and made a tasty dinner


I hung out with @upthewitchypunx for Candle mark today to make candles and eat tasty food. Per usual, I did more chatting and hanging out than actual helping… >_>

The candles are for resistance/survival - sweet orange & black pepper in the black layer, dragon’s blood resin in the red on top. I’m excited to try one out.

Alex also made a super-tasty dinner of seitan pot roast, root veggies, garlicky Brussels sprouts, and sour dough bread. Always the best place for a home-cooked dinner.

one time i went over to lucio’s house and he made me pancakes with a bunch of tasty fruit for dinner then showed me a bunch of cool music i’d never heard of and complemented my new shirt. 

all torbjorn did today was spit toothpaste water on me while i was trying to wash my hands and then blast the How I Met Your Mother theme on repeat for an hour out the living room speakers. a stark contrast.