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So, do you follow me for something other then Generator Rex? Probably. But if you have never seen the show, PLEASE WATCH THIS IT’S THE FIRST 2 MINUTES OF THE FIRST EPISODE. 

Do you like complex characters, kids with superpowers used as weapons and the moral implications that come with it, and tons of cool monster body horror? This is the show for you!

There’s an overarching plot about Rex finding his family and past since he has amesia, but there’s also strong found family themes with his friends and guardians.

It gets the story down, establishes Rex’s voice and character, and shows one of his builds. The entire show is available on kisscartoon and watchcartoononline, and trust me, it’s absolutely worth it. The first two seasons are some of the best of any cartoon I know- recent ones included.

Rex’s hispanic heritage is made an important part of the show, which is cool, and there’s a ton of cool female characters.

I want more people to know and appreciate this show.


Intertwined // dodie 2016



RITUALS OF BEAUTY are shared experiences of aesthetic romance. RITUALS OF PLEASURE are acts of sexual and erotic intimacy. RITUALS OF PRESENTATION are displays of material wealth or physical beauty. RITUALS OF FATE create a sense of destiny through the discovery of a shared past, longing, secret, dream or desire - without fate, the romance is doomed to tragedy.


So I was talking to a friend about how Jason Todd’s stealing of the bat-tires off the bat-mobile always bothered me because a 1980’s bat-mobile would not have an advanced alarm system that would protect against you taking more high value parts.

I ended up making this PowerPoint mid-conversation. I think I found my calling: to help the wayward sons and daughters be informed on market values of ripped motor vehicle parts.

trans!enjolras coming out to the amis headcanons

okay so i’ve been screaming about this for days because i just, have so many feelings, about these dorks, and DIVERSITY, FUCK YEAH 

  • the amis fearless leader going from a powerful cis woman to enjolras the most powerful trans man
  • grantaire being THE MOST SUPPORTIVE
  • they go out shopping for binders as a group
  • they all have an argument over which shade of grey is nicer
  • enj shows them what it looks like when he wears it
  • FUCK
  • enj gets all blushy and hides his face 
  • taire cuddling enj particularly hard that eveningn
  • when enj gets dysphoria, the amis all team up to make a shitty powerpoint presentation about why enj is the manliest man theyve ever met
  • enjolras definitely did not cry
  • nope
  • what are you talking about 
  • enjolras has no interest in cutting his long ass blonde hair
  • the mere suggestion brought taire to the brink of tears
  • the amis just being the most supportive group of people enj has ever met 
  • taire being the most supportive and loving boyfriend regardless of who enj identifies
  • just, 
  • save me

174. A Slytherin kid being very annoyed in magic history because it says now nearly all death eaters were Slytherin, and paints the house as bad, so they delve into historical novels and interviews and write a fifty page essay along with making a sort of PowerPoint presentation with magic to prove not only that Slytherins are good people, but that some of the more powerful death eaters were not Slytherin at all! Slytherins changing the history class after that, making sure it’s all correct and if not they bond together to make not a fifty page essay this time, but going up by ten pages every singe time they have to. At the end of the year they turn in a 410 page essay to mgonagal about how she needs to change how things are taught by the end of the year, and it includes exerts from all the others.

Jut Slytherins getting pissed at the inaccurate history and defense against the dark arts classes making them look bad.

After years of tutoring and studying many hours every day for over 7 years, I know that studying can be a horrible experience if you don’t like studying out of a book. People spend hours reading and reading, but at the end of the day they ask themselves “what did I just learn.. I forgot it all again”, resulting in bad grades, a low self-esteem, stress, and so on. Education system GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, but until then, here are some tips that I always gave to my students and to myself!

Watch YouTube videos
While you watch YouTube videos, take notes and really LISTEN. Don’t just stare at your screen, maybe even pause it every 30 seconds and think about what the teacher in the video talked about. Do you understand it? If not, scroll back and listen to it again! The goal is to understand it, not to know it.

Make a PowerPoint or other slide show presentation
Pretend like you are the teacher! Try to teach your “class” about the subject. You’ll find out that you understand some parts, but others not so much. Try to figure out what you don’t really understand yet, and watch a YouTube video about it, then try to explain it again. The goal is to be able to teach your “class” about the subject with full confidence! Maybe even ask friends or parents if they can ask questions about it!

By visualizing what you’ve just learned, you see it in a whole different way. Instead of linking words together, draw connections and systems of how it works. Of course this depends on the subject, this is easier to do with biology than with mathematics, but when you’re drawing you’re really focusing on the small details. These small details are super important! And a drawing is easier to remember than a text. The goal is to see connections, and spend more time focusing on understanding the smaller parts.

Read the text out loud, and record it
By reading it out loud, you make it real! Often when we read quickly in our heads we skip parts or we just start thinking about something else. By actually reading, you are a lot more focused and understanding what you’re reading is much easier. And record it, then listen back to it when you’re in bed, or whenever you want to listen to it! Talk slowly and emphasize the important words! The goal is to get familiar with the terms, and the more you listen to it, the better you will remember it, obviously :)

Hang in there!! 💕 Let’s make 2017 a fantastic year academically! Good luck with all your tests, I really hope I will help you with these tips!