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heyyy! okay so i am just completely new to this and i really dont even know where to start. is there anyway you could help me out by telling me what i should research or literally anything you can tell me would be helpful too.

I’m going to assume you are talking about the green path specifically, and not witchcraft in general. There’s a lot of generic how-to guides on tumblr on witchcraft, so I’m going to give you something a bit more specific. Sooo here it goes! :)


~Naomi’s Guide to Beginner Green Witchcraft~

1)Start a journal. Write it in everytime you study. I call mine a Book of Mirrors, because I’m reflecting on what I have learned/read. Anytime you have new ideas or thoughts about a concept, write them down. This helps you process and remember the information, and sometimes you’ll find that while writing you’ll make connections to previous things you’ve written about. It’s not your grimoire, it’s your workbook, where you place your field notes to sift through later to put into your grimoire.  I like using an a5 sized notebook that has about 200 pages or so in it.

2) Read as much as you can. Ask questions to as many people as you can, even if it’s just online. As much knowledge is available to you, look for it, and read it with a level of skepticism. Reflect on it in your journal. There’s a lot of rules and explanations on how things work in different practices, and many contradict each other. Don’t read something and take it at face value, make sure you find out why and understand the reasoning.

Don’t know what to read? Look online for reviews and then just pick something. Go to goodreads or amazon. See what stands out and read up on it. You’ll get a better idea of your interests that way. The first book I read (on green witchery) was Green Witchcraft by Ann Moura, which is a bit (a lot) disorganized, and has some historical innaccuracies due to her accounts being from word of mouth passed down in her family. But it sparked my interest and gave me a starting point, and that’s really all you need. Don’t focus so much on “What is the best way” because there’s no answer for that. You have to figure it out yourself.

3) Practice shielding, daily if you can. This is the best best best way to start trying to practice with energy work, because it can’t really backfire on you, and you need to know how to do it anyways. At worst your protection is just going to be a bit weak. Now there are hundreds of methods to this, so I suggest researching that to find a method that works great for you.

4) Research local plant life. See what’s invasive, what needs to be cared for or is in short supply. Find out what is harming the environment in your area, and if there is a way you can make your life more ethical. I say ethical instead of environmentally friendly, because people are living creatures too, and they should concern you just as much. You don’t have to be a martyr or put yourself through undue hardship, just see if there’s anywhere you can improve. Look up magickal properties and safety precautions. DO NOT CONSUME ANYTHING WITHOUT FIRST KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT IT IS. If a plant is totally foreign it’s actually best to not even touch it, ask anyone who didn’t know what poison ivy looks like. Plants are medicines. They have contraindications and dosages. Some are extremely poisonous.

5) If you don’t have any, some basic garden knowledge is something you’re going to want. The plants physical needs are very very very important.

6) Speaking of plant research, double and triple check all of your sources. There’s plenty of “good” herbal books out there that fail to mention certain things, or flat out mix up information and plant names. Given that a lot of beneficial plants have poisonous counterparts that look similiar, this is really, really, important.

7) Go into your yard and talk to the plants out there - they live right by you, it’s okay to go say hi! Don’t have a yard? Go pick yourself up a potted plant. If you are particularly sunlight access starved, there are a lot of indoor low light plants, you can find something. Introduce yourself, ask if you can talk. See if you can sense a response! It’s okay if you don’t. Some plants are just quiet and won’t “talk” until they know you, and sometimes you just can’t “hear” them yet. It takes practice! I put those words in quotes because it’s not like you’re going to hear sentences outloud. It’s like suddenly feeling an emotion, or a texture, like soft and warm, or prickly and sharp (which means they want to be left alone, by the way). Keep this relationship up. Tend to them, leave offerings if you find yourself developing a working relationship, or if you harvest some of the plant for use. A good rule is to not take more than 30% of the mass, unless you’re growing the crop specifically for consumption, like vegetables and the like.


Starting these steps should really get your foot in the door on how green witchcraft works and how it will work for you. My practice is really personal, I do things a specific way that I developed myself when it comes to casting spells. The best I can do is send you on a path to figure it out for yourself. Take this as a gentle guide, not a hard rule book, and good luck on your journey! <3 

Exo when you study Korean

You hadn’t expected them to be back for hours, they were supposed to be filming for a new music video so you took your chance to let yourself into their house to study.  You knew Yixing still had some Korean study books from when he had to learn the language so it made sense to make use of them instead of going out and buying your own. You knew he wouldn’t mind if you borrowed them, it’s not like you had any intention of taking them out of the building anyway.

You had been too absorbed in your studies that you didn’t know they had returned until you heard footsteps approaching where you sat in the kitchen up to the table. You panicked and picked up the books and papers, holding them in your arms but as you got up to hide, you tripped over the chair leg and landed on the floor with a loud thud, books and papers scattering across the tiles.

The house fell eerily quiet and slowly the boys made their way to the kitchen to find out what the noise was. Upon seeing you on the floor, they became relieved that is was only you and not a burglar.

“What’re you doing on the floor?” Kyungsoo questioned through his laughter.

“I fell.” You mumbled in response, embarassed by the situation.

“What’s all this?” Sehun asked crouching down to pick up some of the loose papers and inspect them. He read the amateur Korean and looked at you with raised eyebrows. “Are you learning, Korean, Y/N?” He asked with a teasing grin. You nodded shyly, not meeting any of their gazes as you managed to finally collect yourself, gathering the books and papers together in a pile.

“Ooh, are these my books?” Yixing asked helping you to your feet then picking up the books from the floor.

“Yeah, you don’t mind that I’m using them, do you?” He shook his head and smiled.

“No, not at all! use them as much as you like, Y/N!”

“Thank you.”

“How long have you been learning?” Suho enquired as he read the papers in Sehun’s hands.

“A couple of months.” You confessed. “I come in when you’re all busy.”

“You know we’d help you, right?” Xiumin smiled warmly.

“I know but, I wanted to surprise you.” You pouted. “You all try so hard to accomodate me and work for everyone else, I wanted to do something for you for once.”

“Aww you’re so cute Y/N!” Baekhyun exclaimde throwing his arms around you in a friendly embrace. “Ah our little Y/N wants to learn Korean for us!”

“Keep teasing me and I’m going to give up.” You grumbled pushing him off you making them all laugh.

“Now it’s not a surprise, we can help you.” Kai beamed.

“We can teach you different subjects too!” Chanyeol suggested. “Like numbers, foods, people and stuff.”

“Would you really do that?” You asked your smile turning to a grin when they all nodded in agreement.

“Just don’t ask Lay because he’ll probably just confuse you.” Chen teased looking at Yixing who rolled his eyes but didn’t argue. He was Chinese and still wasn’t 100% at Korean and messed up regularly so Chen was probably right.

“You guys are the best.”

“We know.” Sehun smirked giving you a smug look which you rolled your eyes at.

“Who wants to teach Y/N what?” Suho asked looking over his band and they all started to discuss your studies while you watched on.

Your heart was full, your chest warm at the sight of the nine boys planning how best to help you, decide who would be most beneficial for each subject. They really cared for you and would do almost anything to help you and you honestly felt like the luckiest person in the world.

I know this is an entirely different format to when you’re used to reading from us but I wanted to try something new and honestly this is so much easier for me to write and I wrote this in like 10 minutes si I might keep up this format unless you gues hate it??? If it’s easier for me this way at least

I’d be able to write requests quicker in this format so it’s basically dependant on how quick you guys want requests out haha

Requests are open for the oneshots still by the way! :D

If you want a normal reuqest, they’re open too just specify what you’re after

Sorry about the long arse authors note oops

~Admin Chee

Voice Actor Auditions For Project Legend; Code Name Skeptic

Alright wit out further ado, here are the available parts. Each character has a small blurb about them before the audition lines. If you would like to audition here is what you need to do. 

Email us at,

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Why you would like to be a part of this podcast

And of course the Voice files

If you are auditioning for more than one character please make sure you have put each voice file to the right one. Also, if you cannot meet certain time constraints please take that into consideration before auditioning. The Audition lines are below the cut. Thanks, i hope to hear from a lot of you!!!

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our unexpected life

heads up, it is very long. true be I wanted to write one incredibly long piece rather than maybe three shorter ones where I lose interest over time if that makes sense?

this was requested by an anon so thank you! it is about the reader being 18 and dan his current age yet they start to fall in love. 

in no way am I enforcing this sort of relationship, I know couples have age gaps but you never know who someone actually is or their intentions etc- remember this is fiction, don’t take this into real life :) (I know the majority of people know this already, its just a reminder)


p2 / p3

Neither of us expected this, but they say expect the unexpected. My version of the unexpected comes in the form of a blue eyed sweetheart named Dan, who I thought was just another person passing by. I didn’t expect attachment nor did I think about the way my heart would flutter with joy whenever he smiled.

But above all else, I didn’t think about the frowns that we’d receive because of it.

Growing up I never thought about the first twelve years of my life being so significant. In twelve years you grow, you develop skills and are educated. Aged twelve I began high school, I knew puberty was coming along with other responsibilities. Now looking back, twelve years feels like a hefty amount to walk around with.

I needed to escape from the stress of studies and craved serenity more than anything else. My feet led me to a place I didn’t think I wanted to be at; the beach. Walking along the sand ridden tiles I placed myself on the rocky wall, the sand about a metre from my tip toes leaving my legs dangling aimlessly. Picking my camera up in my hands I began to take a few shots, some of the sea, some of the old fashioned pier. Most seemed pretty amateuristic, I didn’t expect much, but something more. 

That’s when the unexpected occured. 

Continuing to hide my face with the width of my camera my left eye remained focused in the viewfinder observing the lives of those having a morning out by the beach, not so much of the seaside. Seagulls swarmed on rubbish, any scraps they could find whilst children squealed into their parents’ arms, the amount of love they emitted was undeniable. Just as I put pressure onto the button a blur crossed in front of it. 

Pulling the camera away I brought the picture up, sighing as I saw the sight of it. You could barely make out the mother and son in the background as a mess of hair and blue jacket blurred across two thirds of the photo. “Oh, did I get in the shot?” Someone hesitantly called out from the right of me. 

As I lifted my head up I wasn’t sure what I expected, all I know is that I felt different as I focused on him. I remember noticing the small smile form into something bigger, a sweeter grin amongst the light stubble around his jaw and above his lips. My mum always told me when she was younger she’d focus on a man’s eyes first, that those were the most attractive aspect before his persona. 

All I can say is my Mum was right, as per usual. Within all eighteen years of my life there are various shades of blue I’d experienced, most of them could be limited down to the colour of the sky or the distorted seas across the world or the vivid blue of a bottle of shots soon to be demolished. Yet his weren’t the sort to pin point, to sort into a little box and label them as that particular shade of blue. His eyes were rimmed with a soft cool blue, full of care, wisdom and knowledge. In the centre of his iris’ the blue varied but blended seamlessly, the sort of eyes that are too enticing, I fell at a loss for words and he sensed. 

Glancing down to my camera I could feel the heat floating to the surface of my cheeks, “Yeah, but it’s alright. I’m not doing anything with these photos it’s just to pass the time.” I explained and slowly lifted my head up as I was unable to ignore the increased thumping of my heart hitting my chest with too much force. 

He was still wearing that smile, “Can I take a look?” I heard him stutter as he bit his lip, the glint fading amongst nerves in his eyes. 

Replying with a small nod I heard a light grunt as he forced himself up onto the wall next to me, the denim of his jacket brushing across my light summer top. Leaning down the top of his slicked back hair crossed my face, making me chuckle lightly. “Okay but please be careful. If you try and steal this I am wearing appropriate footwear.” I joked and he glanced down to my shoes. 

“You’d probably catch me anyway, especially on a beach.” He was quick to reply, which was different. Reaching into his pocket he grabbed a pair of glasses, slipping them on he rested his arm across my thigh and examined the photos I showed him. “You’ve got some talent.” It was a genuine comment, it didn’t sound like the fake enthusiasm I’d heard too many times before. “Do you do this often, like in between day to day life?” Sitting back up opposite me he was engaged entirely in what I had to say. 

Placing the camera strap back around my neck I turn it off, putting the lens cap back on and rested my hands against the rough rock, pondering momentarily on how best to reply. “When I’m not in uni I like to find some time, even if it’s an early Thursday morning to just not think.” I focus on the sea rather than him, the slow rolling of the waves grouping together to create something with more force. “Sometimes I end up going back home, visiting family. The majority of the time I come somewhere like this, where I can get a bit of peace- no student drama, no stress, just see life.” 

He remained quiet, at calm listening to me. Something I haven’t experienced since I was at home with my old friends, staying up late to just hear what we had to say without interruptions. “So you’re at university? What’re you studying?” Shuffling a little bit closer I could feel my heart screaming in my chest, his eyes boring into my soul. 

“I’m a philosophy student.” I smile and the look changes, “What? Didn’t expect that of me, a stranger?” I question and he just looks away, deep with thought as he focuses on his sandy converse. 

After a minute of listening to the seagulls wail he brings his legs up and hangs one over the ledge and one firmly on the pavement. “I just, I think it’s fascinating.” He struggles to find his words and avoids eye contact with me, nerves, not something I’ve seen from any guy in a while. 

“You’re a bit shy natured aren’t you?” I ask and he responds with a light chuckle, taking his tortoise shell glasses off. 

“Is it that obvious?” Raising an eyebrow to me I nod in response, making him reveal a toothy grin. “So, you know about Plato and Aristotle?” Again I nod, thinking how of all the days to explain my course today isn’t one of them. 

“Do you want to go get some coffee, or tea or something? There is this little cafe I discovered down the road.” I suggest and he seems taken aback by my idea. The deer in headlights look in his eyes sinks my heart, forcing it into my stomach, suppressing all emotions. “I’m coming off too strong aren’t I? I try and be you know quiet or friendly but it sometimes doesn’t work out and you’d think I’d have it under control at eighteen but no I still-”

He cuts me off with his large hand covering mine, the difference in size making me smile. “I’d love to but,” He pauses and looks away from me, I can feel everything condensing inside of me, the rejection nearing. “you’re really sweet and I’d really like to get to know you better it’s just,” He was faltering, losing his words. 

“Just what? I’m too bubbly, I’m coming off too keen?” I list, unable to ignore the unsettling feeling inside of me. 

“You’re too young.” He sighs. 

I remain quiet, silently taken aback by his comment. Turning my legs away from his I focus ahead, unsure how to process it all. Too young. The sort of thing your parent would tell you about rides at a theme park or when you want to know about how babies are made or wearing makeup. Never have I been told I’m too young for something other than naivety. Never has someone told me I can’t be associated to them because of my age. 

“Oh.” I scoffed. “What are you one of those dads who is deceivingly young? Or a predator?” Sarcasm rolls off of my tongue as it naturally does in times of defense. “Nice try blue eyes.” Standing up he takes it, he wears a heavily look in his eyes, the blue clouding into a rain storm. 

Walking away I can’t help but feel something, my heart aches in my chest as the feeling of rejection settles heavily. I could hear footsteps behind me, the paranoia settling in. “Wait.” A breathless call made me pause, I turned around to see him shrugging the denim sheepskin jacket off, holding it in his arm as he stopped in front of me. “I’m thirty.” I blankly stared at him, 30. 

He didn’t look 30. He’d easily pass for being in his 20′s. How does a man age that well? No sign of wrinkles, of the burden of education or over drawn out hours at work settling under his eyes. “So, you’re twelve years older than me.” I let it settle in around us as I said it. 

“See what I mean?” He states and I keep quiet, trying to think it through. “We, we’d be no good. Sure it’s just coffee now but then what? What if I end up liking you more than I already do. What if I want to learn more about the girl who studies philosophy and you want to know more about the guy you met on a beach? Then what?” 

“We take it.” I declare to him. “We see what happens, so what? Age is just a number. I might like you, you might like me and we might want it enough to make it work. Coffee is just coffee, so,” Pausing I realise I don’t even know who he is, his name to identify him. 

“I’m Dan, Dan Smith.” I smile, Dan Smith. It is written in his eyes, it fits him and who he is. I reply with my name, leaving out my middle name- if this guy is a catfish best leave my entire life private. 

“So, Dan Smith. Coffee?” 

p2 up above :) 

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What did you do to make the quality not go to shit, if you don't mind me asking?

The biggest culprit was likely the fact that I am dumb and didn’t think to resize my images to something more reasonable. Tumblr is much more friendly to 540px images than 1920 ones. u_u I also tweaked a couple of the options when I was saving it, I don’t actually know what most of those words mean or what the functions do, but Cae is the graphics expert queen so I just did what she suggested. ^^;

(sorry for the slow response, am currently farming pants.)

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hey!!! january anon here. that was amazing! thank you! and it's ok, you all have lives, i totally understand the breaks!! so, uh, another request (sorry to bug you!!) i was wondering how Case and the turts would act with a crush who has a big performace (in my case, a cheerleading competition, but you can totally keep it vague!!) coming up that they're really excited about (and kinda nervous) and the crush cant stop talking abiut it? thank you!!!!

you’re not buggin’ us at all, bb~
gotta keep it vague for the other lovelies to relate to, hope you understand ahh
one late request coming up! (so sorry btw ;<; i hope your performance went well ahh)

-Mod Yaka

Casey would seem to flip a switch all of a sudden. Super Supportive™ mode. Of course, he’d have to try to keep his usual “casual and cool” demeanor to not seem too overexcited or anything, but he is super excited for them. Him having hockey games in public, he would offer some tips about the publicity and how to keep cool under pressure. He’d listen intently to them talking about it and do his best to ease their nerves when they start to get nervous about the performance. He suggested that if they’d like him to, he could go to their performance so that they can see a friendly face in the audience and have someone to look at if they don’t know where to look or just don’t want to make eye contact with the rest of the audience. Anything to ease their nerves, he’d do it.

Leo and Donnie would get secondhand excitement because of how passionate they are about the performance. They’d offer tips like how to practice parts they might be having more trouble with, how to keep their attention where it needs to be, how to keep calm when under pressure or when something goes unplanned, etc. They’d smile a lot when they talked about the performance, and whenever they’d mention how nervous they were feeling, they would offer a pat on the shoulder or a side hug.

Raph would listen very intently, probably more so than the others. He would validate their feelings and would always find a way to soothe their nerves when they suddenly got anxious thinking about the performance. He’d sometimes chuckle whenever they started talking about the upcoming performance so much— it was pretty nice to see them being so passionate about something. He would give them encouragements like “I know you’ll knock ‘em dead” and would even offer to help them practice if they wanted his help. He lowkey stressed (‘highly recommending it’, not like ‘I’m stressing out’) them about practicing, saying that “practice makes perfect. I know, cliche, but it’s true.”

Mikey would be super supportive and excited right along with them! He’d listen to them and ask them what they’d be doing throughout the performance, wanting to envision it since he couldn’t be present. He’d get super smiley whenever they’d demonstrate something they’d be performing, and would bounce at the offer of helping them practice. Whenever they got nervous, he’d sit them down, look at them in the eye, and list off positive things about them with so much emotion in his voice. He really meant every thing he listed off. Much hugs, very hapy, wow.

Brotzly Week Day #1: 'First'

The two had been together for a while but had never been on a date, but today was the day Dirk was going to change that.

“Todd! Wake up!” Dirk shouted over the music he was playing as he jumped on the bed, hovering over his boyfriend. Todd groaned loudly and pushed Dirk away from him as he sat up slightly.


“Good morning.” Dirk smiled excitedly and kissed Todd’s cheek.

“Why did you wake me up?” Todd wiped his eyes.

“Because we’re going on a date.” Dirk said proudly, poking Todd’s nose.

“We don’t have to be awake this early.” Todd frowned, rolling over and settling back down to sleep.

“No, it’s a breakfast date.” Dirk pulled Todd up.

“Our first date is a…breakfast date?”

“Yes. I’m taking you to the cafe down the road to get breakfast.”


“Because I love you and I love breakfast.” Dirk argued.

“We could have breakfast here.”

“I didn’t want you to cook.”

“You could’ve.” Todd tried. Dirk shook his head.

“Remember last time?”

“How could I forget? You set my toaster on fire.”

“So, we can go?”

“Yes.” Todd smiled, getting out of bed. Dirk stood up and hugged Todd tightly.

“Thank you.” Dirk smiled widely, letting go of Todd and jumping up and down excitedly.

“It is a great first date idea.” Todd smiled, slipping his jeans on. He then left the room and went to the bathroom. Dirk put his own trousers on and his Mexican Funeral t-shirt. He then picked his yellow jacket up from the back of the chair and put it on. Todd walked back in, sliding his denim shirt on.

“Dirk, you look great.” Todd smiled, leaning up to kiss his boyfriends cheek.

“And you do Todd…as always…” Dirk blushed softly.

“Come on, let’s go. Our first date.” Todd smiled and started walking out of the apartment, Dirk following. They made their way down the stairs, hands gently brushing against each other. Todd linked his pinky with Dirk’s.

“Are you sure you want to hold my hand?” Dirk asked awkwardly.

“Of course I do,” Todd smiled, holding onto Dirk’s hand tighter, “What are you gonna have for breakfast then Dirk?”

“I really want pancakes but that’ll probably change once I see the menu.” Dirk laughed lightly.

“Knowing you, it will, especially if there’s ice cream available…”

“Obviously.” Dirk looked down at Todd, a grin on his face.

“Hey Dirk…there’s something I’ve been meaning to say…” Todd started. Dirk nodded thoughtfully.


“I love you.”

“Todd, I thought it was something serious. I was scared.”

“It is serious.” Todd defended, hitting Dirk’s shoulder lightly.

“I know…but you know what I mean…”

“I do know.” Todd smiled.


“What can I get you two this morning?” A chirpy waitress asked.

“I’ll have the waffles with chocolate sauce and whipped cream please.” Todd nodded, closing the menu. The waitress noted the order down and looked at Dirk.

“And I’ll have um…” Dirk looked away and down at the table. Todd nodded and ordered for him.

“He’ll have the vanilla ice cream with sprinkles, crushed biscuits and gummy bears.”

“Okay, I’ll bring that out as soon as it’s ready.” She smiled, taking the menus and walked away. Dirk sighed.

“Are you okay Dirk?” Todd asked softly.

“Yeah…yeah I’m good.”

“Are you sure?”


“We’ll talk when we get back okay? I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable here.”

“Okay…thanks Todd.”

“It’s okay Dirk. Let’s just enjoy our date.”

“Yeah. Do we have crayons?”

“Yeah here.” Todd smiled, showing the jar of crayons to Dirk. Dirk smiled and took it as well as some paper then started doodling.

“Todd…I’m sorry about this…”

“What? No, you have nothing to apologise for.”

“I’ve ruined our date.” Dirk frowned.

“Not at all.”

“I can’t even order my own food.”

“You tried. That’s all that matters.”

“She probably thinks I’m a loser.”

“No Dirk, she was nice, I’m sure she didn’t take any notice.”


“Let’s stop talking about it okay Dirk, it’s making you upset.”

“Yeah okay.”

“So, today is going to be a hot day so…what do you say we have a water fight when we get back eh?” Todd suggested, smiling.

“Yeah, sounds fun.” Dirk grinned.


“Okay, here’s your waffles and your ice cream.” The waitress placed the plates on the table in front of them.

“Thanks.” Todd smiled. The waitress nodded in a friendly manner and walked away. The two then started eating.

“How’s your ice cream?” Todd asked.

“Really good. How’s your waffles?”

“Amazing. This was a great idea Dirk, we should have breakfast dates more often.”

“Thanks. We should definitely, I want to try every single breakfast possible!” Dirk cheered.

“And you will.” Todd nodded.

“I love you Todd.”

“I love you too Dirk.” Todd smiled.

The two spent the rest of their breakfast talking about nothing and playing a small game of footsie. After they’d finished and payed the bill, they began walking back. The sky appeared to get darker and then it started raining.

“So much for our water fight.” Todd sighed once they had reached the inside of their apartment building.

“It’s okay. We’ll spend the day under the duvet watching cartoons and drinking tea.”

“What is with your obsession with tea?”

“It’s like a hug in a cup.” Dirk smiled.

“Right. Come on then.” Todd held out his hand, Dirk took it and the two began their ascent up the stairs.

“So a day of watching cartoons with my boyfriend? Sounds perfect.” Dirk smiled fondly. Todd looked up at him and grinned.

“Yeah, it sounds great. What a fantastic first date.” Todd smiled, Dirk nodded in agreement. The two spent the rest of the day cuddling underneath the duvet, listening to the rain pouring outside and enjoying silly cartoons.

X-Files Fic: Sasquatch Domesticus

Rating: PG-13
Timeline: Post-MASMTWM
Summary: @crossedbeams sent me an absolutely brilliant prompt, asking me to write a fic where Scully acquires a ridiculously large, out-of-control dog, and convinces Mulder to let it stay.  What Rose didn’t know is that I have my own ridiculously large, out-of-control dog, which made writing this fic too much fun for me to keep it as short as I’d originally planned.  So this is for Rose, and, of course, for Drogo, my own special moose.

Mulder’s cell phone rings just as he’s turning onto the long gravel driveway up to the house.  He answers without glancing at the screen, already knowing who it’ll be.

“Mulder, it’s me.”  He grins.

“Hey, Scully, miss me already?”  He can almost hear her rolling her eyes over the phone.

“We’ve got a problem at the animal shelter,” she says, not bothering to respond to his teasing.  "They’ve got almost all the dogs processed and settled in… but there’s one left, and they don’t have room for him.“  

This doesn’t surprise Mulder.  Earlier this afternoon, he and Scully closed the file on one Mr. David Puckett, a man who believed that the spiritual energies emanating from his property were attracting animals from all over the neighborhood.  An investigation failed to turn up evidence of any such phenomenon… but what it did turn up were seventeen cats, four goats, a large, brown cow, a Shetland pony, and thirty-six dogs.  All packed into a half-acre fenced lot in a quiet suburban D.C. neighborhood.  

The stench had been unspeakable.

In spite of Mr. Puckett’s stubborn insistence that all of the animals had found their way to his property of their own volition, it quickly came to light that the pony, the cow, and several of the dogs had been reported stolen from local farms.  Mr. Puckett had been arrested, and the unclaimed animals had been carted off to local shelters, where they would be checked for microchips and matched against missing animal reports from local veterinarians.  But with so many animals, and most shelters already near their capacity, it’s not a surprise that there’s one poor mutt left out in the cold.

"Poor guy,” says Mulder sympathetically.  "Do they know if he has a chip yet?“

"No, no chip,” says Scully.  "And it’s after five on a Friday evening, so most of the vets’ offices are closed.  They won’t be able to call around to see if anyone’s missing him until Monday morning.“

"They can’t double up a couple of dogs in their cages for a few days?” asks Mulder.

“No, they really, really don’t have space for him, Mulder,” says Scully.  Mulder pulls to a stop in front of the house and climbs out of his car.  In the front window, he can see Daggoo, balanced on the back of the couch, looking out at him, wagging his tail furiously.  The little Jack Russell mix is Scully’s, in theory, a poorly-thought-out acquisition following a case last month.  When Scully made the spur-of-the-moment decision to steal the little dog, she had neglected to first check the pet policy at her building.

So now, Mulder has a dog.

He doesn’t mind, not really.  Daggoo is good company, and an equally good excuse for Scully to spend more and more time out at the house.  He’s sweet, friendly, and gets along well with other dogs, so Mulder doesn’t hesitate to make his suggestion.

“Why don’t you bring him out here, Scully?” he says.  "Just for the weekend.  The shelter can try and find out who he belongs to on Monday.“  He hears Scully’s sigh of relief through the phone.

"That’s exactly what I was hoping you would say,” she says.  "Which is why I’m already on my way out there.“  He laughs.

"What were you going to do if I said no?” he asks.

“I knew you wouldn’t,” she says.  "I’ll be there in a half hour, okay?“


Mulder is sitting on the porch, Daggoo at his side, when Scully’s ridiculously oversized SUV turns off the main road and begins to wind up the drive towards the house.  Daggoo leaps to his feet, barking and dancing in excited circles, taking off down the porch steps as Scully parks the car and climbs out.  She turns and opens the back door… and Daggoo comes to a halt so quickly, Mulder swears he can almost hear screeching brakes.

Scully leans into the backseat.  "Come on, boy,” she coaxes, holding out a hand.  "Come on, it’s just Daggoo, he won’t hurt you.“  Mulder catches up to Daggoo and pulls him back.  He peers into the car, expecting to see a little dog cowering in the corner… and his mouth drops open.  He can’t even see Scully’s backseat.

"Scully,” he says, “that is not a dog.”

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arploverjulien  asked:

Hey! This might be annoying, but I'm new to roleplay on Tumblr (have rped on Facebook for years) and I have no idea where to go to find writing partners. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey! Don’t worry, you’re not annoying.

Finding RP partners is really easy, actually! Most of us in the community are friendly and actually loved to be approached, so, if you’re intimidated or anxious, i just want you to know that we’re most likely thinking the exact opposite than your own mind is telling you. (I’m annoying and they think this is weird VS Oh my god a new person??????)

As i suggested last question about this stuff, try making a starting Self-Promo and tagging the heckle out of it. Introduce yourself and your Muse(character) in this post and then bomb-rush it with tags of things you’d like to RP. It’s also a really good idea to put RP and Roleplay as the first two tags, considering the first five are most likely to show up. Examples:

Want some Five Nights at Freddys RP’s? Try: ‘FNAF. Five Nights at Freddys. FNAF RP. Five Nights at Freddys RP. FNAF Roleplay. Five Nights at Freddys Roleplay.’

Basically, just try to fit as many tags on the subjects at hand into that post as possible. It gives it a grade A chance at showing up in searches.


Try just searching them up, finding someone who looks interesting, reading their rules and other folders and then sending a quick message!


And don’t forget to follow them too! I hope this helped, and sorry it turned out so long, i always run my mouth too much ; ; I hope you find some good partners!

Fair ( Team x Alec x Reader) Imagine

“We just cant let them kill him” Izzy said to you, Clary and Jace. “We all know that’s what Lydia is going to do him.” Izzy was freaking out thay Lydia and them were taking a hold of Merliorn, Isbelle seelie friend. Izzy was right, The Clave will do anything to get information from someone even more so with downworlders.

“What do you plan on us to do?” Jace asked

“Go against The Clave just this once. They’ll never know it was us” Izzy said looking helpless. You hated seeing your best friend this way, you would do anything to make her happy.

“I’ll do it” You said

“We will too” Clary also said speaking for her and Jace.

‘But what do you plan on us doing? Theres going to be so many of them and four of us. Plus we don’t even know when its all going down.” Jace mention.

“Clary do you think we could get Luke and the Pack to help us with this?. Also the vampries we could used their help too. We could get Simon to help us convice them” Izzy suggest

“Umm Izzy how do you plan on getting them to work together? They aren’t exactly friendly with each other” you asked.

‘Duh a common intrest, they both dislike The Clave” Izzy said. “Now you two go and get them on board while we go find out the details” she told Clary and Jace.

“You sure were doing this?” Jace asked before they left.

“Postivte” Izzy answerd as you both watched the two of them walk out of the institute doors.

“What’s your plan to get the informtation?, no one is going to tell us about it.” You said

“Well you know I was hoping you were going to be my brother best friend still and get it out of him. It tells you everything Y/N  he can’t he even lie to you. Act like the fight never happened” Izzy said with a hopeful look on her face. You had to help her after everything she had done for you.

“Fine, I’ll do it but only for my best friend” you told her.

“Thank you Y/N. I know you aren’t fond of my brother at the moment.” Izzy said while giving you a hug. “ That’s what friends are for”.


  You went to the traning room, you knew that’s exactly where Alec would be. He had to get ready for the misson and you knew he would need to be perpared and training was one of the things.

‘Do you want a partner?” You asked Alec as you walked into the traning room. He stopped hitting the punching bag and turn to look at you.

“I thought you were mad at me?” He questioned

“I am but what’s the best way to let my anger out on you then fighting you” you said with a laugh. “So are you going to let me” Alec stared at you for a moment then said “Yeah come on”

You both walked up to the mat. You knew that asking him about his day with the use of your puppy dog eyes would make him spill but as much as you needed to do this a part of you knew that this would deystoed his trust in you. As Alec and You started to swing at each other you asked him.

“So what did my best friend do without me today?”

“Nothing much just something for The Clave” He repiled blocking a hit from you.

“Really come Alec what did you do?”

“You know I can’t answer that Y/N” Alec said going to kick you but you jump back.

“Don’t you trust me?” you questioned him puttng a frown on your face so he would think you were upset and give in and tell you.

“Yeah of course I do, it was just about how I and a few others are taking Merliorn to the Silent Brothers tonight to questions him about what he knows” Alec said jumping back trying to catch his breath. You saw this as a opportunity to kick his legs. Which sent him flying to the ground.

“I guess you need a little more partices before you go” You said laughing while taking slip of your water and heading out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Alec asked

“Izzy’s room, were going to a party tonight and she going to get me ready” You told him as you left.


  “Are they on board?” you asked as you walked into Izzy room and saw her there with Clary and Jace.

“Yes, their willing to do it, What about you did you get it” Jace said

“Yeah Alec said that him and a few shadowhunters were brining him there tonight” You answerd

“Okay let’s get ready to go” Clary said as you all started to get ready.

  You guys walked into the main room headed towards the door when I voice called your name. You all turn to see it was Alec.

“Oh no” Izzy whisper

“Don’t worry” you munble to her as you walked up to Alec.

“What do you need?” you asked Alec as you crossed your arms.

“Where are you going?” he demand with a serious look on his face.

“To a party, I told you about this while we were training” you said rolling your eyes at him.

“Who’s party?” he questioned even farther.

“Umm, who’s party are we going to again Jace?” you asked him. You couldn’t think of a name so you needed Jace to cover for you.

“Magnuse Bane’s remember him Alec, he’s a warlock we have met before” Jace said. Alec thought for a moment and then said “Yeah I remember him, just try and not to get caught sneaking out to a party by anyone else.” Alec then left. Finally you all could leave.

“That was good one Y/N that you mention it ealier” Izzy said

‘Yeah I know, now who wants to party” you said as you all walked out laughing.


   “Are for sure doing this” Jace asked you guys and the vampries and werewovles standing behind you.

“Yes” everyone shouted at once.

“So were off’ Jace said.

You guys were all being split up. Vampries from the left, werewovles from right and you guys were going straight in. You had to get to them before they got into the Silent Brothers place. As you guys walked one by one shadowhunters were getting knock out. From a far you could see Alec walking away from the rest of the group, probably looking for the rest of his group.

“I’ll take Alec, the rest of you go get Merliorn from the others” you shouted as you started to run in the other direction.

“Y/N what are you doing here?” Alec you thought you turn to see him looking at you in confuse. He was holding on to his brow bag. You knew to get it off his back you had to flick something at hiim. Your knife.

“Alec I’m sorry”

“What’s go-“ he went to speak but you throwing your knife at his bag made him stop. His bag fell to the floor along with your knife.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” He yelled. “I have to get Merliorn to the Silent Brothers.”

“ I can’t let you do that” You said as you block his path.

“You’re the reason my team is missing” He said to his teeth “Who else is with you, you couldn’t do this on your own”

“I don’t tell people sercets” you said with a grinned you were mocking him.

“I thought I could trust you. You do know your going against your own people right” He questions getting closer to you

“Come any closer Alec and I will have to fight you. Me and you both know how it ended last time.” You spoke, Alec then took a step towards you and you jump at him. You both fell to the ground swinging at each other you getting hit a few times but him getting hit the most.

“How could you?” he asked trying to pinned you down

“Friends do this type a thing for each other” you said as you pinned Alec to ground looking at him in the face. Here you were fighting one of your best friends, but you knew in this station that you and the others were doing what was right. Then you heard the whistle. It was one of the others saying that the mission was done and that you could clear out. You quicky jump to your feet running over to get your knife before you left.

“If you walk away from me right now, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that will mean I’ll have to treat you like one of them” Alec said. You knew he meant a trailer but you didn’t care you just ran back to the others.

Teenager (Request)

Could you maybe do one with Harry and a teenage daughter and she’s insecure about something and won’t open up to him but he gets her to and just daddy!Harry fluff??

I’m gonna try not to rehash any of the stuff I wrote for blurb night…


Harry had definitely not prepared himself for being the father of a teenage girl. How could you, really? It’s one thing to read all the baby books when they’re little and get advice from parents and friends who also have babies, but as soon as the baby is no longer a baby but an overemotional, unpredictable 14-year-old teenage girl, all the books and advice get thrown out the window.

Both you and Harry had been trying your best to deal with (Y/D/N)’s rapidly changing moods and needs for the past few years ever since she decided that being 11-years-old was a perfectly acceptable time to start acting like a 16-year-old.

You knew it was hard on Harry to see his little girl start to shut him out more and more. Gone were the days of the two of them having daddy/daughter dates and telling each other secrets that not even you were privy to. Harry and (Y/D/N) had always had a bond between them that you couldn’t understand. She loved you, of course, and the two of you had a special connection as well, but it paled in comparison to what she and Harry had. You figured it was likely the result of Harry wanting a little girl for so long and finally getting one after waiting so patiently until you were ready.

Harry tried his best to keep things as normal as possible, but there were just some things that a 14-year-old girl didn’t want to tell her dad. The first time that (Y/D/N) had gotten her period, you were at work and she was home with Harry. Harry had called you in a panic saying that she had locked herself in the bathroom and wouldn’t come out. When he asked what was wrong, all she would say was, “I just need mom, okay!?!” She had calmed down as soon as you got home and helped her clean everything up. When Harry had asked you about it that night and you explained it, he couldn’t understand why she was so hesitant to tell him.

“I don’t get the big deal. It happens to every woman, yeah?” He mumbled.

You had laughed. “Babe, it took me months before I would tell you when I was on my period. It’s just…one of those things that sometimes girls get a little embarrassed about. But she’s fine now, don’t worry.”


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just a friendly reminder that it is completely alright to be kind to yourself so go ahead and sleep that extra 2 hours, take a long shower, throw on your pjs, and watch your favorite movie because you’re fragile and indispensable and you deserve to love yourself.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this was already asked, but do the fates and awakening hacks work with cartridges? or do i need to download the games? and sorry for so many questions but does updating your 3ds make it to where the hacks don't work? i asked a while back, but i'm not sure if it went through... Thank you for your time!

Yep, both hacks work with cartridges - in fact it’s easier if you have the SE cartridge for Fates :) 

Updating your 3DS can seriously complicate your ability to get homebrew working. By far the most trustworthy and newbie-friendly source for hacking is I would suggest going there before doing anything, including updating your 3DS - they have a guide which will tell you exactly what you need to do to get homebrew happening ^^

anonymous asked:

Friendly suggestion, have you ever though about doing ASMR videos? Idk, I'm sure many people (like me ehehe) would like to see it. Hope your summer days are great and remember to drink your water ♥

hmm, i might post a few asmr videos on my instagram story if people are interested ? and you know i’ve got my h2(se)o ready :-))))))

Searching for a fanfiction beta reader

Ok, so not sure if this is gonna work but I’m gonna give this a shot.

I’m writing fanfiction and need someone to make sure that everything sounds ok (dialogue doesn’t feel forced, action/live scenes dont feel out of place and call me out if I go to far with something) but all my friends who *could* do this for me don’t share my ships so while they say they wouldn’t mind I’m not gonna force them to read something they’re not into.

Anyways I’m in need of a beta reader who’ll not only do the above but give me friendly suggestions on how to improve.

*Not paying money. Only benefit is stories*

So these are my (main) ships

Sealshipping (Mahad x Atem)

Covet (*cough*Divine*cough*) shipping (Priest Seto (Seth) x Atem x Mahad)

Prideshipping (Seto Kaiba x Yami)

Scandalshipping (Priest Seto (Seth) x Atem)

Outcastshipping (Theif King Bakura (Akefia) x Kisara)

I love to deal in Mpreg (give me an excuse and I’ll do it)
Most of my ships are guy on guy. But not all. There are probably times I’ll need to issue trigger warnings cause there certain stories that deal in darker themes.
I have no problems doing 3 (or more)-way deticated relationships (poly).
Sometimes I’ll make Yami and Atem twin brothers. In those cases I’ll usually put Atem with Mahad and/or Seth and Yami with Kaiba.

Also when i was in high school I posted and Inuyasha fic on I called “Why Our Son Cries” and a sequel called “Why the Tears Come” under my former FF account Shinitoki. I have since taken it down for a major rewrite that i would like help on as well.

The ships in that are Sesshmaru x Inuyasha
and there is mpreg in that.

Anyone interested in more detail please either PM me or email me at

pkmnbreederethan  asked:

Bonkle Headcanon: quite a few of the matoran on the island of Mata Nui actually belong to other elements that looks very similar to the main 6

A few weeks after awakening the Matoran and heading out to build Ko-Koro,, Nuju began to notice a couple of villagers showing some troubling, un-Ko-Matoran behaviours. These included throwing parties, running around outside giggling during thunderstorms, complaining about the cold weather, making friendly conversation, and being female. Well, Nuju wasn’t going to put up with that sort of nonsense for the next thousand years or so, so he did what any reasonable Turaga would do and banished them forever strongly suggested they might prefer to live in Ga-Koro.

He didn’t really bother consulting Nokama’s opinion beforehand, but knew she wouldn’t turn down a couple of Matoran seeking a good home,  so Ga-Koro’s Turaga welcomed the two confused white and blue Matoran into her village despite her disapproval of Nuju’s behaviour. There were a couple of awkward questions from the other Ga-Korans at first, but they soon settled in pretty comfortably.

They occasionally needed to be reminded that thunderstorms and swimming do not mix, but other than that, it worked out fairly well for everyone.

A Note to Beginners of Fanfiction Writing

1) Women are not plot devices, nor are they 2D characters. This means that Pansy Parkinson is not an insolent waif who’s whole character is obsessed with Draco, she’s a strong independent woman. This means that Ginny Weasley is not a crybaby jealous crazy bitch, she’s a strong independent woman. This means Lavander Brown isn’t a blonde bimbo, she’s a strong independent woman. This means that Fleur Delacour is not an emotional French slut, she’s a strong independent woman.

2) BFF means best friends forever, which means Ron Weasley is not homophobic and would not hate Harry for dating a guy. Hermione Granger would not hate Harry for dating a guy. Ginny Weasley would not hate Harry for dating a guy.

3) Minor characters do not exist for plot convenience or background idiots okay, they’re characters who probably mean a lot to someone and deserve as much respect as any main character. This means Lavender Brown should not be used as just a love interest for Ron and a jealousy tag for Hermione. This means the Patil twins are not there for the token brown girls to give one-liners in background scenes that don’t matter. This means that Crabbe and Goyle are not there for the sole purpose of following Draco and giving stupid comments.

4) Characters are not 2D. There is no black and white. Do not villianize any character wholly, everyone has dark and light in them no one character is just wholly on one side. Even Voldemort was a tortured kid once. And Umbridge…honestly I can’t think of anything for Umbridge, if you can that’s great give me suggestions as to why she’s not a complete bitch I’d love to hear them.

There’s a few other things you should know to make your stories more enjoyable, but this should do it for now. Also this is just a little friendly guideline, nothing you have to follow, and wholly from my opinion, so there ya go.

anonymous asked:

I was 100% on your side when you were being attacked by vicious trolls on your ask box, but let me tell you - your horrible recent attitude suggests that they had a point all along.

So basically what you’re saying is this:

When a random stranger on the internet is attacked by vicious trolls you feel pity for them and side with them.

But when after years of getting hate mails daily, that random person turns bitter, sad and generally exhausted and just wants to do their thing, lashes out on people who still come cowardly into their askbox (yes you too anon, why not sign in? why always anon?) with unwanted, unnecessary comments, you side with the bullies and think they had a point all along.

Congratulations. That makes you a complicit, a bully and an asshole.

Because  just for a second lets imagine this would be the real world and not the internet.

There’s a girl in your school class. She gets messages on her desk or her locker daily, saying things like ‘you suck’ ‘you did xy wrong’ ‘I really don’t see it the way you do’ ‘you’re an arrogant cunt’ even ‘go kill yourself’ etc. You sympathize with her. You feel pity and wish the persons who wrote these messages would stop. They should be ashamed of themselves. But in the end no one saw who put the messages there, so you can’t do anything. Neither can the girl.

After months and years of getting attacks and hate on a daily base, this girl turns bitter. She doesn’t laugh in class anymore. She guides herself with sarcasm and a sharp tongue and general disinterest for other people. Because what’s the point in being nice and comforting when so less people are to her? So you see a glimpse out of a situation where another person asks the girl something unnecessary or says something to her out of the blue. Something unwanted. And the girl lashes out. Because she is done with people hating on her. She is done with people attacking her. And then there’s you. You who takes a pencil and writes a note saying ‘I was 100% on your side when you were being attacked by vicious trolls, but let me tell you - your horrible recent attitude suggests that they had a point all along’. And you leave it in her locker or her desk - when no one is looking. Anonymously. That’s what you just did. You continue to bully.

So again.
Congratulations. That makes you a complicit, a bully and an asshole.

But you would never do that in the real world, would you? Internet makes it so easy to hide and say the nasty things. Think hard if you’d say these things to real persons as well.

A friendly suggestion: sign your name next time you go to a random stranger to criticize or attack them. At least it makes you look honest instead of a coward.

sarahadelehefner-blog-blog  asked:

Hey I'm new could you help me with everything

Welcome to this madhouse^.^ Wow, help with everything? Well, I’ll do what I can. I hope you don’t mind that I’m publishing this short novel so others who see it might benefit as well.

Here are a few links to some posts for getting started:

These posts cover a lot of questions you might have and they already exist so I’m not going to write all of those things down again. Do go and read them. They’ll help.

Here are some of my own suggestions:


1. Pick a good theme.

If you’re okay with the standard Tumblr theme, that’s just fine. But if you want to branch out and make it your own, find a simple, clean, customizable theme that you love. Go for a theme that is easy to navigate and has a font you can actually see. The more user friendly it is the more visitors you are likely to have.

If you see a theme you like while you’re wandering around Tumblr, check the theme for a symbol (usually in the lower left or right hand corners of the theme) or link to the creator of that theme, or ask the blogger where they got their theme. Theme-Hunter is also a good way to find something you like.

*Basically customize everything you can customize: your url, your avatar, your header image, your blog title and description, etc. This makes your blog unique and can be done in your blog Settings on your dashboard. (see 1st red-outlined image below)  Even if you don’t have a mobile device to install the Tumblr app on, these blog aspects still show up when you hover over your avatar on the upper left hand side of your dash and show that you’ve got it together.

2. Follow kind, positive people. That makes all the difference in the experience you have while you’re here.

3. Enable your ask box. This can also be done in your blog Settings on your dashboard. 

You don’t have to enable anonymous questions. It’s fun to hear from nice, funny people and it’s ok to ignore/block rude people. 

4. Be as active and interactive as you can be.

This is a pretty general point but it’s important. Don’t be shy about participating. When you have something to say, say it (with courtesy and compassion). Share what you are comfortable sharing, within reason (by ‘within reason’ I mean don’t go all crazy and be graphic or hateful). Follow people. Like and reblog their stuff. It’s ok to add your own thoughts or comments to posts you reblog. Send people asks and fanmail. We all love that! Just talk to people. As you let others get to know you a bit you can form some incredible friendships.

5. Like/Reblog. People work very hard to make gorgeous edits and gifs. If you want those gorgeous edits and gifs on your blog, hit the little reblog symbol at the bottom of the post you like and reblog it.

6. Try creating your own posts.

Play to your strengths. You might be good at making graphics or gifs or edits or snappy text posts. You might feel like you aren’t good at any of those things. That’s fine. You’ll find your niche. Whatever it is, let it show your personality and have fun. It’s one of the ways other people with like interests find your blog. 

  • If you don’t have PhotoShop or an equivalent program but you want to make your own stuff, here are some sites/free programs to check out: -Instagiffer, -Canva, -Gimp, -Pixlr. These are just a few; there are a ton of great sites/free programs out there. Find one that suits you and go nuts.

7. Use Tags!

Tumblr is massive and the only way you really show up on the grid is if you use relevant tags on your posts. Adding a tag to something you make is like adding that post to Tumblr’s Index. If you tag a post you make with ‘jensen ackles’, that post will most likely be one of the posts that shows up the next time someone searches for ‘jensen ackles’ in the Tumblr search bar. This can lead them to your blog and if they like what they see, they’ll probably follow you. TAGS ARE SO IMPORTANT.

Tags are important for your own blog as well. It’s best to keep it simple so you and your followers can find things more easily.  E.g. #supernatural, #personal, #text post, #movies, etc. Go check out some of the blogs you follow and look at how they tag things. If they have a tags page, look it over to get a feel for how tags are generally used on Tumblr. 

8. Stick to a consistent style.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of blog you want to create, just pick something and stick with it. If you want to be multi-fandom, stick with that. If you want to be an art blog or a writing blog, stick with that. If you want to be a blog that is pretty much all over the place, stick with that. Just be consistent. For example, it’s weird and confusing when someone you follow is all about ‘The Avengers’ one week and the next week they only post cupcake recipes. Whatever it is you want to do, be consistent and do it all the time. And feel free to let people know what your blog is all about in your blog description.


1. Get XKitSeriously, go install it right now. It will simplify and streamline your Tumblr experience^.^


  • A Reposter is someone who saves an edit or gif they DID NOT MAKE from any given website and posts it to their blog as if it were actually theirs. The reposter removes the creation from the creator and gets all the credit, notes, and, in many cases, the followers that should have gone to the creator. This is incredibly rude, dishonest, and against the Tumblr Community Guidelines.

    So just don’t. You won’t have a very pleasant time here if you get into the habit of stealing. More on reposting here, here, and here.
  • Reblogging is when someone reblogs an original edit or gif someone else made by clicking the ‘reblog’ button. THIS IS GOOD and exactly what you are supposed to do. It ensures that others who see the edit or gif can easily find the creator/original poster of that edit or gif. The op (original poster) gets to see the comments/tags added to their creation and also gets the credit, notes, and followers that go with it.

3. Always credit the source. It doesn’t matter if you are posting a quote from a news article, a YouTube video, a capture of a tweet, or an edit you made from a picture you got from a screencap site: ALWAYS CREDIT THE SOURCE. It lends credibility to your post, it acknowledges the effort of those who provided your source material in the first place, and it enables others to go explore the source just like you did.

4. Become familiar with some basic code.

There is probably more I should include here but this is quite a bit to get started with and it’s late and I’m tired^.^ Don’t worry if it takes a little while to get used to the ebb and flow of Tumblr. Just be who you are and blog about the things that make you happy. 

I really hope this is helpful. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll try to help if I can.

Good luck, be kind, and have fun!

anonymous asked:

wow this is my first time catching you open so excuse me if I mess up! could you please do a thing where the GoM + Kagami are bowling and they try to do things that mess each other up, like maybe they'll tempt Aomine with porn mags or Akashi will ankle break someone and make them lose the ball down the lane? sorry if I messed up ahh!! thanks and I love your blog btw

lol ok but well ankle break only works for basketball??? but yep here it is

The group of seven arrived rowdily. Aomine and Kagami shoving each other. Midorima scolding Murasakibara for chewing too loudly. Kise talking Kuroko’s ear off while Akashi tried to round them up like sheep so they could walk through the door without a scratch.

After getting shoes and deciding on their bowling balls, each complementing the colors of their hairs — except for Kise who chose a sparkly golden one, they all began the competition.

Aomine flicked Kagami’s forehead and called out chants of annoyance to Kagami who was getting into his weird position in front of the lane. And damn, he got a strike. Aomine clucked his tongue. “I’m going to still beat you.”

“Why don’t we make this a nice, friendly competition?” Akashi suggested with a smile, the golden in his left eye gleaming ever so slightly. “The loser has to do the winner’s bidding for a week. It’ll be interesting.”

“Anything at all?” Aomine grinned this time, rubbing his hands in excitement.


“So, if I win against you, I get to boss you around?”

“That’s the idea.”

“Oh hoh, shit. This should be fun. I’m going to beat all your asses.”

“We’ll see, won’t we?”

Midorima refused to be a slave to any of these ridiculous idiots. And even if Akashi wasn’t an idiot, who knew what he would make him do? All the terrifying thoughts from middle school came rushing back. He’d rather not go back there.

Let the games begin.

Kagami dangled Mai’s new poster in front of Aomine. This was supposed to be his birthday present but oh well, it had to be put to better use.

“You think that’s gonna distract me? HA! Guess again!” He said before he tripped over his feet to grab the poster out of his hands and letting the ball fall into the gutter.

Aomine tried dancing to distract Akashi but it didn’t faze the man. So, instead he stole his phone with all the contacts he needed.

“Do you really think that a phone is that important to me?” Pause. “Well you thought right, give it back. I have important people in my phone.”

Akashi distracted Midorima by hiding his lucky item of the day. And he checked. He knew cancer was last so he needed it.

“Akashi, I’d prefer it if you gave it back to me now. It’s very important for both my and your safety. I’ll call on the goddesses to punish you.”

Midorima had it easy. All he had to do was order a bunch of rare-flavored maiubos and Murasakibara was gone.


On the other hand, Kise was much too distracted looking at his reflection on the tiny, plastic princess mirror that Murasakibara had gotten as one of his snack prizes.

“My complexion is fading. What’s going on with my skin? Dear God.”

And Kagami was Kagami. Maji Burgers and a few meals thrown here and there was enough to keep him on the table and away from the lanes.

“Shit, this is good. Where’d you get it again?”

And then the results were out.

“How did Kuroko win? He didn’t even do anything to any of us!”

“Maybe that’s the moral of this whole competition,” Akashi nodded.

“But I lost! How’d this happen?!” Kise whined. He huffed but then smiled and clung onto Kuroko. “But it’s okay. I’ll do whatever Kurokocchi tells me to do. Including give him lots of loooov—”

“Can I pick another prize?”