and make a friendly suggestion to go do so

I love RP blogs I do y’all are lit

But just a friendly suggestion: when y’all having conversations on a posts that go REALLY REALLY LONG, it’d be wise to always delete the previous post if that makes sense.

Like you make an original post and someone reblogs it, so you reblog it back to respond. They reblog again and you reblog for a second time. That second time you reblog back, if you delete the previous post and continue to do that every time, you’ll only have one post with the conversation on it per blog that’s interacting and people won’t have to see that same conversation regress in time as they scroll down their dashboard.

Just a genuine suggestion so people’s dashboards don’t get spammed by one post. I mean the first time you see the post on your dashboard you are seeing the latest conversation right? So as you scroll down you are seeing the same thing but with less and less dialogue each time. So It makes more sense to just delete the old reblog bc you aren’t loosing anything. Your old comments will remain on the latest post and you’ll have the original post and the post with ALL the comments and that’s it.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I want to start by saying I love your blog- all the prompts are goals ✨✨ I also have a kinda specific question related to my story idea- one of my characters has trust issues (and I think for good reason? Betrayal and whatnot) and generally isn't very friendly. At all. She and another character (male) go to college together and I want them to end up as roommates (totally platonically) but idk how she would come to trust him? (Or even make friends tbh). Any suggestions? (can u halp) Thanks☺️

Thank you so much, anon :)

What you could do is that you create a situation in which the male character could easily betray her, humiliate her and what not. But he doesn’t even think about it. And she thought he would use that Situation against her and when he doesn’t do it, she begins to trust him.
But you have to remember that when she really has severe trust issues that it takes more than one situation. The male character would probably have to prove over and over again that he is worthy of her trust.

Hope that helps a little bit!

- Jana

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suggestions for a new simblr which is still trying to get going

so i am in no shape way or form to tell you what to do because its your simblr but i can tell you what i did to get going. first thing i did was try to make some friends. mostly everyone here is friendly so you can leave a comment on their stuff or send them asks or messages so they can talk to you and get to know you and stuff. next thing is you need content. you should post things sims related so people can follow you for that. i usually look at what people post first and then consider following so itd be best it you have at least one post. lastly just post whatever makes you happy. not everyone is going to like you or agree with you so just do whatever you want. 

Everyone has now been contacted about their assigned person for this year’s secret santa. If, for some reason, you have not received your assignment, please contact @freetextposts through ask and I will re-send it.

Helpful Reminders:

1. Please make sure to have anonymous messaging activated for your blog so your secret santa can contact you with questions. To do this, go to Settings⇒Choose Your Blog on Sidebar⇒Ask⇒”Allow anonymous questions”.

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3. Please don’t stress about finishing and posting within the posting dates (Dec 20th-25th). While it would be nice for people to receive their gifts around this time for Christmas, I understand that the creation process moves differently for every person. If you know for a fact that your gift is going to be posted late, please just notify your person, so they can know about when to expect it ^_^

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