and make a living


As a native french speaker, french isn’t really exciting to me but, not gonna lie, french speaking Hobi had me hyped and was all I could think of last night for some reason so here’s a sketchy Hoseok! Hope you like it!

Trans: “ Yoongi, my soul, right now I want nothing more than your lips on mine and your pants on the floor ;) ”


somebody reminded me i haven’t posted any debs photos yet so here’s a couple of what my hair and makeup looked like on the day 🌹✨💕

Surprise pic for @finch-wing! I hope you like it nearly as much as I liked making it! ^^

the  wild  fires  here  in  portugal  are  getting  really  close  to  where  i  am.    i  woke  up  to  like  the  alarm  meaning  another  wild  fire  started  nearby.    looking  over  to  the  mountains  you  literally  see  nothing  but  smoke  in  the  skies.

I got 99 problems and not overlapping paychecks is one of them.

So I worked old teacher job, I’m on a 12 month cycle Aug-July I get all the monies.

New teacher job, new district, I’m on a 12 month cycle Sep-Aug I get all the monies. 

I get to make my pitiful teacher paycheck last me 2 months in the bay area and pay two months of bills.



The Muslim community is mourning the passing of Nabra, a 17 year old young woman from Sterling, VA. Nabra was beaten to death with a baseball bat and left in a pond after going missing while walking to a mosque with her friends. Hate crime against Muslim Americans is at its highest point with more than 67% increase since 2016. Nabra is another example of the escalating violence towards Muslims Americans. Activists gathered at Union Square to hold a vigil for Nabra and her family and to stand against violence against Muslim Americans.