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I was tagged by: @shinobuoshino

A - Age: 19
B - Biggest fear: fear is really abstract and i prefer to keep it an in-the-moment thing
C - Current time: I don’t fuckin know
D - Drink you last had: probably after-cereal milk
E - Every day starts with: a good two hour internal scream
F - Favorite song: don’t stop me now, Queen
G - Ghosts, are they real: yes and if you snort a line in your local marriot inn’s swimming pool at night you’ll be transported their counsel room
H - Hometown: Sand Diego, California
I - In love with: Scout (s/o), and Marlon (guitar)
J - Jealous of: Michealcthulhu’s career
K - Killed someone?: possibly indirectly but
L - Last time you cried: every time i forget to change my ssb4 tag to “& knuckles”
M - Middle name: Mark
N - Number of siblings: 3 kinda
O - One wish: A Pet Sloth
P - Person you last called/texted: Scout
Q - Question you’re always asked: How tall are you? (6′2″ btw)
R - Reasons to smile: Scout
S - Song last sung: Safety Dance, men without hats
T - Time you woke up: like 11 am
U - Underwear color: depends
V - Vacation destination: uuuuuuh left.
W - Worst habit(s): getting mad at myself over my speech & reading problems
X - X-rays you’ve had: Dental, probably should’ve had one when i broke my elbows but i didn’t tell my parents about that until months later
Y - Your favorite food: Homemade  
Z- Zodiac sign: Zodiac signs are an artificial division and applied definition. I deny any tie I have to this man-made star-fate. 

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