him over the sound of the hair dryer.

“Jeez, what’s got your panties in a bunch?”

“Like you don’t know. You’re always listening to whatever I’m doing.”

“Well, I have to give it to you, yours is one of the most interesting cases I’ve ever seen.”

“Thanks.” Jimin gritted his teeth, running his hands through his hair with perhaps too much strength and winced when he tugged painfully at the roots.

Namjoon was silent, just watching the younger boy try not to have a breakdown whilst drying his hair. To anybody else watching, Jimin would look like he was just being unnecessarily dramatic about his hair, but even to Jungkook, who literally could not care about Jimin’s problems on top of his own with his charge, Jimin’s case was worthy of attention. And, surprisingly, perhaps for the first time in his entire existence, Namjoon was at a loss with what advice he could give. Jimin was, quite literally, entirely on his own with this.

He finished with his hair and quickly patted some BB cream across his face so he didn’t look quite as shit as he did before, and then he returned to your room where you were just finishing up on your eye makeup.

You turned to face him when he came out of your bathroom and smiled at him fondly, the sight of your joy making his heart tug painfully. Sighing long and hard, Jimin flopped back down onto your bed and groaning dramatically.

Laughing, you went to sit next to him and smacked him really hard on the ass. “Stop whining. I thought you’d be happy to see Mina!”

He groaned again, deep in his throat, at your obliviousness. He had never considered it before but perhaps you were dim?

“Actually, thinking about it, we haven’t spent any time with her at all for the last few weeks…” You sounded troubled by this thought, so Jimin sat up and took your wrists into his hands, then proceeded to stare into your eyes with as much sincerity as he could muster.

You looked at him bewilderment, wondering what he was about to say that was worthy of such a build up, but all he said was;


“Oh for God’s sake- Park Jimin!” you scolded him, smacking him lightly on the chest and shoving him away. He whined loudly again, pressing his face into your pillow and you smacked his butt again. He laughed despite himself. “If you get makeup all over my bedding again, I’m going to murder you myself.”

He turned over and watched as you flung your wardrobe open. “What are you doing?”

“Getting dressed, what does it look like?”

“But you’re already dressed?” Jimin questioned, watching as you rifled through the dresses you owned. “You hate wearing dresses?”

“I know, but I have to look somewhat decent next to Mina,” you said casually. “I can’t go out with her dressed like this, I might as well have come out of the sewer if I stand next to her looking like this.”

Outraged, Jimin leapt off the bed and placed a firm hand on the door of your wardrobe, shutting it sharply.

“You look perfect literally all the time Y/N, what the hell are you talking about?”

Blushing slightly at his comment and sudden proximity, you just shrugged. “She’s so much prettier than I am. I need to at least-”

“No, she isn’t,” Jimin said, reaching suddenly and placing a hand on the back of your neck and guiding your face so you were staring directly at him. “You are so, so beautiful that it makes my heart hurt. What your wearing now is perfect- actually, I love it more than anything else you’ve ever worn.”

It was true, Jimin was quite taken to the fact that you were wearing one of his shirts and just some ripped skinny jeans. It was just the right level of casual that suited you so well and he’d be damned if anybody, even yourself, thought that it wasn’t good enough.


“No buts,” Jimin said, turning away from the wardrobe and settling on your bed again. “Except for yours maybe, It’s really cute.”

“Jimin!” you gasped, rushing to the bed and grabbing one of your cushions to smack him around the face. He stood up quickly to dodge your weapon, and as he stood up he pulled you down by your arm. As you went flying back down onto the bed, your free hand swung up to grab onto his sweater and you yanked him down ontop of you, knocking the air out of your lungs.

The two of you lay there in shock, his mouth dangerously close to yours, and the two of you stared at each with no movement to get away from this compromising position.

His breath blew over your face and he had never, ever, been this close to you before. You could see every detail of his skin, every colour in his eyes that you adored so much, and you could have sworn he inched ever so slightly closer. His lips, so luscious that you caught yourself staring at them, pressed together before they parted again and this time the way he moved closer was noticeable. He inched closer and closer to your lips and yours parted in preparation and he was so close you could almost taste him-

Your phone rang.

Cursing loudly, Jimin all but leapt off you and the way he was so eager to get away from you stung slightly, but you shook it off as you reached for your phone.

It was just Mina.

Shaking your head, you answered your phone and walked out of your bedroom; seemingly just to take the call, but your cheeks were burning, in embarrassment at the position the two of you were in, and hurt that he had all but ran away from you.

Did he not see you like that? Did he think you were unappealing, and that was why he jerked away from you so fast? Did he not want to kiss you? Because you sure as hell wanted to kiss him.

In your bedroom, Jimin was running his hands through his hair frustratedly, ruining the perfectly done hairstyle. How could he have been so stupid? He didn’t even know if you liked him, how could he dare to put you in that position and all but force himself onto you? He was ashamed of himself and his cheeks were burning in embarrassment. How could he look at you after he had behaved like that?

Sighing, he messed up his hair again before returning to the bathroom to take a breather and fix the mess on top of his head.

He would calm himself down and then act like nothing happened. If you wanted to talk about it, Jimin would talk about it, but he didn’t want you to be embarrassed because of his hasty actions.

It wasn’t right to act like that. He should have asked permission, he should have made it much more romantic, he should have-

“Jimin? Mina is ready, we can go and get her and get something to eat if you want?”

Great. You didn’t want to be alone with him anymore.

What had he done?

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

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RFA + Saeran with MC telling them to teach her what love is.


  • Their friendship was amazing 
  • and Yoosung was actually really happy with that 
  • even when he had a crush on you he was just happy to be your friend
  • but little did he know you have a crush on him too 
  • and you weren’t as happy from just being friends 
  • but you also were afraid 
  • your relationships never worked in the past 
  • and you didn’t wanted this to happen with Yoosung 
  • but you needed to tell him 
  • so one day you were at his house 
  • watching a movie 
  • on of those inspired by the games he likes 
  • and you stopped it 
  • “Yoosung… Can I ask you something?
  • “Umm… yes of course you can” 
  • “Do you know what love is? I mean… not the definition but the feeling”
  • “” 
  • he was nervous 
  • you notices his red face 
  • of course he never had a girlfriend before 
  • he wouldn’t know 
  • “Yeah… it doesn’t matter haha. I guess is okay if you don’t answer” 
  • “No! but wait… I do know” 
  • “You do?”
  • “Yes MC, and I know it because I love you… I feel very happy with you and my only wish is to made you as happy as I am when I am with you… so I do know what is love”
  • “Yoosung…” 
  • by this point you were unsure of telling him about your feelings 
  • you didn’t wanted him to break your heart 
  • or you to break his 
  • “No, please… Let me teach you about this love that I feel, I can make you love and be as happy as me”


  • you two weren’t friends 
  • and weren’t a couple 
  • it was getting everyone sick of it 
  • everyone in the RFA knew you had feelings for each other 
  • but none would say a thing
  • Zen had a lot of pressure from his career 
  • and you didn’t wanted to stop his dreams 
  • but it came to the point that even Jaehee wanted you to be together 
  • and when she told you that you decided to tell him about it 
  • it was a crazy idea 
  • but you had nothing to lose at this point 
  • you came to his house
  • it was dark so he decided to let you stay 
  • “MC you shouldn’t go out this late alone in a place like this… Please next time tell me so I can call a taxi for you or something” 
  • he let you take his bed 
  • while he was preparing the couch for his you were arguing about what to do 
  • “MC is everything okay?”
  • you usually talked a lot to him 
  • just about dumb things sometimes 
  • but you were in a weird situation now 
  • if he rejected you you couldn’t leave that easy 
  • but hell who cares 
  • this was the time 
  • “Zen… I actually need to tell you something, can you take a sit for a moment?” 
  • “Okay MC, tell me what’s going on with you…” 
  • “Well, I lied. I didn’t came here because I was close… actually I had something to tell you, I prepared my words but I don’t think I remember them anymore… ha ha” 
  • “You’re getting me worried… is everything okay? did something bad happened?” 
  • he was starting to get a little crazy 
  • just thinking of something bad happening to you 
  • or someone trying to hurt you… 
  • “No! don’t worry. I am fine… I’m just nervous. You know I am not good with love.. Just look at my ex relationships ha… but I guess this is not like those time, I know I may not be the best girl or the most beautiful but I like you… yes, I said it, I like you Zen, a lot. Don’t say anything yet… I just want you to know that is okay if you don’t want to have nothing serious with me, but if you want I will try my hardest to be perfect for you, with your help I will learn how to love the right way… but please don’t say nothing yet I don’t think I can spend the night here if you reject me… just, tell me your answer tomorrow” 
  • he didn’t said a word 
  • and you left to his room 
  • it was late and you needed to sleep 
  • but your mind was in other place 
  • a place closer to Zen
  • you were so afraid of his reaction 
  • and he was probably sleeping now 
  • “Hey…Are you awake?” 
  • Zen was at the door!!!!1!
  • you turned the lights on and fixed your hair a bit 
  • “Zen?” 
  • “Sorry to bother you but I couldn’t sleep… And if I don’t tell you this I don’t think I will be able to do it soon. Truth is I like you too. And I don’t want you to be perfect because you already are… I am an idiot for not telling you this first but now I want to tell you everything… ha but is late, and there are so many things, let’s just have a date and I will tell you everything. But now please be aware that I will be here for you to show you what real love is.”


  • friend zone 
  • oh this was hard 
  • trying to get her to feel something for you 
  • she was a hard one 
  • but you didn’t stopped 
  • until she realized what was going on 
  • but by that time you already gave up 
  • you were tired of it 
  • and she notices how you slowly became more distant 
  • you didn’t called her as much as you used to 
  • and didn’t texted her everyday 
  • so she came to your house 
  • to make sure you were fine 
  • “MC is everything fine?” 
  • of course you tried to made her leave 
  • you still had feelings for her 
  • but she didn’t 
  • “Did I made something to upset you?”
  • “No Jaehee… is not something you did, more like something you didn’t…” 
  • “I don’t know what are you talking about, please explain. I’ve been really worried about you” 
  • “Ugh fine, I will tell you. The thing is I like you, but I guess I am to dumb to see that you don’t like me. Of course I tried to make it obvious but it didn’t worked since you didn’t even said a thing, not trying to stop me or follow my game. Is fine anyway… I never knew about love and now I know why, I can’t even flirt.” 
  • “How much time have you been filtering with me?” 
  • “I don’t know, the past months. Maybe four or five”
  • Jaehee didn’t knew 
  • she noticed the past weeks 
  • but MONTHS?
  • she was very busy 
  • trying to finish her work with Cumin 
  • to start her coffee 
  • it was tons of work 
  • she didn’t had time to notice MC’s feelings
  • “I didn’t notices but Is because I was really busy, no because I didn’t wanted to or you were bad a it. Sorry MC… I didn’t wanted to cause you pain. And I like you too”
  • “But… don’t you think I am a mess? I couldn’t made you fall for me earlier..”
  • “No! of course no. And is okay… we can learn about love together.”


  • this boy was a heart breaker 
  • he had tons of girls waiting for him 
  • his looks and money were a big part of it 
  • but none of those girls knew him like you 
  • his personality was better than those things
  • his funny but lame jokes 
  • his love for cats 
  • everything about him was perfect 
  • and you fell for him 
  • and he fell for you 
  • but you were new in this things 
  • he wasn’t an expert either 
  • but you were in your first serious relationship 
  • so you kind of didn’t knew what to do 
  • and most of the times you acted weird 
  • or even rude 
  • but it was just because you didn’t wanted him to think you were going so fast 
  • “MC… why you haven’t answered my texts?”
  • “Uh.. i was busy” 
  • you tried to act casual 
  • but that didn’t worked on him 
  • he was a bit jealous 
  • without reason 
  • but you sounded like you were in another date or something 
  • “Do what you want” 
  • he didn’t wanted to fight so he just left 
  • and the only right thing was to follow him 
  • and try to made up everything 
  • “Jumin, wait.”
  • he stopped to look at you
  • “Sorry… but is my first real relationship and I don’t think I know what I am doing, I just don’t want you to think that I may be pressuring you”
  • “MC you’re not doing nothing but rejecting me”
  • “Yeah… sorry about that, but I really like you and I don’t know what to do about this” 
  • “I like you too” 
  • “Jumin… please help me, teach me how to love and help me to understand my feelings” 

SAEYOUNG (nsfw-ish)

  • you two were dating 
  • for about two months 
  • and you went to his house to see a movie 
  • nothing out of normal 
  • but things got sexier 
  • he kissed you 
  • and you ended sitting on his lap 
  • this was getting out of your hands 
  • I mean 
  • you liked to tease him a bit 
  • but this was more than that 
  • and you actually wanted it to be more 
  • “MC… Saeran… he is here… is gonna see us” 
  • “let’s go to your room” 
  • you were already in your bra 
  • and he was topless 
  • of course the make out session continued as hot as it was back then 
  • shit you haven’t got that far before with him 
  • it was okay? you were dating for just two months 
  • but it felt good 
  • “Saeyoung…” 
  • “Yes, baby?” 
  • “Show me what love is. I want to see your love now, please. Mark my body with all the love you have and teach me about it”


  • you were in one of your many dates 
  • you have been going out a lot lately 
  • but he hasn’t asked you to be his girlfriend 
  • and you haven’t asked him either 
  • it was like a casual thing without names 
  • “Want ice cream?” 
  • “sure” 
  • you two went to the usual store 
  • it was a nice place close to a park 
  • and the girl already knew you so she just gave you the usual ice creams 
  • of course you were happy to be with him 
  • but even when you tried to deny it 
  • you wanted more 
  • you wanted to call him boyfriend 
  • and him to call you girlfriend 
  • but how would you tell him that? 
  • you wanted him to feel it before you could do something 
  • “MC…” 
  • “Yes?” 
  • “well, we are like… what?”
  • “um?”
  • “What are we… to each other?” 
  • oh this boy was reading your mind 
  • “We’re… like friends I guess” 
  • “friends” 
  • “i guess” 
  • “But we go out on dates, and you kissed me” 
  • “Well I like you, and I hope you like me too” 
  • “i do. So, maybe we should be something more” 
  • “You’re asking me to be your girlfriend?”
  • “yes. I don’t know much about this but I want you.”
  • “Don’t worry, Saeran I don’t know much too. Maybe we can learn together, you can show me your love and I can show you mine”


Sorry if its not good or not what you expected :( I ran out of ideas haha

Empty Libraries: Part Two

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: In which we meet a bunch of new friends, and experience a bit of a let-down.

Warnings: Swearing, I guess?

A/N: This took me so long, but I’m happy with the way it turned out! Thanks for all the positive vibes, it really means a lot (all 1800 of you!! what?!). And thank you to my sister @secretschuylersister for reading this over and validating me. She’s such a sweetheart.

Part One

Word Count: 3002

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Is This Love?

Member: Jongin

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Angst(?)/Fluff

Synopsis: A failed past relationship has left you scorned and skeptical about to love. Your friend, Jongin, has felt the effects of your broken heart all too much. 

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Vernon/OFC: Fake wedding date

Genre: Fluff/Romance

Word Count: 2213

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Seungkwan, Joshua, Seokmin

Prompt:  36, “I can’t explain right now, I just need you to pretend that we’re dating.”

“I can’t explain right now, I just need you to pretend that we’re dating.”

“Vernon, no.” she reached a hand towards the ice cream tub, which Vernon lifted away from her grasp. It was way, way too late for coherent conversation, and all she wanted to do was watch movies until the sun came out.

He placed the ice cream on the coffee table, knowing she’d refuse to reach for it herself. “Can you please just do me one little favor?”

“You have to explain, why would I pretend to date you?” she asked, glaring at the tub of ice cream which was way too far away from her.

“Because I’m adorable and you love me?” Vernon pouted, furrowing her brows together. When she ignored his sad attempt at being cute, he sighed, running a hand threw his hair. He grabbed a stray pillow from the couch and threw it against the wall. “Fine. My friend is getting married and I told them I was bringing my girlfriend. If I show up alone they’ll know I’m lying.”

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Love is hard - Chapter nine

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: Maddie and you made up, so everything’s fine again. Or is it?

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2100

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

A/n: I’m sorry it took so long (again) to get this one up. Thanks to all my sweet followers and all the likes! I hope you have fun reading. Love you all.

The next morning you woke up with a horrible headache. You reluctantly turned around and searched for your phone to look at the time; 2:30 PM. Apparently, the late-night drinking session didn’t agree with Maddie either as she woke up soon after you, groaning and moving slowly. “Morning. I feel terrible. You?” She managed to say. “Good afternoon.” You replied. “I feel like my head is exploding.” You slowly got out of bed to go downstairs, avoiding all mirrors in the process. “Let’s try to eat something. Have some coffee maybe. Might take the edge off.” You said to Maddie who then followed you, softly cursing nearly every step she took. You silently sat at the table sipping your coffee. Maddie was attempting to make bacon and eggs; she said that would help get your strength back. “So… we’re good, right? I mean, everything’s cleared up now?” Maddie asked after a while. “Yeah, sure. After last night, I’d say we’re stronger than ever. Not literally of course.” You chuckled. “Do you remember everything we said last night?” She informed, looking straight at you. “I guess. I don’t know. Why? Did I say something stupid?” You asked confused, not knowing where Maddie was heading with this. “No, no, no. Not at all. Just checking. No worries.” Maddie answered, looking flustered. “Anyway, what’s the plan for today? I’m thinking it’s about time we have another lazy pyjama day!” She quickly added. She’s acting a bit… suspicious. Did something happen last night? You briefly thought. But since your head was hurting too much and things were finally back to normal with Maddie, you opted to just drop the subject. “Yes, a lazy pyjama day is exactly what we need today. Let’s try to eat something and then get lazy!”

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anonymous asked:

headcanons for the hosts on what they're like in a relationship?


  • *First things first I think Tamaki is one of those boyfriends that’s all day holding your hand and telling the host club about his s/o and no one can tell me otherwise.
  • *He’s all about watching movies and cuddling together.

·         He learns and plays his S/O favorite song as many times as they want to even though he is sick of playing it at that point (of course, he’d never tell them that last part).

  • He takes care of his S/O when they were sick and makes a big deal out of it.
  • He can’t be in the same room as his S/O when they’re studying because he always gets both distracted.
  • He remembers every important date and give his S/O gifts.
  • He gets into EVERY. SINGLE. PHOTO. BOOTH. He has a whole wall full of the pictures they had together.


  • He’s actually really sweet and loving when he is alone with his S/O
  • He probably has some kind of meaningful word or phrase that he tells his S/O that only they understand (like the “Okay” “Okay” of The Fault In Our Stars).
  • He reads all the time with his S/O and sometimes reads their books.
  • He likes to have study session together with them, although it’s harder for him to stay focused.
  • He likes to takes his S/O out to fancy places in dates.
  • Surprisingly, he also remembers all the important dates and doesn’t mind if his S/O forgets.
  • It means a lot to him when his S/O goes to the Host Club.
  •  He sometimes gets really jealous out of nowhere, but he pulls himself together quickly.
  • Not really into PDA


  • He teases his S/O 24/7
  •  His S/O needs to have a good relationship with Kaoru
  •  He makes his S/O help him and Kaoru with pranks.
  •  He kisses and/or hugs his S/O out of nowhere, he’s all about PDA.
  •  He likes to take them out to do stuff together.
  •  He is very awkward during the first times he hangs out with his S/O and Kaoru isn’t there.
  •  He makes all sorts of fun stud together with his S/O, so they have the best story times.
  • He doesn’t really think things through, so sometimes he is a little bit too impulsive.
  • He forgets all of the important dates and has to take his S/O out in fancy dates (organized by Kyoya so that he doesn’t screw up again) and buy them something.


  •  He sometimes gets really nervous and blushes like crazy and it’s the most adorable thing ever.
  • He likes to stay over to his S/O home to read or watch movies together.
  • He sometimes just stays laying somewhere with his S/O listening to music, either holding hands or having his arm around them.
  •  He really likes to cuddle and take naps with his S/O but he doesn’t admit it.
  •   His S/O needs to like Hikaru.
  • He would get a S/O after Hikaru, so he wouldn’t feel strange with being with his S/O instead of twin.
  • He sometimes makes clothes for his S/O and uses them as inspiration (Based on the head cannon where he ends up being a fashion designer).
  • He usually takes his S/O out on the most simple and adorable dates, except when he forgets an important date and has to make up for it (he only remembers the most important ones).
  • Doesn’t tease his S/O as much as he could, but he always asks them to help him and Hikaru with pranks and that sort of stuff.
  •  Would want them to go with him and Hikaru when he makes his first earrings.

  • Mori:
  •  Although he is not good with words, he likes when his S/O tells him random stuff.
  • He likes to watch movies, read together or just listen to music with his S/O.
  •  He dismisses his tournaments as a minor thing that his S/O shouldn’t worry about but is actually really happy when they go.
  • He, Honey and his S/O would hang out a lot of times together, so when Honey started to leave them alone things got kinda awkward.
  •  He likes to go to the cinema with them and then take them out somewhere to eat, so 99% of their dates are like that.
  •  He remembers some of the important dates, but usually forgets them and has to make up for it.
  •  He developed a kind of talent with his S/O where they just need to look at each other to know what the other one will say. They usually use it in restaurants as Mori doesn’t like to talk, but sometimes it fails and he has to drink/eat something he doesn’t want to.
  •  He actually really loving and loves to cuddle.


 He forgets all of the important dates and buys something to his S/O to make up for it.

  • He likes to go on simple dates with his S/O, but they’re always the most fun.
  • He always go to one specific coffee shop where they sell the best cakes ever, so it finished up being the place where they always meet up.
  •  He likes to be the small spoon.
  • He likes to watch movies with them, but he usually comments on them.
  • He is obviously very sweet, but he doesn’t act in an excessively adorable way 24/7.
  • He’d like to take his S/O to the Host Club.


  • Her S/O is usually the one to organize the dates, but whenever there’s a festival, she asks them to go (mostly because of the good memories it brings to them).
  • She doesn’t like study dates because she is afraid of getting distracted, but if she has a hard time on a subject her S/O likes she asks them for help.
  • She likes to read together with them all the time, but she’s also into movies and cuddling.
  • She doesn’t take her S/O to the Host Club as they sometimes (aka: most of the time) annoy her, but she tells them a lot about them and the things that happen.
  • She is very dense, so her S/O has to tell her “I love you” so that she gets the message.
  • She forgets all the important dates and doesn’t really pay attention to Saint Valentine’s Day or the White Day, so she usually has to find a way to make up for it.
  •  She isn’t into PDA but is really sweet when they’re alone.
↠boyfriend! hansol

↠ genre: boyfriend! head canons; fluff/romance; humor

↠ word count: 1.7k 

↠ authors note: ahh i got a little bit carried away… i am incredibly hansol biased i’m such trash. (also enjoy my first post aye)

  • Okay so we all know that despite his ‘ice (ice baby) cool’ rapper front… Hansol is a shy puppy
  • And with his s/o for a very, very long time I think he would be very much like that
  • But e s p e c i a l l y at the start of your relationship
  • Every time he wants to hold your hand there’s a sort of debate going on his mind
  • Because on one hand your hand is so soft and fits so nicely with his and it’s so relaxing holding your hand
  • But also holy shit what if his hands are really sweaty? Or what if you don’t even like holding his hand? It might not be nearly as relaxing holding his hand for you as it is for him??
  • And so this mental debate/panic goes on his head goes around his head for far too long
  • And of course, you notice this happening and try and stifle a small laugh
  • And you consider for a moment whether to point it out to him that
  • yes, you can see that he’s having a crisis and ask him what it’s about
  • or to just leave it and try to distract him somehow
  • so you decide on the latter so you grab his hand and start talking about some new music that he might like
  • and he’s there like
  • poor hansollie is too precious

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how can i be casual (when you are my whole heart?)

pairing: taegi

au: soulmate

words: 2,572

rating: PG-13

note: credits for the au idea goes to this post.

summary: Sometimes people casually date to stave off loneliness before meeting their soulmates. There is nothing casual in the way he is drowning in Taehyung’s everything.

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Baseball Star | Rowoon

Group: Sf9
Member: Rowoon
Genre: fluff, Click your heart drama inspired,
Word Count: 960
A/n:I love click you heart, my favorite is Dawons since I’m bias to him. I also love the childhood friendship. Zuho was really good also. Bad boy Zuho almost ended me. I made Rowoon all mean but then I transferred him to more caring so I hope you like this version. I kind of wrote in a different way then normal so I hope you liked this. 

Originally posted by sf9fantasy

Rowoon was a natural popular type. He played baseball, was a the star on the team and in the school. Rowoon was a very social guy always making conversation with anyone he would meet.

It was a simple girls loved him and boys wanted be him. He was just perfect. He was tall, dark features, tan glossy skin. Plus he was a great baseball player.

It was just another day at school when Rowoon came you to you.

You were outside sitting on the bench, studying during a study hall period. It was quiet and quite empty in the private area of the school. You liked it that way.

A shadow casted upon your work. You looked up to see Rowoon standing tall, he was looking down at your sitting form.

“Um Y/n” Rowoon said awkwardly rubbing his neck. His other hand was shoved in his pocket. His gray uniform pressed nicely to his form.

His black hair pushed to the side as he stood in front of you. “Yeah do you need something” you asked innocently. Wondering why he would need you.

Yes you did know Rowoon. Who didn’t know him. He was so social. He also held small conversations with you. You were connected by some of his other friends. So mutual friends of a friend.

“I was just wondering if you’re free on Saturday would you like to enjoy it with me” he asked. The tip of his ears pink and he was licking his lips.

You paused trying to process what he just said. “Like a date” you asked him. Why would he want to waste a Saturday with you?

“Yeah I thought it would be cool” he said shyly. “I mean you’re cool” he said awkwardly.

“Okay I’ll go on a date with you” you said. Rowoon eyes lit up at your response. You raised your pointer finger “if” you said.

“If you win the next baseball match this Friday” you told him.

Your mind was racing as you thought about why you would make a silly bet like this.

“Bet I’ll win” Rowoon said. You took your pinky finger and Rowoon locked his with yours. Thumbs pressed in a lock of a the bet “bet on it” you told him.

You both made the agreement and also traded phone numbers.

Rowoon was busy with baseball but always sent you cute memes like cat memes during class. He was such a dork. It was enjoyable texting him.

Admittedly you were kind of afraid if he didn’t win you wouldn’t get your date.

Om the Friday of the baseball game Rowoon looked prepared. His clean uniform and his baseball bat ready to pitch.

Not so surprising he won the game. His team was very happy all high fiving each other. Rowoon eyes found yours as he waved at you.

Almost giving you a signal. You grinned wondering what you should wear for your date tomorrow.

Now standing in front of a coffee shop dressed in a causal style. It took you all morning to get the perfect outfit. From girly clothing to a punk style you just wanted it to be perfect for Rowoon.

Deciding to be yourself you choose the style the most comfortable and form fitting.

“Hi Y/n” Rowoon said. Rowoon looked perfect he looked like a perfect boyfriend.

You blushed at seeing him “oh hello” you told him bowing.

Going into the coffee shop you and him ordering a coffee and you added a sweet desert of a cupcake.

“Then I hit the baseball out of the park” Rowoon deep laugh filled your ears.

You sipped your drink enjoying his stories with spoon full of your cupcake every now and then.

Lifting the spooned you nodded at his baseball story. “The couch gave me the spot as lead pitcher” he explained more. He had a passion for baseball.

You stared at Rowoon. You noted how really handsome he was up close like this. With his deep brown eyes and black hair. His wide shoulder and large hands.

“Um you have a little” Rowoon mumbled. You looked at him confused like. Rowoon reached over his warm thumb pressed against your cheek.

“You had icing on your face” he said smiling, showing his wide smile. Your face heated ul as you reached to wipe your mouth from the icing.

“I’m so embarrassed” you mumbled glancing up at your date. Rowoon smiled “It’s fine you’re cute” he explain. His eyes gentle.

After the coffee shop you and Rowoon took a trip down the shopping district. The lead to wearing goofy glasses posing in a photo booth.

Rowoon was a perfect gentleman, always making sure you were having fun. While he and you related on a lot of things.

Next he brought you to the han river for bike riding. Renting two bikes for a small ride around the river.

It was a sweet yet simple gesture as you rode al9mg he bike path.

“Do you do this with every girl?” You asked him. Rowoon grinned “to be honest I asked everyone I know ideas to make this cool” he admitted.

“Well this was a good date better than my others” you told him. Rowoon raised a eyebrow “others” he said. You broke out in a smile “yeah the last guy Minhyuk he spilled cola all over me at the movies” you told him.

“Let’s just say no second date happen” you explained. Rowoon nodded glancing at you. The pace slowed down as you guys held stares for a second.

“Am I second date worthy” he asked. You giggled “of course as long as you keep sending me cat memes” you said.

Rowoon was popular. You really weren’t. That really didn’t stop you from understanding he’s more than a popular baseball player.

The Best Kind of Friends Chapter 6

Chat Noir finds himself falling for Alya, who loves Marinette, who is just confused. Relationship shenanigans ensue.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5Ao3

Chapter 6: Marinette is super bi.

“So, tell me all the deets.” Alya said with a laugh as she leaned over to steal a piece of Marinette’s pastry and pop it in her mouth. “You didn’t tell me anything about the movie date.”

Marinette blushed, watching Alya as she licked the sugar off of her fingers. “There weren’t really any deets, frankly. We watched the movie and talked about it as he walked me home. He seemed a little distracted actually.”

Alya rolled her eyes. “Distracted by your beauty, probably.”

Marinette laughed. “Sure, whatever you say.” She watched as Alya sipped her coffee. Alya looked really pretty today, her reddish brown curls piled on her head in a messy bun. Marinette kept getting distracted as she watched the curls bounce as Alya moved her head.

“Seriously!” Alya insisted, gesturing with her cup. “I think he is finally starting to notice you!”

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Hushed Dreams

summary: a soulmate is something a person looks forward to their whole life, and sometimes they are found in the most unconventional ways

pairings: nalu

characters: natsu, lucy, levy

rating: t

soulmate’s words writing onto your skin!au + deaf!au

tags: @ftfanfics, @fairytailsquad

At sixteen years old, each person would have their soulmate’s first words curl themselves onto their wrist. The words would slowly appear without pain, and the black italic writing would tattoo itself silently. Some had words that were easily understandable, such as a simple “hello”. Others had words that were strange and would make the bearer confused.

When Lucy Heartfilia had turned sixteen, she thought that something was wrong with her. No words adorned her wrist, so Lucy was completely petrified that she did not have a soulmate. Her friends told her that they would appear soon and that there must have been a mistake. With her head hung low, she cried herself to sleep that night, hoping that someday a greeting or at least one small word would appear on her wrist.

At twenty-two, however, there were still no words written there. Her heart ached, and every day she was slowly getting more annoyed with the fact that perhaps she had no soulmate. Everyone else had found one… why hadn’t she?

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anonymous asked:

Hiya! I love your stuff! So I was wondering, could I ask what everyone's reactions would be to a really anxious and introverted MC? Like someone just asking something makes her turn red? ^^ Thanks! Love ya!


  • When you first meet him, he doesn’t really expect you to be so anxious.
  • Like, what? You’re not as talkative as you were in the chatrooms?
  • He’s not really sure what to do, and it feels kinda awkward and he gets nervous, so he just kinda talks about LOLOL. And he doesn’t stop.
  • Does he ever run out of things to say? And could he talk a little slower?
  • He does talk about you too though.
  • “Wow MC, you’re so pretty. Like I thought so before when I saw pictures, but you’re really pretty.”
  • You’re a blushing mess. Although to be fair, he is too.
  • At first you guys are really awkward with each other. Like it’s him talking and blushing and you blushing a lot and listening
  • But then you start to warm up with him enough that you aren’t so anxious around him, and he starts to understand how you get anxious
  • And he’s honestly perfectly fine with staying home with you and not going out much. Cuddle party all day? Perfect, he’s got you and his games
  • Whenever you do get anxious though, he tries his best to help. He wraps you up in a hug and holds your hand until you calm down, and gives you enough space to feel better
  • He even makes you dinner
  • He goes to the store and buys a whole bunch of food to make you something? And it’s always really really good?
  • He even heats up chocolate milk to make hot cocoa for you he always forgets to get hot cocoa mix
  • Then it’s back to cuddling and kissing when you feel better. He worries a lot when you get anxious so it helps him to feel better.
  • Although he always feels best when you feel better


  • Woah, you’re an introvert? She is too, she totally gets it
  • So that’s chill
  • You want some book suggestions? She’s got lists. Not to mention her movie collection made up mostly of Zen’s films and favorite TV shows she watches in her free time. When she has free time
  • You guys hit it off really quick
  • At first you’re totally blushing whenever she talks to you though. Like all the time
  • She’s really chill about it though, it’s really comforting and makes it easier for you to open up.
  • You tell her about your anxiety before she witnesses it. It kind of took her by surprise, but she doesn’t freak out about it, and she is actually really good at handling it
  • You spend a lot of time with her reading or watching movies. Sometimes she takes you out shopping too, unless you’re feeling really anxious.Then you guys just go out and get coffee
  • Whenever your anxiety works up she gives you space but is really supportive, like you want a hug? Got it, she’ll do you one better and get a blanket and hold you til you’re feeling better.
  • If it’s really bad, you two will sit on the couch cuddling with a movie playing, wrapped up in a blanket burrito together. She’ll work on work while you relax and watch the movie and cuddle, kissing your forehead as you slowly fall to sleep
  • She always leaves you a cup of coffee in the morning with a very comforting and loving letter ‘cause she’s usually gone before you wake up but she wants you to start off the day on a good note


  • He somehow pushes past your blushing kinda awkward stage really quickly. Wellllll you keep blushing, but he somehow knows exactly what to talk about to get you talking too
  • He honestly loves making you blush he does it on purpose. When he finds out complimenting you makes you blush even more, especially in public, he does it all the time
  • It makes him so happy
  • He doesn’t even care you’re introverted. That just means you spend more time with him cuddling and watching movies? Where’s the bad part of that?
  • Although you getting anxious sometimes worries him, especially when you guys go out places
  • He’s really understanding and comforting though, like whenever you get anxious he holds your hand or hugs you and is constantly reassuring you
  • He’s really gentle and kisses you lightly and it’s so sweet and comforting
  • Whenever you get really anxious he’s right there with you calming you down and hugging you close to him under a blanket though, making sure you’re okay and promising not to leave you til you feel better
  • He showers you with so much love and comfort and reassurance
  • And when you feel better he gets ice cream for you two and kisses you making sure you know he’s there for you and loves you and that you’ll be okay


  • You were really really awkward at first with him. And constantly blushing
  • He thought it was adorable but he didn’t say it out loud cause he was being awkward too
  • Professionally awkward
  • It’s easier to start talking when you two are just with each other. You guys get coffee, or go on dinner dates. It’s still awkward though, at first
  • But it gets easier
  • And he loves you being more introverted. He loves it cause that means you don’t go out all the time or want to go out all the time, and he loves spending time at home with you 
  • He also loves showing you off in public. Especially kissing you in public, he really shows that off
  • But wait
  • You get anxious?
  • He doesn’t quite know what to do about that. The first time you start panicking he has no idea how to help
  • “Do you need water? Or medicine?”
  • No Jumin, not right now
  • He stands unsure for a while as you get more anxious before he hugs you and holds you so so close ‘cause he’s so worried about you and he doesn’t know what to do
  • You two melt to the floor
  • When you start to calm down he lets out a sigh of relief and kisses the top of your head
  • But he won’t let you go now. You two spend the night cuddling each other. Somehow you got a blanket and a lot of pillows. You wake up in his arms and feel so safe and happy with him
  • This becomes tradition whenever you get anxious


  • He tries getting you to talk at first, but when you keep blushing he gets flustered too
  • Silence isn’t too bad
  • But he keeps staring at you and asking you questions every once in a while. You’re flushing so red ‘cause he’s being so sweet, and you answer
  • Congrats! You guys successfully talk, although it’s totally awkward at first still
  • He doesn’t mind. You’re relationship starts quiet and grows from there as you get more comfortable. Then you’re constantly sassing each other and joking around
  • But you are still introverted. Most of the time you stay at home and you guys make up fun date ideas to do without other people.
  • It totally includes things like building pillow forts and nerf gun battles. Sometimes you do reading dates too Seven is really reluctant but you wanna read or movie dates
  • You get anxious whenever something happens. Like when Seven says things like “Now don’t panic but…”
  • “Don’t Panic” = “Panic” to your head
  • Of course you panic
  • He always forgets that you panic when he says that. But Seven stays calm and knows what to do to help although he’s totally worried about you
  • He gets a lot of blankets and makes a pillow fort
  • Yes. A pillow fort.
  • Then he brings you in and tucks you in with blankets and Honey Buddha chips and hot chocolate and you two stay there for as long as you need, curled up in his arms
  • He doesn’t let you know but he needs it just as much as you do to keep calm
  • He worries so much
  • But if you’re okay
  • He is too


  • This poor boy
  • He’s so awkward he doesn’t know what to say and you’re awkward and don’t know what to say
  • He stands really unsure and is just really blunt with everything he says and you’re there blushing bright red
  • Eventually you both give up on talking and just play a board game. You suggest to play Life the best boardgame ever
  • Somehow you both lose at Life? yes flipping the board cause you got the twenty thousand dollar salary does mean you lose Saeran but it’s okay baby
  • I guess that watching a movie works.
  • You guys get better
  • You actually play a full game of Life eventually! (You took out all the salary cards and replaced them all with the eighty to hundred thousand salaries)
  • You both kind of prefer staying at home instead of going out and dealing with people, so the most you do for dates outside is go to a diner or get coffee or go on a walk
  • Scenic walks have been really nice for the two of you honestly
  • But boy do you get anxious sometimes
  • And he’s clueless on how to help
  • Like, he doesn’t want to make it worse? But he doesn’t know how to help?
  • He stands awkwardly and is worried about you but he doesn’t know what to do
  • So you just kind of hug him and nuzzle your head into his shoulder
  • He’s awkward and stiff at first but then he hugs you back, and he holds on tight. He might not know what to do, but he’s still really worried about you and just doesn’t know how to express it
  • So if hugging works
  • So be it


  • V is just really quiet to begin with too
  • But you guys don’t wanna be too awkward so you go and get coffee. He doesn’t notice you blushing all the time cause he’s blind
  • He doesn’t need to know how red you were.
  • What? You were blushing? noooooooo……..
  • You get more comfortable with him quickly. Not ‘cause you talk a lot, but because you are both okay with not talking a lot
  • When you two are alone hanging out, he loves to do things like feel your hair or your skin and ask you to describe it. The color, how it looks in the light, what scars you have or what tattoos you’ve gotten. What they look like, what they mean to you. And honestly? It’s really calming for you to do it and to feel his touch just in a really gentle loving kind of way?
  • He loves when you do it to him too, to trace his skin gently or play with his hair and describe how he looks. It’s a nice reminder cause he can’t see himself anymore. But he doesn’t like talking about scars
  • When you get anxious, he gets into a mix of super caring and super worried. He tries to hide his worry so he doesn’t make you more anxious
  • He finds it best to talk to you when you’re anxious
  • He hugs you and holds your hands and talks to you about what he remembers things looked like
  • “My favorite kind of flower to take pictures of were a really light purple, with really delicate petals…”
  • “I loved the mornings when the sun would start to rise and the sky would be a really light mix of pastel colors all blended together with lavender clouds…”
  • It’s really calming, and when you’re able to, you start telling him things too
  • “The sky is really dark now, but I can see the stars. They’re really bright tonight, it’s really clear…”
  • When you feel better, he does too
  • You usually get some hot chocolate afterwards and go to sleep or take a nap together
  • You always feel a lot better waking up with him next to you

Hiya! I’m a new admin here, Admin Sunflower. I’m Lilac’s sister and Peony’s cousin. I’m gonna be helping out with the blog, but I’m just starting so sorry if I’m not that good or if I go overboard or mess up on some things eheh ^^;;; I’m trying! I was happy to see this ask ‘cause I’m a really anxious and introverted person too (heheh ^^) so I tried to stay true to what it’s like? So hopefully it’s accurate? But, yeahh… Hopefully I’ll get better as it goes!

~Sunflower (:

Too Good For Him

A/N: This is an anon request for a Spencer x Reader where he regrets breaking up with her because “she wasn’t as smart as him.” One day, he sees her with her new boyfriend. The requester asked for it to be based on the song You Belong With Me, so I’m gonna twist the premise a little to make it work. Instead of him breaking up with her, they were friends but never together, and the reason Spencer didn’t ask her out, was because he doubted he could get along with her because she wasn’t as smart as him, but once he sees her with her boyfriend, who doesn’t get her, he realizes none of that shit matters. I hope that’s okay with you, my lovely requester! I wanted to make it all work together. Enjoy! @coveofmemories


“He has absolutely no idea who she is,” Spencer said to JJ and Garcia. After work, the three of them had gone out to dinner and Spencer was ranting about how his friend Y/N’s new boyfriend knew absolutely nothing about her. “He goes off on her all the time for the dumbest stuff, they don’t like any of the same music or movies, he calls her a nerd all the time…he’s basically just not good enough for her and it makes me angry.”

His friends listened intently while also forming a definite opinion; they looked at each other, knowing exactly what the other wanted to say. “Well,” Garcia said, trying to buffer what she was about to say, “You said you were interested in her, right?”

“Of course I am,” he replied.

JJ immediately started up. “But if I remember correctly, you also said that you weren’t sure how the two of you would get along because she isn’t a genius.”

Spencer inhaled as if he was about to start speaking and then stopped. “Well…”

“Not well,” Garcia insisted. “If you think she deserves more and you think you could give her more then the fact that she isn’t a genius shouldn’t stop you. Intelligence isn’t everything.”

“She’s not dumb,” he said, now wondering if his worries about a relationship with Y/N were unfounded. “It’s just that I’m on this weird level of intelligence that a lot of people don’t know how to handle and I wonder if someone with the same intelligence level would be able to understand me more.” When he said it out loud, it sounded stupid. He was supposed to be smart. Dammit. Maybe he was wrong. He was wrong.

The look on his face must’ve betrayed his thoughts because JJ and Garcia both told him that he should tell her how he felt about her and about her relationship with this new guy, so at least he could get it off his chest.


“Hey, Y/N,” Spencer greeted, after meeting up with his friend for a cup of coffee. “How’re things?” If she was happy with this new guy, she should’ve been ecstatic, but he could tell by her face that she wasn’t.

She shrugged, confirming his belief that this guy wasn’t for her. Even if she didn’t want to go out with him, she deserved better than this guy. “Y/N, can I be honest with you, like completely and totally honest?” he asked, taking a sip of his coffee.

“Of course, Spence,” she replied, the light returning to her eyes.

“I don’t think Lucas is the right guy for you.” She looked surprised, as if she didn’t expect him to be that frank. “He’s rude. He doesn’t like any of the things that you like - sometimes I’ve even heard him make fun of you for it. He outwardly stares at other women when he’s with you. He’s just…I hate him.” That was cleansing.

“Wow, Spence,” she laughed, “Tell me how you really feel. But I understand where you’re coming from.”

“You do?” He wasn’t surprised, but he was acting like it. 

She shook her head. “Yea. He seemed nice and sweet when he asked me out, so I said yes, but now I’m seeing another side of him that I don’t like.” She looked like she wanted to say something else, but something was holding her back.

“I need to continue being honest,” he said, realizing that what he was about to admit could keep her from ever speaking to him again, but he had to tell her the truth. She nodded for him to continue going. “I’ve wanted to ask you out for a while now, but I wasn’t sure about how our intelligence would affect our relationship.”

“How do you mean?” she asked, slightly offended. “Do you think I’m stupid?”

“Not at all,” he rushed. “I’m just weirdly intelligent, and I don’t mean for that to sound cocky, but even say that makes it seem cocky…but…whatever…it’s just that my brain works in a very different way and I didn’t know whether that would be something that would annoy you, or if you couldn’t understand me - annoy me, but none of that actually matters…” He didn’t exactly know where to go with this.

“Spence, intelligence isn’t everything. I can have an intelligent conversation.”

“I know,” he said quickly. He didn’t want her thinking that he thought she was dumb; that wasn’t the case. He was just very unique. “I was talking to JJ and Garcia and they said the same thing. I just needed to hear it from someone else out loud to realize how it sounded and how stupid it actually was.” He took a deep breath, ready to put it all out on the line. “The more I thought about it, the more I realized that intelligence isn’t everything. What matters is that people understand each other and in pretty much every way, I think we do, so I can understand if you’re insulted by what I said, even though I don’t mean it that way, and you don’t want to date me…but I like you. I always have. And you deserve more than Lucas. Even if you don’t want to date me, you need to know that you deserve more than him.”

She started to tear a little and he figured he’d blown it. She was probably insanely insulted by what he said. However, he did feel better. The truth was out there. “You deserve someone that understands you, one that knows how to make you laugh when you want to cry, one that’s interested in your hopes and dreams, and most importantly one who knows how lucky he is to have you. He’s not that guy.”

A tear fell from her eye as she spoke. “He’s not. We’ve only been dating for two months, but for about half that time I’ve been wondering whether or not I should break up with him…and I think I should.” She took a deep breath and smiled his way. “And I’ve always liked you too. I’ve always wanted to go out with you, and I’ll give you a chance…but if I sense any condescension about my intelligence, I’ll kill you.”

His eyes lit up when he realized he hadn’t blown it. “So honesty is the best policy?” he said thankfully.

“Yea,” she laughed. “I know what you meant by our intelligence. I’m slightly above average in intelligence, but you are in an Einstein realm, so I could understand where that fear come from. But in every other way we understand each other, so I think we’ll be fine.”

“I do too,” he said. “Even if you didn’t want to be with me, I just needed you to know that you deserved more than him.”

Anon requested: Posted a joke ad in the classifieds but someone actually responded.

Dean reached his hand behind him, seeking out his phone without turning around. He finally found it and hit the talk button.


“Hello,” A deep voice said. The guy sounded nervous. “My name is Castiel. I’m calling about ad.”

“I’m sorry? What ad?”

“In the paper? You are Dean, correct?”

“Yeah. Hang on. What page?”

Castiel told him, sounding defeated. Dean flipped through the newspaper and the submission.

Lonely male seeking affection. Must like dogs, watching bad movies, and cuddling. Ask for Dean.

Dean sighed and scrubbed his hand over his face.

“Uh, look man, I didn’t post this.”

“Of course. I’m sorry I bothered you. You must think I’m a freak.”

“No. I mean it’s weird, yeah, but I don’t think you’re messed up or anything.”

“I am though,” Castiel sighed. “I’m sorry I took up your time.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Why would you call an ad like this? I mean, why not pick up someone in a bar or something?”

“I’m not….I’m asexual. The wording of the ad led me to believe that you were also.”

“Oh.” Dean bit his lip. He should hang up. He liked sex, loved it, he shouldn’t try to get involved with someone who doesn’t. “Do you meet me for coffee tomorrow?”


“Yeah. I mean, it can’t be easy for you right? I’m having a hard time, too. We could hang out, or whatever.”

“Okay. When is good for you?” They made their plans and hung up. Dean dialed Jo’s number.

“What the hell were you thinking?” He demanded when she picked up.

“Hello to you too.”

“Are you insane?! What if some freak had seen that?”

“Well, if you would shut up about Lisa and go out with us sometimes, I wouldn’t of had to.” Dean didn’t say anything. “Oh my God, you met someone!”

“I did not!”

“You so did! What’s their name?”

“I…he called because of your stupid ad. We’re meeting for coffee tomorrow.”

“It’s about damn time.”

“You still owe me. This was too far, Joanna Beth.”

“Oh, you’ll get over it. Good luck.” She hung up and Dean sighed.

He didn’t know what he was doing anymore. He had been with Lisa for so long he’d forgotten how to ask people out. He didn’t want to ask anyone out, and he didn’t get why Jo didn’t understand that. Either way he had a date tomorrow


Dean dressed in a t-shirt with his garage logo on it and jeans. He had to go in after he met with Castiel so he didn’t see the point in dressing up. He put Colonel on his leash and left the apartment.

He didn’t realize until after he arrived at the coffee shop that he didn’t know who he was looking for. Any one of the guys around could be Castiel. He tied Colonel’s leash to one of the outside tables and went inside to order.

He felt a little uncomfortable when the barista checked him out, running his strange golden eyes up and down his body. He took his coffee and all but ran back outside. Colonel settled down beside him and laid his head on Dean’s boots like he always did. Dean took out his phone.

He was half way through a decent run on Banana Kong when he heard Cas’s voice.

“Dean?” He looked up and smiled.


“Call me Cas, please,” Cas said, taking the seat next to him.

Cas was hot. He was tall with dark hair and blue eyes. He had a few days worth of scruff and a nice smile. He was wearing a suit and a trench coat.

“I don’t really know what to say,” Cas said, looking down at his cup. “I don’t get asked out a lot.”

“Seriously?” Cas blushed.

“Usually when people find out that sex is out of the question they get bored with me. I’m not that interesting.”

“I’m not that shallow.” They smiled at each other.

They started with the basics, talking about books and movies, then moved on to TV shows that they hooked on and things that they hated. Dean found Cas enduring, if a little too serious.

They exchanged numbers before they parted ways and made plans to watch a movie at Dean’s on Friday. Colonel even let Cas pet him, which Dean found surprising since his dog usually didn’t care for strangers.

Benny asked him about his date when he came in and laughed when Dean blushed and flipped him off. He teased him the whole day.


After a few days of texting Dean knew what kind of snacks to buy for their movie date. Cas was bringing beer and they would order in.

Castiel looked nervous, sitting at the opposite end of the couch. Colonel was laying beside him and Cas was petting him methodically. Dean kept trying to think of things to say, but nothing came.

“Dean,” Cas said, breaking the silence. “Before we go any further you need to understand, I don’t want to have sex. I have no interest in having sex ever. If you can’t handle that, I need to know now, before I fall anymore for you than I already have.”

“What can you do?” Dean asked, then blushed. “I mean, what are limits?”

“I enjoy kissing and cuddling, but that’s as far my physical attraction goes.”

“I think I can handle it. I know that it’s going to be different and hard, but if you give me some time, I think I can adjust for you.”

“This is a big adjustment, and we just met. I understand if you–”

“Cas, I like you. If you want to give this a try, I’m all in.” Cas smiled a little.



Things were difficult at first.

They took it slow, which was way slower than Dean had ever tried to go in his life. They went to movies, dinners, Cas dragged him to flea markets and fairs and other roadside crap. They became best friends, slowly but surely.

They were watching a movie at Dean’s the first time Cas curled into Dean’s side. He pressed against him, hand laying on his chest, and rested his head on his shoulder. Dean shifted a little to make them more comfortable and settled an arm over Cas’s shoulders. When the movie was over, Dean walked Cas to his car and kissed him goodnight. It was nice.

After a few more dates, Cas started spending the night. He liked to sleep pressed against Dean chest with one arm around him. Dean would play with his hair until he dozed off. The first time he woke up hard, he apologized over and over until Cas stopped him.

“Arousel is normal, Dean. As long as you don’t try to force yourself in me, don’t worry.” Cas kissed him and climbed out of bed to give Dean his privacy. He still felt awkward when it happened, even if Cas wasn’t phased.

Dean’s friends were ecstatic when Dean asked them if they wanted to meet Cas. It had too long since Dean was actually happy and they wanted to meet the guy that had made him smile again.

“How long you been seein’ this guy now?” Benny asked while they working one day.

“About five months, I guess. I don’t know. Why?” Benny shrugged.

“You’re just usually bragging by now.”


“Yeah. About how hot they are or how good the sex is, you know.”

“Not much to tell. I mean, he’s hot, we go out, a few times a week we spend the night.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“No sex?”

“Cas is ace.” Benny’s eyes widened. “What?”

“I just didn’t think you could go without it.”

“I didn’t either. But Cas…it’s kind of nice, y'know? I can go home and not have to feel bad if I’m not in the mood. And I only have to worry about getting myself off. And it’s real. Like really real. He wants me for me, not for my dick.”

“Okay, too far.” Dean laughed. “I glad you’re happy brother. It’s about time.”

“Yeah, it is,” Dean agreed.

Tonight he would get home and Cas would worry over impressing his friends and they would all have a good time. He and Cas would go home together and curl up in their bed. And Dean would wake up the next day, looking forward to it.

“It really is.”

Brown Eyes (2): Tom Holland x WOC

Requested: This is inspired by the song ‘Brown Eyes’ by Beyonce Destiny’s Child. I actually love this song now, so thanks to the anon that requested it! Just a continuation of Part 1.

Originally posted by gounderoos

After he dropped you off you couldn’t stop smiling. “How’d it go?” Your mom asked. “It went great.” You answered and went in your room. 

You closed the door and screamed in your pillow. He was such a great guy and didn’t even act like a celebrity. Your phone buzzed and your heart dropped at the text. I’m sorry but I was called back to London for some stupid meeting. Won’t be able to meet up for coffee😪

You were sad but smiled and responded: It’s okay. Thanks again for the wonderful date! See you soon❤

He was happy that you were very understanding and wanted to make it up to you. 

“So who is this guy who’ve been meeting up with?” You friend asked at the table. “Sh!” You said, you two were in the library trying to study. You looked around and smiled, “He’s amazing and funny and kind and sweet and a gentlemen-”

“Wow, you must really like him then.” He stated. “Yeah, I do.”

“That’s actually shocking considering how stuck up you can be when guys try to ask you out.”, “Well excuse me for having standards. I’m glad I waited or wouldn’t have met Tom.”

“His name is Tom?” He made a sour facial expression. “Yeah, what’s wrong with his name being Tom?”

“Nothing.” He shrugged and smiled. “So what does he look like?”

You were hesitant of showing him Tom’s picture in fear that he might recognize him, but you couldn’t help but show him off. “Ok, not too basic. He has nice eyes.”

“I know.” You sighed looking at his picture. “When are two meeting back up?”

“Not sure. He had to go back to London for something.” Your friend notice how sad you looked when you mentioned him leaving. “Are you-are you like in love with him?”

“What? God, no! We’ve only been seeing each other for a month and a half. Nothing is official or set in stone. We’ve only been on one date.” You shrugged flipping the page of your textbook. 

He eyed you and looked at his watch, “Oh shit. We’re gonna be late for class!”

You two jumped up and ran to your lecture. After sitting in the huge lecture hall you checked your phone for any messages from Tom. Nothing. You sighed and paid attention to your professor. 

You were exhausted and tried not to fall asleep in class. “Wake up Y/N.” your friend whispered, “Sorry.” You yawned. 

The door opened and the professor stopped to look at the culprit who came to interrupt his class. The guy had a huge bouquet of roses covering his face, “Excuse me sir?” The professor asked. “I’m looking for a Y/N?”

You hid in your seat and your friend started laughing. “Is there a Y/N in this class?” The professor asked through the mic. The class started buzzing and everyone looked around. 

 You raised your hand and the Professor pointed the guy out to you. He put the flowers out of his face and a few people gasped, recognizing him. “Yo, it’s Spider-man!” The room started buzzing and everyone pulled out there phones, confirming that it was him. 
Tom had a huge grin on his face and walked all the way to your seat. “I’m sorry I had to leave, I thought I’d come back and rescue you from this class.”

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