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Translation of YOI article from the newspaper “Le Monde”

A friend asked me a translation and I saw that on the original post, there were some curious too, so I’ve made a translation of this article (I took the most important part of it precisely)

To be honest, a show about ice skating, we didn’t think it would create such a keen interest”. Olivier Fallaix is responsible of the french Crunchyroll development. It releases outside Asia the surprising big success from this past months : Yuri on Ice, an anime of 12 episodes only, broadcasted between October and December and created by Mappa, a little and young studio.
This is internationally our second biggest success of the year, after Re-zero.
Sport animes are not really an universal genre, with big success. But the strenght of YOI is that it’s not only a sport anime”.

“Fans are not mistaken”

36 years old Ninou Cyrico, is a big fan of YOI, that she watched “five-six times”.
As a writer, she even published a fanfiction of 200 pages about it, taking place few years after the end of the anime.

YOI characters are wonderful, the story is written in a clever way, with an attention to detail very fabulous”, she says and insisting on the care to develop the secondary characters. “Even the less important characters have something that makes them more than being just the background
Fans are not mistaken : with the fanfics, and the doujinshis, they even have groups who wrote stories about them.

In October indeed, the fandom web (the fan community) have seen YOI taking a considerable importance. On Tumblr, their main characters have appeared on the list of the couples the most popular of 2016. On the fanfic website Archive of Our Own, there are at least 19000 stories published since then by fans.

And the most of those creations are focused on the relationship between Yuuri and Victor. In the anime, this love story is “implicit, never explicit, treated with modesty” according to Ninou Cyrico. “It’s clever, it doesn’t harm the story, that’s not about the romance but about Yuuri’s come-back”, and an ode to surpassing ourselves. Also, “a gay romance between a Russian and a Japanese, those days, and especially on the Russian side, it’s pretty cheeky”.

« There isn’t any homophobia »

For Garance Le Gall, an other fan of YOI and writer of a memoir on LGBT representation in comics, this anime appears like “a precious stone on the calendar of the story of anime”.

In Occident, we don’t realize how much what they did is important : a mainstream sport anime, that isn’t yaoi or even shounen ai, with a homosexual couple. It’s a bit like what George Miller did with [Mad Max : Fury Road]. They introduced it like a big testosterone movie, but the audience went to watch a feminist movie instead

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anonymous asked:

Are Lana and Jared super close in real life?

i made this post once summing up their relationship, but basically lana’s quietly adopted jared, and everyone seems to be ok with it

literally from day one she decided this was how it was gonna be and jared said ok

and they’re both 100% committed to it

and it’s so beautiful bc they’re so obviously good friends

but she’s also such a mom

and in short, i would die for them

anonymous asked:

so you guys (kylie and kristi) are friends irl? that's so cute lmao :'-) were you already friends or became friends bc of bts?

~Best friends~ (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)  We actually live five minutes away from each other, and we’ve known each other since high school! We were already friends, but honestly, BTS made us even closer friends (I remember the moment I told her I liked them– she screamed in my car). And she slept over at my house this past weekend, haha. 
To give y’all an idea of how close we are, this is basically our routine:
At 11am whoever woke up later texts the other back, and we figure out whether we want to get milk tea, eat, or “study” haha (usually this means posting together @ Starbucks while I teach myself Korean on the side LOL). I’ll drive over to her house, pick her up, and we drive around to wherever we need to go while singing/dancing/screaming to (or about) BTS. On occasion, we’ll go to McDonald’s at 11pm before they shut down the McFlurry machine (Sorry, Ky, I’m really outing us here LOLOLOL). And on our way back to drop her off we’ll play our fave RM or Dabin tracks and literally scream at the top of our lungs. And the routine repeats the next day, HAHA. 


Okay, part 2 of your questions! (Part one here)

Question 3) In the Family Friendly/Dystopean Evil YouTube inc, what happens to the channels that are already family friendly like Nerdy Nummies and Game Theory?

In this au, if your family friendly, you’re still given a collar, but you’re left relatively alone. They can still get shocked, but they’re not going to be tortured or brainwashed if they’re following the rules. Which leaves the people who know what’s happening in the YouTube world ( the ones who are friends or family with the ones being tortured) but are in a position where they aren’t as monitored. And I already made a post about Marzia being the leader of the Rebellion. But the Rebellion is quiet and secretive. It can’t even be known that there IS a rebellion. And it’s almost primarily made of family friendly channels that contribute their skills. Their collars have been hacked and altered so they can take them off and momentarily turn off the built in voice recording. I wanted to make bigger posts on them but yes, Rosanna and the GT team are both on the Rebellion. Sneak peek.

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A Rant

An old high school friend of mine I’d always chatted books with (we had a little two person book club in middle and high school) recently graduated university with a degree in English. She’s always been a bit full of herself, but I ignored it for the most part as friends do. 

Today, we were Snapping about books and I showed her some of A Separate Peace, which I made clear I greatly enjoyed. She described it as ‘bad adult lit’ and 'melodramatic YA’ despite never having read it besides the bits I sent. I told her she’d always trusted me on books, and to trust me now, joking a bit. She replied 'I have a fancy lit degree now, I don’t trust anyone.' 

Of course I know she meant it to be a joke, but this is just the tip of the iceberg with these comments. My time at community college was 'like high school’ and with my current school? ‘At least you’re trying still. :)’ My opinion on why her thoughts on Oscar Wilde were homophobic were completely ignored because she learned these awful things from one of her professors. I can’t help but feel hurt. 

I’m studying literature too, and have always felt on equal footing with her. She used to read my dramatic French existentialists and John Lennon and I used to read her Scott Westerfeld and Victorians. We had different tastes but there was a mutual trust and openness there, and lots of talking. I’m in school to learn more and am starting to feel like her presence is getting in the way of that. 

It constantly feels like neurotypical people are using my shitty life as a means to feel good about themselves instead of seeing me as an actual person with feelings. Other friends go to wonderful schools and still appreciate the effort I put in as I appreciate their efforts. We’re all students, and I’d like if more of us built each other up instead of making snide underhanded comments to boost our egos. My mental health is in bad enough shape without someone tearing away at me little by little. 

I can’t believe I just got accused of shaming someone for being white. Some of my best friends are white and I have dated white women.

I think it’s racist to accuse me of that kind of behavior because if I wanted to shame people for their whiteness, would I have white friends? Would I have dated white women? Gosh!

People on the internet these days are just so dang sensitive! It’s such a shame.

You’d think they’d realize that if they don’t like a post (such as the one I made about how White Feminism™️ often puts forward the idea that all women already get the same opportunities and how that’s not true in the film industry and other areas), that they’d just scroll on by.

Some people just want to get offended… Such a shame.

its been a while since ive made an introduction post and ive gotten so many followers SO

hi!! i’m V / SS (feel free to call me either, though if ur tfkin i LOVE SS), beku/star for friends. im 18 and use they/them! you probably follow me for my art which is awesome!! you also probably already know, but i do commissions (this will be updated soon, but ah well), have a store, and have a tip jar if you want to support me (if you donate a couple kofis, ill draw you something as thanks!) i stream sometimes too, please feel free to come along sometime, theyre pretty chill!

when im not drawing i tend to reblog TF stuff and other misc things here and there, i tag everything as thoroughly as i can! if you need something tagged, you can just drop me an ask. i cant guarantee i can tag absolutely anything, but almost everything ill tag no fuss 

you probably also already already know, but im dating megs ! you should check him out too, and send him asks about corn/s (actually dont ill get a fusion cannon to the face—–)

if you havent already, please read my byf, and read my about if you want some more info~ check out my twitter too, i spend most of my time there!

in any case, feel free to talk to me, send me asks, etc! replies and IM are always open. i hope you enjoy following me and thank you all for your overwhelming support!


🎃 Don’t fear the Reaper 🎃

Figured it’s time I posted these! Had a lotta fun at Colossalcon with this costume and it’s easily one of my favorite ones I’ve made to date! (It’s always like 100000x more fun with a rad group of friends)
Reaper: @thesheepishchevalier
Mercy: @dreamyalyss
McCree: @everysinglefrog
First photo by: DTJAAAAM

hamelott  asked:

Hi there! While I think I can guess the answer ;P, I'm curious about the why. So, for the Librarians ask thing: Rockwell. Thanks <3

Why is Jacob Stone my favorite? Well let’s start from the beginning.
I discovered Leverage first and it became my love. It had everything I ever wanted in a show: no love triangles, unnecessary drama, everyone made sense in what they did…then I realized that Eliot was one of the first characters in a tv show from the South that WASNT a horrible stereotype.
Problem was, I couldn’t really relate to him. (And yes, I know he shares some characteristics below that I list for Jacob, but then there are some more that he doesn’t have-plus I can’t relate to the darker parts of Eliot.)
Then came The Librarians.
My mind had exploded! I was amazed! Everything about this show was what I needed and wanted! I was actually EXCITED every Sunday, looked forward to new episodes, and it helped me escape my problems if just for an hour each week.
Then there was Jacob. He was exactly what I could relate to. He reminded me of home, of people I knew, of myself sometimes.
Plus, I can discuss his character for hours for some reason. Like now.
He grew up in OK and I in TX where no matter what one state says about the other, are very similar. The people are paradoxes: polite but stubborn, generous but hold grudges, open but distrustful, and some are jerks with hearts of gold. Then there are people who are just straight up jerks, like Isaac Stone.
Basically, Jacob has the traits of home for me. He’s not perfect, no one is, and his faults are familiar. He is a hypocrite. He is very judgmental for a man who has lied about who he is his whole life. Especially how he took so long to trust Cassandra again, even though she had proved herself time and time again to be trustworthy since (which I relate to, because even though I know Cassandra is trustworthy, if I was in his situation, I might be just like him-you learn to trust certain and few people when you have been metaphorically stabbed so many times.) He is stubborn and set in his ways, which is hard to break. He grew up in a town where he went to work, church, the bar, and home, rinse and repeat each week. He became a creature of habit, which is something that I feel we all can relate to.
Jacob is also kind, grew up with manners to strangers, especially women and children, and wants to do what he believes is right. He speaks his mind when it comes to things he disagrees with, possibly out of fear, because he is still learning his boundaries of magic. I think on how much of an excited kid he was when he first discovered magic, he has learned his lesson that it is better not to use it because it causes a lot of pain. And that’s really telling of his character. That risks of that kind scare him, of how unnatural and unknown things are alluring but dangerous in his mind.
Jacob loves art and poetry and literature and everything a man in his prejudiced home should not. He has hidden himself away from people, never knowing if some would have enjoyed the real him. I think that is a very relatable trait, that there are some things we love that we hide from others out of fear for what they might think when they find out.
With each new ask, I delve more and more into the details of Jacob Stone’s personality and traits, drawing on what I know about the people who influenced him (based on the people around me) and what I can infer from my own guesstimations. (Yes I know that isn’t a word)
But really, not everything I say about Jacob is canon. A lot of it is me inferring what I can about him from the show and what I can assume from his past and home based on my own similar surroundings.
Jacob is the closest I have come to understanding a character fully-most characters I don’t want to assume because I don’t know what surroundings they grew up with and what influences are there.
Like I can make a bunch of guesses on Ezekiel but I literally have no idea what life is like or the people are like in Australia so that part of his life is just blank for me. I can’t make assumptions on his character because I am missing all the puzzle pieces (especially for him cause he’s a fun mystery to solve).
But backstory and understanding the influences of a character’s childhood is very important for me to fully comprehend a character, and I feel I can do that with Jacob. (Ex: OK is home to many tribes of Native Americans (yeah thank Andrew for that-_-) so Jacob likely grew up with that culture always present (as seen when the Choctaw are protesting Isaac’s work site) and it possibly could’ve influenced him in wanting to learn more about Native American art). —-(I deleted a whole paragraph out here that had nothing to do with the Librarians and more to do with the ignorance of Americans to Native American culture and suffering)
And now I am officially off topic! I have rambled so much I’m sure you are tired by now, but thank you a lot for talking to me! I hope this cleared up something (sorry my brain isn’t as sharp as it has the potential to be) and I want to invite you to talk anytime with me!

anonymous asked:

i like to imagine in the scrappers band AU that kalta and oorok are the supportive parents who post about ellie on their facebooks with a bunch of made up emojis and hashtags bc they just love their music baby so much

YES ABSOLUTELY. In the real-world setting, they’re not Ellie’s official parents, but they love her and her friends and do brag about their adventures. Oorok is definitely the one who posts on social media more often, but Kalta is the one who stalks their band page so he’s the most up-to-date on their touring info 😂

anakinkshamer  asked:

Well I hope not anyone and Hal.. but wow I need to find the Bernard/Wayne docs because I can't Find ANY. I thought i was aloooone!

{{ Oh you definitely aren’t alone. One of my rp friends has a Wayne and Bernard who are married post movie. And I’m not sure if they are posted anywhere proper, Kay might know. They were on the old Live Journal account and that’s all dead and mostly deleted. But there were several fics. I just don’t think they ever made it to ffnet.

And I have read Hal stuff. An interesting post movie one that had a recovering Hal slowly grow feelings for Wayne as the disgraced and retired hero tried to make amends and acted as Hal’s sponsor/patrol officer. The other was exploring what was going to be canon which was Hal and Hot Flash. It was a very abusive relationship (and I think led to my head canon that poot Hot Flash always picks bad men and it always ends in fire and blood and death). Also, there was a Megamind/Hal one that was an alternate to them fighting and had them have sex as boys bonding over shared rejection and Hal declaring he wasn’t gay in a very closeted way. XD it actually worked fairly well since they’d already been hanging out (even if Hal didn’t know it) and it happened before all the reveals to piss Hal off and left it with them just settling into something that would be villainous allies with benefits? 

Like I said, you name it, someone in the fandom already wrote it. }}

July Study Challenge Day 20 - Favorite Five studyblrs

Ok, this was extremely hard. I had to narrow the list down from like twenty of you to these five. However, these are the five that made my list:

@kellistudies, one of my absolute best friends

@unefilledepapier, who co-runs a book club with me and is such an absolute darling

@studiesly, who I only recently met but was so sweet and kind and genuine

@universi-tea, who is absolute goals in every way and such a sweetheart

@architstudy, who is so nice, and is the best co-run account with the best content I can find

There are so many of you I’d like to recognize and someday I will, for now, just know that if you’re tagged I truly admire you 💗

Hey there! Many of you might have heard, I am starting a writing project!! I’m only about a month into it, but I’ve made good progress so far. But I would really like for people to get to know the characters and what the story is about. My novel is currently titled Escaping Royal Fate, and is the story of Aryn and Rane! I know that a lot of my friends seemed interested in reading my book, so here’s a post dedicated to @meglovesocs to help spread the word, and help you all get a good idea of what the story is about! 

Simple summary:

All Aryn has ever been taken for was a simple princess. Floundered and flaky, and nothing but a shallow girl held at the will of her parents and constantly treated like a worthless being. Growing up, she had only wished to escape her family. Now that she’s older, she is able to sneak away and fulfill the new title of a run away princess. 

But in the blink of an eye she is caught by the hands of fate and meets Rane Adler, and secret spy who works for the band of Circe- a group of people who keep the kingdom’s darkest secrets unknown and safely tucked away from the public eye.  He’s a complete mystery and sweeps Aryn off her feet, and shows her she is so much more than meets the eye.

But when people begin turn up in the city harmed by unnatural events. Happening around the same time this new stranger appeared, Aryn starts to question if he is truly who he makes himself out to be. She will have to choose to throw Rane back out as the outcast he was, or trust him and help him get to the bottom of what’s really going on. 

If you would like to know more about Aryn and Rane, follow my main blog @erenyoulittleshit!! 

Thanks for taking your time to read this :)

anonymous asked:

Your blog is glorious, I've just had kind of a crappy day, and reading all your posts made me feel happier, I mean your blog is just a big family full of weirdos and It's really beautiful, so thanks to all of you ☘️

I’m glad the blog was able to cheer you up! :) You’ve got it right honestly, everyone here is weird as hell but its great. We all get together to have a bit of fun. There’s something really joyous about logging into tumblr to an askbox full of nigh incomprehensible weirdness! @ the headcanoner team i love all of you <3 

Answer 30 Questions & Tag 20 Blogs You'd Like To Know More About

1. Nicknames: Most of my friends call me Dez, or just my full name.
2. Gender: Female
3. Zodiac: Scorpi-yooooo
4. Height: 5'3.5 on a good day
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7. Favorite Bands: My Chemical Romance, Frank Iero and the Patience (and all of Frank’s other Bands), Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Real Friends, In This Moment, and lots of others
8. Favorite Solo Artists: Childish Gambino, Cro, and Gerard Way
9. Song Stuck In My Head: Check In by Seventeen
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12. When I Made My Blog: 2-3 months ago
13. What Do I Post?: Topp Dogg
14. Last Thing I Googled: “greenpeace peru”
15. Do I Have Other Blogs: Yes. @da1zha is my personal/non-kpop music blog, @chuseokhoseok is my BTS blog, and @wonwhoaaa is my Seventeen blog.
16. Do I Get Asks?: Rarely
17. How Did I Choose My URL?: I love the Arario MV, and my bias is Xero
18. Following: 275
19. Followers: 41
20. Favorite Colors: Yellow
21. Average Hours Of Sleep: I’m really inconsistent. Sometimes I’ll sleep 12 hours, sometimes I’ll sleep 3 hours. I’m very unhealthy.
22. Lucky Number: 3
23. Instruments I Can Play: Every percussion instrument, piano, and guitar
24. What Am I Wearing?: Jeans shorts and a Hawaiian shirt
25. How Many Blankets I Sleep With: 3
26. Dream Job: Web design
27. Dream Trip: Canada
28. Favorite Food: Sweet, pineapple and strawberries; Savory, spaghetti
29. Nationality: Malaysian
30. Favorite Song ATM: 20 by Seventeen

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WARBLOSSOMED’S FAST PLOTTING/ STARTER CALL!    ;  hey, friends!  i know some people ( like me ) are terrible with plotting therefore I made this simple and easy way to make this go by faster! basically, i’m going to post a few of my wanted settings, connections, and plots. all will be labled under alphabetic code (  ex: a, b and c.  ) After you have a look at this post and see what you’re interested in comment on this post with the equation and we’re good to go ( ex: f + b + c + d )

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