and made her realise that she did really want to be with barney

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Prompt: “When will you realise that I love you?”

Character: Barney Stinson x Reader (character suggested by anon)

If there was one thing you knew about Barney Stinson, it was how much he lied to women, lied about his feelings, lied just for one goal; sex. So far, it was something you’d not given in to. He’d continued to pursue you, respectfully and always making you blush with compliments, but you knew why he did it. He wanted you to be another conquest, so, you kept your guard up and refused.

He smiled at you as you sat beside Lily and Robin, a smile that made your heart speed up and made butterflies swarm, “God, Barney’s really into you,” Robin scoffed with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes, “We all know that he only wants one thing and one thing only.”

Lily pursed her lips, “I wouldn’t be so sure…” She mumbled but before you had a chance to question her, Ted, Marshall and Barney had walked back over.

All through dinner you had to put up with his compliments and flirtations. You loved them, of course you did, but it was the fact that he was making you feel  things that you never wanted to feel for him, it was the fact that this was all just a big game to him… but it was a lot more than a game.

“I- I’m going out for some air,” you said and rather abruptly stood and walked out of the bar. You couldn’t take it anymore. You couldn’t take the things he made you feel. You couldn’t take it.

“Everything all right?”

You refused to turn around, staring straight ahead, “Not now, Barney.”

“What’s wrong?” He asked, “Is it Ted? He’s told that story three times-”

“It’s not Ted, Barney!” You snapped as you spun around, “It’s you!”

“Me? What have I done?”

“The flirting, the compliments? Barney, I’m not some person you can win over, sleep with and then throw in the trash! And I hate the way you make me feel but I know this is all just a huge game to you-”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down,” he said, holding his hands up, “You think this is a game?”

You frowned at him, “What else would it be?”

“(y/n)… All of this… The compliments, the flirting… It’s not a game. It’s genuine.” You scoffed at that but he continued, “When will you realise that I love you?”

Everything stopped at that moment. You stared at him, wide eyed and mouth ajar, “W-What?”

“I love you,” he repeated, “That’s why I’ve been doing all of this… I thought you knew.”

You shook your head, “Love… You love me.”

He rolled his eyes, “Do we have to keep saying it? You know how hard it is for me to admit these things. I’m not like Marshall or Lily, I can’t just say these things, I-”

You cut him off, grabbing him by the lapels of his suit jacket, and pulled him down to your lips; something you’d wanted to do since the first time you saw that stupid grin.

All I Know Is I Love You

Liam’s helping Zayn babysit Safaa, and her choice to watch Brokeback Mountain leads to more than just awkward conversation aka Liam’s too caught up in his own embarrassment to realise that Zayn might actually feel the same. (PG-13)

Word count 5k

Liam flicks absentmindedly through the TV channels, staring blankly at the stream of cartoons, informercials and crime shows surging before his eyes. Eventually settling on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, he nestles further into the cushions of his couch.

He recognises the episode almost immediately - it’s the one where Ted thinks the girl Barney has found him to take to an awards show is actually a prostitute, and in fact he’d watched it with Zayn only a few weeks ago after that douche had almost given Liam a heart attack by flinging open the curtain of Liam’s tour-bus bunk at 2 am and shaking him awake demanding “Liam time”.

He fumbles for his phone among the cushions and starts typing out one of the jokes from the episode to send to Zayn but - no, he’d best give him a break, let him enjoy some time with his family. They’ve only been home for 3 days, which means it’s only been 3 days since the end of a 2 month leg of their tour - 2 months of spending nearly every waking moment with the rest of the boys, whether on stage, out doing interviews, or just messing around playing Mario Kart in the tour bus. Liam doesn’t mind the constant togetherness that was their life on tour. He loves that there’s always someone around to watch movies with, to ambush with a Nerf attack, or to talk to on the days when the craziness of their fame hits him like a tonne of bricks and leaves him practically gasping for air, fearing that he’ll never have another normal day in his life. As stupid as it sounds, the boys keep him sane, and he loves them more than anything.

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So what was your opinion on the how I met your mother finale? I'd love to hear your detailed opinion and what you think should have changed if you want to give it :)

Alright, this will be long, this will be ragey and it will be extremely negative. You have been warned.

The HIMYM finale is the worst series finale I have seen since Dan Humphrey was revealed to be Gossip Girl (in fact, that made more sense). Everything the show has worked towards, everything the audience has fallen in love with, every character we have watched grow and evolve, all undone in forty-five minutes. Putting all that aside, the episode itself was poorly filmed and scripted; the pacing was bizarre and felt very rushed, the dialogue wasn’t as funny as it could have been and when I watched the episode I got the same feeling I do from reading a lazy and overloaded epilogue. But that aside, let’s get down to the true atrocities, the events of the episode.

Unpopular opinion time; I’ve never liked Barney and Robin as a couple. Their first attempt at a relationship was disastrous with them bailing on it before even truly trying to make it work. For the next few seasons we were treated to way too many “will they or won’t they” moments, which were particularly grating because they only seemed to pop up when the other was in a relationship (somewhat reminiscent of Ross and Rachel on Friends). And I loathed The Robin, which was basically Barney manipulating Robin (in an atrocious fashion) into marrying him. That being said, I was resigned to the fact that they were getting married and several of the episodes in Season 9 did attempt to address their issues and have them resolve to be together. We finally saw them get married and take that final step.

And then it’s all undone within fifteen minutes. Now, I could actually believe that Robin and Barney would eventually end up divorced. I think Ted was right when he said you can’t have two Alphas in a relationship. It’s hard for two dominant personalities to exist easily within a relationship, constantly letting pride get in the way, refusing to give in during fights, battling for dominance in the dynamic. Couple that with the constant fears and doubts in their relationship which never one hundred per cent disappeared and you have a recipe for a very tumultuous relationship. So, yes, I could see Barney and Robin getting a divorce. But not like this.

Not with Robin’s career as the catalyst and Barney regressing to the immature young man of Season 1, whingeing about being bored and not being able to update his blog. This was awful, sloppy writing, which punished Robin for her career ambitions (something the show had not done previously) and undid all of the progress made with Barney Stinson. The fans and the characters deserved more than a short, badly-written scene in which neither character fought for the relationship and the reason for the break up was flimsy and out of character. The entirety of Season 9 was building up to the final step of this relationship, to getting both of them down the aisle and for the relationship to be so completely and sloppily decimated so abruptly is an insult.

And that’s not even going into what happened to both characters in the wake of the divorce. Did we get to see Robin decide that her career really has always been the most important thing, throw herself into work with determination and enjoy her immense success? No. Instead we get a lonely and bitter woman, who chooses a life of solitude (shitting all over one of her best friends in the progress), longing for a guy she repeatedly rejected (for good and solid reasons) and feeling empty and alone. And Barney - do we get a reformed man, sad and regretful (but at peace with) his failed marriage but determined to better himself and make another real connection with a woman? No. Instead we are treated to a return of Season 1 Barney, a pathetic, misogynistic womanizer, treating females like crap, writing another playbook and regressing more than I ever seen a character regress. And the brilliant way to finally have Barney change? A random love-child with a woman who doesn’t even receive a name and a sweet but very abrupt and somewhat bizarre bonding scene with his newborn baby. Absolutely horrendous.

The rest of the characters don’t fare much better. Lily and Marshall are used as supporting characters, reacting and responding to the events around them, but with little development of their own. We are at least informed that Marshall returned to corporate law and did eventually become a judge, finally moving on to the supreme court. But what of Lily? Her character is entirely ignored in this episode. We find out nothing about her. We don’t know if her year in Italy was a success, if she’s still painting, if she’s still teaching, if she found success as artist. Lily is a fantastic, amazing character with her own dreams and desires and we don’t get to see any of them realised. The finale takes her and Marshall and turns them from rich, three-dimensional characters into supporting players, all but irrelevant to the plot.

And speaking of irrelevant, can we please talk about what this episode did to the character of the mother and by extension, the entire premise of the show. For nine freakin’ seasons we have waited for this woman. We have suffered through Ted’s failed romances and ridiculous at times somewhat pathetic attempts to find “the one”. We’ve watched his obsession with Robin and seen him let her go time and again. And the whole time it was worth it because we knew that at the end of all of this, Ted would find the Mother and he would finally settle down. She has been a vital character since the opening scene and when Cristin Milioti walked onto the screen and asked for one ticket to Farhampton, the audience fell in love and continued to fall in love over every interaction with her in Season 9. She was presented as a wonderful character and the show clearly displayed how it wasn’t just Ted who was waiting for her, it was all of them.

And it was all for nothing. Instead of a wonderful ending to a long (and sometimes frustrating story) the Mother is fridged to make way for a couple who should have been over in Season 3. It would have been fine to write the Mother’s death into the show if that’s all it was (and it would have added a bittersweet touch to the overall arc). It should not have been used as the catalyst for Ted and Robin to end up together. To kill off the Mother so abruptly, so clumsily, smacks of bad writing. We don’t even find out exactly what she’s dying of, how long they lived with the illness before it finally claimed her or how her children dealt with the loss. We don’t see anyone grieve over her, as if he character really was irrelevant. Really, in the end it basically ends up looking like Ted used the Mother to have kids (which he couldn’t do with Robin, even if she changed her mind) before returning to the real love of his life. Which brings us to the very worst part of the episode, the event that rendered an entire series moot; Ted and Robin being endgame, the only event in the finale that should never have happened, no matter the circumstances.

For nine years we have watched Ted chase Robin. At first because he genuinely loves her but later because he comes to love an idealised version of her, which he returns to whenever he is at a particularly low point in his life. Ted and Robin is Season 2 were a very sweet couple and they were genuinely happy. The only reason they broke up was because they wanted completely different things, which was a good and solid reason. They realised they wouldn’t work and they parted ways amicably. However, over the next few years, Ted starts to build up that relationship in his mind, because of all his relationships, it actually was the best and the easiest. No one was married or opposing his lifelong dream, or pining for their ex or moving to Germany. With every failed relationship, Ted adds another layer to his idealization of Robin, culminating in a very unhealthy obsession, which he does, finally let go off in the penultimate episode. He finally realises that he doesn’t love Robin, he loves the idealized version of her and he relinquishes the last lingering feelings he has, which enables him to connect instantly with the Mother with nothing holding him back.

Then, suddenly, we’re right back where we started. Back to Season 1 Ted, holding up a blue french horn to a woman who will never want him the way he wants her. Everything the show has built, every story told, every step taken, every character that has evolved is all undone in that final scene. We’re back at the beginning; we might as well have never left that first episode.

Why the finale ruined my favourite character Barney Stinson and the premise of character development

Okay so after 24 hours, and reading some really spot-on bad reviews about HIMYM’s finale, I think I can finally wrap my head around why I was so ridiculously angry (and tbh I’m still seething quite a bit) yesterday upon reading spoilers of the finale. I did not even watch the whole thing. I just scanned through the episode, merely to make myself believe that all the spoilers I read were actually true. I cringed, actually cringed, upon seeing the kids say that Ted “still has the hots for Aunt Robin”. I shut my computer screen at that very moment, in fact. I couldn’t bear to watch it.

My two favourite characters in the entire series are Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky. Robin is very dear to my heart because I consider myself the “Robin” in my circle of friends. One of my friends even joked that I was a lot like her, having studied journalism, and acting more ‘masculine’ than ‘feminine’ in some ways. Robin is such a strong female character, and her development as an individual is crucial, so good for her, particularly in seasons 6-8. A very excellent meta has already been posted about women and how the finale completely and utterly destroyed the characters of Robin, Lily and Tracy, so I encourage you to go read that.

On a side note, the more and more I think about it, even what Robin uttered to Ted about wanting to run away with him was a foreshadowing that the writers were going full circle with the ending (because honestly no matter which way you look at it, what Robin said to Ted about “let’s run away together/everything Barney does are lies” in 9x22 is completely OUT OF CHARACTER considering what she has come to accept is Barney). But I didn’t want to believe it, because that would have been the most idiotic writing decision on the planet. Stupidly, however, the writers actually are idiotic enough to make that decision. So many reviewers and metas have pointed out that going full circle is the most irrational decision to make simply because it no longer makes sense. It is ILLOGICAL, and it completely DESTROYS everything they built the characters out to be for the last nine years.

But above all, if I had to choose, Barney is my favourite, and this is the reason why I’m writing this post. Barney has been a truly phenomenal three-dimensional character, especially if you project his growth since season 1. Neil Patrick Harris won my heart the moment I saw him being a womanising goofball in a sharp suit, and even more so when he was able to, time and time again, portray such complex emotions through this one character. Simply put, he is my favourite because he is the one who has, truly, undergone the most drastic and significant character development out of all five main characters on the show. He has gone from womaniser to committed and thoughtful man. He has discovered who he really is, why he was who he was, kicked his bad habits, and changed; not just because he loves Robin, but because his friends (Lily is one big advisor) have pushed him to see that he can be who he is, deep down, but also be a better person at the same time. And he has done exactly that.

He is, even to the end of the show, in 9x22, the Barney we remember, but a completely different and changed person as a whole. He does crazy things like writing a whole thesis of vows and breathing into a brown bag upside down because he is hyperventilating. But then he has already become a better person, so instead of doing something dumb like running away, he stays, and he admits that he wants to be honest to Robin. The vow he made to Robin came out of the heart of a man whose life has changed, whose character has changed, PERMANENTLY. That kind of change is not thrown out the window, and more importantly, the kind of love that he has for Robin does not die just because distance or time stands in the way. The amount of affection he demonstrated towards Robin over the course of season 5-9 has been astounding to the point that we as fans are made to truly believe with every ounce of emotion we’ve got, that these two are destined, forever. Not just for a period of time, that they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Why else would he say that “The Robin” is the last play he would ever run? Why else would he pass on his “Playbook” legacy to two other men to ‘carry it on’? Why else would he admit that he has been broken for a very long time, until Robin came along? Why else would he propose to Robin, if he did not want to be with her for the rest of his life? Why else would he say that he does not need a story to believe in true love anymore, because now he has Robin? Why else would he fight for her and actually even look out for her, to make sure she could stay in New York, and be there for her when she needed someone? All that time, all those moments, everything he did for Robin, was because he really loves her. And don’t you dare tell me that their love is not strong enough to withstand distance and time. I understand that in reality, the divorce rate is very high and more people are getting divorced. And yes, distance can cause difficulty in relationships. So can time. But if you look, just look at what TIME has spanned from the start to the stupid-i-don’t-accept-this-finale ending they gave Barney and Robin, and how across time, their feelings have not changed, their chemistry has not faded, and they have kept loving each other, though they were separated, though they were apart from each other, despite the DISTANCE put between them, and the high stakes, the challenges, the obstacles in their faces. So if we look at ALL THAT, which is a giant and huge pile, mind you, and see with clear eyes that they have withstood all those tests put in front of them, then how can the writers expect us, as fans, to buy the story that they oh, just divorced, and it was no freaking big deal at all. SERIOUSLY? As a HUGE, and I mean, HUGE, fan of those two being together, it was not just a giant slap in the face, it was an evil laugh, a bloody stab in the back, an atrocious ignorance of everything they have put Barney and Robin through, both individually and collectively.

And it’s not just what they put Barney and Robin through as a couple; it’s what they did to Barney Stinson in the finale. It is so insulting of them to make Neil act through his last few scenes as a man who threw his whole life away and went back to his womanising ways, effectively shattering his entire character development across nine years, and make him look like a misogynist and have an illegitimate child, on top of trying to RE-redeem him in the space of less than 60 minutes. From what I’ve seen, Neil has not yet said anything in response to the finale, and I’m really not surprised if he is not completely happy with the ending they have decided to give Barney Stinson, who honestly is the award-winning character of the show.

Character development is the most important thing in any show, to me. If any show lacks a consistency in character development, I immediately feel like leaving the show. HIMYM, to me, demonstrated this very well through Barney, and that, really, above all, is the reason why I stuck by the show from seasons 6 to 9. I only started watching the pilot when season 5 was airing. So think of it this way; the fact that they invalidated all of Barney’s character development to satisfy some personal fantasy and premature plan of theirs is proof that they do not value character development, and that they do not valuethe characters themselves which they have built and created over nine years. So many people have said that the journey is always more important than the ending, because the journey precedes the ending. If the journey is the most important thing to the writers, they would have realised that the ending cannot be what they planned nearly a DECADE ago. Because the journey took them down a different path. A GOOD DIFFERENT PATH, may I add. So if they KNEW THAT, they would not have executed this ending despite having filmed it, despite having the vision for it, 8 years ago.

Storytelling is a fluid process. The best writers write stories as they go along. They make sketches, outlines, rough plans, but the plan is still flexible. It’s there, but it can change. There must be allowance for transformation in time. Because Bays and Thomas, themselves, as writers, would also have changed. Therefore the stories SHOULD rightfully change as THEY themselves change. And IT DID, but AT THE VERY END, they unbelievably, foolishly, astoundingly decided to forget the entire journey they had gone through, as writers and with the characters. And honestly, this is the part that makes me so incredibly outraged.

From what I’ve read online, even Ted/Robin fans are upset with how they’ve ended the show. Now doesn’t that SAY SOMETHING? I can’t imagine how horrible and devastating and ludicrous this finale must be to result in such a response from even the fans of Ted/Robin. It’s clear that even fans of Ted/Robin can see that how they ended the show made absolutely no sense. It’s the stupidest thing in the entire world right now, and I can say that forever, from this day forward, if anyone wants to reference WORST WRITERS OF TV or WORST FINALE OF A TV SHOW, they will first mention How I Met Your Mother. And how stupid it is, to have such a loved and supported show, end on a note that destroys not only their characters, but the reputation and the quality of all its nine seasons? To have just 60 minutes erase all the credibility of their previous episodes, to have 60 minutes cause all the fans and everyone who has ever heard of HIMYM to now think of the show in the worst possible way?  And for me, a person who considers shows like TVD and GG to have the worst TV writers on the face of planet earth, to say that HIMYM trumps all the bad shows as having the worst writers ever, is an abomination. It is an absolute disgrace.

I want Carter and Craig to acknowledge everything the fans and TV reviewers have said about the show that point out every single little detail they have done in this finale that is DOWNRIGHT WRONG. I want them to SEE IT, READ IT, and REALISE THEIR MISTAKES. Because I don’t really care if they career ends right now, or if HIMYD fails, or whatever. I really don’t care about them. But I care to see justice served for the fans, and for the beautiful fictional characters of this show, that is Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin, Barney and Tracy. For them to make even Ted go back on his word that he does not love Robin anymore in 9x22 is the most contradictory thing I have seen on television. And the reason I want to see justice for the characters is because stories live forever. They live on in our minds, in our hearts, in the fictional universe we create for them. And by gorge, even if we as fans remember these six characters in the best way possible as we had hoped for them, I won’t be satisfied until the writers of How I Met Your Mother apologise for the selfish, thoughtless ending they have given their millions of fans.

So I saw I post saying that Barney doesn’t deserve Robin and at first I got exorbitantly angry and then I decided to educate the world on a little thing called Barney loves Robin more than anyone or anything so be prepared for a long rant because I feel extremely strongly about this.

Now, first off, I am not trying to excuse any of the womanising things Barney has done in his past, or say that the way he objectifies girls for his ‘plays’ are ok. They are not ok. His attitude back in earlier seasons and even now isn’t always right and I am in no way defending that. HOWEVER.

He loves Robin. You’re blind as a bat if you cannot see that. (hey look Marshall I rhymed!) Not only does he 'love her’, but he becomes extremely selfless to her.

Just loving her isn’t enough. He loved her in season four, but that didn’t mean he was particularly good to her. They weren’t even together, and as Lily pointed out, he was still happy to engage in hook ups and didn’t make a particularly active attempt to be with her but actually.


That kind of shows how he understands her better than other people do. He never pressured her to be with him. All that time, he knew what a commitment-phobe she was, and he related to it. He was scared that he wouldn’t be good enough for her. Unlike Ted, who loves Robin and is definitely willing to be amazing to her, but also pushes her. He was aware of how badly she didn’t want to be in a long term relationship and he still put pressure on her for that. Ted was always worrying that he wasn’t ending up with the right girl, or that maybe he should give it another go with Robin, or that she’d be perfect if she was more open to commitment etc.

Barney is like a scared kid. He didn’t have a strong relationship to look up to as a child. All he saw was his mother and his mother’s friends having a string of affairs, so that is what he learned to do. He wasn’t always this sex crazed guy we know. He was willing to wait until marriage with Shannon. It’s heavily implied that he had no friends and was bullied as a kid. We know that hippie Barney respected Shannon a lot and wanted to do what she wanted. He wanted love. And the first girl he was with, whether he was truly in love with her or not, left him just like his dad did. He has all these extreme abandonment issues, and behind the facade, Barney seems pretty insecure.

He’s terrified that a woman as legendary as Robin Scherbatsky isn’t going to want him. And if she does, will he be good enough? And what if she too walks out on him?

Barney isn’t perfect to Robin by any means. He does thoughtless things, like not seeing how broken she was in season 5 after their split. But at the same time, Robin has hurt Barney. She’s been oblivous to his feelings too. They are probably the most damaged characters on the show. They both seem to have a lot of issues and insecurities for a sitcom. They’re complex people, and they BOTH make mistakes.

But they love each other. And Barney’s aware of the fact that she loves him, and he feels lucky. He wants to do things to make her feel special, like her Canadian Rehersal dinner, where he brushed aside all jokes and gave her the perfect evening that even she didn’t realise how much she wanted. And she understands that 'surprising’ and trickery with her Bro Mitzvah. They bounce off each other like that. Weird, outlandish and manipulative surprises are the way they roll.

However, he also makes sacrafices for her. See him giving her the superdate with Don. As soon as she asks him, and he sees her crying, all his arrogance and challenges go out of the window. He’ll give it all up so long as she gets to have a happy evening. He wants her to be happy. Like when he sees her all quiet, turning up at his house and asking if she made him feel needed. He’s appalled that Robin… strong, legendary, awesome Robin could be feeling like this.

He’s quick to make it known to her that she is independent and he loves it. And rather than chastising her for that or making her feel like she should be changing it, he makes her know that it’s just fine, and of course she can be loved and be exactly the way she is. Like Barney, Robin’s life seemed to be pretty darn short of love before she came into the gang. Her mom walked out, her Dad didn’t want her. She’s just as scared as he is.

And can we talk about how he accepts when she doesn’t want him. After she turns him down in season seven, he realises that 'this is it’. The love of my life doesn’t love me back. You can see it physically murder him when she shakes her head in 'tick tick tick’. You know what he could have done? Left all the rose petals out for her to see, to let her know that 'I did this for you. I’ve done a lovely romantic gesture and see what we could have had?’ But he didn’t. He knew it would hurt her, so he went and took it all away. Even though being in her room, and saying goodbye to every hope that he and Robin can be together again must have been horrific for him, he did it.

He knows that after that, the game is up. And when Ted comes to ask if he minds that he wants to win Robin back, Barney says it’s fine. That’s the difference between Ted and Barney, because Ted still wants Robin to be with him, even though it’s clear she’s not in love with him. On the night of her wedding, he hasn’t let her go, and he’s clamouring for one more chance with the locket.

Barney doesn’t put that sort of pressure on Robin. Such as, Mr Mosby, telling her he’s moving away because of her right before she’s getting married, or telling her he still loves her immediately after she lost her fiance.

Swarkles fit together because they understand that being put in those situations don’t work. That’s why he did 'the robin’. He knew she’d be scared. He had to make her realise that she loved him rather than just dumping it on her.

He makes it gradual. He knows Robin. She’s not a believer, she’s a cynic. She’ll need time and proof, and he wants to give that to her. Even then, it’s a 'hope’ she says yes. He’s aware that ultimately, it’s her choice. She could say no, and that would be that.

Yet he wants it to be special for her. He knows that she’s insecure about not being girly enough. In 'slapsgiving’, he knows that teasing her about a big white wedding will get to her, because it is something she wanted, but has closed off for herself. So now he actually has the chance to give it to her. He wants there to be fairy lights and rose petals and her favourite spot in the city. He wants her to be dressed up and feeling awesome. And when she says yes, he wants to not rush off and bang immediately, like old Barney might. He stands and watches the city with her, and kisses her nose just because he can now. They’re actually together now.

When they’re together, he wants her to know he loves her. So that means doing couple-y things that the two of them never used to do. He tells her she’s awesome, and he tells her he loves her. He does little things like strokes her shoulders and kisses her neck and holds her waist when they walk together. And he makes mistakes, like not wanting to sell his fortress, but at the end of it, he’ll try to do what’s right for her.

They argue. They bicker. He wants her to know she’s the most important thing to him. He wants her to have the wedding he teased her about years ago. He doesn’t give a damn if he gives up having the kids he used to want if it means he gets a lifetime with Robin. She’s not a future possibility of a family. She’s his whole world. He’s still learning and making all kinds of mistakes, but he’s also trying to rectify them. He wants her to know that he doesn’t have to wait for it anymore. She’s all that he needs to believe in true love. He’s hopelessly, irretrievably in love with her. He’s always going to have her back, and he wants them to be a team even when they’re so used to lone wolfing it.

When he lets a day go by without talking to her, then that day is just no good. And he means it. Days where he doesn’t get to hear her voice aren’t days worth thinking about in his book. He’s constantly amazed by the fact that he has a soulmate. A person who plays laser tag, drinks scotch, can handle a cigar and loves to joke. He loves that she’s still learning all this 'relationship’ stuff too, and that she’s scared of this as well. But she loves him.

One more thing. Is it really, truly fair for anybody but Robin to say who deserves Robin. In this Ted/Barney debate that’s going on, people seem to have neglected a very fundamental part of the triangle: Robin. She is nobody’s girl. She’s a person in her own right. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, she’s confidant in her sexuality, and she doesn’t play by other people’s rules. Also, deep down, she’s kind of afraid that she’s just a mess. We can see in 'tick tick tick’ that she doesn’t even get why people like her. And Barney is already setting out to prove that there isn’t any reason not to adore her.

He’s messed up in the very same way. He told Ted that he’s felt 'broken’. But with her, he doesn’t feel that way anymore. Just by seeing Robin’s face and smile when she tells him she loves him proves that he’s done the same for her. Robin Scherbatsky spent her adult life petrified of love and comitment, and now she’s wanting it. She’s so, so in love, and she wants let Barney know, whether or not they’re in public. She wants to kiss him and stroke his hair in front of everyone. She’s proud of their relationship. Unlike their old selves, they aren’t hiding this anymore. Both of them want this.

She is in love with Barney. Errors, flaws, mistakes and past aside. He is the one who makes her feel happy. He is the one who she is marrying. So surely that alone is enough 'proof’ that Barney deserves Robin. Headstrong Robin is well aware of everything about Barney, and she still loves and wants to be with him for the rest of her life. She has made that decision. And as fans of her character and the show, shouldn’t we all be respecting it rather than clamouring to volunteer a superior partner.

She’s a little bit of a mess and so is he. They get each other.

And in 'Barney’s blog’ for the night of his 'truth drunkness’, you can see a jokey entry full of random keyboard smashing with messages in between. I copied and pasted this line:

'you feel completely hollow inside and you really just want a friend to hold you’.

That blog entry was meant in humour, but let’s look into this. Barney who spends so much time knocking on snuggling just wants somebody to hold him and make all the messed up stuff go away. And now he’s confirmed that Robin does that for him.

So please can we all just imagine Robin and Barney happily waking up to each other and cuddling. With Barney smelling Robin’s hair, and Robin turning round and teasing him for doing so. And him brushing it off, trying to blame it on some far fetched excuse, but her cutting it short with a kiss. He’d probably kiss her cheek after, and she’d hug her arms around him and smile sleepily. He’d kiss the top of her head and say 'I love you’. She wouldn’t freak out. Because she feels just as much of an idiot. She’d respond with 'I love you too’. And they would stay in each others arms, feeling warm and content, because neither of them are broken or alone anymore. All of that is gone. Robin would turn back around and kiss him again. If he asked why, she’d respond with a 'j'st b'cause’. And then he’d raise an eyebrow. And she’d say 'shut up. I love you’.

Because they do. Love each other.

So if anybody ever says that Barney doesn’t 'deserve’ Robin, then I will come to poke your eyes with a magic yellow umbrella, because you’ve clearly been blind to eight years of character development.

This has been a PSA.

Manwhore - Part 14

Thanks to everyone for such lovely feedback on this fic: Ramblings.  We’re not far from the end now.

Thanks as always to the gorgeous @redprairielily for opinions and finessing.

Warning:  There’s some smut in here.  Oh and I’ve used a word in this fic especially for the lovely @facephase.🙊

Yep so here goes and I’m sorry:-

Manwhore - Part 14

“Erm….. I erm, I just, I dunno.” Finn continued to rub his palm up and down the back of his neck. “It weren’t spiteful I promise. It’s just….”

“Spit it out.” Rae stood tapping her foot on the ground with her arms folded, waiting to hear Finn’s justification.

“The thing is you attract so many predatory blokes, I just wanted to enjoy the band with yer without having to punch someone.” He shrugged and held his hand in the air in submission. “I know it were a stupid thing to do; you look sexy no matter what you wear. What you wear has nothing to do with the way blokes act around yer!”

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Chop's Not An Idiot- Part 1

Hi everyone, if you are wondering where the second part of The Pet Goldfish is, so am i (i’m getting there, promise). Anyway, this was originally supposed to be a one-shot from i-dream-of-emus ’s prompt (thanks for letting me do this :) ), and I’m really sorry but its kind of turned into a 3 part thing, got a little carried away. Turns out Chop’s POV is so much fun to write.

I’ll tag everyone and if you only want to be tagged in TPG or if you want removed/added just ask :) wandering-soul-7 kneekeyta flxwxry tinakegg celestev31 ililypop fantasticab fuckintentshop raernundo losingpudge llexis ducky17 courtkismet finnleysraemundo @dontneedamoralcompass fizzezlikecherrycola kerrvorting-and-snorting kristicallahan sarahlouise88ni @pink-royaute - sorry but the tag wouldn’t work :/

So these all take place between the end of epsiode 3 series 1 and up until the sexy party(-ish). All are very rushed and not very polished so bare with them please. But the next two should (should) be out tomorrow


Chop’s ears were still ringing, there was still a buzz in the air and he was still humming Champagne Supernova under his breath despite the fact that Cast No Shadow was playing in the car. “Can’t believe they finished with I Am The Walrus, fucking brilliant! And bloody John Squire and ev’rythin’. Eh, Finny-boy?”

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Fic: Not Again

@ripperblackstaff prompted: “Barnelle – Barney meets Belle at the bingo hall, where her dad is playing.”


Not Again

He supposed that he had noticed her because she was so completely out of place. Someone so young and lovely just didn’t really belong in a bingo hall in the Barrowlands. For a moment, standing under the dim glow of the overhead bulb, with her dark chestnut hair fanned out around her shoulders and a serene smile on her face, Barney thought that he was face to face with an angel, come down to Glasgow on a flying visit to break the monotony of his days.

Presently her smile widened, and Barney looked around to see who had caught her attention. There was no-one in the immediate vicinity and his brow furrowed. Still, her expression did not dim, and she beckoned to him. Well, it seemed to be to him. Despite having looked around just a few moments before, Barney did so again, but there was still no-one around.

“Me?” he mouthed, pointing to himself.

The lovely young woman nodded, and Barney checked for a third and final time that there was no-one else that she could possibly be gesturing to before he made his way over to her.

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How I met Your Mother

Okay, I think I can decide how I feel about the finale now

I like the idea. In fact, on the face of it I love the idea. As we all know, they had the idea for the ending from Day 1 and never changed it. The idea that Ted would meet the mother, and they would be in love but she would die, but then Ted would get another Happily Ever After with Robin, in the relationship we all knew was perfect too, that’s a great idea, it’s heartbreaking but nice. And all the other characters were happy too and got what they finally wanted.


That’s not how it played out

  1. Instead of him and Robin being this relationship that we all still knew could be great, by the end it was something very very few people wanted. They played the on again off again card way too much, and by the end, we were all glad to see some development when they both moved on.They had been a trainwreck of a relationship, hurting each other and putting themselves through unnecessary shit to love each other. When we saw them moving on, that was great. It was put to bed. We were ready to close that chapter of Teds love life and watch him meet the true love of his life, the woman who would make him realise Robin was never true love. So if the plan all along was to have them end up together - WHY DO THAT!?!?!
  2. Robin and Barney! This is my main issue with the whole thing. They knew Ted and Robin were going to end up together, so why in the name of all that is holy would you pair her up with Barney? Why would you show how perfect they are for each other? Why would you string out an on again off again relationship over multiple seasons? Why would you show some of the best character development I have ever seen as they realise they love each other? Why would you spend an entire freaking season, showing the wedding of a couple we (nearly) all loved and thought were perfect together, just to divorce them 20 minutes into the finale? What was the point in having that divorce cause them to regress back to their season 1 characters, when it as already shown that season 1 Robin/Ted did not work out for very obvious reasons? Please please explain to me what the point of that was?
  3. Barney having a baby - As far as I can remember, Barney had never shown any particular interest in having children. So why did the writers decide that the ‘perfect ending’ for him was to a) loose the love of his life b) loose about 2 seasons worth of character development c) have a baby and fall in love with the baby but d) still not change any of his ways. To me it just seems like he lost everything good that had happened to him throughout all 9 seasons, but he’d been given a baby just for a token 'awwh’ moment from the audience.
  4. Lily and Marshall took a weird back seat. It didn’t seem to fit with Lily’s character at all to just accept that they weren’t as close anymore, and yes she got her year in Italy, but then when they got back, what then? Marshall got to go where he wanted in his career and Lily…? She did who-knows-what and her happy ending was to have another (unnamed) child. And that’s it? That’s all we know about them now.
  5. The mother. Here I come to my final point. Yes, it seems like a heartbreaking but reasonable idea to build up to meeting her, have her an Ted be totally in love, and then for her to die. Yes, the show does have a theme of 'horrible things happen, its about moving on’ but COME ON. If you’re going to do that, at least give us a bit more. Show us more than her meeting the friends, and then snippets of her and Teds relationship. It might even have been nice if we’d have seen a mention of the other pregnancy? No, Luke was just a second child to fit Teds dream all along. All I mean is that while it would have played nicely if we had maybe seen Ted and her in love, and then seen her being sick, seen him grieving her and then had the kids make him realise he can move on, and him deciding to give him and Robin another go. But because of the way they showed it, instead of that what it looked like is 'Robin can’t have kids, Ted really wants kids but he also wants to be with Robin. Robin is now married so Ted finds a girl he can have kids with and have the married life he always wanted. Robin is no longer unavailable. Mother conveniently dies leaving Ted to pursue the woman he’d been in love with all along.’ Just don’t build the Mother up to be his soulmate and perfect, just to play it as if he’d been in love with Robin the whole time anyway.

In conclusion:

It would have been a really really nice idea and it would have worked really well if they hadn’t done the Robin/Barney thing at all. If they’d made the Ted/Robin thing look better over the 9 seasons. If they’d not dropped all character development for (as far as I can tell) no reason, and if they’d made it more clear that Ted did actually ever love the mother.

Autumn leaves - Part 8

Sorry this was later than I’d expected and it’s extremely short and pretty boring I’m just so busy at the moment. If anyone is getting bored of this by now or feels like its dragging on please let me know.  This is going to be pretty short but I’ll work on making the next part longer I promise! Thanks for likes/comments/reblogs I hope you enjoy this as always!

kneekeyta ducky17 rinncincin stephsadickhead bitchy-broken i-dream-of-emus tinakegg @jessicacandesign murderyoursoul abullofshit celestev31 areyousad8118 girlwithafoxhat kristicallahan jackiewalsh2013 finnsnelons anglophileyoungblood idontliketalkingtoanybody llexis milymargot alyssaloca scumothaearff hewittgolightly ililypop


Finn slowly began to awaken when he noticed a slight weight on his right shoulder. He could feel something tickling his chin and the side of his face and he was pretty sure it was hair. He tried opening his eyes but the harsh light filtering in through the huge open windows was just too much for him to handle right away after waking up. After having gave his eyes time to adjust to the light and take in his surroundings he looked to his right to find her asleep on him. Rae. He’d thought about this so much lately he wasn’t sure whether or not this was a dream. He’d imagined so many scenarios in his head of how they’d happen to end up asleep together and him waking up to find her asleep on his shoulder had been one of them. It was even better than he could’ve imagined.

 Heat radiated from her keeping him warm and she looked so beautiful. He could feel her breathing on his face but only just, he thought that must be the best breeze he’d ever feel in his entire life. Her long eyelashes gently rested on her cheeks and her mouth was ever so slightly parted making her lips look like the perfect pout. Finn wanted to badly to kiss those lips again. To feel them against his. He then let his eyes travel down her body till they fell to her chest heaving up and down as she breathed and he could feel himself becoming hard. ‘Get it together Nelson’ he silently told himself, he’d never be able to last seeing her without clothes (if he was lucky enough to ever get the pleasure) if that was the effect she had on him fully clothed. He didn’t want to ever move but his neck was sore from having fallen asleep sitting up and as much as he wanted to he couldn’t stay there forever. He tried to shift his shoulder slightly in the hope to wake her and it seemed to do the trick.

He could hear and feel her slowly begin to stir. She rubbed her eyes and held her hand to her head as though she’d just walked into a door. She then lifted her head from his shoulder and he instantly missed having it there. Rae then slowly turned to face him and he watched as a look of utter horror crossed her face.

“Fuck!” she shouted then stood up and walked to the other side of the room.

“What? What is it, what’s the matter?!” Finn asked worried and confused.

“No no no. This can’t be happening” she said putting her hands through her hair.

“What you talking about?” Rae turned to him.

“Don’t you remember last night? All that shit with Chlo then me and you.. we , we ”

“Yeah we kissed so what?” Finn asked. He was now annoyed, what’s so bad about kissing him, she obviously just went along with it. There’s no way she likes him.

“SO WHAT? Did you not see what Chloe done last night mainly because she was upset about you” Rae screamed pointing at him “breaking up with her. I kissed you and it's not even been a day since yous broke up and I kissed you. Oh no Chlo’s gonna hate me”

“Look just calm down yeah, I know it was wrong but-”

“But nothing Finn this was a big mistake and it won’t happen ever again” Rae said dismissing him before walking out.

Finn was left standing watching her leave, leaving him hurt, confused but most of all lonely.


Chop woke up to find a mass of ginger hair spread across his chest like fire. He remembered last night so clearly. He remembered how surprised he’d been when his little Izz had wrapped her arms around his neck reaching up on her tiptoes to smack her lips on his. He also remembered how natural it had felt and how he’d thought of nothing else since. He wondered how he’d never realised his feelings sooner. From the moment they met they’d got on great and he thought she was stunning he just never thought of her as anything other than a friend. Now though he realised how he didn’t just want to be her friend, he wanted so much more. He hugged her tighter so she was as close to him possible but he must have squeezed her too tight as she woke up.

“Morning Choppy Chop” she whispered, grinning at him.

“Good morning my dear” Chop replied flashing a smile back at her.

“About last night I’m sorry if you didn’t wan-”

Izzy was cut off by Chop kissing her. He decided to show her there was no need for her to be sorry. She didn’t ever need to be sorry fro kissing him. When he felt her relax and smile into the kiss he couldn’t help but do the same. 'She likes me back' he thought to himself 'get in there lad’. Izzy pulled away after things got a bit more heated and smiled at him.

“You don’t ever need to apologise for kissing me, you do that whenever you like” Chop said cheekily.

“Oh right in that case I will” she replied and dived on him, covering his face with little kisses.

Just then they heard heavy footsteps on the stairs and sat up to see Rae angrily charging down them. Her hair was all messed up and the little mascara she’d put on yesterday was now under her eyes.

“Y'alright Raemundo” Chop asked curiously. It wasn’t like Rae to be in a mood.

“Fine” she simply replied walking into the kitchen to get a drink.

“I wonder what’s wrong with her” Chop said to Izzy curiously and she shrugged.

Several minuets later an upset looking Finn walked down the stairs slowly, like he had no energy.

“What’s up wi’ you lad?” Chop asked.

“Nowt” Finn replied looking at the floor as he made his was to take a seat on the couch.

Chop eyed him wearily trying to think what could be wrong. He thought it might have been part of the reason Rae stormed down the stairs like she had, maybe they’d had some sort of fight. They’d sorted things out though, he almost caught them kissing last night. So what could it be?

Rae then walked back through the living room with two glasses of water, looking a bit calmer.

“I’m just taking some painkillers up to Chlo, figured she’ll need them” she announced before disappearing back up the long staircase.

Chop watched Finn stare at Rae as she spoke and how his eyes followed her upstairs and stayed looking longingly at the stairs she’d just walked up. ’He’s got it bad’ he told himself. Finn without a doubt liked Rae. Nothing could happen though not after all this Chlo business. He’d need to have a word with him.


Chloe woke up to a knock at the door to see her best friend walk in. She felt absolutely horrible. Her whole body ached especially her head. She felt as though she’d just run a marathon she had no energy. She was so glad to see Rae had come to the rescue with water, she could always count on Rae. She’d get over Finn in no time so long as she had Rae, and Izzy of course. Izzy was like her ray of sunshine always there to cheer her up and she could always count on her for girly stuff Rae didn’t like.

“You alright, brought you some water and painkillers, how you feeling?” Rae asked going to the bed to join Chloe under the covers.

“Could be better but not bad considering” she said laughing lightly “thank you I could really be doing with some painkillers”.

“Thought you might do” Rae said smiling at her friend.

“I don’t think you’ll be doing much today”.

“No I doubt I will, we promised Barney we’d help him clean his place up but” Choe said.

“Shit that’s right, I’ll need to remind the gang. You won’t be going anywhere though. You need to go home and rest in bed”.

Chloe then thought about what to tell her parent’s, she couldn’t tell them what happened. “Rae what am I supposed to tell my parents?”

“Just explain Finn broke up with you and you went a bit overboard with the drink but your fine” Rae suggested.

“That might work actually or i’ll just say i’m coming down with something, thanks Rae I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Chloe engulfed Rae into a hug and Rae hugged her back awkwardly, not really big on hugs. “so what happened after I fell asleep babes, anything exciting”.

Rae wasn’t sure what to do. Should she tell her about the kiss and risk their friendship or lie and risk her finding out later when it might hurt more?

“Oh nothing much really” Rae said wearily.

“There must have been something” Chloe pushed.

“Oh well I think something’s going on with Chop and Iz actually they we’re all cosy last night” Rae said hoping that would keep her happy.

“I knew something was bound to happen with them two, I’m so happy for them” Chloe said smiling.

“So what about you anything exciting happen?” she asked feeling there was something Rae wasn’t telling her.

“Uhh well-”

“Morning Chlo how you feeling” Izzy said walking in the room to give Chloe a hug.

“How you feeling” Archie asked following Izzy’s lead and going to hug his friend.

“Not bad really, been better” She replied before looking at Rae and giving her a look that said we’ll continue this later.


“Finn mate can I have a word” Chop asked as Archie and Izzy made their way upstairs to see Chloe.

“Course, what about?” Finn asked.

“Look I’m just gonna cut to the chase, is there something going on between you and our Rae?”.

“What? No what you getting at where’s that come from?” Finn said confused.

“Well you can’t pretend I didn’t see yous almost kiss last night at Barn’s and then this morning Raemundo comes down stairs in a right mood then you do too a coupla minuets later. Don’t say that’s not suspicious.” Chop said awaiting a reply, he’d known Finn long enough to know when he was lying.

“Nah mate nothing’s going on I don’t know where this is coming from we explained last night and I was hungover this morning, not got a clue about her” Finn relied glancing at the ground not wanting to look Chop in the eye.

“Finn I know I’m not the brightest bulb in the box but I’m not fuckin stupid I know when your lying. Just tell me the truth”

“We kissed alright, you happy, now you know. I like her mate” he said shyly.

“Nah im not fuckin happy how could you do that to Chlo. You seen what she done last night and your off kissing her best mate.” Chop was angry at Finn. He’d never known him to mess about with girls that where friends and especially wouldn’t expect it now they we’re all like a gang really.

“It wasn’t like that mate do you really think I’d deliberately do that to Chlo. Despite what you might think I care about her but with Rae it just happened. I don’t know what it is about her I just can’t top thinking about her she’s different to any girl I’ve met before, I think she’s amazing. I don’t want to mess either of them about but I just can’t help how I feel about Rae.” Finn said, feeling a bit of relief to actually get that off his chest eventually.

“I know she’s a top bird but your just gonna have to try and stop thinking about her. She’s off limits after the Chloe business. This is how friendships and relationships shouldn’t mix. It just fucks everything. Just put Raemundo out your mind or shits gonna get messy” Chop said finally before slapping Finn on the back and heading up the stairs.

“Easier said than done”.