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jackrhackam  asked:

hailey your tags on the parrot post made me laughcry :')

can you believe silver gets a parrot as a coping mechanism to deal with flint’s loss??? i truly can’t live with this knowledge i will never know peace 

also i seriously think this is how it went down: 

silver [bursting into the house]: “honey i’m home!! the greatest thing happened at work today i got this parrot and named him after flint how fucking hilarious is that!!!
madi: ……………..
silver: “look look listen i’ve only had him for an hour but i’ve already taught him how to say–come on flint show her what i taught you”
flint: [squawks] “the fUCKING waRSHIP”
silver: “ha!! it’s like flint never left!!! isn’t that just the funniest thing you’ve ever–madi? madi what are you doing? where are you going??”
madi: “i’m going to go find flint and thomas and bring them here and that infernal bird better be gone by the time we get back or so help me GOD i will throw you both into the sea” 
flint [squawks @ silver]: “you shit”
madi: “on second thought you can keep him” [slams the door]


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  • a - age: just turned 16!
  • b - birthplace: australia
  • c - current time: 7:43pm
  • d - drink you had last: water
  • e - easiest person to talk to: yak or madi
  • f - favorite song: rn believer by imagine dragons
  • g - grossest memory: my life is very uneventful idk
  • h - horror yes or no: ijnkdtj yes 
  • i - in love? nope dope 
  • j - jealous of people? ofc
  • k - killed someone? i’d hope not
  • l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? walk past again
  • m - middle name: Te Aroha (one word) and Delmodes
  • n - number of siblings: like 4 but 3 are still smol 
  • o - one wish: to get into the hella competitive uni I want to go to
  • p - person i called last: my sister?
  • q - question you’re always asked: why are you like this? (not even kidding) 
  • r - reason to smile: wingspans
  • s - song you last sang: idk some song on the radio i heard at work
  • t - time you woke up: 9am
  • u - underwear color: grey
  • v - vacation: kjnverhu too many places
  • w - worst habit: picking my nails (they’re disgustingly short)
  • x - xrays: teeth! (i’ve had braces twice kms)
  • y - your favorite food: h ow to choose??
  • z - zodiac sign: pisces
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