and made a collection herself

This is what happens when I want to do a red/black color scheme and also lowkey wanted to make a Djinn Pony (by @ask-the-french-olive!). 

We get an edgy-looking Djinn. xD Who is rather sweet and laid back despite her appearance.
She likes bones and has a bone flute collection (most of which she’s made, herself), but her real thing is song. She’s always swaying or twitching her tail to a rhythm it seems only she can hear. Nocturne sings her prey to sleep with sweet serenades and lilting lullabies as she waves her horn in an infinity pattern.

Hope you think she’s as lovely as I do, Saas! :D

old, new, borrowed, blue

word count: 1339


She sat on the carpet floor in her wedding dress. Her hand sticking out through the crack in the door. He was on the other side in his tux his hand covering hers, his fingers spinning the engagement ring on her finger.

They laughed through the crack in the door talking about something silly like what his aunt was wearing or the funny show they caught last night. They didn’t talk about the big thing. The fact that they were going to be married in a few short hours, it just didn’t seem to come up.

They both knew it was happening, they were dressed for the occasion. Their families were waiting anxiously, but they weren’t anxious at all. They were happy just to sit on the floor next to each other, with a thin wall between them.

“Please, please, please,” He whined, “Just for a second and I’ll pretend I didn’t see anything.”

She laughed and squeezed his hand gently, “Absolutely not.”

“I’m sure loads of people have broken the rule before,” He said.

“We’ll you are not going to be one of them,” She said, and he could hear the smile in her voice, “You’ll see me when I walk down the aisles…and you better cry or else I might just turn around.”

He laughed, “Okay, you win.”


He stood next to the officiant at the end of the aisle. His hands were shaking a little bit and he took a deep breath. He looked out to all of his friends and family and her friends and her family and smiled.

That’s when the music started and he forced his gaze to the end of the aisle. He watched her closest friends and his sister walk down the aisle, Aaliyah gave him a little pinch in the side when she made it up to him. He watched the ring bearer and flower girl doddle down the aisle.

He got down on his knees to take the rings from his little cousin and watched him run back to his parents. Then his attention was turned back to the room. He felt his breath catch the second he saw her. His heart raced faster than he had ever felt in his life.

When their eyes met she grinned at him and he brushed a stray tear from his eye. He watched her parents fall to tears as they made their way down the aisle and she stopped before him to hug them. She brushed a stray tear from her father’s eye as they to sit down.

With the help of her maid of honor, she maneuvered up the step in her beautiful gown. She stood in front of him, the most beautiful being he had ever laid eyes on and she ran her thumb across his cheek, catching tears he didn’t even realize were there.

“Hi there,” She said with a toothy grin.


They had made their way around the reception to greet all of their guests. They stopped to kiss every few minutes or so at the command of the clinking glasses. They were met with hundreds of congratulations.

Questions were endless about her dress, their honeymoon, were they excited? The answer was Valentino, Iceland, and of course, in that order. He sometimes got lost watching her, the way she laughed with his grandparents or chatted with his uncles he forgot the conversation he was having.

He heard, “Shawn, you there?” more than once that evening and he got brought back down from the heavenly space that he was in when he looked at her. They were reunited once again by the call over the microphone for them to make their way to the dance floor.

They were introduced and he squeezed her hand as they moved out onto the dance floor. Their song began playing and she looked up at him. Her eyes twinkling in the low light of the venue. He wished that he had agreed to take those stupid dance lessons with her now.

He pulled her closer to him, her head rested lightly on his shoulder and he started whispering the words softly in her ear. No one could hear him or even see his lips moving. It was a secret for the two of them.

Everyone watched them glide around the dance floor, their mothers holding hands crying about the fact that their babies were married and might have babies of their own. But, they didn’t pay attention to anyone else.

It was just the two of them out there.


The night had finally ended. They pressed cake into each other’s faces despite promising they wouldn’t. She tossed the bouquet and Aaliyah caught it, but she only held onto it for a moment before Shawn marched over and handed it to someone else.

They had said goodbye and goodnight to their family and they were so happy to finally just be with each other. They got into the limousine that Shawn had got them and laid against the cushioned seats.

She let out a relaxed sigh as he pressed kisses against her neck. Then his stomach growled. She sat up and laughed. They realized that in the commotion of the day they didn’t eat dinner. He shot up to the driver and requested they stop at the nearest fast food restaurant.

Upon pulling into the parking lot they saw that the drive-thru was closed. They were both in stitches as they got out of the car. Shawn held up the hem of her dress and they walked into the uncrowded McDonald’s and ordered.

Everyone in the store couldn’t take their eyes off of them. Was it because he was who he was or because it’s not too often that you see two people in a tuxedo and wedding dress standing in a McDonalds.

They rushed back into the limo laughing hysterically holding bags of greasy food.

“No ketchup,” She said warningly, her eyes falling to her pristine white dress.

“Fine by me, baby,” He said smiling.


He woke up the next morning in their hotel room. The blinds shuttered tightly, but the morning light managed to peak through. A line of sun ran across the floor and onto the bed. It fell beautifully across her sleeping body.

He rolled closer to her and pulled her body against his. She grumbled against him and he smiled as he pressed a kiss against her neck. She shifted to face him and she pressed her cold nose into his chest.

He jumped back, “Get that thing away from me.”

She giggled, “I’m pretty sure that was in our vows. Didn’t it go something like in sickness and in cold nose?”

He let out a throaty laugh, still caged by the morning. They laid together for a bit in silence basking in the beauty of their love.

“We’re married,” She said suddenly. Her eyes gazing up towards him. He gave her a cheeky smile and wiggled his eyebrows in a way that made her roll over in laughter. After collecting herself she moved towards the phone.

He groaned at the sudden absence of her warmth, but she pressed her forefinger against her lip with a shhh.

“Do you want coffee?” She asked dialing for room service.

“I love you. I love you. I love you.” He said rapidly.

“You should wife me up,” She said with a wink.

He fell on his back with laughter. She crawled back into bed and nuzzled into him. He closed his eyes and felt her against him. The past few days had been a whirl, but he knew one thing for sure. He had his beautiful woman in his bed who he could finally, finally, call his wife. He knew that he could now wake up every day with her body next to his and that made him the luckiest man on earth.

3 good things that happened to me today:

1. Met my student teacher who will be taking half my classes for seven weeks and they seem really competent and friendly. I’m looking forward to teaching them to teach. 

2. I’m going to the movies with two groups of friends in the next week. One group is going to the retro theatre to the see Robocop and the other group is going to see the new GotG movie. I’m really excited to actually get out of the house and break this funk I’ve been in.

3. My workmate gave me a cute porcelain owl brooch for my brooch collection on my bag. I’m pretty excited. She made it herself and it’s super pretty.

Gone And Back Again (Rucas) Chapter 2

Quick A/N: I would like to thank everyone for their support for this new series. I would especially like to thank @sand1128 for her love and support (and for always giving very helpful feedback while I’m editing). I would also like to thank @shebe67, she is a very talented writer and her work  has given me some great writing inspiration.

Riley and Lucas haven’t seen each other at all in over a year, but will a few old feelings come to the surface when Lucas finds his way back into Riley’s life?

Chapters: 1 2

         Lucas hadn’t even noticed Riley’s presence until he heard her give her name to the receptionist. Sitting a seat away from the corner, he tried to keep his head down in an effort not to scare her off. But when she turned around and saw him, a small part of him was relieved. The girl standing with Riley nudged her when she caught sight of him, before walking off. Riley took her eyes off of the stack of paperwork in her arms and looked straight at him.

        “Lucas? What are you doing here?” Riley demanded, clutching the papers so tightly he could see her knuckles turn white.

       “It’s my aunt Theresa, she got in a car wreck while she was visiting my mom,” Lucas explained, sitting up a bit straighter than before. “What about you? They don’t usually had a mountain of paperwork to visitors.” Riley took a seat on the opposite side of the corner from him as he spoke.

       “It’s my ankle,” Riley started, fidgeting with the pen in her hand, “You know, from when I fell last night,” Riley told him, rolling up the leg of her jeans a bit so that he could see the bruises. He felt absolutely awful about this, and he figured that the least he could do was offer to pay for her medical bill. After all, he did have the money.

       “Look, Riles-” Lucas started to speak, but he saw the anger flash in Riley’s eyes and stopped.

       “Don’t you dare call me that Lucas. You lost that privilege a long time ago,” Riley interrupted.

      “Look Riley, I can’t help but feel like this was all my fault. If I hadn’t said anything to you, you might not have gone running out like that. So, please let me pay your medical bill.” Lucas had always sucked at giving apologies, except when it came to Riley.

     “You certainly do have the money for that now, don’t you?” She retorted angrily, almost as to say that she didn’t want any help if it came from him.

     “What’s that supposed to mean?” Lucas asked, starting to get defensive. Riley had struck a nerve, going after his career- something she had always supported- and somehow managed to insult him with it.

     “I heard your song about me,” she mumbled in response, her voice barely above a whisper. She couldn’t even look him in the eye.

     “What Ri-” He caught himself before using his nickname for her, not wanting to make her even more angry than she already was. “What did you say?”

    “I said I heard the damn song Lucas,” she said plainly, though her voice was as sharp as a knife. “Why did you write that, huh? Was it all just some big publicity stunt?”

    “I wrote it because it’s all true, Riley!” His voice rose loud enough to gain attention from the other people in the room. “I wrote it because it means something to me.”

    Riley fell silent for nearly a minute before she spoke. “So do you really…” She trailed off, not wanting to finish that sentence. And she had good reason not to.

    “Do I what Riley? Do I have a problem? Do I keep resorting to alcohol as an escape from my own shitty life? Because if that’s what you’re asking, then the answer is yes.” He cut her off, and with every word he said, he could hear his tone becoming more harsh. He hadn’t meant to get angry, in fact, he’d always hated to be angry with Riley.

    “Your shitty life, Lucas? You’re living out your dream, you have an amazing career, and you don’t live in the same apartment building as four registered sex offenders and two convicted murderers that are out on parole. So yeah, your life sucks doesn’t it?”

    “You have no idea what I’m going through, Riley. You have no idea what it’s like to see a bottle of liquor as your only way to cope with anything.” Lucas couldn’t even look her in the eye. He couldn’t believe that in just a few short moments of the first conversation he’d had with her in a year, he told her that. It’s not like she didn’t know. After all, she did hear the song.

    “Lucas, I just need to know one thing, are you okay?” The anger that seemed to be controlling her had disappeared in a matter of seconds. Tears pooled in her eyes, and he hated himself for that, but once he started, he didn’t know how to stop.

    “I’m getting better, if that’s what you want to hear.” He leaned back in his chair and looked up at the ceiling. “You’re starting to sound exactly like my mother, Riley.”

    “I just wanted to make sure you’re-”

    “You want to know something Riley?” He asked, anger still burning in his eyes. He continued to look up at the ceiling.

    “Actually I’m not sure that I do,” she responded, her voice making it evident at she was about to cry.

    Ignoring Riley’s words, Lucas proceeded with what he wanted to say. “You know, I was going to propose to you that night.”

    “You what?” Riley asked in disbelief.  His words were enough to make the tears in her eyes begin to fall. He instantly felt horrible for what he said.

    “Riley I’m so sorry,” he began to apologize as he moved to get closer to her. Riley’s hand lay limply in her lap. He started to reach for it, but Riley jerked it away.

    “Don’t touch me.” She hissed. Lucas had never seen Riley so angry, well, except for the night she stormed out of that hotel room. But, as Riley always did, she quickly made herself seem calm and collected. “Can you just let me fill out these forms, please? I came here to get my ankle checked out, not to argue with you.” Her voice was surprisingly steady, it was almost like she hadn’t just snapped at him, but Lucas knew her well enough to know that it was all just an act.

    “Okay, whatever you want,” he sighed. He hated that he couldn’t say anything more. She was sitting right in front of him, but he couldn’t force himself to utter a single word. He counted the minutes until Riley got up to hand the forms to the receptionist. When she came back to her seat, she had a question for him.

     She took a deep breath and then started to speak, “Why did you write that song? Was it for me, or to make you feel better? I just want to know why you wrote it.”

    “I already told you, I wrote it because you mean something to me,” he replied, leaning forward a bit in his chair. All he wanted was to be close to her, but he knew that if he tried, she’d just snap at him again, and that wouldn’t get him anywhere.

    “That’s not what you said earlier. You said you wrote it because it  meant something to you,” she corrected him with just a hint of suspicion in her voice, “but you didn’t answer my question.”

    “I wrote it for you, and a little bit for myself I guess. It sure did feel good knowing that you might hear it though, and it’s not like I had any other way to talk to you.” He wanted to say more, to tell her that he wrote it because he missed her so much that he couldn’t stand it another second. He wanted her to know that she meant the world to him, but he couldn’t get the words out.   

    A nurse appeared in the hallway with a clipboard in her hand. “Riley Matthews?” She called out into the room.

    “Lucas, I have to go,” Riley said, rising up from her chair slowly, still a slight harshness in her tone.

    “I’m not letting you walk out of my life again,” Lucas declared to Riley as her stood up to be on the same level as her. That was all it took to break her. She’d always been more fragile than a china doll, and that definitely showed. A single, solitary tear slid down her cheek and it seemed to extinguish any fire that remained in her eyes.  He reached for her hand again without even thinking, but this time, she let him take it.

    “Riley Matthews?” The nurse called out again. Riley looked up at him sadly, her lip beginning to tremble.

    “I’ll be right here when you’re done,” Lucas promised. “I’ll wait for you, I don’t care how long it takes.” Riley nodded in response as another tear fell. She turned, and Lucas released the loose grip he had on Riley’s hand and allowed it to slip out of his own. Riley walked toward the nurse with a quite noticeable limp, and eventually walked out of his sight.

As he waited for her, Lucas spent his time thinking about all the things he needed to tell her. He knew that there was no way to make up for the year that they had lost, but if he could somehow make things right, he thought that maybe, just maybe, that would be enough. Fifteen minutes quickly turned into thirty, and thirty minutes quickly turned into an hour, just as an hour would later turn into two. But, just as he was thinking about how to give her the explanation that he never got to give, he heard someone coming down the hallway. When he looked up, his gaze instantly fell on Riley, trying her  best to hobble around on crutches.

    “So, what did the doctor say?” Lucas asked, fighting the urge to stand and wrap his arms around her and never let go.

    “It’s broken. I’m on crutches for six weeks and then we’ll see where it goes from there,” Riley answered, leaning on her left crutch. “I, uh, I can’t believe you waited for me. That was really sweet.”

    “How would you feel about maybe, I don’t know, getting together sometime to talk?” Lucas couldn’t believe he’d asked her that. How could he be so stupid?

    “I’d like that very much, Lucas,” Riley responded sweetly as she leaned her crutches up against a chair. She smiled a genuine smile- something Lucas hadn’t seen from her in what felt like a lifetime. Her smile was brighter than all of the city lights of New York combined, and Lucas couldn’t help but be blinded by it. “You still have the same phone number, right?” It took Lucas a second to answer. At first, the question didn’t even register in his mind. He was so distracted by Riley that he couldn’t en think straight. “Lucas?”

    That finally snapped him out of his thoughts. “Yeah, same one,” he eventually replied. His heartbeat was pounding in his ears, he couldn’t believe that after all this time, she’d found her  way back to him.

    “I’ll give you a call,” she replied, looking up from her phone. She stared at him for a second, like she wanted to say more but couldn’t find the right words.

    “Do you need me to drive you home? You really shouldn’t drive with your foot like that,” Lucas offered.

    “No, I’m fine. My roommate drove me. She’s waiting out in the car for me right now.” Riley explained.

    “Well then, I guess this is it,” Lucas stood so that he was even with her. He put one hand on her shoulder, and to his surprise, she didn’t pull away. All he wanted was to kiss her, but he knew that he would blow everything if he did that.

    Not moving from their position, Riley asked, “So where do you want to meet?” Her eyes still sparkled around him, just like they always had. Lucas couldn’t help but think about how he’d ruined everything, about how her eyes would have sparkled so much more if he hadn’t been so stupid that night.

    “We could go to that deli down by the flower shop if that’s alright with you,” Lucas suggested.

    “It’s a date,” Riley smiled, before catching herself, “I mean, uh- I’ll see you there.” Riley stuttered, her whole face turning red.

    “Tomorrow at noon?” Lucas laughed nervously, even though he wished it were a date, he could never let her know.

    “Yeah, sure.” Riley pulled the strap of her purse farther up on her shoulder. She gave him a pleasant smile and seemingly without thinking, wrapped her arms around him. It surprised him at first, but he tried his best not to let it show. Instead Riley was the one who pulled away almost as quickly as she leaned in. “Old habits die hard I guess,” Riley chuckled nervously.

    “I guess.” They both just stood there in silence for a moment, a thousand unsaid thoughts traveling between them.

    “I should go,” Riley voiced, gesturing to the door. She picked up her crutches and started to “walk”.  Lucas simply nodded as he watched her hobble her way toward the door. She waved to him with that adorable half smile plastered on her face before closing the door behind her, yet another thing she’d done when they were together.

    A few hours later, Lucas got a call from his mother. She said that his aunt was fine, just a concussion and a few broken ribs, but nothing worse. He was relieved, but he couldn’t stop thinking about Riley. He could already tell that it was going to be a long day. His phone started to ring as soon as he got in his pickup truck.

    “Hello?” He answered as he put his keys in the ignition. As soon as he picked up the phone, he realized that he shouldn’t have.

    “Lucas, where have you been? They need you in the studio in two days and you haven’t been taking any of my calls!” His manager demanded.

    “I’ve been dealing with some stuff, okay? Look, I’ll fly out of New York tomorrow night, and I’ll be in Nashville Monday morning.” Lucas couldn’t help but roll his  eyes. Sure, it was partly his fault for not taking any calls, and sure he did forget when he was supposed to start recording, but seriously? It would cost a fortune to  buy a plane ticket it the last minute!

    “You’d better, the label is really starting to get sick of your crap, Lucas,” His agent warned.

    “Look Aaron, I said I’d be there and I will,” Lucas assured him. He leaned his head on the steering wheel, starting to get annoyed.

    “Okay, I’ll meet you at the airport Monday, you just let me know what time your flight gets in.”

    “Don’t let me down here, Lucas,” Aaron sighed into the phone. There was a car behind Lucas, clearly getting impatient to get into his parking space.

    “I won’t. I’ll see you there Monday.” Lucas hung up the phone. The phone call had absolutely sucked the life out of him. Sure, his manager was looking out for him, but could he be more irritating about it? The car waiting on Lucas’ parking spot honked again. Lucas rolled his eyes and put his truck in gear. He pulled out slowly, making sure that he wasn’t too close to the car. He navigated through the parking lot before finally finding the exit and getting out onto the street.

    Even though Lucas had called New York home for the last ten years of his life, he was always excited to leave. There was always something he didn’t like about it, even when you weren’t right in New York City, it was still crowded, and there were hardly any actual houses, just apartment buildings and businesses everywhere. He missed places where a sidewalk wasn’t necessary and where there was green grass growing instead of concrete. Pappy Joe’s ranch came to his mind often. He would never admit it, but even after ten years of being away from it, he still got homesick for Texas sometimes. It was always more of a thought in the back of his mind than anything else.

    Riley’s picture was still on his dashboard, and on occasion he would take a look at it, even though he knew it would hurt. She changed her number not even a week after they broke up, and by the time he could get home, she’d already moved out of her dorm room. He had no way of reaching her, and it killed him every day. Every day until she changed her number, he left at least a dozen voicemails on her phone. Her voicemail box was full after three days.

    The picture slid off the dashboard and into his lap when he stopped. He looked at it for a second and realized that he forgot to get her phone number. He mentally cursed himself for being so stupid as he picked up the picture and gently tossed it back to its place. Their last few seconds together in the waiting room replayed in his mind. He had no idea why she hugged him. It didn’t seem to mean much to Riley, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it.

    One of his songs started to play on the  radio, and Lucas quickly changed the station. The sound of his voice repulsed him all of a sudden. He just couldn’t get over what Riley had said about his career. It seemed to him like she hated him for it. He couldn’t imagine why- she had always been so supportive of his dreams. She even went with him to the studio when he recorded for the first time. Not that any of that mattered anymore.

    He kept driving. All he wanted to do was get home and pour himself a strong glass of bourbon, and that was exactly what he planned on doing. It took a while to drive all the way into the city, and that gave Lucas a lot of time to think. He still couldn’t believe that he had asked Riley to lunch, and he also couldn’t believe that she had agreed to go. After all, wasn’t it her that stormed out of his life, and not the other way around?

    A pang of sadness hit him as he passed the Mathews’ building. Even though the six of them were scattered across the country now and no one had seen or heard from Maya since she turned eighteen, dropped out of high school and move away to live on her own, he could still picture them sitting on the front steps of the building. He smiled to himself sadly. A part of him missed how simple everything was in those days, like their sophomore year- when all they had to worry about was getting their driver’s licenses.

    His mother’s apartment was in a building only about a block away from the Matthews’, and that made it really hard to avoid them. Cory was the one he was the most concerned about running into. The way Cory was, Lucas was afraid of what he might do if they saw each other. But Lucas hadn’t seen any member of the Matthews family -except for Riley- at all during his stay in New York. He pulled into the back parking lot of his mother’s apartment building without seeing her car. That was a relief to him because that meant his mother wouldn’t be home to nag him about drinking.

    Raindrops hit his face as he climbed out of his pickup. That’s when he realized something- he noticed the perfume smell on his shirt. It had to be Riley’s, and it was the same perfume she always wore when they were dating. He even remembered when she first bought it.

    They went to the mall together as a date. He handed her his debit card and told her to buy whatever she wanted, which she had no problem with doing. That was the day he cashed his first check from the record label. She dragged him with her into almost every store in the mall, and he remembered being in shock when he heard her total at Sephora.

    “Thirteen hundred bucks for just that?” He asked as they left the store. He wasn’t trying to make her feel bad about spending so much, but  he couldn’t believe how expensive it all was! “And seriously, fifty bucks for twelve shades of stuff to put on your eyes?”

    “It’s designer makeup, Lucas. You just wait until we get to M.A.C., you’ll see expensive,” Riley replied.

    “Where to next, love?” Lucas asked, moving closer to her and sliding his arm around her waist. They stayed like that for only a second before Riley pulled away.

    “Ooh, Victoria’s Secret! Come on,” she commanded, grabbing his hand and pulling him along behind her.

    “Seriously?” Lucas protested. He stopped walking, making Riley stop too. She frowned at him.

    “Yes, ‘seriously’. Come on I’ll even let you pick something out for me,” she offered, batting her eyelashes at him.

    “Fine,” he consented. She shoved an overstuffed Holister bag into his arms and headed into the store, with him following closely behind.

    “What do you think?” she asked, holding up a tank top from one of the sale racks. She turned it to let him see the cut-out back. He shrugged, not winning any points with Riley. “Do you like it or not?”

    “Riley, you’d look good in anything. You could show up to a date in a garbage bag and I wouldn’t care.”

    Her whole face lit up. “So that’s a ‘yes’, then?” She asked playfully, moving a little closer to him.

“Of course it is.” He replied, lowering his lips to hers to give her a quick kiss. “Can I carry those other bags for you?” He asked when they pulled apart.

“Here, take them. They were starting to dig into my arms.” She handed him all of her clothing bags at once, then, after making sure he had a hold of them, she gave him her makeup bags very carefully. “If you drop these and any of those palettes break,” she made sure he was paying attention and pulled his face close to hers, “I will break up with you,” she threatened. Lucas laughed nervously, not sure if she was joking, but Riley simply returned her attention to the clothing racks.

“You are joking, right?” Lucas asked, his eyes wide with genuine concern. Riley simply shrugged in response, not even taking her eyes off of the shirt she was looking at. After she browsed through seemingly every rack in the clothing section, she made her way to the sleepwear and intimates. It was then that Lucas remembered what she said about  picking something out  for her. “Hey Riles, do you like this?” He asked, pulling a lacy, lavender nightgown off of a rack.

“Oh, it’s so pretty!” Riley gasped, taking it from Lucas. “This isn’t my size though. Do they have an extra small in this?” She asked, handing it back to him.

Lucas flipped through the other gowns on the rack until he came across her size. “Here. You know, purple really brings out your eyes.”

“Well, you’ll have to wait to see me in it. We agreed to wait until we’re married.” Riley replied, holding it up against her torso.

“I don’t mind one bit, baby girl. I was part of the decision too, you know,” Lucas reminded her.

“I know. You’re not like most guys. Most guys wouldn’t be interested one bit if I told them I wanted to wait.”

“So are we almost done here?” Lucas asked, trying to get away from such a serious subject. Today was supposed to be fun, and the number one rule of having fun is: no heavy topics of conversation.

“Not quite, I still want to check out some new bralettes since they are on sale.” Riley responded, adjusting the pile of merchandise in her arms.

“Some new what?” Lucas asked. It was turning out to be a repeat of their trip to Sephora, where he though a highlighter was just a marker, and got confused when Riley said she needed a new blender.

“I’ll just show you, come here,” she motioned for him to join her. He walked over to where she was standing in front of a set of drawers apparently containing whatever she was talking about. “See?” She held one up to show him, before going through one of the drawers to find her size.

“We really need to hurry up. Our reservations are for six and you said you’d need some time to get ready,” Lucas suggested.

“Or, we could just cancel the reservations and do something else,” Riley purred into his ear.

The words sent shivers down his spine. “Oh really? What would you like to do?” He implored, twirling a loose strand of her hair.

“I don’t know. Maybe something just us, nobody else around. Something private and romantic,” she mused. “We could get ready at my place, my roommate’s out of town for the weekend.”

“Okay. What if I came up with a date for us and surprised you?” Lucas suggested. He already had an idea in mind: a moonlit picnic on the edge of this little forest outside of town. They could snuggle up beside each other in the bed of his truck until sunrise if they wanted.

“Sound’s perfect, whatever it is,” Riley commented. Sometimes just the sound of her voice had the power to make him melt.

After shopping around for a little while longer, they made their way to the checkouts. They passed a perfume display along the way, and Riley couldn’t help but see if there might be a perfume there that she liked.

“Didn’t you get that channel stuff in Sephora?” Lucas asked. It didn’t make sense to him why she would need more than one type; he only had one bottle of cologne, and he didn’t replace it until it ran out.

“It’s Chanel, not channel. And that stuff is too fancy to use all the time.” Riley tried to explain it to him, but he still didn’t see why she would need two. But he didn’t really care, and he loved to spoil her.

“Whatever. Did you find any you like?” Lucas inquired, picking up a tester bottle to smell, and then putting it back down in disgust. “Why would anyone wear that?” He remarked under his breath.

“I love this one,” Riley handed him a bottle, “Isn’t it great?” Lucas nodded in reply as Riley grabbed a regular bottle, a slightly smaller sized one, and something called a ‘rollerball’, all in the same scent. “One to use all the time, one for travel, and one for my purse,” she explained when she saw Lucas’ puzzled expression.

A crash of thunder brought Lucas back to reality. He shut the door of his truck and started walking across the parking lot to the entrance. It was days like this that made Lucas glad that his mother made him a key for when he stayed with her. And since he’d been staying with her for the last couple of months, it was easier for everyone this way. He took the stairs instead of the elevator up to the apartment. Walking always helped him clear his head.

He let himself in, and just as he thought, the place was empty. Still, once he grabbed a glass from the cabinet, he took it to his room- where he hid his liquor from his mother- and planned to stay in there to drink. He took a bottle of bourbon out of his dresser drawer. But a thought struck him before he poured it. He knew that Riley would ask him when he drank last, and he didn’t want to lie to her. So, he put the top back on the bottle and stuck it back in the drawer.

He grabbed his laptop from the desk and sat in front of it on his bed. He was going on an airline website to buy a plane ticket, and just as he’d expected, the prices were ridiculous. But, he swallowed his pride and bought them anyway. Since the flight was a day away, he was very limited on seating options. He ended up with a middle seat on both his flight to and from Nashville.

“Just great,” he muttered. It was getting late and he still hadn’t eaten lunch, so he decided he’d go ahead and eat an early dinner. He headed back to the kitchen and heated up a couple of Hot Pockets out of the freezer. He would’ve never eaten something so unhealthy back when he was dating Riley. She was always making sure that he was eating healthy. Most of the time, she cared more about things like that than his mother did.

Ever since he turned eighteen, his mother’s philosophy towards things like that was always: “You’re an adult now, so I’m not going to tell you how to live.” The only exception to that being how she refused to allow him to bring any alcohol to the house and how she practically dragged him to AA meetings on a weekly basis when she first found out about his drinking problem. She hadn’t let up on the ‘no alcohol in the house’ rule, but she did quit making him go to the AA meetings after about two months.

His phone started to ring from its place on the counter. “Hello?” Lucas answered it. He hadn’t looked at the caller ID, and he was really hoping that it wasn’t his manager again.

“Hey Lucas, it’s Riley.” A familiar voice on the other end greeted him.

Roma let out a loud groan as her body hit the wall of the hallway, quickly checking to make sure nobody had noticed the clumsy ghost’s sudden appearance. She had been trapped in what felt like a perpetual phase, until now, ever since the attack on the school, unable to make herself visible, or even heard. But, now, she was able to exist again - thankfully - and all she wanted was to check in on her little brother, whom she had tried to reach more times than she could count - only to be kindly reminded that she was stuck. Collecting herself, she made her way down the hall, a little quicker than usual. Finally barging into the nearby common room, she stood in the doorframe, noticing a few heads of hair turned away from her, sitting on the sofa. “MITCH?” She asked excitedly, stepping a little further inside, hopeful that it would be him. 

Maybe One Day

Pairing: RivaMika | Words: 3171  | Rating: T | Canonverse
Prompt: by anon. “Levi and Mikasa get into a fight and Levi says some rather hateful things.” (I really hope this pleases you, I played with the prompt a bit)

Many thanks to @minxiebutt for helping me and being so kind with my writing (You saying I have a voice made my year).

Summary: Levi reflects upon his relationship with Mikasa, the fight they had years ago and the day he lost her; remembering and wondering. 


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Hi guys! So I had the Idea for this yesterday when I saw this video and I added a prompt suggestion on it..but I don’t think any one did it so i took a crack at it myself.. this kind of seductive sexy stuff is not my forte so I hope its okay..and i’m definitely open to suggestions to add or change it for it to be perfect..let me know what you think :) Set in 2013 because of the song

also I shortened the song a bit


Open Mic Night

It was open mic night again at the pub, which usually consists of horrible top 40 covers, but everyone went because Archie really enjoyed it. Although, he decided to sit out tonight because he just wanted to watch. The gang was in full swing as usual, sweetly bickering back and forth over something stupid Chop said Rae replying with a witty remark. Everyone was in their usual mood, except Finn. He wasn’t talking as much, normally no one would really notice because he doesn’t talk all that much anyway, but tonight was unusual; he sat there slowly sipping his pint and chewing on his nails.

The way he walked into the pub though people would have thought he was on a mission, he came strutting into the pub, wearing dark gray fitted jeans, a black shirt with three buttons undone at the top, his hands stuffed in his leather jacket and black boots, when Rae saw him she sputtered the beer she had been sipping on, luckily she still had the glass to her lips or someone might have heard her whisper “jesus”.

Finn sat down next to Rae and was greeted by the rest of the gang, Rae tried her best not to stare too much at him for fear of giving herself away, she was always aroused by him but tonight was something different, that tingling feeling she normally gets was radiating through her entire body and it took everything in her will power not to place her hand in the one place she had been aching to touch since they started their secret mode of communication.

Chop had distracted her long enough for her to calm down a little bit, but her heart was still racing, pure lust running through her veins. Finn had excused himself to the bathroom and Rae let out a hard breath, that boy would be the fucking death of her, she picked up a beer mat and fanned herself a little.

“Bit hot Raemundo?” Chop said smirking at her

“Ya, shouldn’t have worn my long sleeve” she answered not daring to look Chop in the eye

She was hot alright but it wasn’t because of clothing, well not her clothing at least.

It had been a few minutes and Finn still hadn’t returned, Chloe had then leaned forward across the table to whisper to Rae, as the others were unfortunately engaged in listening to Archie ramble.

“hey, Rae what’s wrong”? Chloe asked furrowing her eyebrows

Rae smiled thinking about Finn

“can you believe Finn, how he’s dressed tonight?” Chloe smiled raising her eyebrows

“ya I know I’m going to need a fucking bib soon” Rae said laughing awkwardly

“I wonder wh..” Chloe stopped talking

She looked at Rae, Rae’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped

Chloe turned to see what she was staring at, it was Finn.

Rae would never know what Chloe was about to say all her thoughts were lost when she saw Finn take the stage with his guitar.

Rae looked around the pub and she was sure all the girls had knickers just as damp as hers right now. Finn was tuning his guitar and readjusted his stool, all while biting his lush lower lip, he then looked up at Rae, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, Finn had went from being quiet all night to confident sexy rock god in what seemed like 2 seconds flat.

He looked up at the crowd through his lashes and smiled shyly knowing full well what he was doing to all the girls, that sexy smug bastard; only his eyes were locked on Rae.

He started to strum his guitar and smirked once more and winked at Rae before he began to sing. Rae swallowed thickly as her eyes bore into Finn.

Have you got color in your cheeks’
Do you ever get the feeling that you can’t shift the tide
That sticks around like something’s in your teeth

Finn eyes were on Rae, his hold on her so strong that she was sure this is what eye fucking was, chills went up and down her spine heat pooling in her stomach as she watched him lick his lips.

And some aces up your sleeve
I had no idea that you’re in deep
I dreamt about you near me every night this week
How many secrets can you keep’
‘Cause there’s this tune I found that makes me think of you somehow
When I play it on repeat
Until I fall asleep
Spilling drinks on my on my settee

He was staring so intently at Rae she was sure she was about to cum right then and there, the way his mouth moved, his lips so close to the mic brushing against it ever so lightly, she could only dream of what those lips would feel like pressed against her aching body. The way his foot tapped in time, her heart was racing, she could hear the beat pounding in her ears, as she drank him in. 

Do I wanna know?
If this feeling flows both ways
Sad to see you go
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay
Baby we both know
That the nights were mainly made for saying
things that you can’t say tomorrow day

Rae was sure the air grew thicker and hotter around her, she was becoming increasingly flustered, there was no hiding it, her and Finn yet to break eye contact, his eyes intensifying with lust while he sang seductively into the mic, his voice low yet soft, smirking sexily at her.

Crawlin’ back to you.

Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?
‘Cause I always do
Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through

Crawling back to you

So have you got the guts?
Been wondering if your heart’s still open and
if so I wanna know what time it shuts
Simmer down and pucker up
I’m sorry to interrupt it’s just I’m constantly
on the cusp of trying to kiss you
I don’t know if you feel the same as I do
But we could be together, if you wanted to

That was it, all it took, next stop gushington central, she let out a stuttered moan unbelieving of what Finn was singing. She tried to contain herself as much as she could but she began to squirm and shift in her seat, Finn and his damn sexiness, making her all hot and bothered. 

Do I wanna know?
If this feeling flows both ways
Sad to see you go
Was sorta hoping that you’d stay
Baby we both know
That the nights were mainly made for saying
things that you can’t say tomorrow day

Crawling back to you

Ever thought of calling when you’ve had a few?
‘Cause I always do cause I always do
Maybe I’m too busy being yours to fall for somebody new
Now I’ve thought it through

Crawling back to you,

At the last strum of his guitar, Rae had been successfully eye fucked by Finn. She excused herself to the bathroom before Finn had left the stage. She was in the bathroom splashing cold water on her face, dampening a cloth to hold to the back of her neck. If thats what being eye fucked was she could only imagine what being with Finn would really be like, but was he really singing to her or had she made it all up in her head. She stood there for a few more moments collecting herself before heading back.

As she made her way out of the bathroom she saw Finn being patted on the back and talking to the gang, she leaned against to wall and figured best to take a few more seconds; she was looking down at her feet taking in deep breaths.

“Rae..are you okay” it was Finn

She did her best to collect herself “never better..” she said smiled shyly looking up at Finn

He smirked at her his eyes turning dark with desire; he took a step closer to Rae, resting his right hand on her shoulder a moment before slowly caressing it down her arm interlocking their fingers. He put his left hand on the wall behind Rae and leaned in close to her; Rae shuddering with pleasure at the feel of him being so close.

He whispered “that song was about you Rae..”

Rae let out a small gasp as his lips brushed the rim of her ear as he spoke

“I need you Rae..I’ve liked you for so long.. I want you so badly..I can’t think straight” he whispered his lips so close to her ear she was sure she felt his tongue, he then moved slowly down to her neck dragging his lips painfully light across her soft skin.

Rae squeezed their interlocked hands and she could feel Finn smile into her, he moved and softly kissed her forehead, then slowly drug his lips down her face teasing her, until finally pressing his lips against hers. Rae found herself running her tongue along Finns lips he happily parted them, their tongues slowly yet eagerly massaging against one another.

Rae ran her free hand slowly up the front of his chest before sliding her hand under his shirt and around his waist coming in contact with his warm rock hard body; she could feel Finn smile into their kiss as he brought down the hand that was supporting him, and moved it excruciatingly slow up and down Rae’s side before moving it to her lower back pushing them closer together.

Rae letting out a small moan and Finn reciprocating, after what felt like an eternity the two parted panting, resting against each other’s foreheads smiling shyly at each other. Finn kissed Rae on the top of the nose and she smiled scrunching up her face at him, and he let out a small chuckle.

Rae broke the silence “so what now?” she whispered

Finn smiled and pecked her on the lips “how about we get out of here” he said gazing into her eyes. Rae shook her head yes and pecked Finn once more before he pulled her toward the back entrance, the two giggling as they snuck away.


song: Do I wanna know by the Arctic Monkeys

Annemie Verbeke autumn—winter 1999—00.

Annemie Verbeke has a ‘thing’ about tricot. Back in 1979 she found herself at the Belgian Breigoed (Knitwear) Federation, where for some time she compiled trend books for the Belgian industry, together with Martin Margiela, amongst others. She especially made a name for herself with her own knitwear collection, which she continued for six seasons, starting in 1987. Later she entered the prêt-à-porter trade, developing a great many activities. In addition, she became (and still is) a colour consultant in London and Paris, and began teaching at La Cambre’s styling atelier. 

In 1999 she launched a completely new line: tricot with woven pieces added. Her new collection is lightweight, simple, sensitive, refreshing, poetic and, at the same time, comfortable. Material and colour, and their interrelationship, are very much in evidence, shapes are always simple. 

Anne Verbeke is always searching for what is intense, tactile, with traditional and high-tech fabrics alike, whilst continuing to be a master in the creation of colour, thanks to her long experience in that field.

She deserves her aesthetics from her keen observation of reality and the resulting reveries. She seeks to combine the concrete and the artistic, and to generate dynamism from that, creating a coherent picture. 

She herself describes her clothing as a renewed — or progressive — classical silhouette. 

Annemie Verbeke: Not long ago I saw a woman of about 75 in Flagey Square: she was wearing a K-way, with a jumper underneath and a skirt that was just below the knee… she looked exactly the way I’d like my collection to look. I know 99% of people don’t notice it, and she didn’t know either. It’s the street scene that appeals to me. I think a perfectly dressed woman is fantastic, but she won’t inspire me. 

anonymous asked:

Splash!! ~Snake-witch-medusagorgon

Your muse pushes mine into a body of water! Send “Splash!” for my muses reaction!

Having been daydreaming Marie was surprised by the sudden force that made her fall into the pool. It didn’t take her long to collect herself and push back to the surface. “Okay very funny, who-” Noticing a familiar face Marie gasped, taken aback. “What are doing here?!”

anonymous asked:

Could you write a prompt where Ali and Emily are going out for a run. Ali trips over something and ends up with her ankle swollen, preventing her from walking. Emily decides to take her home, but when Mrs. D arrives she makes Emily feel she's unworthy of Ali's love behind Ali's back so she decides she should they should take a break but Ali suspects her mother caused it, and pleads Emily not to listen to her

Emily tried to bite back a laugh of amusement as she glanced back at her girlfriend who was huffing and puffing as she tried to keep up with the athletic brunette. “C’mon, Ali!” she called, “Only a few more blocks left until we’re done.” she shouted encouragingly.

The blonde girl simply grunted in response, seeing as she felt too tired to even form a proper sentence. She had no idea how little endurance she had until she ran with Emily, which was a bit upsetting for Alison because she was truly trying to keep up. Alison was so focused on her girlfriend’s back in front of her that she didn’t see the root that was lifted in her path, so she tripped over it. “Ow! Crap.” She hissed and grabbed her ankle, biting back the urge to let out a string of curses.

At the sound of Alison cursing, Emily turned back around and rushed over when she saw the blonde sprawled on the ground. “Ali?” she kneeled down next the other girl worriedly. “Are you okay? What hurts?”

Another string of curses escaped Alison’s mouth before she responded to Emily. “I tripped over that tree.” More curse words. “Now my ankle is throbbing.” More curse words.

Eyes widening at all the expletives escaping her girlfriends lips, Emily tried calming her down. “Woah, you get a sailor mouth when you’re injured don’t you?” she joked, stopping when Alison glared at her. “Okay… Let me see your ankle.” she gently probed Alison’s ankle gently. “Well, it’s definitely swelling.”

Clenching her teeth, Alison stared at the brunette. “Really? I didn’t notice.” she said sarcastically, taking a deep breath to calm herself when she noticed Emily duck her head. “I’m sorry, it just hurts.”

The swimmer gently kissed Alison’s forehead and smiled reassuringly to let her know all was well. “It’s okay. I’m going to need to get you up, we’re not that far from your house. Think you could hobble?” she asked.

Nodding confidently, Alison looked at Emily. “As long as you help me, I’m sure I’ll be fine.” she smiled slightly when Emily gently pulled her up and then wrapped an arm around her to support her.

It took a while, but eventually the two girls arrived at the Dilaurentis’ home, both of them staring at the stairs they would need to climb to get to Alison’s room in thought. “I can just stay down here on the couch or something.” Ali suggested.

Shaking her head Emily leaned down and scooped up the blonde, beginning her trek upstairs, laughing when she heard Alison squeal. “I don’t mind carrying you.” she said with a playful smile.

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beantheshoeelf  asked:

I absolutely adore The Honourable Miss Hooper!!! If you feel like continuing with it, I would love to see Molly waltz into the police station and flirtatiously bribe Sherlock with food for inclusion on a particularly interesting case he won't let her in on. Of course he won't at first, because Sherlock is Sherlock, but hey, playing games with Molly is what he's best at, am I right?

Thank you!!! I did think it was unlikely I’d continue this—it was a pipe dream, nothing but a pipe dream—but bugger it all, who can say no to 1920s!Sherlolly and food bribery and UST? I certainly can’t. (Previous instalment here.)

Hurrying into the kitchen and seeing Molly with an apron tied around her waist and a mess adorning the counter in front of her, Sally came to an immediate stop. Molly Hooper, though she did many things and was an accomplished young lady, did not bake. The deflated, rather lacklustre, flan in front of her was an unfortunate indicator.

Sally’s mouth twitched with a laugh as she stepped forward. “What are you doing?”

“Baking,” Molly said with familiar brightness, though she frowned, lips pursed, when she looked back at the flan. “It’s not going… exactly to plan.”

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