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Like Nowhere On Earth

The Prehistoric Park AU no one asked for.

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“Kara what the hell are you doing here?” Alex hisses. She’s pressed into the dirt, the stink of loam in her nostrils and her sister’s wide blue eyes staring back at her through the thick ferns.

Kara wriggles closer on her elbows. “I wanted to help.”

Far, far above them, something rustles. Alex reaches out a dirty hand and clamps it over Kara’s mouth. On her other side, Lucy takes the safety off her tranq gun.

“That’s not gonna work,” Maggie whispers harshly. She’s almost on top of Alex, not daring to move.

“Not on whatever’s up there,” Lucy grumbles.

“Major Lane if you tranquilise my sister I will leave you stranded seventy million years in the past.”

“If you guys don’t shut up we’re all going to be left dead seventy million years in the past,” Vasquez snaps, and the three bickering women have the grace to fall silent.

Something, Kara thinks it’s a leaf, falls slowly down from the treetops, spiralling on the still air like smoke caught on the wind. Except then it extends its wings and soars gracefully away, a meter or so above their heads.

“Hey, our first dinosaur,” Maggie whispers, once it’s gone.

“Which kind?” Kara plucks Alex’s hand from her mouth, curious.

“I’m a botanist, little Danvers.“

Kara pouts. 

"Okay, uhh, early Cretaceous, Argentina… if I had to hazard a guess, he’s a-“


The ground beneath them shakes, tiny bits of rotting leaves shivering with the sound of heavy footsteps.

Thud. Thud.

“A pterosaur.” Maggie murmurs.

“And what’s that?” Kara points and Maggie’s gaze follows her finger, up, up, up far above her head.

“A very, very good reason to run.”

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