and made it fandom related

Call: From now on we’ll be using code names

Call: You can address me as Eagle One

Call: Celia is Been There Done That


Call: Tamara is Currently Doing That

Tamara: Oh my god

Call: Alex–It Happened Once In A Dream

Call: Aaron–If I Had To Pick A Dude

Aaron: ;_;

Call: And Jasper is………


Call: ………Eagle Two

Jasper: Oh thank god

megachamp1337  asked:

Giant!Mettaton and Giant!Chara are the best things to come out of this fandom. Like OMG they Chara's so precious and Mettaton is so big and fabulous.

   How are you?

(warm up doodle ft. Buttercup and flowey clothing. Because when is it ever a bad time to draw BC in flowey dresses?)


Now that i think about it i’ve always been fangirling over something throughout my entire life. 

I’m just too deep in fandom life like thanks to some fan theories that could’ve claimed a ship of mine incest actually gave me a few days of anxiety and sadness. Thanks a lot.

Reading books
  • Brain: obsess over this snarky, arrogant, cold, mean, attractive guy.
  • Me: why?
  • Brain: you gotta.

i hear we’re making compilation videos so here’s my contribution 

{ some of these get loud }

Hello to all content creators!

If any of you have RWBY-fandom related content that you made and you’d like me to share it with everyone here, send me a link or feel free to make a submission!

RWBY season 5 seems so far but we can make it through!