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Adele’s album is a cinematic piece. It’s beautiful music that you can play along with your feelings. But it didn’t take any risk. It was a safe album that explores what we’re used to. There’s nothing wrong with liking that album.

Beyoncé’s album, on the other hand, took a ton of risks, made a bunch of conversations, launched and inspired so many people (and not to mention think pieces), that it was basically talked about time and time again while Adele’s music could have been used in movies and scores. It revived an interest in country music, rock music, being studied as an art form in classes. 

So, the sales were not as high as Adele’s because of the time it was released. However, I don’t recall Adele being as influential. I wasn’t singing “Hello” all year long. No one talked about Adele a lot. Adele wasn’t lampooned by SNL. Even Adele was shocked that she won.

So yeah… what does Beyoncé have to do to win? 

Before you say anything about “sales,” there were people who won based on talent, like Esperanza Spalding. 

And the next question we’re going to get asked is “Why there is a BET Black Awards?” 

You can see why… when it comes to being on a national stage, we can bring the people to the party, but we can’t take accolades home.

i always thought they’d be fun in a soul eater ish au…since they’re his sword an sheild lmao…and them learning team work is a fun concept…i say “ish” cause I can’t remember the technicalities in soul eater that well…i actually completely forgot the soul eating part until i was looking at pictures…which is sad, since…that’s the name of the show….all i remember is they turned into weapons, fought monsters, and crona made me cry a shit ton


I saw the post @zootopepo made about the blog banner of @judy-hoppswilde‘s blog, and it looked so amazing! i had to do some digging to find out if there was more, and I found some cool ones! 

They’re done by a Russian artist, and his art is labelled as “2D among us”. he takes all kinds of animation characters and put them into real life scenes! 

the artist has got a ton of work, and I found a bunch that I like, chances are if you like some sorta animation character or popular movie, there’s one for that. 


Day 4: Stolen Kisses // Secret Relationship

I filled day 4 twice?! So I’ll post one now bc rules are made to be broken lol

Sweet jaytim bath cuddles- this doesn’t make a ton of sense as a ‘secret relationship’ unless you read the newest chapter of @redbirdcallings amazing fic, Things You Can’t Wriggle Out Of!  Please check it out and show her your love!

In consolation for not -really- filling the prompt there are some fun wriggly things under the cut ;)

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I don’t know if anyone’s had ever addressed this or not, but Helen Cho and her people printer, why isn’t this talked about more??

Like I come back to the people printer a shit ton when I’m sitting around doing nothing. I’m no scientist or biologist or any type of doctor, I’m just an art school drop out trying to wrap my little brain around that people printer thing.

Like Bruce specifically says “She (Cho) is creating tissue!”, and after Clint jokes that he is going to be made of plastic Cho reassures him that he is “Going to be made of you (Clint).” So in my little unprofessional mind this says that Cho has figured out a way to rapidly clone and replicate cells and join them with the preexisting cells with no problems and little recovery time. Recovery time after a skin graft is about two to three weeks depending and the area must be kept safe from any sort of trauma (hit, scratch, stretch), yet we clearly see Clint up and moving and even fighting in like two days.


Oh and then she pretty much creates a sentient being, which is kinda a fluke and something she couldn’t really do again, because like Vibranium cost the big bucks and there is only one Mind Stone…. So i would assume only one Vision. But she STILL created artificial life, so the question still remains, what else can she do with that thing?

So like if it is indeed cloning cells, she could probably print organs. Like there would probably be little fear of the body actually rejecting the organ because, hey guess what?! It’s the persons actual organ. And is the printer precise enough to say actually print a replacement limb? Like could it clone the bone and tissue and each little vein and part of the nervous system so that it would actually be compatible with the persons already existing nervous system? Would fine motor skills still be present? Or what about touch as a sensation? Could it get precise enough to print an eye? Like pupil, cornea, rods, and cones that actually work? And can send that info to the brain in tandem with the other eye? Or what about organs that didn’t work properly in the first place? Can it mend or replace those?

Could this thing also be applied to cosmetic surgery, both voluntary and involuntary? Like in the case of burn victims and skin grafting, could it also clone and recreate the ruined and missing tissue? Or say if someone wanted breast enlargement, could it print more cells for a bigger bust? Or remove tissue and prevent scars? Or what about gender reassignment surgery? Could it be used for something as benign as tattoo removal? Or scar removal? Can it reconstruct a face?

Like I need to know the extent of Helen Cho’s people printer, and if half of this shit is even remotely possible that woman needs like 10000x more recognition and like her own movie or show. Because I would watch a medical drama where Cho fixes damn near everything with her trusty people printer!

Asexual Pride- Moana

So I’ve got this long list of characters I consider asexual, and I want to slowly go through and draw them with pride flags or colors or some sort, and this cool princess seemed like the best place to start! I also made it with Aromantic colors too:

These two are also available as prints and t-shirts and tons of other stuff over here in my Redbubble shop!


Thought it might be interesting to show how my Mos Eisley piece breaks down in Photoshop!  Despite technically being made up of a ton of layers (just for organization and ease of selection), the final piece breaks down into about five parts: inks, flats, shadows, bounce/atmosphere, and overlay.

  1. Sketch
    I actually blocked out a small scene in Maya to help me compose this shot – Mos Eisley has a lot of domes and ellipses and, as much as I adore drawing in perspective, it definitely helped having a basic maquette for placing the camera.  We had to get the sketch approved by Lucasfilm, so I did a quick value pass to hint at the time of day.
  2. Final Sketch
    This is where I’m finalizing the composition before inking.  This meant fine-tuning figure placement, environment details, and any text I had written on the walls.  Luke was almost entirely central in the initial sketch, so I shifted him to the left to let the piece breathe a little more.
  3. Inks
    The first stage of the final piece, and probably my favourite – I can just turn off my brain, zone out, and ink.  Since Star Wars is a notoriously “used” universe, I went for a bit of Geof Darrow vibe and let the inks do a lot of the texture work for me.  The inking is actually done over some twelve-odd layers (sandtrooper, Luke, foreground moisture vaporator, etc), but that was just to organize my file and facilitate expedient flatting later on.  The final inks are a dark green-blue, with a bit of variation in the distance to reinforce the atmospheric perspective.
  4. Flats
    This aaaalways takes longer than I expect.  This stage changes depending on my process, but I went with pretty basic local colors this time around.  Nothing fancy.
  5. Shadows (multiply layer)
    The shadows are all on 1-2 multiply layers, pretty basic.  This was a deceptively simple lighting setup, so I wanted to make sure any edges that were catching light read really clearly.  I added the warm rim of subsurface scattering to break up the edges a bit.
  6. Bounce Light and Atmospheric Perspective (screen layers)
    A couple separate layers, but they serve similar purposes.  This stage added bounce light from the sky and sand, as well as layers of atmospheric perspective to separate out the foreground, midground and background.
  7. Final (overlay layers)
    The final piece!  I used a subtle overlay layer to marry the colors, as well as some film grain and light watercolor texture to break up the swaths of flat digital color.

So that’s my jam!  I’m changing up and improving my process constantly, but this is definitely one way to get things done. :)

Signal Boost for a Friend in Need

Hi there everyone. I know I don’t talk about stuff like this very much but this is really important.

About 2 years ago I made a post saying that a friend of mine, Riddlemeroxy, now known as @croxovergoddess, needed help with keeping herself afloat. Now she needs our help again. She’s stuck in a bad situation with someone she’d rather not be around, and now she’s looking for a way out.

Please consider checking out her art, and commissioning her. She’s an amazing artist and a skilled writer with her own web comic in the works! Ever see those “Draw the Squad” things? She’s the mind behind a ton of them. She draws style challenges, OCs and fan art by the bunch, and is a truly wonderful person!

If you can’t donate, then please consider reblogging this post so that others can see. Every reblog counts. Roxy is a very kind person who deserves help and love, let’s give her some!